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  1. If you've ever seen dick blood, it looks the same whether it comes from Mexico or Hawaii.
  2. Cornette does a watchalong to the Royal Rumble match 1992 on this weeks experience. The match is on Youtube as well so you can easily watchalong even if you don't have Peacock/WWE network.
  3. WCW never really delivered when it mattered on PPV. The WWF nearly always did.
  4. Did Jim Neidhart appear on TV as a singles heel in 1988? He was working singles matches against babyfaces at house shows while Bret was working singles against Bad News Brown and other heels. But AFAIK they never acknowledged any split between the two and they were back together as a team by SummerSlam,
  5. I preferred it when the opening game featured the holders, not the hosts. I guess they changed it when they got rid of automatic qualification for the holders.
  6. England's performance today against India was among the best Twenty20 innings I've ever seen.
  7. I don't think I ever realised how little Hogan and Savage actually teamed during their 17 month long pairing as the Megapowers. 2 six-man matches, one with one with Hogan, Savage and Steamboat, vs Bundy Rude and Race, one the Mega Powers and Duggan vs Honky and the Hart Foundation 1 handicap match with Hogan and Savage vs the Hart Foundation and Honky The main event of SummerSlam '88: The Mega Powers vs the Mega Bucks The main event of Survivor Series '88: Hogan, Savage, Koko, Hillbilly and Hercules vs Bossman, Akeem, DiBiase, Rooster and Haku The main event of "The Main Event II" with Hogan and Savage vs the Twin Towers. Six matches in total, only two of which were traditional two on two tag matches.
  8. The first "WWE Novel". Click on image for the beginning of the first chapter.
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