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  1. I was at the same Boise show and thought it was pedestrian but I've been to worse house shows with worse matches. They swung by last year for a Smackdown show that i found to be far less entertaining than this show. I went with a buddy who's a fan and his wife and my girlfriend, who don't watch, and they all had a great time. I will definitely admit that the Mahal/Nakamura main event was no good. They have no chemistry and had some people leaving within the first few minutes of the match. My friend and I joked about starting a USA chant during a match between two men not from the United States and a minute later an actual USA chant started, which had us howling with laughter.
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    Meh, I found the show to be mostly bland, but at least I can say that the only real time I was bored was during the live musical performance. Unlike last year where it felt like the whole thing dragged as soon as the Women's match was over. Bray/Orton was not only bad, but comically bad. That overhead ring projection shit will become a source of laughter for years to come. I can't tell if that kind of thing is thought up by Bray or creative, but either way it's all that laughable attempt at horror that has hurt his career. When he debuted it was intriguing because it was all suggestion without showing too much. Was not upset at the length of Trips/Rollins. After so many years I expect two things out of Triple H matches at Mania: A super corny entrance and a needlessly long match. All of my expectations were met. And I am guessing another new expectation will be Steph will take a bump by way of accident as her only comeuppance for being an overbearing authority figure all year. All that said we got the Hardys back, AJ/Shane had a heated opener, Owens got the US title so there might be meaning with it now, Brock/Goldberg was as good as it could have been, and Bayley got a big Mania win. I'll take that.
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    Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    The Suwama/Kea draw was during Suwama's first TC reign, and it either showed apprehension in the new Ace they had been building up or their roster was lacking in credible heavyweights if they couldn't have Taiyo freaking Kea lose a TC match. If I remember correctly I think there were even reports of people walking out before the match ended. I wonder if the KENTA/Marufuji match would have been more accepted if it happened now instead of 2008. I saw the match and while I remember almost nothing of it I strongly remember being upset that they had Danielson drop the Jr. title to KENTA, after only holding it for a month, so that they could set up the double title match.
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    Mostly enjoyed the show despite the joke of a main event. A rematch has to be in the works otherwise it makes zero sense to kill the aura of danger from one of the very few attraction guys they have left. The rest of the booking only reinforced the fact that everybody on the main roster is just a guy/girl, the titles are novelties, and the only name that really matters is that of the company. Sami/Miz was really fun. Tag team elimination match was a car wreck but still fun. Made far too obvious that New Day is in dgaf mode and only still around as a team to break demolitions record. Poor cruiserweights. Both guys in the match get attacked by a person not in the division and who was removed from the elimination match because in storyline he was supposed to be too injured to be on this show.
  5. I was at the Smackdown house show tonight, she teamed with only Naomi against Bliss, Natalya and Carmella in a handicap match. She did her heel entrance but was a face in the match, which they won.
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    Just finished seeing the Spokane event, figured was worth posting about. Drove up from Idaho (apparently the state is a lie? I won't argue it) with a buddy to see this show and visit one of our friends. Show was fun, nothing stellar. Crowd was small and having an arena venue didn't help that. My buddy was aware of Samoa Joe and nobody else. He immediately described the Drifter as "hobo Jeff Jarrett". Was nice to see guys like Balor and Nakamura, who teamed against Dash and Dawson in a really fun match. Joe and Aries main evented, and while the match was good, neither of them seemed to really want to be there. They both quickly exited after the match. Still, I felt I got my moneys worth and seeing it with a friend who also loves wrestling made it even better.