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  1. HumanChessgame

    Raw is the Pscottish Psychopath - 8/13/2018

    Maybe they'll just induct The Hart Family as a whole to try and get around it.
  2. HumanChessgame

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    Recapping storylines on the preshow makes sense. Putting the same ten minutes of video and interview clips before a match makes the whole show drag on even more. I can understand doing that before main events to really sell the whole story they're trying to tell, but it's a massive time suck as a whole.
  3. HumanChessgame

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    I had just assumed the US title match was a three way. Unless Orton's recent bad behavior gets him in the doghouse (which is unlikely) I'm guessing he gets himself added on Tuesday. Aiden is totally going to cost Rusev and Lana the match. It's too bad as being Rusev's hype man was a good spot for him to be in. Now he's going to lose the inevitable series of matches and go back to obscurity.
  4. HumanChessgame


    Throwing money around to sign wrestlers foreign or domestic who have a bit of buzz going on and adding multiple new shows and divisions while putting on an increasingly bad product with ever-worsening storylines amid tanking ratings....I swear another wrestling company did that at some point.
  5. HumanChessgame

    [NXT] August 8, 2018 TV Show

    Scheduled for tonight- Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano Vanessa Borne vs. Taynara Conti (MYC qualifier) Keith Lee makes his debut Ricochet in action
  6. HumanChessgame


    I think Delirious used something like this, though I can't find a good pic of it.
  7. HumanChessgame


    Doesn't AAA own the Pentagon Jr moniker? I thought that was the reason he had to go by Penta Cero Miero or whatever it is when he wrestles elsewhere.
  8. HumanChessgame


    Is steroid use a widespread thing among wrestlers in Japan and Mexico? Do the larger companies there have any sort of wellness policy equivalents?
  9. HumanChessgame

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    On one hand, I wish the CW title match could go on the main show where they could perform for the biggest crowd possible. On the other hand, I want the match to get a decent amount of time so they can really tell a story. The powers that be probably don't want them showing up most of the main card either.
  10. HumanChessgame

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    Two of these matches are repeats from the last PPV and the main event is this generation's John Cena vs Randy Orton. Speaking of Cena, I wonder if they're going to shoehorn him in here somewhere. If the show ends up being shit, I can forgive a lot of that should it be the last we see of Brock.
  11. I like Roman fine and find Lashley about as interesting as a plain bagel but I'd much rather see Lashley against Brock than Roman for the umpteenth time. Hopefully Braun cashes in afterwards and at the very least we never have to see Brock again.
  12. HumanChessgame


    I think my biggest problem with Cueto Sr. is that whenever he comes out to talk, this is all I can see-
  13. HumanChessgame


    Speaking of Godzilla films, I watched the second Toho animated movie on netflix last night. It's good, though like the first film there was too much focus on the humans for my liking. I was hoping for some other kaiju being introduced and although Mothra and Ghidorah were mentioned/implied no one else showed up.
  14. HumanChessgame


    Didn't Brock make a bunch of homophobic comments in an ESPN interview several years back?
  15. HumanChessgame

    Best Look or Unique Look

    I remember picking up a vhs copy of the 2000 Super J Cup way back when and being particularly impressed with Onryo's getup-