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  1. The best part of Final Frontier is Sybok. Laurence Luckenbill is fantastic. Also, Shatner directs the fuck out of that flick.
  2. Wow, I thought Nia vs Michen stunk, and it was 100 percent Nia responsible. I actively was feeling bad for Michen having to try and get a match out of Jax.
  3. Super fun SD tonight. That ending angle was fucking perfect. The only thing that made me roll my eyes and laugh was Cody tied in the ropes as Orton is about to be triple powerbombed through the table. Cody yells " NO! Not him ! Take me!" And holy shit Jacob Fatu. He looks great, he's awesome in every way a wrestler can be. And how he's being booked is how you make a star overnight.
  4. I binged S2 of Prodigy this week. It's really good. It's not only a "kids" Star Trek show, but it's a Voyager sequel, especially this season. My nephew is 13 and he loves it. I have my doubts that Netflix will go ahead with a S3, but I sure hope so.
  5. Yeah, it was perfect. Number one, they didn't want to beat Sami in Canada again. They also want to further establish that Sami is an underdog who wins the big ones, and is an established top guy. It also , like you said, drops the Goldberg stuff perfectly, as Sami IS a top guy, yet Bron suffered nothing by the loss, given how the match and finish were booked. Does Bron eventually beat Sami for the belt or does Sami hold the belt when he's definitely going to be on OG Bloodline at , what? Survivor Series? Fucked if I know, but I'm loving this booking that makes sense.
  6. That show was fucking great. It's so refreshing to be in era of WWE booking that all makes sense again. It hasn't really been this way since , what? The 80's?
  7. I loved SD tonight. Just like last week, it was a great two hour wrestling TV show where everything made sense and was structured perfectly. Owens brought tears to my eyes during that great bit with the Babyface alliance. Then there was a tag title change that was perfectly booked and the closing Bloodline video that ruled. OK, the opening bit with all the MITB guys was hokey and the Profits vs PD had some phony looking shit. But overall, this was a really fun show with a great crowd.
  8. Carlito has been fucking hilarious during all this JD shit. Truth showed that a comic relief worked in the group. Carlito is doing that now with just one liners and reactions. He's killing it.
  9. My pals at BOOM Pro Wrestling held a memorial show for Big Cat Scott Henson last Friday and put the whole show up on YouTube.
  10. My two cents fantasy booking bullshit is a rematch with a babyface DDP where DDP goes over and breaks the streak while winning the title . Then Goldberg turns heel on him after, and destroys DDP. Then have Goldberg as a menace who fights everyone. No alliances.
  11. Smackdown tonight was the best pro wrestling TV show I've seen in a long fucking time.
  12. Shorsey season three just might be my favorite six episode season of TV ever. It's amazingly funny and full of heart. The show is the biggest love letter to hockey I've ever seen. I loved Letterkenney, but Shorsey is even better.
  13. I just went to the liquor store and the clerk had an Okada shirt on. That blew my mind.
  14. If he did, it wouldn't surprise me. I met Scott at the second BOOM Pro Wrestling show nearly two years ago. I was the ring announcer and despite years of DJing at a Strip Club or hosting the Frozen Dead Guys Days festival, I was nervous as fuck. Even more so, because Max Mitchell, the boss and my friend, introduced me to the crew before the show while also telling them that I'd be asking them to sign the paperwork that prevented Max from getting sued. I spent the pre show approaching all the talent to ask them how they wanted to be introduced, while also half heartedly asking them to sign the stupid paperwork. It was awkward, and there were a few wrestlers who were great about it. I got enough from everyone for detailed announcing, and some of the boys were surprisingly shy. Nicole Matthews was awesome. She just said, "Don't mess up my name." with a smile. Scott was the mystery opponent for Tony Baroni that night. It was a surprise. Scott still was one of the first wrestlers to find me to go over his entrance. I told him, "Thanks, but I'm not introducing you, Cat Power is." And he made a joke, we laughed and that was that. We had him on our YouTube show last year and he fucking slayed. It was so much fun, and it's a fucking drag that I'll never get to hang with him again. Two times and he made an impact.
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