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  1. Snow = North Rivers = Riverland Stone = The Vale of Arryn Flowers = The Reach Sand = Dorne Hill = Westerlands Storm = Stormlands Waters = Crownlands Pyke = Iron Islands
  2. It was more of a should we use the numbers from source a or source b and whether or not their parameters were technically correct. So one source included an incident off of the coast of Liberia in a report about the Gulf of Guinea and the other didn't, and it took multiple days to figure out which we should use and whether or not Liberia should technically be included. So, it was written as "roughly 13 percent" because it would be 13ish percent depending on which report you wanted to look at. It was determined that the coast of Liberia should not be included so it should be written as 14 percent. I told my boss to just remove the line, because it didn't actually matter at all, but he wanted to go back and forth with his boss. With that said, I can confirm that at least the Rock Band 4 guitar works and I have 158 DLC songs. If you don't hear from me for a few days, you should already know why.
  3. I'm in a stupid work meeting where people are arguing about the validity of a percentage without anyone doing the math(it's what percent of 43 is 6? It's written as 13% when it's closer to 14%. This has been going on for days.), when I'm done I can try to fire up Rock Band to see if the guitar works on my Series X once it's over. I'm betting it will work.
  4. Somebody made a Kimo Leopoldo TV show?
  5. You say that, but the original peripherals worked for either game, which was a big key for making it as big as it was. Not everyone had a second guitar, but enough people had a guitar that someone could bring one if you were getting people together. If they make everyone buy a new guitar, then the game will be less successful...except I'm pretty sure it would be the smallest of speed bumps for me.
  6. He should go ahead and break up with her. If you get mad and break something in the house, it is a problem that needs to be addressed. If you call the police to address it, the relationship is over. Either she believes that you are going to harm her next, or she's petty as hell, but either way you should probably remove yourself from that situation.
  7. I've found them for less than that, but if you read the fine print it always says something like, "missing the kick pedal and the yellow drum doesn't work." It is something that I knew at least 15-20 people with the full set when it was the fun new thing, but now I don't know anyone with the full set.
  8. I want to like Daniel Garcia as much as the rest of you, but there is something missing with him that I can't really put my finger on. He's 23 years old so he has all the time in the world to improve, but I think that is kind of the issue I have with him. He seems like a high school bully trying to pull his high school tactics with adults and it makes me wonder why these dudes don't just kick this little whippersnapper's ass. His character is hard for me to take seriously. He's kind of a technician, kind of a bully, but also comes off as a whiny bitch when he talks. He needs to pick one and work on perfecting that character. The match with Anthony Greene was pretty fun, (that rebound Doctor bomb was dope) and I like that abdominal stretch neck crank, but he's kind of all over the place with his character work right now. If I was in charge, I'd push him as the submission machine who can win with any of the submissions in his arsenal, but who would put me in charge of anything? I don't get the Wingmen. I don't see any situation where the members of this group would ever hang out. JD Drake needs to be teaming with another chubby southern dude (I may be crazy, but I think that dude should be billed as an Anderson cousin and teaming with Brock). Peter Avalon and Anthony Greene need to be a loverboy tag team with a smoking hot valet. Cezar Bononi just doesn't fit at all.
  9. Not only was this match great, it is one of the better garbage brawls I've seen in a long ass time. We get a lot of these type of matches, but this one actually felt like it was a worthy blow off for a heated rivalry. The blood absolutely added to the match as it made it feel like all 4 women were willing to put it all on the line to beat their opponents. We just got a street fight between Eddie Kingston/Santana/Ortiz and Daniel Garcia/2.0, and it fell flat to me. It really felt like just another in a series of matches. The 4 women in the TayJay vs. Bunny/Ford really went out there and bumped all over the place, bled, and made me care about their match. If putting on matches that make people care is bad for the business, the business is doomed.
  10. I'm looking at the guitar right now, and I know for a fact I still own Rock Band 4. I can't think of a series of games that has gave me more enjoyment than Rock Band/Guitar Hero. I know how much the drums cost, because I've been looking for them because I have a group of friends who already agreed to have a Rock Band night if I ever find the drums. The good news is you can find a Rock Band Keytar controller for less than $40.
