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  1. Every time I start thinking Lamar Jackson is a touch over-rated, he does Lamar Jackson things and changes my mind. I'm still concerned about his passing decisions as he made a few throws that had me worried (I was watching the game with my brother, who is a Ravens fan) but he sure is fun to watch.
  2. No Man's Sky in some ways is like Stardew Valley for me. I play it overly obsessively for a few weeks, 6 to 8 hours a day, thoroughly engrossed. Then one day I am just like "well that was fun" and I don't play it again for two years. There is never any slow wind down, I go from insanely into it to over it in a day. Happened again earlier this year, I put a ton of hours into it, had a cool looking base, had progressed some in the "story," then I felt satisfied and haven't played it since. It is a pretty great game though, I'd recommend anyone that tried it initially to try it again.
  3. As someone that is not a fan of Penn State, the referees continually fucking over Penn State throughout the game has me laughing even though I know it sucks when the refs mess up games.
  4. And that "Wrestling Code" game is still in early production as well (that may be the one Angle was doing mocap for), seems like a lot of games are in early development. I support more wrestling games being released but I am equally pessimistic that any will be particularly good. For a modern style game, the collision detection/moves seems to be incredibly difficult to make look right in every situation, and these smaller studios just aren't going to have the time or resources. Plus some fans really want a sim, some want arcade-style, its a tough balance to find. Retromania in a way had the right idea, it has its issues but going for the retro feel made their lives a little easier and they were able to basically meet expectations.
  5. I have mixed feelings when they release footage like this. On one hand its good to see progress but in the year plus before it releases, who knows what tweaks they will do to it. I am sure it will resemble that but they have so much time to change things. So I don't *love* the movement in that video but with no release date, I'll wait to judge until its finalized footage.
  6. I'd like to apologize for Dak being released in the DVDVR FFL. That's even worse then not remembering to switch out a kicker, putting a QB1 up for grabs for no reason. It will be dealt with internally.
  7. To be fair its been the same time for 13 YEARS. Fuck, we're old.
  8. They should cut him and sign Murray.
  9. @RIPPACan we get one extra strike this year? I mean we are all so bad.
  10. The percentage of people picking the Jags is mindboggling, I'd actually lean Texans if I had to pick one. Tyrod isn't good but its competent while the Jags are still the Jags + a rookie QB.
  11. As good as I am at FFL, I am equally bad at Survival. Can't wait.
  12. I thought that is what they fixed. The kicker part I mean. Brent always autodrafts and I don't... think he pre-ranks. I remember early on his teams were always just terrible after the draft and he'd have to make a ton of adjustments but lately its been more sane. Like last year he didn't get a kicker until Round 8 (still a touch early for many, admittedly). Its possible he started pre-ranking really hard but I just figured Yahoo finally fixed their algorithm.
  13. They already paid, let them forget. Although the auto-drafter seems to be much better than it was back when the league first started. It may even be better than some of our human drafters....
  14. So what if they make it? How does that personally impact you? You don't have to buy it, the base game is still available for the same new-game price as always, you don't have to pay more. Just because something doesn't "spark joy" for you personally doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. I am sure there is something you collect that doesn't spark joy for me, should that thing just stop existing too? Just because something is expensive to you doesn't mean its expensive to everyone, seems like an odd thing to even care about.
  15. I dunno who this new Clemson QB is but UGA is making him look like a jobber.
  16. Its an interesting game in that it doesn't really "help" much, so even though on one hand its simple, its also pretty deep at the same time with a real "learn as you go" feel. I jokingly call it a "fun version of Animal Crossing." All I can say really is to start slow, that picture is year 2, year 1 was basically doing basic crop and mining stuff so I could get money to build the barn and coop. I didn't even fully explore things and I don't care if the town people like me yet (except the girl I am going to wife of course). I wish I had a picture of my farm after the second season as it was drastically smaller. That being said, there are probably 2494 "beginner tip" type guides that wouldn't spoil major details but would nudge new players in the right direction, I'd recommend it as it may quickly connect some dots for anyone interested in playing it and make the early game less frustrating.
  17. Since some jerk in here was talking about Stardew Valley, guess who started a new game of Stardew Valley? Its me. I hadn't played in about three years and new things have been added to it I think. Anyway, I am in the summer of the second year, this is my farm. I don't like to use planners or guides online for farm layout. I occasionally google something like where to find a certain fish so I don't drive myself crazy, but farm layout is just kinda.... free flowing. But its cute, I like it so far. I have a "hay" problem I am working out, otherwise the money is flowing from the melons and corn.
  18. Sam Howell's Heisman hopes lasted about three hours into the season.
  19. Yea that's the dumb thing, of the nine-ish editions, some with steelbooks have the physical game, some with steelbooks don't have the physical game. I just want the cool looking statue so I'll deal with it.
  20. I know they didn't invent this but I actively hate editions that include a steelbook but no physical game. What do they think I am putting in the steelbook. Generally I still prefer physical for a variety of reasons but I do digital in the right circumstances, just case by case. But I certainly don't need a steelbook if there is no game in it.
  21. Yea unfortunately Best Buy takes the money immediately, I prefer doing pre-orders on Amazon since they don't.
  22. Worked myself into a shoot and pre-ordered the Regalla edition. I always regretted not getting the collector's edition for the original game and the statutes sold for too much over retail on eBay for my liking. With my luck, they will over-produce this one and it will be on eBay for $100 or something.
  23. Well even an old dog like me can be surprised, according to Beane they aren't resigning him OR getting another TE via trade (maybe that part is misdirection). Just rolling with one healthy TE. That's a... decision. They did do the "cut vet, put someone on IR, resign vet" with another player so it is line with what Beane does, but I assumed Hollister was in the same boat.
  24. I understand why the NFLPA has to put in a grievance, but everyone knew it would be a factor. And it should be, since availability is very important to NFL teams. Curious to see if anything comes out of it, maybe the Jags will have to lose a 7th round pick or something because Meyer continues to do and say dumb things. (I realize the Bills' GM said it too a few months ago, that was dumb as well)
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