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  1. How did GI Joe deal with Sarge turning heel in wrestling? Were they still producing the figures/cartoon/comic in 1990?
  2. RIP Marion Ramsey - Officer Hooks of Police Academy fame.
  3. Also co-starred in "Body Slam" with Roddy Piper and Dirk Benedict. RIP.
  4. Wasn't there an Expanse thread on here at some point? I looked and can't find it. Today's new episode was an absolute belter.
  5. I'm assuming he'll appear remotely (and likely pre-recorded) on the main SPOTY show on Sunday night. It's a real breakthrough for MMA in this country.
  6. Khabib just won the prestigious BBC World Sports Personality of the Year award. Previous winners include Muhammad Ali, Pele, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods.
  7. Barbara Windsor, very well known British actress from the hugely popular "Carry On" films and later Eastenders has died aged 83.
  8. I think Road Dogg is really underrated as far as being an on air-personality. When the "new" DX formed after WM14 The NAO were by far the most over part of the group (HHH was the least over, despite being the leader) and the Road Dogg's entrance spiel was a major part of their appeal.
  9. Great picture of Blackjack Lanza, Al DeRusha, Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby Heenan, Louie Dondero, Pat Patterson, Bob Orton and Alfred Hayes outside Minnesota Metropolitan Stadium.
  10. It's one of those weird semi-kayfabed things where people accepted that Fritz being German was just a gimmick and that he had really grown up in Texas and was called Jack Adkisson. But wrestling was still real and his kids were still Von Erichs. They could have easily justify Lance being called Ricky Vaughan in high school if they could justify Fritz being a former Nazi and his kids being Adkissons in high school. I know some wrestlers kids went by their father worked surname in school. I've seen some kind of picture of Mike Graham, maybe in his HS football team, with him being captioned
  11. Were Fritz's real kids "Von Erichs" in high school?
  12. Yeah absolutely, but I think Luger's failure to get over as much as expected was what made them delay putting the belt on him. It was absolutely crazy to do the celebration after the match at SummerSlam, the actual booking was reasonable enough, Luger wins but doesn't win the title, and has to somehow get another title shot, culminating with him entering and winning the Royal Rumble. But he should have been pissed off at SummerSlam, not being paraded round the ring on the Steiner's shoulders, with balloons and confetti dropping from the sky.
  13. I think the Narcissist gimmick really damaged Luger in the eyes of the WWF fans. If they'd brought him in as the Total Package, (and he WAS the Total Package in the WBF, including in his interview at WM8) as a heel and a surprise entrant in the '93 Rumble, and then turned him face the same way they did, I think he gets over a lot more than he did. Obviously the booking was all over the place that year, I don't think they had planned for Hogan to win the title at Mania at the time Luger debuted, and I certainly don't think they knew Hogan was leaving for good in a few months when they put the b
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