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  1. I will get you a megaphone and a whistle and you can drive alongside of them and yell shit at them out your car window. This sounds like a booming industry for Austin.
  2. Or just switch everyone over to bikes and public transportation until it gets just as congested as regular city traffic only with much more death from falls. Also, this is so @piranesi can loop this while he's on his hand-made Peloton at 3 AM.
  3. "Eat the rich! Destroy all nations!" - Whatever piranesi's shoot name is. It will be on your epitaph. Also, cheaper bikes tend to hurt your ass and back unless you're one of those fancy people without a bad back and can sit on basically metal. I sit on cushions and my ass goes numb.
  4. They're the cops. The saucer people run Amazon. Peloton is under orders from the Rand corporation.
  5. Peloton is trying to create a dystopian future with the help of Amazon's Ring nightmare product.
  6. The new Ghost parody with Mrs. Butterworth and the Colonel getting ready to get it on is one of the creepier ones in a while.
  7. Liger will turn heel again on 1/6 and announce he was faking his retirement and Iizuka will reappear and drag him off never to be seen again.
  8. If all the fat outta shape sweat hogs were in as good of shape as him, they'd run the world.
  9. I can assure you this is 100% serious.
  10. I'm waiting for them to do The Fiend vs Bray at Wrestlemania and just finding some chubby guy to put in the mask or just have it be Bo Dallas.
  11. I am never kidding, except right now.
  12. He wrestles 30 minutes in the rain without giving a fuck, a cold head isn't going to stop him from murdering people for sport.
  13. That young child gave Shawn the strength and courage and possibly pills to continue.
  14. I assume he gives them five star stickers on a piece of paper.
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