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  1. Olympics Omnibus thread

    My seven year old nephew has been obsessed with watching the games and has been wonderful with his glee and joy at what he’s seeing. He did tell me that he thinks Figure Skating is boring. I told him, “ Yeah, it is. But your mom loves it.” And he watched it tonight with her and didn’t complain. He’s a great kid.
  2. DC TV Thread

    I think we can assume Leo gave Cisco a call for a breach home.

    Jordan was never supposed to be a babyface. The entire deal was intended for him to evolve into a heel.
  4. Olympics Omnibus thread

    Oh, I love McMorris as well. What a story.
  5. Olympics Omnibus thread

    I posted that before he won the gold, shit that kid is gonna be on the Tonight Show and shit. I love him almost as much as I love the Canadians team sweaters.
  6. Olympics Omnibus thread

    Red Gerard is now a Colorado hero for all time.
  7. Marvel Phase III Movie Discussion Thread

    It needed a black guy in a hood and a midget with a giant ape head who has a monocle and a dapper outfit arriving at a crime scene with an old dead white guy with a psychedelic frog ,or it needed a shot of a Kirby book/ story I never knew existed before now? What’s that from and where can I read it for free? It looks cool as fuck. Jack Kirby must have tried acid as an older man in the late 1960’s. He went, “ Fuck you, Stan. I’m gonna go to DC and make weird shit that no one gets but will eventually be the backbone of the company and be in movies!”
  8. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    They’ve already said he’s a phantom in her head. And if they work that somehow into bringing him back from the dead in a comic book show that works, then I’m all onboard.
  9. DC TV Thread

    Well to be fair, Barry didn't want to escape and become a fugitive and Ralph only developed this aspect of his powers until this episode. I enjoyed the jail episodes especially Goldberg as Big Sir. What didn't make sense was when Wolf said in front of the other metas that Barry was a speedster and then later reveals to them he's the Flash and they're surprised. You'd think they'd have put two and two together earlier.
  10. The Podcast Thread

    I just started listening to Good Christian Fun and it's great. It's two hosts, one of whom was half of Gilmore Guys, who both are Christian discussing Christian pop culture. I just listened to the episode on Davey and Goliath and it's hilarious.
  11. DC TV Thread

    It was, but I doubt Vigilante stays dead.
  12. The Big Game, v.52

    That’s hilarious.
  13. The Big Game, v.52

    Nah, Mikey Whipwreck.
  14. The Big Game, v.52

    Fuck yeah. One of my oldest pals from Jersey who bleeds Eagles green flew out there for the game and I couldn’t be happier for him.
  15. The Big Game, v.52

    It’s both.