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  1. Shida/Baker was pretty good but the blood made it. Really hope they can get a feud rolling with those two, I think they can easily build off of tonight’s match. Two big guy squash matches? Hell yeah, dude. Brodie looked better this time and I’m getting used to the new gear. Archer was dope as always. That was a wild ending. Spears is put over by kicking out of two finishers but then becomes the first guy in decades to get pinned by a leg submission. Cody must be okay with the Cross Rhodes being devalued or he’s really into the Figure 4 (for Blood and Guts, whenever that happens). At any rate, not sure it made anyone look good but it stood out at least.
  2. Saw this and it made me laugh. (Chris Sabin in IWA:MS for those wondering).
  3. My hope for the Firefly Funhouse match was that they'd try a Freddy Krueger dream battle and that was pretty close. I loved it, and I'm not a Fiend fan prior to this. Rhea/Charlotte was also great.
  4. Brodie Lee may be spoofing VKM but when he sat down and asked the yawning guy, "Are you having trouble at home?" I had immediate flashbacks to the terrible boss I had. So while the specifics may be niche to wrestling nerds, it probably does translate to a general audience. Of course, my boss wasn't over six feet with a big beard and a top knot, that's closer to a cult leader look. I think they have to strike the right balance between the two if it's going to work. I personally don't care for taking shots at the competition (if they backfire, it's far more embarrassing than if you said nothing), but I'm happy to watch someone else exorcise their demons.
  5. At least now I know Big E and I have the same requests for our funeral arrangements.
  6. You got me! I forgot about the women's title. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.
  7. I know, I'm saying 2 out of 3 inaugural champs were heels so maybe make this one a face to balance it out.
  8. The inaugural champs so far have been Jericho, MJF, and SCU, feels time for a babyface win. Darby is a good call, but he's almost at that world title level now. I'd give it to Jungleboy. Get Jurassic Express some more momentum plus you start setting the table for Jack as future big name.
  9. Watch alongs would be a great way to fill TV time. You can have people with decent audio setups host from their homes and give some commentary and behind the scenes tidbits. Austin presenting Mania 13 with Bret and/or Taker calling in for a story or two would be great, even if the people on this board would know all the good stories already. I almost suggested Austin and Prichard doing commentary but that would most likely be awful.
  10. Same here. I think it’s the purity of Flair/Steamboat going into the wildness of Flair/Funk that does it for me, the clash in styles highlights how good both matches are. Three of the absolute best at their best.
  11. It's definitely a bummer watching the Miz potentially spreading the virus before our eyes on TV.
  12. Are they? I'm pretty sure it's just those guys having fun.
  13. I would give anything for a program that features Gulak/Nakamura and Bryan/Zayn under normal circumstances (and with Nak giving any kind of shit but that's another matter). Including Cesaro, these are 5 of my favorite wrestlers and all world class talents. I hope we get to see some of it with a crowd eventually.
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