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  1. You guys said it all already but I wanted to chime in that the women’s division is really coming together. Statlander winning was done really well and Shanna attacking Nyla was rad too. I need this Brandi thing to start working a little better. I think she’s going for a spooky, female Heenan family more than another cult but it’s hard to tell and two cults on one show is too many. Maybe they need a head booker instead of everyone booking their own stuff?
  2. The Kai/Yim brawl into the Ripley/Baszler fight was such a great segment. I dug Xia Li going down swinging too. That division has so much talent and they’re using everyone perfectly right now. Put the title on Keith Lee. Shit, put every title on Keith Lee and then have him win the Rumble and pin Lesnar. The last time I had that opinion of a wrestler was Braun Strowman but Lee is more polished and can actually talk. It’s clear they know they have something with him, I hope they can get the most of this momentum.
  3. Well, there was that business with Scarlet and Killer Kross a few months ago (and may be ongoing for Kross).
  4. Btw, I think I’m done with Marko Stunt. He’s just not good enough to make up for the lack of size. I enjoyed the way Jimmy Havoc sold for him on Dark a few weeks back, he wouldn’t go down totally on moves and looked more pissed off by Stunt than hurt, but dudes are selling for him as if he’s 6’ and it’s dumb. I’ll keep an open mind but he might be a bridge too far for my suspension of disbelief.
  5. They've had some finishes recently that have gotten them out of some questionable match booking (PAC/Page and PAC/Omega are what come to mind). Shida/Statlander and Mox/Janella don't seem like good calls now but I'm willing to let it play out. Statlander's bad record will be wiped clean in a month anyway.
  6. I’m a Shida fan and I can agree with this. I think she has more charisma and mainstream potential than Riho but Riho has proved she can pull people into her matches through psychology and timing while Shida still seems to be hitting spots sometimes. That said, your champ doesn’t have to be the best wrestler either, she just has to make the audience care. It feels like people are buying into Shida, I hope they can build off that. This is the coldest take of all time but AEW needs a Fit Finlay to work with these ladies. Get the match times down to avoid exposing the weaker performers and get some heat going (which they’re starting but Sakura makes it hard). And if they’re going to do a bunch of tags then let’s get some real tag teams going at least.
  7. Saying Mauro shouldn’t have a job because he’s bipolar is no different than saying JR should’ve been benched after his palsy attacks. It’s a health issue beyond their control and yes, sometimes it can get in the way but it doesn’t take away from their overall contribution as a commentator. (Whether Mauro is your cup of tea is immaterial.) Also any company worth a shit has a provision for mental health leave. Maybe if Graves had used some for himself he wouldn’t be so insecure he feels the need to take unnecessary shots on Twitter.
  8. It’s an era when there are fantastic matches so often that we either miss or don’t fully absorb most of them but WALTER/Bate stood out. The only match in recent history I’ve rewatched twice and a strong contender for a match you could show to a casual fan to get them into some real shit.
  9. How legit bad is that Bobby Fish injury? Feels like it’s getting time for him to hang it up, especially is UE are going to keep being featured heavily in gimmick matches. Not sure who could replace him in the group if they want to do that but if it were me it would be a big time heater.
  10. Let’s wait for Hager to have an actual match in AEW before we indict the WWE system for his shortcomings. He was no prize in Lucha Underground either and that was with judicious editing.
  11. I'm glad he does it for you but he's literally the opposite of what I like in wrestling. And I like a lot these days.
  12. I agree with this when it doesn't make AEW look like amateur hour, specifically the refs not counting 3 when they should. Everything else I can accept as growing pains.
  13. Cole is a lifer, a company man, and good at his job for what it is. He's not a legend. There is no Michael Cole call that gets replayed on even WWE's social media. No wrestler hopes Cole calls their match because that's the announcer they grew up listening to, even though for many of them he is. The times I've enjoyed his announcing he's been straight play by play with almost zero personality, which is a skill unto itself but doesn't lend itself to gaining legendary status. My memories of Cole's career without looking anything up are: 1) Getting destroyed by Brock. 2) That one time he got shredded. 3) Eddie Guerrero/Kurt Angle from Mania. 4) When he thankfully turned face after Lawler died. 5) Orange singlet. For a twenty year career, that's not a heck of a lot. Full disclosure, I wasn't watching regularly between 2002 and 2009 but I've gone back and watched the big moments.
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