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  1. I had a cat named Benoit. I, uh, had to change his name.
  2. You're supposed to be invested in the Rollins' Redemption and Revenge story. But yeah, if Trips loses there's nothing to stop him from just firing Seth the next night. Maybe their stip should've been whoever wins gets the Pedigree from now on?
  3. For those wondering, JR's first podcast after his wife's death is not nearly has tear jerking as I thought it would be. Ross addresses the situation candidly and like a total pro, so much so that at first I wondered if he'd recorded it before hand. The guy is old school, man. He's gonna make those bookings.
  4. So I may have taken my sleep medication a little earlier than usual last night, but that last segment was fucking hilarious.
  5. MM17

    Yeah, the Revival/AA and Revival/DIY matches were definitely more my speed than the Styles/Cena series, but AJ also made a match with Elseworth worth watching and was just generally really fun week in and week out all year while Revival had stretches of absence (through no fault of their own). I think Styles wins by sheer volume. Plus he kept me interested in the main roster when I was very ready to check out.
  6. Goldberg on the E&C pod made me wonder about his match too. He sounds like he's game but yeah, he's still just as sloppy as ever and could injure himself doing just about anything. But he's also doing this run to look like a hero for his kid so there's probably no way he isn't giving a least a valiant effort at Mania. I'm not totally stoked to see their match but I'm definitely curious.
  7. I think it'd be closer to this, which is still not good. Best to leave it.
  8. Has anybody kept up with Dragon Gate? I got burnt out on them because every show seemed the same but it's been a while and they've got some new names these days. Is it just business as usual though?
  9. If they want to take care of my yard I could use the help. That offer is open to anyone, for the record.
  10. I don't think anyone thinks it's a burial, but I do think it's a waste.
  11. If Sinclair gives up that much programming to an outside company, they better get paid handsomely for it.
  12. Hey, if WWE was going to make a play for a monopoly I'm sure the head of the Small Business Administration would stop the- Oh, right.
  13. I really enjoyed the main event even if it was a semi-squash. Neville has nailed his character since returning and he's become one of the better heels in WWE these days. Ali has some real ability, hope he gets a push before crippling himself.
  14. For all the faults, real and imagined, people put on Trips, he always brings the intensity, and not a lot of WWE guys still do that. Joe does it and I think Braun too, and I know a lot the guys are capable of it, but I don't see it nearly as much as I used to. They're trying to do that with Roman and Taker but all the stare downs in the world won't cover up how limp that "feud" is.
  15. Prichard's pro-WWE bull is easily outweighed by the level of insight he gives, but it does throw the whole point of the podcast into question (fun inside info is only fun if it's true). Still, I like Conrad and while their bickering can get tiresome, there's also some real humour in it sometimes. The Sunny ep for instance, while sad, also had some good laughs. Here's hoping his new job doesn't affect things. I haven't caught up to the episodes he's done since joining Impact. There isn't some clearly BS pro-TNA talk, is there?