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  1. Jeff Austin, one of the founders and mandolin player for Yonder Mountain String Band passed away . It's a tough one, he was from the little mountain town here in Colorado that I lived in for awhile.
  2. Me and my friends who were over to watch it last night felt the exact opposite. We were all " Yeah, it's clear who the star is here." All the smarky chants died in the second half as everyone was waiting for Becky. Speaking of which, last night was a revelation for me. Back in 85-86 when I first heard "Boring!" chants I hated it. I thought it was disrespectful. Now, I had no problem with just booing at a shitty match, but I didn't like "Boring", and I was going to shows in Jersey and Philly. Last night when the yuck bro segment were doing "Daniel Bryan" And "CM Punk" chants, I was like "Oh, fuck you , nerds" and I was no fan of the match, I was waiting for the payoff. But when they just started chanting "Boring!", I was totally ok with it. I've evolved to the point where that's just fine and old fashioned. And a relief from the high jacking shit. At least "Boring!" is aimed at the ring.
  3. That Williams/ Taylor vs. The Koloffs match was fucking awesome. I had the VHS of this when I was 16, and only watched it all the way through once. The other times were probably me fast forwarding to the Fantastics/ Sheepherders match a lot to show it to my friends. And while I'm sure the clipped version of that Koloffs match was fun, this was fucking amazing. Ivan Koloff is a heel Ricky Morton here. He was amazing.
  4. They had Black beating Orton clean on at least one house show, so I expect it to be Randy.
  5. I've often said that Clerks could be a documentary about what Monmouth/ Ocean county groups of twenty-somethings looked like in 1994.
  6. To add, I worked there for seven years, full time for four months and part time for the rest of the time. As a wrestling fan, it didn't take me long to realize I was in the most similar business I'd ever get to. Selling fantasy as reality to marks we all hated for the most part? In a low rent part of show biz ? I learned all that shit on Saturday morning TV.
  7. My company had "Company night" at Coors Field tonight for the Rockies/ Padres game. I had to leave after the fifth to get home to take care of the dogs as the rest of the household is on vacation. Good thing, if I'd stick around for a 12 inning 16 to 12 loss I'd probably have cursed so much in front of the regional bosses and fellow employees kids that I'd have fucked all chances at eventually becoming office.
  8. See, I loved Homecoming because it was comedic and Spidey was a kid. Just like the comics. We've had enough of the "Tortured Peter" side of the character. They focused on the wisecracking kid who's just hanging in there which was my favorite part of the Lee/Ditko/Romita year's. It's all I've wanted from a Spider-Man movie.
  9. When I moved to Colorado in 2006, I swore "No more blow." Then I got a job DJing at a Strip Club so that went out the window. The toilet lids at that place saw a lot of action. And to bring it back to wrestling, I didn't announce in typical strip club voice. I growled and gave promos and used a lot of Dusty/ Superstar/ Rude, etc. lines. " She looks good and moves even better, she makes a burlap sack look like a cashmere sweater...make some noise for the sexy Deja!" might have been said more than once.
  10. Amazingly, Stan Lane just mindmelded with me and told me his take on that. It was something like, " Well look at that. Shit, not only are these assholes ripping us off, they're doing it low fucking rent. Now I'm sure those two boys like to fuck each other. But all I see is a gang of marks. See, back in the day, we knew how to work. Steve and I knew what you wear in a gym while working out together as a probably gay couple and tag team partners. And it wasn't wigs. It was old school." Fantasy shoot interviews is now an idea I'm going to definitely use on the podcast I'm part of. Thanks, guys.
  11. I didn't know that "Chuckleheads" was a slur. Was that a street thing done by fake pimps? And now my brain has gone to the idea of a low rent Indy where a Ratso Rizzo rip-off manages a Joe Buck rip-off with the nickname, "The Midnight Cowboy."
  12. The Fabulous Ones shit on that as far as "We're Gay" segments goes. Steve Keirn's review of that probably goes "Shit, how over the top can you get? Stan and me, we knew how to do it with some subtlety. Sure we were working out together in our speedos, but there was still some ambiguity. See, that's back when guys knew how to work."
  13. Allow me to clarify, a gimmick about being out would stink in Vince McMahon's WWE.
  14. Here's the thing, a gimmick about being out would stink. This is wrestling. Shit, for a long time in WWF, no character was married or had families . You didn't know who liked to fuck who.
  15. There was a website called "Justice Fir Benoit" that popped up right after the murders that had that very take. A few years later a friend and I got a non-paying gig on a live internet radio station with all wrestling shows. We had to set up a website for our show to provide links to our archives so I looked if Justice For Benoit was available, and it was. So, for a year or so we plugged that as our site on air , never selling that it as anything more than a casual website name.
  16. How many have there been? Darren Young and Sonya Deville are the only two that come to mind. And Pat Patterson was a top guy, (no pun intended but I'm still using it), for Vince Sr. This is from 79- 83, right around the time Vince Jr. may not have been the boss, but he had power especially around 83. And I know Pat wasn't out as his tv character, but he was out in real life.
  17. Yeah, but Alice is in deep undercover work with the FBI to bring down The Farm. Of all the awesome things this past season on Riverdale , the fact that it introduced me to Heathers: The Musical is my favorite. I've listened to the entire soundtrack and it's wonderful. "Seventeen" is an amazing song that brings tears to my eyes.
  18. Maybe Vampiro forgot he has Alzheimer's? Because that's how it actually works. I worked in Eldercare specifically with Alzheimer's victims for 23 years. No one ever has said " Sorry, must have been my Alzheimer's ". Alzheimer's victims don't know there's anything wrong , they forgot it. So, I guess Vamp is either a total zero or a victim of Alzheimer's who still gets booked.
  19. I'm almost done with this season and it's been so great. Since this show draws from so many obscure things from Archie comics, when they introduced The Farm I was certain it was an homage to the Christian Archie comics from the early seventies. Now that the Farm's headquarters is the old nuns place it's definitely what I thought. There's lots of crosses in the background while Edgar Evernever is preaching and shit.
  20. I'm at Coors Field right now for the Rockies/ Blue Jays game. We started the day with a parade for the Little Leagues in Colorado where my kids and I got to walk around the track.
  21. I fell into the same situation I did last season. I watch on the CW ap and inevitably get behind until some episodes aren't available, so I wait until it's up on Netflix. Which it is now. I just binged four episodes and the last one was the film noir one. And it's all been awesome. And I recently saw that the Riverdale Collective Universe is going to now have Josie spun off into a Katy Keene show. Katy Keene. As an Archie Comics and Golden Age comics geek, that fills me with nerd joy. And it's going to be a musical/ comedy! The Berlanti-verse grows. I want these Archie shows and Black Lightning as part of the Crisis On Infinite Earths DCW crossover next year.
  22. The Muhammad Ali two part documentary on HBO is fucking outstanding. Its amazingly well done and as it ended I was crying, so mission accomplished.
  23. Well that's a shame. I was considering buying this but I'm a cord cutter.
  24. Is this on Fite or not? I can't find it on the ap.
  25. And the Hulu version bleeped the fuck out of it. Which completely flies in the face of the project. Also, I really liked the All In The Family except for one thing. Woody Harrelson sucked. Marisa Tomei was outstanding doing Edith but holy shit, Woody was awful. Apparently the only accent he can't do is Queens.
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