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  1. What's the deal with the "North Bay" territory? Never heard of that one and there aren't really any major cities in that area. Was it just an offshoot of Toronto?
  2. It was a strange time for the Horsemen. They fought Doom at Halloween Havoc yet were definitely heels that night as they tried to pull off the imposter Sting ploy to have Sid win the title. Then at Starrcade Arn and Barry got a face reaction against Doom, Sid teamed with Spivey against 2 heels and the Skyscrapers were massively over as faces, then by the end of the night Flair was unmasked as the Black Scorpion and the other Horsemen were in the cage beating up Sting and Dick the Bruiser. Doom should definitely have stayed around for longer. I heard Reed had a drug problem and his wife wanted him off the road, that may have applied to him leaving the WWF in 1988 though (but may have also been the reason for him leaving WCW in 1991).
  3. Were Doom supposed to have turned face in late 1990? They feuded with the Horsemen, Sting substituted for Butch Reed and teamed with Ron Simmons to defend the tag titles against Flair and Arn, then Doom lost the titles to the (heel) Freebirds.
  4. What was the deal with the Kensuke Sasaki vs One Man Gang match that took place after the Starrcade '95 PPV? Why have a match like this after the PPV instead of before? Why have Gang win the belt, then restart the match and have Sasaki win, then have Gang as the champion anyway?
  5. Even if Montreal hadn't happened, I don't see Bret being in WWE all these years. They'd have either fired him when cost cutting at some point or he'd have quit, they'd have been on bad terms for a while then he'd have gone back for the HOF a while later.
  6. Who owns the rights to the original GLOW? Still David McClane? Maybe it will end up on Netflix or Amazon. Or maybe WWE will buy it for their Network.
  7. I'm on episode 8. It is an excellent TV show.
  8. Heart Attack according to Alvarez.
  9. Buddy Wayne passed away. This is the pacific northwest guy that did jobs in WWF and WCW, trained Bryan Alvarez and regularly appeared on his radio shows back in the day. RIP.
  10. I always heard that Giant had one match before WCW. Where it was, I don't know. Did Larry Sharpe promote his own shows?
  11. How many matches did Mr T have? Any more than the 3 I know about (WM1, WM2 and Starrcade '94)?
  12. Yeah he did, AFAIK Zeus had exactly 5 matches 3 in WWF, (SuSl '89, SuSe '89, NHB: The Match) 1 in WWC with Abby, and the Doomsday Cage debacle in WCW). But I count Zeus as a celebrity, not a wrestler. Otherwise guys like Mr T and Gene Okerlund would count). When was El Gigante's first match? Was it GAB '90?
  13. Was Kevin Nash the first wrestler never to wrestle in a territory?
  14. Did any promotion play a wrestlers entrance music after they won a match before the WWF started doing it? And when did the WWF start doing it?