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  1. Wherein one prays for a localized meteor strike

    Jeez, how many PhDs we got at DVDVR? We should start a consulting firm (prob. only way I will be permanently employed).
  2. Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    I def see him in that role. I'm wondering if he's got a good CC run or even a solid TC reign left in him. (Related: he and Miyahara must have had a singles match at some point, I'm assuming)
  3. Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Can Akiyama still go?

    BoJack Horseman is a remarkable TV show. That is all.

    I think DETROIT really got slept on. One of the tensest films I’ve ever seen.
  6. You know I wasn’t super high on this movie but the backlash is making me like it more.
  7. Doctor Who Omnibus Thread

    That was fine.
  8. This Weather Sucks

    Freezing rain, here. Brutal for anyone traveling for xmas.
  9. What is on your Xmas viewing list?

    Cannot find a full version of this online and am therefor sad.
  10. Hamill really showed off his acting chops this year as P.T. Mindslap and to a much lesser extent in this film.
  11. The Netflix Thread

    Huh. I always use the app on my AppleTV and didn’t even realize I had language options. Game changer!
  12. The Netflix Thread

    We started watching Dark but you have to watch a dubbed version (?) which I find painful and unwatchable. Why can't I get the original language + subtitles?
  13. What is your album of the year?
  14. The Netflix Thread

    Anyone watching Wormwood?