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  1. Johnny Sorrow

    30 For 30

    I loved it, obviously. So much Grateful Dead.
  2. I don't buy Thompson being surprised by the shit JR dropped about Smith and Sweetan. He's Flair's fuckng relative. He knows all this shit.
  3. I just got home from it. It was fucking fantastic. Turning the Spot into a Main Event villain was a risky choice and it paid off in a big, bad way.
  4. Tony Khan is making himself a character at house shows as an authority figure! That stinks worse than when he's appears on TV in bad pretapes, at press conferences, and hyping Dynamites.
  5. I loved that it was Jimmy who turned first. It plays off the origins of the Bloodline, when Jimmy returned wearing an " Nobody's Bitch" shirt and at first wasn't bending the knee to Roman like his brother did after getting beat by Reigns in HITC.
  6. Johnny Sorrow

    30 For 30

    I'm just catching this now, and it's great. Dykstra is such a mess.
  7. The Dog Collar match is awesome. I first saw it in 85 when I was 15 and it helped turn me into a bloodthirsty fan.
  8. We just had our first Little League practice with my new team for this season. I have four returning players, including my nephew, and eight boys new to my team. I loved what I saw, we got some talented kids and by the end of the night the boys had all made friends and started acting like a team. It's gonna be a good season.
  9. It's live action. Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome look enough like Boimler and Mariner to play the parts. There's a pic out there of them on the transporter pads with Pike and La'an.
  10. Matt Hardy's twitter has been hacked and it's hilarious how long it's been going on. His wife has posted that he was hacked an hour ago, and the hilariously filthy and stupid posts keep coming.
  11. Right. Which is why it's funny watching them being portrayed as buffoons. Hunt is portrayed as a family man who's at least a complicated piece of shit. Thus far Liddy is a total maniac.
  12. Justin Theroux is hilarious as Liddy. And I had no clue that was Turner! I'm really liking this show thus far and I wasn't sure going in.
  13. Hear me out.......The DEAN Memorial Greatest Three Way Matches Of All Time Thread.
  14. That was one of, if not the, most FUN Wrestling shows I've seen on TV in fucking years.
  15. The Sleaze Thread created Reddit.
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