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  1. Also he has no personality that's a big part of his bland-ness Revival and Drifter are both better at heeling by no being flashy and they have personality. Roode has always been dry and bland in TNA and now in NXT, he's not terrible in the ring or anything but there is just nothing there that makes me want to go and watch him. I really don't see much difference between Roode and Tye in terms of how good they are in the ring, but Tye has more personality and has a character that I'm interested in, Roode is ok, he can have good-great matches but he's dry toast when it comes to personality and character.
  2. Oh man that makes things so much easier, I'm hung up on four enhance missions but need tokens for everybody didn't know I could buy bags not in the store. KNow what I'm doing when I get home from work. Dean's getting two starred to get the tact on out of the way for sure.
  3. MM17

    Cody is a perfectly fine wrestler but he has limitations. I applaud him for wanting to try to go out and make a name for himself outside of WWE but he hasn't really shown that he is more than what he ever showed in WWE. I thought he was great tagging with Goldust both as Cody and Stardust and enjoyed that Stardust gimmick for what it was but serious Cody is not as interesting for me and he has not shown me anything that makes me look forward to see him. What I've seen of Cobb makes me want to see more Cobb- Cobb easily.
  4. Bobby is bland as hell and if his thing is that he's not giving the crowd a reason to cheer him, the Drifter is way better at that. Love the theme song but don't love the wrestler. His match with Nak was great though and that is the only reason I have any hesitation to vote Tye here. Tye has been steadily entertaining the whole year and while he hasn't lit the world on fire with his matches they are usually solid. Overall I find Tye to be more entertaining but the Nak/Roode match is such a high point for Roode that I have to decide if that match alone is enough reason for me to vote against the consistency of the Perfect 10.
  5. MM17

    This is a bit tough, Sasha has the matches with Charlotte and not much else while Becky was a consistent highlight of Smackdown post draft but didn't have the high level matches. pre-brand split might have favored Becky a little more but that's mostly because they used her and left Sasha on the bench for most of spring. I'm leaning toward Sasha though, terrible booking be damned the Charlotte/Sasha series were all really good or better matches.
  6. MM17

    Watched the Coffey matches vs Suzuki and Damo and he looks good but I don't think he's at a level where I'd vote for him over Rusev. In a year or two Coffey will probably be really great but right now as far as British guys I've seen I'm less inclined to watch more of him than many others.
  7. I think we get alot of showboat orientated missions because everyone has Cena and Rock so those missions can be done by any player.
  8. I too thought it was last night and went to turn the preshow on around 7:40 and it was swerved and I thought what the shit they aren't doing a preshow? and then at 8 last years Fastlane started up and I was all what's going on and then I realized it was next week. They have a whole week to kill my interest in the card still.
  9. I lost on the computers first move in VS two days ago Cena got a cascade that did 4000+ damage, he pinned me and the only move I had to kick out was lootboxes twice.
  10. Oh my those are some nasty brackets, so many difficult choices just in round one. I only see a handful of matches where I saw a clear vote for myself. predicting this bracket is going to be a tremendous challenge.
  11. just se a faction request screen name Madisyo
  12. I can't believe I forgot A Fish Called Wanda. I am a failure.
  13. Movie

    Oh yeah I Am Legend can go fuck itself. I wanted Will Smiths character to get eaten so bad after his dog died, I was like "fuck you for putting your dog in danger you asshole I want you to die too". perhaps a little irrational but fuck that movie for real
  14. That spot is burned into my memory, I really wish I wasn't watching that match live maybe I wouldn't remember it so well. I hardly ever watched Nitro at that point but I tuned in and was all ok Terry Funks on I'll watch and I had to witness that and then when you found out how bad it turned out the mind just kept replaying it and all you could think of was why did they do that. We all know Funk is a crazy bastard but man someone should have stepped in and said Johnny just cause you can do that, you should really think about if you should.
  15. I think the stable could use a tag team. Say YEAH!! if you agree.