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  1. My 9 year old nephew literally jumped for joy when I told him there was gonna be a sequel. Let's check out the Uncle ScoreBoard. 1. Baseball ? Check. I've coached his Little League team for two years. 2. The Three Stooges? Check. 3. Tom and Jerry/ Looney Tunes? Check. 4. Batman: TAS ? Check. 5. The Grateful Dead ? Oh, big check. I took him to Dead and Company this Summer. 6. And finally, Spider-Man. The character who meant everything to me when I was 9. I've shown him all the old cartoons and I used to sing him the 60's cartoon song. He had a stuffed Spider-Man doll we won at the fair that he slept with when he was younger. But SpiderVerse was what gave him the spark that's ignited into full Spider-Man fan. Mine was Peter, his is Miles. It's so cool.
  2. Well, the movies got the name Birds of Prey. The spin off is gonna be called "Green Arrow and the Canaries".
  3. It totally helped me fall asleep on the plane last Friday.
  4. I loved that during HHH's promo with all the NXT talent celebrating, Ciampa was just staring a hole into Cole.
  5. I'm thinking that the guy in the League of Assassins book is the Anti-Monitor and Ollie is mistaken.
  6. I saw "Dolemite Is My Name" today. It's wonderful. It's a perfect companion piece to "Ed Wood".
  7. I hope not. I hated "the cruncher" nickname for Larry. It sounded like he was a fan of Captain Crunch cereal. And the only difference between that Moxley promo and lots of his good WWE ones was the word "blood" . It was fine, but holy shit... I've been seeing people say it's one of the best promos ever. Really?
  8. I do cry at shows and movies, and that scene had me weeping.
  9. " Gay Until Graduation "? That's the only GUG I'm aware of.
  10. Yeah, but Vegans who have a million takes on how meat should be cooked.
  11. What's even cooler is this means Lyla has been Harbinger for the Monitor since before these shows even began.
  12. There better be red skies over Riverdale during the Crisis that don't effect anything but Jughead ponders about.
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