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  1. As consistently great as Joe is on the mic, I'm increasingly convinced that the Usos are low key the best promo in the business The preceding Bryan/Owens segment was so overscripted it was like that South Park episode in comparison
  2. Becky repeatedly inventing new levels of ethering Ronda is kind of amazing as a grim 2k19 social media spectacle, but the "I'm going to ignore the script and no sell your finisher that doesn't work in real life" stuff as a wrestlemania main event build is the absolute shits Also I'm pretty sure I tapped a guy out with basically that move in jiu-jitsu training once! My recollection is that he was quite old and tired!
  3. It'd be shorter than most of their previous Takeover matches tho right it'd certainly be the most grueling, intense moment of HHH's career to have to shave 7 minutes off one of his forced epics!!
  4. Kairi's visible excitement to get stuck into Charlotte was magnificent
  5. Exactly what I thought. Also the Velveteen Harem should have had like eight more people and at least one other gender in it Riddle getting a boot literally in the mouth and getting his bare toes mangled were gross Wasn't really sure how I was meant to feel by the end of that big sweep of heels in the 2nd half. Was momentarily terrified the puddle of water was their deliberately planned Chekov's banana skin
  6. Samoa Joe doing insincere 2003 Rock style satellite promos but as PSAs is a thing I didn't know I needed
  7. That first solid knee plus was the most brutal the move had looked since Bryan debuted it against Cena in 13, and Lesnar sold it like he'd been fired out of a cannon, stellar near-fall work from all involved imo Lesnar was always going to win but Bryan getting a dastardly Yano-y countout win off Lesnar's knee going out or something would've gone over well Bryan bumping so high up on the first German was scary but the way you know he's really crazy was the force he was laying those grounded kicks into every exposed surface of Lesnar's body, imagine cheerfully doing that knowing Brock's going back on offence later ¯\(°_o)/¯ It's a shame Orton currently has dibs on torturing Rey
  8. Ah yes, Wrestling History 101: when Greg Valentine broke [squints at notes] Yahoo's leg
  9. The in-ring of this has improved a fair bit but having a showcase objective where you have to put Orton through a table is cruel and unusual punishment, the controls for it are so shit
  10. You reckon they'll ever run a repeat of the Dream/Black "say my name" feud where Lars Sullivan sits down next to a defeated Velveteen Dream and grudgingly puts some pants on
  11. Graves namechecking the "mysterious red liquid"
  12. Disappointed that people would impugn the integrity of the Rock, whose dealings with Saudi Arabia were all before it unexpectedly became bad in October 2018
  13. On the post show they showed her doing a WTF face at him as he stormed past I forgot how much I missed Hero's "oh hey little buddy! you gonna "suplex" me huh? Haha that's adorable" act
  14. I really wish they'd just allow an Auto option for pins and submissions instead of having distracting minigames. In my experience the simmed matches usually have a better sense of damage progression for subs and near falls than played matches, where you can often repeatedly fail to submit someone who's clearly dead but also repeatedly kick out of big moves at 1 late in a match. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised that my guy kicks out of a late match finisher rather than being like "ah whatever, guess I'm burning my Resiliency on that one" Its also impossible to balance the minigames so that a large % of the player base don't find them either trivially easy or match-ruiningly inconsistent
  15. "don't burn all your bridges and end up like me, a guy who spends his time acting on TV, raising a child with my partner who was also a wrestler and doing a fun podcast with my best friend who was one of the guys I feuded with a bunch before" who could have delivered this promo believably? JBL would be one. Imagine an uncomfortably intense tearful Scott Hall intervention Worth it for the neck zinger and Edge's utterly defeated body language thereafter though I'm still a sucker for things happening that cause Triple H to glower like a provincial retail manager desperately trying to remain professional in the face of a provocation he is not a well-rounded enough person to endure
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