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  1. I'd preordered BEASTMASTER, and ended up adding DIAL CODE SANTA CLAUS, SPOOKIES, and ACTION USA. Pretty excited, actually. Also getting TREMORS sometime this month. Good times.
  2. Blind bought it like a bit of an idiot.
  3. HIS HOUSE: too depressing to be scary?
  4. I was joking on Twitter that the guest stars feel like they’re pulled from either an alternate-reality SNL or the cast list for a proposed EXPENDABLES 4.
  5. Found this just looking for the trailer:
  6. @nateseems like the guy to ask about Vinegar Syndrome’s January package: https://vinegarsyndrome.com/products/january-2021-package?_pos=1&_sid=d0cc6d3fe&_ss=r Satan's Blood [Blu-ray] Cthulhu Mansion [Blu-ray] Dark Tower [Blu-ray] The House of Usher [Blu-ray] Seen any of them? (Can’t actually figure out which Usher it is) The BlacK Friday reveals were SILENT MADNESS DON'T PANIC ACTION U.S.A. MARTIAL LAW 1 & 2 The trailer for ACTION USA has me intrigued
  7. The Tweet says “w/English commentary”
  8. Wonder who does NOAH's English commentary.
  9. I’d love it if AJPW’s yearly hire was Irie or Hino, but I’m guessing RISING Hayato is their dude.
  10. Having the Turkey Day marathon on in the background. POD PEOPLE and CARNIVAL MAGIC are good picks.
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