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  1. DC TV Thread

    Or throw him into an alternate dimension.
  2. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    I'm wondering if Kurt will get taken out before the show leading to him putting Jordan in the match. Miz has always complained about Angle and they never officially blew off the Jordan/Miz program that was kind of getting underway did they? The only concern I have about the AJ/Balor match is AJ getting sent to Raw.

    Did New Jack get his gig scars removed?
  4. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    Looking over the card I'm thinking Gallagher/Kendrick vs. Alexander/Swan has potential to be MOTN. It's on the main card and the show doesn't have a ton of shit to cram in so they should get a decent amount of time to show their stuff.
  5. Raw is Glenn Jacobs for Mayor - 10/16/2017

    I've been predicting that Miz tries to order Braun around leading to Braun putting him through a table and walking out on the team so Shield get the win. However the team numbers seem to be leading to a traditional Survivor Series match between the two factions (probably with Big Show and someone else joining The Shield) as a blowoff, so who knows.
  6. Raw is Glenn Jacobs for Mayor - 10/16/2017

    Hopefully someone at least left him a Curt Hennig Below Ring Toilet to shit in since he'd have to wait for the crowd to finish filing out afterwards to leave.
  7. Raw is Glenn Jacobs for Mayor - 10/16/2017

    The Good Brothers/Elias cover of the Honky Tonk Man's theme was a highlight. Kane: at least he's not Big Show. Though I guess this means Big Show is going to come back to help out The Shield at some point.

    Pretty much this. The initial backlash was him getting pushed too much before he was ready, but in that time he's improved drastically. It's pretty similar to what happened with The Rock years ago however Roman doesn't have anywhere near the same charisma or mic skills Rock had which makes it unlikely he'll be able to overcome his past overpushes to be accepted by the crowd as a whole. The Shield reunion is a great chance to cool him off in the main event scene. Let The Shield run roughshod around Raw like they did previously without getting involved in any title feuds while other people go after the belt.
  9. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    The show is just over a week away and there are only four matches announced with only two titles (women's and CW) being defended. With the IC and tag title holders being involved in the main event and because Brock is Brock and never defends his title then matches for those are off the table. Another Bray/Balor match, probably involving some cringeworthy gimmick is likely on the table and maybe we get another Elias vs Crews match. Is anyone else even feuding on Raw right now? Nothing on this show is anything that couldn't just be done on a random Raw episode as a build to Survivor Series, but PPV fatigue it is. Since Survivor Series is brought up here, in the TLC main event have team Miz get the upper hand due to the numbers game, but towards the end Miz tries to order Strowman around and gets slammed through a table for his efforts This is followed by Strowman walking out on them and allowing Shield to get the win. Strowman goes on to campaign for a rematch with Brock at SS and wins the belt there. Given the match layout of the past few years I'd imagine they're going to do a Team Raw vs Team SD thing once again, though I wish they'd just do an 8 or 10 man match for each brand instead. If so, the Miztourage and The Bar look for payback against The Shield who join up with The Good Brothers (they decide that since the Shield are all working together and sticking up for one another then they are, in fact, Good Brothers and not Nerds). Shield win and the next night on Raw they're celebrating in the ring when the lights go out. "We're here"
  10. MR. ROBOT

    I enjoyed the episode but at this point I've got no clue what's going on and have been notoriously bad at picking up the swerves in the series thusfar. It was only the first episode and it's still one of my favorite current shows but I feel like it's dangerously close to crawling up its own ass a la latter day Lost. Every season has had one or more bigtime twists so now I'm trying to figure out what it's going to be this time around. For someone who was gutshot, Elliot seems awful spry after only six days of recovery. Is it going to turn out that he's actually in a coma after being shot and everything that happens is all a fever dream (Angela's comment of 'turning everything back' a reference to him waking up and fixing it?)? Speaking of Angela this episode suggested that she's actually one of the people behind the whole debacle (which doesn't make much sense given the scene last season of her needing to be walked through the hack?). It also looks like she's the only person who's aware of Elliot's multiple personalities. I'm starting to get the idea that Elliot and Mr. Robot have two completely different plans they're trying to hatch and that Angela is in on Mr. Robot's plan and only collaborates with that side of his personality. The Winston Wolfe meets Leisure Suit Larry guy was an interesting addition and I'm curious to see what his agenda actually is.
  11. Blade Runner

    I only see movies in the theater maybe 3 times a year and this was one of them. The original is a favorite of mine and I tried to go into this with as neutral expectations as possible and really enjoyed it. While the movie didn't have any truly standout performances like Rutger Hauer's Roy Batty and his famous monologue everyone involved more than held their own. It was also one of the best looking and sounding films I've seen in a while. All the set design, cinematography, light and color direction, and the score were incredible. One of the things that made the original so iconic was the city design which was both parts drab and dystopian as well as chic and futuristic. They captured that very well here as well as expanding it with the desert and junkyard wastelands. A real sense of massive scale. The way they incorporated various weather elements also added a ton to the atmosphere. As far as the plot goes, it was actually a lot more straightforward than I was expecting. There's plenty to unpack but I didn't go away from it with a lot of unanswered questions and speculation. Agreed with all this. I found the AI Girlfriend storyline a bit too hackneyed and could have done without a lot of those scenes. However I realize the importance of that whole angle for K's development for reasons already mentioned. About the only lingering question I have is
  12. SDL is Kevin's Heaven - 10/10/2017

    Which is only going to escalate when Little Jimmy gets involved and everyone tries to figure out who he's going to side with.
  13. SDL is Kevin's Heaven - 10/10/2017

    As soon as The Shield got back together on Monday my immediate thought was getting Harper and Rowan moved to Raw so they can start building the match that should have happened at Wrestlemania XXX.

    A local theater is doing an El Topo/Holy Mountain double feature next week. I hope they give out complimentary LSD.

    They'll find ways to make Bray worse. They always do. Next we have Bray taking control of Finn's demon persona followed by Finn overcoming the mind control and getting the best of Bray once again. All of this will be carried out in the most wrestlecrap fashion imaginable. I dread the clownshoes gimmick match they'll have the two face off in. Between this and the best forgotten Randy Orton feud I think the writers are trying to come up with the most retarded stuff they can get the powers that be to sign off on. The Mickie James/Alexa back and forth was quite good, even if mocking Mickie for her age is idiotic especially when you consider she's a few years younger than your absentee world champ. It's good to see the Shield back together though I think this would have been more effective if it had closed the show. Then again nobody is watching by the end, plus you've got two weeks to build up a ppv program (for a ppv that has what, 4 matches made official?) so that is what it is.