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  1. Wyld Samurai

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    You want Becky to bleed like a pig?
  2. Wyld Samurai

    AEW - 2019

    CIMA? Is Magnum Tokyo busy??
  3. Wyld Samurai

    AEW - 2019

    It would be very interesting to see a literal lifer like Orton Inna non WWE production where he isn't posing 90% of the time for dramatic effect.
  4. Wyld Samurai

    AEW - 2019

    So.. pair him with Grado for the ultimate tribute act of Dusty & TA?
  5. Wyld Samurai


    That's because American Starship Coyote is an unbelievably epic name.
  6. Wyld Samurai

    SOCCER - WINTER 2019

    Watching Monaco vs Toulouse this morning was akin to watching a match played in an empty airplane hanger. You could hear a cough that place was so deserted and dead.
  7. Wyld Samurai


    Denim jackets FTW. I miss my denim jackets.. especially the wool lined one.
  8. Wyld Samurai

    Daisy, We Hardly Knew Ye - SDL - 1/29/2019

    As an islander - it really doesn't matter. We are all cousins. Chamorro (my family-Guam), Samoa, Tonga, Maori, Hawai'i... The only difference is Samoans are the big boys.
  9. Wyld Samurai

    Daisy, We Hardly Knew Ye - SDL - 1/29/2019

    When you're an islander everyone is a cousin. It really doesn't matter if you're blood or not.
  10. Wyld Samurai

    Daisy, We Hardly Knew Ye - SDL - 1/29/2019

    This looks like the Futurama episode where Bender goes to the island of out dated robots and gets downgraded to wood - only to be done in by fire and termites.
  11. Wyld Samurai

    SOCCER - WINTER 2019

    First thing I also thought of. There really isn't a backbone to this Chelsea squad. A lot of talent, but a real lack of playing for the badge.
  12. Wyld Samurai


    Unless the demographic of DVDVR has changed in the last 19 years then we should all be bout-y bout-y still about Ikeda vs Ishikawa. DVDVR IS the reason the majority of US fans even know if the greatness of BattlArts
  13. Wyld Samurai

    SOCCER - WINTER 2019

    Mou is essentially saying his philosophy is to spend money... Which he spent a lot of at Old Trafford.
  14. Wyld Samurai

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    Perfect market - worst ballpark imaginable for Sonny.
  15. Wyld Samurai

    AEW - 2019

    Doesn't Kevin have 2 kids wrestling as a tag team?