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  1. Anyone else getting an offline copy of the WWE section on their phone? Using the default newest skin on chrome.
  2. Vince walks into the writer's room. "I've got a great idea for hell in the cell" writers look at their Polaroids....
  3. As I said on Twitter I want Johnny ace to do half pipe stunts off the new tron.
  4. Little Miss St. Pauli Girl?
  5. USA or WWE should have paid Europe to perform the final smackdown for Bryan's entrance.
  6. I think they should remake the Ripley crying with the xenomorph from Alien 3 with Seth and the Fiend.
  7. I think he may have done it again in the Hammerstein but was smart enough to shoot the chairs so they go down the entrance aisle. For some reason i want to say it was a tajiri/whipwreck vs mamaluke/guido match.
  8. I didn't know she was Canadian.
  9. Well, between the commercial breaks and the bunch of mini hype videos for some people, it definitely felt like a tighter NXT show we're used to once it went to the network.
  10. You mean the Hebners' trunk isn't a reliable place to pick up authentic merch at discount prices?
  11. I had to check if someone was stuffed in the dryer. Well, you'd think he wants to break free
  12. Also side note, despite USA advertising the correct show this week, WWE plugged the wrong episode of Straight Up Steve Austin.
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