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  1. 90s Mall Goth Bull Nakano is tremendous
  2. Every tweet needs to be the clip of him yelling "MY EYE!"
  3. Steve Blackman is such a weird case. Half of the Blackman fans I know like him earnestly, half of them like him ironically. And I don't know a single person who actively dislikes Steve Blackman.
  4. I'd take out vs Undertaker and replace it with the Piper match at Wrestlemania 8
  5. Modern Inoki looks like Papyrus from Undertale Pictured: Inoki reacting to a middling pro wrestler winning an MMA fight via split decision
  6. I just assume he went to a local Nordstrom and paid for one of those family photo shoots
  7. Weird that Florida is seeing a spike. They've tried everything they can. Both pretend there isn't a problem, and also ignore it and hope it goes away on its own.
  8. You know after the Gawker thing I always wondered "Why is Hulk Hogan immediately dropping N bombs post coitus? He must be incredibly racist if that's his idea of pillow talk. What kind of woman does he think wants to hear that garbage" Oh. Oh I see.
  9. Suddenly The Legacy's fashion choices make more sense to me
  10. I just thought Dax Hardwood was a tongue in cheek porn name like Sexton Hardcastle. Glad to see the Revival taking their cosplay of the 80s generation to the next level.
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