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  1. Deebo definitely not going to be happy, this run on paying WRs big money this offseason has been wild.
  2. Its not an exoneration, but I think the most the league has ever suspended someone for off-field conduct that didn't involve official charges was... six games? Peterson got an indefinite but only missed about that number before being re-instated, Elliot got 6, Ben got 6 (reduced to 4), Josh Brown got 6, so that seems to be their magic number. And some that actually were found criminally guilty of a charge never got more than a year. I'm not saying if these things are good or bad but if the arbitrator is looking at how past incidences were handled I don't know if she will go for an indefinite suspension. What Goodell probably should do is put him on the commissioner list, of whatever NFL calls it, until the new accusations are sorted out as we don't know yet if any of those will lead to charges. Its still a fluid situation so any decision made today may not make sense in a month.
  3. Its going to be interesting. I read an article that as this is the first suspension decision of this type under the new CBA with the new "agreed upon" arbitrator process, that neither side would be quick to escalate it as that would immediately show that the new system failed. Keep in mind that the arbitrator was chosen jointly by the NFLPA and NFL as someone they had faith in, and this is the first case going before her so if either side challenged it, it would be a bad look. Plus even though the NFLPA is required to strongly back the players, they rarely have taken issues further than the CBA-specified process in regards to player suspensions. I don't think talking to only five women is an issue and may even be an advantage, as they can really focus the evidence on the cases most easy to prove instead of just throwing all of them in with some no doubt not having as much evidence. Five is still enough to show a pattern of behavior and its hard to defend if they interviewed ones with written evidence. I think the mostly likely result is the arbitrator says between 10 games and the whole season, both sides go *grumble grumble not exactly what we wanted but we trust the arbitrator* and everyone goes about their business.
  4. Its clearly a work, but some of the best "works" are the ones that have an element of truth, a person just taking how they feel and putting it up to 100 for entertainment value. MJF may legitimately be frustrated with his contract and making less than other wrestlers that are below him in the pecking order, and he can channel that frustration into a storyline. I'm not sure what the end game is but that's part of the fun, we don't know if MJF will appear next week, at All Out, or anywhere between. Or even how the crowd will react since his last promo they alternated between booing and cheering him.
  5. It kinda sounds like he (or his agent) realized only the Lakers were particularly interested but the trade options weren't there, and he didn't want to play for only six million. So this was the next best option.
  6. That contract that the Browns gave Watson still lives rent-free in my brain. Every time I think about it or I see a bit about it on TV my mind melts, I still can't believe they'd be that stupid.
  7. For anyone curious, found the article I was referencing, says he made $30,000 a year in revenue which was probably mostly profit. Oddly, no mention of the fact that it wasn't legal haha
  8. Golden Boy Tapes was quite a thing, he was the biggest dealer (besides Lynch, who is somehow still trading underground as far as I know). Years later I found an interview he gave (after he had shut down the site) where he said how much money he made and it was some stupid amount. I don't want to misquote it since I don't remember the exact figure, but tens of thousands a year. Which makes sense, I mean a blank tape is a buck in bulk and he was selling tapes for $20+. I had a deal with him for awhile on my old site where he sent me free tapes and I'd promote his website, same with IVP. Felt like a fair trade at the time.
  9. The old selling/trading thread from the old days of DVDVR had to go for legal reasons (probably) but for awhile it was a good resource, I made quite a few purchases from people back in the day. That one dude did those compilation DVDs (Bootscrapes, if I recall) that were solid. That was I guess ten years ago. I'm old. I have forgotten the tape trading site I used back in 2004 - 2007 but it was ugly as sin, old school forum, back when tapes were $20. Kids these days don't know how good they have it smh
  10. I guess in that way him and Hogan were cut from the same cloth, from all accounts Hogan was always great with fans not just at meet and greets but literally anywhere you caught him, but well... his selfishness and politicking are well documented.
  11. I mean that was kinda Phil's point, right? Aside from the gobs and gobs of money he got to switch over, not claiming he is a virtuous person or anything. The "non-profit" PGA Association suddenly found $20 million to add to purses, what a coincidence. I don't pretend to understand all the finances of the PGA but its a little suspect that now they suddenly figure out a way to raise the purses right as people are leaving. The PGA will no doubt win this "war" but a little competition never hurt anyone, especially if it improves things for those on the Tour.
  12. I don't think it'll sell as well as their normal PPVs as they just had one recently and for the more casual fan (I don't like the term, but you know what I mean) there probably is not as much appeal here. But I can understand why they didn't drop the price as they don't want to set that precedent, plus it would be them acknowledging its a "B" PPV which they wouldn't do.