  11. I'd be first in line if they released another Guitar Hero or Rock Band they made a more compact drum kit. I tossed mine, because I was moving and I couldn't think of a place to put that cumbersome ass drum set. I still have a guitar and you can use any USB microphone, but there is no way to play drums unless you try to get them second hand and they are all super expensive and/or missing parts.
  12. I don't think it's likely that Cole wins the title for quite a while. I foresee a lengthy title run for Page for starters. Cole wil lmost likely be tied up with the Elite at least until Omega comes back. I don't know if Danielson takes the belt off of Page, but I'd be very surprised if his title reign isn't at least 6 months after the story they told to get him here.
  13. That dude is 6'6" and 295 lbs. and he wants to fight naked...That is a fucking terrible day at work.
  14. Not only this but I'd argue that the fact that they gave too many people power was a bigger detriment than giving too many people money. They were really successful when paying people shitloads of money, they fell off when they couldn't tell good stories because too many people had too much creative input. If Starrcade '97 ended with Sting going over clean and strong and looking like a fucking superstar, I'm pretty sure they had another six months to a year of incredibly profitable business.
  15. Yeah, I can relate. I was in the middle of a long ass RPG run when Ghosts of Tsushima dropped so I didn't buy it at launch, and spent well over year looking for it to go on sale at a decent price. I ended up getting it on a buy 2 get 1 sale. It worked out because they ended up dropping the Director's cut and I was able to play it optimized for the PS5 with the DLC.
  16. The worst rule in sports had to be, if we fuck up and blow the whistle for no good reason, we can take a touchdown of the board. I understand that they should have taken the score off the board, but I have no problem with them not taking that touchdown of the board. They blew the whistle while the pass was traveling in the air, which makes no sense whatsoever.
  17. NBC trying to convince America that anyone in Ohio outside of the Cincinnati metro area gives a rat's ass about the Bengals and the best they could do is a couple people in Joe Burrow's parent's neighborhood.
  18. I feel like this is the #1 complaint for pretty much every show set anyplace when you ask people from that place. I know any TV show or movie where someone in DC says, "let's go to Quantico and talk to the FBI guys," and then get there and aren't pissed off and disheveled, it takes me out of the movie for a minute. On any given day, that drive can be one of the most miserable experiences on earth.
  19. I honestly feel like having fairly predictable storylines is a good thing in wrestling, so when you do pull a swerve it hits harder. One of the things that WWE did to lose me is trying to always swerve the audience. Tell good stories even if they are predictable, and I'll be satisfied. When you do swerve the audience, make sure that it matters and turns into something bigger.
  20. Yes and no. I believe Foley to be incredibly important to the late 90s WWE, but I don't think they're looking for the next Foley. They want the next Rock or the next Austin, and won't ever be satisfied until they fin him. The problem is that The Rock and Steve Austin are perhaps the most complete pro wrestling talents that have ever existed. I don't think anyone ever played a wrestling character better or more consistently than Stone Cold Steve Austin. He understood every note that needed to be played at the time, and played his character like a mother fucking virtuoso. Then you have The Rock, who just went on to be one of the biggest movie stars of the century. Neither is replicable. If they were looking for someone like Foley, they'd have a better chance, but there hasn't been another one of those either.
  21. The same friend's wife who watches wrestling with us, but largely doesn't care, pretty much spends the entire time looking to see if people are wearing masks. I've seen a few movies, but it's because the same friend rents showings so he can take his kids. The only other public place I go regularly is the gym, and even that has slowed down since I've changed my workout programming and Omicron started going crazy. I'm sorry to admit this on a wrestling board, but I don't trust wrestling fans to make smart, informed, well-intentioned decisions about their health, so I'm not going to trust them with mine.
  22. I literally just had a conversation with a friend about how we both saw that they were coming to DC, both picked up the phone to ask if they other wanted to go, before both of us realizing, "I ain't going to that shit during a damn pandemic."
  23. I don't know if I'd classify the upgrade system as crafting, it is basically just how the RPG elements work. Not only that, you get more than enough "crafting materials" just by playing through the game. You don't have to spend any time farming for materials, unless you just want to do the main story quests and ignore all the character stories which would be cutting out about 50% of the game. I personally thought the side missions were some of the best parts of the game.
  24. What system? I just finished Ghosts of Tsushima: Director's Cut and it is my favorite open world game ever. It is basically Red Dead Redemption in Feudal Japan with a better more concise story. It's also incredibly pretty to look at.
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