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  1. Claudio was my first thought when Bryan started talking up his replacement. I'd mark even harder if Hero shows up though. I thought Penta/Black was good stuff. Miro's promo at the end was more tremendous shit from him. Speaking of great promos, Christian showed just what a valuable asset he is to the organization. While I think Silas is a really underrated guy and a hometown favorite, him coming out here seemed a bit out of left field. Especially since they've got a roster full of people who could have done the job and used the tv time.
  2. Lashley/Gable is one of those matches I never knew I wanted to see until tonight. Despite the size differential they both have similar styles and really meshed well together. I wish Ciampa/Styles had gone longer but what we got was good.
  3. I'm surprised Jericho won his match. When I saw Davey Vega playing the "barber" I'd assumed they'd do some type of fuck finish at the end, and maybe Ortiz would cut a few chunks out of Jericho a la Becky/Bianca and he'd show up next week with the same haircut he had during his last WWE run. Osprey/Dax was fantastic. As much as I'd prefer FTR to just stick to tag matches, Dax has shown he's the guy you can plug in to have a fantastic match with anyone, and him losing doesn't matter as he's not a singles guy in the end. Britt/Storm was very good. I realize this is more of a me problem, but would it hurt them to do brief video packages about the New Japan guys that are going to be featured at Forbidden Door for those in the audience who don't follow NJPW? Excalibur pointing out who they are and what's notable about them is one thing, but a 60 second montage of a guy with a "coming soon to Forbidden Door" thing would make them look like a big deal. I recal WCW doing something like that when they had their cross promotional event. Ladder matches are way overdone at this point, but I still found myself enjoying the main event. The Hardys definitely would have taken a few more years off their lives in such a match, and I guess they were originally slated to win the titles here? While I don't care about The Young Bucks having the belts again, I'm assuming it's just until the next PPV if that long and we got the long overdue Christian heel turn. I'm looking forward to what he and JB can do together.
  4. I keep expecting Gacy's minions to unmask and be two actual known people that he's managed to suck into his cult, though I'm assuming they're just two new PC guys for now. Working a match in that gear is admirable, whoever they are. Grimes' promo was great and I'm glad he's getting away from the goofy gimmick, even if he was totally running with it. He came off like the Trevor Lee of old here and I'm looking forward to the match with Breaker. Desmond Xavier might end up on his feet as a solo guy after all. I didn't realize Rich Italian Guy was Aichner rebranded, mainly because I thought he'd been released. While I don't think any of them are quite at the high level that the original Four Horsewomen were, the current crop of women in NXT is the most solid they've had in a long time.
  5. Even though I realized there was no chance of it, I wish The Hardys had come out on the post-PPV Dynamite to announce they were retiring from in-ring competition. Getting a win over a team that are in some sense a tribute act to them wouldn't be the worst way to call it a career and neither guy really needs to be in the ring at this point. Sure they'd probably show up to work some NC indie dates from time to time but Matt going to work as an agent in AEW and Jeff going to work on whatever non-wrestling stuff he does would be the best for them. I wonder if Jeff has some type of serious CTE that could be contributing to his substance abuse issues.
  6. I don't think they're banking on any type of name recognition on any of these people so much as they think recruits who have played sports in college regardless of success or notoriety counts as having an accredited athletic background, which makes for good sound bytes they can bring up and adding some type of legitimacy to the product. There is probably also the thought that if someone is athletic enough to have played sports on a collegiate level then theoretically they can transfer those skills over to wrestling easier than some random person who wants to get trained. I'd assume Johnny Ace or whomever else works on the recruiting front interviews these people to assess what sort of personality and charisma they might have in order to determine what they're capable of on the mic and such.
