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  1. There is so much great stuff, and it's all worth watching, but you have to break it up into chunks or it will all run together. Watch the 90-91 Jumbo and friends vs Misawa and friends feud, then take a break and comeback and watch Misawa and Kawada start their feud. Then watch Kobashi's ascension, etc. It's funny, but you need some filler. We all have stood in the fridge eating slices of cheese or some cold cuts, but when you're making a meal you will get some bread, some mayo, some mustard, a pickle, lettuce, tomato, and you'll have a satisfying sandwich. Watching all of the great matches from 90s AJPW is like eating a pound of cold cuts. It doesn't really matter how much you like it, you'll get tired of eating that shit pretty quickly.
  2. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say that nobody is untitled to your time no matter how famous you are. I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me considers me genuinely nice, but I'd bet most strangers would describe me as standoffish at best and mean or rude at worst. I'm just not that interested in talking to strangers. So if you approach someone you don't know in public, you get what you get. You always have the choice to leave people the fuck alone, and if you don't they might be rude to you. It's more rude to interrupt someone's day and expect them to sign shit and take pictures, than it is to not be happy about strangers asking you for a bunch of shit.
  3. I can't think of anything that sounds less appetizing to me than, "Mr. Big Nip Platter." Make that Ms., and somehow I'm intrigued.
  4. I feel like the CAW creation has gotten way out of hand. Don't get me wrong, its possibly the best CAW creation suite ever, but it takes a full day to actually fully craft your character, moveset, entrance, etc. The there are approximately 35345688754236889 different moves to go through, and a good 356549533 of them are different variations of a complete shot/downward spiral, a TKO, or a contrived version of a Michinoku driver.
  5. Ohtani vs. Trout was a great ending. There is a very good case that those are the two best players in the world right now, and Ohtani flat out blew him away.
  6. I hope you all are watching this with your rally caps on.
  7. I feel like I either got the archery challenges on the first try or the hundred and first try... nothing in between.
  8. What is it about Cam Newton that makes you believe that he doesn't have 100% confidence in his ability to do anything? The reason you can't have Cam as a backup is because he believes that he can win all by himself and everyone else on the team will believe too. That's valuable when he can play well, it's detrimental when he cannot.
  9. Yes, that and he's physically broken. He was a much the Panthers fullback as he was the quarterback. Once the injuries started stacking up, he was pretty much done. With that said, he was really fucking good at his best. I can't think of another time where the best quarterback of a particular season lost to the worst quarterback of that particular season in the Super Bowl, but that's exactly what happened when the Panthers lost to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.
  10. The thing about Cam is if Cam is in your locker room, it's Cam's locker room. You can't have Baker Mayfield as a starter and Cam as a backup. People tend to love Cam, and you can't have him sitting behind someone they only like.
  11. Randy Arozarena is quickly becoming my favorite non-guardian baseball player.
  12. I was trying to explain to my coworker how this is the best possible baseball. Almost every team is loaded, everybody plays like these are the most important games of their lives, and there are stakes. It's like if the All-Star game was a 7-game series for a trillion dollars. The Puerto Rican vs. Dominican Republic game had like 4 of the 10 best players in the Major Leagues. They should just replace Major League Baseball with this. It's just a better product.
  13. This might be the craziest thing anyone has ever said in this board. In Kaep's worst season he threw 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. His second worse season he threw 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. How can you possibly believe that Kaep was ever anywhere close to Nathan Peterman who has thrown 4 touchdowns in his entire career?
  14. Bayley, Io Shirai, Dakota, Shayna Baszler...I could keep going but I don't have all day. The division is full of great talent, no need to remove anybody. If there is someone you don't like very much, pick someone else they have someone in pretty much every flavor.
  15. I was already thinking it was about time for another Wire rewatch, but this news made it a requirement. Lance Reddick's Lt. Daniels is one of the few people on the show who is willing to risk anything in the name of his own moral compass. He isn't perfect, but the way Reddick plays him, you can't help but respect him.
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