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  1. Since Liger announced his retirement at the dome I’ve figured that was going to be the main draw of one of the nights likely the 5th cause i don’t think NJPW wouldn’t have the big title match on the 4th
  2. CHAOS needs to split or something there is such a lack of coherence to it these days with the other groups they feel like groups that belong together. Taguchi JAPAN feels like a stronger group than Chaos now. I’m hoping we may be seeing a slow split with stuff like Yano teaming with Makabe more and more frequently again
  3. Sublime

    G1 Supercard

    Yeah I don't see Kenny being back for the next WK unless AEW is a colossal failure out of the gate or if the landscape of NJPW's outside company relationships drastically changes suddenly which I don't see happening either. Naito/Okada is probably gonna be the main and some combination of Kota, Tana and White will be there for the IC belt or maybe Osprey if he has a big break through this summer. Does anyone else think Scurll might be the cause of a bidding war? I know he's probably a lock for AEW but I imagine RoH won't let him go easily and I wouldn't be surprised if NJPW and WWE make a play for him as well. I know the Elite guy believe in their goal but I do think that Marty is gonna get offers he wouldn't have before and atleast WWE will be able to offer him more guaranteed money than anyone else and that's gotta be a hard decision to make.
  4. Sublime

    G1 Supercard

    I haven't gotten around to watching Okada/White yet (or the ladder match but I wasn't really planning on watching that anyway especially after watching the video package for it, no interest here) but man ROH's stuff was pretty rough to watch. The NJPW matches were the good stuff though. Was surprised that Cobb won figured Osprey's push was gonna have him take both belts but glad this means we get Cobb in NJPW more, I'll take him over Elgin as beefy foreigner. The Bully Ray stuff went on way too long and it felt like time was crawling by which is hard to do for what should have been a crazy brawl. The women's match was fine probably too long and the after match stuff was a time drag too. Tag match was ok would have preferred a straight up match between the Briscoes and either LIJ or GoD. The Enzo/Cass stuff was weird like seeing Enzo getting punched full in the face though. The Jr Heavy match was fun but ultimately empty, liked Dragon Lee winning which should set up a rematch with Hiromu when he's back. ZSJ/Tana was good not as good as there previous matches but still a solid effort. Kota/Naito was pretty damn good I figured Kota was winning so I was prepared for Naito's loss so that didn't take anything down for me. NJPW needs to handle the broadcast production themselves for any possible future times they do big joint shows with RoH again. The missed shots throughout the show was pretty bad and the pacing of the show was not great. NJPW did good with their matches, RoH made things drag or their guys just didn't show me much. I do hope Bandido is in Best of the Super Jrs this year he's fun to watch.
  5. Vince is probably getting a flying carpet made or shining up some pointed boots to go with the name change
  6. I'd nominate Ishii vs Shibata from the G1 Day 4 to challenge. I watched this about a month ago and it is ten minutes of vicious hard hitting pro wrestling and it's a blast. It's probably what any one familiar with the two of them would expect. They go hard from the opening bell and lay into each other if you like your wrestling stiff you'll be about it. One problem some might have is that it does have Shibata head butt spot which depending on you may in hindsight be cringeworthy I know it took me out of the match for a second knowing what the future would hold. Here's a link to daily motion: https://dai.ly/x481a7o
  7. Sublime

    New Japan Cup 2019

    Sucks for Finlay to get hurt at this point and have to give up his spot where he was gonna probably gonna get a singles win in a tournament. Wonder if they'll just find someone from CMLL or ROH to plug into his spot. I'd be ok with bringing Oka back from excursion as well as long as he dropped his revpro gimmick, I always thought he looked solid as a young lion. Looking forward to the tournament, surprised they have Naito and Ibushi in the first round but I figure it's to give Ibushi a big win and set up him taking the IC belt this relatively soon. I do like that I can see a path for Yano to make the semi finals, I figure the plan is either a second round comedy match between him and Cabana or a hoss-y match between Makabe and DBS jr, if they go comedy route we could realisticly get Yano/Suzuki in that finals of that block and we know that Yano has always been a thorn in Suzuki's side. Maybe we'll get Yano main eventing MSG, I'd watch that.
  8. 1) I love Savage he is one of the quintessential pro-wrestlers but I voted for Misawa for reasons already stated, he influenced atleast one generation of wrestlers (for better or worse) and his legacy in Japan is massive. This was possibly the hardest to pick form because they are both massively influential wrestlers with huge importance to the history of wrestling in the home countries. 2) Steamboat - Warrior's legacy isn't much while Steamboat not only had a great in ring career but had influence behind the scenes for years as well. 3) I went for Roberts he is one of the most remembered wrestlers of the 80's was an important part of that era, was great in the ring and one of the top promos of all time, the same can be said for Jericho also except change the time period (and Jericho can't touch Jake on promos) but my tipping point is that Jake has become one of the biggest influences on the changing of the culture of prowrestling by being one of the biggest cautionary tales. 4) Jeff has probably affected the industry more, helping to popularize the garbage-y spot fest match and likely influencing more wrestlers than Big Show, it's hard to influence people when one of your biggest assets is being a giant it's hard to aspire to be that. 5) Batista - Edge, like Jeff, helped popularize the big WWE spot fest match but Dave has more mainstream status and is a better wrestler than Edge in pretty much every way 6) Bryan - This is an easy one, Orton has always been a second tier guy no matter how much he got pushed, he isn't bad but he isn't great either, Bryan has been one of the most influential wrestlers this century, you can see so much of him in the crop of guys who started in the mid 00's and later
  9. I think the idea is that proximity to Taker is more indication of importance than being near the top or bottom.
  10. I think they could have made a bigger impact if they were presented as dangerous brawlers on the ring in the vein of the sheepherders. a couple of greasers should be punching and kicking people bloody sometimes.
  11. Naito/Jericho is a No-DQ match now according to NJPW English FB page. I'm ok with this as it should help Jericho hide the fact that he can't keep up with Naito athletically as was on display in their first match. The Omega/Tana stuff is....idk. Right now I'm just looking forward to the match cause it should be good no matter the context but they have not done much to get me excited about it outside of it's gonna be good. Perhaps things will be clearer once they are in the ring and telling the story there. The card has me excited and I'm strongly trying to decide if I want to watch it live or just avoid spoilers and watch it in the afternoon. Trying to figure out if I could start watching something at 2am and make it though a full work day. Also I like that Cody is possibly/probably book-ending his time in NJPW with Juice, it would lend a nice sense of closure if he leaves putting over the guy that was charged with getting/putting him over two years ago.
  12. If the money and schedule were right I think they could be able to grab Nakamura. More time to surf and hang with his fam seems like something he’d go for
  13. I thought there would be more teams to get more guys on. Figured we would of got Fale with some combination of Jado, Gedo or Robbie Eagles and atleast one team from the pool of Liger, Tiger Mask, TenKozy, Nagata, Nakanishi, Henare and Honma.
  14. I'm pretty bummed that Taichi isn't even on the pre-show NEVER 6man Gauntlet as of right now.
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