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  1. All it takes is one bad bump or pre-existing issue to screw up your spine that badly. I don't know what it was in his case. Maybe all the bumping before he got into the comedy.
  2. We can start a fundraiser to fly someone out to punch her direct boss in the face if you want.
  3. It's pretty common slang from the social media world. Personally, I blame YOU the viewer.
  4. Just a quick thought about stuff related to Zedd Ess Jay and not talking about stuff with the #SpeakingOut. He's British and they have very strong defamation laws, so he would probably have to tread carefully with what he said about someone personally. Just a hunch, could be wrong.
  5. Get your New Japan rubber duckies everyone.
  6. Ryan

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    I expect DOUKI to win and Wato to be stuck in comedy jobber role for years.
  7. I'll give you this sweet Macho Man t-shirt if you go back in time and do.
  8. What do you mean "going to"? I'm sure there's a bunch of test models out there.
  9. I'm Ryan, I've been Ryan for....many board reboots. Everyone talk to Raven Mack and introduce yourself! He is king among us philistines. If this was Discord I'd @everyone and they'd all come running.
  10. After no research, I have determined D.Z is the real person and the character is Dolph Ziggler.
  11. Considering it's Twitch, I expect him to be banned soon for something innocuous, like playing the wrong song.
  12. He pushed himself very hard, he was a good wrestler, but he had an ego. He would take losses when appropriate, but I think the consensus is he held on too long. Pre-RINGS, he was good. Had some great stuff with the right people. Fujinami/Maeda being the obvious example.
  13. So did the guy, but replace one of those p's with an o.
  14. Not that anyone has noticed yet.
  15. I separate the character of @D.Z from the real person and also move on.
  16. Yes, those are the only shirts I ever owned.
  17. Free shill: http://www.rojonekku.com/ Give to his patreon!
  18. I owned an Arik Cannon shirt I gave to Goodwil in 2009 because it didn't fit anymore and I never wore it. I also used to own a Tajiri ECW shirt that I gave to Goodwill like 15 years ago. I also owned an old school Fallen Angel T-shirt that had the same fate after several years. That's literally all I ever owned past the age of about 9.
  19. I own nothing. Lacking fandom for the win!
  20. Both Steen/Owens stories are true. Get him again!
  21. Kevin Owens once threw a rock at something when he was a kid. Like a car or old building. He says so in a shoot or his interview show or something like that. Get him!
  22. That Mt. Dew bottle is cutting edge industry technology.
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