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  1. The only Bird in the world, Bird Boi, King Of Flight on two contitents.
  2. He can learn a new hold and spend months applying it wrong like Disco Inferno.
  3. That's not even a joke. It just seems more accurate.
  4. My non-existent nostalgia! Anyway, I was a source for Meltzer! About 5 times or so, I dunno. I sent him some corrections a few times and it got my name in there.
  5. I think it was from before his parents met actually.
  6. This is plausibly him based on the person who found it. Looks like him.
  7. Just give Asuka any plans they had for Riddle in the future which yes includes riding around on a scooter. Remove anything involving bad pothead writing though.
  8. I think is all a big swerve and Andrade is going to show up at Wrestlemania and wrestle those Villano sons.
  9. I had to explain that one to my mother as she thought it was dumb and is now fine with it since she had no clue who he was or why he was doing it.
  10. Ryan


    We'll trade you Devin Funchess for a huge bag of cash.
  11. Bruce probably wanted him to be a mariachi with the other Mexicans he has no clue how to use.
  12. Low Ki the old man caring about people using shit he doesn't do anymore amuses me.
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