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  1. CL final delayed because a lot of people apparently trying to get into the stadium without tickets. Some bad memories for me after the France v Germany Friendly a few years ago where there was a bomb explosion...I really hope there's nothing else to it.
  2. I think there have been two managers to win Cup of Champions, UEFA CUP and Cup Winners Cup. Lattek and Ancelotti or something like that? Edit: Lattek and Trappatoni.
  3. Terunofuji winning out put the Sumo world back into balance somewhat. Takakeisho was able to prevent kadoban, unlike his two peers. Wakatakakage handled the hatsu Yusho hangover decent enough with a 9-6 score. Daeisho will be back at Sekiwake after an 11-4 performance. Ura had a good tournament, but unfortunately it ended in injury. Hopefully nothing serious.
  4. That was way closer than I expected. Congrats to @Pete, who might have aged a decade in 90 minutes.
  5. The match with Takakeisho is a perfect example of why I love Ura. Those moves were crazy. Takanosho still holding out at the top, but Terunofuji seems to be at the level you expect him to be... It's gonna be a fun final stretch.
  6. At this point in time (10 matches in), this tournament is just weird. Terunofuji has three losses, with the supposedly tough part of his schedule yet having to kick in. Yet he still has a very strong chance at winning the whole thing. He seems very vulnerable to the pusher/thruster - style wrestlers so far and rarely shows the dominance that made him the top-ranked Rikishi. Every Ozeki is underperforming and practically out of contention. Shodai is one loss away from another kadoban gauntlet in July. Mitakeumi and Takakeisho are at .500 right now, after mostly facing the low rankers. Leaders are Takanosho (who has beaten two Ozeki and Terunofuji so far) and Ichiyamamoto, who are 8-2. Five Rikishi follow the leaders with 7-3 scores: Terunofuji, Kiribayama, Ura, Aoiyama and Sadanoumi. There is a real possibility of a multi men play off. And 11-4 might be enough to win a place in it.
  7. As always when Liverpool wins something, I'm really happy for Klopp. That being said, I'm almost 100% sure there is not much of a chance of City dropping four points over the last three matches. Salah's injury is not good...
  8. It stays weird, although with Terunofuji slowly but surely finding a groove there is a decent enough shot he will get this done. The Ozeki have been disappointing, WKTKKG (I always thought I and a friend of mine were the only people in the world to go with all caps consonants for shikonas @John E. Dynamite) looks to have a bit of a post Yusho hangover.
  9. That's one weird Basho in the first two days...
  10. If it helps, I have no idea about Kingstons marital status and I 100% believed his wife at home is worried sick and that Kingston is going to make Jericho suffer.
  11. Even for a red haired, light skinned German kid who played Tennis as a kid, it has been long since obvious everything Becker did after he retired tore down and destroyed his legacy. As to why? He was a huge star as a teenager, never had a shot at growing up before being under the microscope. Whoever took care of him when he was active seemingly dropped him like a bad habit after his playing career. Going the Ric Flair route with lots of wives/gfs probably did not help. But while it's all understandable to a degree, it's just so sad and embarrassing.
  12. I hope he has the power to fight that illness like a ferocious beaver. Kammy is a cult personality, even I know about his crazy antics.
  13. Oh, I knew he was really negative about Vince and WWE. I didn't think he would take the rhetorical "Vince had a horrible childhood and his mother was a prostitute... Fuck him, LOL!" - approach. Then again, Ryback never seemed to be particularly bright.
  14. So... Ryback is trying to turn Vince babyface on the internet or something? (... or maybe himself heel)
  15. As much as I love Bret as a wrestler, he had his fair share of character flaws. There are no-goes for every fan regarding those flaws, enjoy who you want to and can enjoy. 1995 had such a weird vibe in the WWF. You had two guys who could arguably go as well as anyone before and since in the ring and whose gimmicks where somewhat extensions of their real life personalities. You also had loads of weird gimmicks like pig farmers, Garbage Men, Plumbers, Nascar Drivers etc.
  16. Best Inside Cradles in the business, easily. 1995 was a really bad year in wrestling generally, but Bret Hart was sooooo good. And stupid gimmick aside, I actually liked Henry Godwin, I have to admit.
  17. I borrowed & watched a "best of" a friend of mine had when he was trading. I unfortunately lost the tape, and I would love claim this to be my contribution to improve European wrestling, it was not on purpose. Matches were from 2000 to 2003ish I'd say and boy howdy was it bad. Back then the traditional catch scene (CWA) in the German speaking area had collapsed and a lot of guys who were into ECW flooded the scene. Lots of hitting each other with plunder, no basic skills or knowledge for actual wrestling. There was one match at a public swimming pool. Yeah, nothing good about it.
  18. Even if this was the case, it doesn't make it wrong. The following is all written under the assumption that - as claimed by the man himself - Tony Kahn is really doing all the booking. Everyone can enjoy what they enjoy, but the booking, outside of a few exceptions has been questionable at the very best (I really liked the most of Punk vs MJF and Punk vs Eddie e. g.). People could make a point how Tony is giving his core audience the matches they want. This would make his matchmaking good and him a good matchmaker. The way he gets there often adds nothing to it. There is also stuff like a (not really) Texas Death Match as the first match of a World Title match, the heel getting his head flushed down the toilet in week 2 of a featured blood feud, War Games in the middle of a feud, beating the No. 1 contender in a Lights Out match on TV then claiming he is still undefeated... The booking part, for all the goodwill I can totally understand, has definitely potential to grow and improve the product as a whole. Kahn was a boatload of ventures and I can totally see him being spread way too thin to properly book a wrestling promotion. Now for the question of who actually IS out there, that's very legitimate. The only person coming to my mind that - at one point - had a good rep and from what I know is still alive & not done with wrestling, and could be available is Hunter Johnston (Delirious), was he still with ROH when Kahn picked them up?
  19. I'm pretty positive it is his real name, he used a different ring name in Germany to honor his father, iirc. There are very few people naming their kid Ludwig over here these days, Kaiser is quite a common family name though.
  20. There was a German Wrestler calling himself Triple C ages ago. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be associated with him as long as we talk wrestling (I'm sure he's a swell guy outside of wrestling)...
  21. My favourite Kurrgan in WWF moment was the Montreal Survivor Series Match where it felt like five out of seven eliminations occurred via a Side Slam.
  22. Not sure, a few years back, there were those AI-written Harry Potter chapters / floating around, the grammar seemed fine, but the contents were non-sensical. Maybe this is the evolution of AI we see, where it fumbles grammar to seem more human. That Otani situation sounds bad. Hope this isn't like the Takayama incident or even worse. Hope he makes it out OK.
  23. This is actually a major takeaway for me, I had the feeling for a while that Dave Meltzer was replaced by a robot somewhere in the 2010s. I mean, there is a weird algorithm / mathematic formula, involving multipliers for numbers of people, Flips and ladders. Aswell as Tokio Dome +2*...
  24. Even if there might be a base for the "bot" theory, Khan comes across as if he's lumping at least the majority of critics into this ominous bot crowd. That's an impression I get. He just seems really thin skinned and this feels like another "Big Swole" level instance, were he'd be better off not using Twitter to get his points across.
  25. I for one would be shocked they had Roman and Brock in a long match.
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