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  1. Socially Awkward Genichiro Tenryu is my new favorite character.
  2. Like, I know that it probably wouldn't be a big deal over here, but if you're in a foreign country maybe take the temperature of the culture around you before you do stupid shit. Or maybe don't post it to instagram. If a store got closed down from the owners son doing that, what did he think was going to happen to a foreign wrestler?
  3. Wait, what? Is "A Hotel Room" the new Global Force Gold Champion? I mean it wouldn't surprise me at this point.
  4. The crowd was starting to get behind Fandango during the match tonignt. I could see this Usos program turning FaBreeze face, and then they can just be the fun opening match comedy act we all want them to be.
  5. Uhhh...yeah..."friend" >___> I was just thinking if Vince had creative input on his bio pic he'd revive that suggestion from See No Evil
  6. Yeah, Samoa Joe has lost a step in his old age. Let's hire Hornswoggle.
  7. Maybe. I just know everyone is real mad about Seth stealing knees from Kenny Omega and sling blades from Finn, but no one is coming to the defense of Buff Bagwell getting the blockbuster stolen from him by Seth.
  8. Only if Tanahashi runs in at the end and lays both of them out for stealing his move.
  9. That's a good point though. If they want to get Seth's new finish over they should bring up how Seth rearranged Cena's face with his knee and really sell it as a dangerous maneuver.
  10. What's the over under that the Vince McMahon bio pic includes a scene of someone walking in on McMahon stroking his 3 foot long penis?
  11. I believe one of his major issues was his payday for WM29 was significantly lower than Cena/Taker/HHH/Brock/Rock
  12. Also, I guess more importantly is WWE pays on time, and in money. Why shouldn't Joe or AJ or Roode or even Gunner go get a paycheck?
  13. There is a 133 and 2/3% chance of this being true
  14. Can't we just be allowed to like stuff? I'll concede that Alexa has a ways to go in ring, but I think she's been killing it with her character work since the call up to Smackdown last year.
  15. Maybe they give him a cool lucha name like "The Shadow" or something. Just spit balling here.