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  1. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    The send off the crowd gave Ember after her match made it seem like it was her finale. I wonder if they're going to try and recruit Roddy and start a "is he going to join up or not" angle.
  2. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Any word on dark matches or stuff they taped for tv?
  3. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Gargano/Almas was a great opener. Almas finally got a victory that meant something plus Gargano looked very strong in the process. Tag title match was a lot of crazy fun and told the story of Sanity's numbers and unpredictable nature being too much for AOP. Black/Itami was every bit the stiff slugfest I thought it would be. I do think Itami should have won, though. The women's match was good, but they've really booked themselves into a corner with Asuka. Unless they decide to really push whomever wins the MYC they've made her look too unbeatable. The main event was solid and MacIntyre really looked like world champ material. It's good to see the Honorable Ringmen get a strong push as opposed to just some random introductions that take a while to get their characters and storylines going somewhere.

    Maybe someone tried to teach him how to be 7 feet tall and he found out the hard way that's a lesson no one can learn.
  5. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    Win or lose, I'm predicting Corbin gives Cena a post-match beatdown that at least attempts to make him look strong and give cause to Cena's upcoming departure.
  6. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    Normally I'd be bummed that the WWE blew off the MITB cashin in such a way but it's Corbin (granted I think he's improved a lot in the last year but he still shouldn't be around the world title picture) so I can't bring myself to care. Was it just me or was Naomi really awful on commentary? The Nattie/Becky match was fine but poor Becky deserves more. I was really looking forward to another Russev/Gable match after how good their last one was, but man did that outcome suck. It might have made Russev look strong going into SS, but in the end he just ended up looking like a fool and Gable looked like cannon fodder.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about Ric Flair being hospitalized yesterday? I saw something reblogged on fb about it, but it was from some random clickbait celeb news site.
  8. SDL is TULLY THE HORSE 8/8/17

    Last week I hoped we'd get a Dougie reference and that exceeded expectations. Arn was incredible. Smackdown continues to be the far superior weekly show, but because the matches tend to give the wrestlers plenty of time to properly tell stories and put out a decent product it only allows for time to get so much of the roster on the show.
  9. Raw Is Bayley Booed in Bizarroland - 8/7/2017

    This, plus the main difference with doing this with Rock and Austin and doing it with Bayley is that the former two had the skills and creative freedom to make their heel characters work. I'm not as critical of Bayley's mic skills and character work as others, but even if the bookers could orchestrate such a turn competently I don't see her as having the chops to pull it off.

    that Miz strikes me as someone who was probably a grade A tool in his 20s and lived the gimmick a bit too much so to speak, but eventually developed enough self-awareness to grow out of it or at least realize he had to keep himself in check if he wanted to stay employed. Enzo seems like someone who always was obnoxious but managed to parlay his obnoxiousness into something that got him a job. Take someone who is naturally that over the top and put them in a situation where they have some degree of money and fame and they get even worse. He's already 30 so who knows if he'll get his act together or not.

    These shows aren't on the network are they? I checked and couldn't find anything that looked like it and the Hardcore TV for the dates doesn't look promising. I've got them on VHS with no commentary around here somewhere but from what I remember those were really good cards that would be nice to enjoy in decent quality.
  12. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    I was expecting an Itami/Ohno rematch as it seemed like they had unresolved issues from their first bout, plus you had Itami talking a lot of shit about him. Itami/Black has the potential to be all kinds of awesome so I'm fine with getting that on the card instead though it does suck that Ohno isn't getting a spot as he's been aces since his return. As far as who wins, I think Black can afford the loss more than Itami as Itami is still building momentum since his return and getting this new heel persona up and running. Black still has plenty of momentum as long as he looks strong throughout the match and Itami gains traction being the first person to hand Black a loss. Since they're both been established as effective strikers, it would work really well if they go with a Rocky II type ending of both guys KOing eachother but one of them just barely beating a 10 count to get back up.
  13. SummerSlam XXX

    That will be due to Enzo's opening promo which will probably be longer than the match itself.
  14. SummerSlam XXX

    Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman (WWE Universal Championship, if Brock loses, he leaves the WWE) Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley (WWE Raw Women's Championship) Neville (c) vs. Akira Tozawa (WWE Cruiserweight Championship) Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Championship) Naomi (c) vs. Natalya (WWE SmackDown Women's Championship) AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens (WWE United States Championship with Shane McMahon as special guest referee) Randy Orton vs. Rusev Not announced but likely- Cena vs. Corbin New Day vs. The Usos blowoff match for the SD tag titles Miz vs. Jason Jordan for the IC title As far as the Raw tag titles go, I'm thinking a 4 way match between The Hardys, Cesamus, The Revival, and The Club Big Show vs. Big Cass Have they announced if Summerslam is going to start ridiculously early? If so we might get a couple more matches for the preshow.