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  1. Leva pointed out the shida was doing that elbow exchange with mizunami while in heels and didn't fall over on twitter Overall I enjoyed the show, aew definitely feels like the more fun shows.
  2. The big e doc is a fun watch, yeah, I think mox, Seth, aj, hero, percy, woods, camacho/tanga loa, ec3 all appear in those gym shots.
  3. I loved when rock would sell that hurricane took flight when he whooshed off camera. Also, I love that the Gary hart says Twitter has been launching attack soundbites at Ted Cruz
  4. The man was right, all you had to do was bo-lieve.
  5. The thread: I have attempted some good ol boot licking to avoid the block. I would say I am stupid and I respect him but I do not know how that will go with the language barrier.
  6. That is not how I thought this snowy morning would start.
  7. Bix was looking for pic of the naoshi sano he is very chicken parody of the survival tobita shirt and found this....
  8. True story, first time I met @DEAN ~! the conversation included discussion on this man's "mounting face"
  9. I think baba usually has that face in the late Era comedy six man. Gedo sold like a champ reminding me of stories of indy guys arguing with each other over who the team was the one to have honor of taking the battering ram from the bushwackers.
  10. It might be an irruption year for them, there are also snowy owls being seen in the Meadowlands and Bayonne today. I'm sure that crow is not his friend, he's probably trying to harass him into leaving.
  11. Awwwwwwesome. I might have to send this to vrtlpros for said spot. Also, baby kanemaru
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