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  1. Five days in, eight Rikishi are at 4-1, another eleven at 3-2. Looks like a crazy, wild September Basho.
  2. To sooth your worries, Lithuania is now the team with the most recent win over the USA. I'm really amazed how well Germany is doing, beating teams they lost to two years ago. Spain are also eliminated, by the way.
  3. If the last parts are true, the situation differs, I have trouble believing it. However, your version might make Perry look better, it opens a whole different can of worms imo. If it's a work (assuming stuff like that gets cleared) , involve the guy. Ask him if it's okay at, put your foot down if necessary. Working yourself into a shoot is 2000-WCW-Level bs. If your timeline is what actually has happened, Tony and his producers have to re-think A LOT imo.
  4. Fair enough, but it was in a multi men Programme. He is also the only one with no sort of role / featured involvement on the main card of the next big show. Tito Santana main evented that one Survivor Series with Ultimate Survivor's match in the end, I don't think he went "It's a leg drop, cry me a river" on the next wrestling challenge he was on and then tried to size up Hulk Hogan later that night. Before you assume that I'm talking down Perry (not a fan, not a hater): I really liked Tito Santana.
  5. Hot damn, I thought Rambo / Sniper died a few years back, but he is alive and well, it seems. Really glad to hear that! I know I'm not very active in any wrestling talk anymore. Punk is in the wrong solving backstage problems with punches and chokes. That being said in no wrestling universe should a guy who made it on a pre-show provoke, confront and probably challenge one of the top stars and neither should the top star throw monitors at the man who writes the cheques. Especially if it's about something as stupid as actually wanting to get thrown through real glas. I don't think the idea that this was a set up or instigated is entirely the result of wearing a tinfoil hat. If surveillance footage doesn't show Perry walking by, whistling an innocent tune while eating a sandwich or something and Punk blindsiding him, Perry should be fired aswell. Some of his friends should be notified they are on thin ice. Whoever sides with Punk should be asked if they want to get back in line or if they want to leave. Kahn needs to get to a point where he actually at least instills respect to his wrestlers. If he wants to run the ship, run it tight. Everybody basically doing what they want exacerbated all the already bad habits of your talent. Get them in line now.
  6. There we go, another bronze for tjejerna. Swedish women teams are really good and it feels to me like they get constantly overlooked, but maybe I just always miss them being talked up.
  7. Sweden also have a runners up finish to their name. But this still feels quite a bit like a changing of the guard.
  8. Fair enough. I always have first gen as the 90ies 00ies teams who were contending, but it's probably something I just made up anyway. Japan was definitely there at the start, I only always had them at No. 2 in Asia early on until they overtook China, but yeah... You're definitely right that they were an established power entering this tournament.
  9. Is Japan a Gen 1 Team in regards to being contenders? Always had them as second Gen, since their first real breakthrough was in 2011. Established for sure, though.
  10. Happy to see Sweden advance. They are never to be taken lightly. Hope they can beat Japan aswell, but it's going to be tough.
  11. Germany out aswell... Not sure if that ever happened before in Women's footie. Weird especially since the team was really competitive at the last EUROs.
  12. Good point. I tend to forget about Canada doing fairly well in Women's Footie over the last few years.
  13. Sweden vs USA it is. Very strong Round of the Last 16 matchup. Germany v France is also quite possible. Denmark v Australia is also a meeting of established teams. Brazil out is probably the first huge surprise. Hope our women don't follow tomorrow.
  14. Isn't that a good thing by any means because there is less of a gulf between the traditional powers and rising women's footballing nations and a generally higher level of competition? Plus there are some high scoring matches aswell...
  15. I'm sure about the Ozeki promotion for Hoshoryu, Hakuoho... let's wait and see. That kid has loads of potential, but it is still like his fourth Basho or something. He will very likely hit somewhat of a high ceiling soon, it will be very interesting to see how he deals with it. With all the tape, I sure hope injury won't be an issue that early in his career.
  16. You still did a really good job spotting and pointing out the likely opponents. Hokutofuji can win the Yusho tomorrow, depending on all the results and he had the advantage of setting the pressure. He's also guaranteed to be in contention on senshuraku. I kind of want four people on 11-3 on the final day...
  17. I don't think we'll have a new Ozeki in September. I do hope Hoshoryu and Wakamotuharu can extend their respective runs. With Hoshoryu still in the arasoi I might be too pessimistic. It still wasn't a bad run from those three, I guess everyone jobbing too Kirishima is what wears heavy on my Ozoumo soul. Yusho could be totally out of left field. While Hoshoryu was somewhat of a dark horse for many, who had Nishikigi, Hokutofuji and Hakuoho before the tournament? Nishikigi's second half of Natsu paired with at least the first two thirds of this one is on par with Greece and Denmark winning EURO as one of the most baffling things I have seen.
  18. We all know Tamawashi will win that one... Also.... I wish I could like this again. Terunofuji looked really battered.
  19. German football teased me, only to bust out cold showers two weeks in a row. Bayern champions, Red Bull Cup winners. Again. I'm back to ignoring what this sport has become.
  20. Ura got robbed on Day 14 IMHO. Terunofuji being back and healthy is great news. Two Ozeki in July, Kiribayama will get promoted and Takakeisho escapes kadoban. The other Sekiwake looked really good and might have outside shots at Ozeki aswell, depending on their results in Nagoya. Maybe we now exit the phase of a heavily inconsistent sanyaku?
  21. Ura vs Tobizaru is the wildest match of the tournament so far. But damn, Wakamotuharu straight belly to bellying Hokuseiho was the greatest moment so far.
  22. Bayern lost to Red Bull yesterday, which means that for the first time in ages there is an actual real decision on the final matchday. There was a theoretical decision on the final day in 2019 I believe, but then a draw would have been sufficient for then league leaders Bayern. Dortmund are now only one point behind and have a chance to take the top spot, should they win in Augsburg. The goal differential however tips the scale in Bayern's favour. On the other end of the spectrum, Hertha drew 1-1 at home, relegating the big Club from the Bundesliga. Depending on what Stuttgart can do in Mainz and how the afromentioned Augsburg v Dortmund play out, there will be between four and six teams who can take either the remaining relegation or the playoff spot.
  23. It's really good to see a healthier Terunofuji back. He is the one to beat. At this rate, there has to be a definitive concern that we'll be Ozeki-less in July. Takakeisho looks in trouble, the most likely candidates for promotion seem somewhat shaky. On the other hand, we might aswell get four... Crazy.
  24. Times of transition are often awkward, but while no one seems to be able to take up the crown right now and we are severely lacking consistent top guys, there are quite a few guys with tons of potential and the Sumo is mostly very good and often spectacular. In a year or two we will probably see this period for what it is.
  25. Takakeisho takes the win and the Yusho, beating Kotoshoho with a nice... Sukuinage?! That can't be right... But it is. Congrats, battle hamster. Takakeisho very likely on a real Yokozuna run in Osaka, another Yusho will likely see him through, no matter what the score will be. If it wasn't for his two losses on Day 11 and 12, they might have gone for the promotion already.
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