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  1. Alien powers? The common cold is what killed the martians in war of the worlds, it should be expected it may take her out.
  2. On Tony, he seems like he is in the 605 mode having fun when you'd see him smirking when Flair was cutting promos. Unfortunately my DVR overwrote the show recording the revolution hype show. But that contained Jericho saying "I'm pretty sure I knocked out Randy Couture in a bar fight in Las Vegas I was to drunk to remember " when Randy showed up in the Mox training video.
  3. Have I mentioned how much I love having Tony back on tv?
  4. I think the loss of marquis names hurt, but for me a lot of it was them fucking around too much with the formula. It seemed every year there was something new for the chase, then segments in races. I think the last year of Yahoo fantasy nascar I don't think I watched a single race. It was also kind of off putting when they started protecting starting spots, it used to be anyone could show up and race their way in, then it was 36 teams had spots and you had defunct teams selling off thier previous season spots to other teams when a legacy like the wood brothers were left out in the cold.
  5. I'm making an assumption in the fact jack and angelico teamed a bunch in AAA and figure that's the reason the skeleton part of the gear was there. I was a little surprised excalibur didn't mention it unless they were trying to avoid AAA La Parka/LA Park confusion.
  6. I'm not sure if it was mentioned anywhere on commentary, but I'm guessing Hybrid2 were wearing AAA La Parka tribute gear this week.
  7. Their Cesaro stories were also hilarious. The "OH BOY!" had me dying.
  8. I've got to imagine they'd did a 24 about it, possibly with he and Beth returning.
  9. Binged the New Day podcast starting last weekend and have enjoyed it quite a bit. Definitely seems like they are not towing the company line and if you like them on UUDD, you are familiar with the dynamic.
  10. If I'm not mistaken he was out with a shoulder injury after that too.
  11. Like the fact an early bucks shirt was a straight tribute to a wwf rockers shirt?
  12. SPACEBALLS THE FLAME THROWER! The kids love this one.
  13. Since we are listing what MJF can ask for: Pharoh. Take away his best friend.
  14. The Taker interview is a great listen, but you also realize how much ground they didn't cover with him too.
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