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  1. y'all are making me miss old man Bronco Lubich in his WCCW days. I swore he woukd just stomp his foot for a three count
  2. We were supposed to know who they were?
  3. its a shame that we never got a Freebird vs Von Erich rumble at the Von Erich Ranch. That woukd have made for a great cinematic match.
  4. Are we not counting Hogan getting lost in the Faces of Fear Compound?
  5. I was also a fan of Beefcake. He was perfect for the WWF in that era.
  6. So you're telling me you didn't have one if those "Get well Hulkster!" bracelets??
  7. Injury angle with either Boss Man or Bam Bam. Duggan doesn't get popped for pot w/ Shieky Baby and he's The Champ.
  8. Buckhorn Steakhouse is a goddamn institution, pal! For those on the central coast you got to hit up Jocko's in Nipomo.
  9. Bruce was a nobody. He had no name value or face recognition- even as a Hart. Bret knew that making Bruce apart of the Hart Foundation would have been bad business.
  10. Savage vs Steamboat - WM3 Bret vs Perfect - SS Bret vs Owen - WMX Bret vs Austin - WM13
  11. Or why a comment regarding an event from a chat room even made it here. Who the #$%^ cares? I mean... im from an old school mid 90s irc #wrestling chat... but we all acknowledged ourselves as being goobers.
  12. I was watching the first few RAW's awhile back. Fatu and Samu were stiff as hell. I cant remember which one had a match against Bret, but it was quite fun.
  13. The real highlight of that tag team era was The Headshrinkers... until they started wearing shoes. Man they couldn't buy a win once they started wearing shoes.
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