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  1. I've always heard about this but have never watched it. CWA Bodyguards vs Bandits PPV from 1996, a 1 hour 50 minute event with only one match.
  2. Missy Hyatt and famous star of Hollywood Tom Hanks John Tatum.
  3. Ronnie O'Sullivan just won the World Snooker Championship for a record-tying 7th time, 21 years after his first world title. Also the oldest world champion at 46.
  4. What WWF PPVs were blacked out in the city they took place? I know for sure that WM3 was, I'm fairly sure WM6 was too. Was WM8 blacked out in Indianapolis? Given they were running a huge stadium at a time the business was down, I suspect it would have been. SummerSlam '92 was effectively blacked out in the UK, not being shown on Sky Sports until a couple of days later (it aired 1 day later in the US). I don't know about Royal Rumble '97, I know they had to paper the hell out of the Alamodome to draw a respectable crowd.
  5. It always looked goofy when WCW would use Alex Wright as a cruiserweight, he absolutely towered over everyone else in the division.
  6. No more scripted promos or choreographed matches. Call it in the ring and cut promos on the fly. Book the shows in the car.
  7. I can't see how Morocco or Cameroon could possibly hold a 48 team World Cup on their own. I also can't fathom any kind of working relationship between North and South Korea lasting for the decade or so between the announcement of the hosts and the tournament itself taking place. Unless things change drastically politically wise in the next few years. I predict Iberian Europe for '30 and China for '34
  8. Man Utd are getting close to finishing the season with a negative goal difference for the first time since the Premier League started (89/90 was the last time). Meanwhile, Tony Khan's Fulham have been promoted to the Premier League.
  9. Louie Spicoli, who died 24 years ago and was only kind of an associate member.
  10. The long awaited two hour long "making of WCW Slam Jam I" video.
  11. Did Ross Hart ever wrestle in Stampede? Only match of his I've ever seen his he and Owen vs Fit Finlay and Rocky Moran in England, and I've heard Bret refer to him as not having been a wrestler. I know Dean never wrestled, Wayne only refereed that I know of. BJ Annis married into the family and I've heard him described as a bodybuilder who wrestled occasionally which makes me think he was pretty bad. Ben Bassarab was another in-law, he wasn't really bad, just unremarkable.
  12. The Bellas married into the Laurinaitis family so they should be frontrunners. "King" Carl Fergie was another Lawler cousin who was worse than Honky or Sexay. Not sure that if he was worse than Kevin Christian. some others that come to mind: Jamie Dundee of the Dundee/Eaton family. Fred Ottman of the extended Rhodes family Horace Hogan of the Hogans/Awesomes
  13. Group E is shaping up to be the Group of Death this year.
  14. New Zealand beat the Solomon Islands and will play the 4th place CONCACAF team (almost certainly Costa Rica) in the other inter confederation play-off.
  15. Where is the best place to buy high quality Lucha masks?
  16. Italy fail to qualify for their 2nd World Cup in a row, having lost 1-0 to an injury time North Macedonia goal.
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