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  1. Bad News thought everyone was racist. Damn... if there was one dude that needed to be in the Nation of Domination...
  2. I dont see Bret doing much if anything in the NWA as a singles act. He would have been a Sam Houston level act.
  3. I have a few friends who are bipolar. Every one of them has been told by their therapists to stay off social media. They are much better off when they're off the grid, so to speak.
  4. I'd generally agree with this... and it's a bit moot now that NWA POWERR exists. That said- IPWF is an infinitely more legitimate name for a wrestling promotion.
  5. I could see Fish being their JJ / Ole going forward. I firmly believe that The UE is the closest thing we will ever see to The 4 Horsemen in terms of guys who go out there every night and bust their asses. Bobby Fish can slide into the JJ / Ole role on screen while being a trainer / producer off. To replace him would be tough. I see so much Tully in Strong, and would like to have him remain a singles competitor. Maybe someone like Jordan Devlin or Chad Gable? That goes against their need for a heater - but I cant think of a heater that would fit their mold.
  6. And judging by history- sadly both probably be dead. It wasnt just the gas - but the WWF ring was a hell of a lot harder to bump on than the NWA. Arn in his podcast went ar length about that. So I'd imagine that Ricky & Robert with their small stature and bumping like mad would have been popping more pain meds than anyone.
  7. It would have been a lot more believable for the Bulldogs / Hart Foundation to be going up against The Road Warriors than either Express.
  8. Well, they're screwing the pooch. Too many gimmicks with Bray at the moment. They've tries to make him the new Undertaker since his debut- but since this is the WWE they never let anything happen organically. Now it's forced, and it sucks. That belt is hideous. It looks like it should be in Juggalo Championship Wrestling.
  9. Well, Japan doesn't suffer from famine... so, no.
  10. I liked the opening Jericho Lovefest.. and seeing SCU come out at the end and put Soul Train Jones in the Million Dollar Dream was priceless...
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