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  1. Godfrey


    That's a great wrestling name! Or he could be the third fatter brother on Supernatural. Book it!
  2. Godfrey


    Time to run with Beer City Bruiser! Although I think he needs an actual name before he can be a serious contender.
  3. Way more. The singer stopped the show because the xylophonist wasn't hitting the rhythm the way he wanted. And after the show he went outside and just stared at the ocean for a while. Good show!
  4. It isn't any different from a talented indie band putting out charmingly DIY albums pressed in their garage only to get produced to hell and back when they sign to a major label. It sucks, but it sucks even more when people get on your back about preferring when they were small time. I'll cop to being an aging hipster (ask me about the time I saw Arcade Fire in front of 50 people) but some people prefer their entertainment unpolished and, for lack of a better term, raw. Personally, I'm thankful for NXT UK because it let me see a lot of guys live I would've probably never seen and now I know Pete Dunne has a huge head.
  5. Any reports on what Babatunde can do? He's huge and seemed to move pretty well when he was playing football.
  6. Godfrey

    WWE TLC 2018

    First Women's Age in the Cage will be when we know they've made it.
  7. Godfrey


    I don't think Hunter's plan for NXT was to prepare him for taking over, it's to soothe investors for when Vince is gone. He can point to a worldwide infrastructure for developing stars and say "See? WWE's future is secure for years to come. Please don't dump all of your stock right away."
  8. Godfrey


    I’d be very interested to see what a Performance Center in Japan could do versus, say, the New Japan dojo in terms of making a viable Japanese star. I’ll check back in in 10 years.
  9. Godfrey

    RAW is the Revival of Etiquette - 11/26/2018

    Who is going to be the ace of Raw then? Braun is injured and has cooled off but maybe could be properly heated up again. Seth maybe? Finn and Elias seem like distant prospects at this point and I think we can write Ambrose off. They could move AJ over which would at least lead to a string of fresh and no doubt quality main events. Uh, Lars? Another NXT call up? McIntyre seems like the right guy. I think he works better as a heel but WWE has done pretty well turning wrestlers I never thought could turn so maybe that's the move, especially if Strowman is out for TLC. Put Drew over Corbin and Lashley en route to the Rumble. Whatever they do, they should get on it fast.
  10. Godfrey

    RAW is the Revival of Etiquette - 11/26/2018

    So of the four matches I watched this week, two (opener and main) had most of the same people and ended the same way, one (Revival/Lucha) was a retread of the past two weeks and ended the same way, and one (Seth/Dolph) was another in an endless, one-sided feud nobody cares about. That's terrible. And you could feel the lack of star power too. Corbin cannot anchor a show.
  11. Godfrey

    NJPW World Tag League 2018

    It’s tough to comment on such a middle of the road tour. I just watched Elgin/Cobb vs Tencozy and it was pretty bad but aside from that every match has been fine. I think it’s EVIL/Sanada’s tournament but KES and Best Friends should do well. There are definitely some fun interactions but you could skip most of these shows. (I work from home and I’m a nerd so I’m into them, your mileage may vary.)
  12. Godfrey


    I saw Nak/Rey listed as a match too so presumably MizTV will lead to that.
  13. Godfrey


    Revival and Breeze are good options. I'd add Sanity (minus Nikki), Apollo Crews, Aiden English, Tye Dillenger, and maybe a final run for Dustin Rhodes too.
  14. Godfrey


    The only way a promotion like that can work is to have an insane amount of backing so they can operate in the red for a few years before they prove the model can work. If they can poach top indie guys and make sure they’re exclusive to AEW, build a following, then bring in ex-WWE stars, and do all that with compelling weekly TV, they have a legit chance. If not, what’s the point of another indie with Bullet Club and the Lucha Bros on top?
  15. Looks like Dolph is out with a foot injury. They say they aren't sure where it came from but watch Jeff Hardy compress him with the Swanton and how he immediately peaces out (for a wrestler anyway) and I think that would be a leading contender.