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  1. I hope the Firefly Fun House recreates the scene from Indiana Jones 4 but with the meth fridge from the House of Horrors
  2. Semi related: I remember when Sarge turned heel it really upset me because he was a GI Joe and that should NEVER happen. And my dad told me he was just playing a character on TV, in an effort to cheer me up, and it was the equivalent of finding out there was no Santa to me as a 5-year-old.
  3. Manly beyond my wildest expectations
  4. Erik Redbeard was the name he had been using on the indies post WWE layoff/pre AEW appearance.
  5. Hey dude, I know we don't interact on here much beyond occasionally liking each other's posts, but you're a good man
  6. I know the Shield were all being figured in to future plans at this point in their career, but I think that this match is what solidified 4 out of the 6 participants as believable future world champions in the eyes of the company, and Harper was a big factor in that.
  7. These are my exact emotions. A year ago I would have been all "Jericho is a fat fuck but he's OUR fat fuck! Back off!" These days its "Oh the COVID guy? Yeah don't know him..."
  8. I didn't think mimosa mayhem was THAT bad.
  9. Give me Corporate Bray Wyatt managed by IRS you cowards.
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