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    LIVE MUSIC 2022

    I just snagged Billy Strings Halloween tix. I may try to grab another day too.
  2. The Atlanta homecoming made Freddie Freeman fire his agents that brokered his botched free agency. I doubt he's in Los Angeles for the duration of his deal.
  3. I kind of expected that Cena promo to turn into a fake retirement just to be attacked by Theory at the end of it. Instead it was pretty much crowd service to pop a rating. Still a cool moment and I'm sure him getting popped these days is nice for him after years of not.
  4. Does WWE have a stated time table these days on if someone gets a concussion? Is it say something like a minimum 30 days? Obviously very serious, but not sure I've heard what their current policy is outside of them being a lot more careful the last 5 years or so.
  5. There's definite intrigue around this show, and I know it'll be a blast experiencing it live. However, I feel like this show falls into the category of watching it just to watch it for me, which is how I feel about most WWE PLEs that I watch.
  6. I'm guessing the G1 schedule makes that slightly tough. Given that's mid-July through mid-August.
  7. I'm curious what that NIL payment was. $7 Million I'm guessing.
  8. The four block format is definitely going to get me to renew NJPW world and watch this year's tourney as well as watch some content that I've missed.
  9. I'm thinking about starting a lengthy "started from the bottom" road to glory in FIFA 22 this week. Not sure where to start. Might try a few different leagues for fun and see which one has longevity.
  10. https://gamerant.com/final-fantasy-16-not-open-world-large-zone/ I'm curious to see what this means, but it wouldn't be the first time something like this has been true. I'm guessing something closer to FF13.
  11. The logical choice would have been John Cone for the role, who is actually from what I understand well liked there (maybe the only one).
  12. In case you needed any confirmation that Stephanie is there in name only.
  13. Chaos

    LIVE MUSIC 2022

    I've listened to a good chunk of night 1. I also watched some of Oteil's IG live stream for Night 2. That Franklin's Tower was great stuff.
  14. Yeah, same, but with gas going up, I'm probably going to start trying to find things to do on my break at the office. I have a Switch, and bought it for the office, but I never actually touch it. I also may get a second xbox controller and keep it at the office and just xcloud on my desktop.
  15. I've actually debated buying 4-6 on my iphone and pairing with a controller. Ditto Chrono Trigger.
  16. Bran the Broken as the driest manager ever.
  17. I'm jealous of anyone that's not at work until 5 PM or later on a Friday.
  18. Non-Stop mortgage lending ads on all programming! Let's Gooooooo!
  19. I'm excited about getting to see a World Cup match in person off my bucket list. Granted, I hope the world has calmed down 4 years from now, but I'm not optimistic on that fact.
  20. From a more simplistic point of view in regards to the stock, the timing of this story coming out was probably ideal from a stock price perspective because the market at large is in a total free fall. I forget what day it was this week, but I think I read it was the first time since 1990 that every stock in the S&P had closed in the red on a given day. Stock is going to fall on a story like this, but when it can be masked with a market free fall, that probably softens the blow. Also, if there is any serious chances of WWE being sold which is a theory that many (myself included) believe, this is probably the thing that expedites that process. It's a big part of the reason that the ActivisionBlizzard thing came around so quickly.
  21. FIFA announces the 2026 host cities today. Which is my reminder to start my world cup savings fund for 4 years from now.
  22. Can always adjust presentation settings to include no commentary.
  23. Even worse when it's not an EA game. Those games are pretty big though. As are the 2k Basketball games. Show is 69GBs on the S so not sure if the X is bigger.
  24. and the world will be a better place when it's gone completely. Ditto politician or blanket political party worship culture.
  25. ESPN and FOX having so much coverage of the league is part of why it has grown. I also question if they're limiting their revenue opportunities. Plus, the simulcast stuff is probably not going to make any major network jump at the opportunity. Makes sense for an established sports brand, but seems odd for MLS.
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