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  1. Somewhere in some vulgar noble's attic, a painting of R Truth is slowly aging.
  2. If the DVDVR HOF had a women's wing, is it named after Hollywood Cibernetico?
  3. Lesnar beating Angle at WM19....aand that's it
  4. Ambrose cashing in on Seth was also a really great culmination to years of the Shield break up feud, and a great callback moment to Seth's 31 cash in. Just a cool moment overall. Let's also not forget that Ambrose taking the title to Smackdown led to the creation of the Galactic Ketchup Championship so it's pretty important in the grand scheme of things.
  5. What match is that Bryan/Joe Westside Story gif from? I wanna watch that.
  6. I still chuckle when I think about manly beyond my wildest expectations
  7. Is some one bringing up the Stossel incident again?
  8. I know. Let poor Christian travel in peace.
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