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  1. The right guy won but I think that was one of the worst men's rumbles ever.
  2. I also thought it seemed like a waste putting the belts on two singles guy instead of an established team, but this is a valid point. Murphy is going to get a huge pop when he finally gets tired of being Rollins' lackey and turns on him.
  3. "In their version, Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico is given a much larger role and spends a good portion of the film with Finn, C-3PO, and R2-D2 on a mission to light a beacon on Coruscant that will draw allies to assist the Resistance in their final battle against the First Order. " Hey, let's have someone light the Beacons of Gondor, but IN SPACE.
  4. They've also put over on commentary that the different refs have different match specialties with Aubrey always refing the title matches and Knox? being the "tag match ref specialist". For a promotion trying to be a major player and put on a quality product, refs having actual personalities and notable characteristics isn't exactly a huge deal.
  5. Advertised for Smackdown tonight- Kane returns Bobby Roode vs Roman Reigns in a tables match Lacey Evans vs Sasha Banks Big E vs John Morrison
  6. Wasn't Shelley's appearance a one and done? As much as I'd like to see him in NXT more, I have no problem with him helping put on a showcase to give a team like GYV a shine.
  7. I enjoyed the first two episodes of The Outsider. We'll see how well it ends up as that was a book that started good then got mediocre really quick. The Mr. Mercedes tv series is decent, though each season has been in diminishing returns IMO. I was surprised at how much I liked the first season considering the first book in the Bill Hodges series is not good at all. You can put a lot of the series being so good on how well Brendan Gleason fits the main character and a very unsettling antagonist. The actress they cast as Holly is at least a decade too young and way too conventionally attractive, but that's Hollywood for you.
  8. Current participants per wikipedia- Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar AJ Styles Erick Rowan Randy Orton Rey Mysterio Ricochet Drew McIntyre Elias King Corbin Dolph Ziggler Otis Tucker
  9. The Briscoes had WWE tryout in 2009 but apparently Johnny Ace said they didn't have the right look for WWE. NXT made them an offer in 2015 but it wasn't as much as ROH was willing to pay them. They would have had to move to Florida and didn't want to leave their wives/kids behind, plus they help run a few of their family's businesses in Delaware.
  10. Drew was my pick to win last year. He was on fire in his stint away from WWE and great in NXT. They fucked up by making him Shane's lackey.
  11. If there was ever a time to bring in PCO doing a one off as Jean Pierre Lafitte this is it. Actually, he, Katie, and Rey Bucanero were on a team in the 2018 King of Trios.
  12. I remember them playing two episodes each Sunday evening a few years ago. Unfortunately it seemed like they just replayed the same dozen or so episodes over and over.
  13. Jerusalem's lot is being made into a miniseries Based on the description in the link they're already making a number of changes from the story, which is disappointing as it's one of my favorite King short stories and is probably his biggest example of Lovecraft-worship. Hopefully it'll still be good.
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