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  1. By the way, you all realize we missed out on having mark Henry working a match in these conditions. Mark was a king of in match banter.
  2. If a groggy AJ said "Sara?" when Taker asked him what his wife's name was, I might have gone 11 stars. If the funhouse has a team America puppet fight, my pants might explode
  3. If you want to make Archer look like a fucking monster, Marko is the man to put him in with. Dat vertical suplex.... Jericho's promos are the fucking MVP's of AEW. He is not afraid to play the fool or be obserd. Him in a hot tub in pants. RELEASING THE HOUNDS!
  4. well, got a working phone so now I can work at home and not blow through all my carry over sick time so if things eventually normalize, maybe i can go someplace other than my apartment.
  5. Well, work at home solution has been like watching a monkey try to fuck a football. They essentially sent us home with instruction to configure our office phones at our houses that had "how to self destruct" because the phones have to be configured in the office and the first page of the instructions is about how to reboot the phones more or less negating the previously done work. I'm now on phone #3 and still can't connect, somehow they can't have do emails or chat.... yet.
  6. well, in a sort of good news format, they finally are starting to get a work from home solution so I can possibly save some of my sick time just in case.
  7. just found out someone in my complex tested positive. They are not in my building and I don't have shared common areas but I'm in garden apts and they are two buildings down. Sooooooooooo... this shit literally just hit close to home.
  8. Was it going to be the Highlander until they learned that it was shit?
  9. We also had a debate about who was the best captain on Star Trek, I'm sure JBL is rolling over in his grave. I'm really starting to love Sammy's character work, he leaning into the Stevie Richards style clueless putz flunky and I love me some clueless comedy henchmen. Also high comedy of Cody's reaction to Jake telling him to bring all his people. Cody's comment of "Do I have that many people" ignoring the fact he's done ring entrances with like 5 people with him and a dog.
  10. Man, if Suzuki started kicking dirt at the ref to disagree with the call that he was safe for making it to the base....
  11. For those that rarely follow the misc thread (sorry guys, I just see too much in there that I don't feel like going through 20 pages of back and forth about topics I don't care about), Here's some of the random things I pulled out of some of the mags and programs I posted that some how wrangled Survival Tobita into reply to us on Twitter. These are from one of the tours post the '99 Masked Tournament:
  12. Do we think that Dicky Murdoch handed him that can of Coors to welcome him to the biz?
  13. I think I got Survival Tobita to reply to a post on Twitter that I did not tag him on. I might be more excited about this than making first contact with aliens... unless it was the galactic hillbillies ryuma go fought.
  14. Well, despite my state declaring a state of emergency, my work is going continue to be open. But due to my mom and her boyfriend's ages and medical histories, I've decided I'm calling out until they come up with a work at home solution. To be honest, what they are paying me, I'm not getting at risk to go in to an office when every other company in the building is closed and on top of it, the company we are supporting for HR purposes (I do benefits, mainly medical/dental enrollments) is having all their people work from home. I'm sitting on 80 hrs of rolled over sick time that I don't get cashed out on if they let me go, so I'm putting on them to figure this shit out and will cash out that time. I joked with my co-worker that their disaster recovery plan was that they were hoping we got quarantined in the office so we could just work the whole time. My company apparently never closes, their DR for blizzards and hurricanes was to put up people in the hotel across the street and have them walk over to work. May work well on a snow storm, but no so good in an pandemic. In the mean time, I will probably start catching up on all the stuff I usually put off for him home since I'm normally birding on my free time and probably re-evaluate a bunch of stuff in my life.
  15. By the way credit to Janela for singing Baltimora Tarzan Boy to rally Jurassic Express. I love Sammy's work as a flunky second, he is very hateable. The pose on Hager while doing the push up and the teasing them swapping positions was great. I do love the vignettes they are doing with Darby and now archer, it is different and breaks up the sameness of everyone's promos. And yes, having guys out there helps. Also the chryon about hangman social distancing since November deserves a chef's kiss.
  16. Alien powers? The common cold is what killed the martians in war of the worlds, it should be expected it may take her out.
  17. On Tony, he seems like he is in the 605 mode having fun when you'd see him smirking when Flair was cutting promos. Unfortunately my DVR overwrote the show recording the revolution hype show. But that contained Jericho saying "I'm pretty sure I knocked out Randy Couture in a bar fight in Las Vegas I was to drunk to remember " when Randy showed up in the Mox training video.
  18. Have I mentioned how much I love having Tony back on tv?
  19. I think the loss of marquis names hurt, but for me a lot of it was them fucking around too much with the formula. It seemed every year there was something new for the chase, then segments in races. I think the last year of Yahoo fantasy nascar I don't think I watched a single race. It was also kind of off putting when they started protecting starting spots, it used to be anyone could show up and race their way in, then it was 36 teams had spots and you had defunct teams selling off thier previous season spots to other teams when a legacy like the wood brothers were left out in the cold.
  20. I'm making an assumption in the fact jack and angelico teamed a bunch in AAA and figure that's the reason the skeleton part of the gear was there. I was a little surprised excalibur didn't mention it unless they were trying to avoid AAA La Parka/LA Park confusion.
  21. I'm not sure if it was mentioned anywhere on commentary, but I'm guessing Hybrid2 were wearing AAA La Parka tribute gear this week.
  22. Their Cesaro stories were also hilarious. The "OH BOY!" had me dying.
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