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  1. Sublime

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    I think the idea is that proximity to Taker is more indication of importance than being near the top or bottom.
  2. Sublime


    I think they could have made a bigger impact if they were presented as dangerous brawlers on the ring in the vein of the sheepherders. a couple of greasers should be punching and kicking people bloody sometimes.
  3. Sublime

    AEW - 2019

  4. Sublime

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    Naito/Jericho is a No-DQ match now according to NJPW English FB page. I'm ok with this as it should help Jericho hide the fact that he can't keep up with Naito athletically as was on display in their first match. The Omega/Tana stuff is....idk. Right now I'm just looking forward to the match cause it should be good no matter the context but they have not done much to get me excited about it outside of it's gonna be good. Perhaps things will be clearer once they are in the ring and telling the story there. The card has me excited and I'm strongly trying to decide if I want to watch it live or just avoid spoilers and watch it in the afternoon. Trying to figure out if I could start watching something at 2am and make it though a full work day. Also I like that Cody is possibly/probably book-ending his time in NJPW with Juice, it would lend a nice sense of closure if he leaves putting over the guy that was charged with getting/putting him over two years ago.
  5. Sublime

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    If the money and schedule were right I think they could be able to grab Nakamura. More time to surf and hang with his fam seems like something he’d go for
  6. Sublime

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    I thought there would be more teams to get more guys on. Figured we would of got Fale with some combination of Jado, Gedo or Robbie Eagles and atleast one team from the pool of Liger, Tiger Mask, TenKozy, Nagata, Nakanishi, Henare and Honma.
  7. Sublime

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    I'm pretty bummed that Taichi isn't even on the pre-show NEVER 6man Gauntlet as of right now.
  8. Sublime

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    i just hope its not Ziggler or Rollins. Though Rollins coukd surprise and be better in NJPW but i doubt it
  9. Sublime

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

    And that's what I did today. I'll miss watching Takeover's but enough is enough, I'm done if they ever start doing the right thing maybe I'll go back. Maybe I'll use my monthly savings to finally subscribe to Stardom's service.
  10. Sublime


    When you look more low rent than luchasuarus than you got a problem
  11. I knew that was no good. Ciampa is the hero we both need and deserve.
  12. Sublime

    NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2018

    suzuki could get on the WK card defending the RevPro title maybe against Ishii
  13. Sublime


    WWE is a company where we were suppose to dislike Muhammad Hassan for disliking being racially profiled (before the whole thing took *that* turn) so WWE has terrible terrible understandings of what it means to be a good person and a bad person. That is just one example also. Another example any woman who didn't want to be sexualized is somehow an evil person as well in WWE's eyes.
  14. Sublime

    NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed 9/30/18

    That main event has got me interested in this much more. I'm interested in Cody/Juice but I'm really glad that is not closing the show. Think it's going to be an entertaining show at least. Always like to see ACH working NJPW shows hope he gets on more regularly the juniors need more talent cycling through. Similarly nice to so SCU on it also, would like to see them in the Tag League this year.
  15. Sublime


    I always felt like Ross wished he was a "legit" sports announcer too especially when he'd get into his football rants. I partly understand that, he knew he'd never get the kind of accolades he probably felt he deserved by announcing wrestling and probably hoped it would lead to other things, but it never really did. I only watched two XFL games but I don't remember his commentary being all that great but then again neither was the football.