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  1. I loved Swagger's ECW run but outside of it I never thought he showed the same upside. But then again working title matches against guys like these makes most people look good. '
  2. At least with Jinder he was an unknown quantity really, he'd never had a sustained push maybe he could have taken off. With Swagger we'd seen his peak was the midcard but they put the belt on him anyway even though he never showed any reason to be pushed up. Jinder's push lasted too long sure but I don't think he's the worst and his reign bored me.
  3. I've seen WWE defenders on the topic say that they had to keep the show going because of the title switch, because it would have ruined the booking plans. Granted I haven't seen the argument in a long time but I've also not gone any where other than here for wrestling talk in close to 2 decades so I don't know how much that still holds but some people are really too far into the wrestling bubble if they think that is a rational reason to not stop a show when someone dies in the ring. I haven't watched the episode yet but am going to get to it once my work week slows down or more likely the weekend.
  4. I believe he used it against the great power uti
  5. Okada has Moxley as a big match still, Ibushi rematch, Ospreay, and then it gets cloudier. ZSJ is getting to a point where he could have a Dome match with Okada, Shingo could be built up easily, and they could build off of the last Taichi match to make another go at that as being a big match. Jericho rematch maybe? And if they're up to it there are inter-promotional matches that would add more options.
  6. Ok, I had heard that there wasn't any WWE signed guys on TV (which makes sense on paper) and have no memory of that happening, but I haven't really watched any thing but NJPW in nearly two years so I was just going with what was in my head.
  7. The WWE contracted guys couldn't appear on most/any broadcasts for the indiy companies so they could book them and have them have matches for the live crowds but they couldn't use them for streaming shows so they couldn't really use them to book any storylines.
  8. Barber Shop Window is having a going out of business sale for anyone interested.
  9. Since this is a virus we're dealing with it's very unlikely there will be a cure for it but a vaccine will happen but we're probably a year from that being available to the public. Coming from a public health background I think we're going to start to see lockdowns eased by the end of summer. There are going to have to be systemic changes to our ways of life which is going to be the difficult thing but I think we'll see restaurants open back up to the public by end of summer, but with drastically less seating and changes in how people wait. And non-essential stores will start opening with capacity limits. Large scale sporting events with public audiences probably aren't coming back til I'd guess MLB opening day 2021 at the earliest, though Vince will probably try to get Mania to be the first one back.
  10. I saw Eddie and JBL work a house show main a week or two after that and you could tell Eddie still wasn't 100% from the blood loss, it was like 85% an out of ring punch brawl and the match was probably only 8 minutes long.
  11. My work has a likely exposure, scarcity of tests is keeping us from knowing anything for sure yet, so that isn’t great. I purposely was self isolating at work this week because I knew there was people who had been traveling around recently so I’m not too worried about myself personally. But there are quite a few people at my work who are in the risk categories so I’m concerned for my coworkers.
  12. Some of these indie companies should consider setting up a Patreon account or something similar at least for the immediate future to try to offset some of the losses they will probably experience over the next weeks (or god forbid months).
  13. Sublime

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    The rest of the tournament dates have been canceled now too. I want NJPW to just start doing empty arena matches for a while oR something.
  14. Sublime

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    They should just run the tournament (or at least the matches that are impacted) in Rio Di Janeiro or whatever the proper equivalent would be. New Zealand maybe. We may never see the footage but we can be sure that things were contested properly.
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