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  1. It looks like a Carolina Panthers uniform.
  2. Albert Brooks Real Life is on tonight at 11:30pm and set your DVR’s for Penn & Teller Get Killed at 4:15am, both worth a first watch or rewatch.
  3. That had nothing to do with any type of control the Von Erich’s had, per the Iceman they paid the cops $1,000 each, cops everywhere did and still do things like that.
  4. The people who buy officially licensed replica belts already have those, a lot of them will now go out and buy this one.
  5. I’m a huge Blur fan and was scratching my head when I saw them billed in large letters for Coachella this past weekend, then I wasn’t shocked at all that the crowd of 20something influencers didn’t really care when they played. If Coachella was around for the height of Britpop in 1994/1995 Blur still wouldn’t have gotten any big reaction.
  6. O.J. Simpson is dead. https://abcnews.go.com/US/oj-simpson-former-football-star-acquitted-murder-dies/story?id=16354000
  7. Back then there wasn't the manufactured outrage by the right that there is now, but I'm sure Lorne got called to the carpet for it, that's when GE who had massive military contracts owned NBC.
  8. MST3K riffed it back in the day, think it was one of the first Mike Nelson episodes.
  9. The Tropicana which is located on the site of the stadium closed on Tuesday, so things are kind of moving.
  10. Haven't seen Cocktail in ages but remember it being total Regan era propaganda like Ferris Bueller, even though Cruise's character turns down a payoff from Shue's dad.
  11. Know one knew Flaherty was playing this as a drunk until the editing room.
  12. Was Bruno originally scheduled to be in the match, he was doing a decent amount of fill in duty during this time.
  13. There was also a lot of antisemitic things said in that one, here’s a transcript. https://www.latimes.com/la-gibson1aug01-transripit-story.html
  14. This looks like the type of ridiculous I love!
  15. They need to have a duck character who Rubble gives an envelope full of cash to every week, you know so everything on the job site works smoothly.
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