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  1. New Crime In Sports episode is on Jeff Hardy.
  2. Mile High was just shitting on the Broncos that first half.
  3. Gable loses constantly and it doesn't matter. He's over as fuck and is having banger after banger. He's one of the best wrestlers on the roster. "SHOOSH! Shoosh please." is the best entrance music intro. He went through a LOT of bullshit over the years to come out in the end as an integral part of the TV every week.
  4. I continue my streak of voting Gable. Alpha Academy fucking rules and has ruled quietly for over a year. Gable has been wrecking shit and losing week after week and never loses any heat. And Otis is THE MAN. And you can't buy a SHOOSH! Alpha Academy shirt. That stinks.
  5. I just love it. It's one of the only tv shows that makes me literally laugh out loud. And it's got so much heart. Sure, it helps that I get nearly every reference and joke, but it's also more than a spoof. It's Star Trek at its core. I care about the characters.
  6. Riker made me cry. I can't wait. Is no one here watching Lower Decks? It's the best Star Trek that ever Treked.
  7. When Sami got punched by Paul and all the Bloodline were mad except Jay, who laughed? That's some first class character work for a storyline that's being done amazingly so far. Also, it's super cool of HHH to make the main event of a show I won't watch, a match that I don't care about. No temptation to break my hypocritical " Too much for me!" stance. Also, I watch shows with my friends. I watched the first Saudi show because my pal Chris wanted to, just to hang out. Four hours later, after me drunkenly screaming at the TV the whole time? It was agreed we'll be skipping those shows.
  8. The Sami/ Bloodline story so far has been the best long term, slow burn, story WWE has done in forever and it's still just maybe halfway through it? I think endgame is Sami and KO taking out the Bloodline in some way , probably winning the tag belts, but I can't predict how it'll get there. And I'm normally pretty good at figuring out WWE logic.
  9. I can't remember the last time I've laughed harder at something on wrestling than Maximum Male Models Back to School Collection.
  10. Harley Quinn season three was great. The last episode was fantastic.
  11. I just finished the binge. This show is so stupidly ridiculous and awesome. Gregg nailed it. It's Degrassi The Next Generation with Karate battles.
  12. Chozen being both the baddest motherfucker and the comic relief is so fantastic.
  13. Right, but why air it? That was a "cameras off for the live crowd " bit. Shit WWE released a DVD set of " Post RAW Bits" ten years ago. That sing along shit should have been for the live crowd only.
  14. That sing along shit would have been fine as post show off the air shit. I have no idea why they aired it live. And I can come up in my mind reasons for almost everything wrestling promotions do that don't not make sense.
  15. Rollins' Elton John entrance gear was a billion stars.
  16. Very WCW early 90's feel to me. That show was a train wreck.
  17. Rampage just needed PN News tonight.
  18. AEW right now feels to me like 91-92 WCW but successful. The TV and stories are haphazard but so many of the matches kick ass. And that's my favorite era of WCW.
  19. I'm watching now. That Punk/ Steel segment stunk. Punk is definitely turning heel sooner or later, but I thought there was no way they'd do it in Chicago. Now I think they will. Mox had to pull the boos out of the crowd during the open and the end of the Punk horseshit screaming about "Chicago!" is a red flag.
  20. Regal's weekly wanting to fuck Excalibur lines are the best.
  21. The best part of Aliyah and Raquel winning is the " Babyfaces all sticking together " deal . It's fun to see it return.
  22. The Ketrecel White-Hot joke was my favorite. That and the fact that the Kelsey Grammer Captain from " Cause and Effect" saved the day behind the scenes.
  23. The best part is that Reigns DOES break character with Sami. Sami's his pal who he can talk shit about Jay with. It's no surprise that Roman and the Usos are loving this to the point of breaking cause Sami is fucking awesome.
  24. They eventually do a Paris fucks up bad arc, that lasts like two eps. My favorite dead crew member was the serial killer who redeemed himself dying to get back the ship from Seska and the aliens with pine cones glued to their heads.
  25. When Cole called the audience "WWE Fans" instead of " WWE Universe" my heart grew three sizes.
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