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  1. Mounted triangles are horrific to be in imo, the finger breaking just pushes it over the edge, it's a morale submission, tapping out is just something the body does when it doesn't want to be in the ring with Pete Dunne any more I do wish he was still allowed to actually bite fingers though, it marked him out as more deranged, rather than having to cop the lesser act of Marty Scurll
  2. Lmao yeah. Also acting like this Olympic-level grapplefuck machine has been getting bullied his whole life for being 5'8 or whatever
  3. Ay so what do I need to do if half of the images in the board show as just links for me? I'm mostly on Firefox Android and clearing my cache hasn't done anything
  4. Gonna unironically post "Lex Luger was a better worker than Owen Hart" at approx 11:54 before the thread gets locked
  5. This annoyingly seemed to have started earlier than advertised on the tickets, so the first two matches were done when I got there, including Ibushi and Juice doing whatever they did They looked to have done a very good attendance number and the atmosphere was great throughout, though perhaps unavoidably nobody at the back of the floor seats could see anything - I have mostly no idea what the actual quality of work was. Seeing that they treated it like a big show and did some semi-big title changes, I'd definitely spring for a tiered seat if they ran again During the tag title match Dunkzilla did something in the corner that almost broke my brain at one point, I can certainly tell you that There was a very long and heartening dueling Aussie OPEN-G.O.D chant, but then everyone booed G.O.D for assisting the hated Kenta later on I was sort of almost hoping Tana would get a Cena in ECW level reaction, being up against ZSJ, but he was in fact very over. He took the British title that had maybe become a bit of a booking crutch for ZSJ in New Japan, good for RevPro tho I guess I hit four pints deep during the main and my heart started telling me there was a 20% chance they'd give Suzuki the lifetime achievement award. He's such a fucking hero, so technically sound and brutal but also, mostly from the opposite side, approaches Tana's level on playing to everyone in the arena, projecting his absurd resilience and meanness right out to the cheap seats. The crowd was going fucking nuts when he was almost hitting the piledriver that could never be
  6. There's been a lot of water under the bridge, but there can be little doubt at this point that JBL is nothing less than a living saint. Its a turnaround no less amazing than when Shawn Michaels stopped being a massive dickhead overnight because he started believing in God
  7. Lot of good promos tonight. Becky and Rey in particular. Dominick did pretty well too! Is there any word on how much potential he's been showing in ring?
  8. OK, alright, look: That Fiend segment sounds great I'm stoked to see a plastic-faced abomination that terrifies children [checks notes] getting the mandible claw put on him by Bray Wyatt
  9. Hmm no Liger. RevPro are advertising a Liger match on 18/08 as his last "scheduled" UK date, in a nothing tag match in uh Cheltenham Hopefully he turns up in some capacity? Unless this is impossible idk There are gonna be some disgusting noises during Kenta vs Ishii
  10. Way behind on this because of the abysmal network performance, but: shouldn't a "Tiger feint kick" that actually connects just be called a 619? It's not much of a feint if you clatter someone in the head with it
  11. Yeah tbf Kelly clearly put work in to become knowledgeable about the product very quickly after he started, and Rocky's quietly become pretty good lately. It's really only Kelly singing move names that ever annoys me as much as WWE commentary
  12. Kelly's three-times-per-Cobb-match TOUR OF THE ISLAAAAAAA-NO false alarm seems particularly futile as well, someone's just running the ropes rn man, nobody's getting excited about this yet The skull end makes me anxious, I'm always like what if the finish is actually a tapout but the guy's head slips out as he's tapping? Good finishing stretch there though, and glad they didn't drag out the blue balls of waiting for Sanada to get Okada any further Every time Mox comes out I end up with Station to Station stuck in my head for like three hours
  13. Yeah idk, the Shooter stuff, the Janela cigarette bit, his energy is still fundamentally slightly corny Like he talked a big game but oh, actually Dean Ambrose is probably quite a lucrative guy to be
  14. I'm enjoying Mox in G1 a lot, loved the Ishii and Shingo matches, enjoy the Uminno stuff etc, but at the same time a lot of his mic work is not exactly a million miles away from the hokey Dean Ambrose shit he was purportedly desperate to escape huh
  15. Hyped for Kofi vs AJ to go to a 1:57 DQ and be restarted as an OC vs New Day six man after the break, playa
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