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  1. Nevermind in the newsstand, it looks like they are grabbing porno mags. Also, who knew they were freegans.
  2. Fun listen to Miz on the new day pod. Interesting to hear some of his stuff on how he came up with bits for his character.
  3. Just LA Park trying to be a cool dad on social media:
  4. Vince will be running the show looking like Mumm-ra the everliving.
  5. I thought for sure Shawn was going to collapse like post owen enzugiri when he initially was moving around, when he didn't i was like da fuck? He should have pinballed for that shit like he was wrestling Hogan. https://i728.photobucket.com/albums/ww281/bigwill87_album/hbk-makes-hogan-look-dumb_1313735_GIFSoupcom_zps599c64f8.gif Also, Shawn growing his hair out... He had like Dory Funk Jr hair. How long has Drew had the goofy ass sound effect of a sword being drawn on his theme?
  6. If I was reading the shirt right, it was a Gibson brothers shirt of him and Ricky Gibson
  7. By the way, did anyone catch that Ricky was wearing a WCW York Foundation t-shirt last night. I guess we know where all that dead stock went.
  8. - I really like MVP's mic work, so his angle has been making Lashley segments watchable. - I think we all learned again: WWE baby faces are real jerks for not even attempting to save dom. At the minimum you have a few guys try to make the save and eat a caning. - during the riott/liv segment, I think Tom said "we jumped the shark" when he probably meant jumped the gun. - with everyone spread out on multiple shows, the should definitely use Zelina more in ring. - I'm convinced Dabba-kato was named after a misheard lyric from Thunder Kiss '65. Also was his finish a tribut
  9. Pete and I got to see a fun as shit Kamala vs Lawler at a JAPW show. Worked really simple but smart. The highlight of with was Kamala doing full silent savage gimmick, until he complains to the ref about Lawler doing something and the place falling out laughing.
  10. Been running uudd as background noise. If nothing else, the uno games gave us this.
  11. Moe reading Little Women would have been a better use of time. Are you sure it wasn't Dolph's favorite band "Megadeath". Things to save Underground: Dio Madden vs. Erik in a LARP match Double J MMA Zeus appears next week A cross over with Edge where they do the plot to "Money Plane" just so guys can bet on a guy trying to fuck an alligator. Also I hope Zelina's Legion of Latino Sexy does something lik ethis for their tron:
  12. I don't mind the subtitles on Shida, yes, her accent isn't that bad, but people would subtitle people like the Gallagher bros, ozzy and Keith richards too. Mjf looked like he was trying to temp me into his stall at a bazaar in morroco in that ring robe. Jericho was fun, but he was yelling like he's the one whose head had the bell rung on it at the stampede. Love trent's mom driving them in. I guess this time was better, but in the midst of a pandemic dont try to get heel heat for someone doing the right thing by not exposing everyone. They
  13. I went to post this in the thread and twitter. As I said on twitter, it is fucking crazy that some rando in the pick up truck rolls in and this is the take they keep. If you'll notice, the truck is lingering in the background for the rest of the promo. I'm sure Gary had his straight razor at the ready. I also remember the one time that Brooks got a "Go Tim Go!" chant from the sportatorium crowd. He was as baffled by it as much as I was. I forget who he was against in that match, I guess it might have been a heel vs. heel match against someone from Devastation.
  14. If I'm Asuka, I don't think I am agreeing to let Nia do more than a side headlock on me. Powerbomb on the floor, gitdafuckoutofhere. Man, I love me some Angel Garza getting girls to prison visit kiss the glass. Half expecting Charly to reenact Billy's girl visits him in prison scene from midnight express one week. I'm trying figure out if Tozawa is being smug or is in love with Super sized black ninja. I would have been fine with them having the profits turning heel and joining up with mvp, i think his promo work has been on point with Lashley who I don't care about otherwise
  15. Tana needs to steal the John Morrison slowmo wind in hair entrance
  16. I think she used it a bunch just given GAEA's roster had people the size of ozaki and nagashima.
  17. Reminds me of the scene in Repo Man when Otto tells his old buddy who's shot "you're gonna be ok" *death gargle * "maybe not" Also Nagayo's crazy doctor bomb variation i think was called the super freak.
  18. Also, Britt needs to break out a scale model of Daley's Plaza next week when she goes deep on the conspiracy against her:
  19. so random footnotes: Matt Hardy really should have gone deep into his "I make my own gear" days when he reverted all the way back to Surge/High Voltage. He even busted out his lightning bolt hand thing. True story, I remember Ted from NC bringing a video of the precursor the OMEGA to a ECW convention and watching young Matt Hardy and company doing crazy shit. Needless to say, most of the crowd was pretty dismissive of them at that time. The hidden easter egg of "Get your ear plugs ready" when Vicky came out to do the intro for the pep rally.
  20. That's what you get for touching his van. If you are all in the mood for Owen clips, post on of his off the ropes belly to belly suplex, i always appreciated the speed and style he had on that.
  21. Bit of bad news, the Riverkeeper had a fire in the neighboring store that apparently has done a number on their offices. They are the blue building on the right. Nobody was hurt and their boats are not at the location but they had like 2 feet of water in their basement and it is unknown at the time of the email how bad the structural damage to the shared wall is. So if you were on the fence about helping, every little bit will help.
  22. Was Hulk constantly sending Ash over to talk to Pikachu to make sure he was going to do business brother before the pic was taken?
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