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  1. supremebve

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019

    For what its worth the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is more of a museum of American music than it is a rock and roll museum. Adding bands that never broke in the US would pretty much make the museum something even broader and out of context than it already is.
  2. supremebve


    If you are watching Stephen A. Smith and hoping to get some insight about Chargers vs. Chiefs, you are kind of missing the point. That dude said he would have won the O.J. trial, and it was magical. It doesn't matter that he isn't a lawyer, it doesn't matter that basically every shred of evidence in that trail needed to be thrown out, it doesn't matter that O.J.'s defense team was incredible. He has an insane ability to come up with a ridiculous opinion at the drop of a hat and present it in an entertaining fashion. That is his job, and he's probably the best in the world at it.
  3. supremebve

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Honestly, I'm not going to bitch and moan about Smith in the hall, but he's right there with Rafael Palmeiro with guys who were good for a long time, put up numbers worthy of the hall of fame, and did it in a way that didn't make a single person think, "I'm watching a hall of famer." I know it is hard to define, but I think a hall of famer should have some sort of aura. There needs to be at least a moment in their career where you were rooting for or against him and you were 100% confident that he was going to get the job done. Do you remember how you felt when Manny Ramirez* came up to bat in the 2004 playoffs? I don't care who you were rooting for, when Manny came up to bat you were not changing the channel. It felt like there was a chance to see something special every time he came up to bat. Did you ever feel that way about Lee Smith or Harold Baines? I'm not an odds maker, but I'd be willing to give 10-1 odds that you didn't. *For what its worth, it is pretty clear when Manny starts juicing. Manny was a hell of a hitter his entire career, but he turned into Barry Bonds in 2008 playoffs. He was showing signs of decline, but all of a sudden he was the most dangerous hitter in the game. Look at his 2008 post season numbers in comparison to the numbers he put up when he was World Series MVP.
  4. supremebve

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    We're going to have a hall of fame with Lee Smith and Harold Baines, but no Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons, Alex Rodriguez, Curt Shilling, Sammy Sosa or Manny Ramirez.
  5. supremebve


    That is how everyone starts. Experiment with as many characters as possible, you'll start to figure out who you like and how their moves fit your playing style. Eventually you'll have a favorite, a backup, someone you like to play around with, and then a, fuck this I'm not losing this round character.
  6. supremebve


    My stupid Switch wouldn't connect to the internet this morning...fuck technology.
  7. I'll try to remember to give it a watch when I get home.
  8. I can't remember the last time I thought about Ricky Marvin, I think it was when he was teaming with Juventud having matches with Kenta and Marufuji. I loved those matches, I'd like to see what he has left in the tank.
  9. supremebve


    I'm going to be a passenger on a 5-6 hour trip for Christmas, so I'll have plenty of time to get some Smash Bros. in. There are already discussions for a Smash night among my friends. I've got to get through AC Odyssey, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 76(), and all the other crap I have going on...but I'll make time for Smash Brothers.
  10. supremebve


    There is nothing more disappointing than reeling in a huge fish getting it to shore and realizing its another fucking muskie.
  11. supremebve

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    So you're saying, when he was pointing his finger in Congress he was subtlely trying to get him to sniff his finger?
  12. supremebve


    When I had the legendary moose and stumbled into the legendary elk territory I decided to try out a strategy. I carried the elk carcass to the edge of a mountain, and jumped off...when I reincarnated I had a message saying that I'd be able to access my legendary items at a fence or trapper. The problem is, fish don't work that way. You have to catch them all over again.
  13. supremebve

    All-Purpose Health and Fitness Thread

    Do any of you guys use any fitness apps? I'm trying to figure out a way to stay motivated, and give my workouts some variety. I'm currently 235 lbs, which is heavier than I've ever been in my life. While I'm still fairly active, most of my exercising has been with adult recreational sports leagues, which are as much about drinking beer and eating fried foods as they are about exercising. I'm doing a trial with BodBot, which is promising, but I'd like some other ideas before the trial runs out and I pay for a membership. $60 for a year isn't bad, but it's more than $0 so I'm weighing my options.
  14. supremebve


    Smash Brothers is about as fun of a game as you'll ever play, but it's appeal is kind of inexplicable. It is a 4-player fighting game where you try to knock your opponents off the edge of the stage. It is super simple, so a complete novice feels like they can compete, but the gameplay is so tight and responsive that you can get really good at it. Four friends, a couple of drinks, and Smash Brothers is guaranteed hours of fun.
  15. supremebve


    I'm going to play the shit out of Smash Brothers...I honestly don't know anything else to say about it.