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  1. Adams was the best. I never caught it when I was watching WCCW as a teen or when I rewatched WCCW for my old World Cast podcast. Slaps are fine, just learn from Chris Adams and figure it out. Now, don't learn ANYTHING ELSE from Chris Adams.
  2. Thats great. Also, since my nephew has been watching forever...he's mr. Know it all to his pals. " Thats Rey Mysterio, he's awesome." or " New Day used to be bad guys, but now they're good guys and Kofi was the Champ. They're the best tag team." Finn was baffled when I was cheering Roman because " Hes a jerk."
  3. I've mentioned here and there that over the past few months my 10 year old nephew's pals who live across the street have been watching ppv's at our place. My nephew likes wrestling but he's grown up with it. Its been on in the background since he was born. His pals are now just discovering it. They like it to various degrees, but his pal Finn has caught the bug big time. He's always asking when the next show is, and he's excited for this weekend's " A and W" show. His mom came by the other night to drop off some cookies and she told me that wrestling is all he talks about and she and his
  4. The Crockett 86 WHW shows are super fun, and instead of Conrad's Observer and Torch bits, he's using the great Richard Land's History of the WWE site for research.
  5. The scene with Supes saving the kid when he first arrives in Metropolis wearing the Max Fleischer costume was everything great about Superman .
  6. That's literally what Kevin Smith is doing in Clerks Three. @ThatKevinSmith · Feb 22 SPOILERS! NJ voted to legalize in November. I wrote “Clerks III” two months later in January. So *of course* Jay and Silent Bob run their own weed store in the sequel. And yes: it’s in the old RST Video store, which the boys rechristen as RST THCCBD! http://RSTTHCCBD.com
  7. Oh yeah, one last thing. The kids loved seeing Sami get beat up. He was so freaking entertaining tonight.
  8. Beats me. We stopped watching for awhile. There were lots when it was just me and my pals watching. But now that it's just me and my family with the kids across the street who are falling in love with wrestling? The last three have been great. Especially when even the kids made fun of burning the Fiend alive. I thought this show was pretty great. I guess they're trying to give Drew as many reigns in a row as possible which is bleh, but generally I don't care much about RAW. But Smackdown has been consistently good to great. Again, watching wrestling with my nephew, who's been watchin
  9. That show got a thumbs up from this house and the kids. Most popular guys with the kids were Cesaro and Lashley. Most hated were Corbin and Miz.
  10. I was at Mind Games, Joe vs Kobashi, and a whole lot of other shows; but I guess I'd have to say the Andersons vs. The Rock n Roll Express in the cage at Starrcade 86, third row ringside.
  11. My first screen name on a message board when I first got online was Rusty Brooks. He was me and my pal Joey's favorite Saturday morning "loser" as we called them when we were in high school. RIP
  12. The Will Ferrell ad had us literally laughing out loud.
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