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  1. "I WASN'T A STORMTROOPER, SMARTASS!" Bill Burr was awesome. I'm hoping he and his crew come back next season. There's been some arguments about whether this show is a Western or Samurai show. It's a Western. And that has less to do with the stories or themes than it has to do with the fact that this show is just like the TV Westerns of the late 50's and 60's. The hero has a new adventure each episode and there's guest stars in each one as well. Mandalorian would fit it on ME TV's early afternoon western block every day between Gunsmoke and Wanted: Dead Or Alice.
  2. Not yet, but they did have him drop a hint in last year's crossover, as an Arkham escapee.
  3. Still could happen. And I'm LOVING that the AI on this Waverider is Wentworth Miller as"Leonard" .
  4. The nerd in me is waiting to see if they reference that they've already introduced a Stargirl in Legends who was in the 1940's JSA.
  5. At this point Greg Berlannti can do whatever he wants at CW. I'm waiting on a Captain Carrot show. Why not?
  6. I don't want to spoil anything about Crisis in case some of you haven't seen tonight's episode yet, but let me just say Holy Shit.
  7. Yep. I loved the whole bit. Hell, I loved the whole show. And the music cues so far this whole crossover have been amazing.
  8. So, the dialogue when they send little Jonathan away in the ship was Brando's from the movie.
  9. I'm thinking it'll be like where Golden Age Superman and Lois were sent to at the end of Crisis but it'll be Ollie and Felicity.
  10. That " Encore" show where they have adults reprise their roles they played as teens in High School musicals is wonderful.
  11. JBL and Cole on Smackdown In 2006-2007 were great.
  12. Every month I have over a few friends to watch the PPV's, and eat copious amounts of food. and over the course of the last 13 years my Colorado family has grown to appreciate and even enjoy wrestling. When my 23 year old nephew was 12 I took him to a house show and I took my little nephew and his folks to one in 2014 when the little guy was 4 and a half so he could see John Cena. At age 9 he still likes wrestling, (Rey Mysterio has been his favorite since he was a toddler), but he usually will just watch a little of the shows before it's his his bedtime. But last night was a little different. Two brothers, ages 8 and 10 moved across the street last year and the three of them have been a gang ever since. Yesterday, the three of them came into the house as the pre-show was ending and the neighbor kids were like, "Is this wrestling? Is it fake?" and had a million questions. By the end of the last pre-show match they were hooked. The only wrestlers they've ever heard of are Cena and for some reason, Big Show but they'd never actually watched. The three of them were totally into it, and at one point the brothers had to go home for a bit, but asked if they could come back over later . After an hour they came running back, and we all watched the rest of the show and had a great time. Now, they want to come over for every PPV and it's awesome. My nephew was enjoying it far more with his pals, and so did I. Watching with a living room full of family, friends, and kids is the best. They were cheering for their favorites and booing the the wrestlers they didn't like, particularly Brock and Bayley. They loved Rey, The Fiend, and Keith Lee the most. The two bros want Fiend T shirts after seeing the shop zone ad, which is hilarious. And they're jazzed for TLC because the idea that people go through tables was blowing their minds. It's a lot more fun to watch the rasslin' with a living room full of people, and a plate full of Italian sausage.
  13. That show was fucking great. Ripley is a Star now. That match made her, big time. She's like, if Diesel in 94 worked, if you catch my drift. That drift requires weed, obviously. But I see it.
  14. That's the first thing I thought of.
  15. My 9 year old nephew literally jumped for joy when I told him there was gonna be a sequel. Let's check out the Uncle ScoreBoard. 1. Baseball ? Check. I've coached his Little League team for two years. 2. The Three Stooges? Check. 3. Tom and Jerry/ Looney Tunes? Check. 4. Batman: TAS ? Check. 5. The Grateful Dead ? Oh, big check. I took him to Dead and Company this Summer. 6. And finally, Spider-Man. The character who meant everything to me when I was 9. I've shown him all the old cartoons and I used to sing him the 60's cartoon song. He had a stuffed Spider-Man doll we won at the fair that he slept with when he was younger. But SpiderVerse was what gave him the spark that's ignited into full Spider-Man fan. Mine was Peter, his is Miles. It's so cool.
  16. Well, the movies got the name Birds of Prey. The spin off is gonna be called "Green Arrow and the Canaries".
  17. It totally helped me fall asleep on the plane last Friday.
  18. I loved that during HHH's promo with all the NXT talent celebrating, Ciampa was just staring a hole into Cole.
  19. I'm thinking that the guy in the League of Assassins book is the Anti-Monitor and Ollie is mistaken.
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