  7. Aside from Tony's throwaway line about having plenty of belt designs that hadn't been revealed yet, is this the first time they made any mention about the AEW Southern States Mid-Atlantic Texarkana title or whatever it is? WWE had the European Title for a while and it had nothing to do with wrestlers actually from Europe so I don't really care about the nationalities of the participants, but they seemingly dropped this out of nowhere. Sure they have a big roster of people not doing much of anything, but seemingly inventing a new title out of nowhere just to give eight guys something to do is a bit out of left field. Tony Kahn seems bound and determined to go full Herb Abrams.
  8. I didn't really have any dog in the fight when it came to the battle royale, but as it went on I wanted Andrade to win as I think he and Moxley could have an interesting clash of styles match. While I like KOR, he's not an upper card guy and there was no way he was going to go over. There was a time when Buddy Murphy was probably the most underrated guy in the WWE. When 205 Live was at its peak he was putting on fantastic matches on a weekly basis that were sadly going unseen by a bulk of the company's fans. Given their similar physiques and wrestling styles, I wanted to see he and Pac face off at some point. When the Death Triangle/HOB program kicked off I looked forward to seeing them mixing it up at some point. This match delivered on what both guys had to offer and could have been even better if it had been something built up to and put on a bigger show with some actual stakes involved. If this had been the finals for this new singles title it would have blown the roof off the place. I'm not terribly familiar with El Hijo Del Finlay, but the match was fine. Rosa/Shafir was good though I thought it ended rather abruptly. The post-match beatdown indicates this feud isn't over which is fine by me as I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do in a longer match. This may be a "hot take" as the kids say, but I think Moxley's best work was in The Shield. I've enjoyed some of his AEW matches but I just can't really get into him in general. That said, this was a really good match. At no point did I think KOR was going to win, but Moxley was entertaining going toe to toe with Kyle's submission/MMA style wrestling. Unless they decide to take a gamble and put the belt on Tanahashi I think it's pretty clear Moxley is winning.
  9. This is pretty much par for the course for any tag team or stable that's been in modern WWE, save for New Day and Bloodline.
  10. I completely forgot this was on tonight and tuned in to see the end of Ali/Theory and then the main event. Was the rest of the show worth checking out? The women's match is the main one I'm curious about. So that gnarly bruise Cody is sporting is legit? Working with that was a questionable choice and I'm surprised he got cleared, but that's his business. The match came off as just another WWE style hardcore match and I kinda thought the sledgehammer bits were a bit cringy. Their two previous matches were a lot better, IMO. This has to make Cody the #1 contender now, right? Providing his injury doesn't keep him on the shelf for a while that is.
  11. Putting the belt on Tanahashi reminds me of when ROH put the world title on Morishima. There were a lot of mixed feelings on it at the time and how good an idea it was is something pretty open to opinion as ROH was at its peak at the time regardless. The real Interim Champions are the friends we made along the way.
  12. I assumed Punk being unable to land the Buckshot correctly was just him selling the beating he was taking + telling the story of trying to use his opponent's finisher against him but not being able to hit it as it's not "his" move that he's used to doing.
  13. Miro was back and looked great. Hopefully he sticks around and gets something worthwhile to do. MJF's promo was great execution-wise, but the uber-shooty material wasn't anything he hasn't done before. "Pipe Bomb" promos only work if they're a rarity, and not part of someone's regular repertoire. Moxley/Garcia was good but once again they had timing issues on the back end of the show. I was expecting some kind of angle after the 10 man match but I guess they're holding off on whatever happens with the belts. As much as I think it's time for JE to drop the belts, I really hope they don't do it to the Young Bucks.
  14. I'd love to see Caprice or Ian replace JR. Maybe have JR occasionally come out to call a big PPV match, but otherwise it's past time to put him out to pasture. Surely there's some production or agent job he can do backstage.
  15. Also advertised for tonight - Toxic Attraction will host a “championship summit” featuring Wendy Choo, Katana Chance, and Kayden Carter Elektra Lopez vs Cora Jade Cameron Grimes vs Nathan Frazer I had thought Nikita Lyons' injury might be kayfabed but it looks like she's out with an MCL tear.
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