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  1. The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection DVD helped too(No matter how small the sample size was) when it came to understanding what kind of wrestler Flair was, and why he was so revered.
  2. I’m honestly not quite sure. Like @odessasteps said I was one of those who only knew Flair, and Dusty when they were in the WWF. But I was only 4 when Dusty wore the polka dots, and 6 when Flair terrorized the top stars of the WWF. I didn’t really veer off of what I knew about, and I most likely knew the WWF more because they would squarely advertise to my age range. Superman, Mickey Mouse, Robocop, and Hulk Hogan represented my childhood Mount Rushmore. When I first found out the existence of WCW was seeing a cheap set of stamps for kids(that included Flair in the set) in a grocery store aisle. And this was after Flair had appeared on WWF TV, so these things were pretty dated at this point. I figured at that time that WCW were the college equivalent to Pro Wrestling. It wasn’t until Hogan went there that I realized it wasn’t. But I’m sure there was a large segment of the population that knew the existence of WCW judging from the big crowds they would draw even prior to Hogan going there.
  3. Well they need to do something for PAC. I get that he’s sort of a backup plan if something happens to Jericho, but in the meantime he should be doing something more substantial. Evil Uno, who hasn’t wrestled on TV in weeks, has a more prominent spot compared to PAC for crying out loud. Another singles title would be a big help. It’d be a big help for younger midcard guys(Sammy, Jungle Boy...) to get more practice for big TV singles matches down the line too.
  4. Page might be 9 months or so away from becoming rehabilitated as “The Guy” they had him pegged to be at the start. Really you have to credit Page’s in-ring work for that. He’s completely busted his ass in a lot of those tag matches, and the PAC matches on TV. If not, we would look at him the same way we look at Britt’s work, no matter how interesting her arc could be.
  5. I read it was the other Jervis, and not the original Jervis who got into it with Quack, and basically became the L.A. Park of the American Indy scene. Edit: No wait, maybe it is the Jervis I’m thinking of. AKA The Jervis that got into it with Quack.
  6. How? There is a pool, and an entire body of water to push someone unexpectedly into. I thought he’d relish something like that.
  7. I think the right move would be to turn Page into a Naito type guy who was shunned by the online fans after his big push, so he adopts a twisted persona that upsets heels, and faces the same.
  8. Potentially Brodie Lee, and Lance Archer? This will either be good for Luchasaurus(learning from big man vets), or bad(getting lost in the shuffle with two more talented workers showing him up).
  9. I was, but then Matt Taven won it, and that completely sunk it to the lowest depths.
  10. If Brodie Lee becomes leader of the Dark Order, then I’d like to recommend he watches Robocop 2, and take inspiration from Cain. The least quotable villain of the movie, but the most believable monster of the film.
  11. That’s a great choice, and something different for him that he’s never done up to this point in his career. Him playing against type for whatever left he has in his career as a lead in a storyline, rather than a supporting player would be a nice way to cap an in-ring career. He’d also leading what could end up being a Chikara alumni stable.
  12. It’s actually a really really good thing that a babyface ref is getting noticed, and is impossible to dislike. Because as soon as the heel uses the pulling the ref in front of a clothesline, or the pulls the ref out of the ring that takes out the official, and they focus on it, then fans will act negative towards the heel. Which in turn gets the fans behind the babyface wrestler. It’s such an easy pull to get heat.
  13. I assume it’s because Sakura was available for that day so why not extend this out so Shida can get a proper singles win for the clear #1 contender spot, than just beating in a tag match. Also I don’t consider Shida losing in this tag match jobbing. Kris took the pin, and not her.
  14. I think I’m more bothered by these guys, and gals coming off better in that presentation, than in the current presentation.
  15. Some wrestlers just need to find their niche to succeed. Someone like Sanada should be a top leading man wrestler of a promotion, but he’s not home grown, and Gedo isn’t going to push Okada out of that spot for quite sometime. So he either stays put, or finds somewhere else that could use a leading man. That’s how I see most spots on a wrestling roster. You fit a criteria, and you can fill it, but if it’s already filled, then find another place that might need it. With Cody he had to find it outside the system because they weren’t looking for his type. But it’s funny since NXT took off its like Triple H has been trying to have a character like what Cody has been doing since he left(The heel act, not the face act).
  16. Hey remember this past weeks episode of Dark that had all those production flubs, and I said that somebody needs to be told to fix it to make a point? They fixed it, and re-uploaded it with the replays properly inserted. Haven’t watched the whole thing, so I don’t know if everything was corrected.
  17. He’s pretty close to Dusty in terms ring skill. Who was more showman, than hold for hold wrestler.
  18. I just thought of something. Remember months back when we assumed ROH, or Buh Buh fucked with New Japan’s show? What if that was that troll fucker Chris Cruise who did it?
  19. Listen I don’t agree with what Sandman said, but it’s the Sandman. He says silly stuff like that. This won’t stop me from listening to his podcast “A Grain of Sand”!
  20. Will “The Master of Disguise” strike again?
  21. They should at least start doing a tournament in late January/early February. Giving those shows some meaningful singles matches. They should also go 16-man with it to give it a lengthy time frame. Maybe bring in some outsiders to spice it up, especially if you don’t want to use jobbers.
  22. One thing I noticed in this tag match was how much pairing her with Britt Baker dragged her ass down. Putting somebody as sloppy at the top like Baker can drag an entire division down. Like when Alexa, and Carmella were the leads of their divisions, you can hope that they get better, but it’s only going to get worse for everyone.
  23. I just don’t think we should tell people to off themselves, or be off’d by anyone period.
  24. I don’t think Savini has anything to do with that. That might be a all merch. Edit: Forget it I just saw the Savini tweet. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t do something more creative. Unless he designed, as in “They reused my mask design, so legally I’m taking credit”.
  25. They really need a 2nd singles belt bad, and stop pussyfooting around it. Especially if they want to get the belt on Moxley, and still want Jericho to be a braggadocious champion.
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