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  1. Sublime


    Dunne vs Dream has to happen on TV at some point. That would be an amazing feud.
  2. Sublime

    NJPW 2018 MOTY.

    My current top 10 would look like this: 1: Omega/Okada - Dominion 2: Tanahashi/Ibushi - G1 Finals 3: Okada/Naito - WK12 4: Ishii/Goto - G1 Night 6 5: Hiromu/Ishimori - BOSJ FInals 6: Goto/Suzuki - WK12 7: Tanahashi/Okada - G1 Night 17 8: Ishii/Naito - G1 Night 4 9:ZSJ/Ibushi - G1 Night 2 10: Young Bucks Roppongi 3K -WK12 I didn't see all of the NJ Cup or BOSJ matches though and if I can get to watching some of them things might change. Some of the other matches that were considered were Omega/Jericho, Ishii/ZSJ from the G1, White/Omega from New Beginning (I don't know if this will hold up as well on a second viewing but first time I loved it), White/Juice in SF, SANADA/ZSJ and SANADA/Ibushi from the G1, Ishii/Ibushi G1, and Cody/Ibushi at WK.
  3. It would be a fitting if after all these years Impact finally started to turn the corner and get good obly to have Jarretr come along and sue them out of business
  4. Sublime

    Colt Cabana sues CM Punk

    I could totally see Colt get a job at the PC in the future even with the case in the past. He has a proven track record of being a worker who fornhis faults has been successful around the world and is a guy who could also teach you ger wreslters about maintaining a brand both in and out of the ring amd wwe system.
  5. Sublime


    I was just disappointed that they didn't put a ring announcer in for Fale to chase away.
  6. Sublime

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    Finally caught up just in time for the block finals. Its been a fun tournament thus far. Ishii has been MVP overall easily. Tana, EVIL and Page have brought the goods in block A and block B has been outstanding outside of Tama. Maybe I’ll post more thoughts tomorrow when I’m less tired.
  7. Sublime

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    I've thought of that but I haven't given ROH any of my money since Sinclair took over and not sure if I want to do so (directly) for this event.
  8. Sublime


    Cena with hair looks so strange, that picture makes him look kinda like Meltzer
  9. Sublime

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    I'll probably turn it off after AJ/Joe hopefully they don't decide that this is the time that AJ gets to main event a PPV, I really hope they open the show. I'd probably be ok with watching Bryan/Miz if that happen also, but other than that not really interested.
  10. Sublime

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    I was thinking of ordering this but idk if I'm willing to pay 40 bucks for it. The final card is going to have to look real good to get me back on board. If it was half that it would be an easy decision for me.
  11. Sublime


    i don’t think we “lost” him more got rid of.
  12. Sublime

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    I never would have guessed that the most memorable thing Gallows and Anderson would do in the WWE run would end up being a meta-80's-regional-fed-internet-comedy-short-series that was an advertisement for KFC.
  13. Sublime


    Archibald said things much better than I did. Reaching his ceiling is probably a better way of putting it than being positioned one way or the other. Nakamura saw the way the landscape of NJPW was shifting and decided to try something else to see if he could achieve more. He knew if he stayed he'd probably never be IWGP champion again he'd get high profile matches still but wanted to see if he could go and have a top spot somewhere else. When he left he was the obvious #3 guy with Okada and Tanahashi above him so he'd go somewhere else and try to achieve something more also likely knowing that absence makes the heart fonder and in wrestling the matchups fresher so he could always go back to NJPW and return to the same (or higher) standing.
  14. Sublime


    I think it was that Nak knew he was heading down the card like Tanahashi has been. Tana is still a huge star and one of the most popular wrestlers in Japan but he is below Okada, Omega, and Naito in the pecking order for sure and it looks like Ibushi and Jay White are getting established ahead of him now also. Nakamura knew that staying in NJPW would lead to the same situation for him less big opportunities more mid card matches so he wanted to try his hand elsewhere work his future might look different and even if it didn't/doesn't work out he can come back to NJPW somewhat fresh again from being away and go back to a similar spot as he left.
  15. Well reading through here I see I was wrong and some people do think Alexa is awful. Different strokes I guess, I don't get it there have been far worse women employed by WWE, like Carmella and Lana currently but what ever. I think Alexa has been booked terribly but so has every single other person on the roster. I wish Stephanie's answer to the question about her wrestling was a hard no cause as it stands there seems to be a chance that she could and that would be not great. I hope they don't load up on former talent too much. I'm fine with Trish but let that be it please, you can have some cameos backstage but I hope this show is a showcase for today and tomorrows talent and not yesterdays, the Rumble was fun for that but lets look forward please (I am ready to be disappointed)