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  1. Y'all couldnt figure out the constant cuts was due to the jackholes ringside holding up their fake nWo belts everytime they knew they were on tv?
  2. Sting vs Hogan 1990 would have been goshdarn amazing.
  3. Could you imagine these two as centrebacks?
  4. Sushi X was from rspw. We all made fun of him... he made Al Isaacs look credible.
  5. You're best going with any roll featuring a tempura fried whatever. Scorpion / Dragon rolls are pretty ubiquitous across sushi joints and are always a crowd pleaser. Unagi is delicious- but for a rookie might be too strong of flavor. If you want to do raw then go with basic stuff like anything tuna related- Hamachi, ahi, otoro, etc. Pretty mild flavor with a cold steak like texture. If you want to expand try a scallop.
  6. One of my most favorite wrestling memories.
  7. Because it's United. Now is the time to be relishing in their downfall. United can't even bring in 36 year old strikers.
  8. Graham Potter will be the next Manager of Manchester United by this time next year. It's a bit of a poisoned chalice at this point though...
  9. yeah I can totally see Dusty swapping the cassettes back and forth on the drive from Pensacola to Tampa between David Allan Coe and Kool Herc while practicing his best Thunderbolt Patterson imitation.
  10. McAfee reminds me of what Shane McMahon wanted to be in the ring - but just couldn't. I absolutely love his WCCW style Superkick. That was fantastic. Logan Paul / Wahoo... I like it. The dude is a natural and could be a WWE Champion if he wanted to commit to the project. New Valentine? Man... that's tough... I think it'd be easier to find a modern day Muraco.
  11. Pat McAfee has the most authentic super kick since Chris Adams.
  12. Would this update be why I can't go back to and forth between thread pages while viewing on my phone?
  13. I've never seen a Dominik Misterio match before... but he reminds me of a very young, very uncoordinated El Dandy
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