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  1. Watched LE CERCLE ROUGE last night. Would recommend to anyone interested in 70s French dudes smoking cigarettes and doing crimes.
  2. Dylan James is out of the tag league, which sucks, but Jun Akiyama is now tagging with Joe Doering, which is awesome.
  3. So, are there any good Tenryu matches during his stint in NOAH? I always looked at his Misawa singles match as the moment he got too old. Mostly because Misawa seemed intent on elbowing multiple concussions into his aged noggin. However, I may be missing some thing.
  4. Anyway, made it to the short list and round two of interviews: the campus visit!
  5. I had a $10 Gift certificate for Criterion for being an early subscriber to the channel, so I used that and the 50% sale to buy the essential Jacques Demy collection for about $60. Christmas shopping for the wife done in record time!
  6. Horror hot take: HOUSE (1985) is good. Original AMITYVILLE HORROR is bad.
  7. Is Destroyer Memorial Night an AJPW thing, or is it independent?
  8. The live show was even better than I’d hoped. Just a great experience. if this is MST3K’s swan song, it’s a good one. But also I’ll be sad. I need more MST3K.
  9. Finally got an interview for a tenure-track job, after five years of adjuncting after my PhD and writing a(n award-winning) book. They gave me super short notice, so the interview is on Tuesday, and I have a long-planned trip with my wife scheduled for this weekend, so I'm not gonna get to prep much, but they'll recognize my value or they won't, I guess.
  10. Tag league is serious stuff, usually. I don’t follow any other promotion , but AJ doesn’t give the tag titles to midcarders very often—guys who win the league and the belts are typically main even gets. Every show is gonna be on their streaming service, which is nice. this lineup is pretty similar to last year’s, but it’ll be neat to see Bodyguard and Zeus on opposite teams, and Redman in the tourney. I expect Jake and Nomura will have a good run.
  11. 2019 WSTL teams: The Bomber (James and Doering) The End (Parrow and Odinson) Kento and Yuma Jake and Nomura Yoshitatsu and Joel Redman Valetta and Cyber Kong KAI and Tajiri Violent Giants Zeus and Sai Sekimoto and Bodyguard
  12. Criterion channel upped a bunch of cool shit, including a chunk of Herschel Gordon Lewis and Ken Russell’s THE DEVILS. What’s the “best” HGL movie? First time viewer, here.
  13. haha fuck no Anyway, y'all should watch Kento v Ikeman, which was awesome.
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