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  1. When AEW was first taking off I really thought JR was a weak point on commentary. He sounded unenthused, indifferent, and not all that up on the wrestlers (granted some of his inflection and lack thereof is due to his medical condition). After Full Gear and tonight's show I'm coming around on him. He's starting to sound more like the JR of old who is actually into the product and familiar with the talent.
  2. I'm guessing Rowan is carrying around a ferret he's going to throw into the tub when his opponent is trying to take a bath.
  3. It's only a matter of time before Marty, Kenny, and the Young Bucks Too Sweet one another over Cody's battered body.
  4. I watch GCW and CZW semi-regularly and can dig a good deathmatch. I take it this was actually decent and not the sanitized WWE Hardcore title sort?
  5. Preshow match was not good at all I'm a fan of the Young Bucks sprint clusterfuck matches when they're done right, but this was a case of them cutting down their schtick and showing they're capable of putting on a more straightforward match when they want. Great opener Page/Pac was a nice match. Didn't care about Spears/Janella. I like Joey but no matter how they try to rehab Spears, everything about him reeks of jobber and I couldn't get into the match. The three way tag match was a lot of fun. I agree with Private Party still being a bit green but they hung in here really well. The women's title match didn't interest me that much and I had some work stuff going on at the time so I didn't give it that much attention. Not a whole lot of title matches in recent memory got the quality buildup and speculation that Cody/Jericho had. Everything about this was laid out great with the finish being exceptionally well done. I also think they could have sat on the MJF heel turn a bit longer, but I'm already looking forward to the promos. After the world title match I completely forgot about Omega/Moxley and turned it off. Is it worth checking out?
  6. Whomever ends up winning the title down the line is someone Cody has beaten clean. They do a "you won't defend it against me because you know you'll lose" storyline with the title holder agreeing to reverse the stipulation just to prove they're a fighting champion.
  7. I think Jericho should go over for the same reasons. There's undoubtedly going to be some kind of fuck finish and then you can spend the next however long for Cody trying to find a loophole to get another shot if you really need to put the belt on him at some point.
  8. 5 on 5 or 4 on 4 - NXT vs Raw, NXT vs Smackdown, Raw vs Smackdown (one of these can be a women's match) I'd also have been fine with them leaving NXT out of this and just doing an NXT vs NXT-UK angle for Wargames
  9. I could have sworn 205 Live wasn't a thing anymore with the CW title being defended in NXT now. Considering most of the same people wrestle for both brands it's hardly a big change up.
  10. So Vince basically gaslit the entire roster? I'm anxious to hear the stories everyone who gets released has at this point.
  11. Looking forward to Grimes/Bate and I'll be shocked if Lee and Riddle don't get in eachother's faces post-match.
  12. I'm completely sober right now but then again I'm getting ready to go to work.
  13. Please tell me someone has tried to make this character in the newest WWE video game.
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