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  1. Firebreaker Chip

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    "don't burn all your bridges and end up like me, a guy who spends his time acting on TV, raising a child with my partner who was also a wrestler and doing a fun podcast with my best friend who was one of the guys I feuded with a bunch before" who could have delivered this promo believably? JBL would be one. Imagine an uncomfortably intense tearful Scott Hall intervention Worth it for the neck zinger and Edge's utterly defeated body language thereafter though I'm still a sucker for things happening that cause Triple H to glower like a provincial retail manager desperately trying to remain professional in the face of a provocation he is not a well-rounded enough person to endure
  2. Firebreaker Chip

    NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2018

    The walk up looked like it must have been reasonably good, though my back was literally against the back wall of the upper tier Naito was absolutely monster over vs pretty much everyone else with tanahashi closest I went for a beer during EVIL's entrance
  3. Firebreaker Chip

    Worst. Rusev Day. Ever. - SDL - 9/18/2018

    Real 4d chess from AJ here. Needed Andrade to shout "WELL SHIT" just before the styles clash hit
  4. Firebreaker Chip

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    I thought McIntyre came out looking like a million bucks by the end of that tag match, the disturbingly effortless kip up, the genius finish, carrying dead ziggler and both belts to the back without looking tired. Nobody's career is truly unsalvageable, as long as there remains an indie scene to refresh careers and the faint but real hope that Vince will perhaps one day die I liked Joe/AJ, wondered if the finish would work better if Joe's argument is just that AJ was out. Like why would you bother tapping to a blood choke if you were pinning a guy at 2? I guess you can just say that AJ was being sneaky and he really hates Joe though
  5. Firebreaker Chip

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    I thought they were going to go in that direction with Bryan at the start of his 2013 push, with that awesome cradle vs Cesaro in the Raw gauntlet etc, but then they just pivoted abruptly to letting him straight up pulverise people clean as a sheet with the busaiku knee and it was like oh ok that works too
  6. Firebreaker Chip


    I really like the booking of Shayna where she has a winning mentality and has a plausible advantage via coming from MMA, but people who are good at pro wrestling can still wrongfoot her if they're brave enough to take the fight to her. it's just been pitched really well to make her matches good TV you anticipate, as opposed to nobody being on Lesnar's level so why bother, only Roman gets to lose to him every few months etc etc An underrated part of the Dream's game is all the hilarious verbal reactions he does when his opponent's on offence, he did this incredible agitated honk when EC3 suplexed him towards the end of their match
  7. Firebreaker Chip


    Ay so when is somebody getting crushed by that sound rig
  8. Firebreaker Chip


    He sounds like kind of a dick, in so far as it's possible to parse much meaning from such a vague, passive-aggressive tweet (maybe this is the genius point) Good wrestler though
  9. Firebreaker Chip


    I mean if it's 36 minutes of "sorry everyone I actually would still fuck Peyton, happy to set the record straight" then why would it be enough, the issue is with the quality of his apology not how epic in length it is if his first tweet had just been "sorry yeah I fucked up, I'll do better next time" it'd probably be done
  10. Firebreaker Chip


    are there any good English books about joshi? The book Chris Charlton posted excerpts from on the above twitter thread seems really fascinating, but it's obviously unlikely to be fully translated into English
  11. Firebreaker Chip

    SDL is the Kramer Kingdon Show - 8/7/2018

    Kofi's Kingdon Kramer voice sounded exactly like Juice Robinson God, imagine if the Raw roster was decimated by illness again and all the Smackdown matches at Summerslam had to run twice as long. God forbid it ever happen though obviously "I understand metaphor Ren-ai"
  12. Firebreaker Chip

    Raw Is Get Brock His Steak! 07/30/18

    The plan? Deliberately devalue the company's main title to such an unprecedented degree that the product's fans are marginally less angry when it's eventually won by somebody they've never liked after three previous humiliating failures
  13. Firebreaker Chip

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    I really need Fire Pro to have Destino (Painful Groin Version) as a dlc move
  14. Firebreaker Chip

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    Rocky Romero having more time to talk on commentary is working pretty well imo Callis has been good at adding gravitas to the big matches but he's quite an overbearing presence a lot of the time I liked that the guy started holding an ice pack to Ibushi's dick rather than helping him get his hands free so he could do it himself