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  1. Arn just bit someone's finger off, I think that disqualifies him.
  2. No one gets worked by twitter more than the Dolph Man, particularly when it meets his interests. Well they already have my money with the two announced matches, everything else is just gravy.
  3. The moral of the story is, if you are on a sports team and already kinda on the bubble on staying on the roster, don't say stupid shit. (I mean, no one should stay stupid shit, but if you are barely on the roster anyway its extra important)
  4. I'll give them credit for giving a long heads-up, I always feel bad for people that love a game and get a "oh we are shutting down in three weeks" message.
  5. One thing about the early announcement is that its void of details on how the tours will even run. I guess partly because they haven't worked that out themselves but it will be interesting to see how all three tours work together. Will they still do their own thing but just in a way that doesn't conflict with each other? Will the PGA embrace the team format? Many questions.
  6. I love it. All that bluster from the PGA, '(we can't say bl00dmoney?)' this and 'LIV players no longer exist to us' that and suddenly with the right amount of money and concessions (whatever that may be) everyone is friends again.
  7. I'm half kidding, but having interactive entrance music I think is a factor. Maybe not "the" factor but it can't be discounted either. Fans love to feel like part of the show.
  8. I don't follow Japanese wrestling as closely as I used to, is there a backstory on why Shibata wrestles in AEW but not in New Japan? Since 1/4/22 he has zero New Japan matches and six matches under the AEW umbrella. I know about his injury history of course and why he doesn't wrestle regularly, does New Japan just not feel comfortable using him but don't mind if other promotions do? Is he even officially signed with New Japan or a Freelancer that affiliates with them?
  9. What is the best game on that list? I never got around to playing it but I did buy KOTOR II on the Switch when it first came out.
  10. I know that any promotor admitting something isn't working is hard, and while TK has done it a few times before and pulled the plug early on something (the original Dark Order, when Matt Hardy tried being "broken") he needs to do it more often. Saraya as an in-ring wrestler isn't working. I think the Outcasts thing is ok and if she slid into just being a manager and doing six person tags, but she just isn't a good wrestler anymore and they need to not put her in those positions, especially in the main event. Britt also looks a bit rough but I think she can rebound, Saraya I'm afraid just is what she is at this point. Overall I enjoyed the show, a good mixture of quality promos and in-ring action. So happy to see Kris back, she's great.
  11. I'd much rather he go to the Texans than KC. That would have to be the money play though, Texans have a lot more space than Bills/Chiefs. I can understand the "family" factor, but going to the Texans wouldn't be the route to the SB if that was his main goal.
  12. Apparently even though MJF had a cast of sorts on his arm at the scrum, no one asked about it. In real time I thought he was actually injured as there were some signs of it during the match, but I'm ok with being worked also. Even if he is injured it didn't seem to be a long term situation, although I'd be surprised if he had a match at Forbidden Door either way.
  13. Overall I had a good time but man it started rough. I don't know what the fuck that Jericho/Cole match was. I actually usually enjoy them both but it was just not good, really disjointed, weird, nothing clicked... and it set a bad tone for the night which took time to recover from. Nothing else was below average (if Jamie is legit hurt, I can't hold that match against them) and the last few matches delivered, it just took time to get there. The crowd was weird. There were certainly times their quietness was justified but they weren't really making a lot of noise outside of a couple matches. I don't know if it was poorly mic'ed, didn't have the usual hardcore AEW crowd since it was in Vegas, or what but a crowd not into the wrestling will always reflect poorly on the product. A hot crowd can really make up for iffy action, but a quiet one I think can do the opposite. Not their best PPV but not their worst, would be hard to really recommend it though top to bottom.
  14. Hulk Hogan in a recent interview said this: One of Hogan's career highlights was when he joined forces with Graham, a moment The Hulkster appreciates all these years later when he reflects on his wrestling legacy. "When we were in Atlanta working for Ted Turner," Hogan said. "They teamed us up. We looked like brothers. He was in prime shape. I was in prime shape. We had the same balding hairline. It was amazing." So we've established 100 times over that Hogan enjoys making up stories, but I looked on cagematch and see no evidence of anything like this happening. In fact I see no evidence that Billy Graham wrestled again after 1987. Anyone else know anything about it? Was it on some house show nostalgia situation or another Hogan fabrication? I assume its made up, Hogan is a ridiculous person. Although to Hogan's rare credit he has really been putting over Graham in the last week, admitting he stole a few bits off of him and that he was the wrestler he modeled himself after. Which was obvious to us but still nice of him to say.
  15. As a big fan of Asuka I am happy she won, but something with that entire match didn't click. The crowd was the quietest for this match than any other on the card which didn't help, I am not sure if they were just buzzing down after the Ali match or fans worldwide were getting a little tired of Bianca's title reign. But the ending felt anti-climatic for ending such a long reign, it just all felt a little off.
  16. You guys wanna hear a unbelievable story that I swear is true - when I went through my 'oh shit I am poor' phase from 2012 to 2017 and needed a roommate to pay my mortgage, over that time period I got FIVE different roommates off craiglist (three of which I didn't meet in person until the day they moved in), and all five were normal people that paid their rent on time and left when they were supposed to. To this day my mom says I'm the luckiest person on earth.
  17. The Lord of the Rings game that no one asked for is apparently incredibly shitty. But its ok, the developer has apologized.
  18. I'm not discounting what you are saying, but I feel the need to point out that wrestlers lie. Every day of their lives. She could still be not cleared, or she could run down the ramp on Sunday and beat up everyone, probably the same odds of both being accurate.
  19. I thought that was from a joke account at first.
  20. I mean you can see from this forum how some people are demented when it comes to AEW, twitter and reddit are even worse. Its totally weird and bizarre to normal people but its what a lot of people do for some reason.
  21. I guess going on a radio show and saying how much you want to play for other QBs was the last straw or something since no one was willing to meet whatever their trade price was. The idea of him on the Bills is exciting but it would take some cap magic.
  22. Finally getting to play Beat Saber, to see what all the fuss is about. I'm a fan of rhythm games anyway so I really enjoy it, it makes the action part easy (swinging the sabers requires no thinking) so I can concentrate on what I'm swinging at. My right knee after about an hour started complaining about the crouching (not a motion I've done regularly since I stocked shelves about ten years ago) but an hour is probably a long enough session at a time anyway. But I can see myself playing the hell out of it and I like a lot of the singers/bands they've added recently.
  23. boo context. You're right of course, its just odd to me that after a down year (and him being cut) that another team just couldn't wait to sign him and jettison their own solid kicker.
  24. Football is so weird about kickers. So to summarize, the Jags cut their 23 year old kicker who was 30/35 last year, for a more expensive 31 year old kicker who was 28/36 last year. Of course, McManus is the vet with playoff experience, etc. but it just feels like a weird swap since their kicker was fine last year.
  25. I'm supposed to be worried about his knees getting into the ring and not the fact he's diving off something and probably going through a table in four days? Sabu don't care so I don't care.
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