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  1. It's almost like they're trying to turn Otis into some Bastion Booger/David Sullivan hybrid and do the "poor stupid fat guy has no friends and snaps" thing once Tucker turns. I keep hearing the whole "Vince doesn't like tag teams" talking point, but holy shit there are so many cases of teams where the sum is greater than the parts. Tucker might have a shot as a singles guy, and while I like Otis, his solo ceiling is low card comedy act that people are going to laugh at and not with.
  2. Wasn't there some big to-do several years back about how they instituted a backstage business casual dress code and wrestlers could get fined for not dressing appropriately?
  3. So are we going to get a "will he or won't he" from Darby where Moxley and Hobbs are handicapped for half the match till he shows up?
  4. So after Keith and Drew flattened all of Retribution, they and The Hurt Business had ample time to Scooby Gang at least a couple of them. I guess we're supposed to believe they all just scurried away after?
  5. Peninsula was a worthy follow up to Train To Busan. It was almost like Escape From NY with zombies.
  6. If the pandemic finally lifts and we get a Darkwing Duck/Particle Man match, Meltzer is going to give that shit five stars whether it takes place in California or not.
  7. I didn't have any GI Joes and instead used Ninja Turtle figures for my childhood e-feds. The four turtles were a Von Erich-esque stable of faces, until Raphael turned heel on the rest of them after he got tired of always having to play by the rules.
  8. I'm not sure if they haven't aged well or were just never that good. Maybe both?
  9. I had heard Season 8 was planned on being the last, which kind of made sense as they'd pretty much wrapped up most of the main storylines. It sucks they aren't going to have a chance to end everything as they'd planned. Maybe we get a comic eventually.
  10. AEW has done a pretty good job of a quality/quantity mixture and staying away from making their PPVs the slog to get through that so many WWE PPVs are these days. Tonight was different as even though I enjoyed several of the matches, it just went on way too long. The 8 man tag could have easily been shunted to the preshow. I hadn't been paying that close of attention to Hardy/Sammy, but I definitely felt like there were audibles being called there. Stopping the match would result in the Matt leaving town stipulation, but there are plenty of ways they could book themselves out of that. Spe
  11. Have Moxley and Kingston ever wrestled before? They were both bouncing around the same indies at the same time.
  12. I was just looking at Boseman's wiki page and found out he's from the same town in South Carolina I lived in from 82-86 or so, meaning we would have both been living there at the same time. There's your bit of completely irrelevant trivia for the day. Edit: I was checking the website for the local newspaper and there are several petitions circling to have the Confederate statue in front of the courthouse replaced with a statue of him. Unlikely, but one can hope https://www.independentmail.com/story/news/2020/08/31/chadwick-boseman-statue-replace-confederate-monument-anderson-sc-change-org
  13. Cole definitely looked like he was struggling to get the cover in time. I thought they were going to do the whole "time expires at a two count" thing.
  14. Randy lost clean to Drew at SS, then lost clean to Lee last night. Why the hell are they insistent on putting him back in the title picture? I guess it still makes more sense than putting a kid who has had two matches in his career a chance to get a title shot. Lee still looked good tonight and last night, so hopefully he'll get his due in the near future.
  15. I checked IMDB and the actor who played Chozen isn't listed as being in season 3 (though they could have recast him). The line being something like "Mr Miaygi treated me like a son and wouldn't keep any secrets from me" makes me think there's going to be some story about Miyagi having an estranged child. From the IMDB trivia section for Part 2 "Some scenes cut from the original script include a scene introducing a mysterious character named Webster Miyagi who waits for Miyagi outside the tournament building, to whom Miyagi reacts in an uncomfortable manner, "
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