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  1. I'm pretty sure that was botched horribly anyways. I still have no idea how it was supposed to look. I assume just a flat face bump.
  2. HARASHIMA to Konosuke Takeshita. It's not some tiny crap show. That their super big show in March in Saitama Super Arena, so it's the type of place to bust it out. No, he didn't win with it or even win the match. They claim 10,000+ which is plausible with papering.
  3. They are two separate guys actually. Kazushi Miyamoto and Seiya Sanada. TNA used both. Didn't Akira Raijin have some Muta knockoff as well? Edit: He did, as Kiyoshi. Really creative booking.
  4. The Brewers won a game somehow. The road to the WS is back on! I haven't decided what WS stands for yet. Waffle Stand? Do any stadiums sell waffles?
  5. Shane will probably win clean in a squash; then, Owens is fired the next day for a Wellness Violation. "He's obviously not well, look at his gut!" says Shane. He will then be shipped back to NXT.
  6. Also, the return of Shane Jitsu as he taps Owens out to the world's shittiest triangle choke.
  7. I assume Corbin interferes and the match never happens and is turned into Jinder/Corbin vs Cena/Nakamura with Nakamura walking out on Cena. He'll win anyway.
  8. Didn't Tenryu spit white mist once. I wonder what that does. .....
  9. That does have a name that isn't "He's dead, Jim, I'll get the corpse bag.", but I don't remember it. Edit: Tsurube Otoshi, it's not normally a head drop, it's usually a ddt. The name is a Japanese folklore reference/pun before anyone asks. Tsurube Drop would be an alternate name.
  10. What about the Great Kazushi and the Great Sanada or whatever stupid name he went by.
  11. They'll get confused and make it Rikishi.
  12. Idaho and Wyoming and Utah and Nevada were left to die.
  13. You know what this means? Juice Robinson heel turn! New Bullet Club leader!
  14. 2017

    It's not like they have a lot of negotiating leverage. They're slotted pretty much to make whatever it amounts to.
  15. I thought you were lost in a cave somewhere forever.