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  1. They also didn't have a single negative yardage play until the kneels at the end. Unreal offensive game.
  2. The "NFL fixes games to keep them close for ratings" crowd is awfully quiet tonight. This was a slaughter. 7 drives, 7 TDs.
  3. Return of the dildo! They tried hard to change the camera.
  4. This was 100% what the Bills had to do. A low scoring close 'grind it out' game would have favored New England with their run game, the Bills had to get the early lead to force Jones to have to throw. Which not only isn't the Pats' strong suit but pass defense is the Bills' strong suit, making it really hard for New England to catch up. So this game went about perfectly for what they needed.
  5. When Josh Allen is "on" the Bills offense is so hard to stop. As long as he stays in the zone and doesn't get overly hyped up/emotional (which admittedly, is one of his issues) I think they can beat any team in the AFC.
  6. I feel like the refereeing was so bad that neither side can complain it hurt them more, but as a neutral party watching it, I hate when referees make really bad decisions and make that the focus. They should be background characters, not the main attraction.
  7. I am not usually a "need to see reviews" guy about AAA titles from developers/franchises I am familar with, but I am gonna need to see reviews of the new Pokemon before I buy it. Trailers aren't enough to really see how deep/fun it is or if its just a unique cash grab.
  8. I do think there is some over-emphasis when hiring a head coach that if they are getting a young QB that the HC has to be a QB whisperer or offensive minded, but I don't think that is the case. McDermott for the Bills has a background in defense but he hired a very good (regardless what some fans will tell you) offensive coordinator and QB coach, plus Allen put in hard work training in the offseason to reach the level he currently is. That's not to say McDermott *hurt* Allen's growth but no one gives him credit for it either for good reason, aside from providing stability. He just let his people do their thing. I really think when looking at head coaches the focus should be on game planning, decision making, motivation/charismatic qualities, and composure under pressure. And probably not an asshole. If they make the right hires around them, they don't have to be a miracle worker in any particular field.
  9. As someone that follows the NFL very closely but not necessarily the 'behind the scenes' dynamics of every team, I am surprised about Flores. I thought the Dolphins played at or above their level for the last two years, and clearly they never "quit" on him as they played hard after the bad start. Even if he had a bad relationship with Tua, coaches have stayed around before with iffy QB relationships and usually those issues magically resolve once the winning starts. I hope he gets a job somewhere else.
  10. The time-out storyline from Collinsworth was bogus, they called it because the Raiders came out in a passing formation and they probably wanted to change their defensive package. They still knew that stopping the Raiders from getting the first down was critical either way, it had nothing to do with 'gamesmanship' or whatever else.
  11. Credit to the Raiders for going for the win but man I would have just let the game end.
  12. Now is the big moment, if both teams just play it super safe on offense to avoid a turnover to get to the tie.
  13. I think it snuck under the radar that the Bills defense led the league in both the least yards allowed per game (by a lot) and least number of points allowed per game. And yet no pro-bowlers. Probably something with the selection process needs to be tweaked a bit.
  14. I believe if the Raiders win, they'd be tied there too so I think common opponents is next. Dunno how far down the line you have to go to get to their tie-breaker.
  15. Pairings aren't locked in yet, match-ups in the AFC differ a bit depending on who wins tonight. Bengals will get either the Patriots or Raiders. I assume Bengals/Raiders would get a poor time slot, whatever that may be if that ends up happening.
  16. Well the Jets managed to set a team record for least total yards on offense in one game, so that's exciting. Mostly due to all the lost sack yards (82 yards!). After all that, the Bills still managed to cover the spread (-16.5). If they could manage to play a complete game any given week they would be a hard team to beat.
  17. I've learned from watching this sad game that Zach Wilson runs backwards way too much and takes too many sacks where he should just throw the ball away. That's not an unusual rookie thing, and its fixable, but he is making the Bills look like sack masters which they definitely are not.
  18. The goal is to never punt, like the Bills pulled off the last two weeks. If you never punt, you don't need a good punter.
  19. The Bills sleep-walking through this game. They may still win anyway because its the Jets but the fire certainly isn't there. And I dunno if I've ever seen three straight shanked punts on the professional level before.
  20. Black Monday is always one of the most fun days of the NFL calendar.
  21. I was poking around in the simulator and apparently if the Dolphins win and Raiders win, the Pats get the Bills anyway. Bills two choices are Patriots or Chargers if the Bills win, I dunno which I'd prefer. I am glad the Colts are out though.
  22. One of the two days a year that Bills fans and Dolphins fans are on the same page.
  23. I have to question the intelligence of any fan that thinks the Chargers and Raiders aren't going to try to win tonight, except discussing it just for giggles (which is understandable). The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business that all owners get the benefit of, they aren't going to have a "collusion" game on national TV in any scenario. Now, it would be funny if the game happens to be a tie and go into overtime, that I'm rooting for just for the memes.
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