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  1. We went to a WWE house show on Super Bowl Sunday like four years ago and while it wasn't a sellout it was pretty packed. It also was a matinee. We went from the show to a Super Bowl party afterward.
  2. I hate to post this after that previous post. That's awesome dude. But.... isn't it amazing that both songs from the Heavy Metal movie soundtrack called "Heavy Metal" are both fucking awesome? Hagar/ Felder for the win.
  3. All he has to do is be a good Bruce Wayne. The suit and the stuntman have to be a good Batman.
  4. Anyone else catch the name on Ralph's file he was looking at during the end? It said "Dearbon", which is Sue's maiden name.
  5. Holy fuck, that Barry! Fuck!
  6. I've gone to it three times and I'm only a half hour in.
  7. Oh, and I was so into it, when Dr. Strange made the water spout thing? And then he stared at it? I thought for a second " Sub-Mariner?" And Carol no selling the Thanos head butt like she was JYD made me cheer out loud.
  8. We just got back from seeing it and I fucking loved it. Dear Mr. Fantasy to open the film made me so happy. And it's wild, I watched Winter Soldier this afternoon while doing laundry and there were a few call backs to it, the best being Falcon saying , " On your left." as the portals appear. I popped huge.
  9. So I'm coaching my nephew's Little League team again this year. It's 8 year old Coach pitch where we don't keep score and just play to teach the game. Last year it was a team full of 6-7 year olds who were being introduced to the game, and this year it's mainly the kids who took a liking to it and want to play baseball. We had our first practice the other day and I was the only coach who could make it. It was still like herding cats, but what made it easier was that their crazy kid energy was all focused on playing baseball. We just did initial base running and had them line up in two lines and play catch. And most of them are pretty good, so it's going to be easier to focus on who needs more help. Yeah, that's my emotional "Aww" thing to say while I'm thinking "We're gonna be good. I'll probably keep score in my head."
  10. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Legends of Tomorrow is the best show on TV. Nothing else makes me happier. This week's show was awesome.
  11. I get it, but scroll up to the first one.
  12. Those covers are fucking dope, man. Thanks. And the coolest thing is that the story of how Garcia came up with the name "The Grateful Dead" doesn't mention these. The Dead were originally "The Warlocks" and then they found out some other band already had that name. They were sitting around all stoned and Jerry started flipping through the Oxford Dictionary and saw the entry "Grateful Dead ", as in the Medieval English folktales. But, Jerry was also a huge, huge fan of the pulps and comics growing up so it's totally possible he saw those and there was a latent memory of them when he opened that dictionary. If I was a kid again I'd print those out onto t-shirts and make some money at Dead and Company this summer.
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