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  1. I really wanna know if that Zeus v Bodyguard singles match made tape.
  2. Guys, what is with Joseph Cotten’s hair?
  3. Here you go bro: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14oKv-srWmReXADPiBpooDNgkhE9hsWLAuhhu-izlMWw/htmlview
  4. Was unfamiliar with Vinegar Syndrome. Their catalogue seems to be 80% porn, 20% z-grade horror that shows up on Amazon Prime and/or gets riffed by Rifftrax, yes?
  5. Shout! gotta steelbook sale on for all you steelbook lovers.
  6. Sekimoto's recent singles matches are probably worth checking out, as well as the two Violent Giants (AJ) vs Strong BJ title matches. Also hear good things about Daichi Hashimoto vs Okabayashi.
  7. Tell that to his face.
  8. Ok so who is the small child tagging with Zeus and Hino?
  9. I’ve never watched them, but the scuttlebutt suggests that both Soya v Ashino matches from last year are worth a watch, plus Ashino v T-Hawk from this year.
  10. Saw Bushwhacker Luke wrestle a 8-10 minute singles match last night. Dude’s 72 and taking flat-back bumps. What a stud.
  11. So if I broker a contract, will the talent I invite from that company still regularly back out on me?
  12. Has anyone managed to scoop a wrestler from another fed (and if so, how)?
  13. Just started year four at #5. Haven’t tried to venture out of my home territory, but have been doing the 40,000 person venue at $60 a seat. My path to success has included using the most expensive ref, plus inviting champs from lesser promotions and taking their belts.
  14. SHOUT! seems to have added the rest of the alphabet to their moving sale.
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