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  1. 2 Cold Scorpio might do something spectactular that you've never seen before...or might do something that ends your career...or both.
  2. For me, it's mostly that specific game. I honestly think I'd have less of a problem if the game wasn't so well made. I don't need super realistic portrayals of up close and personal violence. With that said, without really thinking about it, I play far fewer shooters than I did a few years ago. Im just not interested in them any more. I enjoy the occasional horror movie, but never got into the gore porn movies. I watched Hostel and was legitimately pissed after watching the eyeball scene. It was more disgusting more than scary. I can watch crime dramas. I do remember an episode of CSI where one if there investigators was searching the house if a hoarder and accidently stepped into the chest cavity of a rotting corpse, which I thought was a little too far. I don't think I'm overly sensitive to these things, but the game wasn't enjoyable because of the way these violence made me feel.
  3. The least funny part is that im calling him old, when I just turned 39.
  4. How soon before Eric Gordon has some sort of surgery? PJ Tucker all of a sudden needs to get an ingrown toenail taken care of? Tyson Chandler realizes he's 76 years old and is in a risky age group?
  5. Yeah, I just found the first game unpleasant to play. I'm not interested in a realistic violence simulation. It was a well made game, that I had any interest playing after a while.
  6. How much do you want to bet that Dominic Reyes and Anthony Pettis called that lady in the Toyo Tires commercial a racist when she picked old ass Forrest Griffin over them?
  7. I can't lie, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next foul after the 2-point deduction. He came out swinging wildly, and I just knew he was going to hit him low again. The worst part is that I'm pretty sure Bogatov had no idea what Marc Goddard was talking about the entire time.
  8. I 100% agree with what you are saying, but there is no way anyone buying a storage cabinet for $15,000 unless they are actually buying something else. We don't know if they're buying humans, cocaine, or laundering money, but if you are buying single storage cabinets for that kind of money you're buying something other than the cabinet. Otherwise, you'd actually pay $500 dollars for the same cabinet and you'd be able to buy more than one. Does anyone remember the Mattress Firm conspiracy theory? It turned out that there were so many Mattress Firm's around, because they tried to buy out all their competition and just changed the signage on all the existing stores. It turned out it was a huge mistake and they filed for bankruptcy. But, they had stores literally everywhere. There were places where there were multiple on the same block, and someone noticed and started formulating their theory. It isn't crazy to ask the questions, when you notice something as nonsensical as multiple stores from the same company on the same block or people selling relatively cheap items for insanely expensive prices. It is crazy to make up some theory and present it as fact with absolutely no proof of wrongdoing.
  9. The thing that is most suspicious to me is that Wayfair does not sell anything, they basically facilitate sells between 3rd parties. They are perfectly set up to actually do the things that this conspiracy theory is accusing them of doing. We all know sex trafficking is a major problem, but it doesn't get to be such a large problem without some sort of logistical network. I'm not saying that Wayfair is that logistical network, but they are selling relatively large cheap items for vastly inflated prices on a website that would theoretically allow them to put children in those cheap items and ship them around the country. These people don't actually have any evidence that this is what is happening, but the dots connect very easily. The issue is pretty much what you said before. This isn't some serious investigation, this is some weirdo on their computer who has a theory and is using the internet to support the theory without taking into consideration any reason their theory may be false.
  10. I agree, but that shit is legitimately suspicious.
  11. 205 is hard to project because guys that size have so many athletic opportunities before they decide to get punched in the face. Therefore most guys that size are learning on the job in ways that a lot of smaller guys are not. A lot of them find success early because, but never really round out their games because they stick to what gave them that initial success. When they get to the better, more well rounded, more durable competition a lot of times it falls apart, because they never really had a chance to build a foundation of skills. It's why so many old guys stick around for so long at 205 and heavyweight. Those divisions are full of dudes who hit their prime late, have a good to great foundation of skills, or are just plain tough as nails. The first two are related to the fact that athletes that size are given opportunity to fail at any sport they try for as long as they can compete. They move onto MMA and it takes a long time to become a good striker, or a good grappler, but a lot of these guys are good enough athletes to mask their deficencies...until they fight someone good.
  12. After not giving a fuck about my island layout for the most part, I'm going to embark on a super ambitious remodel of my entire island. The northern third is going to be a neighborhood where all the houses are going to go. The Southeast corner is the market district. This is where all my store are going, and I plan on making it like a town center with fountains, gardens, and all that jazz. The middle portion will be the nature portion, where the campground and the majority of the trees will be. The southwest will be the laid back corner with a secluded 3rd level spa, and some other places to get away from the residents. I'm going to have to reroute some rivers and build some cliffs, but if it turns out how I see it in my mind, it will be dope.
  13. I didn't hate these books, it's just that I felt like nothing actually ever happened. It's a lot of pretty writing about a character I don't really like living a life that I don't find all that interesting. With that said, I'll probably get the third one when it comes out. This is something I'm going to try to do too...except this time I'm going to go as slow as possible and actually try to remember everyone's names and shit. I honestly don't understand why I can remember every character from every random house of Westeros, but have such a hard time remembering everyone's name in Malazan and/or Wheel of Time. I finished Oathkeeper, which I like a whole hell of a lot. I read The Warded Man, which I also like a whole hell of a lot. Gideon the Ninth was OK to me. I found myself invested in Gideon, but I couldn't connect at all to Harrowhark. She had go away heat on my toilet. I didn't like Prince of Thorns very much either. If you make the decision to have the main character order a rape on the first page, you're going to have to do a whole hell of a lot to bring me back around. It never got there, even though I will say that the book was very well written. It's a book that is very much about a single character, and I hated that character immediately. I'm 3 books into the Lightbringer series, and I'm enjoying it. I feel like I've reached the point where I can recommend the series, but also see where it can fall off a cliff.
  14. No, but these professional athletes are about as big of physical outliers that exist. If COVID was killing professional athletes, the rest of us wouldn't have much of a chance.
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