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  1. Found this last night while checking for gifs:
  2. Plus the 205 crew on Thursday.
  3. So were the Madden '17 finals aired and I missed it or are they not happening?
  4. Jeff Hardy is on this week, he does talk a bit about fighting Smokin' Joe and that apparently he had to run off camera when Joe was kicking Matt's ass because he was laughing so hard. Also a break down of some of the expenses of building a volcano.
  5. maybe she'll do a bunch of segments as she gets transformed like Gollum into her old heel look by the NXT Women's Championship.
  6. Sub Pro Tip: They do get it wrong sometimes. I liked Cry Wilderness more than Reptilicus. I think the riffs are a bit tighter. This movie is also really terrible and kind of reminds me of Pod People in that involves the wilderness and a furry creature and an annoying kid.
  7. Rick and Robert will come out and tell him that *HE* sold out this somebitch.
  8. Pretty happy with the first episode, if these are sequential, I'm sure they'll start to find a grove. I saw the line up and that Yongary is in the pipe and am suitably psyched as a kaiju fan.
  9. I think I just booked two fantastic gimmicks, hire me WWE:
  10. I hope they page Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine and Dr. Howard over the PA before he busts through the wall like the Kool-Aid man "I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!..... but first a sponge bath...."
  11. The guy he unmercifully ribbed on Ride Along and left him abandoned at a Rest Area.