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  1. The Criterion Collection

    Criterion releasing Night of the Living Dead!!! All of those exclamation points are merited. Also Kon Ichikawa’s An Actor’s Revenge which is pretty bad ass.
  2. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    On the first, nothing. on the second: Land’s End seems to be Ryoji Sai’s fed, which is almost entirely made up of Z1 guys and I’m not really sure if it’s a work splinter group or a vanity project or what. EDIT: I double-checked and Land’s End has fewer Z1 guys than I thought. It’s Sai and a couple of Z1 dudes and then just a grab bag of weirdos. Sai is apparently the owner.
  3. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    This year’s WSTL looks like fun. List of teams: Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu (FREE)Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa (FREE)Jun Akiyama & Takao OmoriZeus & The Bodyguard (FREE)Joe Doering & Taiyo Kea (FREE)Naoya Nomura & Yuma AoyagiDaichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani [BJW]Manabu Soya (W-1) & Black Tiger VII (FREE)TAJIRI & KAI [FREELANCE]Ryoji Sai & Masakado [LAND’S END] Not expecting MOTYC stuff, since when is the last time AJ’s tag league produced that, but there are at least a lot of fresh matchups.
  4. Doctor Who Omnibus Thread

    I’m big on the suspenders really
  5. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    Oh I’ve seen Phibes too, now that you mention it.
  6. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    Best Vincent Price film? I’ve seen Witchfinder General, but other than that it’s just the Hilarious House of Frightenstein
  7. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    The current NOAH tournament looks, uh, bizarre.
  8. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    RE-ANIMATOR isn’t on iTunes, what the shit.
  9. Dorothy B. Hughes’ In a Lonely Place is a fine piece of noir and much better than the (still quite good) film adaptation. Her Expendable Man is just as good, though perhaps less hard boiled.
  10. The Netflix Thread

    So what's the best Netflix "original" movie? My vote is for I DONT FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE. though it isn't a great crop is it?
  11. I am saddened that we've yet to hear anything about another season. Netflix is usually quick with renewals. If there isn't one I'll be insufferably pouty.
  12. Doctor Who Omnibus Thread

    Isn't this coming from the same source that said Kris Marshall was gonna be the next doctor?
  13. The Criterion Collection

    The JABBERWOCKY cover is excellent.

    So if you really liked PROMETHEUS would you fucking love this film? Asking for a friend...

    Picked up the Sonny Chiba samurai action pack at a sidewalk sale. $2 DVD with Shogun's Ninja, The Bodyguard, and Legend of the 8 Samurai. pretty pleased.