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  1. I was worried he'd be the one with the Thunderbolt but he mentions Jakeem. I want to know why he's got a North Jersey accent.
  2. This whole Wheadon thing led me to find the pdf's of his rejected Wonder Woman script. Holy shit, it's amazingly awful. And it explains why we were getting upskirt shots of Godat in JL. Also, that scene where Flash falls on top of her? Gal refused to do it so Wheadon got a body double instead of scrapping the scene.
  3. Also, Stargirl is clearly a kids show. I adore it because it's fun and sweet and I'm a huge JSA geek, but it's target audience is kids and young teens. edit: When I figured out who the janitor is it made me so happy.
  4. So, we just had our first two Little League practices this week. I'm coaching my nephew and nine other 9 year old boys. It looks like we're going to have a good little team but these first two practices are all we had before our first game next week. Covid had the league scrambling as we didn't even know if there was going to be a season this year until a week and a half ago. We're practicing social distancing and wearing masks which is quite the challenge with 9 year old boys. Luckily, there are never fans, just families who can sit far from each other. I'm responsible for not only coaching and teaching the game, but disinfecting all the balls and the catcher's equipment. Also, I've got two parents as my assistant coaches and one is a semi pro softball player. It's going to be crazy, but after seeing the boys practice and watching how excited they are it's going to be worth it.
  5. I thought Truth's gimmick is more him being crazy than dumb. Y'know like with the Little Jimmy stuff.
  6. I loved it. LoT is my favorite show on TV, period. I've just started a podcast where my co-host Travis, who's watching the show for the first time and I talk about each episode. We're in the middle of season one, which is an entertaining train wreck, much like our podcast is as we get used to recording with each other and deal with recording tech issues during the first episode. It's called Gideon Guys, because the concept is the same as Gilmore Guys and I'm not above ripping off my favorite podcaster, Kevin T. Porter. And I guess what is family friendly and what isn't is based on the age of the kids watching and parental choice. Cause Stargirl is so wholesome and obviously a show for kids it feels like the best CCM TV show ever. If they started talking about Jesus it'd fit right in. And I love it. I'm a HUGE JSA nerd, therefore I'm all in and I'm loving it. Brain Wave was expertly cast, and they're setting up Brainwave Jr. Oh and when Pat was talking about the JSA members who were killed he specifically mentioned Hawkman and Johnny Thunder. That tells me that we are going to see Jakeem Thunder. Why else bring up the most obscure JSA member, and my favorite Golden Age character? And Hawkman can be resurrected, so maybe they're gonna take another swing at the Hawks, who haven't been done well yet ever in live action. As we talk about on Gideon Guys. Oh yeah.
  7. Wow, that Flash was something else. They tried to edit what felt like four episodes into one cohesive cliffhanger and they did their best. But it was glaring about a third of the way through. They actually had scenes where Frost leaves, then later bonds with her Mom at the lab she took her to, then at the end Kaitlyn is consoling Barry as her Mom is taking her to her lab. And there was some big time " How do we hide that she's pregnant ? " shots as Frost is being written off for awhile to have her child, which she did recently. I'm so happy Legends wrapped before the virus hit. It's been wonderfully out there and fun, especially this week's episode. I'm almost ashamed of myself that the only two things that are annoying me that I lost to the virus are having full seasons of my Super Hero tv shows and Dead and Company cancelling summer tour. I'm a 49 year old teenager.
  8. That episode of Supergirl from Sunday was awesome. I know some disagree, but this is the best Lex Luthor. Cryer is fantastic.
  9. I really like how they went about having Mirror Master as a big bad rather than a bad guy of the week.
  10. The man built his house with his bare hands and was gonna go up on the Space Shuttle. And his wife has a rope belt!
  11. My favorite announce team is Lance Russell and Dave Brown. As far as worst, nobody comes close to Bill Mercer.
  12. You'd think after all the crazy shit Barry Allen has gone through, he'd have figured out that this is a fake Iris he's dealing with.
  13. Dream's sunglasses for his third eye are fucking dope.
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