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  1. Damn it. Would have sworn I posted my predictions. Oh well.
  2. Wanted to shoot him be immediately. Another bbod to the annoited boss battle at Jacobs Manor.
  3. A thousand times this. Are the cover weapons apart of the weapons rewards achievement?
  4. Finally opened the first vault, Rampager was way easier the that damn disco ball. Pissed that the twins did what they did at the end of that fight.
  5. Truer words were never spoken. Damn near launched my controller across the room.
  6. Ah, that's right ....the whole clan of annoying bandits. Took about 4 tries to get through that one. Your irritation is VERY understandable.
  7. Beat Traunt first go. Surprising what being properly leveled, having a nice electric grenade, having a digi-clone AND running track laps around the area did for me. Definitely appreciate seeing how J.T. and Rippa are approaching some situations. Alternative ideas besides charge in and blow up things are , occasionally, useful.
  8. Finally got play a bit more, I beat him but fuck killavolt..very annoying. Apparently Torque loves me, keeps sending me weapons. I'm guessing that's dependent on how and with what weapons your using. Getting that promotion was great, however it's killing the personal time. Fortunately my platforming skills are so legendary that I absolutely had no problem playing hopscotch all over the roofs of Lectra City
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