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  1. Best you're gonna get is if they cast Rosenbaum so the guy who played Lex Luthor and Wally West is part of this. Which is something I totally think will happen. At this point I think they'll find roles for the cast of that DC Comics Roast show from the 70's and the surviving cast of the unaired JLI pilot.
  2. It got me through a rough day on the road. It's fantastic.
  3. That was fucking awesome. Holy shit, just the opening bit had me delighted.
  4. I loved this show. And so did my family. I watch the PPV's each month with my buddy who is also a wrestling fan. For the last 13 years my fam, who were not fans when we met, have watched a lot of wrestling thanks to me, and when a show or match grabs them, that means it was good stuff. They watched this whole show and were into it. Except Rollins/ Braun. By that time Janette was going to bed and the rest of us were reheating meatballs.
  5. I'm thinking Wyatt has nothing to do with Rowan and Harper. I'm thinking Bryan is the mastermind and he took the beating from Rowan as part of his master plan.
  6. He was Jack Hart in Florida. He was the jobber who never won. They made a big deal about his losing streak, and then Percy Pringle gave him a loaded glove and he wins his first match and I think he won a belt, joining Pringle's Army. It was the same angle, basically, as him and Candido.
  7. I agree 100 percent. I've rewatched that three times, myself. And I prefer the special effects of the DCW to a lot of the DC Movies.
  8. God damn, last night's episode was great.
  9. You'd be dead and annoyed. If we're talking weed and blow, I'd love to have partied with Kevin Von Erich.
  10. Well, things are better. I've been browsing the board on my phone all night and the only potentially white trash ads have been for NASCAR and IBS.
  11. And now I'll watch my first MI sequel , because I hated the first one. I rewatched both seasons of Agent Carter two months ago. It's still fucking great.
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