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  1. How about the entire match? Or even 75-90% after some lame meaningless setup work. That's the real match. Finisher kickouts at 2.9 starting 2 minutes in and going 35 minutes.
  2. Lorenzo Cain has opted out for the season.
  3. Whatever. Gallagher isn't as good as Gulak, so even better. 10 11.06.2019 Chad Gable vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher **** Singles 7.45 57 11 16.07.2019 Chad Gable vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher **** Singles 8.16 67
  4. Just watch that one match Gable had on 205 Live earlier this year with...I want to say Gulak to know how good he is and it's not just him being carried. He's not even that damn short. You have Rey, Jr. on your roster and you're making short jokes about a guy who is probably legit 5'8" that you can also lie about. Remember kids, Chris Jericho was really 6'4".
  5. He may be on a long visa and has been there since before the massive breakouts so gets to stay? I have no answer beyond that.
  6. We really need a video of that time Tyler Black leapt off the top of a backboard at an IWA-MS show onto a table for no real reason and a mild reaction while in his super tiny tights phase.
  7. Metacritic has 4 reviews that tear it apart for being too bare bones and the fans are much harsher because there's limited content since it's basically just a street skating simulator. Steam users seem to love it.
  8. For context, he posted the unmasked photo to talk about being a black man who doesn't feel safe living his life. He's from Minneapolis too.
  9. Both men have dealt with it in the past and apologized for stupid things they did back in the day, but I don't think people give a damn about that right now. A ton of early PWG stuff doesn't age well content-wise depending on the show. Whether it be angles, promos, vignettes or commentary.
  10. I like my idea better, whomever wins. Banish those two for five years. You can banish me from the uh, MMA forum.
  11. How about you both don't get to post in the sports forum for 5 years.
  12. Well, this kid's an idiot. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/29/sport/michael-porter-jr-coronavirus-nba-basketball-spt-intl/index.html
  13. Bayley really needs a blonde tint or something to really make that hairstyle work for full heelness.
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