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  1. RB corp doing the work tonight
  2. Feeling a lil better as long as we don't give Brock any more short fields
  3. Returns have been the worst part of the Pats game all year. Just start taken knees or just let the balls land from here on out you've had the best possible outcome already
  4. Keep going for FG's thank you
  5. DION LEWIS!!!!!!
  6. Rowe's stupid penalty has given Houston momentum
  7. but damnit bennett's down
  8. It has begun
  9. NFL

    Goodell will refuse for the shield to look bad so they'll just force another team to move to LA until one takes off.
  10. NXT

    Damn that sucks. Based on their match at Takeover:Toronto I was kind of looking forward to a TM61/AoP title feud once AoP win the titles and send Gargano and/or Ciampa to 205Live. (Though I think Ciampa could have legs in the upper card of NXT before he goes up).
  11. That woulda been 2003 I think. The year Lesnar won I'm pretty sure cause he F5'd Hardy out onto Moore to eliminate him I think.
  12. Movie

    Nothing about this post sounds like a good idea unless Hanks will be David S Pumpkins. I couldn't even finish watching the trailer for CHiPs, it should def be a front runner from many Razzies but who knows what else the year may bring.
  13. The hard part of moving the location is that they are still going to be on Raw every week advancing storylines and if they are like the rest of Raw there may be no way to plan ahead of what is going to happen so you couldn't plan ahead and tape shows ahead of time, because Vince might decide that he wants to see something different than would change the course of the storylines.
  14. NFL

    Yes I think we are seeing the symptoms of it already but it will be interesting to watch how long it takes. Will it be very gradual and go for a decade or more or will it be quicker. I think if a work stoppage, either strike or lockout, happens it will expedite things a lot. But I hope Goodell tries to push the 18 game schedule again since its obvious the fans want more games and more coverage.