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  1. supremebve


    This is so true, especially in sports. Think about how many of the people covering sports leagues are also either paying or getting paid by that sports league. Think about how the NFL basically got a concussion documentary pulled from the air, or David Stern stopping Stan Van Gundy from being hired by ESPN, or the fact that almost every baseball team in a major market has its own network to cover their games. It's bad enough that people have their biases, but when the entire industry has biases you should always be skeptical of how things get covered. Dave Meltzer is actually one of the few "sports" journalists who I think is giving his actual opinion on matters, because he has a platform that exists independent of the sport he covers.
  2. This is the third time Donald Curry has come up in conversation in the last week. I don't think I had thought about him since the mid-90s and he's come up 3 different times. He was a badass at his peak though.
  3. Are you trying to say that it is unreasonable to have back surgery on your schedule when you get your medical tests done? Who's career turned out worse based on injury, Cain Velasquez or Dominick Cruz? I'm going to say Cain, because I think he'd still be heavyweight champ without the injuries, but bantamweight has surpassed Cruz, even though he's still a contender.
  4. I know, but a dude with 2 shot knees, bad shoulders, and multiple back injuries, shouldn't be flying around the country taking bumps every night. He's one of the few people who an athletic commission has looked at and said, "Nope, we can't let you fight," without a drug violation. The same commission let Kevin Lee fight with an obvious staph infection.
  5. supremebve


    As a broke person, I'm not sure I'm in a place to give Tom Dundon financial advise, but why would you put $250 million into a league that was out of money after 2 weeks? That is about twice as much as it would take to fix the Flint Water crisis by the way...but fixing a second rate football league is much more important than that.
  6. I never want to see Cain Velasquez fight another MMA fight. He was the best heavyweight I ever...but his body betrayed him. If he goes to WWE, he should be Andrade Cein Almas' henchman so he doesn't have to do anything but stand there and look intimidating. I don't think his body will hold up to much more than that. He's up there with Thiago Alves on the outrageous number of surgeries scale. His body is held together with chewing gum and baling wire, and going on the road and taking bumps ain't going to do anything to help that.
  7. supremebve

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    So, they are inducting D-X, but no Rick Rude and no Tori? For shame.
  8. supremebve

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    As someone who's peak fandom was pretty much at the same time as peak DX, I'll never understand why that stable seems to be remembered so fondly. They were corny to me as a teenager, and it got worse as the years passed. I get why they're in the hall of fame, based on who's in charge, but I remember them being annoying more often than they were good.
  9. supremebve

    Star Wars Episode IX

    Luke got his hand lopped off, Han was frozen in Carbonite, The Rebellion was crushed, and The Empire had won...oh wait, that was Empire Strikes Back. My bad.
  10. supremebve


    This is almost exactly my thoughts. Hogan was a superhero, him no selling was pretty much the key to the character. He fights monsters, they kick his ass, until truth, justice, and racism helps him overcome the odds. The problem I have with Rollins no-selling is that it serves no story telling purpose. It isn't him being a super hero who is overcoming the odds. He isn't a wily vet, trying to show a young boy who's boss. He's just a dude who is so in love with his own offense he doesn't take the time to sell for his opponent, or at least that's how it comes off to me. I generally like Rollins, but that's my biggest pet peeve with his work.
  11. supremebve


    I don't trust anything after, 2 Nigerian dudes. If there is a scam that includes 2 Nigerian dudes, I can't rule out any possibilities. Is it possible that Jussie Smollet hired them to fake this attack? Absolutely. Could the real attackers have hired them to claim that he hired them to do the attack? Yep. Could this be some elaborate scheme that somehow ends up with those 2 Nigerian dudes getting an airport or some shit? Sure. Once a scheme includes Nigerians, all bets are 100% off.
  12. supremebve

    We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    If anyone thinks this is anything other than a massive loss for the NFL, remember how far they were willing to take Tom Fucking Brady over some deflated footballs. They spent over $22 million dollars trying to prove Tom Brady, the most accomplished quarterback in league history, was a cheater. Sure, they just decided to cave on Kaepernick, who is so well liked, when they could have drug this out until they broke him. There are people who are really trying to argue that the NFL could have won this...I don't get it.
  13. supremebve

    We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    I don't know what the average salary for an AAF contract is, but it's not enough for someone who doesn't need the money. If he dominates that league, the NFL can still say he's not good enough to play in their league. If he gets hurt, he got hurt playing for pennies on the dollar of his actual worth as a football player. He got paid, and I'm willing to bet it is upwards of $100 million dollars. Nothing but bad could have come out of discovery, depositions, and a trial for the NFL. There is no way he could afford to buy the NFL's silence, so it is easy to assume that they are buying his. There is nothing in the world they could say that would hold up in court about why no one gave him an opportunity to play over the last few years. When they kept running Peterman out there, or when the R's signed Josh Johnson, they pretty much confirmed all of his claims. The NFL has enough money that they could pay for this to go away, and Kaepernick had enough patience and principle to make that price tag extra high.
  14. supremebve


    Evan Courageous has to be a top 10 worst wrestler ever signed to a national wrestling organization. He's up there with Prince Nakymaky.
  15. supremebve

    We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    People on Twitter are mad at him for asking for $20 mill to play in a minor league football league. If you were him, how much money would it take for you to take the field with a bunch of dudes without a damn thing to lose? $20 million seems to cheap to me.