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  1. HumanChessgame

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    I'm so glad Nak/Rey was kept short for a completely pointless Undertaker appearance. The Evolution segment was like a bunch of over the hill suburban dads having a fraternity reunion and still trying to act like they were in college, which is in keeping with the DX reunion #2. Was Big Show a heel last week? I never pay enough attention to him when he's around to notice. Becky was great in her segment and the Truth TV was funny once again. Granted he probably wouldn't have won, but it's a damn shame Russev got jobbed out of the tournament so he can continue a go-nowhere feud with English.
  2. HumanChessgame

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    So if they were to pull out of this show, would they have to return part of the money KSA had paid them? Or would Vince take an ill-fated trip to the local Saudi consulate to discuss the matter?
  3. HumanChessgame

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    They'll hold the show at an Undisclosed Location and stream it live on the jumbotron at the Saudi arena.
  4. HumanChessgame

    The 'Johnny Kickpads' thread

    You're probably right, I just looked over some old results and all those guys ran together for me as they were always working the opening matches in some combination and I couldn't remember any individual details about them. Now that I think about it, I know one guy (I guess Toland) had the gimmick of bringing some spring loaded exercise tool out with him, and was it Hagadorn that they were always trying to make lose weight? There were also a bunch of guys from the Texas academy that might have fit the label as well.
  5. HumanChessgame

    The 'Johnny Kickpads' thread

    No mention of Davey Richards? ROH's curtain jerker matches for the 04-06 era all seemed to have the same combination of generic Johnny Kickpads guys (Shane Hangadorn, Tank Tolland, Davey Andrews, Pelle Primeu, a couple other guys). This may fall into 'hot take' category given how beloved he is here, but before he made it big in Japan Kenny Omega was a KJP guy who managed to rise above it.
  6. HumanChessgame

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    I recall he teamed with Nigel for a minute. Would the Havana Pittbulls fall into the Johnny Kickpads category? I always found Romero and Reyes totally competent and capable of having good matches when wrestling more interesting people but unimpressive on their own.
  7. HumanChessgame


    For an unnecessary reboot that doesn't look terrible. The creepy for the sake of creepy bit with the kids in masks is ridiculous though
  8. HumanChessgame


    Watched most of Heathers last night. It's so over the top and mocking of pretty much everything that it's almost like a live action South Park. Every character is a horrible, psychotic person who has the scruples of Eric Cartman and it's not so much a case of rooting for a particular character to get out unscathed as it is waiting for everyone to get their comeuppance.
  9. HumanChessgame

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    Chad Collyer...I remember him, John Walters, Matt Stryker, and several other people in that same mold from the early ROH days. Guys with no type of gimmick in plain trunks who were technically proficient and had the charisma of a bran muffin.
  10. HumanChessgame

    Raw Is Coming Up On Total Bellas - 10/8/2018

    Cena and Kurt are in, add in Batista (isn't he advertised for Smackdown this week?), Orton, Jericho, Mysterio, Brock, and maybe Big Show and it's like the past decade never happened.
  11. HumanChessgame

    Super Show-Down - 10/6/2018

    AJ/Joe was solid though I'm not sure what they do with either guy (especially Joe) from here. I dug the Shield/Pack match, but the teasing a Shield split up or a double turn is really stupid and because this is WWE they'll probably make it happen. Drew is still my pick for next guy to hold the Universal title. Main event was basically what you'd get if say, Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee wrestling eachother at a flea market somewhere in Tennessee had big production values. Taker is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time but he's been so slow and plodding in his last few outings it's hard to watch. Speaking of people past their sell by date, Cena needs to hang it up. Part of that is me having absolutely no interest in him (I've never been a big fan, but he had a run of very good matches in the past few years) but he doesn't seem to want to be there at all and ever since Survivor Series last year he's been mailing it in big time.
  12. HumanChessgame

    Better Call Saul

    I haven't watched BB since it originally aired, but didn't he get in with Walter and Jesse on Gus's orders?
  13. HumanChessgame

    Better Call Saul

    So my thought about German Robin Williams was
  14. Aren't RDJ and whichever Chris plays Cap done with their MCU contracts after this movie? I'm guessing one or both of them pull the sacrifice themselves to kill Thanos bit and end up permanently dead.
  15. HumanChessgame


    He'd probably wonder who re-signed AJ.