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  1. In this argument The Uso's are The Smoking Gunns of this generation. I'd love to have a Quebecer's.. or an Owen & Davey.
  2. Using that logic you must've backed Roscoe & Boss Hogg in their pursuit of The Duke Boys.
  3. Ots still weird Toyota rebadged the Hilux to the Tacoma. Theres not exactly any rugged truck type terrain there.
  4. Ken Norton Jr won back to back with Dallas then went to SF and won a third straight. Charles Haley just collected rings between SF / Dallas.
  5. Crazy to think that PCO was considered to be at the end of his career in the WCW run
  6. Aren't we all excited about AEW and the injection of freshness its given the North American wrestling scene? Dave is no different. We are all jonesing for AEW to succeed.
  7. I think theres a strong chance "Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray is Kyle O'Reilly's dad.
  8. Oh you still have Omega/Mox. But against each other in a tag.
  9. I'd announce it and then work an injury angle that forces a tag for All Out. That would further build the atmosphere for their following PPV. They need to keep up their old school belief system and tease the hell out of their fanbase on matchups.
  10. If The Bisch is to believed it was always JPL's goal to wrestle for the WWF. Being a northeast kid it makes sense.
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