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  1. When I first noticed the ref's name I had just written it off as a coincidence, but then somebody on here mentioned they were the same guy. Guess he never got the funding for that XPW documentary.
  2. Bobby Fish wears a mask and becomes the next LHP member, Roberto Pescado.
  3. You know what else people did during the Attitude Era ratings war? Flipped back and forth between both shows or watched live whichever show had the more appealing card announced. More often than not I'd watch Raw and tape the Nitro replay that came on at 11. These days I'll watch whichever show comes off as more interesting based on the match listing and watch the other the next day. It's totally unscientific but I'd wager quite a few people do something similar, or are otherwise fans of both properties and the whole ratings/popularity war is nowhere near as big a thing as people make it out to be.
  4. I don't even want to think about what the math involved with the recipe measurements would be like for such a cocktail.
  5. IHOP isn't so much a place you go as it is a place you end up. Most of them are open 24 hours or to some other really late time and it's a popular place to go after you've been getting pissed all night, are leaving a show, etc and don't want to go to bed on an empty stomach. I've had a lot of good memories being among a group of other oddly dressed misfits at all night diners in the wee hours.
  6. Quack has been one of my favorite wrestlers since the early 00s and it's a real downer to hear about what kind of person he apparently is. Aside from his in-ring work, the articulate and enthusiastic way he would talk about wrestling and his commentary showed how much he loved the business and how creative he was in shaping his vision of it. His talk about the art of wrestling is one of those speeches I've often referred to when discussing how and why I enjoy wrestling so much. Chikara has been a shell of its former self since after their hiatus, but it was still one of the more creative promotions out there and it's a shame its legacy is going to end like this.
  7. From what I understand is that Janela is accusing her of being a hypocrite for reporting misdeeds in Chikara that she experienced personally and was told about by others she's keeping anonymous while not saying anything about the sketchy goings-on in CZW. The stories about dodgy behavior backstage in CZW and by DJ Hyde in particular have been circulating for a couple years now and Janela has never been shy about bringing up his beef with DJ/CZW. He seems to be of the mind she's complaining about the ethics of one company while working for another company known to be less ethical, but towing the "I haven't seen/heard anything bad myself while working there, so it's not happening" line. Whether or not she's keeping her head in the sand to stay in the good graces of her current employer or is completely unaware of any problematic behavior going on there is unknown and really isn't anyone's place to speculate on. I've been a fan of Joey for several years now, but he doesn't always come off as that practically intelligent and regardless of whether he has a point or not, this is pretty poor room-reading on his part.
  8. In recent weeks a lot of the content I've seen people share on combating various -isms involves calling out your relatives and peers on their problematic behavior. I don't have that close a relationship with my family and while my parents and I get along ok we didn't always get along that well when I was growing up. Your comment here and reflecting on a lot of stuff going on now made me realize that despite some of the issues we may have, I can always credit my folks with leading by example of how to treat others with mutual respect.
  9. Someone who makes a big show of being performatively woke ends up being a scumbag. What a shock. He should change the line in his intro from "The Bernie Sanders of professional wrestling" to "The Louis CK of professional wrestling".
  10. Flair's decades of hard living made him think Christian was actually surfer Sting and instinctively turned on him.
  11. Has Kikutaro/Ebessan always been the same guy?
  12. I see several deer carcasses every day when driving around the beltline. That's what happens when you build more and more suburban sprawl and decrease the natural habitat of these animals. One day years ago I was driving in a pretty rural area when a semi in front of me ran over a deer corpse and splattered a bunch of gore on my windshield. I got off on the next exit to go through a car wash. The protests in Raleigh got pretty crazy last Saturday but have been peaceful since then. Every day there have been continuous, largely informal (at least I didn't see any facebook events) protests starting in late afternoon. I went downtown on Thursday and there was a group of several hundred people amassed at the capital building park. Several people gave speeches, red poetry, lead chants, etc. While the crowd weren't holding back in venting their anger and frustration, the overall vibe was really positive. Lots of people handing out free water (it was near 100 with the heat index), a majority were wearing masks, people were picking up after themselves (I'd brought a trash bag and collected hardly any litter), lots of the cars driving through downtown honked in support, etc. We marched a couple blocks to the municipal building and the speeches picked up again and I headed home shortly after that. There was a separate good sized crowd gathered on another part of town so it looks to have some traction for the time being. Some pics of the gathering, as well as murals people were painting on buildings and boarded up storefronts.
  13. There used to be a parody facebook page called "Ol Stone Cold" that would post left leaning political statements in all caps using Austin's promo style. I'm pretty sure that's what it's from.
  14. The shoot Kanyon did a few years before he passed is worth checking out. He's got some interesting stories from having been around so many places and also speaks pretty frankly about his struggles with mental health issues.
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