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  1. That's why, they prefer Canada to America apparently. It makes sense, what with the Queen and all.
  2. It's definitely a term a lot of people don't realize is offensive, as I hear it used often enough by people who wouldn't use its equivalent in the States.
  3. Deion Sanders named his daughter Deiondra, so there's that.
  4. If there's a place named Nashville in Bulgaria for real; then, I'll allow it since there really is a Bombay, Michigan...sort of.
  5. Only now he's evil again~!
  6. Knowing NJPW that will just be him joining United Empire or something.
  7. He choked out the translator right after this frame.
  8. Give them money and you too can find out something someone on reddit will tell you or probably already knows that may or may not be true, but at least they get paid! Don't do this.
  9. The Elgin Era has begun.
  10. I still haven't figured out if Kawada did the piledriver there because he couldn't use his broken arm properly to help lift Misawa back up or if that was the planned move. Misawa protects himself as best as you can expect. You'd think if that wasn't the planned move, he'd have come up with something less horrifying or maybe maneuvered him into a real piledriver. Perhaps on the spur of the moment. I recall them using it again in their NOAH match in the Tokyo Dome, but I think it was safer all things considered.
  11. How dare you besmirch Excalibur. Yes, he got some of his move names from Super Fire Pro Wrestling Premium X as he played it a lot and uses it as a call back.
  12. You have faith in any of humanity? Wow.
  13. You know this means he's winning the Jr. title now, right?
  14. So, WWE should get into scripted sports, I see where you're going with this...
  15. Could you be more informative than that? Like how do you know this?
  16. They'll knock it down to 2 weeks and he'll be starting by July.
  17. Taz is just proud of his kid. I'm surprised he didn't end up with a lacrosse gimmick. The Goon, but with lacrosse stuff.
  18. Maybe he was comparing how they ran the company backstage to that.
  19. Someone totally different. As far as Japanese surnames, it's probably common enough. Based on a list of common names on Wikipedia, it was 99th in some survey of a 6 million customers of a company. There are 291ksome different surnames in Japan, which is, a lot. Many are romanized and pronounced the same though. That's just the different kanji.
  20. From what I've learned about Japanese culture and business, they don't appreciate it when people are made aware of how horrible things may be in general. I'm sure it's even worse in this industry. Ibushi doesn't appear to care about the stupid conservative social norms crap that runs everything in a very surprisingly isolated and xenophobic older society if you only know Japan through works of fiction rather than history and government. By conservative I mean modern government originally ran by fascism loving loons.
  21. I think that's Rumbleverse you speak of, developed by Iron Galaxy. My friend/cousin does art there and her husband is lead designer.
  22. Yeah, the VOW report of the stuff about the Dome and NJC seem to be the direct opposite situation of what it was reported Ibushi said according to translations. He's not remotely healthy enough to get in a ring from the sound of it.
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