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  1. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    I wonder if ZSJ may end up on the card to defend the RevPro title
  2. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Yeah the best Bushi probably will get is to second SANADA/EVIL to offset any possible Suzuki-Gun interference. Poor Bushi
  3. WWE Champions

    ABA Taker is pretty great I got him early on and he has carried my roster since. His moves are strong at 3 stars bronze his finisher and base red move will do over 20,000 combined if you can get them ready on the same turn.
  4. Most Obnoxious Celebrity that You've Met

    I'm sure it'll be great and he'll be in no way obnoxious.......buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddyyyyyyy
  5. Matt probably has enough pull with Vince to have at least some creative input into the character. Vince has always been pretty trusting with long term dependable employees and let them kind of do their own thing, like with Jericho, I'm sure Vince is familiar enough with a guy like Matt to listen to him to some degree on this.
  6. Man someone needs to run with Taylor's '"No gimmicks needed" Steve the Samurai' idea that is a quality indy wrestling name/gimmick
  7. Well I'm pumped for May to get here, that looks amazing hopefully they're able to balance that many characters. But it feels like one of those big crossover one-shots come to life from the trailer which is pretty sweet.
  8. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    I agree with you that they shouldn't book gimmick matches if they can't properly use them but that's WWE these days so I'll take it as it is and how it works as it is. It would be nice if WWE got back to logical booking again and sadly NXT used to be a haven for it but as they have become more popular they have started to be booked a little more like the main roster sadly.
  9. Survivor Series XXX

    Loved New Day/Shield and I actually thought New Day might get the win once or twice which means they pulled me in really well. It wasn't up to the Wyatt/Shield matches but it still might be one of my top 25 main roster matches of the year. New Day are great and I have been liking the booking of Big E recently, he's getting treated like a big deal and a difference maker in matches. That's a good sign. The Shield work so well as a group that it sucks knowing they will split again and the parts are so much less than the whole, great group, good singles. Women's 5on5 match was ok. Never got a flow going to it and the quick eliminations were lame. Lana should have at least held onto Nia's leg during the count out, then Nia could have killed her dead. Bayley being first out on RAW's side was sad and made my step daughter extremely angry. Good booking on Asuka getting the last three eliminations. Corbin/Miz was surprisingly good. Corbin was a great asshole and it was nice that Miz and the Miztrouage didn't play faces too much as they could have with Corbin's messing with Mayrse and such. Nice solid win for Corbin to to pin the Miz. Say what you want about the Miz but he gets people over. Bar/Usos was a fun solid tag match that I greatly enjoyed but didn't expect anything else from the two teams. Cesaro saving Sheamus and eating the double super kicks was a good moment, the tope tag was a wonderful spot and nice to see Usos going over to avenge their loss from last years 10on10 Survivor Series match. Charlotte/Alexa was fine but I never found it to be really good. It was sloppy at points and they tried to book to make sense for Alexa to control most of the match but idk I didn't buy it that much. Brock/AJ was fantastic and def. match of the night, the end was pretty much a forgone conclusion with Raw needing to tie up the series but holy cow was that great match. AJ is such a bump freak and Brock was motivated, I wonder if Heyman got him pumped up to work with AJ cause this was a Brock I'd enjoy watching more often not the one that's been around the past few years. The escape from the calf crusher looked brutal. Brock's selling is great cause I really wondered if he's leg was legit hurt (I hope it's not legit hurt man that would suck if they've built him up for roman or hopefully BRAUUUN only to have him on the shelf). The main I can't comment on since I turned it off after Finn was eliminated though mostly stopped paying attention once Joe was eliminated cause a that point I knew for sure it was all leading to MCMAHONMANIA part 15321 glad to hear BRAUN got to stand tall though.
  10. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    The match was about getting Undisputed Era over and they were not going to be able to get any member of Sanity or AOP to submit or surrender which would have left Roddy as the only one to submit, it made sense for the purpose of the match to have it be able to end in a pinfall. I thought the War Games match was amazing, it was a spectacle, it was crazy, it was violent, it was prowrestling. The camera work wasn't great but the match was. Glad Almas won Drew is a great worker but has been bland as a face, I'd like to see him lose a rematch and then snap and go heel. The match was really good too. The women's match was good not great, too much of the two people fight while the other two lay outside. Ember was my last choice as winner but if they didn't do it now she'd be totally Lugered but in doing so they may have Lugered Nikki which is a shame. Cross as champ would have been good and it would have been nice to go from all powerful doesn't play by face/heel dynamics cause she's so good Asuka to doesn't play by face/heel dynamics cause she's just insane Cross. VALVETEEN DREAM/Black was amazing. Dream should be a star for years but how much can we really trust WWE creative to go right with him? But as of right now when he's in NXT he is going to be over huge. He gets it and he has IT. I hope he can achieve to his potential. Lars/Ohno was fun. I hope Ohno gets to be featured more as a player and not just a guy putting people over. I'm glad he's getting paid without having to fly around the world and put less stress on his body at this point in his career but I still really like watching him work. Vince is going to over push Lars too soon for sure the guy is a perfect prowrestling freak but I don't know if he has what Braun has to get completely over with the crowd.
  11. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    I just wanted Arrested Development to be unscathed from all this tis my favorite show and I watch it all the time. *sigh* why can't we have nice things?
  12. WWE Champions

    Roode ran through all my guys . I’m not evn going to try the Smackdown one. These blitz’s have gotten ridiculous
  13. Who here would respond positively to someone coming up to them while they were eating to talk about Bray Wyatt storylines?
  14. Any man with two hands has a fighting chance
  15. Blake and Murphy will never be more than low card guys even as a tag team but if you're paying them use them for something and being ineffectual henchmen for Alexa for a while on the main roster wouldn't be the worst thing. The way I'm envisioning it is that they are truly bumbling henchmen who harm Alexa far more than they help. With the Becky/Ellsworth match they've shown that they're ok with women committing violence against men, so it would be interesting to see them as useless help who Asuka, Nia, Sasha, Bayley, Dana, Charlotte etc get to have moments where they can have moments of offense against these guys which would also help Alexa keep her title longer in that even though Blake and Murphy's antics never actually pay off for them Alexa could use those distractions for her advantage. Run that for a year then banish Blake and Murphy to Main Event.