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  1. Luger has popped up in conversation around the board a bit in recent weeks. It made me wonder, I thought The Narcissist gimmick was a good fit for him and I seem to recall him being built up as a challenger to Bret (they worked eachother on the house show circuit at some point I think?). Onto the question - what would have happened if they'd kept him in that gimmick longer term instead of his abrupt face turn into the patriotic opponent to Yokozuna? What does the summer of 1993 look like if The Lex Express and his face push never happen? Who does he feud with and who gets in a program with Yoko after Hogan leaves?
  2. Owens coming out to destroy Corbin because he feels like he got screwed over (which he did) a la Lawler and Bret would be an acceptable outcome.
  3. Here comes Baron Corbin push #423 that will go over like a wet fart. The match was pretty decent, though most of that was on Gable. I would be quick to write off the Cucknelis segment as Attitude Era wrestlecrap did it not give us the return of Russev and his mustache. The rest of the show was good overall. I have little confidence Bray's new schtick will have legs but time will tell.
  4. Satanic Panic was a great horror comedy. If you've seen The Babysitter on netflix it's much in that same vein only better.
  5. I remember a ton of blowback about Jarrett at the time. Putting someone like him that people didn't care about on top was yet another sign of WCW going down the tubes.
  6. 1994 Steve Williams vs. 2004 Samoa Joe Furnas/Kroffat vs. The Revival Fit Finlay vs. Drew Gulak 1993 Vader vs 2005 Daniel Bryan Bret Hart vs Chis Hero Curt Hennig vs. AJ Styles Kaientai vs. The Elite (maybe add Teoh and Devitt to make it 4 on 4) 1996 Raven vs 2015 Bray Wyatt (I don't even give a fuck about the match, just the crazy buildup) I thought about this match then wondered if it ever happened - did Curt Hennig and Chris Jericho ever wrestle in WCW?
  7. I remember seeing Roadhouse on tv for the first time and marking out when Terry Funk showed up.
  8. And someone uploads it with Yakkety Sax playing in the background.
  9. Another great match on 205 Live last night. Shame it wasn't actually at Survivor Series where people might have actually seen it.
  10. If they must put out another installment in the series, I'd prefer they pull a Halloween and make a new movie that just retcons the second two out of existence.
  11. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.
  12. I'm not going to clutch my pearls just yet. NXT has been getting stale for a while now (the last two Takeovers were mediocre at best) so I don't think simply moving platforms and extending the show will necessarily change much for the worse. Personally, I'm probably going to ditch the network after this as NXT was the main thing I used it for.
  13. I'm trying to decide what the lesser evil of all these possibilities is and am coming up empty.
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