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  1. Just realized that a bunch of the edits I subscribe to are probably gonna be updated with moves I won’t have unless I download the DLCs.
  2. Finally took advantage of my ajpwtv subscription and watched the top two matches from today’s show live as they happened. The wonders of technology! Anyway, VG vs Strong BJ was off the chain. A couple of Twitterers calling it MOTY. Your opinion will probably be swayed by how high you rank beefiness as a Lin aesthetic category when judging the quality of matches. I’m always surprised by how big Ishikawa is. Dude makes Strong BJ look like juniors. Nomura and Kento was quite good. Couple of awkward spots due to Nomura, but kid makes up for it with fire.
  3. There were skits? I wonder how Kai is getting along in Dragon Gate.
  4. Can’t believe he wrestles in that outfit.
  5. Well, Hino and Tanaka is a good tag team, and SUGI is the kinda flippy junior they could use. just seems weird that Z1 works with NOAH and BJ but there’s no contact with AJPW.
  6. Anyone know if there is bad blood between AJ and Z1, possibly over Dylan James (or even Ryuji Sai)? They never seem to trade talent and I imagine they could benefit from working together.
  7. Netflix switched out their classic collection. New “season” includes THE DAY THE EARTH FROZE and HOBGOBLINS.
  8. Is there anything like Mike Bailey’s finisher? (Shooting Star double knee drop)
  9. Criterion is dropping HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH in July. Also that 7-hour Soviet version of War and Peace.
  10. Listed as 5’10 and 265 lbs. That’s a thick bitch. He’s done some Hard Hit shows; wonder if he’s any good.
  11. Good for Nomura, but the challenger always pins Kento in a tag. It’s actually pretty tired and predictable at this point.
  12. Back when I regularly read comics as an adolescent, I had a weird attraction to the less popular comics. No Avengers, X-Men, or Spider-Man for me—no, it was Guardians, Wonder Man, Quasar, and Avengers: West Coast.
  13. That's an Avengers: West Coast lineup, pal
  14. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Kishin Kawabata match.
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