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  1. Agreed. Though really, I'm happy with this announcement because it leaves Hitch a lot less time to write.
  2. If Shane's in-ring career has taught us anything, it's that, whatever he eventually dies of, it won't be a long fall onto something hard and hurty. I'm assuming that he'll one day do a crazy bump off the top of a cage or arena, get up, dust himself off.... and choke on a grape in catering.
  3. Y'all need to explain to me what you see in Luke Harper. I'm completely not getting it.
  4. What Yakuza game(s) should I start out with? Never played any of the titles in the series Open to PS3 or PS4 recommendations.
  5. John Cena will never get the chance to star is as many bad (but profitable?) movies as the Rock has.
  6. Football season can't start fast enough to suit me.
  7. The 24/7 title was a network idea. Supposedly Vince and company thought it was terrible, but also thought they had to pick one of the network's ideas and that was the best of the lot.
  8. If she goes a full year without a concussion, can we refer to it as a potato famine?
  9. So yesterday I went down to the local "independently owned" games store to pick up some Wii and PS3 stuff they were holding for me, and there was a discussion going on about what retro gaming will look like in 20 years. Like, will there even be a PS4 retro gaming scene 20-25 years from now. Eh... no? Maybe? It's a little hard to imagine since there are so many digital exclusives out there and physical/retail copies of current gen games are slowly falling away. Yeah, there's still a surprising number of physical editions out there, but, with the exception of outliers like the Limited Run Games catalog, most of those physical editions have dlc and day one patches and patches after that. At some point, those patches and additional content are going to go away and it's going to be a lot harder for a retro gamer in 2045 to scrabble together everything he/she needs to make God of War or Fallout 76 play as intended. For PS3/PS4 I've started collecting GotY/Complete editions as well as the "black label' release - if the GotY edtion has the dlc and patches on the disc instead of via download code. Anyway, somehow this has inspired me to spend the rest of the summer with the PS4. I own one, but aside from a couple AAA titles each year (Sekiro, Bloodborne, AC: Odyssey, etc.), I don't spend a lot of time with it. Meanwhile, I still love my PS3 and Wii. Finally started putting together a PS4 want list this morning. Have a feeling I'm going to be underwhelmed and go back to PS3 though. Question: How much of a difference is there between PS4 remasters of PS3 titles, and the original version? I'm thinking mostly of games like Dark Souls Remastered, the PS4 versions of Darksiders i and II, God of War III remastered, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Journey Collector's Edition, etc. Is the jump in quality really that great if you own the PS3 edition. I've always felt like the gap between generations was larger going from PS2->PS3 than PS3->PS4.
  10. I've heard Cory Barlog (the director) on a couple podcasts. He has a five-game series in mind.
  11. Don't forget Vince telling the ESPN documentary crew - more than 15 years after that interview took place - that he wanted to beat Costas up, but couldn't because Costas was a "little guy." Holy shit, Vince. Get a grip.
  12. Well, Vince supposedly punished Dolph Ziggler for negative comments his brother made after the company released him (the brother), so..... Vince has a history of illogical, petty behavior. It doesn't really seem like a stretch for him to find some reason to blame Bayley for the CBA thing.
  13. I watched both of those films last month. I own a number of Woo's films and watch them every couple years. I don't like most of Woo's US films that much, so I don't own those and haven't watched them in years. I am looking forward to rewatching Broken Arrow.
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