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  1. So the ambulance is the new shark cage?
  2. This is preposterous. The only way I could ever see myself in a shoot ladder match is if it were for the custody of my child.
  3. I've been yelling about this story line for the Wyatt Family for years, leading up to Corporate~! Bray being managed by his pops
  4. You say that, but I'm far more interested in what an IRS run looks like.
  5. Honestly I barely paid attention to him on Impact/the indies. I am aware of the appearance on Art of Wrestling talking about his religious experience on ayahuasca. But I don't know that he played it up for heel heat? Like I want him to grow out some white guy dreadlocks, sell Hangman Page a bag of oregano and then complain to every woman of color on the roster about how oppressed he is. He can bring a guitar to the ring and threaten to sing Wonderwall, it'll be great.
  6. So Matt Sydal's new character is delusional new age hippie heel? Because I am here to boo this man.
  7. Billy Kidman has the most famous shooting star botch of anyone not named Brock Lesnar
  8. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Toshiaki Kawada (1/22/99)
  9. Which you know means "Check out Talking Smack after the show for Sasha's rebuttal!"
  10. I imagine Vince allows his employees (as opposed to his independent contractors) the ability to license the rights to use their birth names
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