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  1. If Yair Rodriguez had any idea how to pick a shot, and not just throw every strike he knows blindly, he would have finished him. I honestly don't know if Stephens could have got up after that kick. If he would have backed up and let the fight get back on the feet, I think the fight was over.
  2. After watching that fight, I'd like to give some sort of analysis about Ben Sosoli's' fighting skills, but the first that comes to mind is, "he needs to go find Kensuke Sasaki's barber." If you're going to have a mullet, you might as well have a fresh mullet.
  3. The kind of athlete you need to be to be an All-Pro as a pass rusher in the NFL is pretty much unprecedented in the UFC. He has all the potential in the world...but you know everything else.
  4. That's not how I remember that fight, but of course it's blacked out on Fight Pass. I honestly don't think she's going to have the time she's going to need before she's fighting for a title. She wants it, the UFC is putting her name out there as a future champ, and there isn't nearly enough talent in her division.
  5. I agree, but she's not just beating her opponents, she's smashing them. Her aggression and physical strength is going to be a huge advantage over most of this shallow ass division. If she keeps running through her opponents she's going to be given a big fight before too long. There isn't enough talent in the division for them to hold her back too much longer, they're going to need contenders.
  6. Yeah, I don't know. She's probably going to be in the top 10 after this fight, and there isn't exactly a bunch of world beaters between her and the Shevchenko. Paige Van Zant is probably a logical next fight, but after that, they're going to have to give her someone in the top 5 or so just because there aren't going to be many people left. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up with a title shot by the end of next year if she's healthy and fighting regularly.
  7. I think the biggest plus she has as a fighter is that she seems to be more physically gifted than anyone else in either strawweight or featherweight. I don't know how she made 115, but has physically overpowered everyone she's fought so far, by a wide margin.
  8. When did you get into MMA really seriously? UFC 40 was kind of the point where I started actually paying attention, but UFC 45 or so is when I decided I'm going to watch all of these. By that time, Randy Couture felt like he was unbeatable, and Tito was just the loudmouth dude beating up Ken Shamrock. Tito was the star, but I would have taken Randy, Chuck, and probably Vitor (I still think Vitor won their fight) over him as the "real" contenders. Tito's antics were hilarious to me and my friends mostly unintentionally. Him and Ken Shamrock's feud was two grown men trading goofy ass cracks about each other like they were in the 3rd grade, and we loved it. Ken telling Tito he was going to beat him into living death is one of the most nonsensical things I've ever heard. Tito crying like a little kid after Randy literally spanked him was everything I had to see to make me not take him serious as a championship contender. He was just too one dimensional and he wasn't even the best at that dimension. I laughed at Matt Hughes tucking his t-shirt into sweatpants, but I took that dude serious as a fighter. Randy's ears freaked me out at first, but that dude kicked ass. Tito was the dude who was funny for all the wrong reasons. BJ Penn never struck me as charismatic, but he chocked out Matt Hughes who was a certified bad ass in my book. MMA doesn't have a ton of dynamic personalities, that's why people like Conor and Ronda look like superstars when their acts are paper thin. If you take the thinly veiled racism from Conor, what exactly does he have going for him personality wise? Ronda is one of the most unlikable people on earth, and her feud with Becky Lynch kind of made her look silly. Brock didn't get over on personality, he got over because he was a massive dude who mauled people. GSP is a personality zero, but he was a dominant champion who beat a bunch of super credible challengers. Jorge Masvidal is pretty good, the Diaz brothers have a certain IDGAF charisma, but most of these people aren't getting anywhere on the basis of personality.
  9. When you're guessing basketball players ages, always subtract 2. Most players good enough to make it to the NBA are good enough by the time they're 19. When you're guessing football players, it depends on position. Running backs are all young, and Quarterbacks are all old.
  10. The funny thing about Joanna, Cejudo, Tito, and Ken being super cringeworthy is that for the most part it has worked. If any of these people were pro wrestlers who we actually expect to be able to talk fans into the building, they'd be laughingstocks, but in MMA where half the people have no charisma whatsoever, they get over. Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz really didn't like each other, which helped, but the fact that they were willing to taunt, insult, and talk shit about each other really made them stand out. The first MMA event I went to was Ortiz vs. Shamrock 2, and it was because how invested I was in that rivalry. I knew exactly how that fight was going to go, and didn't care. I just wanted to be in the building. Joanna's posing and mugging for the camera on Saturday during her introduction legit made me laugh. She has the personality of a grapefruit, but she's trying...which is more than I can say about most MMA fighters.
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