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  1. This would be hilarious and I am 100% behind it.
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    Or it could be like that spray they use on wrestler necks in Japanese matches. The first helpful mist.
  3. Yeah, it's fun to hate on Davey but if he can leave the business healthy and into a solid job, more power to him. Nobody wants to see a 65 year old man no selling superplexes anyway.
  4. I joked about Khali coming in as Jinder's heavy a while back but I never thought they'd actually do it. That'll show me. As bad as that Punjabi Prison match was, it'll be Flair/Steamboat compared to Khali/Orton. Unless they never have him wrestle and he just stands around choking people. Oh wait, that is him wrestling. Tag title match was great and easily match of the night, but on a show with two of the best workers in the world on it, it shouldn't have been.
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    I don't think anyone said that. We're saying he's an all-time great who isn't known for his matches so much as everything else, including being a cool wrestler when that wasn't very common. Please leave the internet alone, I need it for work.
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    I think Muta coasts on spectacle and charisma. But I agree, his knees blew out way too long ago for him to be known for good matches. He's great the same way Onita is great.
  7. People were chanting for Roman at MSG when Seth and Dean tagged so you may be right. The sight of them doing that triple team Powerbomb on Braun would be something else. In other news, I'm all for proud papa Angle giving his son too many title shots because he's trying to make up for not being there when he was growing up. It could be great heel fodder if done right.
  8. So does Tozawa have the most consistently great tope in the biz right now? Every time he hits hit I mark out like it's the first time again.
  9. The other aspect to Braun is that we haven't really seen him against anyone except Reigns, Big Show, and Kalisto and he nailed all those. But imagine him against Cena, Styles, or Balor. I have the feeling those would still be great feuds. They still have at least a couple of years worth of programs they can run with him as a monster before they need to resort to dancing or diapers or whatever dumb shit Vince is into then.
  10. Shout out to Dash for some truly inspired bumping and selling. And shout out to those three security guys who ran from Braun just looking at them. Joe and Roman really laid into each other. Those clotheslines they traded on the floor looked personal. And count me in on appreciating the Drifter a lot more on Raw than NXT.
  11. Well, you know what Groucho said: Never join a hive that would have your mind as a member.
  12. The most recent ep with DJZ includes a harrowing tale of cheating death in a Mexican hospital. Worth a listen to hear what some indie guys go through. You can draw your own conclusions as to whether he's brave or stupid (or both) for getting back in the ring.
  13. Not a fan of this sentence.
  14. As tragic and unfunny as the Paige/Patron situation is, this is another classic chapter in the TNA Book of Failure. I refuse to believe Alberto showed zero red flags when even dudes on a message board miles away could see that he probably wasn't stable enough to carry their top title. And the alternative was Bobby Lashley, their most legit champ in forever. Well done, everybody!
  15. After some consideration, I think Samoa Joe could be the closest they get to another Daniel Bryan-style swell of popularity these days. He's half-way between the everyman analog Bryan was and the idealized ass kicker Steve Austin was. He's just a regular guy, but he's the toughest regular guy there is and he's not afraid of anybody, while still being an underdog. Plus Joe already has the air of someone who worked for everything he got and maybe wasn't supposed to get as far as he has. Place that against genetic lottery winners like Braun and Brock and the walking representation of tone deaf creative that is Roman Reigns and you have the chance for something special. But as Matt D said, we've been conditioned to be cynical. I'm just trying not to be.