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  1. I checked out of wrestling right at the Invasion up until 2015 or so.
  2. Is Goldberg the only WCW act to be protected by Vince?
  3. I want a Painmaker Posse track suit. That was damn hilarious seeing them come out like it was a boxing or MMA match.
  4. Howard Terminal was a distant 3rd for the A's in their site search. Ot was however, the #1 spot that the vocal fans wanted as the future home. It wasnt until Lew Wolff stepped down that the A's changed course after the Laney College debacle. I honestly believe that the A's want to build in Oakland - I just dont think it will ever get done. It wouldn't be hard for a ferry stop to be added to Howard Terminal like they did for China Basin & PacBell.
  5. I'd want the Round Mound of Rebound as The Exalted One over Shaq if we are doing network synergy.
  6. Well it's 1 and 1a. I would say that there is one #1 Contender that can choose who they wish to go up against. You can then add to the rules that the AEW World Championship has to be defended at a minimum 1x / quarter, whereas the 1a AEW Championship has to be defended monthly. The 1a AEW Champion also reserves the right to challenge for the AEW World Championship at their leisure... think of it like the Money in the Bank Breifcase.
  7. According to the Book of Cornette- you have a 7 year wait u till you can rehash an angle.
  8. to be honest - I'm wondering where this 40 acre ranch is. I bet I could afford it in whatever backwood county that's in. Might be a good retirement home.
  9. I'm still holding out hope for Kevin Sullivan in a King Iaukea role
  10. Maybe we are finally getting the finale to Blood Runs Cold!
  11. The WWE essentially marked the end of my following. For some odd reason I could never get behind that.
  12. I just want aliens so we can have a Captain Kirk like character running around trying to have sex with them.
  13. Is the next 300 film going to be casting NXT guys? Those abs are insane.
  14. The A's losing Bay Area radio is scary... just a few years ago they were on the only FM Sports channel in the region- and they walked away from that because that station talked more Giants and Warriors than anything else (they infamously posted a gif of a "it's not us its you" on their last day). I'm not sure what's going to happen to the A's anymore. Oakland might be the most inept city to try and get anything done... their new stadium looks amazing on paper- but we are so accustomed to Murphy's Law around here that we acknowledge that as a pipedream. In terms of the A's possibly relocating - I would say that in terms of A's fans predictions we are thinking it's going to be Portland.
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