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  1. The rumor is that it wasn't anyone in Kendrick's crew, but it was someone from The Weeknd's crew. http://youtu.be/VYMLSPUGfUY?si=uMp8E_d80Pn1ORqw
  2. His response was essentially, "You fell into my trap, I leaked all this false information to you and now everyone believes I'm a pedophile."
  3. The fact that the internet has spent every minute after he dropped bringing in receipts for all the things Drake says Kendrick is lying about is kind of crazy. There is literally an article about Drake paying $15,000 in child support for a 2 year old girl in Miami from 2015.
  4. The crazy thing is that seems like this all started, because Drake wants both Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar to like him, but not only do they not like him, they have absolutely no respect for him. That's the part that I don't think Drake fully comprehends. He thinks they are jealous of his success, when they are talking about who he is at his core as a person. Their main point is that if we had the choice to switch, you'd definitely want to be one of us, but we'd never want to be you.
  5. I think Drake and, a large part of his fanbase, did not understand what the beef was about until it was too late. Drake spent most of the battle talking about his success, his money, and his fame. Kendrick was flat out telling him that he was a failure as a man and how he is totally unworthy of respect. He told that man "You thought that money, power, and fame could save you from being you," and he should have just hung up his mic and went home. Drake thought that this was about rap, but this is about Kendrick having utter disdain for Drake's very existence. He told Drake that he's a failure as a father because he doesn't know anything about honor, discipline, integrity and morals. Drake then said, well that's why I heard you beat your wife. Kendrick less than an hour later wrote multiple letters to everyone in Drake's family calling him a pedophile, a pervert, and a predator and telling them he feels sorry for them for having to put up with his bitch ass. Kendrick is Ned Flanders. Drake is Homer. https://youtu.be/_1vTGN52MCc?si=8TV_5eWWZsKFtXjm&t=97
  6. Reggie won the battle, Vince won the war. I honestly wouldn't change how that played out at all. Vince Young should have an effigy of a fallen USC Trojan in his house. That National Championship game is a top-5 all-time sporting event for me.
  7. One, I don't think anyone should follow NCAA rules, break all of them. Second, Reggie Bush is on the list of most exciting college football players ever. If you don't think he's #1, I'm not going to argue with you, but if you're making a list and he's not in consideration for #1, you are dead ass wrong. Taking his Heisman was bullshit then, now, and forever. He's the exact type of player who the Heisman was made for.
  8. The worst is when you start a game with absolutely nothing, don't really understand how anything works, and by the end of the first mission you have to decide which of these things to drop on the ground before you even get to the first town.
  9. Seriously, he's the best player in franchise history, and at one point was the most beloved athlete in the country. Did they have a policy of not retiring numbers? @Dolfan in NYC, Dov Kleiman is clearly a moron, but the reason we cared about OJ as much or as long as we did is because of who he was before the murders. Has any athlete in history created as wide of a range of feelings from the public as OJ Simpson? Muhammed Ali is the only one I think is in the same stratosphere. I know the ESPN documentary is great, but there was an older HBO documentary that illustrated how beloved OJ was by pretty much everyone but Jim Brown during his heyday. We don't have an athlete who is more universally beloved as OJ was at his peak and we haven't since maybe Michael Phelps at his peak. After the murder, so many of the feelings about OJ had nothing to do with OJ and whether or not he was a murderer, but how betrayed people felt for how much they loved him. I don't think the public can be more invested in the career/life of an athlete than OJ going back to the 1960s. He was THE superstar athlete, who was in every commercial, and was the person whom everyone looked at as the model for how professional athletes should behave.
  10. Won 3 of the last 5 Super Bowls, but at the absolute bottom of the league in almost every category in that Players Poll that came out after the season. The players are good, but they clearly hate the ownership, the facilities, and all the other shit other than the winning. I don't think the players care that they're trying to scam the city, I also don't think it will help anyone's opinion of them.
  11. This could be a whole thread. Sweet Child O Mine is not on my list, but I've never regularly listened to rock radio. For me, I never need to hear Biggie Smalls' "Hypnotize" ever again, despite being a huge Biggie fan.
