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  1. Whether is is (allegedly) a creep in real life, I have a soft spot for comedy side kick and theory has been really good in that role.
  2. So mixed bag of stuff. I did like the studio upgrades. The cwc was really dark. Boy the wwe developmental random name generator is dog shit. Rex Steiner would have been a billion times better. Is Breakker an IRL name? I want creeds vs Bron and a partner like tomorrow. If you are running a show on network TV, you'd like to think you'd have a little more polished performances. The Trick/Carmello promo was not ready for primetime. I'm not sure why they threw Wagner in the title match at all. I like Mandy's new look. Probably needs to figure out newer gear but I like the dark hair. She sort of reminds me of Yvonne De Carlo as Lilly Munster for some reason. Loved the wedding. I think they were trying to throw a little too much in but the way really has been killing it.
  3. I'm zoning out. Is that Nia next to Andrade and the logo?
  4. E to raw wins the title and we get this: I'm fine with blood money being renamed big meaty men bumping meat as a ppv name.
  5. r update. I'm old, didn't Sam do the Ken the box logo for us.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTpGrXgvJ6K/?utm_medium=copy_link
  7. You will have to translate but she is the singer of kaze ni nare and notice the song is 12th on j pop charts on iTunes us following minoru's us appearances.
  8. so I replied to this. Mick wearing his Brody and Hansen shirt. When he turned heel in ecw, he wore the dungeon of doom shirt. I'm pretty sure this culminates in a bischoff shirt that Dreamer or funk pulls over mick's head and then chairshots him and Eric by extension.
  9. Does this mean monsoon was dressed like a member of the zambui express? I also want to see what noted song and dance man gene Kelly did against britto.
  10. Now I want a version of the shop uninterrupted on njpw world starring Suzuki
  11. So I was chatting with my friend Steve about Suzuki showing up at all out and asked him if he was aware of minoru having a cameo in the anime one piece. I ended up falling down a rabbit hole and discovered his signature hair cut is based on the devil fruit from the series. https://comicbook.com/anime/news/suzuki-goto-haircut-match-wrestle-kingdom-12-one-piece-anime/
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