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  1. NFL

    Can you do a layup over the goal post or possibly a Sky Hook?
  2. NFL

    Dolfan says it would be an improvement, so he can't ban me, it's part of the code of the Mod. I make something up that you said, you go along with it or act confused, like Rippa not knowing a Dave Chappelle sketch.
  3. NFL

    I hope they make it a domeless stadium and wonder why it's not insanely hot in February.
  4. I want a Shane-Jitsu shirt to be made.
  5. It could still fucking suck, don't have any hope!
  6. I think the bigger story is Bull Nakano has an instagram.
  7. Yes, onto delicious cotton candy you can also eat afterwards when the cameras stop rolling.
  8. Have at it. Will the Celts make the magical ride to the title?
  9. If Colin Delaney and James Ellsworth can get a job there, anyone can. You could be a backstage security guard Randy gets mad at and RKO's through a pile of cotton candy.
  10. Kiarra will understand, beat up the wait staff, it's what Finlay would do, in my mind.
  11. You have an out then! Orton may be rather strong though, so he may be able to get you up anyway for death.
  12. I'm the topic of much incisive wit and ribald repartee.
  13. I don't want to bring politics into here, but they're not US politics, so fuck it. Fuck Erdogan and anyone who supports his regime in any way. Enes Kanter's lucky he's not in some prison being beaten somewhere. What the hell, Turkey?
  14. *pictures Marty taking that spot from Orton and sandbagging him so much Orton tears his shoulder up, out of revenge*