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  1. The NCAA has no control of the FBS postseason and doesn’t name a National Champion for that subdivision. The polls still technically vote for the National Championship but I think the coaches poll has to vote whoever wins the National Championship Game #1. There’s a good chance at a spilt National Championship this season with one poll voting a team from the fall #1 and another voting a spring team #1.
  2. Silver on red is a great combo, it’s a bummer more belts didn’t have that look. If I was running a promotion the World Title’s would be gold, secondary titles like US or IC would be silver and any third tier title would be bronze.
  3. The fear was more about Andre's back than him dropping dead.
  4. Besides the SNME Battle Royal and WM3, Andre was inactive from September 1986 to Survivor Series 1987. Once they announced the match Andre was going to be in it unless he stopped breathing so the Orndorff thing is most likely bs. While most don't believe the 93, 173 the 78,000 number that Meltzer gives is way off, the Silverdome had 80,069 seats for football and a ballpark of 7,500 on the floor.
  5. Yes! Mainly because Fox News has been purposely pronouncing Kamala like that of the pro wrestler. It’s racist and disrespectful which isn’t shocking coming from Fox News, but over the next few months there’s going to be people referring Senator Harris as Ka-mall-ah not Comma-la purely in jokey racist terms along with memes replacing her with the late Jim Harris. I know there’s been a lot of pro wrestling fans making jokes about Kamala and Kamala and I’m sure most of the time it’s in good fun, but the right wingers aren’t doing it in good fun.
  6. Ugh, as a Pitt fan things like this from the All Carolina Conference makes me yearn for the days of the old Big East football/basketball mishmash.
  7. Nah, that guy will blame it on Obama.
  8. Am I too cynical in thinking the college football season will be cancelled more to squash players organizing than health concerns?
  9. Most likely they needed to fill time, I don’t think they taped matches specifically for Prime Time until 88 or 89, so there could have been weeks were they were short on matches from the taped house shows.
  10. Cornette and others have always made it seem that Harris was barely functional in the ring prior to the Kamala gimmick, he’s not that bad in the video above and here he is bumping for Big Daddy.
  11. It was so important that Capt. Lou actually took a bump!
  12. The Hogan-Sheiky Baby match was always meant to go short that’s why it was last. The main selling point of this card is the Piper & Ace vs. Snuka & Tonga Kid match, that angle was so hot that they were able to have Hogan against a weaker opponent so they could save a stronger challenger for a future card. That type of thing happened a lot during Backlund’s run, put the hot angle in the pre-intermission main event slot then have Backlund vs someone like George Steele go on last and end in a quick dominant fashion.
  13. I just started watching that, she’s great in it.
  14. She was but that show should have gotten way more nominations, I get that the show isn’t in the Emmy voters demographic but it deserved to be nominated over at least Stranger Things or The Crown.
  15. Bad Education is a HBO movie with Hugh Jackman and Allison Janey, its based on a true story of Long Island school administrators embezzling money from their school district. It's good and worth the watch if you have HBO, Jackman is good in it and Janey is great as usual.
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