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  1. Football players can be extremely dumb. That's all I have to say. If you ever thought that Ballon d'Or meant a damned thing, just look at this year's results. What a joke.
  2. I have to tell you the truth, even if it hurts: I think Brutus wasn't a real barber. If he was, he wasn't a good one. Although, with the thickness of all those mullets, hedge clippers weren't too bad off a choice.
  3. The tournament was already decided before today, Terunofuji being guaranteed one win ahead everyone because he overcame the energetic Abi in the Day 14 main event. Abi had beaten Takakeisho on Day 13. The final match of the tournament put Terunofuji against Takakeisho and it was a good show by both men, put the Yokozuna prevailed, securing his first career Zensho. There will be special prizes for Abi, Takanosho and URA Mitakeumi turned in a fine 11-4 performance from Sekiwake, which would spark faint conversations about a possible Ozeki run, if he wasn't Mitakeumi.
  4. I unfortunately have so little time to watch at the moment, I confine myself to Makuuchi. Checked this one out, fine match. Little guy vs big guy is always fun!
  5. At the halfway mark, both Terunofuji and Takakeisho are 8-0. Takakeisho looked to have lost to Ichinojo today, but a video review revealed that the big Mongolian had grabbed his opponents hair and pulled on it, resulting in a DQ. Terunofuji has a streak of securing kachi koshi on Day 8 for the last four tournaments in a row. Trailing the top duo are Mitakeumi and Abi, who is wreaking havoc down the ranks after his forced break for violating Covid Protocol. Mitakeumi will have tough matchups in the second week, it will be interesting to see if they start bringing Abi up for tougher opponents early or wait for the final three matches. Still mathematically in the hunt at 6-2 are: Tamawashi, Ura, Hokutofuji (like Abi quite underranked), Sadanoumi
  6. Basho is off to a good start with some of the top guys performing well, namely Mitakeumi, Takakeisho and Terunofuji all getting out of the blocks with a 3-0 start. Same for some guys low on the banzuke like returnee Abi, Hokutofuji and Aoiyama. Oh, and Ura started off with 3-0 aswell. Down at Juryo 11, Enho is at a 2-1 winning record for the first time in ages. I hope he can continue and stop the decline.
  7. Thanks, @RIPPA, every time I try to grasp the Nations League stuff my brain melts a little.
  8. Is this due to some Nations League shenanigans for Austria? They lost out to Scotland on the second place in their group. It's weird how some of the European groups felt close at one point and are now long since decided while other groups seemed decided only to still be open on final matchday.
  9. The next Basho starts is barely hours away, but the - very likeable - folks of Grand Sumo Breakdown did a very cool job of putting a perspective on Hakuho's career. Those guys are fun and on Spotify aswell.
  10. Damn, that sucks. Dementia is an asshole. Hope she didn't suffer. To this day I would truly and honestly like to know who came up with Judy Bagwell as on air talent, why, and just how they assumed it was going to be good. It's honest curiosity.
  11. Hope him and Warner have a speedy and complete recovery. Now that I said that... What's the chances of this leading to Warhorse autographing the cast and keeping everyone from signing aswell, changing his catchphrase to "Warhorse rules cast!"?
  12. I really hope he is not similar in heart and mind to his great grandfather, but him being at that club is a suspicious sign to me. As I said, hope that I'm wrong.
  13. Legend appears unlikeable here. I feel Bret wasn't comfortable with breaking kayfabe, he seemed to tiptoe around for a bit.
  14. He's the guy that played Dax in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  15. Is this true? If so, WWE is becoming more and more like DYING-DAYS-WCW (my cellphone keeps capslocking this, screw it). Is he going to feud with Steiner's kid?
  16. Amazing stuff @Gordberg They didn't sell any of the memorabilia I assume?
  17. Watched Suzuki vs Danielson. I liked most of it. I would have preferred a little less of the strike exchanges. The hold exchanges were good, and I really liked the finish. Also watched Punk vs Sydal. I've never been a big fan of Sydal as a wrestler and I remembered why. Punk always really works his stuff and makes it feel meaningful. Like with Suzuki and Danielson, I really liked the finish. I will never like modern crowds I'm afraid. The chanting of weird stuff and reactions feel so fake, which annoys me, since there seems to be genuine enthusiasm for AEW.
  18. When I saw your quote, Twitter was apparently mixing stuff up and had Ric Flair's birthday tweet directed at Tony Khan instead of the video of Sonya talking and I was wondering what Flair did now. I've had this happen before with Twitter, yet this was confusing.
  19. @The Naturalthanks for sharing, that was a fantastic Piledriver. It would be cool as a Superfinisher for Punk.
  20. I remember that, especially the bit about him lying around forever before someone finally picked him up. It looked like his shoulder was messed up, but him not getting up makes me doubt my assessment.
  21. I'm 100% with you that there a lot of negative emotions towards Conrad, not sure about jealousy though. What Last said to a degree is what came across for me, he seemed to have disdain for Conrad's content and didn't want anyone he has on his network to be associated with it. There is very likely something personal in there, but I have no idea. I have to admit that the story seemed quite tame in the wake of the crazy Ron Fuller stuff, so impressions of underlying jealousy might have faded from my memory.
  22. From the way Last described it, it seemed more like a business decision with prior announcement to me. It's probably down to personal opinion and bias if you find the decision agreeable or not. I just think "got jealous and kicking SB off" wasn't what came across to me. There is highly likely another side to the story as always, but it wasn't what came across from the way last described it.
  23. Additional information: According to Last, he made it clear to Arezzi that he wasn't going to keep Arezzi if he was going to work with Thompson. He also gave him time to decide if he wanted to commit to the podcast and when he didn't commit after a set deadline, kicked him off.
  24. If he gets something resembling the Kozlov run, I'd be amazed. I really hope somebody will get Walter and he will be happy, healthy and used well. I have serious doubts though.
  25. Well, in that case I will eat my own words. At least it's not McSomething-cuty or Charlie Chekker.
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