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  1. They should present matches in the style of old NFL Films videos. Not as full matches, just tell the story like they did with games. Slowed down a bit, cool music, and get one of the legends to do voiceovers.
  2. I loved the Boneyard Match and thought it was great. I agree with @MORELOCK about the music though. As awesome as it was, we will probably be stuck with shitty Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock as overdubs. -- (edit) Oh god...
  3. We could finally get a filmed version of he and Big Show riding motorcycles through Death Valley.
  4. I hope NBK plays in the background for the duration of the New Jack episode.
  5. It's also great because Regal comes out to his Man's Man theme.
  6. And he's a showoff. Must've been difficult.
  7. I know they filmed a bunch of stuff for that show. Some of it aired as a short special later that year.
  8. I kind of wish they'd have shed more light into Chris and Nancy's texts in the months leading up to it. On that Reelz autopsy show last week, there was a scene where they showed some of the transcripts. One of them was Nancy yelling at him about the fact he'd recently set aside a portion of money for his other kids in a separate bank account.
  9. Yeah, the chairshot from JBL that lead to it was stupidly brutal.
  10. Cena looks like a bloody Fire Marshall Bill.
  11. When was this? Also, considering it's Regal, I'm surprised he didn't just ask for it to be hard way.
  12. https://video.vice.com/en_us/video/benoit-part-two/5e5ed26fc72abc126f065829?jwsource=cl&utm_source=reddit.com
  13. See if they still do the thing with their app. You get like, 45 mins free or something. That should be enough for hour two. Or just wait for it to be on Vimeo or DM in the next few days.
  14. It would be funny if they just inserted ad breaks into random matches whenever somebody gets dumped to the outside.
  15. I think it was Sasuke being a pain in the ass and telling the Japanese press that when he wins the Lightheavyweight title (I don't think the tournament was made public yet), he would never defend it in the states and only in Japan. I suppose like how that title was defended before somebody clued them into the fact that Ultimo Dragon was on Nitro with the belt.
  16. They better give him a hospital gown he prefers, or else he'll shear them up beforehand.
  17. No. But he had some good matches with Bret and one at The SummerSlam against 123 Kid.
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