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  1. This would have changed the Rock 'n' Wrestling thing considerably. Does the Hogan and Lauper alignment make as much sense with Backlund tapping into the "sound of the young generation"?
  2. No lie, I actually thought it was Nicole Bass when they did the backstage segment with her winning the belt.
  3. I think his former partner, Tim Horner, is far closer to a Mendoza Line guy than Arachnaman.
  4. How did I never realize that I needed this match in my life?
  5. I remember the matches I've seen being pretty plodding, and not in a good way. I need to see if there's anything earlier, I think everything I've seen was around WMIII.
  6. I read "Gang Warz" as Otto Wanz and got VERY excited about this thread for a moment.
  7. Is it possible that Tyrion driving Cersei to kill Missandre was part of his and Varys's plan to push Dany over the edge?
  8. Which means that he's the only one who can stop her.
  9. This was an issue. Half the time, I thought it was friendly fire since the dead often looked like Tormund's gang.
  10. Goddamn, talk about finishing out a redemption arc strong.
  11. Do they need anything more after seeing Arya in that walkway and stairwell?
  13. As soon as the boy's eyes went crystal blue I feared bad things for the three of them.
  14. He has had good spots in and out of WWE, but Xavier's performance in the Hell in a Cell vs the Usos was absolutely star-making.
  15. Because Bryan pissed off Vince during the opening segment. He was on board until Bryan started heeling and Vince had to pull the tide back.
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