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  1. Puny virus no match for Hulk. Hulk not feeling so well. Hulk needs to take a nap for awhile. Hulk feel hot. Someone get Hulk a latte.
  2. I caught Shane Helms on an old rerun of that one Bride show on TLC when flipping around early in the pandemic. I was kind of astonished it was him. After checking, it's from 2014.
  3. Vince better play himself at all stages of life.
  4. I once went to a Harlem Globetrotters game in Green Bay about 8 years ago or so and while it was mildly entertaining if a bit dull, also I think they technically lost before they screwed with the scorekeeper's machine. Anyway, the two guys next to me literally smelled like they had bathed in a pile of cow manure and just came to the arena. It was almost unbearable.
  5. Article by Bix for Business Insider about Mel Phillips and I'm sure other stuff. I threw it in PasteBin because it's paywalled. "WWE cofounder Linda McMahon, who runs Trump's biggest super PAC, once hired a suspected child molester on the condition that he 'stop chasing after kids.' He didn't." https://pastebin.com/nYBfGagc
  6. Fuck you, Honky has many uses in this thread.
  7. What about that time you went to All Japan and Misawa wouldn't acknowledge you screaming right in his face after he lost a match? I may be mixing up reality and the AJPW project into one thing.
  8. It all depends on where you live, your insurance, who is doing it and all kinds of other things. You should be able to get it for free. Some states may just suck.
  9. If Biden wins and they expand and pack the courts, you'll be 1,209,989th in line, putting you slightly ahead of all the newbies.
  10. I wish I believed in concepts like karma. Here's to hoping it's a real thing.
  11. Cena's upset about his forearms, he's always been self-conscious about their massiveness.
  12. The comments on that are more pathetic than normal. I assume it's a lot of modern South Park fans. Ooo, burn.
  13. "Hello, Ladies." - MiSu after he buys a pair. Translation from the Japanese description amuses me. "On days when important tests and business negotiations are held, wear "STONE PITBULL" long boxer shorts and break through the front!"
  14. Who the fuck is bankrolling anything Joey is doing? He can't have that much money unless mommy and daddy are rich.
  15. Biz Cliz 4 Lyfe From a movie based on whatever this is. The 34th NHK Asadora drama is Mio-Tsukushi. Locations include Choshi-shi, Chiba. The courageous and steadfast heroine of this popular serial drama, set in a port city in 1920s Japan, defies tradition to marry the man she loves. When he is lost at sea, she becomes the support of her family and others.
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