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  1. Punk was back with the title after 8 days he missed one whole week of tv. I think Tony is much more patient with angles but I’m still not sure of the MJF stuff is a work or not at this point. And really don’t care cause MJF has lost a lot of his shine to me any way and I don’t care if he comes back or not.
  2. White in the three way title match makes more sense cause it would involve the BC/Elite/UE storyline that has been bubbling. But I’d prefer the four possible guys in singles matches cause three ways are lame 80% of the time
  3. Not fan of that idea for the IWGP belt at all. Doesn’t sound like a good idea regardless of who leaves Dominion with the title.
  4. I think I remember Snitsky being given a foot fetish gimmick for a short while. That dudes career was just one big slide downward starting from minutes after his main roster debut (except for punting a baby into the crowd easily the high point of his career.
  5. El Desperado has been on a hot run for a couple years at this point and doesn’t get enough recognition for it.
  6. It might end with Omega staring down Punk to set up the main event for All Out
  7. I don't see Danielson getting a big singles match with an NJPW guy at this event if he's going to be going to Japan for the G1 in the near future (this year or next) since NJPW is going to want to save those for their shows. Danielson/Okada will happen fairly soon I think either as a last block main event in the G1 or WK or both. Maybe a match vs ZSJ since it's not a first time match but with both of them having a much higher profile these days it could be saved too. I think a BCC trios match is most likely, possibly against Suzuki-gun so we get ZSJ/Danielson interaction and both Bryan and Mox have history with Minoru in AEW so it makes sense. They could make it a 8man and add Eddie to BCC so that I can get the Eddie/Taichi match up I want to see. I hope Omega makes an appearance with his ties to NJPW and I'd like to see him work with some of those guys again in the future, don't know if he'd be willing to do another G1 but I'd love to see him in one again. I hope Cobb/O-Khan win the IWPG Tag belts back at dominion and we see some kind of title vs title match against FTR to get those teams in the other promotion more, either direction works for me.
  8. My dad was on thyroid replacement meds for most of his life, he had his thyroid removed (non-cancer reasons) I believe in his 20's and was on meds for approx. 50 years with no apparent side effects he just had to take a pill every morning but overall his health was good to great for most of his life.
  9. I haven’t seen any of it in a long time but I remember Foleys ECW run having really good stuff in it. Especially his heel stuff which was more character work great than match great but there were a lot of really fun brawls from what I remember too. But from a character stand point ECW might have been Foleys peak but it’s hard to say cause he’s an all time great character work guy. One moment that I’ve always remembered was from a tag match with Foley/Raven vs Dreamer/Funk where a VCR got used as a weapon and it’s one of the nastiest head shots I can recall cause the thing just bounced off one of someone’s head. So much stupid shit in ECW.
  10. I have to think Dinsmore had some good stuff on OVW with someone. He was such a hyped guy back in the day.
  11. Jericho was a good opponent for HHH as long as he was the face and trips was a heel. Jeff Hardy and HHH usually had good chemistry too. But Rock is probably the best answer because he’s the only one who ever got good stuff out of face HHH, at least that I can think of. was HHh anyone’s best opponent cause I can’t think of anyone
  12. Contract signings are usually something that I find tedious and usually aren't the best parts of a show but I think MJF and Wardlow are going to be one of those exceptions where it produces an amazing segment especially in Long Island.
  13. Oh yeah this is the only time HR has ever been helpful to me and even then I've heard it through the grapevine that they're being subtly hostile toward me as well but they're just bound by federal law to help in this case.
  14. One of the problems with upper management I mentioned is that I put in a request to use a part of my FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act for those outside of US) leave to spend time with my family since we just had a baby a couple months ago and the law says you can use it anytime during the first year after the baby is born and both my department head and executive director tried to deny it and I had contacted a lawyer to possibly sue the agency, but they were doing this when our HR person was on leave and once she got wind of what was going on told them they can't but now I'm basically at the point of if I was going to take unpaid leave (and was planning on looking for a new job during that time anyway) why go through it all for a company that doesn't respect me
  15. I think I’m going to put in my resignation at my work tomorrow. I don’t have anything lined up right now but have been looking to get out for a while and things have gotten increasingly unreasonable. My supervisor is leaving for another job and when she resigned she recommended me for her position because I’m the one who works with everyday and understand the program the most. Our department head has refused this but waited until today the last full day my supervisor will be in the office to name a replacement offered it to 4 people who refused and then gave it to someone with less education, experience and time at the agency than me. This is on top of problems I’ve been having with higher management as well. Think I’m done. I have contacts with people who are willing to hire me if a position opens and I can spend time looking for jobs and having fun with my family in the meantime. edit: my would be new supervisor will be keeping their old job as well despite just months ago our department head was on me and my supervisor because “new supervisor” had been helping us too much and he needed all his time to do his job.
  16. Apparently Hangman has gotten COVID. so looks like he'll be off TV this week and maybe next.
  17. Okada vs Punk is something I've wanted since Punk made the twitter challenge months ago. Kingston/Taichi is a match I never knew I always wanted. The personality clash would work perfectly with the styles match, they would bring some AJPW flavor to the card. Golden Lovers/FTR if possible would be fantastic but I truly am concerned about Ibushi's long term health at this point and wonder how his body is holding up. If GL can't go than FTR vs GoD could be a good match up or if you want a more clear heel/face dynamic I would be cool with FTR vs Ishimori/ELP too. Ishii vs Miro or Hobbs Yano vs OC is a must I feel like BCC will be a multi man match (because I think NJPW wants to save Danielson singles for G1 and WK, and Mox to to an extent) and there are no wrong choices with Suzuki-Gun the best cause ZSJ but I'd take them vs White/KENTA/Bey or Goto/YOSHIHASHI/Trent(or other CHAOS member or Naito/Shingo/Bushi just not House of Torture (there is a wrong choice) the only House of Torture involvement I want is for Danhusen to meet EVIL in a backstage segment. Hiromu vs Darby would be so fast Tanahashi vs Page or Sting depending on if NJPW is willing to have Tana put Page over
  18. Yes, you could go with Nagata or Kojima as guys who still work regularly or you could try to get Tatsumi Fujinami to come over he's 68 so he's even older than Sting.
  19. GL/FTR would be fantastic. If Omega and Ibushi are healthy enough that is. there has to be a segment where Danhusen meets EVIL too
  20. Give me Punk/Okada, BCC/Tekkers&Suzuki, Naito, Shingo & Hiromu/Cole & ReDragon, Miro/Iishi, and make sure Cobb & O-Khan get a match and I’m happy. This would be a great show for Omega to return at especially of Ibushi is back too. (I only want LIJ/UE so Shingo can murder Cole and claim BayBay as his own)
  21. Wasn't one of the reasons WWE started signing up indy guys who didn't really fit their usual mold is because they didn't like the indy's using Mania weekend as a time to put on shows and get more money (that should be Vince's in his eyes)
  22. So you can choose which one you want to keep later. You know Vince doesn’t decide which name to drop until like 3 minutes before it goes on air.
  23. I wanna see Shingo take the BayBay chant as his own and to take Adam Coles head off with a pumping bomber (if he can hit it that low)
  24. I didn't expect to see a match from XPW ever showing up in one of these
  25. The show was fine, nothing to as bad but nothing was great either. The main was good but with the streak of matches ZSJ was having it was a bit of a disappointment regardless of outcome. I think I’m going to take a break from NJPW until the G1.
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