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  1. One thing about AEW having such an OTT "house style" in so far as there is one, is that guys like Christian and Dustin who can (and in fact kind of have to) work a slower, more methodical style than that really stand out in terms of their timing, pacing, selling etc when they're given some time to work with Christian hitting a frog splash is never going to be the most spectacular thing you see on any given AEW show, but in that debut match against Kazarian he gave such a strong impression that he'd basically had to bust a gut to make FK stay down long enough to hit it, and that the move itself had taken so much out of him, that it made for a better near-fall than a whole bunch of more spectacular spots regularly do
  2. That was so fucking swank. the powerbomb seems like a bit of a lost art in modern wrestling with all these enzuigiris, cutters and superkicks popping off ten times a match. Not that people don't do them at all but it's like a whole genre of moves!
  3. Ah yeah would love the Briscoes, feel like Jay Briscoe immediately violently murdering Tony Khan for announcing some LGBT solidarity promotion is exactly the controversial shot in the arm the industry needs to get us back to the glory days of the attitude era
  4. Tony K is now dangerously addicted to the illicit thrill of causing several Vincels to suffer fatal heart attacks every time he is quoted by a wrestling website saying basically anything at all
  5. http://twitter.com/TheOnion/status/1435320735170449414?s=20 I laughed Paul London's always been outrageously handsome hasn't he? Sort of like a Mexican Christian Bale
  6. I don't normally get time to watch it but the ambient dumb/wtf/funny commentary from Tazz and co on Dark really adds to the show, Tazz trying to spin Cutler selling a self-inflicted freeze-spray to his own face while wearing a full mask as "he sprayed it through the [non-existent] nose holes and that caused his nosebleed" and Starks randomly claiming Statlander's eye had turned green because she has cataracts were standouts
  7. I know it's her catchphrase, but bearing in mind new viewers tuning in, I'm not sure Excalibur should be enthusiastically saying "Jade Cargill - THAT BITCH - will go one on one with Kiera Hogan"
  8. Still having it and never having lost it in the first place are the same thing so that's cool imo
  9. Gutted. What a great, smooth worker he was. All of his stuff looked so, so good. That swinging neckbreaker was a work of art.
  10. I for one think it was very kind of Chavo to suggest that PAC speaks a language
  11. Was there some Owen rib where he was like excessively friendly to some random fan, gave him a lift to that night's show, let him come backstage and then randomly left him stranded there at the end?
  12. Goddamn I thought Spivey was scary looking in the 90s but he's nightmare fuel now
  13. I was there that night! I went to get a dang beer when Jericho unmasked! Shingo is so fucking good, well done to him imo
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