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  1. [NXT] Feb 14, 2018 TV SHOW

    My biggest pet peeve with WWE's presentation of wrestling is that everyone has to talk no matter how terrible they are at promos.
  2. If she looked at me, I'd propose
  3. If that woman looked at me like that...I'd propose.
  4. Off the purple flower he can lift around 800 lbs. on the purple flower he can lift about 2 tons. He also has the relative speed, reflexes and agility of a black panther. He's about as strong as Captain America without the flower, but much more powerful with it. http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Strength_Scale
  5. DC TV Thread

    Whoever directed the costume fitting scene and the person who selected the latex costume in this week's Black Lightning need to win all the awards.
  6. Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    Dude, if you go from making millions to making nothing, there are plenty of reasons to start slanging dope. Baseball players more than any other athletes tend to have no marketable skills outside of the sport. It is the only sport where you don't have to go to school to get drafted. He probably has bills that need millions of dollars to pay, and no paychecks coming in. Slanging dope is pretty much the only way to make that kind of money for someone who isn't some sort of captain of industry.
  7. Random music thoughts

    I love that album. It is probably top 3 for last year. I honestly don't know how it happens, but Kanye is the rising tide that raises all boats on any project he works on. I don't know if he just hangs around these projects or if the artist lets the other producers listen to Kanye's tracks as a bar that they need to meet. Whatever it is, he tends to have an overwhelmingly positive effect on any project he touches. "The Fix," "Quality," and "No Dope on Sundays" have little to no Kanye West production, but they sound like he was there for every second of the recording.
  8. Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    For some reason I can't get this song out of my head after reading that story...
  9. Random music thoughts

    Yo, I didn't realize I wanted a Kanye produced Black Star album until right now. I think Kanye's work on "Quality" are among Kanye's hidden masterpieces, and Mos is better than Kweli in almost every single way. I don't think Kanye will ever go back to producing less mainstream rap, but if he does I hope it is something like this. Hidden Kanye masterpieces if anyone is wondering... Scarface "The FIx" Kanye has 3 production credits on this album, but it feels like he has 15. Everyone remembers "Guess Who's Back," but "In Cold Blood" is about as dope as beats get, and it sounds perfectly made for Scarface. Talib Kweli "Quality." Once again an album with 3 Kanye tracks that sounds like everything else on the album was made to fit with those 3 songs. Everyone rightfully knows "Get By," but "Good to You" is just as dope if not better.
  10. Israel Adesanya is a fucking star. He needs to get a little stronger in the clinch game, but I'm on the bandwagon.
  11. Them's Fightin' Words 2018 Predictions Contest

    Done, I didn't read the first post.
  12. Them's Fightin' Words 2018 Predictions Contest

    HW (265lbs): Daniel Cormier. I honestly think he beats everyone above LHW not named Jon Jones. LHW (205lbs): Daniel Cormier. I think he wins the heavyweight championship, but if he doesn't... MW (185lbs): After Saturday there will be 3 people who can claim to be middleweight champion. During the Jacare vs. Brunson fight Georges St. Pierre was listed as #4 on the UFC's list of middleweight contenders...when he's the fucking champion. Bobby Knuckles won an interim championship, Rockhold and Yoel Romero are fighting for an interim championship. By the end of the year there is no telling who is middleweight champion, but since I have to guess...Luke Rockhold. WW (170lbs): Rafael Dos Anjos. I probably should guess Woodley, but he has to lose sometime right? LW (155lbs): Khabib Nurmagomedov. Nurmagomedov is the best lightweight on the planet. . . the issue is he is always injured, or missing weight. If he's healthy and 155 lbs. he'll be the champion. FW (145lbs): Max Holloway. It is his time, and I don't see anyone taking his spot in the next year. BW (135lbs): TJ Dillashaw. I think Cody Garbrandt would win a rematch, but it really looks like Dillashaw is going to actively play defense on Grabrandt getting a title fight. FlyW (125lbs): Demetrios Johnson. He's the best all around fighter on earth. Women's Featherweight (145lbs): Cyborg. I don't think anyone beats her, but if the Nunes fight happens she does have a chance. Women's Bantamweight (135lbs): Amanda Nunes. She's the cream of the crop at 135, and the only woman I think is close is fighting at 125. Women's Flyweight (125lbs): Valentina Shevchenko. I've never even heard of the current champion. I'm almost certain that I watched her win the championship, but I have no recollection of her, that fight, or any other fight on that card. Women's Strawweight (115lbs): Joanna Jedrejczyk. I love Thug Rose, but I also know how inconsistent she can be. Mike Perry goes undefeated in 2018 and becomes a legit PPV draw. Jose Aldo loses his next fight and retires. Eryk Anders learns from his fight with Machida, tightens up his striking and goes undefeated in 2018. Along with the ascension of prospects Paulo Costa and Trevin Giles Middleweight will rival lightweight as the deepest division in the sport. Tecia Torres goes on a run and fights for the Strawweight title Yair Rodriguez comes back from his crushing defeat, goes undefeated, and beats a perennial contender (Cub Swanson, Ricardo Lamas, maybe even Jose Aldo).

    Both me and my body would like to fall victim to a Becky Lynch mob.
  14. The New WIRE Thread

    If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it on demand for free.

    Because this is the internet and whether or not we think he is guilty doesn't mean anything. Therefore we are allowed to speculate all we want.