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  1. GIF

    That leg kick at the end killed me...I legit laughed out loud. The fact that people hate him makes the wrestling fan in me so happy.
  2. Kish never stopped fighting the choke, Chiesa clearly stopped defending. Those two situations aren't the same at all. He straight up conceded to the choke, and that is why I don't think this is a big deal. Once you stop fighting off your opponent's hands and/or legs, you aren't getting out of a deep choke. Yamasaki stopped the fight early, but not until after Chiesa stopped working to get out of the choke. At that point, the fight was over, unless Lee decided to let him go.
  4. I get where you are coming from, but I also think it's semantic. I honestly think Yamasaki thought that Chiesa went out when he stopped defending. It was a mistake, but I think is an understandable mistake based on Cheisa's decision to stop defending the choke like he did. If you are in a choke, and you decide your best defense is to lay there and do nothing, the ref may think you are unconscious. Yamasaki didn't have multiple replays to decide whether or not he went out, he just saw Chiesa stop fighting his hands and lay there lifelessly. Until Chiesa jumped up complaining I thought he made the right decision.
  5. It was premature, but only because it didn't happen a second or two later. If the fighter stops defending the choke, which he did, why is that different than if he stopped defending anything else? I honestly thought he was unconscious, because he stopped fighting his hands and his arms were just hovering aimlessly. He was not getting out of that choke, he stopped trying to get out of that choke, and I have no issue with the ref stopping the fight when he stopped defending himself. If you've ever been in a tight rear naked choke, you are either fighting to get out, tapping, or deciding to go unconscious. He did the latter, and I don't mind the fact that he stopped it before he actually passed out.
  6. The difference is that Kish was actively trying to get out, but Chiesa stopped moving, fighting his hands, or anything else. It was premature, but I wouldn't say that is a bad stoppage. He pretty much stopped intelligently defending himself, which is a reason for the ref to stop a fight.
  7. OK, he didn't tap, but...he clearly gave up on trying to fight off that choke. He wasn't even trying to grab his hands, he can complain that Yamasaki stopped it before he passed out, but he clearly accepted his fate.
  9. I don't remember who I heard say it, but this was pretty much the exact reasoning the Bulls used when they made the decision to trade him. They didn't think he's good enough to be the best player on a contender, and as long as he's there they would never be able to get anyone better. I've been saying this for years about Carmelo Anthony. If Carmelo Anthony is your best player, your team is not good enough, but he's also too good to realistically believe he'd ever be anything but the best player on your team. So as long as he's on the team, you're never going to be satisfied with your team, but you're essentially giving up on winning if you get rid of him.
  10. I've been playing a couple of weeks, and I honestly think it is the best game of the generation so far.
  11. FTFY Jimmy Butler is legitimately one of the top 10-15 best players in the league and they got him for a bunch of fair to middling pieces. They traded a perrenial all-star for a bunch of guys who may never be an NBA level starter.
  12. That reminds me of the girl who worked at the self-storage place. When you work at a boring ass place that doesn't require you to interact with many people, and has areas that provide a little bit of privacy, the possibilities are endless. Let's just say, it was much more fun than Tetris.
  13. I remember beating Sonic the Hedgehog on a flip phone, while sitting in the garden booth at Home Depot when I worked there. It is possible, but I do remember it being very difficult. I also had the best Tetris session of my life before having to pause the game to help a punk ass customer.
  14. NFL

    I remember one of our teammates got a compound fracture in his arm, and it is legitimately the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Our reaction as a team was to watch him get carted off, and then keep practicing. I don't even remember that kid's name. It didn't affect my life more than the 5 minutes after it happened.