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  1. DC TV Thread

    There’s no way Ralph is dead.

    They actually had the backdoor pilot on earlier this season. It wasn’t good.
  3. IN MEMORIUM 2018

    His book about his life as a con man and cons you can have fun with your friends with was one of my bibles. And the episode of Cheers where he helps Coach beat the New York con man is as good as The Sting.
  4. IN MEMORIUM 2018

    What? Fuck.
  5. IN MEMORIUM 2018

    Did he ad lib? I thought the story was that Ermey saw the script and told Kubrick it wasn’t realistic, so Kubrick asked him to basically punch up the script.
  6. IN MEMORIUM 2018

    It truly is amazing that a basically untrained actor stole a Kubrick movie to the point where you don’t really care about what happens after his character dies.

    Bryan and Orton don’t count, they were both undercover in the Family, not true believers. Wow, Bray got fooled twice the same way.

    I just saw The Florida Project and it blew me away. Defoe was amazing and those were the most realistic kids in a movie since Bad News Bears.
  9. IN MEMORIUM 2018

    Art Bell was one of the last true radio artists.

    I thought it was outstanding. I love that they made it clear that there was a mythology surrounding Andre, and that informs all the stories being told. The point of the film was to explore the mythology and find the man. And that Dunn credit must be a bone HBO and Simmons tossed them. There’s no way he had a hand it the making of this.
  11. DC TV Thread

    That Legends finale was fucking tremendous. It’s my favorite TV show, period. Nothing else on TV makes me this happy.
  12. The Raw After Wrestlemania 34 - 4/9/2018

    I love him. And Elias was an NXT Mid card guy who got called up and has flourished. I think Jose can as well.
  13. WrestleMania XXXIV

    That’s the beauty of Colorado. Two days ago it was snowing but today it’s beautiful.
  14. WrestleMania XXXIV

    I just got that.
  15. WrestleMania XXXIV

    Anyone else cooking for a Mania party? I’m grilling Italian sausages, roommate is making homemade tortillas for tacos, we got some shrimp cocktail, and my pal is bringing over veggies with his homemade dip that’s amazing. Oh, and the blender is ready for margaritas.