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  1. What I like so much about Carrie is the grittiness of the setting and the way she and her mother looked and acted the part. Their ramshackle house full of unsettling backwoods rummage store jesus bricabrac made them actually look like the scary old testament isolationist christians that everyone in the neighborhood would avoid and start rumors about. That was my biggest issue with the remake - the characters were way too conventionally attractive and the setting too clean to convincingly portray the creepy lifestyle they had.
  2. How much of a no-brainer is it to put the finals on a PPV (preferably Summerslam but Takeover at the least)? Even if they want to push it as a separate brand, it still needs as much exposure as possible to reach all the potential audience members.
  3. That guy reminded me of a coked up Montell Williams.
  4. Lynch is just exhaling the bong rip he took before writing last night's episode. I can definitely see that episode polarizing a lot of people, especially casual or first time viewers. Under different circumstances I would write off something like that as self-indulgent crap, but being a long time TP and Lynch fan I thought it was incredible.
  5. I watched it all this evening and thought it was a really good show for the most part. It did a really good job of capturing the spirit and campyness of the original GLOW and also giving a lot of good insight into how wrestling works (most notably the scene where some of the girls go to an actual wrestling match and it dawns on one about how it's exactly like a soap opera). Should this get picked up I'm thinking Ruth ends up like Piper in OITNB in that she's intended to be the main character but ends up being less interesting and popular than the supporting characters.
  6. The Steiner Brothers vs Bret Hart & Owen Hart (Florence, South Carolina Jan-94) I had no idea this match existed.
  7. They'll continue to book shows like these as long as there are still people willing to pay to see it. Nostalgia will almost always bring in the dollars, no matter how rose colored the glasses are or what state the people putting on the act are now in.
  8. Photo

    I thought that was Robert Dinero which made the composition especially puzzling.
  9. Mauro + Nigel and/or YBT wouldn't be as good as having Graves back, but it would be a marked improvement.
  10. Carmella's opening promo really overdelivered. Citing precedent and continuity doesn't happen that often in WWE and this was well done. I'm fine with the MITB ruling as Bryan is really in a damned if he does and damned if he doesn't situation but it would have made a lot more sense and cut out a lot of negative publicity had they just done this last night and restarted the match. Ziggler/Nak was a solid outing. Gable/Owens was also good and Gable came off as a legit threat, but AA really need to be back as a team. Is Jordan injured or something? Also, if Gable is going to start wrestling on his own he'd best learn from Gargano and Enzo and watch his back as friendships are not long for the world in today's WWE. Main event was good for what it was. No sign of the Kanelli?
  11. NXT

    This. I agree that the lack of star power has something to do with the diminishing returns, but the biggest factor is likely that NXT tours so often now people are going to hold off or be less enthusiastic about going since they figure it will come back around once again. Some of the more out of the way locations will draw well but in bigger cities that have been on the NXT circuit before the fans will be more inclined to wait for another tour that will potentially include more of their favorites, or they just went not too long ago and don't feel like it again.
  12. Can Gargano and Enzo be managed by Sting then?
  13. No matter how much kayfabe logic there is behind it, both Enzo and Cass are going to flounder as singles. Cass has improved but he's still nowhere near ready for beyond midcard solo action. Enzo is dead in the water as a singles guy. Aren't they also one of the biggest merch movers? They need to have Cass just give him a beating that kayfabe ends his career and find someone else for him to manage. I figured the womens' segment was going to close out the show and was completely surprised when there was another bit left afterwards. Echoing everyone else here who says the Joe/Braun segment should have closed it out. The match was really good and Braun got an amazing pop. It would have been a perfect note to end the show on. Maybe they wanted something to pop ratings before a lot of the audience went to bed? Did I hear correctly that The Revival are cleared to wrestle again? I'm looking forward to seeing them back.
  14. I had heard the plan was to bring Shelton in and make a stable of amateur guys with he, Swagger, and AA. Repackaging AA as heels who go around wrecking people because they're angry at being overlooked or whatever is something they could pull off in-ring, though the two of them have such natural face charisma I think it might be tough. Next to Bayley I think they got some of the worst post-NXT booking of all the callups.
  15. Bryan and Shane are butthurt about the outcome, but based on the rules you quoted what happened was technically legal. She gets forced to put the briefcase on the line in a 5 way match on Tuesday maybe?