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  1. Does anyone know which US territory first broadcast their TV in color? And conversely, which was the last territory to still be broadcasting in b&w?
  2. WWF "tribute shows" were a thing in the UK in the early 2000s, and apparently drew quite well.
  3. This band "Crossfyre" have done a cover of "Badstreet USA" complete with a remake of the original music video. It is a legitimately great song.
  4. It was a good-great match, Bockwinkel also had a great match with Billy Robinson a couple of years before that in UWFi.
  5. In an ideal world, that would have been the finish of a Steiners vs Road Warriors match in 89 or 90.
  6. 1. Bret Hart 2. Ric Flair 3. Vader 4. Jerry Lawler 5. Buzz Sawyer 6. Arn Anderson 7. Ricky Morton 8. Jushin Liger 9. Nick Bockwinkel 10. Steve Austin
  7. I assume Liger is still on it for the 29th year straight. Or did he miss a year when he had the brain tumour?
  8. Roger Moore's 1st, 3rd and 5th Bond films were great, 2nd, 4th and 6th poor, he ruined the sequence by having a poor 7th film though with View to a Kill.
  9. 4th Bond movie to have "die" in the title taking the lead over "gold" which is in the title of 3 movies. I wish they'd be more original.
  10. Harvey Wippleman came in at the same time and is still there 28 years later.
  11. Going back to Magnum, I think he'd have ended up jumping to the WWF in late 88/89 when Tully, Arn, JJ, Dusty and Windham all did. I think they'd have changed his name (well, the "Magnum" part anyway, he might have kept T.A.) and given him a biker gimmick, with him riding a motorcycle to the ring.
  12. What's the story about Harley Race wrestling C3PO in Mexico?
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