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  1. Well, the argument was about the taste of pennies and related to Abe Lincoln somehow, so you had to know it was going to lead to eating a lot of pennies.
  2. Bronco Nagurski sold you an Oldsmobile! Or someone.
  3. "All the rest of you are pussies, I'll be back in my bunk."
  4. I hate to tell you this @Curt McGirt, but you've been in the afterlife ever since. It's exactly the same as regular life. Pretty disappointing, I know.
  5. Just trying to speed up that herd immunity!
  6. Maybe he pursues happiness by not caring about the health and wellbeing of others once he's got his.
  7. Thank you. He's been isolated from family since this thing started. He has 10 siblings and they all would do stuff with him every month to get him out and about, but he's been stuck in there mostly for months. He doesn't have the cognitive ability to do much of anything but watch and listen to stuff and talk with family. He's got tons of issues, but he understands basic things at least and the family can talk to him even if he can only makes sounds. His muscles and body have deteriorated so much in the last 20 years, he'd have to get very lucky to survive getting a full blown case of this. He's never been able to walk or anything, but he could at least get around with a walker and stuff when he was younger. There's literally nothing I can do about any of it.
  8. One of the worker's in my uncle's group home tested positive for COVID-19. He has to isolate in his room for two weeks. He's got very severe CP and brain damage and is totally confined to a wheelchair and is well into his 60's. If he gets sick, I don't know if he'd survive. I really want to break something with a baseball bat right now.
  9. They didn't bash in his window, so there's no story here.
  10. I care about equality dearly and shit like this really angers me anyway, but I can't find the words for how to describe how it makes me feel knowing I have blood relatives and adopted family that are African-American to have to be growing up and still have this shit going on. There's so little I can personally do and it frustrates me greatly.
  11. The last thing we needed at this specific time was another Summer of 1968, but dammit, here we go. Fucking bullshit.
  12. I think most of his sources were just fans or translations of Japanese sites.
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