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  1. One more completely random dude and you have the makings of a classic WAR six man.
  2. J.K. Simmons as Vince. His portrayal of Jameson in the Spiderman movies is damn close already.
  3. Were Hardbody Harrison and Hardwork Bobby Walker the same guy? I would totally be down with Titus and Miz as competing talent agents trying to one up and steal away eachother's charges.
  4. Even if he got taken out prior to the match, it would have been worth it just for Graves' tantrum. I was expecting Big Show, then I remembered he's a face this month. This is another PPV that's just shaping up to be a bonus episode of Raw.
  5. Photo

    Isn't this pretty much Enzo and Cass's gimmick?
  6. Photo

    Show would end after three episodes when Braun pulls a Homer Simpson and eats all the food in a buffet before he's full. Ellsworth would end up stuffed in a hoagie roll and eaten.
  7. Drake was the ref, correct? He probably noticed it and thought "Pfft, you call that getting color?" Solid show and I'm really looking forward to next week. I think my favorite part of the main event was Dain's smiling head shake as he shut the door. That needs to be .gifed asap.
  8. If their stable needs a heater/wildcard then there's only one reasonable choice-
  9. When they mentioned after the match that Jinder would get his title shot at the PPV I got confused because I thought they were still running this Orton/Bray title program at the next PPV, then realized they were two different shows. What's the point of even running the Orton/Bray match (at least for the title) when they keep saying Orton is going to be defending the belt at a later show? They could at least hype it up on Smackdown by discussing what might happen if Bray wins and Jinder has to face him. Or even what would happen to the title and Bray's roster membership if he wins. Did they just change the Bollywood Boyz last name? I remember them always being referred to as the Sihra brothers in NXT/205.
  10. Don't post on boards that are bad.
  11. Who is supposed to be the heel in the Jinder/Orton program? Jinder's promo was clearly on the heel end of the spectrum, but nobody wants to cheer for Randy. So The Colons are just referring to themselves by their family name and don't appear to have any gimmick (other than some vague heel tactics) but are still wearing their Shining Stars gear.
  12. "You have a match with Roman at Payback" "It will be his funeral!" Between that and Braun casually dragging Kalisto around backstage and chucking him in a trash bin, I was thoroughly entertained. Braun is like a caricature of a monster hoss from the 80s and in the best way possible. Fairly certain the ref is dead. Jericho's promo and the Drifter cameo amused me more than it probably should have. The Cesaro/Jeff Hardy match was pretty good. Other than that I don't remember much about this show.
  13. All in for Dylan Miley. #makewrestlinguglyagain Kimber Lee and Ruby Riot both looked good. In a few months the women's division is going to be going full steam once again. I don't know what's worse, Black's music or the new NXT theme. He looked like a boss in the squash match and I'm all for a Black/Drew feud. The few matches of Lorcan's I saw on the indies didn't do a ton for me. He wasn't bad or anything, just kind of overshadowed by other people who did similar stuff better. Up until his series with Almas I thought pretty much the same thing of his NXT work and after this bout with Drew I'm more invested in him. Speaking of Drew he did some really good stuff in his time off and seemed to get a lot of his passion back. Looking forward to see what else he has.