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  1. I was hoping Ibushi and Yano would be in the same block, just to see if Kota would try to find ways to take crazy ass bumps off of being hit by the turnbuckle pad or punched in the dick
  2. My only reaction to the above
  3. I hope one day Michael Bay gets tired of making these and makes one that its a serious oscar bait drama to kill the framchise. A deep movie about the reprocussions of never ending robot war the toll on the world and the emotional toll on the autobots.
  4. R.I.P.
  5. Photo

    WWE needs to just let Bryan have a show on the Network where he makes things like this bear documentary. If the Broken Hardy's thing ever gets sorted out let him and the Hardys have a bizarre meta-wrestling pretaped show on the network, that could be were the next boom period lies.
  6. GIF

    I wish there was a love button for LIJ's new member
  7. I managed to get two silver briefcases I got 600 crates and 50,000 coins out of them, I pulled a dupe gold star Harper out of the 400 crates I could use. Not what I was hoping but not mad at the results, got a poster to help level up one of Harpers moves and some coin to help level up Orndorff
  8. I want Sapp vs Tyson Dux
  9. Finished up the show last night, it's definitely a contender for show of the year at this point. Top to bottom nothing was bad. There's not much left to be said about the main, they brought it and it was amazing. I figured going into the IC match that Naito was going to lose due to the storyline but was still bummed when he had to submit but it was a fantastic match also. NJPW is just loaded with guys who can have just top level fantastic matches any given night right now, Okada, Naito, Omega, Tanahashi, Takahashi, KUSHIDA It makes it great to be a fan. As much as I loved the IC match I think the Jr Heavy title match was probably the second best match of the night. Watching them go at again was amazing, loved that they both went for their big moves right out of the gate to play up on the last match being so fast. Loved the teases for the off the apron sunset flip powerbomb, loved KUSHIDA's hatred his work on the arm and those nasty face stomps at the end. Omega/Okada might be the best in-ring feud so far this year based on their two singles matches but I don't think KUSHIDA/Takahashi is that far behind. Enjoyed to lumberjack match a bit more than I thought I would, I wasn't sure what it would be like going in but it was a fun time. I love Suzuki-gun being assholes to everyone and loved Tachi pulling the ref out, he is a wonderful little shit. His performance in the BOSJ made me change my tune about him, he's not great in the ring but he is a great sleazy heel. Also joining Suzuki-gun is the best thing ZSJ has done, I'm starting to like him more as a cocky shit heel like the rest of Suzuki-gun I think hanging around Minoru could be really great for his style of wrestling
  10. So those of us who put All Eyez on Me high on their RT list should probably start getting nervous right? No reviews out and it's opening in less than 24 hours, that's usually a bad sign. ugh I needed that to be good.
  11. Photo

    I would guess he was also rocking the leather jacket, zubaz cowboy boots look.
  12. NXT

    I voted Joe, Zayn was a highly considered also cause his shit was always good, but I went with Joe he's a two time NXT champ, who beat both Finn and Nakamura for the titles, was the first (only?) person to beat Demon Balor, won the first Dusty Classic, and is just generally awesome. Asuka and Finn were also considered.
  13. and the brand split starts weakening one year into it
  14. Kobashi/Takayama was all kinds of awesome. Right from the opening where they circled each other, then locked up but wouldn't break on the ropes to the first landed strike being a vicious spinning chop the tone was set that these to guys were 100% serious and this was going to be a physical affair. There was good working of holds that didn't kill the intensity but also helped to keep the match from going brutal overload but there was plenty of brutal. The ddt on the floor after moving the mats, most of Takayama's strikes especially while Kobashi was in the corners, Takayama grabbing Kobashi trying to get back in the ring and just suplexing him on the ground. Then the two knew that they were both tough bastards who weren't going to go down easy and having to go all out having to fight through the pain of the match and dig deep to find what they could do to keep the other down. Fantastic stuff and as someone who is not a fan of most death match stuff I think it's easily better than Necro/Klein which would have been way better if they focused more on punching and headbutting each other and less on using weapons.
  15. Ugh I put the Mummy at 9 on my list, two spots ahead of Wonder Woman, well after dropping 20 spots in one week I can't drop that much further down the standings. If Captain Underpants can just not make anymore money that would help me greatly.