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  1. Since we are listing what MJF can ask for: Pharoh. Take away his best friend.
  2. The Taker interview is a great listen, but you also realize how much ground they didn't cover with him too.
  3. I would love if Scorpio drops that he learned his deadly small package from some dude he met in anger management.
  4. I thought it was a fun night. JR seemed less shitting on things than he usually does, Tony continues to be fun. I loved the "he should drop the J" comment when MJF came out to gloat. Jericho really feels like the mvp of the promotion with his mic work. Laughed hard at the slow door close by LAX on Cassidy. Hyped for Darby/Mox. Enjoying the show and Wednesdays as a whole. Marko and Jungle Boy = Shaun and Steve Simpson 3k
  5. Who do we think the 2019 equivalent of Eddie haskel, Patti Mullen and Jason hervey will be as judges?
  6. Is Brandi to Kong as Kenny is to Gamera?
  7. Better mist sell: Also, I don't think the angle is getting Rusev over, Rusev gets over on his own despite the shit they give him. Imagine if they actually got behind him.
  8. Shorty G and Big E could bring go things to life. If they put Otis and E together: The Nation of Gyration.
  9. Cesar in NXT could have meant Cesaro vs. WALTER
  10. Alexa and Nikki apparently traded to smackdown for "future picks". To quote Booker: whot da hell?
  11. Anyone else getting an offline copy of the WWE section on their phone? Using the default newest skin on chrome.
  12. Vince walks into the writer's room. "I've got a great idea for hell in the cell" writers look at their Polaroids....
  13. As I said on Twitter I want Johnny ace to do half pipe stunts off the new tron.
  14. Little Miss St. Pauli Girl?
  15. USA or WWE should have paid Europe to perform the final smackdown for Bryan's entrance.
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