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  1. That show was great and the main event was fantastic.
  2. I enjoyed S4 of Flash mainly for The Thinker as the big bad. Supergirl is worth sticking with just for Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor which is fantastic. But what really did in Flash and Supergirl was covid. Both shows had to cobble together season finales out of what they shot, and they never recovered. Legends having a shorter season than the other shows ended up being a plus, as S5 ended just as the shutdown started. Then Seasons 6 and 7 really embraced the silliness and the show just evolved past typical super hero fare. Of course, it was cancelled with a cliffhanger because Keto Shimizu, the head writer and showrunner decided to play chicken with the network, her words, and lost.
  3. @DEANJust put me down as a vote for New Day vs. Usos in the next poll. That match fucking ruled. They didn't just tear the house down, they told the story of the New Day trying to keep their record against their number one rivals, who are now on top of the world. It was perfect storytelling in every way, physical and psychological. Like, I knew the Usos were gonna win, but they made me forget about that and more importantly, they made the live crowd believe that New Day we're going to pull it out. I can't praise the match enough. They're the Rock n Rolls/ Midnights of modern wrestling.
  4. I fucking loved the PPW Ep. The only thing that stuck out to me was the whole, " No one has ever seen the Flair/ Afi match". PPW briefly was on cable in NJ as background on the stock ticker channel Saturday Nights. And they showed the same shows over and over. I could swear I watched that match or at least highlights of it at least 13 times.
  5. I always loved Bigelow, good or bad matches. But I think his best matches are in Memphis when he was basically a rookie. When I got the DVDVR Memphis set and saw a couple of them it blew my mind.
  6. I mentioned this in the Indy thread, the cast of Riverdale showed up at the BOOM Pro Wrestling show in Vancouver Saturday night where I was the ring announcer and timekeeper. Here's Cole Sprause and I think Casey Cott with the new Vancouver City Champion Brady Malibu after the show. KJ Apa and a bunch of other from the show were there as well.
  7. It might have been " Kozma", either way it was just something he came up with.
  8. I can't praise enough everyone involved in BOOM and especially the talent. Everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming. And there's a healthy relationship between PNW promotions that are sharing talent that was awesome to see. Pre-show I walked around asking the " boys" what they wanted for their intros. Coco Flash didn't know what he wanted cause it was his first time as a heel. I can't remember what we came up with but it was something like king Kazma. Kazma was the important part. He wanted something that sounded like Cosmic but wasn't that on the nose. After the show he told me I made Kazma work, it's his new heel nickname, and was laughing that it's not a real word. Honestly, I could go on and on and I'm sure I will on a podcast.
  9. Your's truly before the BOOM Pro Wrestling show last night in Vancouver.
  10. I just got done ring announcing at the BOOM Pro Wrestling show in Vancouver tonight. It was a super fun show and I had a blast. Also, some of the cast of Riverdale was there; KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, and the guy who plays Kevin . Right before the show as we were getting ready to start I looked over to my right and was like, "Holy shit, it's Sexy Archie!"
  11. I'm in Vancouver meeting pals and I'll be ring announcer for BOOM Pro Wrestling tomorrow and got to see my Phillies win at a bar while talking about the booking for the show. Life is pretty fucking great.
  12. The season finale of Lower Decks was fucking awesome.
  13. Sami's rise to Main Event was a slow evolution of him being awesome at everything he was given. The Mania Jackass match cemented Sami as a Made Man and here we are. The kid I saw at JAPW with his pals making their first American trip is now Big Time Main Event on WWE . It's awesome.
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