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  1. That's a challenge. Skype work-out off!
  2. We've had it in the past. It does not end well, even with restricting who can post here.
  3. Chill, yo, be cool. It's alright. Yeah. Ice ice baby...
  4. That's blasphemous! It's actually more like 15 or 20.
  5. Some chunk of his base will refuse to take it thinking it will give them cancer or The Jimmy Legs or something or other and it will backfire.
  6. I don't think that's technically even legal by the true definition of martial law, unless you really do want it to be marital law.
  7. Human beings are inherently idiots. The dipshit in charge wants to try and ride this as a wave to victory in the Fall and couldn't care less if the entire North East dropped dead since he's not winning up there.
  8. It's so he can challenge Eddie Kingston who said if he could wrestle anyone it would be him with Kobashi and Kawada retired.
  9. So, some positive news then. No, I don't want him to die, but it's perfect comeuppance.
  10. I want him to start selling fish for a local aquarium and scream GUPPIES! I assume this has happened.
  11. I love that Taylor knew to cover his head like a tornado was coming.
  12. Should have had the baby change the oil. What could go wrong?
  13. They're talking to you the viewer at home. Duh. THE UNIVERSE~!
  14. I love being inessential to existence.
  15. This makes sense now that you say it. Our water is from a well and filtered, but it still has stuff in it even if you boil it. I'd be fearful to use it for something like a netipot, even after boiling, let alone a respirator.
  16. Should have just left the room and let her take your place for the whole thing.
  17. You're so basic for wanting a BASIC joke.
  18. They should have piped in a crowd chant.
  19. This would be an interesting business idea for when this is finally all cooling down in a few months(hopefully).
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