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  1. Sublime

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    They should just run the tournament (or at least the matches that are impacted) in Rio Di Janeiro or whatever the proper equivalent would be. New Zealand maybe. We may never see the footage but we can be sure that things were contested properly.
  2. Sublime

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    Ishii looks like the likely winner of his block. Though I also wouldn't be surprised to see Henare get his first big win there either, I could see Owens getting a little push here too, they both have been getting positioned to move up the card it seems. But if Ishii doesn't win that bracket than it would probably be Yano or Fale taking it which idk if I see happening. For the bottom left bracket I think the winner of the second round of the top half is going to the finals, It's likely that the winner of Okada/White will be the one to make it to the finals but I could see Suzuki making the finals and even possibly winning the whole thing, as it would be a good high level defense for Naito but one that doesn't burn though either a) a big match with one of the current top guys or b) have someone like SANADA win a title shot and likely come short (and in SANADA's case he's either got to be held out of title matchs for a while or get to win one so he doesn't end up like Goto). I think Juice will get a good run here too. Tanahashi could win his bracket to play out a scenario like the Suzuki one I outlined also and he and Naito have great chemistry so I'd be there for it. But I think it's Ospreay's block to lose, ZSJ is targeting Moxley so I don't see him winning though I'd love to see Taichi in the finals (or even win it all but doubtful cause of the tag team scene) and Shingo is tied up with the NEVER belt so don't see him challenging for the big belts. Don't see how anyone but KENTA wins his bracket but look forward to him and either EVIL or Goto beating the piss out of each other.
  3. Here's the Kushida/KOR spot Cole/Kushida was trying to homage/steal/idk. I think it's just cause KOR is better than Cole and that Cole didn't look like he was trying to do anything than jump into an armbar that it looks awful.
  4. That looked cool but it was a really dumb spot to do for the reasons stated above also he had to do the jump with his heels between the rails which could have cause him to mess up really easy, if one of his feet twisted a bit he could have been fucked.
  5. If Jericho is foreshadowing when he says he wants someone to open the forbidden portal my guess is that Ibushi will be the one to beat Jericho and get an AEW title shot
  6. I have a hard time believing Okada wasn't walking out of MSG as IWGP Champ regardless of who he was going against.
  7. My list would go like: I did 15 didn't want to go up to 20 cause I felt like the drop off from here one out would be further. Truthfully I probably could have stopped at 10 the top 6 are ones I can watch almost any time. I need to rewatch Logan since I've only seen it once but it's easily as good as Deadpool as far as best X-Men movies go. If I combined Inifity War and Endgame together it would probably be around 5 or 6 but I kept the separate which lowered their ratings especially Endgame which has some of my favorite moments of the MCU but is a bit long and there are some plot holes that I don't feel were properly addressed. If I kept going at least Dr Strange, Joker and Antman would have shown up on the list
  8. Wow the retirement ceremony made the room even more dusty than I thought it would. Inoki was a surprise, Liger is so respected that they probably could have filled the whole show with people paying tribute to him. Amazing career and he went out the way he wanted going on first the whole weekend to not take the shine away from the rest of the roster.
  9. Sad that they didn't bring back the WK Rumble for one of the nights.
  10. If you had someone in that position wouldn't make more sense to just do a tombstone off the 2nd rope? I mean if the point of the match is to win why not go with something that should be a deathmove (you know it would be kicked out at 2 but that's why I said should) rather than something that could seriously injure yourself if it goes wrong. This is just going to lead to more escalation of stupid spots like this, someone is either going to do that and roll through it to a tombstone or some idiot is going to try to reverse it by landing on their feet and blow out their knees or have a terrible double Sid moment.
  11. I think we're going to get Naito/Okada on Night 2, I'm not sure who is going to go over, it would seem like Okada is the likely choice but I think it's really up in the air. I don't see Ibushi winning on night 1 in any event and I think White can eat two losses in a row easily. Plus White has always made good on his word and it would be an interesting character development for him to face two big losses in a row including his chance at the double gold. There is potential for the fallout of these matches to cause some shake-ups within the stables as well. If Naito wins we could see some dissent from SANADA or even SANADA leaving LIJ to challenge Naito this year, if he loses maybe SANADA or EVIL or even Shingo start to exert themselves at a higher level (that ones a little trickier because of LIJ's spoken philosophy of not having a boss/lieutenant structure but it's still pro-wrestling). Will BC react in any way to White's failures? Would Ibushi look to join or create a group to try to reach the next level? Okada is the only one who I don't see issues rising from CHAOS due to the outcome but CHAOS needs some shaking up.
  12. I wouldn't write off a three way tie because SANADA could challenge ZSJ one night and be in the tag title match the other night, I could see this happening just to give EVIL an important match at WK. But it's pretty much a lock that EVIL & SANADA aren't winning tag league outright.
  13. Tim was featured heavily in James Tynion IV's Dectetive Comics rebirth run and I enjoyed that run a lot more than King's Batman and recommed it. I stopped following it after Tyion left so idk if he's still heavily involved.
  14. While I am pumped for WK and look forward to the little mini tournamet they have going, I'm not a big fan of how they got there. This all seems like a mis step by Gedo to try to throw everyone off the scent of the double title match all year and it just made everything convuluted. As soon as Naito started talking about holding double gold people started to see the logcial conclusion that the main of one of the nights of WK was going to be for both belts and that it will likely be Naito/Okada. Then Gedo got all cute with the booking and tried to make things feel uncertain but with 2 nights in the dome it was obvious that this was going to be a part of WK so everything just felt kinda pointless. They should have just gone more straight forawrd with it even if it was simply Naito laying the challenge down at the G1 finals while he was still IC champ, have him tell Okada and Ibushi he wants the winner of night 1 main on night 2 to take take both belts, then let White win the IC belt to insert himself into things. I agree with the thought that this year has not been a stellar as previous years, there was good stuff though and I'm hoping that next year brings NJPW back up hopefully with the ascension to the top level of some amount of ZSJ/SANADA/EVIL/Ospreay(never thought I would be wanting more Ospreay but the guy has really stepped things up this year, reminds me of Omega as a guy who went from kinda of annoying to this guy is pretty damn good)
  15. Yes and we also don't know if there has been any tampering with the backups before people are brought back also, would it be surprising to find out that certain parts are being removed or repressed by Xavier when he's doing back ups? Being Xavier means he probably has done some things that will bite him (and the X-men) in the ass later
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