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  1. I could thrive in it. Of course, this is after they are all dead and I buy the rights to the company at a fire sale in 2050. Note: Its called a fire sale in 2050 because almost everything is literally always on fire.
  2. Perhaps they're her brand ambassador to this forum?
  3. Perhaps, that limited his amount of illegitimate children around the carnival circuit.
  4. I would still watch an animated series based off this.
  5. NOAH's owners have money, it's just a matter of not having many avenues to use to grow.
  6. Dragon Gate is probably worth a hell of a lot more than NOAH. I don't think Japanese companies take too kindly to American ones trying to come in and strong arm them into selling with the way WWE does their business. Regardless of how much money they throw at them.
  7. He should work with the My Pillow jackass, he'd be on TV stations I don't watch, perpetually, but he'd sell a ton of low quality garbage.
  8. Or you have the consensus critical opinion that after he left the band steadily got worse and worse. Personally, I don't care.
  9. I wonder how much of an opt-out of this deal FOX has to cancel it like any other network show and not have to pay up for future seasons. Knowing WWE, they saw big network and just went with whatever.
  10. "Tyler Black...er Seth Rollins really hates his parents!" - IWA-MS announcer morphed into Corey Graves. Now, find a GIF of him jumping off the top of a basketball hoop in a crappy match with Josh Abercrombie or whomever it was.
  11. ::Looks at show results:: ::Looks at draft results:: What was the purpose of this again? Not much of note really changed.
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