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  1. Easy costume there. Wouldn't them in component be a bugle for Mal/Herald?
  2. That's exactly what a highly sentient robot would say to avoid suspicion.
  3. Agree to disagree. But, being at 30 may make me slightly biased towards 30.
  4. Nope. Can't fight that. It was easily the best WrestleMania since 30.
  5. Disagree, J.T. . And I know I'll catch he'll for this but Disturbed does the best covers, hands down.
  6. Any cover Five Fingercock punch does is the worst. You want bad, listen to their cover of House of the Rising Sun. *shudders*
  7. A song about a jackass, sung by a jackass, enjoyed by jackasses. All apologies, I heard this song on near constant rotation in my store during Christmas. The horror.
  8. Did just fine for me. But you mileage may vary
  9. 46 here. You're only as old as you feel, and the Lukester feels 105 brother.
  10. Fair enough. Still that entire match was nothing but a middle finger to the live crowd and the audience at home. Enjoyed the show in general, but that main event was horrid.
  11. Wow. A bigger middle finger to your audience I have never seen.
  12. Everything on the show was,at least, good. Yes, even Roode/Orton... which was good in the fact it gave me plenty of time to get a shower in.
  13. Good show from top to bottom. Loved the Bludgeon Brothers crushing the Usos and New Day. Poor, poor Xavier.
  14. Oh no, there goes gano. Totally surprised.
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