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  1. How often have NXT titles been vacated? It seems like one or two of them go into abeyance at least once a year, or maybe it just seems that way with people constantly being called up.
  2. The first Best of the Best in 2001 is probably the best starting point if you want to go all the way through CZW. I followed them really closely until 09 or so then lost interest. Around 2014 it started to pick back up and the past few years have had some good stuff, but madsplash was right in his assessment of them losing a lot of regulars and not having anything that really stands out as of late. I didn't like Jordan Oliver at first as he doesn't have much of a physique and his getup looks incredibly backyardish. However, over the last few months he's started to grow on me as his matches have actually been pretty entertaining and not just a bunch of sloppy spots, though maybe that's part of his gimmick in being someone who doesn't look like much but is capable of going. He's only 19 and apparently has a pretty solid high school wrestling background so it will be interesting to see what he develops into over the next couple of years.
  3. Based on tonight's NXT episode I'm guessing Riddle/Roddy is a possibility.
  4. I've been putting MLW's show on while working out for the past few months. They've got great production value and storylines are interesting enough. Jim Corrnette is like a southern version of Mauro though (I don't mean that in a good way) but not obnoxious enough to take me out of it. As far as the ringwork goes, there are some good matches and I like quite a few guys on the roster but it illustrates what's going on with the indy scene in general right now - there are a few dozen guys that regularly work all the same promotions so there are any number of other places you can also see similar combinations of their regulars. A few of the hometown guys and stables keep it fresh though. Didn't Andrade catch heat when he first signed due to being unwilling to improve his English or was that someone else? Or just a rumor?
  5. If only there were a group of intrepid sleuths of some form or fashion that could help him out...
  6. I don't blame you, I wouldn't bring a lamp shaped like a woman's leg on a plane either.
  7. The Usos/Revival pranks give me flashbacks of the Edge and Christian/Dudleys feud. I'm just waiting for one of The Revival to pull out an economy tub of ass cream. These skits have been pretty dumb so far, but I'll admit to laughing at Dawson doing the dog with a turd stuck in its ass scoot across the ring.
  8. Ah yes, nothing says shaking up the regular course of business like opening with a 20+ minute promo. At least Bryan/Kofi was good though I have no idea what Bryan does now. Sami ended up like Shredder at the end of the first Ninja Turtles movie.
  9. Dragged Across Concrete is really good. At 2 hours and 40 minutes it's a lot to get through and the pacing is quite slow at times, though I'd say it's more deliberate than anything. They really give all the characters all their own nuances and quirks that makes them feel more like actual people. Many of the scenes with Vaughn and Gibson's characters honestly made me feel like I was watching a season of True Detective that was never made. It's not as good as Heat or The Town in terms of long movies centering around heists and morally compromised individuals but it's worth watching.
  10. Lio Rush would have barely been a teenager at the time so I doubt he would have been much help
  11. The cameo thing reminds me of those ads in WWE magazine back in the day where you could supposedly pay 19.99 or whatever it was to have a wrestler personally call you for your birthday or whatever. I wonder if they just got a bunch of guys to record a birthday message then had some office lackey say the actual person's name.
  12. I used to work in catering at a venue that had WWE events on the regular. There were only two WWE house shows that came through in my time, but they only got beverage services. There was a fridge stocked with bottled water and gatorade and a table with a coffee service set up in the gorilla position. Granted this was over 10 years ago and things might have changed since then.
  13. Do all the wrestlers have to pay for their own hotels and car fees or is that something a few of them can get put in their contracts? It's pretty fucked if a company says you have to travel to work your job but aren't willing to provide you with the means to do so. At any job I've had where I had to travel we at least got reimbursed for mileage and food costs. I'd also think a decent CPA could set up a way for them to get all these expenses as tax writeoffs. For years the WWE has pulled shit with the wrestlers because they were the only (or at least the far best) game in town. Given how big the indies are getting and the possible success of AEW they're going to lose their leverage in that department.
  14. If this somehow gets us PCO in the WWE then I'm here for it.
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