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  1. The Briscoes have an open challenge match at the GCW show in the Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday. FTR are probably the favorites for showing up, but the above promo would suggest the actual match (or at least the first one) happens in AEW.
  2. Maryse was right about one thing - nobody wants to see that mixed tag match. With Sheldon and Cedric continuing to attack Lashley and still refer to themselves as The Hurt Business, could that be pointing to MVP turning on Lashley at the Rumble?
  3. I don't know how everything came off on tv and while I don't think this was one of the better episodes, I had a lot of fun attending the show. Going to the show was like seeing a band you like that has a really extensive catalogue - you know you aren't going to hear every song you like but figure there will be enough to satisfy you. I didn't think I'd see every wrestler I really wanted to, but went in hoping to be entertained. Some have mentioned the lackluster crowd. I was on the second floor on the camera-facing side so I don't know how full it was below me, but the building was a little over half full. A ton of people left before the Rampage taping as well. It could be due to territory fatigue as they were just in Greensboro (a little over an hour away) a few weeks ago and Charlotte (2.5 hours away) over the weekend, which both have more of a wrestling tradition. Lance Archer got a huge pop, Brody King got a big pop when he came out (this was my personal high point of the show), and Adam Cole and friends got a huge reaction when they came out. Punk was also over huge, though during the match almost just as many people were cheering for Wardlow. I wasn't a fan of the way that match ended. You could have had Wardlow crush Punk yet not look like a total chump getting rolled up at the end. I also agree that putting Hobbs/Martin (which was great live) on right after since it told such a similar story. The crowd definitely felt the front-loaded card and was losing some steam at the end. Dan Lambert got the loudest negative reaction. I like Penta more than most and was glad to see him, and I guess they've got to give Matt a match (I don't know if it was on tv or not, but before the match he cut a promo vowing to delete Penta and pointed out his wife and kids in the crowd) being local and all, but this didn't hold the crowd's attention that long. Then it was followed by The Acclaimed/Bear Country match which wouldn't have been bad in the first hour or on Dark, but was out of place at this point in the card. I'd really been looking forward to Shida/Deeb given how good their past matches were and was a bit let down this one ended the way it did. It's clearly leading to a bigger match with some sort of stip and I'm sure that will be great, but I would have liked to have seen a longer match. Garcia/Sammy was easily the best match of the night and kept getting progressively better as it went along. Some pics- Rampage spoilers- Dark-
  4. Is Pac legit hurt or is he just selling the mist? He hasn't had a match in about six weeks. I'm going to this show live tonight. Despite being a wrestling fan for almost 30 years the number of live shows I've been to is in the single digits and don't think I've been to one since 2008 or so. Out of the announced card I'm probably looking forward to Shida/Deeb the most.
  5. It's pretty similar to Orange Cassidy's gimmick. He used to spend more time laying on the ring apron if he wasn't tagged in and his splashes/dives were pretty much just him falling over like he was passing out. There was also Mister Zero in Chikara whose gimmick was of some elderly officeworker and I seem to recall him occasionally doing spots where he'd fall asleep during a match.
  6. Good to see Devon Storm is getting some work these days.
  7. Season 4 of Ozark drops later this month
  8. I miss crazy, unhinged Nikki from Sanity. Actually I miss Sanity in general. Creative getting rid of perfectly good factions is like a toddler who flushes your car keys for no reason.
  9. AA getting the belts was nice. That's three different partners Gable has won belts with now, so at this rate it's only a matter of time before they're broken up for no reason. The Big E/Seth match was good but the wrong person won Cedric and Shelton deserved better than that. Just another example of them throwing a perfectly good and over angle like THB in the crapper. I was hoping they'd at least attempt to rehab Alexa's gimmick after her last run, but no such luck. I'm fine with Dewdrop being the placeholder challenger before Mania but that match was the shits. Bianca ended up looking great at the end, so of course something stupid happens to fuck her out of winning.
  10. Holy shit, she was like 3 miles down the street from me.
  11. I ask why they bothered re-signing him, but then again you could say that about a lot of the people released as of late. Please give us Joe in the next Bloodsport.
  12. I think I liked this Danielson/Page match better than the first one as it didn't have a foregone conclusion. They amped up the intensity a good bit this time too and it made for a more exciting match. It will be curious to see where Bryan goes from here. When Black came out I was expecting Brody King to debut or something else to happen. Pillman showed some decent fire here. There were a few iffy spots in the women's match, but Jade looked good overall. I'm really looking forward to the next Deeb/Shida match. Jungle Boy is one of the hottest young prospects in AEW but TJE are by no means the best tag team there. It was good to see something fresh going on with the division though. I didn't catch Rey's injury the first time around, but shit, his arm bent back at least 90 degrees the wrong way. The lights out thing ended up being nothing?
  13. I would actually watch BTE if we got some of PCO and Destro doing their crazy basement gym vignettes. Danhausen is probably a shoe in, but he's months away from being able to wrestle again. His last video is all about him having no contract, though he's also the type to troll people about something like that. Even though he's months away from being able to wrestle, I'd get a kick of him doing Danhausen stuff on BTE or backstage.
  14. I'd like to see Jeff Hardy in AEW if The Hardys have a program with The Bucks as a way of winding down their in-ring careers. After that Jeff can go do whatever it is he does and Matt can wind up as an agent. As far as the signing, I just checked Mike Bailey as I think he can work in the US again and he strikes me as someone AEW would want, but according to his twitter he recently signed with TNA.
  15. Hayes continues to improve. The CW division/205 Live has been dead in the water for a long time now and this belt consolidation was for the best. I was looking forward to the 6 man as I'm a fan of everyone involved but felt like it could have been better. I hope the Dusty Classics are good this year. It seems like there are more actual established teams as opposed to just guys thrown together this time around. So does Ciampa get called up/debut in the Rumble?
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