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  2. The Yinzer Chosen One returns.
  3. Should have done Mil Mascaras and just kept putting on a new mask ever minute.
  4. Triple H vs Muto is his retirement match, got it.
  5. Also posted in the NOAH thread. This is happening for reasons.
  6. That's fine for the average person. Some just aren't good at distance due to any number of reasons. I never had good breathing or technique when I could run a mile back in school in any kind of shape. I blame society.
  7. Are you going to be an Ultra Marathon Champion by the time you get done with this project?
  8. This merch would be outstanding out of context in the US. (It's a Japanese comedian collaboration of some sort. Translate if you want. Wear it to scare your QAnon family! https://www.njpw.co.jp/384759 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_Zakoshisyoh
  9. Behold the NJPW World TV Belt. It's for younger wrestlers to fight over and be defended on shows that don't usually get title bouts. Not sure what the NEVER belt is for anymore, but sure why not.
  10. Maybe, but he sure popularized the general concept more.
  11. Wasn't the greatest human being, obviously, but what he meant to the industry is immense and hard to quantify. RIP.
  12. I think when William takes over, if the monarchy still exists, he should go by Victoria II just to fuck with people. Him or his kid.
  13. I don't believe for a second they know how to read their e-mails properly.
  14. I'm very happy for you. I didn't want to mention this because it worried me to mention it, but my aunt got the leukemia that she eventually passed away from due to the treatment for her thyroid cancer years earlier, so that's always a risk. Usually, a low one. She had breast cancer a few times as well over the years before that. Best wishes.
  15. Make a mod that adds in all the different flags. I know there's a lot of them. Probably already a thing.
  16. My artist friend recommends using Playground mode and practicing, but that's just obvious. I don't know the mechanics of how that all works since I haven't played it. You can turn off fighting and just wail on things I assume.
  17. Their battle pass season 1 thing starts tomorrow or whatever and that'll probably bring in a lot of money and other users, I have no clue how matching systems in games like that work, they'll probably do something like that I would imagine. THAT OR GIT GUD~! Play it 19 hours a day on Twitch.
  18. As far as pricing goes, I guess the Battle Pass comes out next week and that's how most people get cosmetic stuff. I don't know much about these types of games, so whatever that is.
  19. Clostebol acetate would be the ointment form if they were using it for anything like eczema and other stuff, but it's definitely not an anti-fungal.
  20. They're very sensitive I believe. "Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Oral Turinabol), combining the chemical structures of clostebol and metandienone, was widely used in the East German state-sponsored doping program"
  21. I know their server engineers are working like crazy from direct info. Fueled by Malört. It's a Chicago thing! (I assume that part's a joke, that stuff is disgusting.)
  22. There are topicals with that stuff in it, but nothing that treats fungal stuff that I can find. Unless the prescriber is a moron. It also would not help heal his injury either if he'd used that excuse.
  23. I doubt they expected this level of immediate interest.
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