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  1. I would say the screw driver and he'll smasher were supposed to be powerbombs.
  2. Miro said he wants to have a conversation with God. Do you think God is going to ask Jesus to cover his shift this weekend?
  3. I think we used to call it the full worldwide point. Who do we name as the equivalent of YouTube show awards like we had the road blockies for wcw? The serpentico? The cutler?
  4. If you haven't seen the set up in the other thread, Moriarty set up the match on twitter by kicking a Cinnabon. Observer feud of the year.
  5. we can just all agree, takeshita is winner of living his best life this week, right? This or he's going to be the new yokozuna before his trip to America is over.
  6. They could have done the old pride flag with cena's shirts if they wanted
  7. I think the excuse we were giving that it was that we didn't want to be too hard on students shows because they are guys figuring shit out. That's the ticket.
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