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  1. Stunt's also only 23 so he could be a plucky underdog for a little while still and then turn heel when his body needs a break from getting beat up by dudes twice his size. He certainly as all the fuel for a heel turn now but truthfully I think he and Luchasaurus should both turn on Jungle Boy when the time is right and that isn't for a long while yet.
  2. Solid episode. I enjoyed Dunne/Priest, I just hope Dunne isn't shunted to a Cesaro or Samoa Joe role just because he seems to be able to get a good match out of anyone. He's much younger, of course, and NXT isn't Raw.
  3. Opening tag ruled and Sky is the future if he can roll with punches better than that. So you botched the finish, you also advanced in the tournament so you should celebrate. Also, he was wrestling in socks, I’m surprised he didn’t miss more things. Riho is a star! She’s managed to turn her tiny frame into an asset and it rules. Britt is getting there. She has the right stuff but needs to get it all together. Hoping for a big title match for the PPV to cement the division. Last two matches were rad too and exactly the alternative people are looking for. Not everyone will be into Marko Stunt but people can dig middle fingers and hardcore matches. It’s clear Jericho and Allin work different paces in their matches but if anything Chris slowing guys down a little is a good thing. Agreed the finish was lacklustre but it was over and the bubbly celebration was great. So much fun! I got a friend to watch for the first time and he’s a convert now.
  4. Eric is too smart a businessman to go full scorched Earth but an un-recorded live show has some shit talking I bet.
  5. If I were to judge Evans and Angelico by their covers, I'd absolutely say they were into weird sex cults.
  6. So sometimes I still put on Sam Roberts' pod because I like to hear the mental gymnastics he's forced to do in order to claim some of the crap WWE pulls is actually good. He used the last ditch spin for Seth/Bray by saying 'at least it got people talking' but on today's episode with interviews from the 2k press conference they aren't even trying. Charlotte, Bobby Lashley, and the OC are pretty clear that their recent booking has been poor and that they're all just trying to make the best of things. Lashley especially comments that he was brought in to fight Brock and is bummed that now he's in a love triangle story. Compared to Adam Cole's portion in which he sounds on top of the world, it's a stark contrast.
  7. I agree, if the refs are going to have different styles and standards for their matches, they need to make that clear quickly. Make Aubrey the tough ref and Knox a little looser, then it can be part of the match's story rather than a distraction. JR could say things like "That's Referee Edwards in there, she'll make sure this match is done by the books" or "Rick Knox is known for letting wrestlers bend the rules a little, and like it or not it makes for some incredible action" instead of crapping on the product on national TV.
  8. Brody King’s offence is the epitome of ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’. He’s going for a Keith Lee vibe but he doesn’t have the natural agility so some of his stuff looks sloppy and weak. That said, he has a good amount of talent and if he leaned more into brawling than flying he could be a solid contribution to the roster. Give him a chain to swing around, that’d be cool.
  9. I guess Mark Henry sat down with Jake too?
  10. I'm into Bayley's new look. I'm a big fan of getting new gear for a heel turn and her's is a little late but welcome. Not super sure why they needed to give Charlotte another micro-reign (except maybe to get a pop on a night that was light on them) but the matches were good. Now all Bayley needs is a vicious new finish and a better theme and I think she'll really have something. Women have been carrying the main roster shows for a while now.
  11. This is a great idea. Page needs some seasoning and Dustin is the perfect guy to do it. Plus even though I always think of him as a singles guy Dustin has mostly been great in tag teams over the years. And once they're done teaming they can fight and that will be rad too.
  12. I’ll take a stab at this and say that the feeling of AEW is far more raw and exciting than the overproduced WWE stuff. Since everything is new there’s hitches and mistakes every now and then but that’s part of it, like watching early NXT evolve into what it is now. At the same time, Dynamite feels big, not because the crowds are bigger but because they’re hotter. People are engaged on a different level, I think partly because the spectre of VKM calling an audible isn’t hanging over everything. I wouldn’t say there’s a singles in house style but the tag division is definitely PWG-esque. Lots of small flippy teams, although they do offset that with guys like Luchasaurus. If you’ve seen the Bucks or LAX over the last year or two you get the idea. If you want to jump in the first episode of Dynamite pretty much runs the gamut of what to expect. Hope you like it!
  13. Another great episode. That Jericho promo had me rolling. The Inner Circle has a throwback feel, very Dangerous Alliance to me and I love it. Private Party continue to be awesome and now I’m referring to Matt Jackson as the Good Young Buck, he’s been bringing it. I see what you guys are saying about the women’s division. It definitely isn’t as organized as the men’s and the matches are kind of thrown together and cold, which makes some of the reactions the women pull out of the audience even more impressive. Britt/Bea is a good start. I’d like to see someone come gunning for Riho but they need to build a couple of heels that can take the losses first. There’s the Kongs but it feels too soon for them. Maybe turn Allie?
  14. I like that they have win/loss records but it’s wrestling so kayfabed rankings are fine by me too. There’s space between mathematically determining the next challenger based on TV matches and having someone who’s been losing or not even on TV suddenly get a title shot, that’s where AEW has to live or things will get complicated. I watched Dark on my lunch and it was pretty great. I understand some of the criticisms with the women’s match but they didn’t bother me too much since there was some cool stuff in there and Allie showed up finally. I still think Scorpio Sky should spin off the SCU for a singles run sooner than later given his age. Jurassic Express rules too and I feel like they have more legs as a unit than SCU at this point. Stoked for Dynamite tonight! Wrestling finally feels like appointment viewing again.
  15. In my new efforts to focus on the positives of wrestling, I think the women are carrying WWE right now. Kabuki Warriors/ Becky and Charlotte was dope. I love that Kairi is already leaning into her heel run and I hope they get a new presentation, maybe add some spikes and evil notes to their entrance gear. I've been waiting for someone to work a mist gimmick again for a while so I'm stoked for that too. Asuka as the next challenger has been a long time coming and with the heel turn it gives them a fresh match too, although nobody should expect Asuka to win again (that's placed firmly in the Wouldn't It Be Cool If file).
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