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  1. I guess you could be fooled by thinking, "there's no way they do this push for REGGIE, right?"
  3. I didn't realize until just now how old he was when he got on TV. If he had been ten years younger, they probably could have done a lot more with him.
  4. That would be too powerful a force for Impact to deal with.
  5. I feel like this whole "is he/isn't he" storyline leading up to the PPV is sort of a test run for MJF as a face. I'm pretty sure that it'll end up a swerve but I think if the face tendencies got over like crazy they might change course and go all in on the turn.
  6. Agreed, I'm more excited about that match than anything on Full Gear.
  7. I definitely thought Joey Abs and Sick Boy were the future of the business.
  8. Man, Booker was on another level last night. Straight up insanity coming out of his mouth ALL SHOW. Indi tripping over her fallen opponent was definitely a highlight.
  9. Yeah, you're exactly right. When you're at the top and you're facing people as they get to the top of the rankings, you're going to eventually get knocked off.
  10. This was my guess as well but we'll have to see how bad his injury from last night's house show Non-premium Live Event is. My original thought was that Sami and KO go after the tag belts but Sami might have actually outgrown that plan now.
  11. I've read in two places that he's playing cousin Lance, which is pretty epic. I was hoping for Brian Adi(d)as but this exceeds expectations.
  12. Is this just because he missed class last week?
  13. No one has mentioned the Diamond Mine promo from last night yet.
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