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  1. Little Ass Boy Elves delivering the news
  2. So they can be hyenas and feed at the scraps of FTR if the Briscoes beat them, or get the titles over a weakened FTR if they retain.
  3. I'd love it if Statlander came back, can't think of any other big name returns (I would not be excited if it were Thunder Rosa).
  4. Robbie Rage had a short NJPW run after the fall of WCW
  5. Nothing says you can't watch the match you give out as a blind item.
  6. I don't think they're unhappy with him at all, there has been zero rumblings of WarnerDiscovery feeling anything but positive.
  7. Yes, she was on the very first AEW show, 19's Double or Nothing in a four way against Britt Baker D.M.D, Amazing Kong and Nyla Rose.
  8. There is a BOTB coming up in January for the Portland debut.
  9. I'd rather it be the Kingdom who attack if only for the potential Kingdom/Acclaimed match up that could come down the line, but it's more than likely it'll be the Sons Of Gunn
  10. I'm interested in seeing how Hogan fits in with Rayne and Skye. Red Velvet being back in action on the Baddie side is nice to see too.
  11. Only the last two minutes, you can say everyone tuned out for Saraya's interview
  12. They've always had a batch of Dark tapings for Orlando. Elevation is the one taped before a live audience on tour.
  13. That's okay, he can take the year off tv wrestling by remaining with ROH.
  14. Different topic. Not part of this conversation.
  15. He's criticizing your absurd what if's, not the product. For your second note Smellington, Swerve Strickland's got a deliberate style in the sense he's always going for something slick if that makes any sense, pairs well with Keith Lee who's your colossus of a man. While not specifically a fat man tag team, on the ROH side we've got The Gates of Agony as a part of the Embassy who are big hard hitters.
  16. Wheeler should be the one to take on Jeff Jarrett between him and Dax. Other good Wheeler ideas, first ones I've mentioned - Dr Luther, Hager (and his hat), Trent. Ones I just thought of - a returning Kyle O'Reilly, Christian Cage, Miro, Tony Nese.
  17. I personally haven't swung around to his singles work yet but definitely a tag guy who should get his praise more in that aspect.
  18. This is a solid match announcement. https://twitter.com/AEW/status/1599191753344417792?s=20&t=MIMXEImWUqtwSTE7DESzQg
  19. Consider me a part of this one, the last one was a blast.
  20. Rampage is at it's best when it's 1998 Thunder.
  21. Vile, I totally get where you are coming from but maybe raise other points in addition?
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