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  1. [NXT] Feb 14, 2018 TV SHOW

    It's a combination of this plus giving people scripted promos that don't play to their strengths or fit with their characters.
  2. #205LIVE

    Cedric and Drew have had some great matches so far and combining their chemistry with the tweaks to Drew's character and Cedric's story of coming up short in the CWC and coming up short in his contendership for the title so far and you've got the makings of a classic bout. I'm actually glad this'll likely be on the Mania preshow as it means they potentially have ample time to tell a terrific story in their match. It would also be cool if on the 205 Live after Mania Maverick informs Drew that he's weighed in over the limit and isn't eligible to wrestle on the show, but that Daniel Bryan just offered him a full time Smackdown contract (a Gulak/Gable match is something I recently realized needs to happen).
  3. [NXT] Feb 21, 2018 TV SHOW

    I'll admit Gargano was just a guy to me on the indies. Not someone I disliked but he never did much to make me think about him either way. Ever since DIY started delivering he's been one of the best in the promotion. This would be a great way to lead to Gargano being called up, but clearly they need to have a blowoff match with he and Ciampa, plus they're leaving money on the table if they don't do a mixed tag match against Almas and Vega. I wonder what the angle will be...an "unsanctioned" match against Ciampa at Takeover? Have any other promotions done something like that, allowed someone who had been exiled to wrestle in a match that wasn't technically sanctioned by the company?

    I liked Hurricane Heist better when it was called Hard Rain.
  5. The Netflix Thread

    I watched Everything Sucks last night. At first I didn't like it as there was too much cringe/awkward humor but it got considerably better as the show progressed. The characters were all well done and not too over the top unrealistic as high schoolers in tv shows often are. I was in high school in 1996 and this was a reminder of how awful popular music was in the late 90s.

    Can someone point me in the direction of some good Mark Henry matches?

    SD has been going downhill for a while now storyline-wise but I still think it's better than Raw as far as quality over quantity in-ring content goes. This PPV situation is going to lead to a bunch of excessively long shows with nothing but title matches (9 titles if you want to count the CW) leaving all the wrestlers who don't hold a title or are challenging for one to miss out on the payday and spotlight. Undercard feuds are just going to be destined for tv blowoffs, or they're going to have more and more people crammed into individual matches. I'd rather they just have the big 4 co-brand PPVs and for the other 8 months alternate between an SD and Raw event from month to month.

    I've known more than one person who was in a mutually toxic relationship where both parties were equally guilty of instigating physical and verbal altercations with the other. No idea if that's the case here but in any case it sounds like an unhealthy relationship and I hope they go their own ways or find a resolution before things escalate.
  9. Marvel Phase III Movie Discussion Thread

    Two Black Panther questions for those who have seen it- Does T'Challa have any superhuman abilities in this or is it just his suit/training? When in the MCU timeline does it take place?

    Man I haven't thought about that movie in years. The over the top craziness is awesome though.

    The supporting players (Vanguard 1, Senor Benjamin, Dilapidated Boat, etc) and location skits were just as big a part of what made the Broken gimmick work. These toned down promos aren't enough by themselves.
  12. Raw Is The Elimination Chamber Blues - 2/12/2018

    For the past few years I think WWE fans have been in "we just like to chant shit regardless of whether or not we agree with it" mode.
  13. Raw Is The Elimination Chamber Blues - 2/12/2018

    They could do the sensible thing and have a Rollins/Finn match for the final spot next week, which would free up one of them for a singles match at the ppv. There are still only 3 matches listed for EC, plus that Rousey contract signing which will eat up a bunch of time to set up whatever WM program they're going to run with for her.

    She didn't get hit in the balls anywhere near often enough to have been inspired by Tommy Dreamer.

    I learned about Rey when I saw him featured in the 1995 PWI 500 where he was listed as 5'3'' and 140. Given it was rare to see guys under 200 at that time I figured that had to be a misprint until I saw him in ECW.