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  1. All of these Raekwons and Shaquilles make me feel like a senior citizen. I don't know what I'm going to do 20 years from now when every draft pick is going to be named Drake and LeBron.
  2. I used to subscribe, and I really liked it. The biggest problem is that it is an oversized magazine that comes out every two weeks. It wasn't long before I felt like they were taking over my house.
  3. Seriously, I have never watched a single minute of First Take, but I've seen plenty of clips of Stephen A. saying something ridiculous. I don't care what anyone says, him saying that he would have won the OJ trial is about as good as anything I've ever heard on a sports show.
  4. I think this has much more to do with people cutting cable than the TV sports money being inflated. It can be argued, that the price for content is going to go up with people cutting cable. Television is still about selling advertising, and sports are pretty much the only thing that people don't DVR. Honestly, how much are advertisers willing to pay for commercials that people aren't going to see? People watch commercials during sporting events, therefore the networks are going to be willing to pay billions for their exclusive rights. These firings are about cable television being a dying industry, not evidence that sports programming is failing. ESPN is pretty much a 1:1 comparison for how cable is doing. You cannot buy cable and not pay for ESPN, whether you watch it or not. If your basic cable bill showed the price of each channel ESPN would be the most expensive by far. They aren't playing the same game as every other network. The only way they could fail is if the cable industry as a whole fails. People are cord cutting, and it is affecting their bottom line, but as long as they have the rights to so many games they are going to be OK. You can hate Stephen A., you can not watch SportsCenter...dammit EdA pretty much posted what I was trying to say better than I could say it.
  5. There is no reason they are getting rid of Steven A. Smith. Like him or not, he is legitimately one of the most talented people on their payroll. In a job where you have to be able to formulate an opinion about anything at a drop of a hat, he has the ability to build an impassioned argument about any damn thing. Not only that, his reporting is generally spot on. He's someone that people in sports, especially basketball, are willing to talk to and give information. Not only that, he gets ratings in a timeslot where people don't watch TV.
  6. After Kannell tried to say that being concerned about the impact of concussions equals a war on football, I never had any interest in anything else he had to say. I'm pretty much 100% against imaginary wars. The #1 surefire way to make me think you are a clown is to declare war on something, invent a war on something or fight a war on something...especially when it is based on someone having a minor difference of opinion.
  7. The Cleveland Browns of 1986 or 1987 have to be mentioned. Everyone remembers the drive and the fumble, but no one seems to remember that Bernie Kosar was a top 5 quarterback in the league at the time and their defense was outstanding. Those are the first teams I ever loved.
  8. This whole saga is going to be an amazing 30 for 30 right? LeBatard had a writer who did a profile on Hernandez' brother on his show yesterday, and he was talking about how the brother was devastated when their dad died. He said he looked at Aaron, and he was kind of just standing there, not really crying or showing any emotion at all. Everything we know about him seems to contradict everything else we know. He seems devoid of human emotion, but gets so mad at disrespect he killed multiple people. He seems to be able to kill without remorse, but then he suddenly kills himself. There are multiple people who seem to love this dude deeply in a way I can't really wrap my head around. Seriously, this needs to be the next multi-part OJ style miniseries. It really seems like one of those stories that could go in 22354454354 different directions, and you'd never understand how or why he ended up where he did.
  9. As far as social media goes Facebook is the absolute worst. Facebook is the social network that I use for people I legitimately know in real life, and somehow these perfectly rational people turn into religious nutjobs, atheist nutjobs, conspiracy theorists, right wing nutjobs, left wing nutjobs, and/or racists as soon as they log into facebook.
  10. The latest recipe is up, thanks for dropping by.
  11. I don't think there is another platform in all of media that is nearly as entertaining as Twitter. I know there are problems, but I swear every single day someone posts something that legit makes me laugh out loud. Every time I hear someone bad mouth twitter, I want to tap them on the shoulder and ask them if they know that they get to choose who they follow?
  12. The latest post is for candied pecans. I made them as a piece of my Easter dessert and ended up having to make two batches...because I ate the entire first batch. These are addictive.
  13. I agreed with this 100% until you typed "filet of beef," that may be my least favorite cut on the entire animal. The issue I have filet is the same I have with most game meats. They are too lean. Other than waterfowl, who need extra fat to stay warm, wild animals generally have very little extra fat on them. A cow that spends it's entire life laying around in a pasture eating all the grass it wants is going to be much better tasting than an elk that spends its entire life running from wolves. Give me all the fat, lazy, farmed animals. Matter of fact, we need to go back to raising pigs for their fat as much as their meat.
  14. For what it's worth everything on my blog so far, other than the sweet potatoes, can be cooked on the grill.