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    While watching the Super Bowl I thought BB was looking a bit worn out and wondered if his retirement may be coming soon (now-2 seasons from now) but then thought "probably not or else Patricia or McDaniels would stay to get the job" but maybe I was right. He;s going down in history as the best coach ever so I don't blame him for bowing out whenever he does he's rode high and I doubt we see another 8 time super bowl coach again.
  2. The prospect of Janela and/or Sasuke being horrifically injured in their match together has to be really high, those two need to be kept apart because who knows what kinda f'd up stuff they might come up with.

    Alejandro Saez better be in it, and get to the finals.
  4. I took it to mean a World, US, IC, Tag, MitB, KotR and maybe Rumble which, as confirmed above, would put Edge as the someone who did all of the above and leave Sheamus an IC title short
  5. Who is the one person to hold the full house? Is it Edge? did he ever hold the US title? At first I thoughtJericho bet he never won KotR or MITB. Cena never won IC or KotR. Miz doesn't have KotR or Rumble. Bret never won MitB (obviously).
  6. Elimination Chamber VIII - 2/25/2018

    Rollins and Jordan might round things out. I think Titus Worldwide will be going against The Bar or be in a 4 way with revival and Gallows/Anderson too. If Joe will be back before then he might get into the Chamber, which would be sweet. I guess Bray is always a possibility too. I'd hold off on Lashley's return to the Andre the giant battle royal at the earliest and only then if he wins it and it's on the main show otherwise wait till after Mania so he doesn't become just another guy right away.
  7. I'm guessing his hiring will be mostly related to Matt Hardy at least at first. I'm guessing we're getting a proper Broken/Woken segment for Mania and they want to have the Hardy/Borash team to do it right.
  8. I'm fine with Roman-Brock this year partly cause I just want anyone to take the belt off of Brock. Truthfully I'd like to see Roman squash Brock Goldberg style, I've been over Brock's shtick for a long time and just want him to go away. At least Roman's matches are almost always fun to watch, the guy is good in the ring I just never want to see him in a promo or backstage segment where he has to "act".
  9. Commentary was a weak point all night, Lawler was pretty dreadful during the men's rumble too.
  10. During lunch I thought of another women's dream match I want for Mania (it would probably be pre-show but whatevs) Bayley and Molly vs the Iconic Duo, the pure and sweet duo vs the nasty catty girls it's a perfect match up. I could probably book an all womens PPV with matches I want to see from things I saw last night in the women's rumble
  11. Rumble matches were fun, other matches were ok, Raw Tag match seemed to drag I just wasn't into the story of the match at all, probably cause I don't really like Rollins that much. Thought they gave too many eliminations to the legends in the womens rumble but that's kinda nitpicking. Thought Trish, Beth, Molly and Lita all looked really good, would like to see some of them work part time schedules to help fill out the women's rosters and keep things fresh. Coming out of the rumble my dream Mania card is: AJ/NAK, Brock/Braun (could be brawl for all rules why not), Ronda/Charlotte, Asuka/Alexa, Sasha/Trish, Nia/Phoenix, Miz/Roman, Liv&Ruby/Mandy&Sonya, Roode/Mysterio, Usos/The Bar unification match, Big E/Mahal pancake match(rules to be made up by New Day)
  12. This has been a great weekend of wrestling and the Royal Rumble hasn't even happened yet. Between Tanahashi/Suzuki, Almas/Gargano, Bucks/Roppongi 3k and White/Omega we've had four MOTYC in the span of approx. 24 hours which is pretty amazing. Where there any big Lucha matches that have happened too? Is has got to be one of the best days/weekends for the amount of greatness of wrestling ever right?
  13. The Miz is just the best. He really deserves another World (or "Universal") title run. When he started in WWE I never thought I'd be all in on seeing him pushed more but he has become one of the most entertaining guys in WWE.
  14. The XFL Reboot Starts Today

    I've largely abandoned the NFL and football in general, though I'm grappling with being a Pats fan and them being in the Super bowl I mean I've seen it 8 times so far as a fan so I don't need to watch it a 9th time but it is the SB, but I digress. My and my wife's abandoning of football has been growing from Ray Rice and it has nothing to do with people kneeling, it has to do with the toxic culture of football, the physical toll on the players and the lack of support Kaepernick got from the league for simply using his platform to try to make a difference
  15. The XFL Reboot Starts Today

    This is such a strange thing to bring back, it failed spectacularly, football is declining in popularity (and it's not because of the flag), Vince doesn't understand anything that is not wrestling, if it's like it was last time (more violence, more t&a) it's going to be trying to attractive and ever shrinking subset of the population. I hope Roman Reigns is the first player signed, hell maybe he'll get to be an owner/coach/player/MVP (like anyone else would win so just give it to him right away). I look forward to the inevitable addition of dumpster fire to the title of this thread.