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  1. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    I just thought of Elias and Bayley as Tenacious WWE.
  2. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    I'd settle for this: Especially if she breaks a guitar string
  3. trust me, there are people go "Wait, DVDVR still exists?"
  4. The Really Swell News Thread

    Today was the last day of my cycle of Weight Watchers, I started at the end of September and finished 39.2 pounds down.
  5. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    I would have given that training video of Carmella extra points if it contained slow motion of video of Xavier "dying" at Rusev's hands as Carmella looked in the review mirror of her car.
  6. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Nah, they need to do this....
  7. Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana v2.0

    I just caught his AMA. I think he is still going to be working out the details, but he did mentioned he will have guests so it just won't be him. The new format does give him the option of not having people on with major gaps between interviews. So there's always the chance if he's on tours with people he knows (i.e., let's say DDT and someone he knows is with him), maybe they can cover the tour and/or rotate people in to cover it.
  8. You fools, the only think that made him merciful was his happiness of buzzing patterns into his hair. HE'LL KILL US ALL! Also since Gedo loves Mempho so much, surprised they didn't have Suzuki make all his flunkies put up their hair first like Brian Christopher vs Jeff Jarrett.
  9. This Weather Sucks

    It's so cold in florida and Texas that sea turtles are getting cold-stunned and washing up on shores: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/01/04/hundreds-sea-turtles-cold-stunned-frigid-temperatures-gulf-waters/1006047001/ and Iguanas in southern florida are falling out of the trees, not they are invasive so maybe they'll be collected https://www.cbsnews.com/news/frozen-iguanas-falling-from-trees-during-cold-snap-in-florida/
  10. Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    Mt Fiji picking up Bob Eubanks for a body slam on Card Sharks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yE8ArbWPDw
  11. SDL is Bulgarian Pavarotti - 1/2/2018

    So Bryan getting cleared to wrestle but he'll have to face Shane at Mania and then job in 3 seconds might be the most wwe plan ever.
  12. I also forgot that. I thought they were trolling the Usos on commentary.... And it was a very fun match
  13. SDL is The Gift of Redemption - 12/26/2017

    The tag division is really fun right now. There's a lot of parity, but I almost feel like Gable is going to get boned about another title run when an unexpected team suddenly gets traction. First it was Rhyno and Slater, now it maybe Rusev Day. The crowd was into them big time tonight. I also love Rusev's Chong Li hyped as the crowd cheers for him... I know there's cooperation, but Gable doing the double german on E and Aiden was crazy: Also hilarious, Liv wishing everyone happy holidays as they try to make an exit