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  1. NXT

    Meanwhile.... I almost wish they let Regal have a reptile that he could stroke in his office like Jub Jub or a super villain.
  2. "someone has to post an embarrassing video...."
  3. Maybe that's why they trademarked lady balls.
  4. NXT

    Also, I seem to recall when Nakamura was on Talk Is Jericho he mentioned that he really loved going surfing.
  5. It's probably smart. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he is angry.
  6. I seem to recall it getting a pop in the crowd because he does the pec flex. Also, Jun Kasai steals that fucking movie.
  7. I''m pretty sure judging by the translations of this: 20 years ago, this child was hugged by Aja Kong at a show. He grew up to be a pro wrestler in DDT.
  8. LARIATOOOOOOO! is posting videos from the Shinya Hashimoto film Oh! My Zombie Mermaid. Pete and I saw this at a film festival in NYC where it was a double feature with the live action version of Cromartie High School that featured Takayama: Youtube trailer at end:
  9. Add Almas v the debut of Black to the line up.
  10. RE: Madam Gao RE: Ward, they do address it
  11. TV

    I liked some of the early Samurai Jack's but kind of fell out at some point in the series. This mini series has been pretty great so far, I think the fact that they have a limited run allow them to up the production like the original pilot. Thanks for pointing out who Scaramouch was based on, I was trying to think if it was some lounge act or something then made me think sort of Billy Crystal but then realizing that Billy did Sammy. It was kind of bugging me. The tomb scene seemed heavily inspired by The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.
  12. Who's the bald John Candy who threatens to punch him for singing Hare Krishna after their hair cuts?
  13. JR tweeted out that his wife has passed away following her accident.
  14. It was pandemonium. I bet Gorilla also won a science award for his knowledge of anatomy. Why does everyone in it look like they're 40 in this high school picture.