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  1. Wasn't that back alley brawl between Golddust and Piper at WM12 pre-taped? I remember they spliced the footage of OJ Simpson's police chase into it. That show also featured the Bret/Shawn ironman match which I remember being a real slog.
  2. Fuck you, he has Vince's money? Charlotte/Rhea was really good but Charlotte winning was the wrong choice unless the plan is for Rhea to get her win back in front of an actual audience. The other women's match was also solid though I thought they were going to have Bayley and Sasha as the last two in order to finally start up a feud. It was good to see Drew win the title. The match was about what I was expecting in terms of length and quality. One layer of wrestling hell will involve watching that LMS match on repeat. The Firefly Funhouse was like some Adult Swim bumper reject. Say what you will about the Boneyard match, at least it did what it set out to do. This was just like an extra long Bray promo. They should have just gone full absurd with it and had the two of them wrestle as puppets or cartoon characters. Hell, their alter egos in a Southpaw episode would have been better. The rest of the show was basically an episode of Raw.
  3. I was going to poo-poo the Boneyard match until I had this same realization. While it reminded me of some made for Syfy D list action/horror movie, it was better than an actual match would have been.
  4. Bojangles or gtfo Honestly I've never tried one of those Popeyes sandwiches that everyone is talking about as there's no Popeyes convenient to me. The Bojangles chicken supremes, seasoned fries, and cajun filet biscuit are hard to fuck with. I don't go to Chikfila often but their Polynesian dipping sauce is awesome.
  5. The Dark Order is now interesting. One of the most entertaining promos of the year was on this show and it involved Chris Jericho talking shit to a drone in an empty arena.
  6. All of the Shinzaki stuff from FMW I've seen has been a pretty mixed bag. When he was motivated he had some really entertaining material but I've seen just as many matches where he was sluggish and kinda mailing it in. What's the general consensus on his body of work overall?
  7. In his book Holly claimed to have competed in amateur toughman fights for several years but that's one of those things that you can't really verify.
  8. If you want to listen to Jim Cornette shit on the idea, it's actually one of his more reasonable rants
  9. I'm aware of Gronk's existence and his station in life, but this was the first time I've seen him interact with people and he came off like an older version of the obnoxious jock character from a teen comedy. Between he and Corbin I'm not sure who I'd like to see less.
  10. Since late 2013 I've been working from home most of the time and I have a schedule (third shift over the weekends) that has left me more or less isolated from most of humanity during peak times. Last week we got word that all available staff would be working from home, except for essential personnel. Naturally, since I'm one of the few people on my shift and a tier 2 that means I'm not working from the office full time until further notice. At least I'll have the building to myself.
  11. That and a loophole to get around restrictions on how many people can gather at a certain place.
  12. I was hoping we'd get a few more matches out of Drew and Bryan, but I'm all in on them teaming up to stretch fools. Bringing Gronk on board probably kept mojo employed for the next year or two.
  13. If I -have- to get pizza from a chain, I'll go Papa John's, then Pizza Hut, then Dominoes. The PJ garlic dipping sauce is pretty much sodium in a cup, but it makes up for a lot. I remember in the 80s and early 90s when Pizza Hut was actually good. This could be because it was about the only restaurant in my hometown and I never had proper NY style pizza till I was almost in my teens. The days of a pizza cooked in a skillet, those red cups, and a few games of Double Dragon were a staple of the few times I actually dined out in my youth. Not to mention that free pan pizza you got via BookIt.
  14. People need to be aware of CVS with this toilet paper shortage. If you run out, a CVS receipt will ensure you're good for a week.
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