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  1. Why is the board no longer on fire, but is instead screaming eldritch runes at me? Interesting.
  2. Who looks most badass wearing it? Lighting effects used in post obviously.
  3. Take that, green boy!
  4. Time to re-sign Michael McGillicutty for all the McGillibuddies with his finisher the McGillicutter and his mascot McGilla The Gorilla(no relation to any existing characters).
  5. So they can pretend to have diversity for a few years in some press releases before firing them?
  6. This is going to end up with HHH/Steph vs Rollins/Lynch at some point by the way.
  7. She's with Seth Rollins, so she's a de facto heel as is their child. The kid can fight the doll in a few years.
  8. Flair vs Muta, one more time, when he's for sure not sick.
  9. I know plenty have seen this since it was in ECW, but it's just to make sure I'm not hallucinating and Psicosis has actually hit this damn move he always missed. Still falls on his head.
  10. Vince Russo can't be far behind and quickly fired after trying to book every black wrestler as a pimp and never learning the names of anyone but like 7 main event guys.
  11. I await the Azeez vs Omos feud. No, that doesn't mean tags or singles with AJ and Apollo, straight up just those two as those characters in about 6 months at Mania.
  12. Muto is going to go undefeated, win the N-1, get his belt back from Marufuji and retire 3 months later after putting over Saito or Ogawa.
  13. Of course, that also means those same guys are generally a lot more ready and well-rounded to be pro wrestlers unless they just outright suck and aren't called up because of some stupid petty WWE style bullshit or name a reason of the month.
  14. How well did that work in the early 2010s anyway? I'm not analyzing it, you do it.
  15. I await HHH debuting on AEW Dark in 2 years.
  16. There's no one in the executive section of corporate making way too much money to do nothing they couldn't cut instead that makes as much as 20 NXT talents? Oh, right. That's how they want it.
  17. He'll get work somewhere in the UK or Europe. It's inevitable.
  18. Having seen a lot of both, Pete has way more potential and ability. Scurll leaned into gimmicky schtick a lot more as time went on. Not in ways that worked either. Also, Okada should have squashed him in hindsight. I have spoken!
  19. Yeah, the sponsor of the match makes toilet wipes or something.
  20. Well, its August now, isn't it? Keep it going!
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