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  1. Had the two VCR’s and may or may not have copied some movies, by the time the copy protection rolled around I had access to all of the movie channels and would tape whatever off those.
  2. While I enjoyed the final episode, the bad of the entire series outweighed the good for me. This really should have either been a 2 hour movie like originally planned or they needed to expand things to 10 episodes.
  3. Didn't they already shoot season 5?
  4. Oneil Cruz who'll be traded for prospects in a few years made his Pirates debut last night, 96.7 mph throw from short to first.
  5. I see Vince more as a Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood, instead of yelling about milkshakes he’d yell about protein shakes, and instead of beating someone to death with a bowling pin he’d beat them with a dumbbell.
  6. Make a large amount of dough and if you’re inclined sauce, then freeze it and thaw when needed. Or do what I now do and buy dough from a bakery, both of the Mom & Pop bakery’s near me sell pizza dough and usually sell out on the weekends. Sauce wise, the Rao’s pizza or marinara sauce is as close to homemade as you can get. But if you’re not into the hassle of making it yourself, spend your extra few bucks and get your pizza from a small business.
  7. Spend the extra few bucks and buy pizza from a small business, what Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Papa Shaq's, and so on make isn't pizza, it's glorified heated Lunchables. Or invest in a pizza stone and make it yourself.
  8. They ran Hogan & Piper vs. Orndorff & Orton at Maple Leaf Gardens only 9 days after The Big Event and drew 13,000, that's how hot the WWF was in Toronto. They most likely did the screwy finish at The Big Event for the VHS release, by the time the tape was in video stores Hogan & Orndorff were doing their blowoff match in a lot of cities.
  9. Blassie was in Chicago with Volkoff, The Hollywood Fashion Plate’s bad throw cost poor Nikolai the winners share of the purse. The Big Event was a ticketed show, you had to buy ticket to get into the stadium, but you did get access to the Canadian National Exhibition. It was the opposite of what the WWF did at the Michigan and Ohio State Fair’s the year before. Here’s a little backstory on the show, also the CNE is one of those quirky Canadian things I’ve always wanted to go to. https://mapleleafwrestling.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-big-event-1986.html
  10. Or Jersey Boys or Tommy.
  11. I haven't seen Cockfighter in years but all I can vaguely remember is a young Ed Begley Jr. playing some sort of rich kid Cockfighter.
  12. Isn't the story with the Piper-T match is that neither really physically trained for it, boxing shape is way different from pro wrestling shape(Piper) or body building shape(T). Did they do 2 or 3 minute rounds? You'd think someone would audible and have them go to the finish in the 3rd round, or maybe it was supposed to go longer! I'm assuming the weird ring and weird refs were due to the Illinois State Athletic Commission, one of those you have to use a certain ring from a certain guy and have to use local refs. I believe late 80's Bears Fullback Brad Munster was Meltzer's friend. Fralic used the threat of becoming a pro wrestler to get a Bobby Bonilla style contract from the Falcons, he would have been a huge star if he became a pro wrestler.
  13. The Savage-Steele feud was endless, the "blowoff match" on SNME was in May 1987 and it wasn't even a clean finish! Danny Davis hit George with the ring bell, that set-up their main event feud on C level house shows. The Savage-Sammartino matches were mostly Bruno kicking the shit out of Macho Man, Sammartino had big time "pissed off dad" energy in those matches.
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