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  1. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    I'm in Brooklyn. Check out @supremebve's Tweet: https://twitter.com/supremebve/status/899102022007492608?s=09

    Yeah, these are college kids, being dumb is kind of what we expect. This particular dumb activity is based purely off the fact that they needed cash and live under a set of rules that says they can't have any.
  3. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Except stopping at home would probably mean his death if he doesn't know his dad is dead. He stole his family's ancestral sword, which his dad clearly values more than his life. Why would he ever go back there?

    Yeah, but all those things are pretty much equal to what they did. And most of those dudes do not get paid jack shit. You have to realize that most players pretty anonymous and no one would think about paying them in the first place. The only football players who would be getting paid are probably a star quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or pass rusher. I don't care how good the left guard is, nobody is paying him. I know more than a few people who played college sports, and they didn't get a damn thing. I'm sure there are people getting paid, but it isn't much, nor are there many players getting paid.

    You know how to stop players from coming up with harebrained schemes for cash? Getting paid. Just saying.
  6. What are you reading?

    I've read all three books, and while the first is clearly the best of the series, I don't think the last two are bad. The world building in the first book is masterful. It builds a world that is simultaneously massive and personal. The characters also feel fully fleshed out and grounded in a way that fits perfectly in the world they inhabit. The issue with the next two books is that the world is built, and the characters are already established. You don't get the sense of discovery that you get in the first book. You are less discovering a new world, than exploring a world that has already been made. I liked the books, but the follow ups feel different than the original.

    You do realize that intent to sell, doesn't mean that you intend to sell weed right? Intent to sell, means you have more than one bag of weed. If you have a 1/2 pound of weed in one bundle, it is simple possesion, but if you have two dime bags it is intent to distribute. It doesn't necessarily mean you were intending to sell weed.
  8. 2017 The Stuff About Sports Media Thread

    I'm just mad that they changed it from the Verizon "Center" to the Capital One "Arena." I'm sorry, but DC sports teams should play in a building that can be shortened to the "Cap Center"

    My friend sprained his ankle a couple weeks ago, and the doctor put him in a boot and told him it would be 6-8 weeks, before he could run. In high school, we would just get taped up and come back to practice if we sprained an ankle. I was looking at him like, "6-8 weeks? For a sprained ankle?" I always thought it was an extremely painful injury, not a go somewhere and sit down kind of injury.
  10. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    There is very little evidence that he was awful at all pre-Kingslayer. He was pretty much a child prodigy with a sword and was knighted by Ser Arthur Dayne, who is pretty much the most knightly of all knights. I always interpreted him as a guy who was in love with a crazy woman who manipulated him into being awful. He's arrogant as all hell, but most of the truly awful things he has done he has done for Cersei, to save Cersei, or to get back to Cersei. One of the things that shows his character is he was standing guard outside King Aerys' bedroom while he was raping his wife. He wanted to go in and save her, but the other King's Guard told him, "We are sworn to protect her, just not from him."
  11. NFL PRESEASON 2017

    Ray Lewis' advice is to keep your activism private. My advice to Ray, keep your stupidity private. Honestly, how can you be a private activist? I see problems in this world, but instead of addressing them, I'm just going to keep them to myself. That is going to solve it. How the fuck do we live in a world where Ray Lewis is someone we take seriously?
  12. NFL PRESEASON 2017

    Baltimore is one of the strangest places on the plane when it comes to race relations. Baltimore is overwhelmingly black, except the people who claim to be from Baltimore are overwhelmingly white. I was listening to Washington DC radio before a Washington vs. Baltimore preseason football game. They had callers call in trying to talk in a Baltimore accent. Every single white person who called in speaking in a "Baltimore" accent, and were praised by the hosts. The crazy thing is that the hosts dismissed all of the black people who called in an actual Baltimore accent. The "Baltimore" accent is indicative of all the rural/suburban areas around the city, but no one actually talks like that in the city. It is kind of like the New Orleans accent in relation to the rural Lousiana accent. I think Baltimore would embrace Kaepernick, but "Baltimore" is a whole different story. Those two groups of people are vastly different in a way that really matters.
  13. JULY 2017 TV THREAD

    The part that really hit me was when he finally got to the point where he couldn't stand, he was all by himself. No coaches, trainers, teammates, not even his brother were there to help him. When he was diving over people into the end zone he was surrounded by support, as soon as he couldn't help the team, he was on his own.

    Randy Savage is my personal favorite all time wrestler. The angle that got me hooked on wrestling was the Mega Powers Exploding. All my friends took Hogan's side, but me, I was behind Macho Man 100%.
  15. JULY 2017 TV THREAD

    I'm two episodes into the second season of Last Chance U, and it is just as interesting as the first season so far. The thing that really kills me when watching this show is how much you like the players, despite some of them doing absolutely heinous things. D'Andre Johnson, who is best known for punching a woman in the face, is seemingly the most mature person at the school. He legitimately seems like the last person on earth who would haul off and punch a woman in the face. The scene with his parents discussing him punching that woman was heartbreaking. His mom could barely form sentences about it, you can see the disappointment on her face. I don't know what is going to happen with him in the future, but I'm rooting for him. I hate calling something as egregious as punching a woman in the face a mistake. He made a decision to punch that woman, it wasn't an accident. With that said, he made that decision as a 19-year-old and I don't think a terrible decision you make at 19 makes you unredeemable as a person. Chauncey Rivers, a kid who got kicked out of Georgia because he couldn't stop smoking weed, has a 3.8 gpa, and seems to be a monster on the field. He had a really poignant moment int he first episode where he asked the academic advisor, "why do all the kids from Mississippi, think that you have to go to JUCO first? It must be the school system." That kid has no business whatsoever being in a junior college, and he knows it more than anyone.