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  1. I can't think of any specific matches offhand, but he was excellent in AAW for the past year or two. He, Eddie Kingston, Jeff Cobb, and Trevor Lee were in a heel faction (Wrstling aka Wrestling without the E) and did some really great stuff in the ring and character-wise.
  2. I fully expected Kofi to win the match and had no problem with him doing so, but I agree the way he did it was too over the top. If they had saved him getting mauled by Rowan to the next to the last fall and then had him flash rollup Orton or Joe then that would have been more realistic. I'd also expected AJ to somehow get involved with the Orton section of the match. Sure him wining the belt at Mania is going to get a massive pop, but then what? I can't think of any new or exciting Kofi Kingston matches I'm raring to see. As much as I'd like to see Bryan hold it for longer I agree that he doesn't need it to be over. Let Kofi drop the title to Rey by Summerslam then give us a Rey/Bryan feud before Rey hangs it up. Miz's delivery in the opening promo was good, but he's one of the last people on the roster that I can take seriously as a sympathetic face. All his promos leading up to the team with Shane reeked of insincerity and accepting him as a face requires completely ignoring everything he's done for the last several years. Worse than that is Shane being touted as some MMA badass.
  3. They very easily could have built this up over the next few weeks with Gable seeing himself as the successor to Angle as the next legit olympic wrestler on the roster and jockeying for a match. You could even have Jason Jordan back in the mix deciding if he wants to be in the corner of his longtime friend and tag partner or his "father" Kurt. This is going to be worse than Mania 32 isn't it?
  4. Seconding the hype for Love, Death, and Robots. A lot of these episodes are like stories Philip K. Dick never wrote. Some of the others make me think of how much better Black Mirror could be if the episodes were a decent length.
  5. There are already several piss break worthy matches so as long as they're spaced out among the card you should be fine.
  6. It isn't just that their team is two random guys thrown together who have plenty of better singles stuff they could be doing, it's that there are plenty of already established tag teams out there that could be using that rub instead.
  7. I thought Tony Mamaluke might be Italian American as he looked the part, but his real last name is Spencer, so that's questionable. Speaking of The Bronx, he is apparently a policeman there after he retired from wrestling.
  8. Unless they end up finding a way to insert Roman into the world title match it's pretty much a lock the women's three way will go on last. With Roman being cleared I'm wondering if they do the Bret/Yoko/Hulk deal only on Raw the next night with Brock retaining at Mania then Roman beating him for the belt the next night. Possible bold prediction - Bryan/Kofi goes on first as the "hot opener". HHH/Batista gets the 9:30 ish mid show main event for people who have to call it an early night kind of like what the mixed tag got last year.
  9. At least there's not going to be a Taker match so that frees up 20 minutes worth of entrance time. Which will probably be used up in the HHH/Batista match.
  10. The last couple of shoot interviews he did were incredibly depressing. You could just tell his injuries, addictions, and bad luck were getting the best of him. I wish he could have found a way to clean himself up and have another run.
  11. I'm kinda surprised the Steiners aren't in yet. Then again as long as both of them are above ground they can go in whenever. Is there any known beef between BPP and the WWE brass?
  12. The UK title match is the only must-see bout on there for me. It's a shame as Takeovers are always something I depend on as a palate cleanser for the main roster PPVs, and Mania is looking underwhelming as fuck this year.
  13. I haven't been following ROH as closely as I normally have the past month or two. Are PCO and Marty's crew supposed to be faces?
  14. Bodhi's best friend turned on him and he never came back from that giant wave. His body was never found. Surfer Sting's best friends also always turn on him. Coincidence?
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