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  1. I think it depends on what you're looking for. The Switch is best for stereotypical indies, you know the games like Hades, Wargroove, Katana Zero, etc. Playstation 4 has all of those, plus a shitload of all the weird Japanese RPG series that never quite caught outside of Japan.
  2. A 10+ hour drive is a 12+ hour bus trip at the least. I don't know how much they are paying that bus driver, but I know it isn't nearly enough.
  3. I'm pretty sure Rex Grossman and Jay Cutler are the best I've seen and that ain't good. With that said, Baker Mayfield is by far the best Browns quarterback we've had post-return, so I can't even make fun of them.
  4. Tony Romo was giving Brady all the benefit of the doubt yesterday, this has to be what this is about. They have Brady more weapons than pretty much everybody in the entire league and he hasn't been able to use them effectively... except he's Tom Brady.
  5. There is a suprisingly high number of hall of fame quarterbacks on that list. All 3 Mannings, Terry Bradshaw 3 times, Warren Moon twice.
  6. This Broncos/Saints game looks like football from the 1930s. There isn't an actual quarterback playing, for either team.
  7. Between Marvel and Star Wars, there is a lot of money left on the table by not putting out great Triple-A video games with their properties. At least Star Wars tries, outside of the Spider-Man games, there really aren't any good Marvel games and there hasn't been for a very long time.
  8. Mike Greenberg has no idea why this is so funny.
  9. Am I the only one wondering why Microsoft and Sony are still bothering with these free games? They clearly don't want to give us anything worthwhile, and both have services in Game Pass and Playstation Now that have the games people want.
  10. Yeah, I think he's deserving, but you can't put him in before Boselli. Overall, I think the Pro Football Hall of Fame is the most prestigious of all the hall of fames at this point. Baseball is shooting themselves in the foot with the steroid issue. Basketball let's anyone whoever scored more than 20 in a game in their hall of fame. Football actually seems to think about who does and does not belong and gets it right most of the time. There really isn't anyone in the hall of fame that I don't understand how they got there.
  11. I saw some poll that asked whether anyone would be playing this game if Cyberpunk released on time, and about 90% of people said no. This game had the best launch in the history of the series...and I'm one of those people who is only playing it as a place holder. I got my hands on an Xbox Series X and wanted to play a game that took advantage of the new hardware. I wanted to get my hands on a PS5 so I can play Spider-Man, but haven't been able to find one. I don't play Call of Duty, and even if I did, I wouldn't buy anything starring Ronald Reagan*. So, I've been playing Assassin's Creed
  12. Patrick Willis was the best linebacker in the league for a little bit. He retired early, so he doesn't have longevity but I thought he would be a lock if he put the time in. Now, he's a maybe. I'm pretty sure that Willie Anderson is the Bengals tackle, who was arguably the best tackle in the league in the early 2000s. Steve Tasker was really good in kick coverage, but that's about it. That isn't hall of fame worthy to me. Being the best special teamer of all time is like being the best kindergartner of all time. That's quite the accomplishment for you, but you're still just finger paint
  13. It's something that would only happen in pro wrestling where someone is cooperating, but it does look cool. The entire sport of amateur wrestling is about control, it's not something that would happen with anyone who knew what they were doing. It's also why no one watches amateur wrestling.
  14. Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson are the certified locks. Calvin Johnson probably should be as well, but who the fuck knows how the voters are going to vote on a wide receiver. Of the other finalists, I could see Jared Allen getting in, but I'm not sure he'd get on the first ballot with the rest of the players on the list. Who I would vote for: Peyton Manning: There aren't 5 quarterbacks in the history of earth better than him. You can put him anywhere from 1-5 all time, but you put him under that on your list I'm going to look at you funny. Charles Woodson: The most con
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