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  1. That outfit he wore during the infamous TNA shoot interview wasn’t some wardrobe idea from Russo, that’s what he looked like on an average day. Dudes a massive dork.
  2. If that Ben Carter Dark match from earlier tonight is anything to go by, then the Scorpio match is worth a watch.
  3. Best episode of Dark ever. Recommended to see some rising stars in action.
  4. This is on Dark, but I like Puf. He’s extremely photogenic for an indie guy. Instantly looks like a pro at TV wrestling comedy. Edit: Also Dark... Xander Gold, watch out for him. Next Will Hobbs.
  5. So I decided to be a dirt bag today, and I went inside the Walmart just now in between going home from work. I wanted to pick up an AEW figure, and... Nothing. All I got is a Cody that I pre-ordered months ago. This is bullshit.
  6. They were definitely Dead Presidents. I mean, he might’ve been fed that line, but Tony has done Dark. He’ll say things on there that you wouldn’t expect, and I’m sure nobody is feeding him during those tapings.
  7. Tony surprisingly knows. He’s a total fucking nerd.
  8. After seeing footage of it, can we make the claim that Retribution is a really bad Dark Order rip-off?
  9. There is Japan stuff from the 80’s where it looks like he’s slipping in a Dr. Scholes into his pad.
  10. Like I said I think a monster heel winning it makes the most sense. I think Paul Heyman had the right blueprint with the way Taz lost the TV belt to Bam Bam. They sort of did that with Nash, and the stun gun. But then putting it back on Hogan was the absolute wrong move. Fans did not want a repeat of the Hogan show, with long winded Hogan promos again. Nash should’ve kept it. The nWo turns on Hogan, and the Black & White is dissolved. Leaving only the Red & Black with Nash in charge. Now you’ve gotten rid of a bigger heel than Nash. So then Hogan goes back to the classic colors, that t
  11. I like DDP, but I wouldn’t end the streak for him. He can afford to lose, he shouldn’t be the guy with Goldberg around. Maybe he could have ended Goldberg’s streak, but only if he loses the belt soon to somebody else so he wouldn’t have that stigma.
  12. He was a face in My Science Project. He was also a heel who turned face in True Grit.
  13. Mongo left him laying prior to a match starting, so it never happened.
  14. Honestly looking back I would’ve built up another monster to beat Goldberg clean(Maybe this is where Wrath comes in), then have the monster run roughshod over the WCW roster for a year. Near the one year anniversary you have a rejuvenated Goldberg to avenge his only loss. Think of it like the Batman Knight Fall storyline. I mean I like Wrath, but there is a reason we don’t see a lot of “cool” Wrath gifs. His offense was soft compared to Goldberg’s. Him being the “lame” Goldberg replacement could’ve worked.
  15. Wasn’t that a commentary flub? They were the Falcons linemen at the time, I believe.
  16. Sting Vs. DDP on Nitro is a great one. They had another Nitro match, but to be honest, it’s move for move the same match. Raven Vs. Goldberg is another. It sort of made Goldberg in many fans eyes at the time, and also killed a few classmates theories that Raven’s Evenflow was the move to counter Goldberg’s Jackhammer.
  17. Remember when Flair turned face for his feud against Arn, but it was ultimately a ruse to swerve Sting. Does that count as a turn?
  18. I’m watching old Hansen matches, and it’s pretty clear he’s putting a foreign object into his elbow pad before he hits the lariat. I’m also sure that the tug was initially meant to mean he was loading up his elbow pad which carried a device of some kind. The match with Andre alludes to this with the big man pulling out his own questionable elbow pad at the very end. When was this just retconned away as a clean finisher?
  19. I don’t consider certain periods of Japan to determine your face/heel allegiance. Sometimes you worked a dominant fashion that made you look like a bully, and in other matches you would be on the other end of that offense.
  20. Also he was a spunky handsome clean cut babyface at one point. Think young Dennis Hopper.
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