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  1. Huh Zack Gibson scrubs up really well, who knew? Enjoying that Matt Riddle is playing an ersatz Millie McKenzie role in being the chirpy, suplex-obsessed blonde tag partner for Pete Dunne to reluctantly cooperate with
  2. That rana was horrific! Couple of solid hate-filled brawls on the undercard in Juice-Mox and GOTO-KENTA. If Suzuki-Mox isn't also a hate-filled brawl I don't know what will be
  3. Gino was pretty bad on this, he pronounced like four people dead and I was genuinely worried he was cranking it at the commentary desk when Pieter was on screen Fujinami still hitting like a truck at 66 lol
  4. THIRTY YEARS, and they give him a watch, kick him in the butt and say "hey, a [BT Sport] took your place, daddeh." That's hard times.
  5. Lmao at these contemptible dumbasses quoting Jordan Peterson on commentary
  6. The Bray Wyatt stuff is so hokey and bad anyway I don't know why they didn't just lean into it and have Bryan's change of look come via a time machine
  7. Just a bunch of crazy kids with a single Hail Mary pass of a dream: for Bray Wyatt to have a good singles match with someone who isn't Daniel Bryan
  8. That women's wargames was just fantastic. It was a cool side effect of how protected Shayna's been that she could lose due to her own error while outnumbering their opponents and not be weakened by it. Also Io had taken herself out by doing something amazingly dangerous. Really clever, satisfying finish. The triple threat was decent but too long, and the finish wasn't really visually logical enough for me. They should just open Survivor Series with Peter taking Cole to the woodshed and winning the damn thing imo, but I guess that probably doesn't fit with their plans for Ciampa to try to reclaim his title Riddle-Balor was rock solid, was not counterproductively trying to steal the show and served to effectively re-establish Balor's deathmove Cole's first table bump through the one he needlessly leant against the barrier was a hilariously unnecessary kayfabe self-inflicted injury, the one for the finish was a terrifying real life self-inflicted injury. Keith Lee should win the big one sooner or later, what a talent
  9. That brainbuster Dawson hit was a work of art
  10. Is it possible that the way it goes now is 1) use AEW paranoia to negotiate a new contract with a disproportionately generous downside guarantee 2) ask for your release on twitter 3) receive the terrible punishment of being sent home to sit out your contract 4) sit at home getting paid decent money doing nothing 5) hope vince forgets you exist rather than hauling you back in to tank his own product with a thinly-veiled punishment storyline
  11. There is definitely a post-Tr*mp amplification of the idea that all journalists are untrustworthy shit-stirrers, but declining faith in media institutions is an ongoing thing across the board; this is not without good reason but as noted above people often aren't good judges of which bits are credible, and reflexively throw the baby out with the bathwater Also everywhere has fucking comments and have your say shit on it now so every confused nudnik gets to indulge their need to disagree with the story underneath it for some reason
  12. There does seem to be a block of young wrestling fans who have somehow become convinced that rather than having good sources but being eccentric and frequently sloppy and naive, Meltzer literally has no inside knowledge at all and anything he's right about is a fluke consequent to him throwing a lot of shit at the wall and some of it sticking There is also maybe some defensive resentment about him criticising or bringing negative attention on wrestlers they like, an egregious violation of the sacred rule that annoying nerds should be allowed to Enjoy Things without being troubled by becoming aware of the existence of criticism of them Dunno if the proliferation of shit-tier wrestling news websites whose content is all aggregated re-reporting has muddied the water a bit
  13. Why is this not still a thing? I would have thought that even Vince would have immediately recognised that creepy, sociopathic mob boss Daniel Bryan was incredible TV Unrelated query: you know that incredibly unnerving montage of Roddy Piper promos that was cut to just be all the sharp intakes of breath and no actual words? Has anybody ever done a similar supercut of every time HHH said "UH" at the end of a word? I need it to upset my wife with
  14. That image of Rock looks like they accidentally motion scanned Al Pacino having a heart attack and transplanted it onto Rocky's face
  15. Springboard inverted atomic drop! Double team inverted atomic drop! Inverted atomic drops for everybody! Inverted atomic drop party!
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