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  1. Johnny Sorrow

    The Really Swell News Thread

    I'm at night two of Dead and Company in Boulder hiding in the shade waiting for the show to start and it's been a fun, wild ride so far. I'm with family and three of my oldest friends who I started following the Dead with when we were 17. One lives here, and one flew in from Texas and the other from Jersey. 32 years later and here we are. It's awesome.
  2. Johnny Sorrow

    [NXT] July 11, 2018 TV Show

    The tag match was awesome, but the dueling chants were fucking awful. It went on forever and was ruining the flow. Cheer and boo whoever you want, but react to the action.
  3. Johnny Sorrow

    The Photos What We Took of Us

    My little 7 year old nephew loves baseball, thanks to me, and this year he started Little League. I volunteered to be assistant coach of his team, and it's been great. Two months ago, we had a group of kids who barely knew how to play, and now we have a team of players who know the basics and are a team on and off the field. I couldn't be prouder. (Not all the kids made it to picture day. I'm on the right, and no, I wasn't dirty, I just have a very dark tan.)
  4. Johnny Sorrow

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    Dr. Frederick Wertham was right!
  5. Johnny Sorrow

    (NXT) July 4, 2018

    As soon as Vince hears "Steaks and Weights" he's gonna love it.
  6. Johnny Sorrow


    Good, cause that's what they're doing. Dijak looked great on this show. He has a ton of potential and no one cares that he lost.
  7. Johnny Sorrow

    (NXT) July 4, 2018

    Let's see. Dozer is a fucking Star, Dream is a Star, and everything Gargano/ Ciampa is top knotch. I love this show. I've come around on Black as far as his matches go. He's great. But there are also great guys with personalities there that jump off the screen now. And I like the juxtaposition. Cause Black used to have the personality of a wet mop, but he's getting better. And DOZERMANIA is gonna run wild.
  8. Johnny Sorrow


    As a Trekkie, (fuck that Trecker bullshit),it fills me with glee that Star Wars fans are the worst now. That poster is fantastic, as well.
  9. Johnny Sorrow


    They also showed his "Bury me softly" tweet
  10. Johnny Sorrow

    Let's Discuss the WON Hall of Fame

    So much old weird venom being tossed around here, it's kind of odd.
  11. Johnny Sorrow

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Hey, how bad does Cornette want to be able to post his ALL IN pic? You know he's seething that he can't be part of this. I'm sure he's pitching ideas about "Invading" in his head.
  12. Johnny Sorrow


    Dude, New Day are so fucking over and are clearly top guys, it's crazy. I know obsessives are tired of them, but they're top level.
  13. Johnny Sorrow

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    First ten minutes of Cloak and Dagger ruled.I'm all aboard.
  14. Johnny Sorrow


    Is there any actual reporting that's confirmed this whole "get rid of Punk's record" deal, or is it just speculation?
  15. MST3K is going to be touring live this year with Jonah and Joel. They're coming to Boulder in November. In totally jazzed.