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  1. I wonder if Ganbare and Basara and all that other junk will be put up. I assume so.
  2. Its probably why he grows the ugly goatee.
  3. She seems to love her father. He is Negro Casas. All should love him.
  4. Oh, it's over, FOR THE FALCONS. *crickets chirping* *clears throat*
  5. I think they skipped a few comedy arcs.
  6. He was planning on kicking that dog anyway. It's what Madden would have wanted.
  7. That dog would grow up to be the next Ukrainian president/PM/whatever. Show some respect!
  8. I am so happy this wacky absurd sci-fi samurai insanity returned again. I hope they animate the final arc too.
  9. He's only 32, but something about his face makes him seem like 15 years older minus the wrinkles. I don't get it.
  10. I've always been fine with him. I used to like the main NOAH ref at one point, but I'm not sure he's around anymore.
  11. Wow, if bought long enough in advance, plance tickets may have been cheaper overall. At this point, that would be insane though.
  12. Your Ginger Lord will attack Ben at half-time and take his place and hope no one notices.
  13. A confederate flag attached to a lynched effigy of Obama wearing Cardinals gear?
  14. Isn't that a thing KC fans always do though? I wasn't aware they'd stopped if they ever had.
  15. I think most fanbases with native tie-ins/racist garbage still do it.