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  1. I can totally see Cage as Zangief to Taz's M Bison.
  2. Deeb was absolutely Bret Hart in thst match. I was always high on her- but how she worked that match captivated me more than any match I've seen in the last 5 years. I want more of that kind of Deeb. She worked that headlock and told a story just like Bret.
  3. I'm not entirely sure what the point is of Sting... but its not Darby being elevated. Ricky Starks is making himself a star.
  4. No, because he was a madman in the ring but an erudite in interviews.
  5. Before the message board stuff came out, I was viewing Lars Sullivan as the second coming of Gorilla Monsoon. That dovetailed quickly.
  6. It needs a corporate sponsor! Like McDonald's.. but since this is Japan I'd be ok with KFC.
  7. I am so impressed by the metamorphosis of Evil Uno. He dropped a ton of weight and is now flying across the ring. Its so crazy to recall where he was when they debuted to where he's at now. I bet he feels so much better these days.
  8. Peacock has the Premier League. That and The Office is the only reason why I have the app.
  9. Didn't WALTER only sign with the WWE under the condition he wouldn't be moved to the main roster?
  10. Thats probably why wrestling today is so loose and contrived. Nothing looks real anymore. Nothing is snug or even close to being tight. We went from Mr Perfect to Dolph Ziggler.
  11. I've been waiting the last 5-6 years or so for Jericho to damn near become a quadriplegic from his Lionsault. I think the day has come where he just can't consistently be safe doing that anymore. He's 50... and he's not a Hamada or Liger 50.
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