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  1. Benoit had nothing to do with how I felt about pro wrestling. I'll still go back and watch his work. Where he was at at the end of his life is not the guy we loved. Anyone who has ever cared for an elderly grandparent with alzheimers or dementia could attest to that.
  2. What drove me away (asides from a professional cooking career), was the generation of guys like Randy Orton and that French Canadian tag team... they were so bad. That whole era featured nothing but cookie cutters who couldn't work a wrist watch -let alone a wrist lock. For someone who grew up on Bret, Steamboat, Hennig, Martel, etc... what the WWF was throwing out there was putrid. I've never seen an episode of TNA or ROH. What brought me back to the WWF was their WWE Network. I wanted to catch all the old stuff I grew up on... and that in turn led me to NXT. It's easy to say NXT brought me back. I had no idea who the names were... but it was right around the time when Kevin Owen's debuted. I quickly got caught up on who everyone was and what they did before WWE.
  3. I personally would love for it to be at the Greensboro Coliseum.
  4. There are a few guys that I would think can get away with saying Vince's name. Bret, Austin, HBK.
  5. I'm surprised more wrestlers don't sign. Short term 1-2 year deals with the WWE... Or why the WWE doesnt stick to that kind of model. Rotating wrestlers in and out of circulation kept gimmicks and personalities fresh for decades prior to the consolidation of the industry. If I was a talent I'd stick to 1 year deals then move to another promotion and just float back and forth. You're also guaranteed a chance to take a vacation. Plus- when you make that return you're over as hell.
  6. I would actually love to see The IIconics be Becky's unwanted / but there lackeys.
  7. But not only did Owen scout that move. We as fans also knew exactly what that move meant. Just as the finish to Davey vs Bret II and Austin vs Bret I (Bret pinned Austin in the exact manner he pinned Piper). Those told stories and they were brilliant in the long play. You don't get that anymore. Bret is/was a savant. He really is the best there ever will be from a story telling point of view.
  8. The Charlotte Flair in a helicopter was too contrived and just reeked of her dad being his badass self landing in the actual stadium to go run away from Road Warrior Hawk. You just got the sense it was filmed ahead of time (like Friday or Saturday night as an example). When HHH's weird video started and he came out on the Munster-mobile I was hoping it was Rob Zombie and his Dragula. That would have been rather fantastic, imo. Actually- that would have made for a fantasic Undertaker entrance circa 2002.
  9. I really need to check out this Bloodsport business.
  10. Not quite pig like enough for Bruce Pritchard. Maybe his son?
  11. People belittle Ligue 1 for being a "Farmers League", but the Bundesliga is rapidly reaching those same lows. Dortmund is the closest competition Bayern have and there is still an ocean of wealth that separates the two. Schalke, Stuttgart, Gladbach, Wolfsburg all need to step up. Hamburg needs to get their ish together. They have one of the brightest kids in European football that they're going to lose in Fiete Arp while they middle around in 2.Bundesliga and the lower half of the Bundesliga
  12. What happened at the ROH show for NJPW to cut ties?
  13. I'm dismayed that US promoter's kept up relations with the Colon's after that obvious premeditated murder and cover up. Puerto Rico is/was a hot territory - but the money down there couldn't have been THAT great.
  14. Owen.. And Voldemort
  15. If I ever met a wrestler and ot was a photo OP they're putting me in a choke hold or raking my eyes.
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