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  1. For the life of me I do not remember Rip Taylor having a run with the WWF.
  2. No joke I was going to come out of lurking just to post the exact same thing (except I’m not a potty mouth).
  3. I'm a fan of the Iron Sheik documentary on Netflix. Once I got past the uncomfortabilty of watching the producers take advantage of him I really found myself rooting for him.
  4. According to their 9/30/16 financials live events make up 19.8% of their revenues ytd. Television is 32.4% and the network accounts for 25.7%.
  5. This was the first time I've watched Impact since attending the Bethlehem tapings back in January. Watching Matt's promo from the top of the staircase all I could think was that his Mark Guleen impression was spot on. #obscurememphisreference
  6. Sad to hear of his passing, glad to see others with fun memories of him. I have one memory that sticks out. He worked an Indy at a local fair in 1990. I forget who he was wrestling but he was the heel and I, in the front row, was probably the only person rooting for him. He was getting the crowd riled up. I forget exactly what I said but I shouted something in favor of him and he yelled back, "yeah, listen to this kid!"
  7. I'm not going to defend TNA's booking of their World Title this week, but seeing Matt and Reby walk out from behind the big screen tonight followed a few steps behind by Tyrus carrying their son *almost* made up for it. I'm hoping they discussed EC3 on commentary throughout the night because him not appearing in front of the crowd was a big letdown. There were several chants for him and he was nowhere to be found. I want to presume he's being held off to sell injuries from the Last Man Standing match and then he can return to reclaim what is rightfully his and emphasize the fact that he still has never been pinned.
  8. They just taped the Last Man Standing match. Matt wins the title with the help of Tyrus in a double turn. I should add: I think they were going for the double turn. Hardy definitely went heel with a post match promo. I'm assuming EC3 turns by default. He tried to get a face reaction as he left the ring.
  9. They announced to the live crowd that they'd be taping the EC3/Hardy Last Man Standing match tonight (Friday). For some reason they taped a match between the two of them for the One Night Only:Rivals ppv instead this night.
  10. The Rockstar Spud tag was taped with an Xplosion background and likely will not air on Impact. DJ Z turned on Jesse in their tag match. The Anderson talk show segment was called Huh? and was a clear attempt to start their own What chants. In fact he explained to the crowd that every time he said Huh he wanted them to yell Huh back at him. I don't watch TNA so I don't know if this has been part of his gimmick but it came across poorly. It was not a good segment. At one point during their segment, Jeff Hardy presented EC3 with a piece of paper which turned out to be his Dr's clearance to wrestle. It is hard not to root for Kurt Angle. He came across as a genuine guy and made sure he shook hands with everybody around the rails and stopped to ensure he particularly got to every kid that wanted a high five. Jeff Hardy was he same way. For Kurt, as he reached the top of the ramp following his match he looked off to the side at someone not visible and just looked like he had this huge combination of smile and sigh of relief. I like Kurt. I consider him one of my all time favorites and part of me would love to see him get a last run with WWE, but I couldn't help watching his match worried that each bump could be his last. It's not that he looked bad but it was always in the back of my mind.
  11. That was a Ribera jacket he was wearing as well.
  12. I'm standing outside the venue to get into the impact tapings and two things come to mind. First, there are more people here than I expected. They might be able to have crowd lights up. Second, I hate wrestling fans (generally speaking).
  13. Yes, they've done two sets of multi-day tapings at the Sands in the past. I went to both nights of the first set and enjoyed myself. They raised prices for the second set and there was no way I was going to get that much enjoyment out of it so I didn't bother. This time around, prices have dropped to $25 and $10. Will probably go to a couple since I don't get POP TV.
  14. I just received an email from the venue announcing that TNA will be running the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, PA for the live debut on POP. They will be taping other Impact episodes all that week (Tuesday through Thursday), then more tapings on Friday and Saturday for international tv and One Night Only pay-per-views.
  15. I love that this episode had so many women's segments and they all served a purpose and were good or better. NXT may not have as talented of a female crew as they did before the "revolution" but they have better stories and that helps to make up for it. I know several people who say "verse" instead of "versus" and it is a pet peeve. I asked one guy about it and he said that verse was when it is a one-on-one encounter and versus is only supposed to be used when it is team versus team. Ugh.
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