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  1. It was 2nd down so the Steelers had another shot at a TD, plus they were at the Cards 6 yard line so it would have been an easy FG on 4th down to tie it up and send it to OT.
  2. The Texans going for 2 to try and make it a 9 point lead instead of 8 made no sense.
  3. Sheik defended the title during that time, they normally just had whatever match he was booked in converted to a title match. I saw Sheiky Baby vs. Chief Jay Strongbow for the belt in Pittsburgh a few days before Hogan beat him at MSG.
  4. Showtime seems to have picked up some small movies that were due to be released earlier this year so they're way off the radar. Olympic Dreams - I went into this with no expectations other than hearing that Tracktown an earlier film by Jeremy Teicher(director) and Alexi Pappas(star/writer) was decent and a good flick to watch on a flight. Olympic Dreams is set and shot inside the Olympic Village at the 2018 Winter Games, Pappas is a cross-country skier who competes early in the games who is dealing with "what to do next", Nick Kroll is a volunteer dentist and they end up bonding. It's way
  5. Will Saban getting it be the jolt that causes most people to realize this is still a serious problem? Kind of like Tom Hanks back in March.
  6. Yep! They really screwed up by not having a Week 18 to make these games up, the Steelers don’t have a bye this season due to the Titans being super spreaders. They’re also at a disadvantage for the Ravens game since that was supposed to be both teams bye weeks and now only the Ravens have a bye.
  7. Hopefully in a few years they can do a follow up movie in the style of the GLOW documentary.
  8. As someone who at 14 1/2 years old got into a fist fight with the older dude at a high school party, I feel a character like Stingray fits into the story. My only issue is that Paul Walter Houser plays the same character in every thing he's in which kind of ruins things, I feel the same way about Bert Kreischer who knocked Fleabag down a few pegs for me. They could be holding off on doing anything with Daniel's son until later seasons.
  9. Why should the Steelers have to suffer because of the dumbass Titans? If the zombie Oilers can't field a team on Sunday they should forfeit.
  10. Yep! They should have to forfeit any game they can't play in and have draft picks taken away.
  11. Was it Terry Funk’s legit last match in Amarillo?
  12. Ditch the crazy gimmicks and the WWF side would have been an awesome heel stable!
  13. The Big Gold is overrated but was the perfect belt for 1980's Ric Flair, it looked silly when anyone else had it.
  14. Yes and the Steelers still won with ease 27-10 over the Ravens.
  15. I don’t think Johnny flunked out of college, he bailed after losing the diving team captainship to Thornton Mellon.
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