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  1. Not sure if that is the proper use of "backwards compatible" but good news anyway.
  2. That's a valid point for really serious gamers that play a lot of new titles and I think the service definitely has a market, but the last new game I played on it was Outer Worlds back in December, so its paying $15 a month for the 'between months' that may be hard to stomach. I would have paid $135 just for back catalog so far this year which is little more than I'd want to pay. Or just buying it for one month to play a game, cancelling, buy a month later, cancelling, which is a bit of a chore. Plus I already have it so I wouldn't help with their numbers anyway, I think there are probab
  3. I understand their line of thinking and it makes sense, but GamePass Ultimate is just so expensive, more than most other streaming services in general. I still have it from back when they did the Game Pass + Gold extension for only $1 per month but I think mine expires in May. I am not sure if I want to re-up it for $15 a month, even though I do use it. Even my PS NOW I only have it because I signed up when it was $42 for the year but I don't think Microsoft does deals as often with Ultimate. I'm not sure it will hit the numbers they are talking at $15 a month but we'll see, I've been wrong be
  4. I am neutral on the news until we see the full impact, one possible positive is since Microsoft paid so much, maybe they will start making games at a slightly faster pace. I'm a big fan of the main Dishonored, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout games, not so much the MMO versions so its been awhile since I got a new game from them, haha. Not that I want all games to be sequels but if those three series would continue at a slightly faster clip I wouldn't complain.
  5. I really thought they'd go fake run with Cam/toss to TE/FB/RB for the last play like they did earlier with such success. Not that Cam can't make it from there, he has before, but it was a long one yard and the box was stacked. It was a failed play almost immediately. But hindsight 20/20, if he had waltzed into the end zone then it would have been hard to criticize.
  6. We talked about it earlier with Robinson, but its interesting to me when players are clearly not in great situations (bad team, bad QB, bad coach, etc.) but still seek and sign big extensions. Unless Watson is just assuming O'Brien will get fired before much longer and is waiting it out.
  7. Josh Allen was a beast today, and did it passing instead of running as he had over 400 passing yards and 4 passing TDs. I'm not putting him ahead of Lamar of course but he's clearly to me the #2 QB from the 2018 draft class at this point. Having Diggs of course helps as it frees up John Brown too.
  8. I managed to pre-order two, one at Amazon and one at Best Buy... I figured two was safer in case one gets cancelled. Best Buy made it difficult but I am bored at work, nothing better to do than keep clicking the Place Order button. I hope the Xbox pre-orders are easier next week but not holding my breath. Course as things tend to go, I wanted to get the Xbox Series S (hate these names) but I don't like that they made it quite a bit weaker, its not the step up I'd like to next Gen. I never get the mid-gen updated consoles (X or Pro) so I'd prefer the one I purchase from the jump to be as p
  9. I dunno if anyone posted the list, didn't see it, but these are the PS4 games available at launch as part of the "PS Plus Collection." Its not a bad selection and since I have Plus already there is no extra cost, but it still feels like "we have limited new launch titles so uh here play these for a bit instead."
  10. To me, $100 isn't nearly enough of a price difference to get me to go digital. But I also buy games, beat them, and sell them while they still have their value which I realize not everyone does. Plus my brother buys Sony and we loan each other games. I don't mind going disk-less for the XBOX since I mostly use it for GamePass/Gold games anyway, but for Sony I'll be a disk guy until they force me to do otherwise.
  11. I've had to give up on Final Fantasy being Final Fantasy, at least what I grew up with. I kinda hate they still use the name when the games don't feel in any way like what I think of a Final Fantasy game being, but they are going to use the name to get sales, nothing I can do about it. But haven't liked a Final Fantasy since X so unless it gets great reviews I'll probably pass on it.
  12. I really have no desire to play Demon's Souls again and a little confused about the excitement for it as a launch title but I am sure I'll still pre-order a PS5 anyway. I assume they'll have a few good games out by Christmas. God of War having no gameplay wasn't a great sign, I am assuming that is Holiday 2021.
  13. Apparently he is annoyed they won't extend him/increase his yearly pay, implying he wants some more Mitch in his life. Not that I blame a guy for wanting to get paid and its not a good offseason coming up to hit the market if the cap goes down as much as they think it will. Probably frustrating for a lot of pending free agents.
  14. That's the one I have the fondest memories of. Classic Nintendo to just say nothing to hype something then just be like "oh, here you go."
  15. Bet @jaedmcdoesn't mind that auto-pick now.
  16. I am going to respond to your sarcastic response with a real answer There is no floor space around my TV stand that would have room for that giant box. To the left of the stand isn't room before the stairs, and I can't move the stand over anymore unless I found a new place for the funko pop bookcase, but my townhouse is literally full right now and there is no other wall space in the home I could move it to. Sad, but true, I'm at capacity. I can't put it in front of the stand as that is the main walkway in my living room. Its possible I could move one of the shelves up one level, I'd have to
  17. Glad I don't have Robinson in fantasy football, he has left about 17 points on the table due to drops.
  18. That's one reason I can't get mad at states restricting it, you can't trust the teams to do it responsibly if you give them any leeway. They are sitting a lot closer than I was expecting.
  19. Here is a solution - no anthems. Sports are being stubborn with it when the answer is an easy one.
  20. Well I clearly can't get an XBOX as there is nowhere I could put that.
  21. Aww they deleted it. Wonder if it didn't get approved or they have to tweak something to re-post.
  22. Update: He got through the inning so someone did get the Save, haha. What a world.
  23. They did try but the guy is getting knocked around a bit in the 9th so dunno if he will last the inning.
  24. As a Braves fan this is fun but Jesus. Up to 29 now.
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