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  1. https://youtu.be/_zVRCi3p3yM https://youtu.be/04Unz69XIOU
  2. A free show from Wrestling Go Click spoilers for card
  3. Marry Christmas, I hope you guys have a great day. Here is a photo of Mr. Christmas.
  4. If you guys have not liked AnarkoMojones Facebook page or at least watch some of there videos, I highly recommend it..https://www.facebook.com/AnarkoMojones/
  5. Today is undefeated at Bound For Glory, The best entrance, the best jacket machine, one of the most consistently makers of really fun matches, Masato Tanaka's/Keiji Muto's super buddy, Ikeman Jiro Kiroshio's Birthday Today!
  6. Went to Fist Combat in San Diego yesterday. It was a fun show. Saw The Queen of Butt Stuff Lois Grain, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, Dirty Doug, and Randy Order wrestle live for the first time. Ryan Kidd was also nice and remembered to me.
  7. I will give you only Hulk Machine .gif I could find.
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