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  1. Putting aside the WWE comments about bloody women. Blading IS fucking stupid and weird as fuck. I love it, I'm weird as fuck too. I don't care if people slice their fucking bodies with fucking razor blades cause it looks awesome and bloody wrestling is great. But it's just as fucked up as Lesner shoot splitting open Orton like Terry Funk did with eyebrow punches. Also fucked up.
  2. If you're talking about Peacemaker than I like that sort of thing. I thought the first ep was hilarious. And Cena is just great.
  3. I just finished Springfield Confidential by Mike Reiss and Mel Brooks' autobiography. Highly recommended both.
  4. Eric Roberts has been fucking incredible thus far as Junior. Eli's background as a Memphis pro rassler is perfect.
  5. Svenghoulie is nationwide now. His show is on every Saturday night on MeTV.
  6. As much as old folks love WCW Regal and those matches with Finley, Regal was at his best in WWF. His character work there was just incredible. Regal confronting HHH as Eugene's mentor is in my top three all time greatest moments in wrestling history. "It was ME, Sunshine!"
  7. I buy that. Everyone hating Charlotte Flair's level on the card and booking often act like she's booking herself. You can complain about matches, stiffness, and slaps sure. But she's not booking herself at the top. And for whatever it's worth, at the post SummerSlam Super House show we were at, Charlotte was in the top three most over performers there, despite being a heel.
  8. Thanks, man. To be honest, the fires haven't hit me personally yet. I know a lot of my customers are hurting, but that's the limit as to my personal attachments are to the fires, besides the horror of what happened. Well, maybe not totally. The initial reports of the day of the fire were that it was started by downed power lines. The lines that were down at ground zero were communication lines, and they don't spark. After a few days, it appeared that photos and videos showed that there was smoke billowing from a property in the area with old barns and sheds. Property owned by The Twelve Tribes, a Christian Cult with a compound there. I didn't recognize the name until I googled it and saw this. Holy Shit. I've known these folks and that bus since 1987. The 12 Tribes are a cult who prey upon fucked up kids at concerts, amongst many other venues. They started in the early 70's like most Jesus Freak cults did. But around 1987 they started appearing on Grateful Dead Tour, at the same time I did with my friends. They seemed like just another hard core hippie family who offered free health care, food, and a safe space for people having a bad trip, like the Hog Farmers. But their help was a cover to indoctrinate people. They also preached that Garcia was a deity, as was Dylan. And the women were second class citizens, there was a lot of crazy. They've spread out around the world with businesses and all kinds of crazy shit, but have never not been a source of embarrassment to Deadheads. They still prey on kids at Festivals, Phish shows, etc. And they run a chain of Delis called "The Yellow Deli" and own a construction company, to be "legit." In 1991 at a Dead show in Albany, a couple of us New Jerseyed our way onto the bus to get our pal Theo,( who is rich and was tripping happily with them), out of their clutches. So, if this tragedy helps to bring down a cult that abuses kids, preaches slavery, KILLING of gay people, misogyny, and has been a blight on the Deadhead community for decades? Then at least something good will have come from it. I don't care if it was an accident from their fire pit. Fuck them.
  9. TNA/ Impact becoming 2022 Smokey Mountain? Sure. Love it.
  10. Gotta tell ya, I enjoyed that show and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I was going to. Especially since after they announced that Roman was out, I considered finishing watching a movie instead. Roman having Covid and Holland getting his nose smashed led to booking on the fly, and that's always something that I love seeing happen, be it wrestling or live theatre. And they pulled it off. That was a fun show.
  11. No, Fort Collins is a good 30 miles or more from where the fire was. We had a snow storm the last two days that helped immeasurably with the fires, but at last count it's around 1000 homes lost, lots of businesses burnt up, and there are three missing persons. It's the worst fire in Colorado history, but at least there hasn't been any loss of life thus far. Hopefully the three missing folks will be found.
  12. I didn't start reading it until I was 12, to be honest. I got some copies in a pile of comics someone gave me. What grabbed me was how dark it was. ROM was a cyborg who hated his life and the Dire Wraiths were really fucked up creepy and somewhat satanic in an alien way. And they dealt with the fact ROM basically murders the Wraiths more or less. Look, I guess what I'm getting at is that comparing ROM to Liefeld is insulting, man. Shit, ROM had Buscema. A man who could draw feet.
  13. The thing is, the ROM toys died pretty quick. The ROM comic developed into a really good book that I enjoyed when I was a young teen. Marvel took the idea and really did interesting things with it, while also making ROM an integrated part of the universe. Even the X Men fought the Dire Wraiths.
  14. I cant tell if that's a joke, but let's pretend it isn't. It doesn't matter who the World Title is on as far as ratings go, right? Roman Reigns being champ is only part of why his segments draw on SD. It's the presentation of him as champion and the head of an Ass Kicking family. I think we're past the days where " Who's the champ?" draws viewers.
  15. Here's a shot from Flagstaff Mountain overlooking Boulder County. Jesus.
  16. Don't know how many of you are seeing this on the news, but Boulder County out here in Colorado is on fire. The towns of Superior, Louisville, and Broomfield have been evacuated and nearly 600 homes have been destroyed. I was out in that area yesterday on route for my job, and today I wasn't that far away when I first noticed the smoke rising up and filling the sky. We're only about 15 miles away from the wildfires but the insane winds aren't blowing our way. It's a god damned nightmare, the night sky is glowing in the distance.
  17. I loved the new season. Laughed my ass off. I'm looking forward to the Shorsey spin off.
  18. I loved it. It's so cringe I was laughing my ass off.
  19. Tickets for RAW in Denver on 2/7 went on pre-sale today. I haven't watched RAW in a long time, but I got tix as a Christmas present for my nephew and his two pals. I took them to a WWE Supershow in Denver back in August and we had a great time, so I figured the kids will love to see an actual live TV show, with all the pyro and hoopla they see on the PPV's. Should be a fun time.
  20. The other day I noticed that Hulu now has all four seasons of Picket Fences streaming. If anyone hasn't ever seen the show, I highly recommend it. It's been impossible to find for years, you couldn't even buy seasons 2-4 on Amazon. I dove back into it and it's just as good as I remembered. It's one of the best casts in TV history, in my opinion. Ray Walston as Judge Bone remains one of my favorite performances ever.
  21. The first episode of the new MacGruber show on Peacock is fucking hysterical.
  22. Brock looking like the new toughest guy in Letterkenny is fucking great. That whole end segment was dope. And that Chicago crowd was great, as always. I even didn't mind the CM Punk chant because it was in the middle of that Corbin bullshit.
  23. Initially it was because Nana announced that he'd be revealing who the Crown Jewel of the Embassy was, and it was gonna be a huge surprise. I was at the show where the did the reveal in the middle of the ring and it was Jimmy Rave. And a LOT of folks, myself included,were like " Who?" Or if they did know who he was, it was a disappointment.
  24. Dude, If HHH pulled out a stupid neck tattoo from under the ring and tossed it away during a shitty match? Damn.
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