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  1. Probably the one Batista got in a lot of trouble for, during his cage match vs Jericho. Also, Vince was busted open from an Owens headbutt a few years back, but that seemed like he bladed beforehand. As for the women; didn't Lita blade in a match once?
  2. Here's the song that this was somewhat lifted from... Pretty good song.
  3. Apparently, Tammy Sytch was arrested again. This time for weapons and making terroristic threats.
  4. Man, that was a wild game.
  5. New Day vs Usos just may very well be this generation's Jimmy Snuka vs Metal Maniac.
  6. I wish he stuck around, so we could see what dog shit name they'd give him.
  7. This is fucking awesome. I wish the full thing was on YouTube.
  8. It's been like that from the get go. The only restrictions were that you needed to be in a public lobby to access the computer. The new Contract work allows you to do it in an Invite though. If you do need to go public and want a lobby by yourself, it's pretty easy. I do this on PS4... Settings->Network->Setup Internet Connection->WiFi or LAN (whatever you use)->Custom->Auto everything except MTU. Change that to something like 800-820.
  9. Yeah, there's always been a limit. But like I mentioned, you can do these in Invite Only/Private lobbies.
  10. They did mention that with this update they cut down the frequency of calls and texts. R* put them on the map now, so you just hover and click on their icons. One plus, you can do these new Dre and side contract jobs in an invite only lobby, so nobody can fuck with you. While it wasn't an issue with me, since I change my MTU so nobody can show up, it does make it easier if you wanna chill out and do some stuff without getting hassled.
  11. I was at this show. Three things come to mind... - The ECW Invasion. My 10 year old mind was blown. - HBK/Mankind was awesome as hell. - Some drunk guy purposely lighting his ZZ Top-esque beard on fire in my section during said match.
  12. Colin's "...Colin Quinn, Remote Control." was pretty funny.
  13. Ditka showed up on the Super Fans once (maybe twice?), yelling at them about fact that he wasn't even coaching the Bears anymore.
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