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  1. I started Yakuza: Like a Dragon over the weekend. I've only played a couple hours of Yakuza Zero, but the new story and change to a turn based RPG fasicnated me. I'm probably 7ish hours in so far and on Chapter 4, so the game is slowly starting to open up, but I really like it up to now. Given the frequency that studio puts out games, they do an incredible job of telling a story.
  2. Negative. I only get off for the mandatory federal ones (Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, 4th, Labor Day).
  3. Yeah, I almost bought tickets a few weeks ago, but opted against it due to Sunday. I'm too old to day trip 3+ hours to Atlanta, attend something until 10ish, and then drive back to Alabama and then attempt to be a functional employee afterwards in the morning.
  4. I kind of wish Terminus was tomorrow instead of Sunday because I debated driving up to Altanta for it; however, I may still order and watch it on FITE. Ironically, I'm probably going to Atlanta for work later in the week.
  5. I don't think so out of the rare interview, and I think she maybe posted some work out content at one point. She's well-post pregnancy at this point, and I could see Vince wanting her there in Dallas doing something given they have to fill 100k for two consecutive nights. It's basically Brock Lesnar logic for me at this point with her.
  6. Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that we're getting Ronda Rousey entering this Rumble and winning?
  7. I'm still upset about Flores being let go, but if you have a young QB that needs to be developed that you believe could be amazing (like the Bears do with Fields), I'm not sure Flores is your HC hire.
  8. Auburn Twitter is convinced Williams is a lock there. I definitely have checked for updates sporadically.
  9. This sounds like it's 100% about Flores vetoing the DeShaun trade. https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/sports/nfl/2022/01/10/brian-flores-fired-miami-dolphins-and-joe-schad-explains-why/9157327002/
  10. Saban is past the point of coaching in the NFL. He should have done it a few years ago. He likes being bored in Tuscaloosa, though.
  11. I'm not sure what can't miss hire is out there. If you're going to go the college route, which seems like a mistake. It'd probably be Harbaugh (already refuted), Ryan Day, Kiffin (he wants to be in Miami after all), or Matt Campbell.
  12. I think TK's Twitter outbursts about negative AEW press reflect some things that have been reported about him at Jags practices.
  13. Jeff Darlington says Dolphins are not targeting Harbaugh. Flores is also expected to get hired by someone else immediately.
  14. I'm dumbfounded. Ross is the worst, and with his looming divorce, I'm sure that's going to be even worse for the franchise.
  15. I also think the first year of NIL accomplished more good than bad like the walk-on Kansas kid getting the Applebees endorsement or I forget what school's walk-ons were given NIL deals to pay for their college. Those are instances of something serving a net good.
  16. Some of the Days Gone stories were out there awhile back too (I think around the time of the PC release). The developer wanted to make a sequel, and Sony thought it wasn't a big enough seller even though it was reported that it had sold a ton of copies. It didn't seem like a game I'd overly care to play, but it was a top streaming game on Twitch for longer than a game like that normally is.
  17. I think Bryan Harsin is obsessed with seeing if he can turn around mediocre QBs into really good ones. Sadly, Auburn is not the fan base to test that theory on given current climate, and I think the world of Harsin and think he can be a great coach.
  18. I'm terrible about picking up books and never reading or feebly starting them. One of my goals this year is to actually read. I started Benioff's City of Thieves last night. We'll see if I stay consistent with it. Not sure what the general consensus is on it here. I checked my Good Reads account to see if friends had read it, and it was a negative.
  19. I have no idea. I think he was brought more into the fold after EVOLVE was officially done.
  20. Gabe Sapolsky just tweeted vaguely that he's been released.
  21. I never watched the concluding film to the Hobbit trilogy because I found Smaug utterly unwatchable, and I didn't overly care for Part 1 in the theaters. Also, Tolkien's masturbatory love of all things lengthy isn't just contained to Tolkien. His shortest film in 20 years is Lovely Bones which runs a little over 2:10. Kong was 3+ hours, and I loved the Beatles thing a couple months ago, but that approaches 9 hours itself.
  22. I can see potentially there being an indecisive finish yet again tonight that isn't clarified by the judges, which leads to a rematch on Saturday with some kind of stip.
  23. An NFL Memes account posted an official looking graphic of Antonio Brown being signed by the Cowboys. I knew this was a meme account posting. I still Googled to double check because that headline seemed too much in the realm of possibility. I never do that for memes.
  24. It's not. It's just a genre I never engage with honestly. I also watch way fewer movies in recent years. I've not broken 50 in a year in quite awhile. I didn't break 30 in 2021.
  25. I had to look up the cards for it yesterday. I didn't hear any buzz for this show, which is a first in a few years. Last year's didn't garner much either, but I had a rough idea. I wonder if the two night format, plus losing a lot of gaijin talent, plus the pandemic maybe makes them need to consider trimming down a bit until things regain steam. I'll probably watch stuff that seems worth watching over the weekend. I'm surprised 1/8 is being called a WK show. Card-wise it's NYD.
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