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  1. Hmmm, maybe delete “kids” from that second-last sentence.
  2. this pup is lucky he’s so handsome.
  3. Are they going to release any more classic Who on blu ray? I don’t believe they’ve announced anything since the Talons of Weng-Chiang season.
  4. A Reverse Horizontal Chop, to be specific.
  5. OK, I watched days 2 and 3 of the Champion Carnival. I enjoyed them~! They were also nothing special~! I shall spoiler my remarks so as not to take up too much space: Tournament standings as of day 3: Assuming you need more than 4 points to win your block:
  6. Dylan James resurfaces in .... RIZIN? Edit to add: Yikes
  7. I clicked on “nise black blue” by accident and now I can’t find the Theme button. Am I forever cursed to traverse this neon wasteland?
  8. Streaming service! I’ve been a subscriber since day one, for some inexplicable reason. The undercard actually looked all right, which isn’t the case for many CCs. But I only got so much time.
  9. I watched the first day of the Champion Carnival. Clap clap clap. No cheering permitted. It was certainly a wrestling show that happened. No one will dispute that. Lets dig into the the matches, shall we? Shuji Ishikawa vs Yuma Aoyagi —This could be the match of the card: Big Dog can still bring it, and Yuma is an under appreciated wrestler —Shuji looking good with his recent weight loss. Less good with the blonde dye job. —Yuma goes for the tried and true method of assaulting the bigger man’s knee. We get a figure four leg lock and a dragon screw! —Thou
  10. What’s amazing is that I had little trouble getting to 100 great films, and yet those Top lists show me that I’ve missed tons and tons of stuff. ONE CUT OF THE DEAD was on my watch list, but alas, it never showed up at the library.
  11. Ok, EARTH TO NED might be great or this shit year might have made me overvalue anything remotely humorous and good natured, I dunno.
  12. I find Scorsese pretty tiresome, honestly. Maybe Villeneuve. I’ll do my part.
  13. I’ll be lucky if there are fewer than 10 “oh shit I forgot ________” moments during the countdown
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