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  1. Was there any particular reason why Lawler never bothered to have a run in the NWA?
  2. According to Bret - Vince didn't "get" Flair. He saw that he did the same thing every night.
  3. Hey guys... we had the unbelievable awesomeness of George South in NWA 2020.. we can get Mike Jackson & F'n Joe Gomez in AEW.
  4. Lucha Bros w/ Vickie is a license to print all the funny money in the world. That would be hilariously eeeeeeevil.
  5. I can see Jack doing crossover because of his name.... With Sammy... he always gets the comparisons to Eddy... but I also see so much Gino in him. I think he's going to be so much more than just a wrestler.
  6. Sammy Guevara is beyond leaps and bounds the breakout wrestler of the last 12 months. The fact that he's not going to be hampered by the WWE is only going to see his career and overall value skyrocket. He's a legit star and one I can see being a pop culture crossover.
  7. Wasn't there 3 girls? I can't remember their collective name... and was that a rumor that Lana was also involved with them?
  8. You know.... A chopped cheese sounds pretty damn good right now.
  9. is there a better cheerleader than Austin Gunn? I'm really enjoying whatever it is that Matt Hardy is doing - he's having fun, and it's entertaining. He's clearly in a 3 Faces of Foley mode. Jaw dropped with the FTR... but man, I was really hoping they were elevating Butcher & Blade. I even liked the Panama Jack look they were sporting. *** I was hoping #FTR would do some barnstorming in ROH, Impact, and NWA before they hit AEW.
  10. Hearing Tenryu's enzuiguri called a ghetto blaster really makes me want to see a Bad News Brown vs Tenryu feud.
  11. The Dark Patriot ~ Doug Gilbert Super Olympia ~ Arn Anderson Mr Olympia ~ Jerry Stubbs Doom ~ Butch Reed / Ron Simmons (were they just Doom #1 & #2?) Mr JL ~ Jerry Lynn Tiger Mask II ~ Misawa Tiger Mask III ~ Koji Kanemoto Lord Humongous ~ Sid
  12. Was anyone caught in that diving medley with everyone in the ladder match preview? I want to say Fenix, Cabana, and Cassidy all ate it doing their flippity floppity.
  13. I really want to believe that was Mick Foley on the other side of that call.
  14. It's logical that they split up The Iiconics... Peyton got a boob job last year and dyed her hair blonde this year. She's clearly ready for the main event.
  15. If Gordy is in the discussion then you gotta throw in Doc. Wasn't much difference size wise between the two. I don't think there was a scarier wrestler to me in the late 80s/early 90s than Doc. That whole 108 stitches in his eye just scared the shit out of 10 year old me.
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