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  1. Was Ron Simmons vs Butch Reed at SuperBrawl 1 in the Thunderdome cage? I remember they billed it as "Thunder Doom".
  2. Anyone ever heard of "Bonecrusher" Dan Sileo? He's listed as a former CWA (Otto Wanz) World Champion on Wikipedia, beating Road Warrior Hawk for the belt, but I've never heard of him and every other source has Rambo winning the title on that date.
  3. The trauma of being involved in the WrestleRock Rumble strongly influenced young Curt Hennig's muslcal tastes.
  4. Davey Boy won on all the UK shows, including winning the prestigious Samovar battle royal at European Rampage '91, and the European title in 1997.AFAIK his only loss in Europe after leaving for Canada in 1980, was to Michaels at One Night Only in 1997.
  5. Tajiri's book is expensive and only 132 pages. I'll give it a miss.
  6. Iceman Parsons and Lanny Poffo vs Jim Neidhart and Butch Reed. Good but fairly nondescript match from 1983 Mid-South TV but notable for being the first match where Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler worked as commentary duo.
  7. Some of the early WMs weren't that bad but at least they were memorable, the roster was kept fresh and you had different guys in different places on the card on every show. King Kong Bundy won a squash at the I, main evented II, was in a comedy match with midgets at WM III, and then he was gone. The roster has been so stagnant in the last 20 years, people stay around forever in the same spot, and all the WrestleManias blend together with the same few guys rotated around, facing each other in different combinations.
  8. I see you discovered Meltzer's notebook the week before Bash at the Beach '96.
  9. Good job Brian Knobbs was wearing that t-shirt as he's unrecognisable otherwise. He looks great.
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