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  1. I got it... Adam Page is the F'n Rhinestone Cowboy.
  2. I cannot think of a scenario where anyone would look at Adam Page and go "yep- modern day Stan F'n Hansen".
  3. Well I don't know if Roman could work outside of the WWE structure. He is a pure product of the system.
  4. I didn't find it shooty at all. Taz came out wanting to talk to an EVP about making the FTW Championship legitimate. It's not like they don't talk about Cody, The Bucks and Kenny as being EVP's... it was lore before the first episode of Dynamite even ran. It's not like the Russo era WCW of writing for the tiny geek culture internet audience.
  5. I will never not see Evil Uno as Shark Boy's son.
  6. So, I forgot it was Wednesday so I missed the first hour. I liked the 2nd hour - that was good TV. I liked Shida tonight, and Abadon is just awesome in presence. Moxley and Kingston really are the two best going on the mic today. Very happy to see Bunkhouse Butch & The Blade with the victory - was well deserved. I hope they get more wins as I think they're a valuable team. I'd like to see The Bunny be more animated ringside. If Archer aligns with the Triangulo del Muerto - do we call them The Quadrilateral of Decay?
  7. Montezuma Ford is the breakout star of his generation.
  8. I'm pretty down with a Wardlow y Hagar Diabolical Union
  9. By the way- Was that Hornswaggle making a cameo as The Baby?
  10. And The Cleaner was Vincent... from La Femme Nikita.
  11. Wow... thats even more boring than I could have imagined.
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