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  1. I really don’t see ZSJ winning enough from here on out to get out of his block. I’ve seen this pattern before enough times to know where this goes. Who knows, maybe Naito’s injury changed the course of the outcome for this tournament? But it cannot be denied that he’s having the best performances so far in the G1. If anybody deserves to be in the finals it’s him. He still works like the crowd isn’t mute. It also helps that Zack is one of only two wrestlers(The other Tanahashi) that benefits from the ridiculous times given to these COVID G1 matches. The longer a submission is teased on his holds, the better the drama. Submissions are probably why he’s working so much better than everybody else. He doesn’t have too many near fall spots, where you need a crowd to act shocked that an opponent kicked out from them. This is where somebody like Suzuki would’ve been good for this tournament if he was available. He literally goes for one pin fall a match, and that’s after he hits his finish. The rest of the tournament so far I’m not crazy about. I actually just started watching the New Japan Cup 2018 because it was the last time ZSJ got a major push, and I missed it the first time around. What a difference a crowd can do to almost exact same roster.
  2. I mean I’ve heard stories of combat sports being fixed. It wouldn’t be surprising if it turned out professional wrestling was too.
  3. “Toxic”, is the new “Canceled”, I guess?
  4. He’s a “Skilled fighter” in professional wrestling. Skilled fighters can use their opponents weight to their advantage. Especially one like Matthew Jackson, who is skilled at doing double Northern Lights Suplex’s.
  5. Not sure what feel they are going for. Although one thing that crossed my mind was Sin City, and Speed Racer, with the way characters look like they jumped right out of an animation cell. But then this could just be the work of the anime intro gimmick in this trailer. One things for sure, I don’t expect this to look like an homage to 60’s, and 70’s American films like the Anime was.
  6. If those are clips from the show in the later part of this, then this sure looks cheap.
  7. Except for Flair matches. I can’t think of any singles matches that aren’t 25% of each wrestler, and 50% company house style.
  8. They got part of the book, and are respected vets of their own industry. They get to do whatever the heck they want at this point of the current wrestling style. No amount of talking about somebody’s height will turn back time.
  9. 17 bucks? Yikes… I guess I could wait, then subscribe for a month. It’s not too different from getting a PPV. Just be aware to unsub after a month.
  10. Did DEFY stream anywhere? Ive noticed a lot of companies don’t stream on IWTV since late 2020.
  11. Careful… Callis can still touch his toes. That means he can still Superkick.
  12. Norton was the only man to make 2nd rope Canadian Destroyers believable.
  13. I thought Shibata was just sleeping with a married woman, and wasn’t actually married himself.
  14. What the hell? Where can you find that filter for your phone?
  15. Listen I’m not a fan of Anthony Greene, but always wish he has Safe Travels Daily.
  16. Not surprised by the Eddie thing. He’s been looking real sore recently. Probably why the rematch with Miro appears to be postponed.
  17. You know for all the praise we Internet fans give the Battlarts guys, outside of their home promotion, those dudes are always treated as the red headed step children of their native country.
  18. He’s been real surprising in the role. I think it helps that he only came late in the pandemic, so when Kenny started working even more matches it was when crowds were starting to really come back. Heel schtick only works with fans to play off of, plus Kenny & Don really do have great comedic chemistry with one another. Not since Brain & Perfect have two goofs fit perfectly together as a weird quasi Father & Son combo.
  19. Eventually you’ll grow to love all these Bucks matches like you love Wayne’s World 2 today.
  20. You need to rewatch that movie, because it’s the BTE of it’s time!
  21. Jeez… The reactions here. I wouldn’t be shocked if you guys gave Wayne’s World 2 a rotten tomato back in the day.
  22. This is the Bucks at their best. I haven’t really liked the Bucks as much until now. To tell them to be serious, is to tell them not to play to their strengths. That’s like telling Taz to play it straight on commentary.
  23. What was Rage Against The Machine considered back in the day?
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