  12. In an interview where Dana White claims that he only talks to real journalists, this happened.
  13. I would like to propose changing this thread's name to, "The Tyreek Hill Memorial NFL Off Field Issues" thread.
  14. It's the American dream, shout out to Dusty.
  15. How much do you get paid to be the CEO of a completely theoretical network that no one actually believes will ever come to fruition? And why do I never get these type of jobs? I can run a make believe network.
  16. I feel like Watson's backup has to be a player that no one actually wants to play. I don't think Jameis is good, and I'm pretty sure this is punishment for telling Saints fans that they should want Jameis over Derek Carr...but this is a direct reaction to Flacco playing himself out of the backup job by being better than the higher-paid starter. It's the same reason Jacoby Brissett couldn't come back. If the starter is shaky, then the backup has to be shakier.
  17. There is something perfect about the way Stockton and Malone run the pick and roll for each other for the title of most unlikeable NBA Hall of Famer.
  18. I cannot support putting Mike Rotunda into any hall of fame. I would support him inducting his son, but I spent too many hours of my childhood watching him do shitty chinlocks and abdominal stretches on Superstars every week to let this travesty slide. I'm about 76% joking, but he's perhaps my least favorite wrestler of all time.
  19. The amount of people I've heard talk about who Chris Mortensen was of camera has been pretty incredible. He's up there with Tim Kurkjian on the list of people that no one seems to have a bad word to say about him. In a business where everyone seems to be fighting to keep their spot he advocate for ESPN to hire all the NFL reporters who could possible replace him. He was also someone who had a great sense of humor who would mercifully bust your balls, but would also be the first person to stand up and protect your name if anyone talked shit about you behind your back. When I go, I hope people talk about me like they've talked about him over the past few days.
  20. I think the strangest moment I've had with meeting an athlete was when I met Clinton Portis. I remember looking at him and thinking, "were about the same size," then I looked at his forearm while he was signing something and it looked like the muscles in his forearm were replaced by steel cables. I'm about 5'7 and can be in damn good shape at about 200 lbs. I'm not tall, but I'm a big strong guy. Portis looked like he could ball me up and shoot me like a fake jumpshot.
  21. I met James Harrison once, and I'm pretty sure he is the most physically imposing person possible. Cam Newton is 6 inches taller and 20 lbs. heavier.
  22. I have never even heard of anyone being anywhere near Cam Newton without thinking that Cam is the largest person they've ever seen. People who have been covering sports for 30 years all have the same reaction. LeSean McCoy while discussing the fight said, "I just saw him at the Super Bowl, and I had forgot just how big he is." Spencer Hall who spends his life covering college football said, "I know Cam Newton isn't the largest person I've ever met, but Cam Newton is the largest person I've ever seen." Bomani Jones said something to the effect of, "if you heard a 7 year old upon seeing Cam Newton say, "who is that big motherfucker over there?" You would not be surprised that he cursed, you'd be surprised that a child so young knew the correct technical term." I say all of that to ask, "why do you think you can beat up Cam Newton?"
  23. 3. He got pretty much everyone else to write it.
  24. This is advice for everybody, never and I mean never trust anyone who claims to be native American on the internet. There is only about 1-2% of the population that are native American and most of them live in 14 states. The odds of a native American family dressing their child like that to go to a football game in Missouri are as close to zero as you can get. It's not impossible, but I'm going to need some compelling evidence. This is like when the Washington franchise was trotting out "native Americans" to vouch for their old name and none of them were actually native American. You can find a whole bunch of people claiming to be native American on the internet, but there are less than 25,000 native Americans in a state of over 6 million people. It would be like if they found a black dude in Idaho who walks around town in blackface. It's not impossible, but how many native American people dress up like that to go to a football game?
  25. I mean, the kid probably isn't the racist in this situation, but a whole lot of adults had to be racist for this shit to happen in the first place. Calling your team the Kansas City Chiefs...a native American characature, is racist. Fans dressing up in native American display is racist. Doing that obnoxious chop is racist. Dressing up a little kid who doesn't really understand the implications as a native American stereotype is irresponsible at the absolute best, but it could very well be interpreted as racist. If that kid racist? Maybe... but is the entire situation racist, 100% yes.
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