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  1. SummerSlam XXX

    ummmmm WWE likes to run gimmicks into the ground? thats the best reason i've got. I look forward to the inevitable Shark Cage PPV
  2. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    I don't dislike Goto but I don't love him either. He's a good mid/uppermid card guy which are good to have in wrestling not everyone is a main eventer. To me, there is something about him that stops him from being great but he is definitely good-very good and has enjoyable matches with most opponents. If the roster for NJPW wasn't as stacked as it is right now I and others would probably value him higher. I guess he is a victim of the sheer amount of talent around him. With only so much time to watch wrestling I prioritize Naito, Okada, Omega, Takahashi, Kushida, EVIL, Elgin, Suzuki, Ishii, Ibushi, Yano (probably others) over wanting to watch Goto.
  3. SDL is PROTECT YA NECK. 8/1/17

    Ok I haven't watched the match in a couple years so I didn't remember exactly how it played out.
  4. SDL is PROTECT YA NECK. 8/1/17

    Does one count Punks win a MITB clean or no due to Johnny Ace shenanigans? But that is a pretty impressive and small list for a ten year span. (And sad that Taker isn't on there, what might have been)
  5. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    Thanks to a couple of slowish days at work I'm all caught up (which I'm glad because I'm not going to able to watch anything next week so I'll be well behind and will probably be watching the finals a week late). EVIL-Omega - I was really looking forward to this and it was pretty good most of the time. EVIL almost losing an eye was bad, but the V-Trigger against the ropes and everything after that was truly awful. Gotta say WTF to Omega, he seemed to realize something was wrong while EVIL was trying to die in peace and covered him but then he picks him up knees him in the face, V-Trigger and then had to dead lift squat him up for the OWA that is some terrible judgement Kenny a rollup would have done just fine or either let him roll or roll him to the outside and take a countout. Pretty much everything about the ending was wrong and terrible, just glad that the against the rope v-trigger didn't go as bad as it could have that's the tinniest silver lining I could find. other notes from what I watched the past few days -Juice is still awesome -The finish to Elgin/Yano was silly and odd for the tournament seeing has how Suzuki (and co.) brutalize his opponents with chairs throughout the match in plain sight with out a DQ -Ibushi is amazing. I thought his match with Tanahashi was great. -Naito/Goto was as fine of a Goto match in the G1 -Surprised how ZSJ is faring in the standings and in my enjoyment of him overall
  6. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    This is true. LIJ and BC are both in this situation and it seems to matter which crowd they are infront of as to where each group would fall on the spectrum. I'm biased toward LIj and against most of BC so that may have infkuenced my categorization
  7. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    I think LIJ are more tweeners than faces. It seems to depend on the city they're in though. NJPW has a spectrum of factions, Solidly Face: Taguchi Japan Almost completely face: CHAOS (but Okada is arrogant, and Yano is a (lovable) cheater Tweener: LIJ Mix of Tweener and Heel: BC (The Elite are pretty much Tweeners leaning face more and more) Solidly Heel: Suzuki-Gun
  8. That's a HOF worthy GIF right there. Love the concern for dude who falls then just start punching the tag partner.
  9. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    Omega/Elgin was fun but it was overkill, those backdrop drivers were sick as was the first powerbomb of the bomb/bucklebomb/bomb trio. Fun match but they went a bit overboard. Okada/Kojima was really good and Kojima has been having a great run and is wrestling like he was 15 years younger. Suzuki/EVIL was a nice heel/heel matchup with EVIL being the defacto face because Suzuki is actually pure evil. Liked the LIJ runin saves but was still expecting Taka to show up after Desperado and Tachi were run off. Liked EVIL getting the win here (and now being tied with Omega in second place). SANADA/Yano was probably my least fav Yano match so far this G1 but it was fun and I liked the tape assisted paradise lock to finish things. Tonga/Juice was another good performance by Juice and Tonga looked better too. He might be starting to find his footing as a singles a little bit if he wants to lead the BC he better step it up more though will be interesting to see how his matches with Okada and Suzuki go.
  10. 2017 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    I'm in the same boat, I put Wonder Woman waaayyyy too low and All Eyez on Me far too high. But Emoji movie dead last and it's up to 25 reviews and still at 0% so that's looking good for many of us.
  11. Wrestling What Ifs

    And if Del Rio is getting a long heel run on Smackdown does Henry get drafted and open up the Hall of Pain? Does Daniel Bryan get as over winning the belt off ADR than winning it against Big Show and Henry and becoming an overconfident little shit? Does Bryan win the belt at all at that point?
  12. They probably found some of those in a warehouse and figured they needed a way to market them, looking at you boots to asses shirt no one wanted you the first time.
  13. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    I still like Ishii's matches, I just like them better when it's not every other day. With more time to breathe between them it's all good. I hope some of the rest of his G1 matches get to stray away from the formula a bit. I'm sure ZSJ will and Naito and Tanahashi may bring something else out from him, Fale too if Ishii lets Fale be big.
  14. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    I agree with Ishii's matches starting to feel very same-y and that combined with YOSHI-HASHI being in there with him made it hard for me to really get into the match which was good but I had a hard time connecting with it. I thought outside of the finish being botched ZSJ/Fale was a great technique vs power matchup and adds to the good showing both ZSJ and Fale are having in the tournament. Ibushi/Makabe was fun with a surprising ending. Ibushi is showing great diversity in his work and I'm really enjoying it. Naito/Nagata was a match that I was really looking forward to and they really delivered well. I thought it was the best match of the night. Tana/Goto was very solid, they'd probably have to try to have a bad match. I'm intrigued by how the standings are shaping up in both groups as we are nearing the half way point. There are so many ways things can go and I'm anticipating when Kojima or Nagata pick up a win, I think Nagata has the better chance to take a couple wins though. Also I was thinking about the future of the Bullet Club discussion and thought about a possible interesting twist (which would change the focus of BC a little) but what if to bring Omega's BC time to a close they have him and Ibushi double turn and have Ibushi as the new leader of the Bullet Club, he can go and he is very charismatic in his own way and while he's not a gaijin he is a freelancer/outsider right now. It would be an interesting road to go down but I'm not sure how it would play out.
  15. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    Yano/Omega might be my favorite match of the G1 so far, not the best but damn was that fun to watch. SANADA is good, he's passed EVIL as my third fav LIJ member but it will be hard to pass Takahashi as #2. As I was watching I was thinking that they could possibly turn Elgin and have him be the new leader of the Bullet Club and then I come here and see people are already discussing that.I don't know if Tonga could be the guy to lead BC but Elgin could be a top of the card guy if Cody won't do more dates or if they do a leader by committee made up of Tonga/Rhodes/Fale that might work all three are equals at the top, you could still plug Elgin in there too I guess. Riddle is charismatic enough to come in and be a leader, I'm not sure who else is available that could be plugged right in. In an ideal world Rusev would demand his release and be the new leader but that's not the world we live in, disbanding BC is also a fine option but it's a money maker and some of those guys would probably just drift without the group. ZSJ fits in Suzuki-gun better cause he's a little asshole and he's becoming more Suzuki-like in enjoying torturing his opponents. I hope the two of them go into the Tag League together, team fuck your joints.