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  1. Holy shit. The article said 10 (i think) and I never questioned it.
  2. There was also the two days when most of the game journalists in my Twitter feed were posting their salaries and holding a discourse on how underpaid they are (was't totally sympathetic but they had a point given what comparable positions in other fields make and the cost of living in San Francisco and the like). And tonight several of them are trying discussing openly their various mental health issues (mostly anxiety disorders of varying severity). Yep, quite a month. I think we're feeling like we're on the edge of being wiped out by the virus and have collectively decided to air out dirty laundry and crash and burn before that happens.
  3. Last time I saw him, RVD was wrestling like a slo-motion RVD. Private Party is my least favorite tag team in a while. I'd cut and paste everything John E. Dynamite said above, but he probably likes them more than I do. I kinda like the gimmick, but nothing about these two's look or charisma makes me think they could get into a private party that wasn't on a porn set or in a public bathroom. And as much as I like a good indie spotfest, I'm not much for the overly choreographed stuff PP does. Ballet is less rehearsed.
  4. Damon Lindelof gave an interview to Collider and claimed Lost was supposed to run three seasons. When ABC threw out the idea of more, Lindelof thought maybe they could squeeze a fourth season out of it. Lost ran 10 season, folks. This is why we don't get better writing in TV. Too much money in production for shows to end when/how they should. I wonder how many shows end by telling the ending the creators had in mind. I doubt it's even 1 in 10. 1 in 40, maybe? Either your show gets canceled prematurely, or the network extends the deal well past the point the creators wanted to stop at. Or you have to replace actors. Whatever. J Michael Straczynski used to claim that everything that happened in Babylon 5 went according to the plan he laid out before the first season filmed. I'm sure that's true up to a point. But it's an absurd claim to make unless the plan was was to write the lead character out entirely a season in because the actor was mentally ill and cast and crew didn't want to work with him. Or to write another of your core characters out a few seasons later because the actress wouldn't do another season for the salary that was offered. (Straczynski has since backpedaled on that comment.)
  5. Has CBR (Comic Book Resources) always covered wrestling? They keep showing up in my Twitter feed and seem to be doing quite a few stories on the WWE. Some are negative stories on WWE's dodgy business practices. Others are stories on angles, or fantasy booking of angles. Just curious if they normally give Vince this much coverage, or it's a Covid-19 "scrambling for content" thing.
  6. They were still together as of a month or so back. Meltzer said that the WWE went through Green to try to get Cardona/Ryder to allow the company to shoot a skit at his pool. They ended up having to use someone else’s pool.
  7. Austin is really going to be upset if/when there’s a vaccine and the government makes it mandatory (or, at least, they should make it mandatory. It will be a huge mistake to give Americans any say say in the matter).
  8. Nah, it will be probably be someone with a WCW connection. Can Aysa still go? \
  9. Is this pre-taped or live? I assume night 2 is being pre-taped at least. I'm not up on the live vs. tape schedules. I haven't watched AEW (or WWE) since the crowdless shows began, but I'm thinking of checking out AEW and NXT this week.
  10. Just out of curiosity, why do you think that Beatty is wrong for the role? I'm not disagreeing with you. I don't remember the film well enough to have an opinion. It's been a long, long time since I saw any of Beatty's films, but I would have guessed that'd be one of the few things the film got right. Now I'm curious to see the film. I saw it during it's first run in theaters, but that was a long time ago and i barely remember it.
  11. Has there been a comedy segment in recent WWE history that got that much time and effort? That segment is worth watching just for how hard it bombs in the first minute, and then it just keeps going and going and going.... Speaking of bombing, I completely forgot Barbarian goofed up the piledriver and bounced Hogan's skull off his (Barbarian's) knees. i thought Barbie had a great look when he grew his hair out and dropped the Road Warrior cosplay. Always wondered why he didn't get a better spot on the card. This might explain it. Kinda guessing Hogan had Barbarian's push killed as soon as they hit the locker room. Hot Rod on commentary was... something. He turned his shtick up to 11 and occasionally seemed lost about what was going on. Wouldn't be at all surprised to learn he was on something.
  12. Watched Survivor Series 1990 the other night. Was there any particular reason they booked the last match (pitting the survivors of the previous matches against each other)? As far as I can remember, that was a one-off and they never used that gimmick again. I'm not a fan of the wrinkle in theory, and, in practice, it worked horribly, imo. It ended up being a handicap match with DiBiase, Martel, Power and Glory, and the Warlord against Hogan, Warrior, and Tito Santana. Santana was eliminated two min into the match and then Hogan and Warrior just went into squash mode and killed the heel team dead. I'm guessing Vince didn't think he had enough star power on the card to make another interesting match and decided that another shot of Warrior and Hogan would send the crowd home happy. Lotta guys missing compared to the previous year. Beefcake was injured, Andre was gone, Savage appeared on the card but didn't wrestle, Rude and Akeem were supposed to be on the card but left before the actual event due to contract issues, Arn and Tully were gone, etc.
  13. Because she's waiting until the night AEW airs to announce whatever it is? That's why I'm thinking it might be wrestling/career related. Honestly surprised she's lasted this long with WWE. I expected Vince to outright fire her or haze her out of the company after Moxley left.
  14. ESPN hired Keyshawn Johnson to host a morning radio show with Trey Wingo. Show could begin as early as August. Nothing definite has been said about Mike Golic (whose contract is up at the end of the year), but speculation is the network won't renew his contract and he'll be a free agent for the first time in 20 years. ESPN Radio seems to be on the verge of a major makeover. They've got an afternoon slot open since Will Cain defected to Fox. And there are rumors that both Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose are headed to radio (separately), so I assume Get Up is about done for on the tv side. I still like Golic and Greenie (more Golic). It's going to be odd to hear them on separate radio shows. I actually kinda liked Wingo and Golic until the pandemic hit. I quit listening to sports radio in March, but I know people who think the show (broadcast from Golic's basement instead of an ESPN studio) has become unlistenable. Though that probably applies to most sports radio talk shows in the era of no sports.
  15. I’ve never heard of this guy, so no idea if this is reliable but...
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