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  1. You're right, they're the remaining four. And I listened to it in the truck on my route today. It's really good.
  2. Tim Allen's timing couldn't be better.
  3. I loved Cryer's Lex, especially the Otis and Miss Tessmacher reveal.
  4. Totally. As bummed as I am that it's done, that was amazing. It's kind of bonkers how it was accidentally a great series finale.
  5. I know the term has existed since the song. It's just recently I've been overwhelmed with "STANS" as a term that people who should know better are including in shit I read and listen to. I don't care for it.
  6. "Stans" really needs to go away. It's really terrible and isn't going to hold up. Or, we take it back in honor of Stan Lee. I'm a Stan for mustaches and alliterative names!
  7. Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Beast, and Wonder Man. With Jarvis And Henry Gyrich.
  8. I love it when old pics of me and my friends back in High School pop up. My old friend Lori posted this yesterday. I'm third from left. Oh the days of being thin with a full head of hair.
  9. I'm bummed. Crashing is one of my favorite shows.
  10. And then in 1981, an 11 year old Johnny Sorrow collected most of the entire run of Shazam! on the cheap, which included some 80 page giants with reprints of the classic Marvel Family stories. Those are what grabbed me and made me such a Captain Marvel fan that I would find and buy Golden Age books at Flea Markets and Creation Conventions. I still have a Captain Marvel Adventures from the 40's with Cap using a ray that makes people good on Hitler.
  11. It's the best thing I've seen since they found The Last Battle Of Atlanta.
  12. I knew right away that they were going to a Borg thing on The Orville when Issac mentioned his report being almost done. And then I forgot about it after the sweet romance episode with Issac and the Doctor. And then it all tied together with this one. The Orville is so fucking good.
  13. I'm two episodes in on Umbrella Academy and I'm loving it. I've read and seen lots of takes on the X-Men concept, and this is my favorite. Creepy old man collects children to train them to fight evil is really the basis of X-Men, especially the original 1960's team.
  14. There's nothing wrong with getting choked up about Eddie. He was the greatest.
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