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  1. Years: 1 Days: 365 WWE Universal Championship Reigns: 1 Good matches with people who aren't Daniel Bryan:
  2. When they put those to-camera Mox promos on, without initially noticing myself do it I put my phone down and start paying attention to him
  3. Iirc he has tended to occasionally either have it countered before hitting it, or attempt it as a manly no-sell spot before hilariously falling out of the ring dead instead KO'R rules and is the best UE guy imo
  4. Does KENTA not live in Japan? Or is he hurt at the moment?
  5. Hmm, looks like AEW beat WWE in the ratings because Dean Ambrose isn't shielding any more
  6. Thanks. I've committed to the slog. It's half the fun I guess. Someone has also started a list on Steam compiling redone versions of a lot of mainstream American wrestlers w alongside the updated moves they have so far: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2137975147 Laughed uproariously at the Sid thing and a lot of other recent creations. So mean. After a miserable period for Pro wrestling, perhaps extreme banter fan made moves will save us
  7. Are existing edits getting updated with new created moves via steam subscription? Do you have to manually add a lot of moves yourself (I forget if you can even do that to other people's edits you've downloaded)? Am I better off just deleting my roster and starting again?
  8. There was an allegation posted on Twitter on maybe Saturday by someone with about 28 followers saying they were a Russian wrestler and that at his first show in 2017 aged 18, Pete Dunne had slapped him in the face when he got out of the shower, called him a pussy and stolen his underwear so he couldn't get dressed. The only thing he tagged in the tweet was Dunne's own account, and the rest of the twitter was in Russian. Other than being briefly mentioned on that reddit megathread where I saw it, it got so little traction I wouldn't even be able to dig it up again ¯\(°_o)/¯ It feels like the ominous stuff swirling round invoking Bate and Seven's names didn't really coalesce into anything definite enough to judge Dunne for any complicity ZSJ's total silence sure has been pretty fuckin notable though!!
  9. To be honest the next several times I think about Sasha, the first thought in my head will probably be about how she didn't deserve to have a public rape threat made against her idk
  10. Would be an incredible car crash spectacle to see a broken down, near immobile old man with extreme right wing political views go up against [squints at notes] Necro Butcher
  11. To be fair, Dan Moloney has had Progress on blast for about two days straight and has very vocally had the backs of the victims, so as long as nothing comes out showing him to be a hypocrite about it , he appears to be one of the good ones
  12. I see Cena has uh, I guess you would say "clarified" re: his donation
  13. Did he announce he was matching it or did he announce he was "joining efforts to match it"? Like all respect to John for donating but I have a nagging feeling the "Cena stumped up an extra million dollars of his own" bit is an unfortunate confluence of a) Cena tweeting like a malfunctioning neural network and b) wrestling website news guys and kpop stans being huge dumbasses
  14. Happy belated birthday to Kota Ibushi, who on Thursday became the age Arn Anderson was when he retired ¯\(°_o)/¯
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