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  1. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    I can relate. Back in 2006 when my wife left me, I became hollow and filled with cocaine. I also might have had torn tights with fishnet under but fuck you for your judgement
  2. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    On behalf of my awful gender, sorry.
  3. The Netflix Thread

    I’m loving this show. I just watched the party one with the Seinfeld bits and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in forever.
  4. DC TV Thread

    My favorite part of Arrow was Black Siren vs Black Canary. I think Dinah is a fantastic character and both actresses are bringing it.
  5. South Park: Still Goin' Strong

    THAT WAS AMAZING. Holy fuck, that might have been one of the best South Parks ever. Wow.

    Bill Goldberg guest starred on this week’s The Goldbergs. It was pretty great.
  7. DC TV Thread

    Ah, the article I read said he was joining. I thought that seemed weird.
  8. DC TV Thread

    Whoever it is, he has ties to Constantine, who's joining the Legends.
  9. DC TV Thread

    Just Hawkgirl. Ray was warning Nate that Vixen eventually has to return to 1942 as she has a legacy that can't be altered, so modern Vixen can exist.His concern was over Nate possibly getting heartbroken. They did tease that Mick had a thing for Vixen, but that ended up them becoming friends.
  10. DC TV Thread

    I don’t recall him getting jealous over anyone that season. It couldn’t have been Sara and Vixen was either mourning Rex or banging Nate. I really liked Ray in the Camelot episode and the one where he teams with Thawne. Getting rid of the Hawks helped everything.
  11. DC TV Thread

    Ray gets a ton better in LOT season two.
  12. DC TV Thread

    Timely did thrive as a company when their characters were fighting nazis. Also, the best thing about that is that all the heads are looking at the action, except Heat Wave and White Canary . They're focused elsewhere. It's a fine bit of character work. and is that Captain Cold behind Barry's head?

    You could be talking about Special K or myself at that time.

    I loved that place. One of my favorite memories is waiting on line for chicken fingers with a couple of Special K guys, and us all bitching about the prices.
  15. Raw is Worth Zero Dimes - 9/25/2017

    It'd be a cool way to bring up Gargano.