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  1. I just read that Prine is now in stable condition.
  2. My mom took me, my little sister, and two of my buddies to watch Mania 1 on closed circuit at the Philly Spectrum. I was 14. Mom brought her needlepoint and Cosmo to read. She wasn't paying attention until Bruno appeared. Then when Bruno ran in, the Spectrum went nuts. I looked over at my Mom and she dropped her needlepoint and was jumping up and down cheering for Bruno. She grew up in the 60's and Bruno was a hero. It's one of my favorite wrestling memories.
  3. John Prine is in critical condition with covid 19. I just can't ....
  4. I just got word from our CEO that pest management services have been designated as an essential service by the Department of Homeland Security. So at least I'll keep working during this.
  5. Oh, I forgot to say that I'm a commercial pest control tech. We do pc from farm to table. And we do big drug companies and major chains, amongst a lot of other places. We're gonna take a hit, but we'll survive. The residential pest control guys are really fucked, I'd imagine.
  6. I'm a pest control technician, so I'm essential personal. Our industry is at this minute asking the government to officially clarify us as such. So I'm continuing to drive from service location to service location. Lots of our clients with restaurants are closing down if they aren't serving take out. But I'm still servicing most of my stops. We're all dealing with plague, I'm here to stop the pestilence.
  7. JYD/ Tito vs The Funks is a great match. Also, Dory was on a WOL show once and I called in and asked him if he hated being called "Hoss". He said that he liked it because that's his real life nickname.
  8. Wow, Legends knocked it out of the park this week. This has been the LoT format for awhile now. They start with some fun and silly stand alone episodes dealing with some time aberration and it takes a bit before the big bad is revealed. They plant a lot of seeds, in those early episodes, as well. This one though, it was perfect. I'll miss Ray and Nora, but amongst a lot of things this show has in common with JLI , one of them is an ever changing lineup.
  9. Well, now we have a mystery of who came up with the only dumb name I've never gotten used to. A mystery that makes me hate myself for spending time on.
  10. Oh, totally. And Prichard was the one who came up with it.
  11. This is kinda neat. I was listening to Prichard's podcast today and apparently "Dolph Ziggler" wasn't a take on Dirk Diggler. It's a combo of Dolph Brisco, former governor of Texas, and Zig Ziggler, the motivational author.
  12. I wouldn't use the term " neck beards " to describe the crowd last night. It looked more like a convention of baristas, craft brewers, and Hot Topic employees.
  13. Live, watching Darby stare at the screen with a look of , "What do I do?" while Mox was being beaten up just one flight of stairs away was dopey as fuck. Still, it was a super fun show.
  14. If it's Jimmy Valiant than it'll be my favorite faction ever overnight.
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