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  1. Re: Orange Cassidy. I'm personally not a fan of comedy wrestling, but I can't fault a guy for working a gimmick that gets him a pay day with a fraction of the wear on his body. Of course, those no hand topes balance that out I imagine.
  2. I remember reading about Misawa (and Kawada and Tsuruta) in the early DVDVRs before I ever knew what he looked like and I bought a Schneider comp mostly so I could see a Misawa/Kawada match. Their praise was right on the money and I was immediately hooked (although I favored Kawada, in the same way I always took Batman over Superman or Vegeta over Goku). The man could do it all and was one of the absolute best of all time, but it's a shame that aspects of his style and contribution to the art of pro wrestling ultimately became a negative. Who knows, maybe head dropping would've found it's way in no matter what but wincing at Ibushi/Naito from this past weekend I couldn't help think of Misawa and it ceases to become entertaining. I don't think fans can be held accountable for something the performers willingly pursued. Obviously if we'd known any of insane suplexes or chair shots in ECW or flying headbutts from Dynamite Kid would have led to the tragedies that followed we wouldn't have enjoyed them. I was younger and more naive, but I honestly never thought they were putting their lives on the line, I thought they were tough dudes who knew what they were doing and being safe about it.
  3. I hope it’s Dustin personally. I want to see that dynamic in action and he’s already got a match against the Bucks coming up so you could use this match to inform that one. Plus Omega/Dustin just sounds cool to me.
  4. So it'll be called Smack!Down now? S!D does kind of look like Sid though... Sid Vicious to WWE! It's confirmed!
  5. Maybe I'm just conflating internet love and arena love but during his tenure on 205 Live he was consistently having great matches and he was getting more and more over because of that. It wasn't a tidal wave of momentum but it was enough to surf on if he could've, you know, actually wrestled on TV when he was called up like they did with Ali.
  6. Only WWE could take a guy like Murphy who came out of nowhere looking like a million bucks and performing at a level nobody knew he was capable of and completely blow any momentum he generated by vanishing him while guys like Corbin and Shane take up about 90 minutes of TV time a week on their own. At least he got that huge moment in his hometown, that's something dreams are made of. This happened at a previous job I had too. Users aren't always on top of the little details like door locks.
  7. What if it was Braun Strowman? Yeah, he'll probably never leave WWE, or at least not without everyone knowing. But if he secretly switched teams? That'd be some shit.
  8. Godfrey


    Man, what an episode. Gable, Gallagher, and Gulak are all quickly becoming some of my favorite wrestlers in the fed (and Lorcan but that would ruin the alliteration), probably because they get some time to breathe on 205 and when you have that much talent all you need is a little time to show it. We talk about NXT talent not wanting to be called up and that's still true for many of them but if Gargano or Cole or Strong need to go somewhere I hope it's to this show instead of Raw or SDL.
  9. Barnabas Humphry?! Have fun storming the castle, you Princess Bride sounding mf-er.
  10. Speaking of, I'd like to see how Aussie Open fare in the World Tag League next year too, but that's a way's off at this point.
  11. I had a similar reaction and I'm a fan of their's. Dark Order is a good name but Evil Uno and Stu Grayson don't exactly sound threatening and that promo was indy-riffic. I like the gimmick though, the throne of minions is cool, maybe they can get it there in the coming months. I genuinely want those guys to catch a break.
  12. Paging @Nice Guy Eddie for the Vulgar Display of Power-ness of this pic.
  13. They're gone, dude. Let 'em go. Edit: As soon as I posted this I realized it was dismissive and for that I apologize. It just gets my sander up because that symbol, as much as it meant before WW2, now represents the deaths and suffering of millions of people across generations including members of my own family. Unfortunately, for the majority of people in America, where these bikers and punks who like to think they’re cool for being rebels reside, the real meaning has been eclipsed and it’s never going back. @Rick, I hope you can understand that. Peace.
  14. Honestly? I'm not sure. I know the first time was Wrestlemania 30 and every match since.
  15. Godfrey

    NJPW Dominion 2019

    Lee/Ospreay was better than I expected. That tope with Will on the desk was crazy, one of those spots that make me say Holy shit! out loud and then rewind because I thought I’d seen it wrong. Since he said he’s moving to Japan I expected that outcome but it was fun getting there. I’m really coming around on Ospreay because he killed it the whole tournament and this was a great capper to that. Naito/Ibushi was... a lot. I also thought I saw a man die, or at least get grievously injured, on the apron German. It was a good match, don’t get me wrong. But yikes. I thought the main was fine. And there’s no way Jericho is in the G1, or if he is I don’t think he’ll make it all the way through without an injury and AEW can’t afford to lose him right now.
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