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  1. I can't wait for the cinematic match where someone is thrown to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Of course, they'll be off tv for less than 24 hrs,. then appear on Raw the next night with a small bandage on their forehead to sell the 6,000 foot drop. Realism!
  2. Meltzer says that AEW still has big plans for Jungle Boy, but is holding off pulling the trigger until crowds return. That seems to be the AEW mentality in general: holding pattern in the hopes that they can resume shows with crowds soon. I dunno. Pushing a 45-year-old Jungle Boy doesn't seem that exciting to me.
  3. So many botches. I’m dying every time I watch this. Vince would have a stroke if this was on his show. They botch a spot pretty much every time they touch the briefcase. I do wonder if Sherri was supposed to clock Mongo, or if he was going to no-sell the shot anyway.
  4. Got a question. I was browsing the Nintendo eshop for old-school Nintendo games and I noticed that a lot of classic Nintendo exclusives appear to be available on the Wii U eshop, but not the Switch's. I'm talking about the Rare Donkey Kong Country trilogy, a lot of the older Metroid games (Metroid, Super, the DS games), Sin an Punishment, Super Mario 64 (?!) as well as the NES and SNES Super Mario titles, and most of the older Legend of Zelda games, including Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Have these seriously not been ported to the Switch eShop or am I missing something? Is there
  5. Not gonna lie. I'm kinda disappointed the snowman broke kayfabe and didn't wear his mask.
  6. Sony's said contradictory things about backwards compatibility. Based on their latest cryptic rumblings, it seems like most/all PS4 games should work on the PS5, but a few people I've talked to thing Sony will whitelist games so that only games Sony's staff has had time to test will work on PS5. Last thing I remember them specifically promising was that the 100 most popular PS4 titles will be backwards compatible at launch. They inferred the number would be much higher than that, didn't specifically say that. My physical Sony library is heavy on imports and indie games from Limite
  7. Giving some thought to watching Darwin's Game? Opinions?
  8. That makes more sense. Looking at her Wikipedia entry, it looks like she's gotten a decent bit of work the past few years, albeit not in shows that were likely to make her a bigger star or land her a steady paycheck. She's apparently landing some smaller supporting roles in films and was cast in a couple shows on channels I don't follow (Starz, History Channel specifically).
  9. This seems odd to me. Or unexpected, at least. I guess her tv/film career hasn't taken off?
  10. What's the sudden objection to Dream about? From a couple of the comments above. I'm assuming that he was mentioned in the sleaze thread that was pinned a month or so back, but I skipped that thread entirely.
  11. I’m kinda impressed that they managed to make a game that looks even less entertaining than 2k20.
  12. At this point, I feel like buying a new console any time soon is a little silly. Game developers are kinda talking in hushed tones about how release dates are going to be affected at least through the end of 2021 and beyond. I don't have a lot of confidence that the game library for the PS5 or Xbox Series X after 12 or 24 months is going to stack up to the PS4 or Xbox One libraries after the same amount of time on the market. There may still be a game or sale that gets me to buy a next gen console soon after launch, but at this point, I feel like it would tale a lot. That said, it was
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