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  1. Chioda came off like the dork whom the cool kids let hang out with them every so often and goes out of his way to kiss their asses because he thinks he gets to be "one of the boys".
  2. RVD talking about slipping stuff in peoples' drinks and basically suggesting it lead to rape definitely came off as him realizing and admitting something that was status quo among the boys was actually fucked up and wrong. Flair always came off as unrepentant because he was probably used to never being told no and always getting his way (or being too out of it to realize he couldn't always do that). Terri's comments about being told to "just no sell it" were really disheartening and made you think about all the inappropriate behavior that just had to be shrugged off by a lot of people. I actually thought JR came off as a bit of a yes man who most likely knew what was going on but tried to cover his ass and claim ignorance.
  3. The only thing I remember about Brakkus was him showing up in ECW and getting choked out by Taz.
  4. There was some good and not so good here. The new arena coupled with the logo looked like some Nickelodeon game show studio and I wasn't much of a fan of it, however the crowd looked more engaged and prominent than it did in the former arena. Did they even mention El Hijo Del Steiner as being a second generation wrestler? As much as they like to lean into that you'd think it would be mentioned rather than sticking to the godawful NXT name generator. Regardless of that, he looked great in the ring. Like everyone else has said, Knight agreeing to a match with him before having a world title show made zero sense. Imperium could have a decent match with just about anyone and the Smoking Guns 2.0 were just kinda there. The women's tag becoming a trios match was pretty on-brand with WWE restarting a match after someone interferes. Mandy with a brown wig and excessive amount of spray tan was whatever. Dolin is good but the jury is still out on Jayne. I'm not sure why they didn't keep Cora Jade/Elayna Black with Dolin instead. Hit Row and Phantasma's mic work with eachother was better than the preceeding match. Is Electra a trained wrestler or is she a developmental person like Bfab? Because I could see that program featuring good promos and very iffy ringwork. Hayes and Trick's promo of 90s hip hop catchphrases was aimless and not that great. Here's another cosign for the Creed Bros. Having Bivens as their mouthpiece is only going to be good for them. Nonsensical booking once again reared its head when some new rando got added to the world title match. At least have some vignette to introduce who this new guy is, or explain why they picked him over everyone else in the locker room to get added to it. The match itself was ok, though I'd much have preferred a Ciampa/Dunne singles match. It looks like that's coming up soon and should be a banger. I'm in the minority in that I didn't care much of the wedding segment, but then again the whole angle and series of videos hasn't entertained me. Even though it was a popular bit, I don't think it should have been in the main event slot, though I get that the setup for the stage and whatnot took too long to make and tear down.
  5. I never thought I'd find myself enjoying a main event match featuring Randy Orton, but here we are. Big E actually winning with his cash in was nice to see. I just hope he gets a decent reign out of it. Charlotte/Shayna was decent, though I think they have a better match in them. I miss Shayna being treated like an actual threat. Rest of the show was alright and seemed to feature a lot more actual wrestling than it has as of late. Like was mentioned earlier, it's a prime example of how the powers that be can actually put together quality tv when they want to.
  6. So are they going to have another tournament where everyone who loses gets future endeavored?
  7. If the lights go out at an AEW show, then a lantern lights up in the ring followed by Not Bray in his Max Cady getup saying "AEW...we're here" I wouldn't hate it.
  8. The original Matrix movies is one of those films I saw in the theater multiple times. When Reloaded came out I went to see it with my roommates and it was among the most stoked I've ever been to see a movie. We all left with a krustywhatthehellwasthat.gif reaction. I don't think I ever watched all of Revolutions and am not sure I want to. The Animatrix doesn't get that much attention, but it should as it's vastly superior to the latter two thirds of the trilogy. I'll give this new movie a chance but am not getting my hopes up.
  9. I forgot about Lambert, his segments have consistently been great and tonight was no exception. I like how he's more or less channeling Jim Cornette.
  10. Black/Dustin was solid and it was cool to see Black in a longer match. Taz vacillating from goofy commentator to hardened heel manager is kind of a stretch sometimes, but I dug the segment between he and Punk. The closing jab with Punk bringing up Taz's old catchphrase was a nice touch. I'm looking forward to see what he can do with Starks or Hobbs. Speaking of Hobbs, he and Dante had a quality big guy vs high flyer match. Both of them have progressed so much since the promotion has started. I don't think there are any heels better on the mic than MJF right now. Hayter/Ruby was a nice match and it was good to see Ruby back in action. I'm not sure what I was expecting with the main event but it kinda underwhelmed me.
  11. Samoa Joe/Jay Briscoe in ROH was a damn good cage match, especially considering how young Jay was at the time. I haven't seen it in years to see how it holds up though.
  12. Ember/KLR was a good match, though Ember really needs some wins at this point and KLR obviously wasn't going to lose in her debut. Add another vote to the Creed Bros looking tremendous in their first outing. The Way comedy bits have done nothing for me thusfar but tonight's were actually pretty entertaining. Hayes is technically sound in the ring but otherwise forgettable. I had to mute the show for the match because of how annoying this was.
  13. The preshow tag match was there. I like TH2 a lot and being paired with Matt Hardy's group isn't really doing them any favors. Kingston/Miro started off slower and more methodical than I thought it would, then got progressively stiffer. This was a case of two guys having great chemistry and being on the same page with what kind of match they wanted to have. Unfortunately the turnbuckle pad spot for the finish really fell flat for me. I didn't have that much interest in Moxley/Kojima, but it was a solid match. Suzuki showing up at the end definitely got a pop out of me. Can't wait to see them mix it up. The women's title match had a few awkward spots but was a nice match overall. It went just as long as it needed to, had an absence of fuckery, and told a compelling story of Baker having to pull out every move she could in order to counter Kris' power. Lucha Bros vs Jackson Bros wasn't going to be for everyone. You have two teams very familiar with eachother wrestling the same style so you know they're going to play all their PWG hits in here. From flippy innovative spots to more brutal looking bits featuring the cage there was some of everything. The visuals of Penta juicing through his torn mask were sick. Even the thumbtack shoe spot wasn't overly hokey and naturally Fenix did a dive off the top of the cage. This was the longest match so far and didn't seem like it overstayed its welcome at all. The main story behind the battle royale was Ruby's debut. She looked like she hasn't missed a step. Hopefully she and Rosa get proper singles match soon. MJF got a nice troll bit in the opening segment but I wasn't very invested in this match. I get needing to do some kind of fuck finish, but the ref's decision being reversed was meh. When you hear about a band you really like but figured were done for good getting back together there's always lots of anticipation to see if they're still going to be able to pull off the performance they used to. Are they going to play the old hits or try something new and questionable? That's the vibe I got going into Punk/Darby. The match was...fine? I figured they'd have a feeling out process but it felt like they never really got going. Towards the end it looked like Punk was falling into the overconfident vet mode only to potentially fall victim to Darby's flash rollup attempts, but that never really went anywhere. They didn't botch anything and Punk still looked competent but the match itself was nothing memorable. We didn't even get someone turning on Sting. Throughout the night I felt like the show was flowing a lot quicker than AEW ppvs normally do. I don't know if they had an agent or what but nothing seemed overly long or took more time than it needed to. Then Omega/Christian happened and really drug. I get The Elite are supposed to be insufferable heels, but Kenny's goofy facials and obnoxious gesticulations were even more annoying than normal. With this being the main event I was waiting for something big to happen at the end. I'm pretty indifferent to Adam Cole and him showing up as a heel was unsurprising. Then Danielson showed up and blew the roof off the place. In the words of Tony Schiavone, I love pro wrestling.
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