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  1. I found it in bad taste to have Woody Allen and Roman Polanski live by satellite telling their fellow academy members to leave Milo alone as he's suffered enough. *Note, this didn't actually happen, but if I was writing this shit it would because I'm insane.
  2. Not sure where this would go, but Baylor faculty continues to embarass everyone.
  3. Elizabeth Taylor's ghost: "Gladiiiiaaaaator!"
  4. They do, but all pets do this, we just don't notice.
  5. I assume that's 120 kph. At 120 mph the thing would be dead no matter what and so would you.
  6. His muscles all exploded.
  7. Trading Card Games aren't that dumb or difficult, but it is the height of nerdiness. Grown adults still play Pokemon TCG's, so this isn't anything amazing. I have played some of the modern-style board games with friends like Settlers of Catan and far more obscure stuff. That's just as geeky/nerdy as playing Magic.
  8. Calli is telling tales of conquering foes valiantly in Cat Valhalla right now.
  9. Is the Grapplefuck hate still a thing? I find it silly and just appreciate the style for what it is if done well. The botch in Harashima/Bailey was Harashima's fault too.
  10. Jeez, how strong is Ultimo.
  11. You already answered your own question, probably.
  12. I buy shoes to wear them, not stare at them, but that goes with most things. I don't collect stuff.
  13. Same reason as any of the other 9 million card games.
  14. Aren't they kind of dicks and a nuisance? I imagine they'd be a strange pet.
  15. Marty and Sweetser need to pair off in some fashion. Your names just make it work already. If this has already happened, I apologize. Sugar Sweets can't be beat.