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  1. That's how feuds should be. A first match shouldn't be violent as there isn't any animosity. That builds up over time.
  2. Man, I'm just bummed he's not going by Sexton Hardcastle.
  3. Dana Brooke was killer as the goofball muscle for Emma. She has some of the best comedic timing. Lacey Evans- I'm a little surprised they didn't try for an updated Sgt Slaughter thing.
  4. Whomever Cody is feuding with should wear a "Cody Sucks Eggs" shirt.
  5. Rebel is/was my favorite part of Britt Baker.
  6. I think Hulk Hogan might be responsible for keeping Marvel afloat during their lean years
  7. I can't believe they called it off!
  8. Nasties were quite smart with the trash bag poncho. Think about all the beer/soda/garbage they had thrown at them at their peak.
  9. Saraya as a modern day PS Hayes would be sweet as.
  10. Oh I bet the WM Main Event turns into a three way
  11. Eddy's persona + (hopefully) El Dandy's ability would be a great combo.
  12. The best is that the first comment you see on that tweety from Skip is from Sheiky Baby calling him a jabroni.
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