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  1. That was fucking wonderful. Bravo, guys.
  2. All of you need to watch the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw with Bix. It's fucking tremendous. The audio isn't, but the story is. The INS was trying to deport Pat Patterson in the 60's and Bix uncovered the story. Oh, and Gerry Brisco finally explains what actually happened when Vince bought " Georgia " on TBS.
  3. The other great line her son had was at the end. That best friend who I never heard of was going on that Luna would have wanted a biker parade for her funeral, with the imagined footage they apparently shot for this, and it cuts to her son who basically says " Naw, that's bullshit." He's the best.
  4. When Luna's son was talking about how when Tom would leave David would show up and said, "That's some shady shit." , I laughed out loud.
  5. This was great. Will going on about Sawyer having dog collar matches as his gimmick match he didn't lose until Phil shit on that was hilarious. Tune into this one people, it's another great pod.
  6. I thought it was more of a nod to the issue of Starman where Ted tells Jack about the JSA killing Rag Doll.
  7. It's ten pounds of gabagool in a two pound bag.
  8. I've been loving the new season of Doom Patrol so far. I just finished the second ep with Garguax at the vacation getaway and next up is Dead Boy Detective Agency.
  9. I just finished watching Many Saints and like stated above, it felt like a mini series squeezed into a movie. The art direction was outstanding and most of the performances were really good. Young Silvio though, yeesh. I get that it was a perfect imitation of Van Zandt but it was cartoonish. I went to IMDB to look up some of the cast and looked at some viewer reviews. Big mistake. It's full of racists complaining about "woke Hollywood" because of the Harold storyline and the Newark riots being part of the story.
  10. I'm halfway through with " The Many Saints Of Newark" and woof. It stinks so far.
  11. The actor playing The Shade is really great. He played Blackbeard the pirate on two episodes of Legends in season three and its cool to see him back in a role with a lot more meat on the bone.
  12. I'm thinking it's gonna be revealed that Heyman fucked with the ropes. He was right there in the shot when it happened.
  13. They briefly established that Artemis has superpowers during the ep where scouts are there at the school to watch her QB.
  14. That was a perfectly fine show that was boosted by that crowd. Columbus is the anti-Nassau .
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