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  1. I don't know if he has any interest in acting, but he looks like he's preparing for the tragic story of some dude with a rare disease.
  2. Terrell Davis' first 4 seasons are as good as any 4 year stretch any running back has ever had. He was arguably the best player in the league in 1998, and was top 5 in 1996 and 1997. He has an MVP (1998), an Offensive Player of the Year (1996), and a Super Bowl MVP (1997). Terrell Davis was the best player on back to back Super Bowl teams, and at his best was as good as any running back who has ever lived. Roger Craig was great and should be in the Hall of Fame, but he was not Terrell Davis. As a Browns fan, I think it's pretty absurd that Clay Matthews isn't in the Hall of Fame. The Browns went to 3 out of 4 AFC Championship Games between 1986-1989, and he was arguably the best player on those teams. He's on the 2nd team all 80s team, the first team is Lawrence Taylor, Rickey Jackson, and Mike Singletary. Being 4th or 5th in that class is pretty fucking incredible.
  3. I meant we're going to have 100 more quarterbacks who go .500 for their careers, but I guess we can all cherry pick numbers.
  4. Lamar Jackson is a completely different player though. A big part of Cam's game was that he is so fucking massive. He is the best short yardage weapon of all time, because trying to stop a man that big, strong, fast, and athletic from getting a yard or two is nearly impossible. Cam also had elite arm talent, he can throw the ball a mile without really even stepping into the throw. It's probably why he never developed into a great passer, his talent let him do outrageous shit with terrible technique. Lamar Jackson's game is much more based on speed. Lamar is the best athlete on the field every single week, and it's usually not that close. He can just run away from everyone. Lamar has good arm talent, but it isn't elite. He doesn't have a wet noodle arm, but his arm isn't anything to write home about at all.
  5. Yep. Eli Manning will be a hall of famer, but Randall Cunningham who had 2 different seasons better than anything that Eli Manning could ever dream to be, won't even be on a single ballot. There will be 100 more Eli Mannings in our lives, but we may never see another Randall Cunningham. I get why Cunningham didn't win MVP in 1998, because Terrell Davis was an absolute force that year, but 1990 may very well be the best season any quarterback has ever had in the history of the league.
  6. Cam Newton's legacy is going to be incredibly interesting to discuss. He's totally unique player who was as good as any player in the league at his peak, but I don't think he'll be remembered that way.
  7. Does anyone have any explanation on why Ron Rivera was always about 2 minutes from being fired? Was he just unlikeable, it doesn't seem to make sense that he gets fired this season when they didn't really have a chance. Once Cam went out, they were pretty much done.
  8. Yeah, when you go up the butthole, it's a Wet William.
  9. LOL. Living in America is perhaps my least favorite James Brown song, but I did like its use in the episode. Life on Mars is on the list of best song that should suck, but doesn't (actually Space Oddity is probably the David Bowie song that should suck, but doesn't).
  10. I think the biggest problem with this entire thing is everyone assuming malice from Graves. Graves made an unnecessary comment, but it's kind of his job to make unnecessary comments. Graves, like it or not, is a professional douchebag. His job is to be too cool, and be snarky about every little thing. With that said, Mauro is someone who should probably stay away from social media. Mauro is ultimately the one who is responsible for his own mental health. He can't control what everyone around him does, and he has shown very little control on how he reacts to what people say and do, so he should try to limit those interactions. The issue with these situations is that no one is really wrong unless Graves is actively trying to trigger Mauro. I honestly don't believe that was what he was trying to do, but it ultimately doesn't matter to Mauro and his mental/emotional well being.
  11. A lot of people owe Cam Newton an apology. I honestly don't know what he did to everybody, but people were dancing on his grave as soon as Kyle Allen didn't spontaneously combust on his first snap.
  12. The "LIfe on Mars" instrumental to end the episode was fucking perfect.
  13. Went to see Queen and Slim, and thought it was outstanding. There was a part that I thought was way over the top, but for the most part it was great. I think the best thing the movie did was show how these things take on a life of their own. The story of the people involved gets told by people who have no idea who they are or what they stand for and they create their own narratives. The two people were just living their lives when they got put in a situation that they did not want. Everyone they met from that point forward had an opinion on who they were and what they stood for, and it didn't have anything at all to do with their actions or who they were. Their relationship was also incredibly well built. They were complete strangers, from vastly different backgrounds, and were thrown into a situation where they had to depend on each other. The conflicts and arguments they have along the way feel real and I don't know if the movie works if they don't.
  14. Before/After April 15 when Tony Ferguson gets struck by lightning.
  15. I'm just here to dispute the Manny slander. Manny was a great offensive player, who got better when the lights were brightest. Manny's biggest strengths are the intangibles. Baseball is a sport where people fail more than they succeed, and you're never surprised when someone fails in a big spot. I never felt that way about Manny. If Manny didn't get a hit when the stakes were highest, I was always surprised. Other than Barry Bonds at his juiced up peak, Manny is the only other player I would stop anytime I was flipping channels and he was due up to bat. Base-Out Runs Added (RE24) is a stat that tracks the difference in run expectancy (RE) between the start of the play and the end of the play. It takes into account the number of outs, base runners, and the opposing pitcher he's 14th all time. That's higher than players such as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Rickey Henderson. An average RE24 is 0, an excellent RE24 is about 45, in 1999 Manny Ramirez had a 75.6. Mike Trout, who we can all agree is on an all-time great pace, his best RE24 is a 72.88(For what it's worth, Barry Bonds has 3 seasons over 100 and 4 of the top 10 RE24 seasons all-time. Never forget Barry Bonds is the best baseball player of any of our lifetimes). We all know that Manny was a great hitter, but his ability to rise to the occasion is what makes him a special, hall of fame player.
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