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  1. That's one of my favorite Omega matches, no lie.
  2. HHH/Sting was such a shit show. It was boring me before the needless run(slow walk)-ins, the nonsense of the nWo helping Sting, HHH going over, and all on top of it happening a year after the Shield had supposedly killed the attitude era but here we are with an Attitude era nostalgia match being a focal point of the show. I understand that a Sting match would probably be somewhat an attitude era nostalgia match but it didn't have to be as much as it turned out to be. HHH was the wrong opponent for him as well that was never a dream match. Sting/Taker was, as was Sting/Austin (which couldn't ha
  3. Kanemaru is out of BOSJ due to injury and is being replaced by Yoya Uemura
  4. I could see Tanahashi matched with a young/newer guy similar to the White match a few years ago. Someone like O-Khan, Cobb or maybe even Henare depending on what happens in the tag league. A special match against Taichi or ZSJ could happen one night also given their history over the past year. Or maybe he challenges who ever wins the King of Pro Wrestling title for a match against the Ace to prove their worthiness. If they find a way to get Mox in for WK I think Tana/Mox will happen on which ever night Mox/KENTA doesn’t.
  5. I agree I don't see it separating unless someone only wants one of the belts, which would probably mean Okada will be the one to split them when he goes for the IWGP again since he has been vocal about not caring about the IC if it's going to happen. I don't know anyone else who would only want to single out one belt. I guess a long shot would be Nakamura coming back someday and wanting his IC belt back but that's not likely.
  6. This must be what Gedo had penciled in for WK15 but with the limited timeframe due to COVID I'm not a fan of how they got there. If there was more time between the G1 and WK maybe the path to the main events would have played out better. But either way not super excited about the shows right now, there's so few satisfying out comes. Naito losing on Night one is a big letdown from his ascending to the top last year, but Ibushi losing his G1 shot and the title makes him look bad too (though him turning hard into the emotionless killer Ibushi from it could work for him) Ibushi Win
  7. Tag league participant and schedule announced. Looks like we’re getting another member of Ospreays new group looking forward to who that could be. BC has three teams in it with a lot of the overseas talent coming over. Makes me wish guys like ELP and ACH were on BOSJ but whatever.
  8. I threw Always Be My Maybe on my ballot because I didn't expect anyone else to vote for it but I find it very rewatchable and wanted to acknowledge it for the list in some little way.
  9. Within you will find my ballot, which also has noted the placement on the countdown and an asterisk denotes that I was high voter. My ballot was 65 movies and 78% of them placed, 14 missed out most of which I was the only voter for. If I redid the list today there probably wouldn't be many big changes other than The Shape of Water and Coco would probably both drop a bit.
  10. I think it's Tenille Dashwood/Emma but not 100%
  11. I had written up a long post about my appreciation for this reading of the movie but I lost it and don't want to re-write the whole thing but the general point of it was that, I think this will make me appreciate the movie more if I ever get around to re-watching it and that it really brings the movie closer to Goodfellas in my mind as one is about growing up chasing childhood fantasies and the consequences and the other is about moving from from adulthood to old age.
  12. I agree with you a lot on both The Irishman and The Joker. I was really amped to watch The Irishman, if anyone wants to go look at my ballot for the greatest movie poll they'll see that Scorsese was well represented at the top of my list, but Irishman did not do it for me. It was too long and I thought it was pretty much just a greatest hits album or maybe a better analogy would be a reunion tour you got to see the things you remember were great but there is something hallow about the experience. Pesci was the main takeaway from it for me he was amazing, DeNiro was really good, but at the end
  13. I would require a large cash payment to watch clips of it let alone own it.
  14. He's probably the former these days but 10 years ago very likely the latter, he has matured in some ways and it seems like he's settled into his comfortable life and his upper class bully-jerk-jock younger days seem to be behind him. I don't watch WWE but Orton's twitter is pretty solidly entertaining these days when I check it out.
  15. I think someone like Tanahashi or Okada could lose the briefcase and be ok but it would be a big setback for most guys. I don't think Kota is in danger here, I've thought Naito/Ibushi was a very likely WK main event since Naito won last January.
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