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  1. It actually looks really good to me. Great final show, with a bunch of ex-partners squaring off. 4/18 is a nice looking little show as well. Will try to do my annual review this year.
  2. NOAH vs DDT unification match. Muto first ever double-champion. Make it happen!
  3. I turned 40 today. I don’t think this last year should have counted, though. I should get to be 39 again. I’m just saying.
  4. Don’t get me wrong: I’m still disappointed in this lineup. And the lack of workrate in AJ generally. But there are some fresh matchups to look forward to, like Ashino vs Zeus and Lee, and Doi, Sato, and Otani vs pretty much anyone. I’m particularly intrigued by Sato vs Kento and Ishikawa, for some reason. And most of the usual matchups are still quite good (e.g. every combo of Kento and Zeus and Ishikawa always delivers). Gotta hope they finally give it to Lee and follow it up with a title win, though.
  6. Happy with the shakeup in the stables, actually. As for the TC
  7. 2021 Champion Carnival participants ◆ Suwama ◆ Zeus ◆ Kento Miyahara ◆ Shuji Ishikawa ◆ Jake Lee ◆ Yuma Aoyagi ◆ Shotaro Ashino ◆ Koji Doi ◆ Kohei Sato ◆ Shinjiro Otani A bit underwhelming, but at least there’s no filler. Surprised there’s no Yoshitatsu. No Irie or Ayato Yoshida is disappointing. Both were dropped from the last lineup. I’m reading on Twitter that there will be no blocks—just one round-robin.
  8. Main Road is hilariously small town, e.g.: “Where is your place?” ”Just off the main road.”
  9. AJPW spoilers (if anyone cares)
  10. I remembered that I can play Ultra HD discs now. And those aren’t region-locked. Still, no success in tracking down a copy of the UHD DEMONS 1 & w—they went OOP through pre-orders alone. (Also, I’m *not* willing to pay an exorbitant amount for them).
  11. I know you’re joking but that sounds pretty good actually.
  12. Taped in Fukuoka, Japan at the Hakata Star Lanes) 1) Bart Vale vs Shigeo Miyato 2) Masakatsu Funaki vs Minoru Suzuki 3) Akira Maeda vs Tatsuo Nakano 4) Nobuhiko Takada vs Yoji Anjoh 5) Kazuo Yamazaki vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara
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