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  1. 3. He got pretty much everyone else to write it.
  2. This is advice for everybody, never and I mean never trust anyone who claims to be native American on the internet. There is only about 1-2% of the population that are native American and most of them live in 14 states. The odds of a native American family dressing their child like that to go to a football game in Missouri are as close to zero as you can get. It's not impossible, but I'm going to need some compelling evidence. This is like when the Washington franchise was trotting out "native Americans" to vouch for their old name and none of them were actually native American. You can find a whole bunch of people claiming to be native American on the internet, but there are less than 25,000 native Americans in a state of over 6 million people. It would be like if they found a black dude in Idaho who walks around town in blackface. It's not impossible, but how many native American people dress up like that to go to a football game?
  3. I mean, the kid probably isn't the racist in this situation, but a whole lot of adults had to be racist for this shit to happen in the first place. Calling your team the Kansas City Chiefs...a native American characature, is racist. Fans dressing up in native American display is racist. Doing that obnoxious chop is racist. Dressing up a little kid who doesn't really understand the implications as a native American stereotype is irresponsible at the absolute best, but it could very well be interpreted as racist. If that kid racist? Maybe... but is the entire situation racist, 100% yes.
  4. Also known as, "my time to shine."
  5. I have no issue with any of these players getting in, but with Mongo getting in, does Michael Dean Perry finally get some consideration? He's literally never been a finalist, but he was one of the best players of the league for about 6-7 years straight. His brother got all of the press, but he was a much better player.
  6. Roddy Piper thinks he has a point.
  7. Anyone who buys hard copies of Hustler and/or Penthouse in 2024 need to go on a watchlist.
  8. A union is based on mutual trust, and I personally do not blame anyone who does not trust anyone in the wrestling business. The part that hit me hardest was when she agreed to be willing to have a threesome with Vince and Johnny, but wanted to wait for a day because she was busy and they raped her while saying things like, "no means yes," and "take it, bitch." There is no gray area, no plausible deniability, it felt like rape as punishment for trying to exercise some sort of agency over her own body. I said it earlier in the thread, but it's a shocking lack of humanity. I don't know how anyone gets to that point where a woman says, "sure, I'm down for sex tomorrow," and your response is to rape her as punishment for not agreeing to sex today.
  9. I don't think we should go around accusing anyone if anything, but if you think that someone in the wrestling business deserves the benefit of the doubt, you probably haven't learned nearly enough from this situation. I know enough to know that this isn't a business that attracts a lot of saints.
  10. I personally think the "Kiss my Ass" club is the worst thing he ever made anyone do on television. This man, who is literally their boss, stood in a public place and made them put their raw mouth on his bare ass. I would have shot him before I did that.
  11. Yeah, my coworker came up to me at work and said, did you see the Vince thing? I told him I had seen that another lawsuit was filed, but hadn't read any details and he looked at me and said, "he defecated on a woman's head." And the only response I had was, "Why?" As if there could have been a reasonable explanation. I just couldn't understand the context of that statement.
  12. This. The crazy thing about this is that it is obvious that this woman was more than willing to engage in sexual acts with Vince and his cronies, but that wasn't enough for them. They were only interested in the kind of sex she wanted to have to make sure they pushed past that to have sex with her in ways she wouldn't consent. The cherry on top is that he didn't even follow through on trying to pay her off. Fuck Vince. The arrogance, the lack of humanity, and the complete and total moral depravity are all breathtaking.
  13. In memoriam, can we finally admit both "Girl You Know It's True," and "Blame it on the Rain," are certified bangers?
  14. I'm sure that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, A-Rod, Gary Sheffield, and Manny Ramirez are hall of famers. Putting CC in is less egregious than leaving them out.
  15. I find Metroid to be one of those games that feels wrong or right based on how much time I've spent playing modern games. If I haven't played a modern game that is based on platforming and timing shots/jumps it feels fine, but if I have it feels sluggish and non-responsive.
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