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  1. Did any promotion play a wrestlers entrance music after they won a match before the WWF started doing it? And when did the WWF start doing it?
  2. Was Eddie Sharkey continually training guys from the early 80s and early 2000s and just no-one made it big between the likes of Hawk, Animal, Darsow, Nikita etc until Aries?
  3. I think they wanted to hit the big 3 US cities over 3 years, and wanted to jack up ticket prices without playing to half empty arenas. I don't know if running an outdoor event in Chicago in March would be feasible, although they've run outdoors in NY since then so who knows. And I don't know if WWE could ever sell out a stadium in Los Angeles.
  4. Dusty got a good push in the WWF, he feuded with Honky, Bossman, Savage and DiBiase who were all top guys, albeit ones who had already jobbed around the circuit to Hogan. I always figured the polka-dots were way to make sure he remained a somewhat comedic upper mid-card guy, and not a threat to Hogan and Warrior's positioning as #1 and #2 top faces. Dusty was booked more appropriately in the WWF than he was in JCP from 1986 onwards. There was never a backlash against him in the WWF. If he'd been positioned more in that vein in the NWA, kind of like a slightly higher on the card Jimmy Valiant, I don't think there would have been a backlash against him there.
  5. Mero was the first guy to get a big money guaranteed deal from Vince in the MNW era. He was in the right place at the right time, and got resented for it.
  6. Vince should start a 20twenty cricket league in the US. Or just buy an EPL team, he was rumoured to be buying Newcastle Utd a few years back.
  7. Tony has definitely said that Hogan/Warrior was his best match seen live. I remember because I was surprised he was at the event as he was off TV by that point.
  8. Tony has said that Hogan vs Warrior was the best match he ever saw live (he was working off-camera at WM6, just before he went back to WCW).
  9. I saw Flair vs Kerry in Sheffield in October 1991. Marked out like mad as a 14 year old but hardly anyone else there even knew who Flair was.
  10. "Benefits" isn't that much of an issue in the UK. Most of these guys wouldn't be making be close to making $500 a weekend, every weekend.
  11. Yeah but you have to work at Starbucks for 40 hours a week. They'll have a lot more days off with WWE. For the limited dates these guys are doing with WWE, 20 grand is good money. It means they can wrestle full-time.
  12. When Hogan came back to the WWF in 2002 they were exclusively calling him "Hollywood" Hogan for a while, because of some dispute with Marvel, then he went back to Hulk and they sorted something out where they didn't have to credit Marvel anymore.