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  1. Peacock - The Saved By The Bell reboot and Rutherford Falls were both good and Girls 5 Eva was great. None of the dramas on Peacock seem interesting to me. Apple TV+ - Mythic Quest is really good, the first season of The Morning Show was good(second season just started), For All Mankind is a great concept but ended up not being a good show and the end of the second season was DUMB!!!!!!, Physical has been on my list but haven't started yet. Like Peacock the rest of the Apple TV+ shows don't interest me enough to start watching.
  2. Didn’t know that and it’s a really dumb rule. Also, there was a huge delay of game no call on the play before the kick, the Ravens got a huge gift.
  3. Why didn’t they have someone back to try and swat the ball away?
  4. Timeline wise was the Kanyon-Undertaker thing really when Kanyon was coming back after an injury? That was around the time I would only watch occasionally so I never saw it before.
  5. I really hope Pratt and Day don’t try to do Italian accents, if they do I legit hope the people who protested The Sopranos make a stink about it, there’s no way either of them can pull it off without sounding like someone who mocked my grandparents back in the day. Doing degrading accents no matter what kind needs to go away, SNL had done it a lot the past few years, it’s 2021 not 1921.
  6. I'm assuming it would have been the Fed that Bobby Cannavale played, the above could have pulled that off. I'm surprised a producer nixed that since the WWE would promote the hell out of a movie one of their "Superstars" were in, remember how hard they promoted that Highlander flick.
  7. Am I the only person who liked the failed tv show or pilot experiments more than the monster/horror flicks? The Master Ninja experiments are the most remembered of those experiments but San Francisco International, Stranded in Space, Code Name: Diamond Head, and Riding with Death are among my favorite episodes.
  8. Prime had a .99 cents a month for two months of Paramount+ special going on and I jumped on it! While scrolling though the movies they had I saw Not Fade Away listed, I never saw it since Paramount pretty much buried it during its initial release and it never got a life on cable or streaming services, honestly I dug deep into the Paramount+ movie section to find it and I'm glad I did. I went in expecting it to be good since it was written and directed by David Chase and it exceeded my expectations, Chase is a master and even if you never saw The Sopranos you should check out this movie.
  9. Disney basically controls Hulu, they have a 67% stake in it with Comcast owning the other 33%.
  10. The Steelers season is totally dependent on the D staying healthy, sadly they won't:( Missing both Watt and Bush hurts them the most and both are likely to be out a few weeks. As a Steeler fan I'm kind of torn, having a really bad season which leads to a high draft pick to take a QB is appealing, but is there going to be any great QB's in the draft? Then there's the whole appeal of going 9-8 or 10-7 and costing either the Browns or Ravens the division or playoff spot or winning the division with that record(the AFC North isn't that good).
  11. A promotion really missed out on a good in-joke by not naming a team "The Tampa Connection" and changing whoever's names to Terry and Ed.
  12. It seems like he didn't even attempt to stop anything, sure he pulled the "what's going on back here" during the Brock-Hennig fight but it seems like he didn't care or didn't want to be inconvenienced with what was going on. True age doesn't stop people from crossing boundaries but pricks like JR always use the "boys will be boys" as an excuse for their own inaction and to cover for "the boys", if he straight up said he was either afraid to do something or had no idea what to do I'd have a speck of respect for him.
  13. Finally watched it yesterday morning! First why is anyone surprised that an over 45 straight dude like Tommy Dreamer said what he said, they could have interviewed 50 guys who were on that plane and 75% would have said nearly the same thing as Dreamer, that type of toxic masculinity/misogyny isn't something reserved to old pro wrestlers it's still a huge part of our culture, hopefully more dudes have an RVD moment where they realize that kind of garbage is evil. Will anyone ever call out Jim Ross on his "I was following orders" or "boys will be boys" excuses? The "boys will be boys" bs is laughable since everyone on that plane was over 30. The thing is we didn't even hear everything that happened since only one of the Flight Attendants told her story, had the other one been interviewed it seems that Dustin Rhodes would have gotten his AEW walking papers.
  14. Pitt needs to pull a Clay Helton on Pat Narduzzi.
  15. The Ax had a run against Bruno in the mid-70’s. I don’t think the really mentioned anything about Larry during Curt’s first WWF run, most of the time Curt was mentioned as a protege of Bob Backlund, same goes with Eddie Gilbert.
  16. If I remember right he was rarely called Kerry Von Erich after his first cycle of tv tapings, Gorilla or Heenan might have dropped a Kerry Von Erich once and awhile, most of the time the never really mentioned the Von Erich family, they’d say “he’s from a great wrestling family” or something similar.
  17. Tony D’Angelo is way to normal sounding for the WWE, Gunnar Harland sounds like the name of a NHL lottery pick, Persia Pirotta is totally a 90’s porn star name, Trick Williams sounds like the name of someone who ran a kickoff back for a TD in the Gator Bowl, and Dante Chen is the most WWE sounding name of the lot.
  18. Pitt just did something most ACC schools couldn’t do, that’s beat an SEC team! Sure it’s Tennessee but it was on the road! Kenny Pickett is going to be a hell of an NFL QB.
  19. Ben Affleck has joined Jamie Foxx in the Oscar winner shilling online sports books club, I’ve had the tv on for around an hour and have seen three Ben Affleck WynnBet spots. Still not as head scratching as Patton Oswalt in a toga shilling the Caesars Palace app.
  20. The Americans was great, watch it! Today’s Ted Lasso!
  21. It’ll never happen but the AAC, Sun Belt and C-USA should work together and move teams around so the conferences make geographic sense, no more Old Dominion and UTEP in the same conference.
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