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  1. Counter point: Hugging Claudio is probably Real Good and it might have been an involuntary reaction.
  2. I think the confusion is the difference between the Atlantic and the All-Atlantic. Which I guess is just all the oceans and also the Atlantic.
  3. He's probably gonna be on the shelf at least 6 months to a year unless he gets bitten by a radioactive John Cena or something
  4. Cody Rhodes is cool and tough. Cody Rhodes is a fucking idiot.
  5. Hanger doing three matches in one night shortly after losing the world title, while the champ; a much bigger star from the previous decade, takes time off, sounds like the kind of masturbatory Bret Hart tribute that he cut a promo against in the Punk build up. I love it.
  6. Mox feels like the right choice for interim champ. When in doubt go with your biggest star. I dunno if NJPW wants to run AmDrag/Tanahashi outside of Japan, but he's also a possibility. Eddie would rule but I'd want to save that for him finally winning the big one, not the interim big one. MJF being a surprise entrant, beating Mox through chicanery and doing a Summer of MJF storyline while waiting for the eventual unification match with Punk down the line would also rule. That's why AEW is so great, their roster is so deep that even losing CM God Damn Punk they have a lot of options
  7. Really the only thing I realistically wanted to see out of this PPV was Wardlow powerboming MJF 25 times in a row. I'm still gonna get and watch it, and I know all the matches will likely be good but this really sucks the joy out of it for me. I hope this isn't a work, because if it is a bunch of my good will just got burned.
  8. You jest but I think Wardlow powerbombing Maggie's skeleton into dust would be a good substitute
  9. On the bright side, if they program Cole/Sammy together that's one segment I have to tune out/fast forward instead of two
  10. If there's a silver lining to Bowens getting injured, it's that The Acclaimed are primed for a SUPER babyface run once he's back
  11. Maki Itoh Mother Fuckers We're really going to get Cole vs O'Reilly at Double or Nothing aren't we?
  12. Went to a local record store today, had an all-timer find in the bargain bin.
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