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  1. by the way, they could always start a new team with Mike and Aiden as the Drama Kingdom.
  2. Photo

    You have to really protect the poison mist sac, if you know where to grab a person, you can prevent them from spraying you:
  3. Guys! Talking Smack is back.... on Tout!
  4. I'm trying to remember: Was Tryion privy to the fact that Casterly Rock's mines are no longer producing gold when they orchestrated the wedding to the Tyrells? I'm guessing the logic behind taking out the Rock is more of a cut off their money rather than an embarass his sister by taking her home from her.
  5. I don't listen to Dave's podcast, is he sponsored by shady sounding online betting sites now?
  6. I thought the Greyscale removal cut was straight out of A Christmas Story when Ralphie finds out what the secret message was and his brother has to use the bathroom and then they jump cut to whatever his mother is cooking.
  7. Could go with this:
  8. How Did This Get Made going off on this clip:
  9. In connection to the Gedo gif....
  10. if you really think about it, there really weren't too many 80's WWF non-jobber heels without a manager, valet or bodyguard. You had Jake Roberts who had a snake in a bag and Bad News Brown.
  11. I'm guessing but....
  12. So Hindi Bill Watts going off on Commies.....
  13. - I think the crowd got tired chanting every 5 seconds on the pre-show. - It felt like Young Boy Tom had a rough night. It seems like there was a lot of bad calls on his part. - This was great: - Sgt. Slaughter is going to show up and punch John Cena in the throat for letting the flag hit the ground. Rusev cut his arm either on or above his flag tattoo. Things that would have made the flag match better: 1. Rusev pulling the main pole out of the ground and carrying it and the flag up the ramp rather than climbing up and grabbing it. 2. If they greased the ramp and made this like a Double Dare challenge 3. If Rusev threw Cena's flag into the crowd and they played keep away from Cena 4. If Rusev stole the flag stand off the stairs and turned this into a Benny Hill chase - So if the Fashion X Files continue, I want Pat Patterson as the Smoking Man. We got our Eddie Money call back. Konnor ended up with Tully guts in his beard. It's not safe to be a stuff animal around ringside... wait a minute.... IT WAS FALE! - Mike Kanellis' tights look like underwear a heel manager who lost a tuxedo match would wear - People paying $600 to look through the cage: A fool and his money are soon parted. - I was going to make a joke about Randy throwing out his shoulder jumping the gap between the inner and outer cage, only for him to seemingly just step across the gap and then when I thought "Wow, he just dodged a bullet", he ended up slipping for some reason and looked like he might legit torch his shoulder again. And my god, that almost bump he took when Khali came out was also scary. Also, how hilarious the Singh's just slipped through the cage. JBL saying that Singh "Did his job" dying for Jinder to get an advantage, I feel like they should do the Flintstones animal appliances "It's a living!" take to the camera as they're dead on the ground. - the biggest outrage of the night: Talking Smack returns, but with Jerry Lawler. FUCK YOU WWE. No DBry, no peace. But Owens taking credit for Talking Smack being cut back was masterful heeling.
  14. Before I post this on the Discussions on Steam for feedback: For downloads, if you want to open them in editor to see how they've been set up, the only option is to scroll through all the characters, there's not currently a way to do this like a pick a wrestler for a match in teams. I'm a dummy, there's no easy way to sort guys in a promotion or team tab, is there? Moves I think can only take someone in and out of a team, but not change the team's order. Because I clearly don't want to empty an entire team to reorder it if I have like a big team. Has the "clothesline" tag always had the moves it has? It seems weird that both running and counter has a bunch of non-pinning frankensteiners, arm drag and back body drop. I'm not sure why that had that.
  15. finally beat mission 50, took about a 20 minute match to finally beat them all (not all S ranked though, mostly S, a couple B's and maybe a C).