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  1. supremebve

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

    This isn't the day for the conversation, but I'd argue that James Brown is the most influential musician who ever lived. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach....none of them influenced as much change in music as James Brown. He stands alone as far as influence goes. Everything that came before him sounded different than everything that came after, and the only catalyst was James Brown being James Brown.
  2. supremebve

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

    As far as influence goes, the list starts and ends with James Brown. You don't really have soul, funk, or hip-hop without him, there isn't anyone else who is the foundational building block of multiple genres of music. As far as voices go, it's Aretha #1 and everyone else is playing for second.
  3. supremebve

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

    I'm in my zone man. I'm just listening to all the Aretha Franklin I can find, and posting as things hit me. This is one that doesn't get nearly enough love.
  4. supremebve

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

    Is there anyone who kept their live performing fastball longer than Aretha Franklin? I think Stevie Wonder is the only contender, and while he's great he doesn't sing with the sheer force Aretha did. In case you haven't noticed, I plan on spending the rest of my workday commenting in this thread.
  5. supremebve

    Picture/GIF Thread

    I was in the crowd for this, it is still the loudest crowd pop I've ever witnessed, and I was there when GSP won his title back from Matt Serra in Montreal.
  6. supremebve

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

    Hey Aretha, Pavarotti called in sick, can you cover for him?
  7. supremebve

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

  8. supremebve

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

    Billy Preston on Aretha Franklin
  9. supremebve

    Aretha Franklin - RIP

    When I think of legendary voices, the first and only person who comes to mind for me is Aretha Franklin. Don't get me wrong, there are other great singers, but I honestly feel that Aretha is in a class of her own. She's one of those fundamental building blocks of American popular music, that is somehow underrated while being called the "Queen of Soul." We always talk about the voice, but she not only wrote but composed some of her biggest hits. She was considered a child prodigy as a self-taught piano player, who could create complex arrangements that highlighted that otherworldly singing voice. She was truly an incredible artist. Rest well, Queen
  10. supremebve


    FTFY Andy Dalton is not a bad quarterback, but that's only because there are so few good quarterbacks. He's just good enough that you can't replace him with someone off the street, but he's also bad enough that you never feel comfortable depending on him. He is fine against average defenses, but he's abysmal in primetime/playoff games. Andy Dalton is the football equivalent to a dead end job, sure it's paying the bills, but you are never under the impression that your dreams are about to come true.
  11. supremebve


    What happens in Cleveland when you give them cheap, let alone free, beer. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/142952-ten-cent-beer-night-the-worst-idea-ever
  12. supremebve


    Who are these reasonable people? There is no way to have a reasonable conversation about race when one half of the conversation refuses to recognize the humanity of the other side. How often have you heard a reasonable conversation with a racist?
  13. supremebve


    This is an insane thought. Agreeing to disagree about my humanity will never happen. I'm not willing to compromise on racism with anyone. I haven't seen BlackKKKlansman yet, but John David Washington is on Bill Simmons podcast and he talks like someone doing an impression of his dad.
  14. supremebve


    The amount of anger people have for this is inversely related to the amount of anger people have when a player gets caught taking money.
  15. supremebve

    Random music thoughts

    I think early Yo! with Fab 5 Freddy took place where rap was just rap, and there wasn't much of a mainstream/underground separation. Once MC Hammer and the like took off and became mainstream, that is when MTV decided they were only going to cater to the rap that had a chance to be mainstream. Rap City was the place where you could go and see dudes rapping in front of their project in a video that was clearly not filmed by a professional. That is what I wanted from a show dedicated to rap music. I wanted to see the mainstream dudes, but I was always looking for the next dude who was going to pop. That was a huge part of rap fandom, and you weren't going to get that from Yo! MTV Raps.