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  1. This has been an exceedingly busy and emotionally draining holiday season for me. So my apologies on dragging my feet on these writeups. But I've been snowed in for two and I have the time and bandwidth for the important things right now: Pro Wrestling. So here we go First things first. I still owe @Gordi the former AEW fan a review from the last Secret Santo: Jaguar Yokota vs La Galactica 9/17/84 Jiro Kuroshio vs. Seigo Tachibana from Wrestle-1 (5/6/2018) Punisher Dice Morgan & Scott Hall vs Masa Saito & Shinya Hashimoto - March 19, 1990 - IWGP Tag Title Bryan Danielson & Curry Man vs Gedo & Jado 3/12/2004 IWGP JR Heavyweight Tag Title Match
  2. @porksweats I know you like to give out A-Pre-W matches, so I got one for you with a couple of up-and-comers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdQKbSlnh-A
  3. I got one for you. Fun tag match, I think you like one of the guys in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZIH3KMi6ss
  4. Nothing in particular, I'm wide open for matches this year. How about you? Anything you're looking for? Also I plan on catching up on writing up the 2 matches I have in my backlog later this week. Holidays are very busy for me between work and family.
  5. This isn't Japanese, but it is a madlibs tag match: King Kong Bundy and Rick Rude vs Jerry Lawler and Randy Savage in Memphis hope you enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEnvZh4h3vU
  6. @John E. Dynamite. Here's one for you from last year. Chihiro Hashimoto in a handicap match vs Sayaka Unagi and Yurika Oka in which Hash plays the role of Andre the Giant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxE7nqdk1L4
  7. Houston Wrestling - Nick Bockwinkel vs Ricky Morton - 1982-07-02 From the jump this match is great. Immediately a pair of (I assume) brothers sitting right next to the camera are heckling Bobby Heenan: "EYY WEASEL! GET OUTTA THERR!!" "Go back to the locker room Weasel! We didn't pay to see you!" Great stuff. Bobby Heenan just needs to exist and the people hate him. Bockwinkel looks incredible, exactly like a travelling world champ should. I haven't seen a ton of pre-Rock n Roll Ricky Morton so it was cool to see his larval version. This is a 2/3 falls match with a pretty easy to follow story. The first fall is Bock is trying to figure out exactly just how lightly he can take his opponent. Bockwinkel is so good at all the small things. He's got this cocky swagger, but every time Ricky Morton gets to the ropes or escapes a collar-and-elbow tie-up Bock gets this look of incredulity on his face like "What did this little shit do?" He does a great job at conveying being slightly embarrassed, trying not to show it and failing, and then letting that emotion get the better of him, giving Ricky Morton more of an opening. It's pretty clear that Bock is better wrestler but he's arrogant and doesn't like to be shown up and that's where Ricky is able to get the advantage. They exchange holds, there's a lot of consecutive body slams, like a 2021 CM Punk match randomly broke out. Eventually we see Bock's mean streak as he's charging with shoulders in the corner. Ricky tries for a cross body, Bock gets out of the way and capitilizes with a piledriver. Bock takes the first fall. Bobby Heenan is in the ring for the rest period and a huge "Weasel" chant breaks out. 2nd fall has more great character work from Bockwinkel. Now that he's up a fall he's a total cocky prick. Kind of the same start to the fall, with Bockwinkel trying to grab a hold on Ricky Morton and Morton escaping him at every turn, but the emotional intensity is turned up a bit as Bock is trying to press the advantage and Ricky is more desperately fighting from underneath. This fall more quickly devolves into a brawl as Bock is trying to put things away quickly. His cockyness gets the better of him and he gets caught with a sunset flip tying it up at one fall a piece. Fall 3 starts off with Ricky on the attack, he's not letting his momentum go to waste. The crowd is starting to believe that maybe they're going to see a title change happen. A lot more bodyslams (holy cow that ring looks like it has zero give). Big knee drop off the top and then a figure four from Ricky. One thing I've never really liked in wrestling is when the ref kicks the heels hands away from the ropes during a submission attempt. The ref does this when Bockwinkel tries to escape the figure four, but Bock wasn't doing anything illegal earlier in the match, nor had he harassed the ref in any way to warrant it. It just looked like blatant favoritism to me #BockwinkelDidNothingWrong. We get a couple of cool spots from Morton including a hurrancanrana that the crowd exploded for. Eventually we get the Vader/Sting ending where Morton goes for a big splash in the corner, Bock moves out of the way, Morton bangs his head on the post and gets rolled up for the 3. It's always a treat to watch Nick Bockwinkel and Bobby Heenan in their prime. It was great seeing Ricky Morton as the local babyface coming within an inch of beating the world champ. Totally different from his work with the Rock n Roll, where he would take most of the offense and sell tremendously, this match was more even with the story being that Bockwinkel was underestimating his opponent for the majority of the match and it almost costing him in the end. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it.
  8. Even just finding full matches that haven't been clipped to pieces is a real challenge these days
  9. Alright I got one for ya! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycb4R_dQkWQ
  10. I don't have any restrictions on what I want to watch. I will gladly watch just about any genre and time period of wrestling. I'm more interested in watching matches you guys like and want to share. @brynn9292 is there anything in particular on your wishlist?
  11. How will they ever financially recover from this?
  12. Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero were also Black Tigers at various points in time.
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