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  1. The "Final Match of Survival" was a weird thing in that there was no way to explain how it worked on TV without acknowledging the existence of babyfaces/fan favourites and heels/rulebreakers which WWF never did.
  2. Just read the name "Butch Masters" in some AJPW results (teaming with Stan Hansen) and decided to look him up, I remember seeing him listed (as Giant Warrior) in the PWI500. How come he never got a chance in any of the major US promotions in the late 90s? WCW especially seemed to be signing just about anyone, and you'd think with his size (listed as 7' tall) WWF would have been interested. Very similar look to Kevin Nash, since he wrestled in Britain I'd be amazed if he wasn't used as a "Tribute" version of Nash or Diesel somewhere along the way.
  3. Bobby wasn't that bad a promo in his early days: I think he just never got any better due to his being managed by Jimmy Hart, then Cornette, then Heyman.
  4. Eddie fell out of the ring while trying to help free Test but they edited that out of every release of the event after the fact, its only on the live broadcast version (and probably the immediate encore PPV showings)
  5. Torrie Wilson's dog Chloe has passed away. RIP.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation, I managed to pick a used copy up (for under £5!) and it came today, in good condition and looks awesome from what I've looked so far. Text in both Spanish and English.
  7. I always thought that should have been the finish of Steiners vs Road Warriors at Starrcade '89, with Rick catching Hawk doing the clothesline and turning it into a belly to belly and getting the pin.
  8. Are there any good English language books on Lucha¿ The only half decent one I've ever read is Mondo Lucha a Go Go.
  9. Has anyone tried to download these? Anyone managed to get Vol. 11 because that's the only one I can't get to work. If we're not allowed to talk about downloading from Youtube, please just delete this, I apologise.
  10. Why on earth was the "GCW Superstars" ring so low? I've never seen a ring like that anywhere else. What was it? A Memphis spot show ring that was available in the area while the proper Georgia ring was taken up to Ohio for those shows?
  11. One thing they never explained about WM X was why Yokozuna should have had to defend his title twice in the same night, it wasn't his fault Bret and Lex tied in the Rumble. You'd think Cornette and Fuji would have kicked up a stink about it, especially after Yoko had foolishly defended his title in a second match at 'Mania the year before and lost it only minutes after winning it.
  12. Happ Hazzard

    The Deuce

    Did anyone watch the third season of this?
  13. Oh yeah, with Vince Jr in charge, Kaufman absolutely comes to the WWF. I don't know who he would wrestle up there though. If we're theorizing that Dusty would have been champion than maybe him. It wouldn't have worked nearly as well though as it did with New Yorker Kaufman making fun of the Memphis hayseed/hillbilly fans.
  14. A "Disco n' Wrestling connection" would have been something to behold. Debbie Harry was a noted wrestling fan so maybe she gets the Cyndi Lauper spot. I don't know who you'd have as the equivalent of Mr T in the late 70s. I guess the obvious choice is Muhammad Ali. Dusty Rhodes and Muhammad Ali teaming against two top heels (off the top of my head, Pat Patterson and Ken Patera) would have drawn pretty well I think.
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