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  1. Thank you Dolfan. This thread has been a great read and a one of the consistent ways I’ve been able to take my mind of the virus over the past year. Also I’m sorry you’ve been impacted so much by it. The past year has been stressful for us all. As someone who works in public health and holds an advanced degree in it as well, this year has been frustrating as well, watching as basic public health measures are undermined, ignored or mocked. Having outlets like his has been great for my mind. I and my immediate family as well as some extended, contracted the virus in December, we were excee
  2. If they had let DDP end Goldberg’s streak that would have been the best ending of a win streak because the diamond cutter was over enough that it would have been convincing but not hurt Goldberg’s aura. But yeah I can’t think of a win streak that was booked well when it ended.
  3. I see the challenge as more
  4. Yes hopefully this will lead to a Roku NJPW World app it would make watching more convenient for me anyway, I usually watch on my laptop but most of my watching is on the weekend and I don't always want to get on a computer after a week of work. I'll be interested in seeing how the show is set up and presented.
  5. I don’t know if Goto/MiSu would be my vote but it was the first match I thought of when I thought about the question. Nakamura/Styles popped in my head too as did the last two Naito/Okada matches but I’m biased to Naito
  6. I think ZSJ has properly carried it on after TAKA gifted it to him
  7. Ok thanks for the clarification. Yeah his apology was garbage. overall I think his biggest problem is that he’s a bit of an idiot and is kinda full of himself but isn’t nearly as bad as a guy like Riddle or Dream who can both go away.
  8. I thought it came out that a promoter was using his name without his knowledge regarding the blackballing situation and that Will himself became depressed due to it all because he didn’t have anything to d o with it, he just got pulled in because he had name value for the promoter to dangle over others.
  9. This is shocking and terrible news. I feel so bad for his family to lose him so young.
  10. Me and the rest of my family are all out of isolation, I was last one out with today being the first day I could leave the house again, and are pretty much over COVID now. It hit me and my wife with fatigue and body aches (muscle, joint and bone) I still cough once in a while but overall feel like myself again. It’s not a good time and I’m glad we had mild cases. Stay safe out there
  11. I think that’s probably going to be close to the lineup for the match except replace Sho with someone for BC Fale/Owens/Yuiro
  12. It’s broken up by artist. Claremont with a boatload of other artists was earlier.
  13. Dude was married so it was between four people and he was the one in the position that made him the worst party and still does. It was a totally shit bag thing to do.
  14. I won’t be that would the best outcome. I just hope White doesn’t walk out with the belts. I think the guy is great but I think he’s the weakest of the choices. Ibushi probably should win both nights though cause that makes the most sense story wise over the past few years
  15. Why not both and have a DX dominate the show again, it'll be even more funny as 50 year olds pal.
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