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  1. Johnny Sorrow

    DC TV Thread

    That Titans show needs to have Mr. Twister as an initial villain. Berlannti would do that.
  2. Johnny Sorrow

    The Podcast Thread

    I just listened to the Crimetown Season 2 teaser about Detroit and Kwame Kilpatrick, and I can't wait.
  3. Johnny Sorrow

    Worst. Rusev Day. Ever. - SDL - 9/18/2018

    This Smackdown was fucking great. I love that they're just going with "cheer who want, boo who you want" with Lynch vs Flair. It's working and it's fun.
  4. Johnny Sorrow

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Broncos pull it out by the skin of their motherfucking teeth. Jesus.
  5. Johnny Sorrow

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Broncos look like shit today.
  6. Johnny Sorrow

    The Bojack Horseman Thread

    It's back! I just started episode two of this season, and it's already the best show on TV again. Edit: I just finished episode two. It's an amazing piece of television. Fucking fantastic.
  7. Johnny Sorrow

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I lost interest in Jessica Jones 2 about halfway through when there still hadn't been a villain established. I stopped watching Punisher before the first episode was done. It took me two months to finish the first two episodes of Luke Cage 2, as well. But I just finished watching the episode where they're hiding in the Rand pharmaceutical building and I'm all in. Misty Knight is the coolest and sexiest character on TV.
  8. Johnny Sorrow


    That's been completely overblown, anyway. I remember hearing that they worked out together a bit years ago and that was it.
  9. Johnny Sorrow

    Raw Is The Napoleonic Code - 9/10/2018

    I loved the end of the show, and the Foley stuff was fantastic. But, I've seen a lot of "See, when you let a guy like Foley talk without a script it's great" in regards to this. But that whole segment was totally scripted. I'm sure Mick helped write it, especially his lines, and I'm sure he improvised a tad. But it was the delivery, the acting, the performance that was so great and deserves to be praised. Then we get Braun delivering lines that would be good enough normally, but they really seemed fake after Foley. Then the fight happened and I was back into it.
  10. Johnny Sorrow

    Raw Is The Napoleonic Code - 9/10/2018

    I'm still watching this on Hulu and I'm loving it. My favorite parts so far are the Shield going full Watts with the axe handles, the Dogs Of War being a thing, Big Show as Jerry Lewis, the fact that they've made me actually interested in this HHH/ Taker match, and a skit with four guys where one is a rent a cop or local security and Corbin is the worst actor. I heard the Foley shit is great, the HITC 98 video was boss, as well.
  11. Johnny Sorrow

    2018 NFL: WEEK ONE

    Broncos / Seahawks was a lot of fun. Perfect game for a day of grilling and Sunday family dinner here in Colorado.
  12. For me it's the DCW shows and Riverdale, then Avengers 4.
  13. Johnny Sorrow

    ALL IN - 9/1/2018 - Post-Show Thread

    Right. But as I'm sure has been already pointed out, now the NWA title is relevant again, however briefly.
  14. Johnny Sorrow


    God damn, that was awesome. I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. The Jesse/ Jody fight couldn't have been better. I geeked out for the "Kinda Dif'ernt" bit. And this season did the impossible and made TC sympathetic. It was amazing and an amazing performance, to boot. And now we got Masada and Frankie the Eunuch next season!
  15. Johnny Sorrow

    IN MEMORIUM 2018

    In high school, a friend and I got to perform the linguini scene from The Odd Couple at a showcase event. I played Oscar, and it's still one of my fondest memories from school. Also, my Senior year I worked at an old classic movie theater that only showed one movie, two shows a night , with a matinee on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at two. If you were an usher, you had to go sit in the back to keep an eye on the crowd. So you would get pretty sick of any film that was a hit. Biloxi Blues was a hit and ran there for awhile, but I never got tired of it. After it's run we got a one week run from what I think was Seagal's first movie. It came in with a lot of hype and merchandise to give away, but nobody came. So they brought back Biloxi Blues for another week or two, and I still never got tired of it. RIP Neil Simon.