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    So she's the new Nattie Neidhart.. but with a kid?
  2. SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    I have heard many rumblings over the last few months of Vieira coming home. He's done a pretty good job at NYCFC.
  3. SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    As a fan of the toon I pray that Amanda Starkey gets that takeover. From all reports it was Rafa thst connected them. I'm a huge fan of Simeone... but i also don't want to see him at Arsenal. I think he would do amazing at Bayern though.

    With all the talk about CPO at Wrestlemania weekend, it got me thinking that he really was the prototype for Kevin Steen / Owens. A bowling ball of Canadian maple syrup. And that got me thinking that Zayn & Owens should come out dressed as The Quebecers for Halloween.
  5. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Sun City was anti-Semitic too?
  6. [NXT] April 18, 2018 TV Show

    I think Lars is going to have a relatively short run. His knee brace is worrisome... but i totally think he has potential as the a Gorilla Monsoon for this generation. Now I really want to see a booth with Lars and Graves.

    The PC and NXT need to be broken down to separate operating costs if you want you determine if NXT is a successful brand. There is no way the PC will ever be in the black. It's not your traditional wrestling school where the student pays.
  8. Video packages in wrestling.

    I'm severely disappointed in the lot of you.
  9. #205LIVE

    I actually like the angle. It helps woth the realism of the weight limit and the name of the show. Hell, I'd love to see Bryan work an angle where he cuts weight so he can get a crack at Gulack.
  10. #205LIVE

    That Texas Tornado Match was the business. I really want tonsee the puro's get a third. Kalisto's dancing is hilariously awful.

    ...technically... 3. But one is no longer with us.
  12. SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    He was brought in to win the CL. He didnt make it to one Final. Bayern is a better team with a 70 year old Jupp coming out of retirement.
  13. SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    That rendering doesn't look like there is much room for growth. MLS is a growing league, but this is NYC. They should be looking at a 35-40k stadium with potential to expand further down the road. I think theyre undercutting their potential revenue by going small / average MLS size venue.
  14. SOCCER - SPRING 2018

    He underacheived at Bayern.
  15. The Raw After Wrestlemania 34 - 4/9/2018

    Gotta give Roman more credit than that. He's more of a Samoan Excavator.