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  1. They look like uniforms from a video game or movie that couldn’t any rights from the NHL.
  2. I remember Earl being "Dave Hebner" for at least a year or two, once and awhile the announcers would comment on him being fingerprinted prior to the match.
  3. Now we’re going to see how legit the NFL’s concussion policy is, Mahomes looked like he got KO’ed by 1987 Mike Tyson, there’s no way he should be playing football for awhile.
  4. I always love seeing the Browns lose in heartbreaking fashion, be it Red Right 88, The Drive, The Fumble and now CHAD HENNE!
  5. Cobra Kai Bo with Billy Blanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgjTjkFzM5Y
  6. They also fired the O-Line coach and Jerry Sandusky enabler Tom Bradley who was coaching the DB's the past few seasons. Bradley's brother was the Steelers long time team doctor so it was a pure nepotism hire, now that he's gone hopefully some of the bad karma he brought will go away.
  7. Judy Martin & Leilani Kai vs. Penny Mitchell & Candace Pardue, 11-1-1986 Martin & Kai in their pre Glamour Girls days, this match was either on Prime Time Wrestling or one of the Coliseum Videos and it would have been the first time I saw a Power Bomb or as Lord Al calls it a Drip Dry! Also, I don't watch much modern wrestling but has anyone copied Penny Mitchell's move at 11:10?
  8. The Glamour Girls-Jumping Bomb Angel matches all still hold up and the Gorilla, Lord Al, Bockwinkle announce team was on its game that night.
  9. They re-sodded between the hash marks.
  10. How and why did the NFL sign off on the Rams dishwater color jerseys? I ask this question every time I watch them play.
  11. Is there any other “Michigan Man” out there they could have replaced him with?
  12. Heenan recycled his prison jokes from the Boss Man-Mountie match!
  13. This! Tessitore should have been calling noon Wake Forest-Boston College game on ESPNU not MNF.
  14. Looks like no announcer less skycam feed:( One of the ESPN's had for the CFP, it was soooo much better than the regular and other gimmick feeds.
  15. Would Ed Wiskoski have even known what an Afrikaaner accent sounded like? The only time South Africa was ever shown in the media back then was on the news and usually it was b-roll of some atrocity, the only entertainment media kind of exported from South Africa back then was British productions that featured British actors like The Wild Geese.
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