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  1. He's neither...but he thinks that we are. Seriously, his entire career is about pushing the lines on racial/ethnic jokes, he knows where the line is and as far as I know he's never really crossed it. Seriously, he spends his time thinking about how to craft jokes that push the limits, and we all laugh because he is saying "dangerous" things. For him to come out in defense of someone not only crossed those lines, but did it repeatedly after being asked to stop is not dumb or naïve...but dishonest and manipulative.
  2. I don't watch either show, but I've seen enough clips to say that I prefer Skip with Shannon Sharpe than Stephen A. Smith. It feels like Shannon and Skip are capable of having an actual conversation. Stephen A. Smith and Skip just tried to out outrageous each other.
  3. The last couple days has proved the old adage, "There's a lil Stugotz in everybody."
  4. It's also a great example of the difference between knowing how a submission works and understanding how a submission works. Nobody is drilling how to do a calf slicer around your neck, he just has full comprehension of how that submission works and was able to adapt it to a weird position in real time. That is a really rare level of grappling comprehension.
  5. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a calf slicer that he used his neck as the fulcrum...but it also looks like he's doing something to his ankle that can't possibly be comfortable. It reminds me of when I did Judo one of the teachers could pull the most random arm bars out of his ass. He just understood how to to isolate your elbow and apply pressure that he could just bend your arm over his head as you're going for a choke if you extended too far in the wrong direction.
  6. I was about to say, I haven't paid full price for PS Plus for years, because they always seem to have a discount running somewhere.
  7. I think the biggest issue with the Wentz trade is the Wentz contract. The Colts are a team with a lot of talent and they got a high paid quarterback who may be the same as the marginally high paid quarterback they already have. They could have used that money to get more talent to try to make up for Brissett's limitations or they could have used that money to try to upgrade at quarterback with someone who may not even be an upgrade.
  8. Prince Markie Dee wrote and produced Mary J. Blige's "Real Love." That's one of those before and after songs. Everything before that was New Jack Swing, but everything after moved more into Hip-Hop Soul. That's a huge contribution to the culture, on top of everything he did with The Fat Boys.
  9. Cam Newton was MVP at one point, so was Matt Ryan, but what does any of that have to do with today?
  10. Damn, I kinda forgot he existed...I'm an Ohio State fan and live in the DC Metro area and I forgot he existed...that's not a good sign for him.
  11. Is there any compelling evidence that shows that Carson Wentz is any better than Jacoby Brissett? I don't think Brissett is anything to write home about, but Wentz was legitimately the worst quarterback in the league last year. Brissett is just overwhelmingly average.
  12. The crazy thing about Usman is that he may be the single best athlete in the UFC, but he won this fight because his technical acumen might be better than his athletic ability. He got hurt early, and instead of going crazy and trying to do something spectacular to close the distance on the scorecards, he went back to basics and started throwing jabs. That man is a problem.
  13. Yeah, she might need her depth perception checked. With that said, Maycee Barber has all the things you want in a 22-year-old fighter. Her physical talent, her toughness, her aggressiveness, and her fearlessness are all top notch...she just needs to get her skills up to par.
  14. The two loudest MMA crowds I've ever been in were Montreal when GSP won his title back from Matt Serra and when Randy Couture knocked Tim Sylvia down with the first punch in Columbus, Ohio.
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