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  1. Jerry Lynn worked for WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA as well as AWA and ROH. He works for AEW but I don't see him having a match for them.
  2. I think the Rock 'n Rolls get over in the WWF. There really hadn't been a team like that there before, small guys who could get sympathy, do quick tags and flashy maneuvers to overwhelm their larger opponents. Stick them with Captain Lou at first, have Ozzy Osbourne come out with them at WM2, with them winning the belts over Valentine and Beefcake, then move them onto feud with the Midnights throughout 1986 and 1987, assuming neither Ricky or Robert goes down with injuries like Dynamite did you could get a second title run out of them in place of Strike Force before having them job to Demolition at WM4, then move them down the card and have them work with the likes of the Rougeaus and Tully & Arn.
  3. If the Midnights are in the WWF in 1987 and Dennis bails, who replaces him?
  4. Cornette and the Midnights were a unit in Mid-South and World Class before they went to the NWA so I imagine they'd have gone to the WWF together. The Hart Foundation would have needed a manager in the NWA though.
  5. What if: The Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation go the NWA instead of the WWF in 84/85, and the Rock n' Roll Express and the Midnight Express go to the WWF instead of the NWA at the same time?
  6. The whole "someone should be killed for that" saying is hardly unique to wrestling. Former footballer Alan Hansen used to say it on BBC TV all the time. "He should be shot for defending like that". Then he said it days after Andres Escobar was shot dead at World Cup '94 (allegedly because he scored an own goal that eliminated Colombia from the tournament). I imagine the producers stepped in and told him to stop saying it, at least for a while.
  7. No different to today. At least the shows back then sometimes featured new wrestlers coming into the WWF. And the angles at least were memorable.
  8. Was Brian Bosworth ever approached about doing pro-wrestling after his NFL career ended? He seems like a natural fit.
  9. I always liked the promos they'd do with the wrestlers standing behind a section of the blue barred cage.
  10. When did the WWF start using the steel cage that lowered from the ceiling instead of having to build it and take it down again? Was Mankind vs HHH at SummerSlam '97 its first appearance? I don't recall any cage matches in 95-96 off the top of my head, but they definitely had to build the one for Bret vs Owen at SummerSlam '94.
  11. Has anyone read the books of either Scott Norton or Hornswoggle?
  12. Does anyone know which US territory first broadcast their TV in color? And conversely, which was the last territory to still be broadcasting in b&w?
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