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  1. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    That poor woman had all these dudes grouping her, propositioning her and showing her their junk...at work. And SHE got fired.

    Yeah, but now that he's made he's super famous and made a lot of money, it is about wanting to play for a champion.

    Yeah, but in a year or two, he'll be 2nd or third.
  4. So, How's It Going?

    That is the thing that I think made people look into it deeper. What is money going to do to help him with bullying?
  5. So, How's It Going?

    The Saga of Keaton Jones has had more ups and downs than a fucking roller coaster. That kid may or may not have been bullied, I don't know, but the Internet Detective Agency is finding all of his family's dirty ass laundry. I feel bad for that kid, if not for being bullied then for having a mom crazy enough to make me believe that she may have orchestrated this entire ordeal to exploit him.

    I tried, but then I saw Thor and Justice League, and they showed the preview before both movies. I'm really excited to see this one, I'm going to a fan event before the first showing on Thursday, and I'm not motivated to do anything else until then.
  7. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Joe Biden should have much higher odds. That dude loves to shoot his shot.

    From what I understand he watches every play...eventually. If you follow him on Twitter, you can kinda figure out when he is watching certain teams or reviewing a particular game. The comparison he was doing between Watson and Kizer was on his Twitter feed where he showed multiple examples of receivers bailing out Watson and receivers failing Kizer. It was clearly something he was taking the time to concentrate on at that particular moment. I've watched a pretty good amount of Browns football this year and can tell you that Kizer is not very good, but he's a rookie 2nd round pick who no one really thought was NFL ready. He should be expected to have his struggles. How the hell can you expect him to succeed when he not only has to overcome his own inexperience, but he has to overcome the incompetence of his receivers. Watson, who was ready to play on day one wasn't perfect, but his receivers are fucking dope. DeAndre Hopkins has the widest catch radius in the league, if you throw it near him he will come down with the ball. I think, that is what he was saying. That isn't even taking into account the differences in coaching. Say what you want about Bill O'Brien, but he did not run the same offense with Watson as the one he started the season with when Savage started. He called plays that allowed Watson to use his skillset to succeed. Jackson has been inconsistent at best with Kizer. There are some games where they allow him to make simple reads and throw downfield, which is what he is good at. He struggles when he has to take a seven-step drop go through all of his progressions and have to find an open receiver. He's not ready to do that. I think his ceiling will always be low, because of his inaccuracy, but he can be a Andy Dalton/Alex Smith level quarterback if you surround him with quality talent and put him in situations that fit his skill set. One of my biggest sports pet peeves is when a team drafts a player in a position they shouldn't have picked him, played him before he was ready to play, and puts him in situations where he can do nothing but fail, then blame the player for failing. As a Browns fan, I've seen it too many times to count. Kizer is exactly what we should expect him to be at this point in his career. He was available where he was available because no one expected him to be very good as a rookie, except the Browns started him so now we expect him to be something he's not close to being ready to be.
  9. 2017 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    I brought this one up yesterday, but GSP vs. Matt Hughes 2 was pretty much a foregone conclusion. Matt Hughes was a one dimensional wrestler, and was standing in the way of someone who seemed like a different species as far as skill level goes. I remember that moment when GSP got on his knees and begged for a title shot, and me and my friends pretty much knew he was the champion whether he held the belt or not.

    He was talking only about passing, and how Watson got bailed out by guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller if the ball wasn't exactly on the money, but Kizer could be as accurate as possible and his receivers may somehow not catch it. Look at someone like Case Keenum, who we've all watched be terrible over the years, but is somehow one of the highest rated quarterbacks in the league. He didn't become a different player, he just has one of the best supporting casts in the league. I don't know if there are 5 truly great quarterbacks in the entire league, most of these dudes are getting propped up by their skill position talent. It isn't a coincidence that Matt Ryan's career turned around when they got two stud running backs and a good #2 receiver. Last year their entire offense was based on them making sure the defense had to somehow cover Julio Jones, who you can't cover one-on-one, Mohammed Sanu, either Devonte Freeman or Tevin Coleman, and Taylor Gabriel, and there isn't a defense who can do that consistently. Matt Ryan won the MVP, but it is almost impossible to fail with that supporting cast (Shanahan's offense was a big part of this, Steve Sarkisian is a clear step down.).

    Until a couple of weeks ago, that may be the worst receiving corp. I've ever seen. Cian Fahey, who watches every single play and grades every player, said that the difference between Kizer and Watson wasn't as big as people think. The biggest difference is that the Texans' receivers are the best at catching inaccurate passes and Kizer's receivers fail to catch passes that are thrown right to them. Kizer has been bad, he's too inaccurate, and isn't very careful with the ball, but his receivers have made him look even worse.

    I don't actually think Sashi Brown did a bad job. They planned on being bad and dumped all of their players before last season, and are trying to rebuild through draft picks. They don't have a quarterback, their best receiver just got off a 3 year drug suspension, the 2nd best receiver is always injured, and everyone else on the team is essentially a teenager. Kizer isn't good, but he's also a cheap, later round pick who you can replace with little to no cost. Their defensive talent is young, but have shown flashes. Garrett has been good. He has 5 sacks in 7 games and is only getting better. That team is young and has a bunch of draft picks in the next draft, it is impossible to judge Sashi Brown's performance yet. You can't do a tank job and then get mad when your team tanks. If that is the decision you make, you have to give it time to play out.

    If you haven't noticed, this is how the team handles business. No matter who has left, somehow someway we hear about the entire team hating him. RGIII, whatever the GM's name was, Kirk Cousins...it never fails.

    That fake field goal was the result of the team giving him a job he wasn't ready for, and then punishing him for their mistake. They started slowly taking away his responsibilities like giving offensive play calling duties to a dude who was calling bingo games. Therefore, the only plays he was allowed to call were special teams plays. Jim Zorn took it upon himself to exert his authority by calling the same fake field goal twice in a row when he knew the other team diagnosed it. He was fed up with their shit and that was his middle finger to the owner's box. That is one of my favorite moments in NFL history. Zorn deserved better, but was put in an impossible situation.
  15. 2017 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Duane Ludwig seemed to be a guy who should have been a much better fighter. He had crazy knockout power, was a really skilled striker, but somehow still got his block knocked off fairly often. Then again, that seems to be the exact type of athlete who becomes a great coach. Someone who has all of the skills, knows exactly what he should be doing at any given time, but somehow couldn't do it.