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  1. I for one would rather Ricochet stay far away from AEW, he isn't needed there one bit at this point in time. It might've been a different story several years ago but he wouldn't add anything new to the mix. We also have enough bald wrestlers.
  2. Might as well see if Marina Shafir can join the mix here.
  3. I caved and got the 2PPV deal now that they've got simulcast, that works with me
  4. 100% without question if the criteria being they only started wrestling after AEW formed
  5. I for one am thankful for the revival of the closest thing we'll have to Dinner and A Movie.
  6. He was the last WCW World Heavyweight champion before the title merged.
  7. Hager's really the only one who didn't get anything going on with him after the IC/JAS breakup! I mean yeah he saved Orange Cassidy once but that's it.
  8. Two additional Zero Hour matches, Orange/Shibata vs Moriarty/Shane Taylor and Trent vs Sydal
  9. Sydal is also ready and willing to replace anyone in a face storyline (see his insertion into Top Flight)
  10. The trios is a Zero Hour match so it wouldn't be adding any time.
  11. That's true in the matches, I'm just trying to think how you categorize the storylines that exist seemingly on Rampage only now (Jay Lethal's Jarrett woes, Zak Knight/Cool Hand Ang's beef, anything dealing with Ortiz)
  12. Rampage is essentially WCW Saturday Night under Jimmy Hart's booking, it's own little world in the AEW ecosystem
  13. Moriarty vs Shibata Toni Storm vs AZM Danielson/Claudio vs Hobbs/Fletcher you also get Battle of the Belts Rocky Romero vs Strong in an Eliminator Hook vs Shane Taylor for FTW
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