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  1. If I ever get to the portion of my life where I'd rather get it in the kidneys by some 300 lb. dude than to hang around a super model who has shown time and time again that she is willing to have sex with me, just put me out of my misery. Matter of fact, the biggest reward for being a great football player is reaching a status where a super model would consider having sex with me. I would have retired as soon as she said yes to the proposal. Why risk life altering injury when I could be at home feeling on Giselle's booty?
  2. I'd like to thank me for reminding you so you can inform me of the new Vice wrestling show, because I didn't even know it existed. Is it another Dark Side season, or something completely new?
  3. When AEW comes to an end, hopefully decades from now, we're going to get a documentary that points out that you can't run a wrestling company when 78% of the locker room is a gaping asshole.
  4. I play my Xbox more out of habit, but the PS5 is way in the lead as far as games go. Ratchet and Clank and Horizon are better than any Xbox exclusive and God of War Ragnarok is right around the corner.
  5. Too dark is relative. I'm not being facetious when I say in order to see the show, you need a new TV. The biggest difference between a nice TV, and a super high-end TV is how they handle darkness. For instance, a 4K OLED TV turns on and off every pixel in real time. That allows the dark parts of the screen to have absolutely no light from those particular pixels. On a less advanced screen, those dark parts are lit, so even though they are dark, there is light behind those pixels. So when you have a show that is as dark as HotD was last night, you have parts of the screen that should be absolutely pitch black. That way, the pixels that are dark are totally devoid of light, and the pixels that are lit show much better in contrast. On older, less advanced TVs, even the darkest hues are backlit, so when something should be absolutely pitch black, it looks inky. That inkyness is why it looks so bad. Your eyes can't differentiate between the parts that should be devoid of light, and the parts that are just dimly lit, because the parts that are supposed to be pitch black aren't actually pitch black.
  6. Hence the part about being kicked in the nuts. It's not that your TV is bad it's that they made the decision that unless your TV is some brand new state of the art shit, it won't be good enough. It would be one thing if you get to the point where you need a new TV to watch 30% of the things on television... but it's just this particular show and the other show in ths particular series.
  7. Ok, I watched season 8 on my old 1080p TV and it felt like I had Vaseline rubbed on my contacts. I watched this on my 4K TV and it was perfectly fine. So, my conclusion is that you need to go out and spend $2K if you want to see this show clearly. I don't think any other TV show, video game, or movie has made a 1080p television seem completely and totally obsolete. I honestly feel like we are constantly getting kicked in the nuts by technology. I get where people are coming from with some of the side character's motivations, but I feel like they've don't a masterful job with the main character's motivations. I feel like everyone in the show is just looking around like, "oh, so I'm supposed to just stand here and let this asshole get away with this?" Everybody is kind of a piece of shit, but they have to be a piece of shit, because if they aren't a piece of shit the other pieces of shit will destroy them. Both Alicent and Rhaenyra are just looking at each other like, "you started fucking my dad while my mom's corpse was still burning." "Oh yeah, well you fucked your uncle." "No I didn't, he was having boner issues that miraculously disappeared." "Well you did fuck that asshat, Criston Cole" "So, where was he when or sons were stabbing and bashing each other in the head with rocks? He clearly wasn't guarding 75% of the royal family which is kind of his only job." "I'm going to make him stab your kids eyes out." "You're a crazy person." "You made me a crazy person."
  8. This is idiotic. If someone owes you $19 million, there is no good reason too accept even $18.999 million. They knew how much it would cost to fire you, and agreed to that price, why give them a discount?
  9. I was in Twitter yesterday and someone was saying something about how Bears fans will tolerate a terrible offense, bad quarterback play, and shitty special teams, but if the defense is bad, heads will roll. I'm going to say. Wisconsin is the exact same except with running the ball. If the rest of the team is a total shit show, they won't complain, but if you can't run the ball what the fuck are you doing coaching at Wisconsin.
  10. This is what I've been saying, it doesn't actually matter if it was a concussion or a back injury, he shouldn't have been put back into the game after he stumbled like that. I've had a herniated disk which is very painful back injury, and as painful as it was it never made my knees buckle like that. Not every back injury is a spinal injury, but almost every back injury is a potential spinal injury. Jameis' injury has been specifically called non spinal with no risk of further injury, and he had to sit out this week. He had to be in an unbelievable amount of pain. If you can't stand up, how do you play football? So, yes gross motor instability should keep you out of a football game. The amount of people who think, "the doctor cleared him," is a valid excuse to put someone who couldn't stand back into a football game is insane to me. Hey, we had to shock a dude's heart back into rhythm, but he'll be in the game in Sunday. I'm sorry, but none of this shit makes any sense.
  11. Between Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, I do not understand the mental gymnastics people do to try to discredit either of them. They've only been two of the best players in football for their entire careers, but instead of enjoying the shit these assholes turn into Kim Zmeskal.
  12. Yes, apparently it doesn't make the concussion worse, but you'll suffer for it. I want to be clear that, from what i read he's not in any added danger flying home, but bright lights, loud noise, and pretty much anything that has to do with air travel is not going to help the pain/symptoms of having a concussion. I'm glad the flight didn't harm him any more than he's already been harmed, but I imagine that he's been pretty miserable since the injury.
  13. I like it up and apparently flying isn't a risk factor for concussions. From what I could find on the internet, I'm not a doctor, flying doesn't make a concussion worse, but being in a bright ass airport then on a loud ass plane probably sucks for someone with a concussion.
  14. The top 10 fastest - DC, Philly, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Baltimore, San Antonio, Dallas, Vegas, and Houston.
  15. My biggest issue with them putting him back in the game last week and saying it was a back issue is that if your back is hurt enough that you're stumbling, you shouldn't be playing football. Somehow we decided, who cares if its a spinal injury as long as it's not a head injury. The involuntary hand movements looks scary as fuck, and I don't care if it's because of a head injury or if it is a spinal injury, it's irresponsible to have him playing with either.
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