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  1. I was a little disappointed they had Allin do his hands tied behind his back gimmick so early. I would have saved that for a match that had more heat building up to it.
  2. Chico Ortiz & The Flying Jalapeno.
  3. Kama had a good foot on Taz and was the supreme fighting machine. No contest.
  4. $250 was on the Sassicaia. Not a bad wine. 2 porters of that size was probably $60
  5. This has popped a question in my head. If you imbibe in the pleasures of the altering - Which wrestler would you throughout history would you like to get high with?
  6. Khan got them to the PL and threw even more money into the club. It just didnt work. Khan is light years ahead of Mike Ashley.
  7. How about a bronzed cracker barrel they have to lug around?
  8. Stringfellow Hawke & Leroy Jethro Gibbs would be a badass tag team.
  9. Look guys... there's a lot of lucha things out there. Let it rest.
  10. Was the "nice hair, idiot!" guy Pillman Jr?
  11. No real order. Just guys that popped in my head that I've always loved. Bret Hart Ricky Steamboat Barry Windham Arn Anderson Eddy Guerrero Terry Funk Kenta Kobashi Masato Tanaka Steve Regal Randy Savage
  12. I want to say inread he has regained some movement in his fingers. But I could be wrong.
  13. I would much rather be intrigued by a Kurt Angle vs Jack Brisco main event than a Angle vs Bret.
  14. Rey Misterio Jr vs Tiger Mask Owen Hart & Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho & Eddy Guerrero Hulk Hogan vs Walter Mr Perfect & Rick Rude vs The Kings of Wrestling Toshiaki Kawada vs Samoa Joe Bret Hart vs Brad Armstrong Shinya Hashimoto vs Jumbo Tsuruta Steve Austin vs Harley Race
  15. Jean jackets/vests really do not work with pink tights.
  16. The issue with broadcasting a show with nothing but homegrown talent all trained in the same place by the same people is that you see the exact same matches. It's even more evident when you look at the PC trained women.
  17. It doesn't hurt that all the smaller wrestlers he works with are guys that can go.
  18. Well... I could see Eddie Gilbert being a good pay off for The Black Scorpion. He's the only guy with a name value associated to Sting's past that wasn't Warrior.
  19. I hope this leads to some Samoan Joe's vs Opeth Dragon tag team matches
  20. I'm still holding out hope it was Rikishi once again "doing it for you- Rock!". Rikishi see's that Roman is treading on Rock's turf now in Hollywood so he's making sure there's only one High Chief.
  21. I figured it was just a standard pre PPV teaser tag match. No other reason.
  22. California is basically split into 3. North, which runs from the Oregon border down to about Monterrey. Central Coast is Paso Robles down to Santa Barbara. SoCal is Ventura to San Diego. Santa Barbara is basically SoCal in terms of their demeanor... but they hate hearing that.
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