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  1. Rich Swann? Never Heard of Him. - Raw - 12/11/2017

    So this way Brock retains the title but Strowman doesn't have to take the fall.

    This has me simultaneously really looking forward to the movie and getting an even bigger feeling they're going to needlessly change a bunch of shit.

    That reminds me of how The Berzerker would bring that sword to the ring and he once drove it through the mat trying to spear The Undertaker with it.
  4. SDL is The 12 Days of Rusev - 12/5/2017

    I can't see him being familiar with their music, but Gene Simmons strikes me as the type of guy Vince would be best friends with.
  5. Funniest wrestling name you have heard?

    Chikara has had some good ones over the years. USApe, CP Munk, The Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Mr. Azerbaijan, Retail Dragon

    That's surprising, I had always heard Callihan had a reputation of being a standup guy. Are Elgin and MsChif still married? She deserves better.
  7. #205LIVE

    FTFY. They need to sell copies of Gulak's powerpoint presentation in the WWE shop. Available on diskettes that are only compatible with Windows 95.

    I'd never seen anything of Cobb's prior to Matanza and dug him in the role. Ironically enough when I first saw him wrestling as himself in PWG a short time later he just came off as a slightly more agile version of Elgin. The two of them are pretty interchangeable to me but Cobb has a bit more versatility.
  9. Funniest wrestling name you have heard?

    Todd Morton/Michael Todd Stratton? I remember him doing jobs in WCW definitely trying to ape the R&R Express look and even trying to get the crowd to chant "rock and roll" when he was trying to rally the Worldwide crowd.
  10. Raw Is The Never-Ending Jason Jordan Match - 12/4/2017

    This whole storyline with Jordan has been the absolute worst but he actually looked good in the match, as excessively long as it was. Agreed that he's becoming the biggest heel on Raw right now. I guess that's one way to get pro-Roman chants from the crowd. I'm all for a Joe/Bar vs Shield match at Mania. The Broken Matt/Bray promo was Pro Wrestling as fuck. I'm not getting my hopes up about them not dropping the ball here, but we'll see.
  11. The Netflix Thread

    Trailer for Altered Carbon. I'm wondering if it's going to be anywhere near as violent as the book.

    This was a case of all the hype surrounding it making it really tough to live up to expectations and I wasn't terribly thrilled with it either. I think the hype centered on "omg 80s aesthetic and lgbt love story representation" and overlooked the episode not actually being that good. I agree with all this. Gus is one of those people who has been kind of a loser and milquetoast his whole life so whenever he gets in a position where things are going potentially well for him relationship-wise or professionally he doesn't know how to handle himself and goes overboard. He was also very inconsistently written in season 1 where he'd gravitate between being a decent guy and then becoming a Woody Allen esque neurotic caricature to suit the plot. As toxic as their relationship is I also liked the show in how earnest it portrayed the types of relationships some people get into.

    I get the HHH hate and don't disagree with any of the criticisms, but do people think he's actually going to beat Jinder at the India show? The match was originally going to be a world title match, but they're obviously not going to put the belt back on Jinder so that went out the window. Putting him in a match with HHH means he can get a win over someone who is fairly high profile while not affecting anything in storyline terms. There's probably going to be some dog and pony show finish but no way does HHH win.

    If you haven't seen it yet, there's a really boss Pentagon/Fenix/Flamita vs. Omega/Bucks match from this year's BOLA.
  15. Most Obnoxious Celebrity that You've Met

    A friend of mine who has worked and been on some panels at Dragoncon a few times has told me about running into Tom Savini at a few of the VIP bars at the event. Apparently he's a bigtime boozehound and his temperament changes based on how sauced he is. I'd heard all kinds of stories of Al Jourgensen being an asshole but he and the rest of Ministry spent a lot of time hanging out and talking to people after I saw them in 2003 and was a really nice guy. He probably wasn't using heroin at the time. I also hung out in a hotel room with some of Deceased the first time I saw them, though I didn't end up sleeping there. We had some mutual friends who had ridden down with them and invited me to hang out with the band the rest of the night. King Fowley has even less of a filter IRL and Les is an incredibly nice guy who would remember me every time I'd run into him again years later.