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  1. The new Animaniacs dropped on Hulu! We're watching it now with my nephew and his pal and it's great. Oh, and expect the FOX News crowd complaining about it in three...two...
  2. Oh, and if they need to find something for Jeffrey Combs in season two . Besides the myriad of other Trek parts he's played, I forgot he was Evil Space Vince McMahon in that Voyager with The Rock.
  3. Maybe they can convince him to return to the part if they have Garek be gay, which is what Robinson thought Garek should be and played him accordingly. He talks about that in the WONDERFUL DS9 documentary, "What We Leave Behind." Speaking of that, maybe they made Seven bi just to erase the Chakotay relationship that came out of nowhere and didn't make any sense, at least to me.
  4. I've been laid up with a back injury all week so I've been cherry picking various Star Trek episodes. DS9 is my favorite and I've rewatched that a lot, so I've been watching a lot of TNG and Voyager, which led me to bingeing Picard yesterday. I absolutely loved it. I was worried about dystopian Trek at first, but after the first couple of eps it it was clear that this wasn't that. There's so much to talk about so I'll just mention two things. First, Bad ass Seven fucking rocks and Ichebs death was rough. The geek in me wondered why his friend,Q's son, didn't help him. And the Voyager music
  5. I watched the debate on a mix of some hydrocone painkillers I took six hours ago for my back, two edibles, and a few beers. It was amazing. I felt like Hunter S Thompson but in the suburbs of Colorado.
  6. While Legends keeps plugging along quietly being the best one. Oh, I read that Flash is going to have Ralph Dibney in the first couple of eps to wrap up the Sue plot. He's being recast.
  7. Ken has been a regular guest on Doug Benson's Doug Loves Movies podcast and he's pretty funny.
  8. I heard Mulan is pretty good. My family and I can wait Until December.
  9. Is the movie streaming anywhere? We Bare Bears is one of my nephew and our family's favorite shows .
  10. Oh, it's crazy, but it's not that crazy to us. Blizzards out of nowhere in the Spring , Fall, and Summer is part of living in Colorado. It's the intensity of this. That's climate change, normal weather patterns being more extreme. We're also on fire, so either this is an accidental fortuitous side effect, Snow Miser has had enough of his brother's shit, or I'm now a confirmed agnostic. Which is hilarious.
  11. Yeah, sorry man. It's been raining ash all day here in Colorado with 100 degree temps. It's everywhere. It's the most 2020 thing yet, but....in true Colorado fashion, it's gonna snow in two days to battle the darkness.
  12. I just watched all of it and it's fantastic. It's basically Degrassi: The Next Generation mixed with The Karate Kid, and I'm sold. But they need to get rid of Stingray next season. The character stinks, and "creepy old guy hanging with teens" used as Whackity Shamackity Doooo comic relief is awful. Yuck.
  13. Gorilla used to call Cowboy Bob Orton " Excellence of Execution " a lot.
  14. I'm just now watching the Rockies/ Rangers game. These powder blue Rangers uniforms are 1970's level bad.
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