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  1. That was a great show. We had a blast here in the homestead with a feast of food and a room full of adults and kids enjoying some wrestling.
  2. Is he as bad as the anti-Semitic junk dealer?
  3. Yeah, the large Meat Lover's from Pizza Hut that is boiled.
  4. That was another enjoyable Friday night of wrestling on real TV. We cut the cord awhile ago and just stream. But I still have an antennae hooked up for actual TV. And SD tonight was exactly what I needed, it was a fun show that didn't require complete attention.
  5. That's coming on the final episode of Arrow, I'd guess. There's two more episodes in the season. Next is the back door pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries and then the final episode, which Felicity is returning for.
  6. Ok. Holy shit. I cheered, I clapped, I yelled " No way !" and " Holy Shit!", and I cried. I'm gonna go smoke and bask in happiness before attempting to break it all down here. Pure happiness isn't something that comes around all that often, especially nowadays. That was it for me.
  7. I'm in Colorado and part one has ten minutes left. So far I'm geeking out and loving it.
  8. Crisis wraps up tonight! I'm so jazzed. I can't recall the last time I've looked forward this much for a TV show.
  9. Here's my little Bar Rescue story. From 2006 to 2013 I worked at a strip club called The Bustop in north Boulder, Colorado. I was a DJ/ Doorman/ Bartender but mainly DJ. (If you were male, you were expected to handle most anything.) Around 2012 or early 2013 the owners were approached by the producers of the TV show. We were all pretty excited because the place was struggling and we figured the exposure plus any free renovations would be a great thing for the club. So one night the producers assistant or whatever picked a number of of the staff, including myself, to do two group sit down interviews that they filmed. They asked us what our problems were, and none of them were cleanliness or anything like that. We just needed a renovation and better promotion. The club had been around since the early Seventies and had been a hot spot for decades including when I first started. The only specific question I recall was the lady asking us if we would argue with Taffer, and my co-worker Zach said he definitely would. We were not chosen. Fast forward to last year when the Stop was closed for good and the entire property was sold to developers to make an "Artists space with affordable housing". Affordable to who, I have no idea, as Boulder is ridiculously expensive to live in. I drove by the property the other day and everything has been torn down and construction is under way. By the way, the place was definitely used for money laundering. Here's an article https://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/the-last-dance/
  10. I enjoyed SD. It was a fun show to just sit on the couch and decompress from a long work day with.
  11. My nephew loves The New Day and the shirt I got him for Christmas.
  12. If it's the fans who are responsible for British indys going under.
  13. And he's not just Kingdom Come Supes. He's also the Donner Supes.
  14. I haven't laughed that much during SNL since Eddie was a cast member.
  15. Daniel written episodes tend to be more slapstick and over the top. He was a Family Guy writer and it shows.
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