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  1. Oh my... I didn’t notice that. He even displays his extremely expensive sports car in his entrance video.
  2. LA Dojo Vs. NJ Dojo six-man from night 2 Goto Vs. White from night 2 Yano Vs. Naito from night 2 Archer Vs. Bad Luck Fale from night 3 Ospreay Vs. Sanada from night 3 KENTA Vs. Tanahashi from night 3 Ishii Vs. White from night 4 Naito Vs. Taichi from night 4 Archer Vs. KENTA from night 5 Sanada Vs. EVIL from night 5 Tanahashi Vs. ZSJ from night 5 Ospreay Vs. Ibushi from night 5 Goto Vs. Naito from night 6 Moxley Vs. Ishii from night 6 I honestly would recommend you just watch all the tournament matches if you are catching up, and skip the opening tags(Even though they’ve been real fun this year).
  3. Maybe it’s because I’m watching Sumo at the same time. But there needs to be more draws in the G1 Climax again. In Sumo, because there needs to be a winner, they only determine winners mostly through record. So no point system. G1 Climax has a point system for a reason to create the possibility of a wonky score at the end due to draws, and double dq’s. It’s not a major issue, but it does annoy me that having points sometimes seems irrelevant to what determines a winner.
  4. Most definitely... Felt like an old FMW Korakuen brawl. Poor, poor, Switchblade. His loosing streak extends for another day.
  5. The fact that they are giving him Tully probably means that they’ll go long with this. Maybe an eventual bloody blow off cage match.
  6. You know for all the talk about the famous Horseman reformation, and Ric Flair return on Nitro was, the group promos after that night are some of the worst Horseman promos ever. I mean Mongo, Ric, and Arn tried they’re best, but they couldn’t drag charisma out of Benoit, and Malenko during these.
  7. I was like... “Who the fuck is that next to Eve Torres?”. It’s Kaitlyn, BTW.
  8. They’ll try at first, but the developers will become patient. They need something to fix it. Something that could really shake it up. Maybe something that could be considered wild.
  9. I just noticed they put up a new wrestlers pack. Fuck, I’m the last person to notice this shit.
  10. Slow Chemical was a catchy entrance song. I liked that it started at the lyrics “Every intuition fails to find its way...”. Very catchy hook. Benoit’s theme was also a banger. In the pre-YouTube days I sometimes would leave the menu running on his DVD just to hear it. Edit: We are talking about horrible wrestling songs that we like right?
  11. Loved the techno Bruiser Brody look. Wish he was younger. Could’ve been a great full-time addition to the Nitro roster.
  12. That’s very true. I mean it all falls apart because you have to believe Shane is a threat. But all that babyface Shane stuff really helped that turn. After that... Ehhhh...
  13. Anybody can get a good reaction from something like that. But that billed up, and pay off was a bore. The closet comparison to Miz’s feud was the one Punk had with Heyman, and Ryback. I will definitely go back and watch that feud, before I ever go back, and watch Miz Vs. Shane.
  14. Miz has the awful Shane feud. If you put Punk in there he would’ve elevated it. Maybe even prolonged it.
  15. It’s happening, baby! I’m penciling him in for March Madness 2020 already!
  16. I’ve had it in the back of my mind that somethings up with him. It’s probably nothing, and it’s just like the PWTees meet & greet. But maybe... Just maybe...
  17. More like Batista confirmed backstage at Raw Reunion.
  18. He sliced his asshole after doing a planned missed Bronco Buster spot.
  19. I don’t think he has enough personality(or any) to be over as a face as those two. Also Miz at least had the Talking Smack promo to build a foundation on before turning face. Baron doesn’t have that right now, and I don’t believe he ever will.
  20. You can’t just turn Baron face. For one, Baron isn’t a face. Two, even if he turned face it still wouldn’t help his situation. He’ll be in the exact same spot just as a face. He needs a complete makeover. With his look, his character, and his motivation.
  21. I’m not shocked really. He never seemed like the type who would loose sleep over writers meetings working for somebody else at this point in his life.
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