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  1. There was a WWE House show in the same venue as a snooker tournament on BBC TV once and you could clearly hear the ring announcer, music and crowd etc in the silence during the snooker game. The players complained and got them to turn up the fans (the cooling down kind) to drown out the noise.
  2. Trailer for the upcoming live action remake of the 1980s "Dungeons & Dragons" cartoon: (not really, it's a car commercial from Brazil, but pretty cool nonetheless)
  3. This is going head to head with the Champions League final. I guess we will find out if Dana was right when he said UFC would soon be bigger than soccer.
  4. RIP. Bizarrely, the Mighty Quinn and Big Daddy once appeared in the comic strip "Billy the Fish" (which was about a fish that played as goalkeeper for a football team) in Viz comic.
  5. There was another Keith Hart who was a black guy who did jobs for WCW. They probably changed his name while Owen was in the promotion briefly.
  6. I used to work at a holiday camp where Roy Bevis wrestled every week (as the Zebra Kid). He teamed with another wrestler called the Canary Kid. They wrestled an assortment of heels, always following the same format. Both babyfaces wrestled singles matches against their opponents, with the other heel coming in and cheating to win. After the second match the babyfaces challenged the heels to an "impromptu" tag match after the interval which the faces won sending the kids home happy. They had a merch stand set-up selling knock-off WWF t-shirts and posters etc, as well as inflatable hammers that the kids could use to beat the heels with then they got thrown out of the ring.
  7. I'm sure Liger has eaten such fare before, but not since he worked for All-Star over here over 30 years ago.
  8. If the whole "Plan B" thing had gone public back in 1979, would Bob Orton have had his spot in the early expansion era of the WWF, and would Randy Orton have become the major star he became in the 00s?
  9. Did Koloff get a good guaranteed contract before Crockett got into trouble? He was wise to stay IMO. WWF would have had Hogan squash him on SNME just to prove Hogan's superiority over Flair.
  10. Are Dr. Tom and Bruce Prichard the wrestling brothers that are least associated with each other? I've hardly heard either of them talk about the other, never seen them pictured together and they hardly ever worked in the same promotion at the same time.
  11. Great show and the venue looks great on TV, it's a refreshing change to have wrestling in a distinctive building instead of the identikit arenas that WWE plays in nowadays.
  12. Dr Hook always seemed to be having a hell of a lot of fun on stage. RIP Ray.
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