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    I agree. The only way out seems like a DQing Baszler for kicking too much ass but that might hurt Moon when she needs prove herself. Or maybe they'll give Shayna the title as part of the build for a Four Horsewomen match at Mania. Really tough to call.
  2. New regime or not, it's very TNA for me to read about the firing of someone I haven't even seen on TV yet.
  3. Just got my ticket for that and I am capital S Stoked.
  4. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Then I have some good news for you: it isn’t.
  5. RAW is... Huh? - 1/15/2018

    A night of pretty good matches with pretty bad finishes, although the only person who really lost out was Sasha. I know they have to elevate Deville and Rose sooner than expected due to Paige's injury but man, isn't this the same Sasha that went to war with Charlotte not that long ago? I guess in a lot of ways it isn't. I'm all for making Sonya look like a bad ass (I wish she still had her hair up), but I always get bummed when one of my favorites gets such a clear demotion. Unless it was a mistake? Or punishment for Paige? Who knows with this company.
  6. Basically the Full Monty but with British wrestling. Has the distinct possibility of being unwatchable.

    Kenny on today’s ep talking Wrestle Kingdom. Some fun details about laying out the match and his entrance.
  8. WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    Prediction: Naomi will be one of the first two in her Rumble so she can do her full entrance.
  9. WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    Oh yeah, if the winner can switch brands then there's a bunch of options. Joe and Balor, for sure. Cena would be back in the mix. Rusev would be a good pick too but again, he hasn't really been positioned that way. I guess that's the point of the Rumble in the first place, to elevate someone. I just can't remember the last time the winner wasn't someone super obvious.
  10. WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    Trying to figure out the winner of the men’s Rumble is tricky. If they are indeed sticking to Roman/Brock at Mania, Reigns doesn’t need to win and would probably get booed again if he did. And if a Smackdown guy is winning, who cold be effectively booked against Styles? People say Nakamura but he hasn’t really looked that good and being off TV for a couple of weeks doesn’t usually bode well for your chances in the Rumble. And Cena seems to be working mostly Raw at this point. In fact, the only guy who’s positioned as a storyline challenger after Zayn and Owens right now is Daniel Bryan. So I guess that’s my dark horse pick?

    That was the first full Progress show I've watched and I can see why it's so popular. Silly comedy match, brutal garbage match, fun women's match (Candyfloss does a corner dropkick that made me say "Yikes"), and the top two title matches were great. Yeah, Dunne/Gallagher wasn't on the level of Dunne/Bates but it was close and reminded me why Gallagher was an instant favorite when I first saw him at CWC. And I've been as critical of Ospreay as others but he held it down here. Definitely going to plan my next UK trip with a Progress show in mind.
  12. So THAT'S how duckface got started.
  13. I really hope they include Roman's "promo" from the Raw after Wrestlemania. That was fantastic.
  14. Shinjiro Otani, professional neck re-arranger.
  15. I had not read that before but yeah, it doesn't sound good. Disregard my previous post, keep the belt on Eli Drake forever.