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  1. I think stuttsy pointed out on twitter that roman put a face mask on to brawl in the crowd. Alexa had a visible Alka seltzer in her mouth when she was foaming from the mouth. Overall it was a fun show with goofy shit.
  2. Open the thread because there is a Follow up with Becky post match heeling on the fan.
  3. Edit: someone posted a day ago this image of Brad with Tony Schiavone (who is cropped out here) from the 80s tbs studio with spoiler the next opening segment to dynamite
  4. 23 years old and he looks like he's a 40 year old manager of a burger king.
  5. Knowing wwe they may stop them using chugs because that's Cole twitch channel name and I wouldn't be surprised if they do not want to have any sort of traffic going their way if they are not making coin off of it.
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