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  1. I’m just going to assume that Dolfan forgot that the thread was locked.
  2. Doesn’t Meltzer have a shit ton of memorabilia? Does Bret still have his?
  3. Did they pull it out of Duggan’s underwear?
  4. I think Kenny’s too stuck in the mind set women’s wrestling is best in tags. That’s the case in Japan where the best shows of Stardom are top to bottom tags, but women’s wrestling in America is strictly a singles match thing.
  5. I agree, but I have no problem with random debuts. Sometimes you can get more out of somebody just having an impressive performance out of nowhere as opposed to someone coming in with a hype video, like with Shanna, but yeah that was a poorly planned out match. Stat should’ve been beating the shit out of Riho, and Big Swole tags in periodically to shit talk the faces since she’s the big personality in the match.
  6. The outcome of that battle royale could have three possible outcomes in my mind. 1. It’s PAC Vs. Page one more time. 2. What Bryan Alvarez predicted with a love triangle angle between Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford, and Joey Janela. 3. MJF winning it all to set up AEW’s version of “The Ring of Honor”, and to further add gasoline to the fire of MJF’s feud with Cody.
  7. If he wasn’t such a fuck up, he’d probably be feuding with the Bucks on TV, and not in public. I wonder if Ken Anderson could commentate. That angle on Powerrr could easily be a reason for him to “hang up the boots”. It’s not like he was going to win the feud anyway.
  8. I have this feeling that even less people watch NXT UK, than NWA Powerrr on this side of the Atlantic. So Tom Phillips comments will be falling on deaf ears. Edit: Also is @Serious Darius Bagfelt really serious saying Justin Roberts “sucks”. Your standards have to be astronomical to think he isn’t one of the better wrestling ring announcers in the past 20 years. Heck if he continues doing what he’s doing now, then he’d easily be a Top 5er all-time.
  9. Oooooh boy, that’s a very tone deaf title reign, and tweet.
  10. I’m not... MLW has a thing where they’ll say “We are working together with...”, but they leave out the part where they don’t admit it’s for one show.
  11. I’m still not understanding that “Fat ass” gimmick. Was everybody on commentary just admitting they had a little dick, and they were intimidated by a shapely booty?
  12. Was this when Eric was still taking insane 80’s chicken shit heel bumps as part of Team Canada? That’s still my favorite Eric Young.
  13. They still got most of the Chinese workers over in Japan, at least recently.
  14. I’m still hopeful the OWE guys make it over.
  15. Nah... They had a really great TV match together, but those matches he had with him after the beginning of The Authority angle were a chore to get through. Bryan had way better consistent matches with Sheamus. Actual best opponent is up for debate since he’s had wonderful chemistry with a variety of people. I’d still say personally it’s Nigel.
  16. See I thought they filmed the main event last.
  17. He’s going to slowly dress like Dante Hicks again, I betcha. Main event was pretty awesome. Wish it went longer. On the other hand the rest of the matches felt like they went too long. Kris Statlander did look impressive when she was working Riho, with Britt less so. Swole has a lot of her character stuff down, but it feels like I don’t have a good sense of what her offense actually is.
  18. Young Bucks Vs. Strong Hearts Private Party Vs. Best Friends Kris Statlander & Big Swole Vs. Riho & Britt Baker Dustin Rhodes on commentary Edit: Tony Schiavone has two earrings, and this is the first time I’ve noticed them.
  19. Questions to anybody who attended a WWF marathon taping back in the day. How was it like? Did they used to front load them, or did they have one competitive match an hour to keep interest? How did they get people to stay? Did they promise a big time match for the end of the tapings?
  20. This is the episode we’ve all given subtle hints about, but avoided spoiling it for people who didn’t want to know the results. Edit: Apologies, this wasn’t the episode I thought it was. I guess that’s next week.
  21. He has his moments, but then . If I have to pinpoint exactly where everyone creatively fucks up, it’s Randy does something different(Acts crazy, does a cool move, has an asshole heel moment...) probably on his own with no direction, and then the writers have to fit it into a story, and Randy doesn’t give them shit except the tip of his dick when the writers ask him for more ideas. So we end up with awful follow-ups. They should just be less subtle, and more literal with Randy by making him a psycho jock. All these stupid extra subplots don’t help him one bit, and make everything convoluted.
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