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  1. Marc Mero is starting to look like Ron Pearlman's version of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.
  2. I'm always making fun of Adam Cole for being 137 lbs., but that doesn't really bother me when he gets in the ring. It's wrestling not real life, I don't have to believe Adam Cole would win a shoot fight against his opponent to believe he can win a pro wrestling match against his opponent. Seriously, I remember running into Shawn Michaels at an airport, and I looked at him and thought I might weigh more than him. I'm 5'7" and about 203, if we got into a fight I'd like my chances. I guess I can't watch Hell in a Cell any more, because I can't see him winning a fight against The Undertaker. I hate to tell you this about pretty much every pro wrestling move, but it's damn near impossible to do any of this shit to anyone without them helping. There is this thing called the Irish Whip, where you grab someone's arm and push them in the back and they will run forever unless you knock them down. If you can justify that in your mind, why not a double northern light's suplex?
  3. These last few gifs just illustrates one of my least favorite things about modern wrestling. They've somehow made DDT a transitional move, when it looks more devastating than pretty much every modern finisher. What is more likely to knock someone unconscious, a DDT or a Superman Punch? The Big Ending? The RKO? None of them look like they'd put you out and put you out hard more than a DDT.
  4. That is probably my all-time favorite question and answer in a wrestling interview. I honestly can't think of what #2 would be.
  5. Not only this, but I also hate the Hail Mary. Run a play that makes the defense defend the entire field instead of one half of the end zone. Sure, everyone needs to end up in the end zone, but you have a better chance throwing the ball to one person on the opposite 5 yard line than throw a jump ball to a corner of the end zone with 9 defenders waiting to knock it down.
  6. I really liked it too. The MyPlayer is trash though, it gives you about 8 hair options. I can't make anyone who looks anything close to myself.
  7. So, that's kind of what you get for trying a 68 yard field goal, right?
  8. This episode was really sad. With that said, the gay porn pinata, and Mitchell deciding that if Kanyon wouldn't show up for his own sex tape he's going to make his own sex tape are about as hilarious of situations that could possibly exist. Seriously, my biggest question is why the hell did the two of them sit down to watch it afterwards? TANGENT ALERT!!!!!!! Spoilered for Strong Sexual Content
  9. Jeff Harwood is about a close to my real name is possible, so that's what is pick for my AEW name.
  10. I'd be Daniel Rabble (shortened from Rabble-Rouser), based on this formula. That almost sounds like some shit Vince would come up with.
  11. I mean, I get where you're coming from, but if you're watching Banshee and are worried about it being gratuitous, you're probably watching the wrong show. The show is kind of built upon everything being turned up to 11. I am one of the few Americans who thinks that blatant sexually is less harmful than blatant violence, and the violence in this show is much more gratuitous than the sex. With that said, both are done in an almost artful way, which is kind of what makes the show better than the average boobs and guns show.
  12. I love Banshee, it's the best possible version of one of those 90s syndicated shows like Silk Stalkings. It's completely over the top, not very realistic, but it's always fun and always better than it has any right to be.
  13. As a Browns fan, I understand quarterback ineptitude, but Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, and Baker Mayfield are better than any Bears quarterback in my lifetime. Having the Bears quarterback history is one of those things that is harder than it looks. Not hitting on a single quarterback, even by accident since 1950 is probably statistically harder than drafting a hall of famer.
  14. So, this conversation got me looking for statistical backup and fell down the NFL statistical rabbit hole. I found an interesting tidbit for Adjusted Points Per Drive, and found this gem. The Bears of that era, more than any other team, needed a player like Devin Hester to help them with their historically inept offenses. It's incredibly hard to find evidence of how important special teams and field position is when the offenses are this fucking putrid. I looked through a couple years and the Bears, were consistently in the top-5 of average starting field position, but how important that is to a bad offense is debatable.
  15. I disagree that it isn't extremely valuable. Scoring points is the entire object of the game. Your point that is valuable not to muff punts is valid, except not muffing a punt is the bare minimum expectation. Being able to turn a punt into 6 points is the maximum expectation. Having someone who is a risk to score every time your opponent punts makes a huge difference, when the best most people can expect is to hopefully not turn the ball over. The more ways you can score the better off you are, and scoring without your offense on the field is a massive advantage. That Bears team that made the Super Bowl was below average on offense, Hester's ability to put 6 points on the board bailed them out multiple times and that doesn't even account for when teams gave up field position punting the ball out of bounds. If you can score 5 non-offensive TDs a year, and your offense plays on consistently shorter fields, I have to imagine your win percentage goes up exponentially.
  16. I agree with the fact that returners are returners, because they can't do anything else, but that doesn't mean it isn't an extremely valuable skill. There aren't many who I'd say are even worth discussing, but Hester, Brian Mitchell, Mel Gray, and Eric Metcalf are all with at least a mention. Eric Metcalf is someone is love to see in the current NFL. He could have been a Marshall Faulk type weapon if NFL offenses understood how to maximize his talent.
  17. Hester is tricky, because there have been plenty of great returners who haven't been inducted, but he was the absolute best weapon on a team that went to the Super Bowl and no other returner can say that.
  18. As good as he was, if vote for Andre Johnson and Devin Hester (as a returner) over him. So, if I get sucker punched in the next few minutes, I guess I'll have it coming.
  19. That's one of the easier 1st year classes in a while. The only one I think is a certified 1st ballot type of player is Wilfork, and a run stopping DT isn't a glory position, so that's not guaranteed.
  20. I'm legit surprised he still works there. Hasn't there been reports of him being unhappy for years now? They clearly don't value him as a performer, how'd he not get released during the multiple purges?
  21. I'm a black dude who is of a roughly similar age as Big E, and joking about friends with bad haircuts has been a pretty regular part of my entire life. There is not a time in my life where any of my friends could have shown up with that haircut and not get roasted. It's just goofy looking, with hard lines, and it's also kind if a strange length. It's to the point that it kind of looks like the barber started it and had to leave for some sort of an emergency. I remember when Odell Beckham first came on the scene with that half blonde nonsense, but at least that was faded and looked like it was a choice. Big E, literally looks like the phase of a haircut before the barber starts blending the lines, except the barber just never got around to it.
  22. Not to be that guy, but Big E's terrible haircut is quite possibly the worst part of his entire presentation.
  23. I'm the exact opposite. I love the original Metal Gear Solid, but I'm not down with Kojima's bullshit. That game was great for a lot of reasons, but it also allowed Kojima to indulge in some of the most nonsensical bullshit in the history of video games.
  24. I know it's semantics at this point, but there is a line between showing someone your penis and forcing physical contact with your penis and he's saying he doesn't cross that arbitrary ass line. It sounds like the exact line someone who thinks is appropriate to helicopter his dick in public would draw to justify his actions. It's kind of like someone who repeatedly gets locked up for multiple petty crimes justifying his actions by saying, "I haven't ever killed anybody." I've heard this type of self defense pretty often from dudes i grew up around. I always just think, "sure, you're not a murderer, but that doesn't excuse all the other things you actually are."
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