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  1. I just had to look it up, but it is wild to me that Roman Reigns has only had two TV matches in all of 2022. Since we know one day he'll drop the titles, I wonder if HHH will continue this theme with the new champion(s) or he is just staying the course here since it was a situation he was thrown into. I don't think champions need to be wrestling every week of course, but it seems crazy that they'd have champion that is on TV fairly often that if a fan doesn't have Peacock (or the like) they've only seen him wrestle two times this year. The details of Roman's new contract were known at the time, but its easier to explain when he is the champion why he isn't wrestling more. He's only had nine matches since June total, I assume that storyline-wise, Roman will just permanently be in the Brock or Edge position where he only wrestles for titles or special attraction matches going forward.
  2. Purdue kicking a FG in the 4th quarter to go from being down 12 to 9 was an interesting choice. I am so used to coaches going for it, but I assume Purdue's coach knows his teams strengths and weaknesses.
  3. I am not surprised Coach Prime took a more prestigious coaching job, that is what all college coaches do. I am surprised he is going to Colorado, I figured he'd stay at Jackson State until a job in the Southeast opened up. Course that could just be me thinking he wanted to stay in the Florida area which may not be a factor to him, and nothing is stopping him from leaving Colorado in a couple years if a school like FSU is more the goal if he continues being successful.
  4. Fire Giant had that damn roll tho, I'll admit he got me a few times. But I never felt he was "cheap", just challenging. He was also one that my summon died too quick so I was just on my own with him.
  5. I'll have to respectfully disagree, although I know a lot of it comes down to playstyle. I couldn't beat Bloodborne at all, it was a real struggle for me in the way I play FromSoft games and I just found it incredibly difficult and not at all fun. Elden Ring I thought was relatively easy (on the FromSoft scale) and I rarely felt frustrated by anything in the game that was required. If I ever hit a wall, I'd just go somewhere else for a bit, and I found the checkpoint system to be quite generous. The only times I was particularly frustrated is when I'd just stubbornly really want to beat a side boss and kept throwing myself at it over and over, even though I could have just come back later. I also played the game solo and I don't consider Summons cheap, they were part of the game mechanic when they designed the bosses. Course, I didn't bother do Malenia at all as I know her fight was stupid difficult, but its also designed to be a completely optional boss for the hardcore players (or the ones that are gluttons for punishment). I've done that in all the FromSoft games (when applicable), if its an optional boss just seems too cheap and not fun I keep it moving. I personally care more about actively having fun than a long lasting sense of accomplishment, but I'm also not a trophy hunter so I know different people play games with different goals.
  6. I'm not as... knowledgeable when it comes to college football as some of you are, while I watch it each week I tend to avoid the political side unless its particular juicy and entertaining. Anyway, as a moderately casual fan I do think its a bit unfair that some teams have an extra game against a tough opponent that other schools do not. We had USC losing yesterday and TCU in a tough fight today, while Ohio State gets to rest at home. I'm out invested enough emotionally to be outraged or anything, but if they are going full tournament model then it would be nice if the teams at least played the same number of games.
  7. To be fair, that is true in every sport, its just about the content and the money Plus you know at some point a #8 seed or something will win the championship and everyone will be like SEE THIS IS WHY EXPANSION IS GOOD.
  8. So my brother is really into AEW and his favorite wrestler is Fenix. So for Christmas he wanted a wallet that Republic of Lucha sold that was personally painted by Fenix. Its stupid expensive but he has expensive tastes. Anyway I got it in today and while it still feels expensive, it has the original "Coach" price tag in it and its a $150 wallet even not painted by Fenix (on sale various places for like $65 of course). So that made me feel a little better that its not a $10 walmart wallet. But its kinda silly.
  9. I heard Soccer Story is broken but that didn't stop me from playing Skyrim or Cyberpunk at launch, so I am going to dive into it. I need games to just occupy me for a few weeks until Christmas, so don't want to get into a game that is going to take up too much time.
  10. Think that TD by Utah just sealed it, championship week starts off with a bang.
  11. Drew Pyne, Notre Dame's starting QB, announced he is transferring and will not play in the bowl game. (just saw Rippa put this in the Championship Week thread too but ITS IMPORTANT FOR FUTURE WEEKS AS WELL PHIL)
  12. One of the issues with "IMMEDIATE REPORTING OF THINGS" is that advertisers have noticed and have no issue taking advantage.
  13. I feel like I need to do a *correction* here as some claim he said "the quick game" sucks and in his press conference that's what he implied as well. So I have less of an issue with that, he would be correct that down three scores it may be a good idea to throw downfield.
  14. To be fair, there was never a good time to play Hines. I should probably check on him and make sure he's ok.
  15. Well this is quite a hot take, considering the running game is the Pats best chance at winning.
  16. Does Jae not realize that N. Hines and N. Harris are two different players?
  17. The Patriots have to have the slowest "gotta score quick" offense in the NFL. They definitely are a team that needs to play from ahead or only slightly behind going into the fourth quarter.
  18. I have no issues at all with players transferring, but I don't really understand the timing. For eligibility reasons, did McNamara have to declare before December 1st? I know he is injured, but he still played this year and could have been "a part" of a national championship winning team. Unless it had to be declared by X day to get the extra season, why would he transfer now and not in mid-January.
  19. Its a real site that gives devices STDs. Not sure if that makes it better.
  20. They probably would wait until she finishes high school but yea, Billie Starkz definitely deserves a closer look, even if it starts with some Dark matches or something.
  21. The quote he "believed them to be 'legal' since he found them online" is a hell of an excuse to sharing child porn pictures. I feel like that won't hold up in court.
  22. I am really looking forward to playing it, but not for full price since my backlog is still so full. But it will be a really fun $40 purchase I think by June or so, it does look pretty solid.
  23. Its almost always a defensive player adjustment. In your case, this was the stat adjustment that gave you the extra point: Jordyn Brooks Sea - LB Tack Ast +1
  24. This is always the most fun time of the year in fantasy, as we now have a five way tie for the 5th - 9th spots. And we have 3rd vs. 4th and 5th vs. 6th this week against each other so there will be some shuffling.
  25. I quite enjoyed Greedfall. Its system at times is a bit broken and it may have been a little overly ambitious for the developer, but the story is interesting/unique and the gameplay is fun. Its not as polished or epic as Elden Ring, but its definitely easier haha and still worth playing. I play every open world game that exists and Greedfall is solid.
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