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  1. The Reeds and the Tullys should be alive, being south of Winterfell and far from the fighting near Kings Landing. I don't think the Reeds will show up, but they are probably the best-equipped people in the entire story to live through all of this. Meera Reed will end up Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, because everyone else will be dead and the Night King got lost looking for Greywater Watch.
  2. This is a book thing not a show thing, so I'm not sure how relevant it is, but the Starks are buried with swords across their laps to keep vengeful spirits in the crypts. It sounds like something that was put in the book to stop people from asking this exact question. You'd have to believe that the Starks would have put measures in place to stop the dead from coming back and killing them in their sleep. Of all the houses in the entire series The Starks are the only ones who take any of this stuff seriously. They are the only major house who sends family members to The Wall voluntarily. They keep the Old Gods, and worship at a Weirwood Heart Tree. They consider themselves "First Men" and not Andals as if they are a different race than the rest of Westeros. They would take every precaution to stop the dead from rising inside of Winterfell, their entire culture is based on preparing for 'winter," there is no way they'd just forget that part.
  3. There is a lot of terrible things that happen in real life, and plenty of terrible things that happen in this story, but them taking scenes of consensual sex and turning them to rape, or just adding random rapes is fucking weird. Afterwards, Benioff & Weiss always act like they don't understand why people have an issue with their added rapes. It's really like they don't understand why unnecessary sexual violence bothers people.
  4. Let's not forget the Sansa rape that they decided to put in the show despite nothing like that happening to her in the books. I think that is the low point of the entire show.
  5. The scene is "consensual" in the books but she didn't have the agency to say no. Drogo was a decent enough guy, he may have waited until she was ready, but Viserys wouldn't have. At the very least he would have had her beaten half to death. She was a 14-year-old who had just been married off for the goodness of her house. She knew exactly what that meant, and couldn't have possibly said no given the circumstances. The girl I'm dating tried to watch Game of Thrones, got as far as the Dany/Drogo sex scene and decided the show is not for her. She won't even consider watching it because of that scene. I honestly don't understand how Benioff and Weiss didn't understand how that scene, and a few others, weren't extremely sexually violent.
  6. People are freaking out about it, but while I wasn't expecting it, I'm also not surprised. The really weird thing is that Dany is 14 at the beginning of the books. Think about the things she went through during the first season happening to a 14-year-old...that will make your skin crawl. Arya is an adult that we met as a child, so it's weird, but not nearly as weird as a 14-year-old girl having to consummate an arranged marriage with Khal Drogo.
  7. So far it has been the exact opposite from what I expected. I've never seen superstar players get less of a benefit of the doubt as the Warriors have gotten so far. Patrick Beverly seemingly has to slap somebody to get called for a foul. This is just plain strange to watch.
  8. Who is asking for this video? I suppose someone has, but this hasn't even gone to trial yet. Are they legally required to share evidence in a pending case with the public? What about the people who plead guilty and are allowed to walk, are their sex tapes just free for the public too? Can we just request all the videos from all the prostitution stings over the years?
  9. The thing that Harper has for him is that everything he does looks impactful. I watched his match with Dijokovic and it was really clear that Harper's offense just looks much more vicious than just about everyone else's. @Marty Sugar's Cactus Jack comparison is kind of spot on. FANTASY BOOKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harper was out a while injured, and Rowan was put with Daniel Bryan while he was out, so they needed a way to introduce him once he was healthy. Have him run in on lower card matches and beat up both guys. Have a match between Tyler Breeze and Eric Young or somebody, and just have Harper run in, beat on both of them and just run out of the ring. Have him do that for a couple of weeks until he runs into someone who sees him coming and it turns into a wild crazy brawl. Can you imagine him and Joe having a blood feud where they just beat the hell out of each other all over an arena? I can, and I'm kind of said I won't get to see it.
  10. There's a conversation to be had between this and the Jussie Smollet case where cops are trying to publicly humiliate people outside of the law.
  11. It wouldn't make any sense for her to be a Skywalker unless Vader is a deadbeat. Otherwise Luke, Leia, Han, C3PO, Chewbacca or someone would have been like, "Hey guys, remember that chick Luke was fucking on Jakku about 20 years ago? Doesn't this force sensitive girl kind of look like her?"
  12. My issue with their booking isn't that they don't make everyone a main eventer, it is that no one other than the main eventers matter enough to be given something to do. I watched more Raw this week than any time in the last few years and really liked the Andrade vs. Balor match. That would be a really fun feud and it would give both of them something to do that the fans would be interested in, but the very next day Balor moves to Smackdown. Why not make that title the next step up from 205 live so Smackdown could have Andrade, Balor, Murphy, Ali, working with guys they can have great matches with and all have a singular goal? They aren't going to do that....they're going to figure out a way for all of them to get lost in the shuffle while they have Shane McMahon beat up Roman Reigns' childhood neighbor for a quarter of every show. They have a lot of talent and could have good television if they utilized them in a logical way...but they don't.
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