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  1. Scott Steiner, why do you think Majin Buu is the best Dragon Ball villain?
  2. Joe and Xavier Woods were on the Giant Bombcast last week arguing about Cell or Frieza being the better Dragon Ball villain. If this Destroyer thing falls though, there's money in Samoa Joe: Super Weeaboo.
  3. Props to Enzo for actually managing to shed a tear during Cass' promo. ACTING! That Samoa Joe/Lesnar video package was great. Gave me Summerslam '02 vibes
  4. I was thinking it could be Dean?
  5. Big Show on today's episode. He tells a hilarious story of when he had to do the Baby New Year thing and how he imagines Vince was in a darkened movie theater masturbating to the whole thing. " shit in the diaper you fat piece of shit...yeah that's right..."
  6. They should bring back the In Your Hour branding just so we can get absurdities like WWE In Your House:Great Balls of Fire:The Balls Still Burn 2:End of the Line
  7. Harley will pull through. Heaven won't take him and Hell is too scared of him.
  8. Well, it's a best in the WWE list. There are guys like Harley Race or Dusty who don't rate very well based solely on their WWE work, but make an all time list elsewhere. Flair is most people's #1 but based solely on his WWE run he doesn't sniff top 10. IRS is a memorable gimmick that lasted far longer than it should have. My comment was half joking as he's in the category of guys like Val Venis or Godfather, as characters who were memorable for their time and place but don't have much impact outside of that. But I've got a soft spot in my heart for the fightin' tax man, I don't know why.
  9. Owen is top 40 at least. My #87: Irwin R Shyster.
  10. I think 6-10 is a more interesting discussion. A lot of people will have the same top 5. Hogan/Cena/Rock/Austin/a 5th. But I get the impression that this board's 6-10 would vary wildly. Guys like Savage, Warrior, HHH, Foley, Jericho, DiBiase, Andre, Taker, Hart, Michaels. Lots of choices there.
  11. I'd argue Austin belongs simply by virtue of the fact that Rock wouldn't have had that platform if not for Austin/Tyson and Austin/McMahon exploding like it did.
  12. Well I think we figured out Nice Guy Eddie is secretly Corey Graves
  13. I tuned in just for the Steiner segment. Haven't watched Impact in weeks, but I loves me some Scott Steiner. Hard to tell how much he's aged since he was covered in chain mail and leather but that Steiner Recliner didn't look so hot. And they kept cutting away to extreme closeups of Borash and Park making really goofy "I'm so surprised or maybe I have diarrhea?" faces. Which was hilarious and awesome for the wrong reasons. I have a feeling the tag match is going to be a total stinker with broken down Joseph Park and retired Scott Steiner having to carry non-wrestler JB and not-really-a-wrestler-anymore-but-can-probably-still-take-a-bump Josh Matthews. It's going to be a slow motion car crash and my only interest in it isn't from the story building to it, but from morbid curiosity about how much of a mess it's going to be. Didn't watch any of the show outside of the Steiner segment. Still at this point I'd rather just have Scott come out and cut insane rambling promos than see him wrestle. A 15 minute Scott Steiner fever dream promo would be 1000% better than another boring Bruce Prichard segment.
  14. I would totally buy a Shane-O-Mac "Always Back Down" shirt.
  15. I hope that means Robocop is coming to the Impact Zone.