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  1. This is their origin story, though. They weren’t superheroes until they decided to go against their own mission and put humanity first. Until then, they were just powerful. It’s like they were Spider-man after he got bit but before Uncle Ben dies through his inaction.
  2. He absolutely shows up at the end with Sprite and Sersei, and gets grabbed by the Celestial.
  3. So I just saw it and liked it. Is that a hot take? Obviously, it could never be made as a non-MCU movie, but it probably would have worked better if it didn’t take place in the same world as Spider-man et al. Thought Kit Harrington was surprisingly good in his few minutes of screen time. The fight in the village was a real strong point.
  4. I’ve been playing Bloodborne for about a month. It’s one of the most counter-intuitive (or just plane incomprehensible) games I’ve ever played. Want to get to a new map? Pick up a thing on one location and then go back to a previous location that will act differently now, though there are no internal clues that this is the case. I also don’t understand gestures or ruins or chalices. And the target-lock mechanic is pretty whack. Anyway, I’m enjoying it.
  5. Apparently Taichi vs DOUKI is a MOTYC. Go figure.
  6. NOAH seems to have made it a habit to scoop juniors that AJPW starts working with. They nabbed Hidaka and Super Crazy immediately after AJ brought them in to spice up the title scene.
  7. I guess TAKA’s exile from NJPW is definitively over.
  8. It’s been like that since 2002.
  9. Sure, but Kobayashi would have had two opportunities to lose. That he couldn’t win is no reason not to book him (see: Honda in the same tournament).
  10. Yeah, Kobayashi instead of Honda would be a bit more interesting. (This is nothing against Honda). Also, what’s Kento’s claim? Should be tag champs, Irie as TV champ, and Kobayashi. Now that is a tournament to be excited about! When is the tournament?
  11. According to Twitter, Ashino and Rising Hayato have signed with AJPW. Both very sensible signings. Optimism!
  12. Tigers Mask is Izanagi in AJPW. Wonder if he’ll stay with All Japan or join the list of casualties.
  13. OUATIC2 is phenomenal. A bit of a drag that most consider it the best and it comes so soon in the series, but whatever.
  14. I think there’s legitimate reason to be upset that their “release date” for preorders is actually the day the start shipping, and not the day you should expect to receive it. It’s a bit misleading. Speaking of Severin: NSFW February releases.
  15. This has been stuck in the international USPS facility in LA since the 11th. Severin has said they won’t look into international orders (I’m in Canada) unless there’s been no movement for two months.
  16. Did Honda bust Jake up and then ask to join TOTAL ECLIPSE? Real tough guy stuff.
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