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  1. I'm thinking it's gonna be revealed that Heyman fucked with the ropes. He was right there in the shot when it happened.
  2. They briefly established that Artemis has superpowers during the ep where scouts are there at the school to watch her QB.
  3. That was a perfectly fine show that was boosted by that crowd. Columbus is the anti-Nassau .
  4. We've been watching the Crusher's Bruiser Bedlam promotion from the 80's for our YouTube show. Cholak is all over it, but old, obese, and wearing a GIANT moose head. It's amazing.
  5. Wow, I'm in the opposite camp. I've been a Golden Age Captain Marvel fan since I was a kid, and I love SHAZAM. It's a wonderful film that's what the DC movies need to be. Not some attempt at a connected universe, but a story that stands apart from continuity and all that horseshit. I adored it, it's fun and sweet and I'm looking forward to Mr. Mind in the sequel.
  6. I always felt it was more of a respect thing Vince felt about Fritz. Fritz innovated TV and also didn't give a fuck about the NWA.
  7. There's a LOT to dissect about Johns that ain't fucking great to say the least. But honoring his dead sister via his art isn't one of those. Even if it's made him money. If I died young I'd love if my sister created a character that is universally loved honoring me that also made her money.
  8. I've been loving the show , but this one and the Strange ep just didn't hit for me . This one especially felt a little weak.
  9. In other news, Titans continues to be the worst DC Berlanti show I love. The guy who plays Dick Grayson is so perfect it holds together an insane show that makes no fucking sense half the time.
  10. Meanwhile, Supergirl is sadly sputtering out in its final season. A search for totems? That was literally the McGuffin , delicious and only available for a limited time, of Legends season three. As great as Thomas Lennon is as Mr. Myxyzptlk is, woof.
  11. Wow! Stargirl this week was so freaking great. It never escapes my mind that it's a kid's show, which is what it should be, but what a great kid's show! Well, kids and 51 year old JSA/ DC geeks. The amazing fight scene in the school that ended with The Shade appearing in full James Robinson Top hat and black Lennon glasses had me popping with glee. On the latest episode of my podcast Gideon Guys, where my pal Travis and I review and goof around about Legends Of Tomorrow, we came up with our newest recurring character, Berlantiverse stunt coordinator, Harley Race. He EARNED the money this ep.
  12. I just watched the whole show and I loved it. I've got a new favorite wrestling related show. I love this JBL and Brisco is just the greatest. He reminds me so much of my dad, who's also old, wise, funny, and at 82 is still a bad motherfucker.
  13. I just listened to it today. I don't know if the show was glitchy or I had bad download, but it was still hilarious.
  14. AJ must have insisted on Punk wearing pants. If a locker room lothario is going back into the biz, no tiny panties, son.
  15. Dom is a great face in peril. We saw the Mysterios and Balor vs Reigns and the Usos at the SuperShow in Denver last week, and Dom was great getting the shit beat out of him forever before finally getting the hot tag.
  16. As a lifelong JSA fan, and especially a fan of Johnny Thunder, seeing Johnny in the green suit and bowtie and then the actual Thunderbolt filled me with joy this week on Stargirl. And Jim Gaffigan is perfect as TB.
  17. Well, then it worked based on the anti Becky chants tonight in Denver during Bianca's promo and match. And a few folks were doing it during Charlotte's match. BTW, the most over wrestlers were Orton, Rey, Charlotte Flair, Roman and Usos. But no one wasn't not over. Even Jinder got a great heel reaction.
  18. We just got home from the WWE SuperShow in Denver. It was a blast. Show started at 5 and ended at 7:45 which is perfect, especially on a Sunday with three 10 year old boys in tow. And the kids had a great time. They cheered, booed, got Cena hats and shirts, and toy replica WWE championship belts. Oh and lots of popcorn and cotton candy. It was my nephew's second live show, the first being almost six years ago so he barely remembers it. It was the first show for both of the neighbor kids. The card was Nakamura vs. Crews, Bianca vs. Carmella and Zelina, Sheamus vs Priest, Lashley vs. Woods, Drew vs. Jinder in a Denver Street Fight, RK-Bro vs. AJ and Omos, Charlotte vs. Rhea vs. Nikki, and the main event was Reigns and the Usos vs. The Mysterios and Balor. Really fun show, and the main was really great, with Dominic doing a face in peril spot that lasted at least ten minutes if not more. It was wild. The Bloodline just beat the shit out of him for what felt like forever before the hot tag. Edit: There were quite a few "Fuck Becky" and " Becky Sucks" comments yelled when Bianca addressed the crowd.
  19. Me, my bud, and my brother are taking my nephew and his two pals from across the street to the WWE SuperShow in Denver tomorrow. It'll be the neighbor boys first wrestling show and my nephew's second. They're super jazzed. I told them we will all be wearing masks to be safe. Then I checked the Ball Arena website and they require masks on everyone. Here's hoping we don't have to deal with any angry morons, but it IS a wrestling show.
  20. Aw, man. I love Nanci Griffith. RIP.
  21. I loved it. I laughed out loud a lot and I'm still smiling. Hyper violence plus comedy plus DC obscure lore? I'm all in, but the performances sealed the deal. It's big fun.
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