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  1. Johnny Sorrow

    DC TV Thread

    Ok so,
  2. Johnny Sorrow

    DC TV Thread

    Ok, this is speculation I've read, and if it's true I'll be overjoyed at the depths of DC geekdom the Berlanti shows go. This would be in regards to Arrow
  3. Johnny Sorrow

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    I love Kal Rudman. We even tracked him down for an interview on our show. We sadly lost half of it due to recording tech issues, but it was great.
  4. Johnny Sorrow

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    And when it came time for Bob to drop the belt, it was Vince Sr. who took him aside and told him. It's all in Bob's book, which is great. I used to do a podcast about WWF from 1979- 83, and we acquired a ton of footage from MSG and Philly. Like Pete said, Bob was red hot and the crowds adored him. There's nothing better than hearing Kal Rudman lose his shit over Backlund.
  5. Johnny Sorrow

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    Bob Backlund was super over during his reign. He only started cooling off a bit right at the end.
  6. Johnny Sorrow

    RIP Stan Lee

    When I was a kid, all awkward and weird, Stan Lee's work helped form my moral compass, while giving me an escape from whatever was bringing me down . I learned how to read at four because of Spider-Man. Rest In Peace, Stan.
  7. Johnny Sorrow

    DC TV Thread

    He's also the best Superman since Chris Reeve.
  8. It's terrible. The music is fine , but the constant "Bro" drop is fucking annoying. I'm a stoner and it makes me hate stoners. He's a natural heel, maybe that's it. Stoners in shape who walk around going "Bro" are fucking intolerable. That and the entrance song stinks. It's fucking awful. He should be a heel post haste. The theme is just a shitty Snoop riff with ""Bro" dropped in every few seconds. It's fucking shit.
  9. Johnny Sorrow

    DC TV Thread

    Maybe it was the Legion because they needed her for a mission that had nothing to do with her going back and altering the timeline. She dropped Lightning Lad's name in a previous episode. But the reason Future Iris had her powers dampened is probably to have hidden her from Cicada.
  10. Johnny Sorrow


    Unless they were both doing Amos and Andy tribute acts, I'd imagine that's a bit of a false equivalence.
  11. Johnny Sorrow

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    Ok, terrific. I finished DD 3 tonight and it was so fucking great. And one of the major parts that made it great was that it felt like a fucking Super Hero show. These Marvel Netflix shows try too hard to be "realistic " so much that they often lose the joy of comic books. This season of DD nailed the perfect mix of gritty and fantastical Super Hero stuff, while tossing in so much for comic book geeks. Marvin throwing circular saw blades during that fight made me smile from ear to ear.
  12. Johnny Sorrow


    If I had to choose between rewatching either Man Of Steel or Justice League, which would be torture , I'd choose JL. It's a giant piece of shit that explodes a lot and makes no sense, but I'd rather watch that than mopey Superman and Pa Kent being a total asshole. And why did they show him as a toddler wearing a red towel as a cape pretending to be Superman? That makes no fucking sense, unless the plan was to spin off a Superbaby prequel. I'd watch that. I have more than a few old Superboy comics.
  13. Johnny Sorrow


    Barry Allen became a very interesting character in the mid to late 70's. The death of Iris and after show him as a more complex character.
  14. Johnny Sorrow

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    The new Daredevil is fucking awesome, and I'm not done with it yet, but having the FBI easily turned into bad guys doesn't play well all things considered right now in 2018.