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  1. I don't want him gone forever, I want him gone long enough to want him back.
  2. For what it's worth, Jericho and Fozzy have got tours coming up September-Dec so hopefully post All Out, we'll be free of Jericho for at least a quarter.
  3. I feel any Dolph Ziggler match is worth watching. (This one especially).
  4. At this point looking back at Britt's reign (of Terror to some), the best bet to get it off of her would've been Riho at Battle of The Belts I. Riho would be the one wrestler that Baker just can't beat (her only win against Riho was at the BOTB) and could've taken the title overseas for a hot second while they kept the focus on Jade and the TBS title. Edit: Looking at Cagematch, Riho actually didnt wrestle another match after until the Owen Cup, so nevermind about taking it back to Japan.
  5. For your follow-up question, they had a PWG Title match at Threemendous V, I think that's their only singles match
  6. Takeshita's all over America! Seen here in Minnesota to tide the fans over until AEW's Quake At The Lake against JDX!
  7. Oh no, it definitely is what his NXT dream was. And I want them to achieve it because I do not want to watch either one for as long as I possibly can.
  8. Gargano and Ciampa being on top? I'm right there with you, terrible idea.
  9. If they cap it right now for Takeshita and extend an offer to a women's competitor, that'd be the perfect fit and limit for right now.
  10. TransGraps really needed to separate their professional from their personal tweets. I'm frankly surprised the event did actually happen because they did themselves no favors in the lead up with some of the bullshit they were putting out.
  11. SANTO~! Review Love me some Hayabusa from what I've seen and haven't seen much Hisakatsu Oya because FMW really is underrepresented in my watching history. Does Hayabusa wear alot of brown? It's rare to see a wrestler decked out in it, maybe early Mankind but Hayabusa makes it look very cool. Oya is one balding dude but those are the guys you gotta watch for. Really nice slow paced technical exchange of holds and locks to start until Oya hayabustas Hayabusa with a back drop outta nowhere at the 7:56 mark that accordians Hayabusa. Oya keeps control for the next few minutes, really working Busa's arm. When he starts working in some kicks to keep Hayabusa down, he's the spitting image of Mac from It's Always Sunny. Why Oya Hate? Hayabusa Bastard Man. We're at the halfway point and Hayabusa shifts it to his favor with a rolling wheel kick and a flip over the top rope to the outside that almost doesn't connect but Oya was pretty far back, and it's followed by some even more impressive taking to the air. At the 19:00 mark, Oya's got Hayabusa in an Octopus Hold, a move that will always get a pop out of me. Serena Deeb did one that'll be on this week's Dark and my wife lost her mind at it when she saw it, so I know I married a good one. Oya's got some good offense but Hayabusa changes the whole game up when he snags Oya's clothesline into what could've been a good crossface but he didn't go for it. Hayabusa's comeback here is better than his first shot at it, almost scoring the win with a Fisherman's Buster but Oya gets the foot on the rope! It's back and forth after a missed Phoenix Splash. I really like how Oya locks the arms on the overhead suplexes, it's like Al Snow but better. Hayabusa lands on top of Oya after a failed back suplex, and hits him with some of the hardest powerbombs I've seen from a high flyer which somehow don't get the job done? What! Oh it's a draw. That's anti-climatic. Takeaways: Octopus Holds rock. Hayabusa rocks. I don't like 30 minute draws. I will watch more Oya going forward. Thanks DEAN, I hope my review was up to snuff.
  12. What to gift to the man who has seen everything? @DEAN I present to you Inoki vs Ernie Ladd.
  13. This is the Cinnabomb, learned from Cole Radrick who uses it as Lil' Sebastian's Curse
  14. Kip had his first match back from injury recently, and this is the first time it's ever really been acknowledged so I imagine his return feud will be against Pac for the All-Atlantic considering he's from the UK as well. Dark usually gets the big batch taping now which runs for about a month or so with Dark Elevation being taped before Dynamite/Rampage and aired the following Monday, however at the Rampage/Battle of The Belts taping last night, they taped some Dark matches and interview with Andrade/Rush with Tony for their match "tomorrow" against The Lucha Bros because they had the special Dark Elevation before Rampage this week. So that might be how they do it with a live Rampage taping, likewise next week is a live Rampage so lets see how that plays out.
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