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  1. I've been looking into some hackers for a small job, they claim to be Dutch, should I beware?
  2. I write Smackdown, but occasionally I'm distracted by a fly and it uses markov chains to write parts of the show.
  3. Why would the people now under contract(why would they sign them?) call the other people also under contract whores and such for taking WWE money like they now do. I'm confused.
  4. No, it's not, he wanted him to die. Also, that's Robbie Rage of High Voltage.
  5. Scott completely protected him, landed in his lap/thighs area.
  6. They and their 19 English speaking fans will be very excited.
  7. I don't think about it, but I vividly remember all the stupid shit they were doing during that period. Remember the trend online of people claiming that was a golden age for a few years there? Good times.
  8. Maybe its in the Metro section. (Has no clue what the NYT has in it.) We've gotten to the point where people are normalizing the massive death toll from this and we have to avoid that. I know RBG just died and all the other crap going on to distract including the election, but this should still be the number one focus of journalists going forward.
  9. Vince will assume that since they're both Latinx, they must be the Bellas and have them do Twin Magic and be mad when it looks weird. Aleister Black will then shoot beat him up backstage.
  10. Are we sure his wife would appreciate that? Maybe she's cool with it, who knows?
  11. Of course he replied stating he wasn't going anywhere on that same tweet.
  12. When Ricochet turned heel as a the smarmy prick champ who knew he was better than you in PWG as a heel he was actually very good at it. So, try that perhaps.
  13. And you were on crack at the same time, so you'd know for sure. Hmm....
  14. Rosario Dawson is Antifa, but she goes undercover as a vigilante named Auntie Fah and rides around on a moose.
  15. I was kind of kidding, I have no problems with anyone getting the trophies, it was just a jape.
  16. Hi, Anthony or should I say Antonio Margheriti! Also Antony Daisies. I like that one better.
  17. Eh, if the game's still good, no worries, but if you're a collector of digital trinkets signifying, um, something; then, by all means yell at the publishers.
  18. Or switch to a Blackberry! Somehow you found one and got it to work.
  19. The height of Russo's first stint booking WCW which also was a fucking disaster. I can't believe I was still watching it since I didn't know he was that damn bad without a filter. Its aged even worse than it seemed at the time. Kind of like the Attitude Era.
  20. What if that's the final challenge to get the Platinum? They know when you break it somehow.
  21. Dean, Eddy, Juvy, Saturn, Shelton, Vampiro several times.
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