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  1. They're advertising how many hookers and how much blow you'll get if you take a visit at Texas.
  2. This show needs a new name because I'm old and thought you were talking about Mare of Eastown... which only kinda sounds the same.
  3. Is been almost 2 whole years of people looking into his bedroom with a microscope and they decide to settle the lawsuits now... it doesn't make any sense. He knows what he did better than any of us, and if paying to get this to go away was an option why wait?
  4. So apparently all but 4 cases have been settled which makes me ask, what the fuck took him so long? If he was going to settle it of court, why wait until the entire world hears about how much of a fucking pervert you are?
  5. How many things has Vince has put on TV over the years get this same reaction?
  6. If the NFL is smart, and this is a massive if... they'd suspend him for 2 years with time served if he pays back last seasons salary. That isn't perfect, but it actually seems like a legitimate punishment. They should have suspended him last season, but they just let it ride out until the courts played out, which is fine except they aren't going to punish him for 2 more seasons and a one season suspension doesn't seem like enough.
  7. Is there any better comedic accessory than a neck brace.
  8. Honestly, the most joy football has ever given me was listening to local sports radio and laughing my ass of at the entire Albert Haynesworth saga. I grew up as Browns fan, and my earliest memories of football are the mid-80s Browns. The Browns have never really brought me any sort of happiness since about 1989. The happiness they brought before is all tainted by John Elway. With that said, the Commandos make The Browns seem like a stable franchise. If I switch in not hitching my wagon to fucking Daniel Snyder.
  9. You think Jimmy Haslam has to add sexual misconduct for me to hate him? You don't understand me at all.
  10. Some of y'all need to just ignore people.
  11. This is going to sound ridiculous based on the fact that one of these people was president and the other is Vince McMahon, but...I have way more faith in Vince staying on script and not fucking this up.
  12. I get what you're saying, but that's not really the point. What other people do is their business, and I can't possibly fight every battle for everything. I do get to care about the things I personally connect with, and I don't want the things I love to be covered in this type of sleaze. I don't want to be associated with this type of behavior and therefore don't want to spry things associated with this behavior. In about a sex positive of a person as possible. Let your freak flag fly as long as you're being freaky with people who are also down with said freakiness. Once you cross that line though, I don't have any sympathy. I don't care how many people do it or how widespread of an issue it is, I get to draw the line in my life. This is a line, and I have to figure out how hard I want to dig in and fight to hold this line.
  13. I've been trying to come to terms with how I feel about my favorite football team trading for a quarterback who has 25ish sexual misconduct allegations pending. I was thinking about it one day and actually thought to myself, "I like wrestling, as skeezy as Deshaun Watson is, I've looked the other way on much worse over the years." This is bad, really bad, and it's completely unexcusable behavior, but I don't think this is top 5 worse Vince stories/ allegations. I hate that the things I love make me hate myself for loving them so often.
  14. All of a sudden I think this thread needs a name change.
  15. I'm of the opinion that all pizza chain wings are trash. They're always over sauced, under fried, and pretty much terrible.
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