  13. The main issue with Okada not appearing is simply that he was name-dropped/challenged on a AEW program in the lead-up to the PPV. I don't think him doing a three-day business trip while his wife is pregnant is a huge deal but if it is to him that's perfectly understandable (even though that is something we are just making up as a reason), but if that is true then he shouldn't have been mentioned at all. I mean they haven't mentioned Naito, Ibushi, this month etc. for a reason - they aren't appearing and were never scheduled. So I don't think people expecting Okada to have a match were unrealistic since he was mentioned in an AEW ring by an AEW wrestler this month while promoting the upcoming event. This show will be a pass for me to order, I already told my brother (he is a bigger AEW fan than I am) and he's a bit sad since I've ordered all of them the last two years and we've watched them together. There just isn't enough sizzle there to justify the $50 price tag for me, plus I am moving this weekend so I have enough going on already. I hope its a great show though, sometimes the ones on paper that maybe don't look as great as you were hoping end up being the better events anyway.
  14. From what I remember from what he is remembering, there was a report that they offered settlements and some accepted the dollar amount (not all) but the NDA was so strict that they wouldn't agree to the final terms. So either they really really upped the money (very possible and likely) or they made the NDA softer (also possible, or they just gave so much money they didn't care). I am assuming four either are refusing to settle period or are holding up for more money. Still, getting the number from 24 to 4 before the suspension is announced puts some pressure on NFL to make it shorter so I can understand on his attorney's side why they pushed to get as many settled as possible even if it wasn't all of them.
  15. I'm 38 and still love any wrestler who wears a mask or has facepaint.
  16. I am only counting them as they made the decision to just stop, they could have announced a retirement show and just opted not to.
  17. Not for a literal year, I wouldn't say it is "typical" to announce show days six months in advance along the long road to retirement. Its what the showmen do for sure, which Muto definitely is. More Tenryu or Inoki, less Kawada or Chono. You can't count Onita since he has had a dozen of them, the ultimate showman.
  18. I have to laugh since just a few weeks ago I said that when Muto retires he will let you know exactly when and make as much money as possible in the process, and here he is.
  19. I ate so much Papa Johns in college that I'll always have fond memories of their pizza, but I haven't had it in probably 15 years. Now we just use the more localized pizza places, I can't remember the last time I had pizza from a national chain. Still, y'all a bunch of snobs, nothing wrong with some cheap and fast pizza sometimes.
  20. Sometimes I forget I am special. I also never use it (aside from the test above), I always just upload stuff to imgur and paste the link in the post. Trying to save DEAN on some server costs.
  21. I hate stuff like this so much haha its like having Kojima making a big announcement out of him just saying he will start a new game soon. Thanks for the ten year plan, the world may be melted before Fallout 5 comes out.
  22. This is weird as I use the Navy Nights theme and I tested it, and I can attach on Chrome and Android. Not sure what the common thread is for those that can't post pictures.
  23. I dunno how the fuck they got Raekwon The Chef and Ghostface Killah to do a song for the upcoming TMNT game, but God bless them. I thought this was just a quick budget game cash grab but they are putting some money into it. Either way I am playing it as I am 38 and thus love ninja turtles, and I have Game Pass.
  24. I know we are going off topic but I thought VA had something similar so I looked it up: Consequences of Refusal Breath Tests. Refusal of a lawfully requested breath test is a civil offense and carries a one-year license suspension. A driver who has a prior test refusal or DWI conviction in the last ten years will be guilty of a misdemeanor. A second-offense refusal carries up to one year in jail, up to $2,500 in fines, and a three-year license suspension. Blood tests. Refusal to submit to a lawfully requested blood test is a civil offense and carries a one-year license suspension. A driver with prior DWIs or refusals will not be jailed for refusing a blood test but faces a three-year suspension. I dunno the laws where Hardy is but he has a prior conviction, so by those laws a refusal of a breath test would be a misdemeanor. But I guess technically he wouldn't be guilty of a DUI for the refusal, just guilty of.... refusing? Either way I hope he gets help and AEW needs to not use him on TV until they are sure he is 100% clean (if ever again).
  25. I dunno if someone blowing a .294 is in the mental state to remember the "how to avoid getting a DUI" code. Personally I am glad he did the breath test as he needs to get off the roads, maybe they will finally punish him this time. Not all arrests are bad, some people should be arrested. Even if he gets six months of residential rehab, that's fine, hell WWE will pay for it. I'm not saying he should rot in prison, he needs help but clearly he needs a strong forced nudge to get there.
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