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  1. I haven't watched any of the Star Wars animated universe. Where should I start and what's mandatory/skipable?
  2. It's a shame we aren't getting this version of Moxley vs the current version of Roman.
  3. "Hook Redmond" is such a WWE Creative ring name.
  4. Maybe my standards are just that low at this point or maybe I was just busy during the boring parts, but this was actually a good episode of Raw. RIP Friendship Frog.
  5. You guys are sleeping on this banger - (not an official theme but plenty of nostalgia) PS. Surprised they put those clips from the Yokozuna match in there when Duggan lost that pretty soundly
  6. If Dominic Mysterio is serious about putting in the work to become a wrestler, more power to him but he has no business on the main roster and certainly not lasting to the end of a battle royal like that. They also could have given someone else who could actually use the rub (like Gable) instead of the Miz. The men's SS match was a total dud and made the Smackdown crew look like total chumps. New Day/Street Profits was great and probably the best I've ever seen the Profits look. Sasha/Asuka was another good match. The women's SS match wasn't bad but pretty forgettable.
  7. He actually used the Airwolf theme as his entrance music for a while when he was still wearing the mask full time. I was surprised to learn how young he and his brother are. They've got a bright future ahead of them. Also nice to see TH2 get off of Dark. I echo the compliments about the women's match. Hobbs turning heel and hopefully getting a bigger spotlight is good and all, but I think they should have saved it for the next ppv to give it a bit more oomph. The Vegas skit needed a Honky Tonk Man cameo.
  8. So now Orton's going to cost Drew the match on Sunday to ensure this feud never ends, right? The tag title match was good. "Survivor Series team bickers with eachother" is yet another WWE trope that is tired and boring.
  9. Three episodes into S4 of Fargo and the main mafia feud storyline isn't doing much for me. The trademark Fargo aesthetic and overall feel is still there, but this plot is just way too derivative to really keep my interest. Does it pick up at some point, or do any of the other side plots become more interesting?
  10. Was Zelina's contract up or something? That seems out of nowhere. I wonder what this means for Aleistar. As much as I like him, his main roster booking has sucked.
  11. This reminds me of the Keith Lee/Jeff Cobb match everyone was really high on. It seemed like they were trying to build the match around being two big guys wrestling like cruiserweights. They ended up doing a lot of high spots at half speed and I thought most of it just looked like crap. Both of them are capable of busting out some size-defying maneuvers but I think it's best to save stuff like that for when it'll mean something and really get a pop rather than just spamming it. Though I think you could apply that criticism to a lot of wrestling these days.
  12. I'm surprised Zayne has been around as long as he has without getting a look. He's bigger than the average indy guy and does some really amazing stuff. The Rascalz are also excellent talents. If they get a deal I hope it's for all three of them.
  13. I thought it was nonsensical because in a match where umpteen superkicks had already been landed along with tons of other double team moves, it should have taken more than that to end the match.
  14. For a go-home show I wasn't all that impressed (why is Billy Gunn and his even less talented son winning a main event?), aside from the Moxley/Kingston promo. I'm still looking forward to the PPV.
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