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  1. You'll know who is beating the usos when Jey finally accepts Sami as an uce. Just saying.
  2. Wouldn't worry about it too much, Gonzo. From what I saw it was a bad week for most. I know it was for me.
  3. Well. It was a bad week for the 49ers, but Cowboys fans should rejoice. After week 1, they should know their wrs,rbs,and te will be in the pink of health for the rest of the season. They couldn't catch a cold, much less a football.
  4. Given all the games played this Sunday, you might have to be more specific, Brian.
  5. Dakota? 11-25 Dak? Nah Dean. It's time, it's time, it's Cooper Rush time.
  6. Don't think that'll be an issue tonight.
  7. Don't you go putting that evil on me, Ricky Bobby.
  8. Really sloppy 2nd half and stupid penalties. Disappointed.
  9. In other shocking news : Water wet, Sky blue, Grass green.
  10. So far Trey has looked solid. The defense has looked great and Deebo has been,well, Deebo. As long as Shanahan doesn't try to get too clever, it's looking good for the Niners.
  11. Personally, the thing that's scary about the Bills is that the offense didn't even come close to playing their best last night. When they do and with that defense, the Bills are going to scary good.
  12. The Rams looking like they couldn't stop a nose bleed on defense.
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