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  1. Real gold is woods' reactions to the draft picks effecting uudd
  2. Rev Ray

    G1 Supercard

    I had a good time, but that card was much longer than it had to be. It really seemed like everyone was there for the NJPW guys because there was some real silence during some of the ROH offer matches. But, crowd got to yell "Kaze Ni Nare", I got to see Jushin Thunder Liger one more time before he calls it quits, got the big surprise of seeing Muta in MSG before he finally hangs it up. I'm guessing Enzo and Cass is a Bully Ray call, yeah it may get eyes on the product but Enzo has big time fuck you heat and he can't work, I can only imagine how long it is before he gets thrown out of the locker room of someone just beats the piss out of him for being terrible. I was kind of disappointed I didn't see programs for the event. They were selling a poster for the card and t's, but I was kind of hoping for a legit program and I didn't see it at the 3 or 4 merch stands I passed in the part of the building we were in.
  3. Disco in an ax and smash outfit for disco demolition night?
  4. I don't get why they needed to put more heat on Charlotte and sacrifice the sd womens division. But this is a company know for doing cartoon bullshit like dropping people in a car off a forklift with no ill effects.
  5. They have Gunner under contract.... on the Forgotten Sons.
  6. When Elias was in times square, I was hoping for a Naked Cowboy run in.
  7. Can't you just choose files from the reply button and upload them. Like this california gull that for some reason showed up in new jersey today? *birdbrag*
  8. Suzuki's days as a deli counter worker were numbered.
  9. "Fuck you Grape Nuts, you're hardly a cereal."
  10. I missed the opening Shane segment. Or did I? I liked the New Day coming out to get revenge on the Bar and Rusev/Nak, needed JR losing his shit about them walkin' tall. I did laugh at Corey's line about Rey outfit looking like he was trying to tan his cheeks. You'd think they'd save the Mandy/Sonya team until after they had a run at Sasha/Bayley. I'm they're going all shootyshootyshooty, but I did like the AJ/Orton mic work and I think it is the kind of match you want to put Orton in. If he's motivated for a big show, he works well with a guy who dynamic offense. I almost thought they were going to go with the Kofi angle that during all this that E and Xavier have been doing the bulk of the talking for Kofi, I was half expecting Vince to say he didn't think Kofi had it because he didn't show any initiative on his own to step up, but then he did when he basically opened the door to "Let me prove this to you" only for them to roll out the gauntlet match.
  11. I just was thinking that they really needed to do a bit where Truth wakes up in his room in his John Cena sheets with the John Cena poster on the wall thinking it's all a dream that he lost the US title, only to find out it was true.
  12. True story, on the first day I met DEAN~! he used the term "Akira Taue's mounting face" in the car ride (where we got lost) going to an Indy show. I think everything after that is the age we currently live in. Best wishes big guy.
  13. I was going to second this, I mean, it's a weird version of a tope, but it looks really good and I am very surprised Mongo pulled it off without catching a foot and face planting.
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