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  1. HumanChessgame

    Scenes You Didn't Understand as a Kid

    I was born in 81 and my parents had no problem with me watching most action or horror movies. Hell, they took me to see Total Recall when it came out in the theater. Stuff with explicit sex was off limits though, as possibly seeing people banging was more dangerous than seeing people being disemboweled. I remember renting Pulp Fiction when I was 14/15 and my dad all of a sudden deciding I couldn't watch it.
  2. HumanChessgame

    SDL Es La Sombra de Rey Mysterio - 1/15/2019

    Last week I said we wouldn't get this match because nice things suck. Guess I was wrong. They really need to keep this program going and let them tear it up on a PPV. When Heavy Machinery were called up I was hoping for a Dozer/Big E interaction and that was a good taste. With as good as Smackdown is now, the Usos/Mandy/Naomi angle is straight attitude era bullshit.
  3. HumanChessgame


    Several years ago RF Video did a shoot with Raven and The Honky Tonk Man where they spent about an hour reading through various posts in the thread and discussing their merits.
  4. HumanChessgame

    Royal Rumble XXXII - 1/27/2019

    Brock goes another month without defending the belt on a ppv. It's not like anyone will notice.
  5. HumanChessgame


    I don't think 205 Live is as good as NXT but it's easily the most underrated of all the WWE products. The Itami/Alexander match was another incredible bout.
  6. HumanChessgame

    SDL Is The Body of 1000 Hemsworth Brothers - 1/8/2019

    If we could have nice things, a Rey/Almas program would be one of them. This Usos/Mandy Rose angle is almost as bad as that angle with Rusev, Lana, and Enzo.
  7. HumanChessgame


    I remember numerous kids having that same jacket when I was in middle school circa 1994.
  8. HumanChessgame

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    The Undertaker bodybagging jobbers will always be tops for me.
  9. HumanChessgame

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    Speaking of Jericho, what are the chances he becomes a part of this?
  10. HumanChessgame

    RAW SPOILERS (Airing 12/31/18)

    I've always found Nia to be carryable and Tamina bad but passable if used in a limited capacity, however tonight I thought they both looked awful. Maybe some of the other women are able to work around their weaknesses but they're incredibly outclassed by the rest of the roster.
  11. HumanChessgame


    After seeing it recommended on Netflix forever I finally watched a season of F is for Family. This reminds me of Bojack Horseman crossed with The Wonder Years. This weekend I've also been in need of something to watch at work as the holidays have left things dead so I decided to give The 100 a try. It's managed to hold my interest so far, though I noticed there are six seasons of this and something tells me that it's going to be one of those shows that dips in quality due to it being stretched out past it's logical expiration date. It also does the same thing Arrow does (the flashback episodes anyways) in that it's clearly filmed in the PNW (most likely Vancouver) but is supposed to be set in a different part of the country/world that has completely different geography and vegetation.
  12. HumanChessgame


    Did the PCO/Tanaka match end up happening or did PCO have to cancel due to ROH?
  13. Same thing here. It was really odd and they didn't acknowledge it afterwards. I wondered if that had been a dark match they hadn't mean to air, but the commentators advertised it earlier in the show. Do they record the commentary live during the tv tapings or do it later?
  14. HumanChessgame


    I wonder if they got the trucoat?
  15. HumanChessgame


    I saw the still frame and thought Cody Rhodes had been given a character in Street Fighter.