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  1. Eh.... someone reminded me about that time Punisher became a black man. I didn't really need to remember that was a thing. This happened not long after the Rodney King riots, so I assume writer Mike Baron was inspired by that and wanted to try his hand at social commentary. The results were... not good. In Baron's defense.... um.... I really liked Nexus and Badger during the First Comics era. I can't decide if the above is more or less ridiculous than Punisher's turn as a Frankenstein monster. At least that had Rick Remender on the book. Mike Baron's understanding of how plastic surgery worked in the 90's was just bizarre.
  2. Dammit, I hadn't watched the episode yet or heard that that character appeared.
  3. Has Lacey even been on tv since Extreme Rules? (Edit: She apparently wrestled Dana Brooke on Main Event?) Also, WWE has casual fans? Where is he? I'd like to meet him.
  4. Harvey Dent Smith? Bane Al Ghul Smith is right there.
  5. I always enjoyed watching Flair methodically take jobbers apart while JJ and the Horsemen wandered around ringside.
  6. Murphy might not make the show if there were 37 matches.
  7. Kinda surprised how much I'm looking forward to Hobbs & Shaw. Not really a fan of the franchise, but the last two movies have been a lot of fun. 5&6 had their moments thanks to the over-the-top stunts. Vin Diesel is easily the worst thing about this franchise post-Tokyo Drift. Even worse than Tyrese.
  8. My only takeaway from the last page of this thread is that Vanilla Ice didn't steal the tazmission because he's taller than Taz. ........ ........
  9. Lol. Might as well just have said "Leave us alone. We're busy counting our Saudi blood money and trying to think of ways to keep our independent contractors from working for AEW."
  10. Wasn't one of the Uso's arrested for dui around the time they went to SDL and became heels? Was that Jimmy or Jey? I really want to make a Uso's penitentiary joke but I think we did that last time too.
  11. Does anyone own Dark Souls Remasted for the PS4? Does it include the dlc (Artorias of the Abyss) on the disc? I already own the Prepare to Die edition of Dark Souls for the PS3. Will buy the PS4 remaster if it includes the dlc on the disc. Might skip it if you have to download the dlc. Generally, with Game of the Year editions, Complete editions, Definitive editions, etc., I buy that version if the dlc is on the disc, do not buy it if the package includes a code for a free dlc. I assume Artorias of the Abyss is already on the disc, but I can't find anywhere that confirms that. Thanks.
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