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  1. They looked more like the droogs in the anarchy in the arena match with their all white attire.
  2. That's not an if in Cody's case, it's definitely a when. Agree that he does love betting on himself. It's worked out well so far.
  3. That said, The cell match was great, but the Raw Women's match stole the show.
  4. Damn good show. Honestly, while I prefer AEW, WWE is having a damn good year in ring tbh.
  5. Also thought that Julia Hart looked like the cheerleader on Daria when she went to a goth club when she showed up at DON
  6. Kiera Hogan's (sp) ring gear was really cool. I know, I know calm down Aaronnetico.
  7. Guess Punk was told Tanahashi was going over in Chicago /s
  8. So..basically 1-3,and maybe Judgement remastered and 4,5 added on as well?
  9. Ok. Yearly update on the streak. 2 years straight with a least one achievement on Xbox. 3358 total achievements over that time. Average about 4.6 a day. Make no mistake, I make sure to spend plenty of time with Joey, but no children and her work as a teacher gives me plenty of free time.
  10. Well, Stephen A Smith was right. WE DID see what Chris Paul was all about tonight. All time great, disappointing playoff player.
  11. She needs to up the Twitter game. She easily could have punked him with a "I Should have swallowed the night you were conceived. "
  12. Honestly got more of a Jack Torrence in the hedge maze vibe from Wanda in that scene.
  13. As far as tag teams in the G.I. Joe fed, it was all about Tomax and Xamot.
  14. Couple of things : Dawnguard is a great quest line all the way around. Not only does it get you Auriel's Bow, but one of the best companions in the game in Sareena(sp). Also, imo, the Assassin's guild quest line is worth doing simply for Shadowmere aka best horse. I can't count how many low level grunts he has hooked to death. He can also absorb a great deal of damage and will reappear if he dies. Quality.
  15. Been at least 3 decades since I read those, but my favorite bit was Liz fending off Stan with a can of Garbanzo beans. Wish I still felt that was all real.
  16. Good choice. Personally preferred Liz Hunter's visit to Stan Hanson's home in Brazos Valley.
  17. I have absolute control of skyrim now. Alduin has bent the knee(and by that mean deader than disco), I crushed the dawn guard unmercifully and rule the vampires. All the major guilds are under my rule and I have all Daedric artifacts under my control. All that's left is to teach Miraak who the true Dragonborn is. I AM THE KINGPIN OF SKYRIM.
  18. Also the mace of Molag Bal and The Black Star is a winning combination.
  19. My climb to Kingpin of Skyrim continues apace. Ulrich rules thanks to me and I lead the companions, so that's ground forces controlled. I'm grandmaster of a fully restored thieves guild, so that is supply dealt. Just got the Dark brotherhood under control, so there's the black ops. Now for the college of winter hold and the bards to control magic and propaganda and I'm set.
  20. Start to really dive into Skyrim. Demanded, imperial siding with the Storm Cloaks. Harbinger of the companions, kept the wolf form though, very good in tight spots. Currently working my way through all other guilds. I will be the Wilson Fisk of skyrim. Love this game.
  21. Dante's face seem to be saying I regret all my life choices.
  22. Always loved her passive aggressive "I'm sworn to carry your burdens" and her piss poor a.i.
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