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  1. Didn’t Juice just sign a multi year deal? He’s probably penciled into be a bigger deal going forward and maintain being one of the top foreign talents and probably be the top US talent once Mox focuses on AEW
  2. This was the first thing I thought of. It's an amazing movie but I don't know if I'm ever gonna watch it again. Heck, I can still vividly recall most of the ending it's burned into my brain and it's been years, those images just don't fade.
  3. I've started to listen to the Jericho podcast with Moxley and it's the first time I've listened to Jericho's promo since near the start of it and holy shit is the theme "song" terrible, just awful. I nearly turned it off just cause of that, but so far the interview is pretty decent. I figured Mox was never coming back before this. Him talking before about how he said he thought none of his promos in WWE were great because there was always some scripted part that ruined it plus his video featuring him breaking out of prison told me that he never would go back because he felt too confined in WWE's environment. Plus he's probably made that fuck money so he can do what he wants now.
  4. Well that's too much for me, I was looking forward to the card but I can't justify 50 bucks for it.
  5. Batman goes over the edge and kills Joker or someone else of significance could be a "generational" change. Killing off Gordon or Alfred would be big too and also stupid. Or worse they do something strange and give him superpowers or introduce time traveling or dimension hopping stuff or something similarly lame like that. Mostly I'm not hopeful that it will turn out interesting. I've found King's run very uneven, I have the trade with the "wedding" sitting on top of my read pile I should get to it this week if things stay calm, from there I'm gonna decide if I want to keep reading the run or not. Outside of Cat and Bat's relationship and the I Am Bane arc I haven't been overly fond of the run. The War of Jokes and Riddles was ok-ish wasn't a fan of how the Riddler was portrayed but as an isolated story it wasn't terrible, the first arc was too rushed, it hasn't been terrible but it hasn't been very good either, it's just been middling which is disappointing. I had high hopes for King on Batman but it just hasn't been great.
  6. Hogun could manage/mentor Sullivan they seem like they have similar interests
  7. I don't watch WWE anymore but I feel like the "reboot" promo thing was done before AEW was announced, if so I wonder if Vince was thinking that they would sign Omega and/or the Bucks and that would have been the basis of the changes
  8. Depending on when Hiromu is ready I think Dragon Lee is definitely a possible winner, with Hiromu coming out at the end setting up Dragon Lee picking him as his opponent for Dominion. But I think Shingo has a big chance of winning it all, he's been super protected and I actually could see him running through with a perfect record. Shingo, Ospreay and Dragon Lee are all real possible winners and I think Bandido could have a crack at it also. Marty could win too if NJPW wants to get one more title match out of him before his likely signing to AEW. I agree that they could have made the field a little smaller but I'm interested in seeing the blocks. There aren't any wrestlers I don't like watching (at least from the ones I'm familiar with), Rocky and Taka aren't the guys they used to be but they can still do good things, I'm not a Flip fan but he's far from the worst guy I've watched
  9. I stopped watching during the Heel Michael Cole era cause that just took all the fun out of watching and I could find better things to do with my time than watch a show that actively told me I was a nerd/dumb for enjoying it. The Summer of Punk got me interested for a lil but but when Punk came back after being gone for a week and then HHH inserting himself into the story I was pretty much back out until Byran's ascension and also the initial Wyatt Family vignettes helped too. I stopped watching again last fall as a cumulative of issues with the refusal to cancel the Saudi Arabia show (cause, you know, they murdered a journalist) being the point where I said I just cannot support this any longer. I somewhat keep up with it through the board to see how guys I like(d) watching are doing but don't know if or when I'dd go back again. Now I just keep up with NJPW (have NJPW world) and will watch other things here and there. Might get Stardom's service pretty soon.
  10. Since Liger announced his retirement at the dome I’ve figured that was going to be the main draw of one of the nights likely the 5th cause i don’t think NJPW wouldn’t have the big title match on the 4th
  11. CHAOS needs to split or something there is such a lack of coherence to it these days with the other groups they feel like groups that belong together. Taguchi JAPAN feels like a stronger group than Chaos now. I’m hoping we may be seeing a slow split with stuff like Yano teaming with Makabe more and more frequently again
  12. Sublime

    G1 Supercard

    Yeah I don't see Kenny being back for the next WK unless AEW is a colossal failure out of the gate or if the landscape of NJPW's outside company relationships drastically changes suddenly which I don't see happening either. Naito/Okada is probably gonna be the main and some combination of Kota, Tana and White will be there for the IC belt or maybe Osprey if he has a big break through this summer. Does anyone else think Scurll might be the cause of a bidding war? I know he's probably a lock for AEW but I imagine RoH won't let him go easily and I wouldn't be surprised if NJPW and WWE make a play for him as well. I know the Elite guy believe in their goal but I do think that Marty is gonna get offers he wouldn't have before and atleast WWE will be able to offer him more guaranteed money than anyone else and that's gotta be a hard decision to make.
  13. Sublime

    G1 Supercard

    I haven't gotten around to watching Okada/White yet (or the ladder match but I wasn't really planning on watching that anyway especially after watching the video package for it, no interest here) but man ROH's stuff was pretty rough to watch. The NJPW matches were the good stuff though. Was surprised that Cobb won figured Osprey's push was gonna have him take both belts but glad this means we get Cobb in NJPW more, I'll take him over Elgin as beefy foreigner. The Bully Ray stuff went on way too long and it felt like time was crawling by which is hard to do for what should have been a crazy brawl. The women's match was fine probably too long and the after match stuff was a time drag too. Tag match was ok would have preferred a straight up match between the Briscoes and either LIJ or GoD. The Enzo/Cass stuff was weird like seeing Enzo getting punched full in the face though. The Jr Heavy match was fun but ultimately empty, liked Dragon Lee winning which should set up a rematch with Hiromu when he's back. ZSJ/Tana was good not as good as there previous matches but still a solid effort. Kota/Naito was pretty damn good I figured Kota was winning so I was prepared for Naito's loss so that didn't take anything down for me. NJPW needs to handle the broadcast production themselves for any possible future times they do big joint shows with RoH again. The missed shots throughout the show was pretty bad and the pacing of the show was not great. NJPW did good with their matches, RoH made things drag or their guys just didn't show me much. I do hope Bandido is in Best of the Super Jrs this year he's fun to watch.
  14. Vince is probably getting a flying carpet made or shining up some pointed boots to go with the name change
  15. I'd nominate Ishii vs Shibata from the G1 Day 4 to challenge. I watched this about a month ago and it is ten minutes of vicious hard hitting pro wrestling and it's a blast. It's probably what any one familiar with the two of them would expect. They go hard from the opening bell and lay into each other if you like your wrestling stiff you'll be about it. One problem some might have is that it does have Shibata head butt spot which depending on you may in hindsight be cringeworthy I know it took me out of the match for a second knowing what the future would hold. Here's a link to daily motion: https://dai.ly/x481a7o
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