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  1. The Punk Colt hug will pop and not draw, should be fun
  2. Punk becoming HHH is pretty hilarious.
  3. Taking +500 Man U v Liverpool
  4. And bet on his own games, he just wins.
  5. Every thing is a work.
  6. Ric Flair will Main Event WrestleMania in four years.
  7. Lucha Libre Knockout minted 10,000 NFTs in 20 minutes at 0.06 ETH each. About +$1.8 million (as of todays prices) for any of you crypto+wrestling nerds here. If any exist https://luchalibreknockout.com/
  8. Super Bowl - Pick 2: McCaffrey, Gordon, Mixon, Boone
  9. Not actually sure where to put this, or if anyone here is even interested. But, MLB getting into the crypto collectable/game market. My referral link. https://www.mlbcryptobaseball.com/register/Gv3Zq56Xr
  10. No takers on my big lot of books. So I am doing them individually, first one is obvious. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263771870851
  11. Having to sell a lot of my wrestling books/memorabilia for various reasons; so I thought I would leave this here if anyone is interested. Rare Classic Wrestling Books
  12. So in CBS you can start Ricky Seals-Jones at WR-TE. In my league we get 9 pts for TD's from a TE. This would still count if I play RSJ at WR. Do I play RSJ over Keelan Cole or Dede Westbrook? My line-up: QB - Foles RB - Gurley RB - Gordon WR - M. Bryant WR - Cole/Westbrook/RSJ WR/TE - Gronk K - Elliot D - Jags Lost A. Brown and D. Adams
  13. First draft last night 10/10 position, standard, 1 WR/TE flex spot (1) QB: A. Luck, K. Cousins (2) RB: D. Murray, Ajayi, Ware (sigh), B. Powell, D. Henry, P. Perkins (2/3) WR: D. Adams, B. Cooks, K. Benjamin, Tyrell Williams (0/1) TE: H. Henry K: N. Novak Def: Bills
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