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  1. supremebve


    Can we just have him tag along with Ricochet for his first 6 months or somehow convince Neville to come back? I'm sure this guy is going to have all the crazy high flying spots, but he's going to need someone to help contextualize his athleticism.
  2. I've heard rumor that she didn't even make an honest effort to try to make weight. She has gone on the record about wanting to be shaped like a woman, and dropping the body fat to actually safely make 115 would probably be detrimental to her feminine curves. The real problem is that the UFC seems to be encouraging her and pushing her because of her looks, so why would she change the behaivor? They were friends before and had even been training partners from time to time. They probably don't hang out every weekend, but they had a friendship before she smashed Rocky's face into tiny little pieces.
  3. supremebve


    Isn't that what happened to Itami's shoulder?
  4. Mackenzie Dern also seems to be a really large strawweight, it would probably be good for her health, the UFC, and the 125 lbs. division if she move up. To your point though, she doesn't strike me as the personality type that would excel in high level MMA. She's exactly like the goofy, fun loving, dudes you meet in a jiu-jitsu gym. Sure, they can choke you unconscious in more ways than they can count, but after you woke up they'd give you a five and show you how to defend the choke. She ain't exactly a Ronda Rousey "I'm going into the cage to kill you dead" type. I'm rooting for her, but her striking is rudimentary, her wrestling might be worse, and if she is already blowing weight by over five pounds I don't know how far she'll go.
  5. supremebve


    None are over 30 minutes, but there is a sequence of cutscenes that combines to over an hour. For me it was excessive, but I think Metal Gear Solid always leans towards excessive so it fit.
  6. supremebve

    Disney buys Fox confirmed.

    I was having a conversation with my mom about how shitty Verizon's customer service is, and how we hated dealing with them. I then went on to tell her about how I'd deal with them way before Comcast, because they made me sign up for a bundle package despite not having cable or a home telephone. It was legitimately impossible for me to sign up for internet without signing up for all three services, and there were no other high speed internet providers for that building. Then when that promotion was over, they started charging me for the cable and telephone (like $250 extra), despite me telling them repeatedly that I don't need either. They did this 4 months in a row before they actually corrected the issue in their system. She then started telling me about Sprint, and how at one point pre-internet, they would deliberately stop sending bills in the mail. So she called them because they started charging her all types of fees(they charged her late fees, cut off her phone and charged a deactivation fee, and then a reactivation fee > $1000) and the woman on the phone told her, "You knew you had an account, you should have paid it." This is pre-internet, so there is no way to see your balance, schedule a payment, or do anything else unless you drive to one of their stores. So we deal with Verizon, because they suck ass, but at least they haven't tried to charge us hundreds of extra dollars just to gouge us.
  7. supremebve


    Metal Gear Solid 4 is not that bad...if you don't mind long, and I mean LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG, cutscenes.
  8. supremebve

    Disney buys Fox confirmed.

    This is my #1 reason I want Disney to buy Fox. My #2 reason is that I hate Comcast, and I hope they burn in hell as a staff, a company, and a motherfucking crew.
  9. supremebve

    FOOD on TV

    After five years, I'm bumping this thread. Did anyone watch Iron Chef Gauntlet? I don't know how to feel about the finale. I guess it means that the competition is on the up and up, but then again the final score seems to not reflect what was said at the judge's table.
  10. supremebve


    I agree with all of this. There was something about that episode that made me want to turn it off. I don't understand the Donald Glover taking over for Kanye West talking point like we don't live in a world where they can coexist. Not only can they coexist, I don't think they are remotely trying to do the same things. It is like saying that Aaron Rogers took over for Tom Brady in 2011. Sure, Aaron Rogers just won a Super Bowl, and is a great quarterback, that doesn't mean that Tom Brady's career is over and can't ever win again. Donald Glover's success doesn't mean anything at all for the career of Kanye West. There is not a Donald Glover/Kanye West binary choice. You can like one of them, both of them, or neither of them and it has nothing to do with what the other one is or isn't doing. That shit was just strange to me.
  11. supremebve

    The best/worst finishers past and present?

    Yeah, but hanging off the ring post takes pressure off of the hold to the point that it would be less painful than if the hold was applied in the middle of the ring. The figure four is essentially crossing the legs over each other and applying pressure to the top leg and bending the bottom against that pressure. Once you hang off of the ring post, the top leg is falling towards their opponent's feet instead of straight down on the leg. It looks really cool, but it doesn't make any sense if the goal is to afflict pain on your opponent.
  12. supremebve

    The best/worst finishers past and present?

    That is a move that didn't make sense either...but I don't even care. That shit was dope.
  13. supremebve

    The best/worst finishers past and present?

    Not only that, it seems like bridging like that takes pressure off of the hold. It's a hold that is about downward pressure, it doesn't really work when you elevate the legs like that. Over the last two days I've realized I spend a lot of time thinking about the mechanics of wrestling submissions. I don't know if I should get a life, or if I've found my calling.
  14. supremebve

    2018 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    So are these ESPN+ fights in addition to PPVs and Fight Nights? Or are these shows going to be Fight Nights, because that would really make the Fight Nights less valuable. If these are extra on top of the PPVs and Fight Nights, how many people do they expect to watch these fights, because I don't see many people signing up for this just to watch jobber matches. There are far too many fights as it is. I watch as many fights as anyone, and there are far too many fights for me to keep up with.