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  1. WWE Champions

    the blitz requiring two zombies and three new generation wrestlers is some bs.
  2. The Really Swell News Thread

    My wife and I went to look at houses last night as we're shopping for our first house. One of them we really like but we do have one more house to look at tomorrow while also doing second walk thrus for the one we like and one or two of the others we looked at. This is such a huge step that is pretty scary but exciting as well and a big plus is that once we have a house our payment will be half of the rent we pay for our apartment so that's gonna be nice.
  3. And they'd still kick out at 2.................months that is
  4. I envision Impact Pizza being a restaurant for the wrestlers to work at between tapings to help make ends meet.
  5. I'm intrigued by the New Mutant's movie. I really like that they're doing something different with the superhero genre. Doing a super-hero horror movie probably makes me more interested than if it was just another young X-Men movie.
  6. I'm so hyped for Black Panther. Thor looks fun but this looks amazing.
  7. Neville could be a heavyweight in NJPW but the heavyweights don't need more depth like the jr heavyweights do so that's where I'd like to see Neville end up if he's gone from WWE. Dolph in NJPW could work he's athletic and is willing to bump with little regard for his body but he doesn't have great offense and I don't know how much I'd like to see him trying to have 'epic' matches every night. I don't think Jinder would work in NJPW and I would have my doubts about Ambrose as well he's just really suited for WWE and North American style the most. WWE has a roster that is probably quietly just as talented as NJPW right now but the booking is just........idk
  8. Neville would fit good into NJPW and help breathe life into the junior division
  9. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    Well to be fair to Renee with the amount of drop off between the Usos/New Day and the rest of the division would mean that the pool is quite deep just not large
  10. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    The Tag Title Match was great, Shane/KO was a spectacle and glad to see Sami doing something and I'm intrigued by where its going. Everything between those was between average and bad. The Women's Title match was fine and surprised that Nattie retained and got to beat Charlotte down. Ziggler is still the worst. Rusev/Orton was fine but the wrong result, poor poor Hoodie Rusev. US title match was an ok-ish WWE three way match with a weak ending. Nak/Jinder was one of the better Jinder matches I've seen but it still wasn't a World Title level match and Jinder is not a great pro-wrestler he telegraphs things, seems hesitant at times and all he really brings is a look.
  11. The title doesn't make Jinder feel bigger, Jinder makes the title feel smaller. My interest in WWE is really low right now lowest it's been since the Network started up. Jinder and Lesnar as champs is a part of that as is Roman (whom I have nothing against as an in-ring talent but he's obviously plateaued without large scale change but WWE refuses that fact). It doesn't help that I can go months with out watching TV and catching pieces of PPV's and not feel like I've missed anything at all.
  12. [NXT] SEPTEMBER 27 2017 TV SHOW

    Main was eh, I'm not really feeling the Cole/Fish/KOR stable and really Fish is the only one that has a main roster look right now, KOR especially looks generic like a dude out of the crowd. KO/Aichner was a fun lil match and I'm intrigued by Burch saving Oney and hope they become a no-nonsense punch you in the face team. Liv Morgan is still terrible, everything she does looks so awkward and unnatural.

    I like how it looks like Bryan is patting Roman's stomach. is it an "attaboy" pat or is it a "good job buddy" pat or is is a "whosagoodboyyouare" pat that's the question.
  14. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    very sad news. definitely the best manager I've ever seen and its not even close. Probably my favorite color commentator as well hell probably my fav wretstling commentator period. Such great wit and timing but always willing to be the butt of the joke such a perfect heel.
  15. Remember when Kevin Smith said he was going to retire...

    Clerks 3 being dead makes me sad, it was pretty much the only thing Smith could do that would get me really interested anymore. I'll probably check out the Reboot unless reviews really steer me away since J&SB Strike Back always gets a laugh out of me but much less enthused about this than Clerks 3