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  1. Way too many days, hours and all that(but you do what you have to, I gather, even though it's unhealthy), but the schedule is just fucking idiotic, his brain must have been so messed up by the sleeping schedule.
  2. Do co-workers ever shake your chair around and yell earthquake to annoy you? They may start soon....
  3. We all have cold symptoms still, but are generally getting better. Just head cold type stuff, so if we had anything it was mild.
  4. Eating fermented ground shark?
  5. Multiple 128 man TNM-style tournaments to decide the ultimate wrestlers in Japan, DOUKI.
  6. My parents second test from the Binax thing were also negative, so hopefully mine is later tonight as well, although my father got a shitty cold regardless, so that's always fun. Probably, just from general public exposure the few days after being around my aunt. Standard annoying symptoms.
  7. My parents took my aunt out to a play last Thursday as a Christmas present/she's alone, so she could use some stuff to do. She failed to mention she was feeling a little sick. She texted my mother this afternoon, out of nowhere, saying she'd tested positive for COVID, etc. She's not vaccinated. My parents were around my mother's 80-year-old sister and brother-in-law on Monday for Christmas setup stuff, and one of them is severely immunocompromised. To say my parents were insanely fucking mad is an understatement. Luckily, both of them are tripled up, as am I. I would have been exposed to them on Sunday if they had caught it. Thankfully, they both took the first rapid test last night and it came back negative, which likely means I don't have it and neither do they. We'll see after they take the 2nd test on Thursday (36+ hours) if I should bother taking one or not. We all feel fine and have no symptoms beyond the general dry air allergy type crap we always have. I'm worried about my aunt because she's old and the "stubborn won't see doctors" one in that family, even if my parents are still righteously and justifiably pissed off and refuse to even answer her. We're supposed to do stuff for Christmas with the aforementioned relatives, so all the prep for that being blown up would suck as well for how much time my mother and everyone put into that. That whole family is boosted and very careful. Here's hoping everything is negative again. For the record, my aunt's daughter is a nurse who literally told her not to get the vaccine and feeds her misinformation because her husband is a piece of shit and she just follows his lead.
  8. Stubborn as a mule stuck in mud. Sounds like my grandfather, whom I never met, and some of his children. At least the one that had me isn't an idiot about this stuff and goes to the doctor and does everything you should.
  9. Does he want his wife to die? Good grief.
  10. I can no longer count or read because of all of my years exposed to WWE. 1, 2....4? Fuck!
  11. Can you combine all three into one reality show concept somehow?
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