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  1. [NXT] DEC 6 2017 TV SHOW

    Ah, as annoying as I find it, I hate shitting on people having fun at the rasslin matches. I detest the idea of "proper" behavior at a fucking wrestling show.

    Yeah, the whole " Why are they doing a new Jumanji" bit of outrage out there made no sense. The original is awful.
  3. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    If it isn't, it will be. I always hated that angle. "I may be a zombie with magical powers, but I'm an AMERICAN zombie with magical powers." Yuck, it stunk. Big Evil Biker Taker could have done that , but Patriotic Zombie was awful.
  4. Most Obnoxious Celebrity that You've Met

    I just saw Kevin Smith and Ralph Garmen do their Hollywood Babble On show at the Boulder Theater. I briefly met both guys before the show and they were both awesome.
  5. YOUR Riverdale Sleaze Thread

    And I’m catching up, so they just woke up in bed together and hey! Tony Todd!
  6. YOUR Riverdale Sleaze Thread

    They were about to fuck and got interrupted by the Serpents.

    Episode 7 of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of the best episodes of a TV show I've seen.
  8. DC TV Thread

    Reign' s costume kinda stinks, but that fight was fucking awesome. And the best parts of Byrne's Man Of Steel reboot was ditching the Kryptonian stuff as much as he could, keeping Ma and Pa alive, and focusing on the fact that he's Clark Kent, not Kal-El.
  9. DC TV Thread

    Okay now I'm pissed. Why the fuck was that made canon or even mentioned again? Ma Kent deciding to put an S on the suit based on Lois Lane calling the mysterious new blur " Superman" is both a better story beat and not a fucking convoluted explanation to explain why he has an S on his chest.
  10. DC TV Thread

    Supergirl rules. They figured out a way to work in Mon-El trapped somewhere for a 1000 years into the Legion being inspired to exist by Supergirl into Saturn Girl wearing a pink Ed Wood approved sweater with shoulder pads that slightly look like discs. I love these shows so fucking much. So much that I can get past the whole " It's not an S , its the El family crest, its just a coincidence" bullshit I've hated since I was eight years old and saw the movie.
  11. DC TV Thread

    This was Thawne timeplucked from a period he isn't dead yet. Or something like that.
  12. YOUR Riverdale Sleaze Thread

    Maybe they'll break up and he'll swear off women for awhile. And that was always the dumbest part about Jughead. His defining characteristics are being a bit of an outsider, always at Pops, and a pointy hat. And they've nailed all three. I mean, it worked for the comic books since you can only have Archie and Reggie competing for pussy. But here it makes sense. Especial since the 40s and early 50s Archie comics did have occasional Betty trying to hook up with Jughead jokes.

    I just watched "Gilbert", and it's outstanding. I can't recall a film that made me cry my eyes out then had me laughing so hard that I was technically still crying. Wonderful.

    Fuck you, liar . And there needs to literally be an old school Philly"Boring!" chant at this HHH bitching.
  15. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    To be fair, I can’t read twitter speak. But you’re absolutely correct.