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  1. We're shooting ourselves into a work here!
  2. But they have uh.....like 7 contracted talent!
  3. Different match, but gah. I think it also had a power tool attached to a cheese grater and one guy got his cheek pierced with string or something. I don't know. These two are insane.
  4. Well, can't say BJW isn't still innovating. Whatever the hell this ended up being.
  5. Ryan

    New Japan Cup 2019

    You're getting Tana/Zack vs Sanada/Cabana winners. Deal with it! YOSHI-HASHI is going to win it all.
  6. Combination of horrible luck and a very slippery looking floor.
  7. Ryan

    New Japan Cup 2019

    I think the bigger story is gordi is still around. Ghosts of the past reappear....
  8. Wanna go for a swim? That creek is usually 4 feet or less deep. It's currently over 15 and crested massively. Nice and cold.
  9. I'm still not sure which of these two things is more amazing in 2019. Jerry Lawler and Doug Gilbert appear on 5/11 in Hanover, IN at Southwestern High School. Jacob the Carpetbagger vs. Mortimer Blankenship III meet in a loser must shave his mutton chops match.
  10. Thankfully, there's a hill. This winter can't get over fast enough.
  11. Before about the mid 70's, Baba could be carried quite well and in his young days he could move too.
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