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  1. https://youtu.be/IIWAo0tYK5Y Frank Goodman reference on this week's hey ew
  2. https://twitter.com/allan_cheapshot/status/1575841844403003392?t=_A2_NsqVfnk-53xTc5jUTA&s=19 A thread of Santo movie posters.
  3. @DEAN I would argue the factory young boys team should be called the factory outlet. I'll see myself out.
  4. https://twitter.com/purowave/status/1570524906814861312?t=KyQOTnMh4Rd9_h7-C1DwDA&s=19
  5. If Matt is doing a make good gimmick I am all for my name is earl style skits using the Hardy compound as camden county.
  6. I want a skit where butcher and blade are negotiating and butcher's paper just says "More pork chops" spelled out in ransom note letters. I wouldn't consider Angelico's hat a boat hat, it looks like bucket hat and he's been wearing one in aew as far back as I can remember. With nick comoroto brushing his hair back and the lollipop stick he had more of a scott hall vibe then his old Hercules hernandez in wccw look.
  7. https://twitter.com/Super70sSports/status/1569014085538443267?t=Lcq4KGaX0seV3kOsQ2GXCw&s=19
  8. I dont know what's wrong with the links on from my phone
  9. https://twitter.com/NetflixLAT/status/1568268001098579969?t=aWMv4tIg4NspT47V9XAnTQ&s=19 Que monito doing a Netflix ad promoting the new season of cobra kai
  10. "I've got a match (your face and my butt)" Butther face
  11. They could call it the ATM because it's money and in no way something you should not have to worry about putting a safe search on if you search certain sites gentlemen (perhaps of the Kentucky variety) may peruse.
  12. The booty call which is what I had given to a friend for a friend's efed character's handspring hip attack. I would say fruit booty if the are going to sign Stevie ray.
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