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  1. Avalon trimming pony tail and puffing at his hair kind of gives him a big hair rick rude vibe with a not as good body.
  2. Knowing wwe, the self destruction of triple h would the name and have Vince talk of all of his failures including giving him a grandson. I'm sure Vince doesn't consider Shane's sons his lineage.
  3. The real important event of the day: footage of ruby going to buc-eee's dropped today.
  4. I like the women's street fight but the finish had me wondering as was the set up the bunny slipping on the tacks (into a split on the tacks mind you) her falling by mistake or was she trying to hit the brakes when she saw Anna with the barbed wire?
  5. As a not to religious follower of ROH, I could never figure out why the fans hated him as much as they did. Nana had a great line about ROH conspiring against rave as them trying to keep an upstanding African American down (since Jimmy I assume attained ghanan citizenship)
  6. I love Tony theorizing lulu pencil maybe evil as well and Eddie telling him to watch his mouth.
  7. Mike gave us repo man. Pour out a 40 of "beer" in his memory
  8. I really want to wish this into existence: mizunami vs hayter. Book it TK
  9. That's thier knock off. They have been using that for a month or so.
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