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  1. And now I am here.
  2. So long, Big Ten.
  3. Could be worse, my mother needs to take tramadol for her neck and they made her sign all kinds of legal things and they can test her at any time and all this for alcohol since she's not supposed to drink(you can die), etc. Her insurance was so terrible, they tried to charge them for the lab costs that were previously paid by probably another company. (They're medicare/retirement age coming off company plans, so it's all new and convoluted to them) I found it hilarious and cruel. $1200 or so bill to pee in a cup to be able to not be in horrible pain. I'm rather sure they got it mega reduced before they paid anything though. So stupid.
  4. I had them both gig me because I'd never done it before. It explains the 4 pints of blood loss.
  5. NFL

    Larry Storch to come out of retirement in his place. Also, the Sanchize is now a Bear.
  6. I've always been told southern Jersey is basically Delaware which parts of believe its basically Virginia and proclaims "LONG LIVE DA CONFEDERACAAAW". It explains the Briscoes.
  7. I assume that's from the UK fed that uses fake old WWF guys just because I feel like it.
  8. *Scrolls through thread without reading it* So, SWS is reforming with Tenryu and buying out WWF?
  9. Trevor Lee has major hops and that Trent bump isn't even as bad as it looks beyond him falling goofy, it's pretty controlled and the guy slides off him on the stomp. I've seen much worse apron spots in PWG than that. It's hard to tell, but I think he just fell onto one shoulder and rolled off as the lucha guy(Fenix?) hit the move and landed.
  10. I think Vince would even bring back Nailz if it SOMEHOW could make him a lot of money. There's nothing I can conceive of, but he would do it. Have him come out and attack whomever during Bossman's HOF induction when or if that happens, I have no clue if he's in or it's this year or not. Instant hottest feud ever! He can claim it's revenge for Big Show's daddy.
  11. I'd let you both shove me, but then shockingly file charges later on after you've both left and I have filmed evidence from a hidden camera.
  12. So, technicallly, the US wins no matter what.
  13. NFL

    The joke is just an excuse to insult Lions fans.
  14. He can run quickly in one direction.