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  1. I wouldn't write off a three way tie because SANADA could challenge ZSJ one night and be in the tag title match the other night, I could see this happening just to give EVIL an important match at WK. But it's pretty much a lock that EVIL & SANADA aren't winning tag league outright.
  2. Tim was featured heavily in James Tynion IV's Dectetive Comics rebirth run and I enjoyed that run a lot more than King's Batman and recommed it. I stopped following it after Tyion left so idk if he's still heavily involved.
  3. While I am pumped for WK and look forward to the little mini tournamet they have going, I'm not a big fan of how they got there. This all seems like a mis step by Gedo to try to throw everyone off the scent of the double title match all year and it just made everything convuluted. As soon as Naito started talking about holding double gold people started to see the logcial conclusion that the main of one of the nights of WK was going to be for both belts and that it will likely be Naito/Okada. Then Gedo got all cute with the booking and tried to make things feel uncertain but with 2 nights in the dome it was obvious that this was going to be a part of WK so everything just felt kinda pointless. They should have just gone more straight forawrd with it even if it was simply Naito laying the challenge down at the G1 finals while he was still IC champ, have him tell Okada and Ibushi he wants the winner of night 1 main on night 2 to take take both belts, then let White win the IC belt to insert himself into things. I agree with the thought that this year has not been a stellar as previous years, there was good stuff though and I'm hoping that next year brings NJPW back up hopefully with the ascension to the top level of some amount of ZSJ/SANADA/EVIL/Ospreay(never thought I would be wanting more Ospreay but the guy has really stepped things up this year, reminds me of Omega as a guy who went from kinda of annoying to this guy is pretty damn good)
  4. Yes and we also don't know if there has been any tampering with the backups before people are brought back also, would it be surprising to find out that certain parts are being removed or repressed by Xavier when he's doing back ups? Being Xavier means he probably has done some things that will bite him (and the X-men) in the ass later
  5. Only if Moxley then strangles Omega with Shota
  6. That was my favorite part of this weeks POX, loved his talk with Xavier and was saddened by
  7. The forgettable Keno Suzuki gets mentioned before the one and only Rogue General Bad Luck Fale?
  8. Sinister is definitely the highlight of POX #4. I'm very interested to see how Hickman wraps all of this up and where it is heading. One theory I've thought up in the past few days and further fueled by POX #4 is
  9. I got around to reading Marvel #1000 last night and I agree with most of what Matt D said about it. I appreciate what Ewing was attempting to do but when it came down to it I never found myself enthralled with it. That said I enjoyed it for the most part and there were plenty of pages that made me smile and think "I love comics". RE: POX/HOX I'm really intrigued with what Hickman is doing and really want to see what's next, I agree with the idea that these books are setting the stage for something. I've been pulled right in by these books though and am eager for the new monthly titles to start.
  10. The Spirit Squad were good at being douchey heels, I mean they weren't great in the ring but they were committed to the gimmick.
  11. If I made a list today with my thoughts it would look like this (ask me in a week and the bottom half might be different but the top five will probably be the same and the top two have been set in my mind for a long time) 1: Terry Funk - Could work up and down the card, any where in the world, pretty much any style and has longevity over almost everyone. 2: Eddie Guerrero - I'm biased as he's my favorite but like Terry could work anywhere and any way. 3: Kazuchika Okada - By the time he is done he might be the best ever, an amazing array of matches with every type of opponent, it's amazing to be able to watch him do his thing and follow it all. 4: Jushin Thunder Liger - the bar for Jr Heavyweights he has longevity on his side and can still go when needed (See his Ishimori match this year) will be sad to see him retire but he has earned it. 5: Shinya Hashimoto - The Strong Style standard bearer in my opinion, he worked the 90's NJPW style to perfection. 6: Bret Hart - Best in-ring WWF/E champion ever, could work with anyone, did a great job of making everything in matches matter and would change how he won which is still refreshing and wish more guys would win any way they could rather than just finishers. 7: Daniel Bryan - Basically modern day Bret Hart, he'd be higher than Bret if it wasn't for some of the unnecessary risks he has taken in his career, which if he hadn't done he'd probably be in the top five since he wouldn't have missed so much of his prime with injuries. 8: Andre the Giant - best at the big monster style, I love me some Vader but I'll take a healthy Andre match over a Vader match everyday and Vader was strongly in contention to make this list. 9: LA Park - I don't watch as much Lucha as I should but I will always watch LA Park, he can bring hate like few others and is able to convey so much through body language, his brawls are must watch. 10: Dustin Rhodes - the last spot was the hardest and maybe I'm just being sentimental cause I can see the reasons to not put Dustin in the top ten but he has been top level since he started and has been fairly consistent over his career, it's a shame he had so many personal problems that cost him large chunks of time but when he is on he will not have a bad match. I had a hard time keeping Tanahashi, Finlay, Rey, Regal and Vader off but I'm pretty happy with this list
  12. I think people were signing longer than one year deals but I don't think they were all five year. I think Juice and Rocky were reported as signing 3 year deals.
  13. 1. Eddie Gurrero: My all time favorite, had the ability to work anywhere on the card, face or heel, work pretty much every type of match compellingly. Could talk and had charisma to connect with the audience. I liked face Eddie in WCW but when he turned into sleazy heel Eddie that's when he became one of my favorites to watch and grew into my favorite wrestler of all time. 2. Bobby Heenan: Possibly the most entertaining wrestling personality ever. Always willing to make himself look bad to get others over because he knew he has the talent to stay over no matter what. One of the best wrestling announcers ever, if not the best. He was funny, he was over the top in the best way possible. He was a big part of me becoming a fan when I started watching. 3. Bret Hart: His match with Mr Perfect at SS '91 is what cemented my fandom, it was the match that showed me the possibilities outside of the Hogan's and Ultimate Warriors (the guys my friends liked that got me into all this mainly Warrior) and I loved it. Going into that match I actually liked Hennig more and he'd probably have this spot if he didn't have to take time off for his back cause Hart kept me interested as a new fan and kept me watching. I was very happy when he won the big belt and enjoyed that the main events would have the kind of matches I wanted to see. Bret was another guy who could excel anywhere on the card like Eddie could you knew if Bret was on the show that he'd entertain you. 4. The last spot is a hard one, there are a lot of guys I could put here, Nakamura helped keep me a fan when my interest was near it's lowest, Foley and Jericho were two of my favorites at one time, CM Punk is still near the top of my list but I also missed some of his highest points due to overall lack of interest in the product, Bryan and Joe are also two all time favs of mine, Okada might be the best wrestler I've ever got to watch live in their prime, but I'm going to give the last spot to Tetsuya Naito my current favorite. Naito has given me my love for watching wrestling back. I actually care if he wins or loses, I remember how gutted I was when Jericho beat him for the IC title and when he lost to Okada at WK and how elated I was when he won the G1 or beat Ibushi for the IC belt. I'm invested in him like I haven't been to a wrestler in a very long time, probably since Eddie really. He's an amazing talent who also sometimes scares the hell out of me with the things he decides to be part of but he draws me in in a way that I hadn't felt for a really long time.
  14. I should probably give it a chance someday, I know a lot of people who liked it and I know some people who feel like it mocks Yoopers or plays up stereotypes about us. That said I know Jeff Daniels truly loves the area and I doubt he'd write and star in a movie that was too disparaging to it so someday I'll get around to giving it a shot.
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