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  1. Which is the corn syrup that can impregnate you with Akebono?

    Enzo: There's only one word to describe ya! And I'm gonna spell it out! S A W F T Khali: FWWWAAARRRBARRGLE!

    If we're going to rehash the Harlem Heat 2000 feud over the letter T, then I demand the return of Big T to come in and also claim ownership over the term Big.
  4. Unless it was a promo, in which case Terry Funk would say "Fuck you, you low down, good for nothing, egg sucking son of a whore! You're a dirty dog! You're less than a dog!" Foul mouthed Terry Funk is best Terry Funk.

    Snuka was in Hogan's corner for the main event so Vince let him do it on a technicality
  6. So is your argument that it's okay that Del Rio abuses Paige because Austin did it? Or that we should also shun Austin. Because, like, man I have a hard time separating art and artist sometimes. Like I love the Beatles and it's hard knowing that John Lennon used to beat the shit out of Cynthia. Same with Austin. I haven't really been able to watch a Benoit match since 2007. So I can get where you're coming from there. In Austin's case he seems to genuinely regret his actions, there was a big divorce settlement with Debra and he and his current wife appear to be in a healthy and happy relationship. So good for him. Does that excuse his actions? I don't know. I do know that Paige/Del Rio is a current and ongoing problem and it's a bad look for TNA to look the other way with Del Rio though. Just as it was a bad look for WWE. So I dunno man, wrestling is full of shitty people.
  7. He sure did. However when that happened he wasn't their champion. In fact he was off TV for quite some time as that was during his "took his ball and went home" phase for refusing to lose to Brock. If he was on TV at the time and the WWE decided to keep the belt on him then I could understand the comparison. Also I'm not making excuses for Austin either. Domestic violence is always shitty.

    Wait I'm lost, are you a mark for staying in character on social media? Or are you a mark if you break character on social media? Put me in the column of people who don't see anything wrong with The Revival heeling on Instagram.
  9. RAW is If he dies, he dies. 7/3/2017

    Joe screaming to Kurt "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! LET ME REMIND YOU WHO I AM!" as he charged off to war was freaking tremendous. Also shout outs to Enzo Amore: Drop Bear just randomly falling from the sky to attack Cass back stage.
  10. Raw is the Powah of Tozawa - 6/19/2017

    Scott Steiner, why do you think Majin Buu is the best Dragon Ball villain?
  11. Raw is the Powah of Tozawa - 6/19/2017

    Joe and Xavier Woods were on the Giant Bombcast last week arguing about Cell or Frieza being the better Dragon Ball villain. If this Destroyer thing falls though, there's money in Samoa Joe: Super Weeaboo.
  12. Raw is the Powah of Tozawa - 6/19/2017

    Props to Enzo for actually managing to shed a tear during Cass' promo. ACTING! That Samoa Joe/Lesnar video package was great. Gave me Summerslam '02 vibes

    I was thinking it could be Dean?

    Big Show on today's episode. He tells a hilarious story of when he had to do the Baby New Year thing and how he imagines Vince was in a darkened movie theater masturbating to the whole thing. "Yeah...yeah...now shit in the diaper you fat piece of shit...yeah that's right..."
  15. Great Balls of Fire 2017

    They should bring back the In Your Hour branding just so we can get absurdities like WWE In Your House:Great Balls of Fire:The Balls Still Burn 2:End of the Line