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  1. HumanChessgame


    Are these places anywhere near Suplex City or Dudleyville? I'm also wondering if any of these cities feature Know Your Role Blvd. or a Jabroni Dr.
  2. Jeff has been really good since coming back. For a guy who's wrestled the way he has for as long as he has coupled with his history of substance abuse and that his joints are basically held together with spit and bailing wire I'm amazed at how well he's still performing. He managed to get what I thought was a surprisingly watchable match out of Jinder on the Raw episode where he won the title.
  3. HumanChessgame


    Meh. As someone who doesn't have cable I'm ok with this. Does people DVRing the show still count as a view?
  4. HumanChessgame


    I remember seeing Dustin wrestle Scott Steiner at an indy show here in summer of 07 and he looked really bad. He must have been almost 300 pounds and looked like he didn't want to be there at all, hell Big Poppa Pump was more mobile and agile than he was. Based on the picture, he must have been nearing the high point of his addictions at that point. It's amazing to see how much he turned himself around in the past couple of years.
  5. HumanChessgame


    Marrowbone - A new movie by the writer of The Orphanage. The big twist at the end was a bit weak but everything leading up to it was entertaining and sufficiently creepy. Primal Rage - No this isn't based on the SNES fighting game with dinosaurs, but rather a creature survival horror movie featuring a sasquatch as the antagonist. The monster is more than just some mindless beast and it's tied into some Native American superstitions as well. Nothing groundbreaking but solid for what it is. Revenge - I don't know why they didn't try to shoehorn this into that new I Spit On Your Grave series as it's basically the same plot. The cinematography is actually very good for this sort of movie. It takes place in the desert and they did a nice job capturing the isolation and remoteness of the location. A lot of the more graphic scenes are also a lot more visceral and painful looking than the standard gore scenery.
  6. HumanChessgame

    [NXT] May 16, 2018 TV Show

    Maybe Batista shared with him the secrets of being a huge guy and still being able to become invisible.
  7. HumanChessgame

    The WESTWORLD Thread

    My current theory is that Ford sees the replicants/cylons/hosts/whatever you want to call them as having evolved to the point of becoming actual sentient beings and wants them recognized as such. Perhaps he wants Westworld to be its own sovereign nation with himself as ruler and Bernard is his proxy to allow him to regenerate himself and make their situation known to the outside world. I'm on board with the idea that as William got older he began to cast aside his greed and hubris to realize the prospect of Westworld and the hosts as a means for the elite to achieve immortality is now something that needs to be stopped. He might not have been expecting the host rebellion but now that it has he realizes he can get them to help kill his creation. There's also the question of what the rest of the world is like at this point. Did it start a decline toward dystopia in the years since William gained control and saw to the advancement of the host technology? Is Westworld being groomed as some sort of lifeboat or refuge for the rich and powerful while the rest of the world declines?
  8. HumanChessgame

    Cobra Kai

    Can we agree that Daniel's son was the biggest heel on the show?
  9. HumanChessgame

    London Calling - Raw - 5/14/2018

    List of all matches (no results) Full spoilers
  10. HumanChessgame

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Beyond the hot shotting to the title picture and nonsensical booking with regards to win/loss records, my main gripe with putting Rhonda in this match is that she's still green as grass. Her match at Mania over-delivered but there was a lot of smoke and mirrors there. Mickie and Natalya are the closest they have to seasoned vets who can help a rookie learn and are exactly the types of people she should be working with at this point.
  11. HumanChessgame

    Cobra Kai

    Youtube has ordered a second season of Cobra Kai.
  12. HumanChessgame


    I saw a preview for the upcoming season after 205 Live last night. It definitely looks like there's a Cena/Nikki breakup segment.
  13. HumanChessgame

    Rusev In The Bank! - SDL - 5/8/2018

    They really should have had Cass be Miz's new heater. Miz needs a stooge and Cass needs a mouthpiece so it would have been a good fit. I think they're starting to get the idea that audiences are worn out and itching to go home by the end of PPVs (especially since some people mentioned the venue they were in for Backlash is a pain to get out of) and laying them out like they do with Raw. For a while the actual main event for Raw has been around the 10pm hour where they can still count on a majority of the crowd to be attentive and energetic. Look at Mania - the mixed tag was the true main event and they stuck that in the middle of the card to ensure the audience would still have some gas in the tank.
  14. HumanChessgame

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    The ending of the Nak/AJ was to set up a Last Man Standing match, right?
  15. HumanChessgame

    Cobra Kai

    For something that initially looked like it was going to border on self-parody, Cobra Kai was way better than it had any right to be.