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  1. For me it was the Invasion angle. It was such a spectacularly blown opportunity and combined with how the Radicalz were being positioned at the time and even dating back to Bret in Montreal, I never thought one of "my guys" would be given a shot again. Of course, if I had just had patience I would've been proven wrong but I was young and brash and in love for the first time so it just fell away. I started paying attention more for Wrestlemania 20 but was out again soon after and then after Eddie and Benoit passed I was done until Daniel Bryan showed up. They almost lost me again when he got fired but it all worked out.
  2. That rules. Even if it's a one off I'm happy to see Dustin again and I always wanted him and Cody to have one last match.
  3. Probably some of the OWE guys since they have pretty much no name in the States. Although they could establish an order without trading wins too much at first if they're only working with a some big events and a one hour weekly show (if that's what they go with). Don't they have like four singles feuds simmering already? That's enough to carry a well booked program for at least a little while, then cycle in guys who aren't occupied just yet. I'd like to see CIMA/Page, for instance, or Omega/PAC. And I'm not even taking a full women's division into account. Actually, they may have a higher need for lady jobbers since some of their announced names aren't as well known.
  4. I agree to a point. With few exceptions like Luger, wrestlers become wrestlers because they’re obsessed with wrestling. And as many have said, if you’re goal isn’t to be world champ maybe you should reconsider what you’re doing. To have that kind of drive and to taste that success while your two buddies (Charlotte and Becky) are actually achieving it must be incredibly frustrating, even if you’re fully aware of how Vince works. You’re chances aren’t even a crapshoot because those are at least random and VKM’s thought process is an algorithm no scientist will ever solve. I’m not saying they should care about their position on the card above, say, their status as contractors but they do because it’s something they can at least affect a little bit through hard work. If that hard work adds up to having the rug pulled out from under you, then yeah, what’s the point?
  5. I’ll add to the love for Dream/Murphy. It’ll be interesting to see how Buddy fits on SDL. I thought he might work better as the biggest cruiserweight and having a power advantage but he hung just as well with Velveteen. Wish we could’ve seen Murphy feud with Rey Misterio as a way to establish him on the main roster, although they could run Murphy/Ali again too. And what else can be said about Velveteen Dream? He’s always entertaining and works a style that’s sustainable. It’s a shame we have so little faith in main roster booking or I’d say we’re witnessing the beginning stages of a HoF level run. Unfortunately, it could go sideways so easily and it wouldn’t even be Dream’s fault. Stoked for Shayna and Io to rip it up too.
  6. Or better yet, ignore those two doofs until they go away forever this time.
  7. Injured Big E with only social media to focus on will be fun.
  8. Darby Allin is a great pick up and a good move for Darby too. Guy has a ton of upside and might have had a good run in NXT before wrestling EC3 on 80 Main Events in a row but I think he’s capable of a lot more. Now if I could only shake the feeling he’s going to get snapped in half one of these days.
  9. Bret was my absolute favorite wrestler growing up and one of if not THE reason I became a fan. Not only was he more identifiable as "smaller" everyman compared to Hogan and Warrior, he was a proud Canadian star who wasn't a stereotype when there weren't that many (in my neck of the woods anyway). His run from Survivor Series 96 to 97 has to be one of the best year's in wrestling and he was even injured for part of it. I count myself very lucky to have been at Canadian Stampede. One of the best and low key the man who helped make the Attitude Era happen.
  10. I rewatched the match and the roll up isn't as janky as I thought it looked at first, so I could see the argument that she caught Ronda with a quick one and eked out a victory. So if that works for you, who am I to argue? But this wasn't WM3 and this wasn't Steamboat/Savage. I think they got cute and messed it up when it could've been so much more. Agree to disagree.
  11. Look, it's just my opinion but I think Becky should've won clean by tap out and a quick counter roll up doesn't make her look like she won, it looks like she got lucky. Add the kick out and it looks like she got really, really lucky, and that's hardly a cool crowning moment. They overbooked Sting/Hogan due to egos and if any of this "Ronda shouldn't lose by submission because she's a real fighter" stuff is true then WWE did the exact same shit. It's not a one to one comparison, but also I shouldn't feel the need to make a comparison to one of the most fucked finishes of the 90s in the first place. And I should say I hope my gut reaction is wrong and it all plays out great.
  12. I'm glad somebody brought up Starrcade 97 in reference to the main event cause that's the first thing I thought about after the finish. I don't think it's a matter of whether it was a botch or not, I think that for all of that build up to end in a screwy flash pin instead of a decisive tap out is pretty goddam lame. I guess it depends on how they follow up but that was huge misstep in my book. Show was great if Bryan/Kofi was your main event, although Joe/Rey and Roman/Drew weren't bad either. Loved Kofi's win (I teared up) and even though I'm not their biggest fan it was nice to see the IIconics hae their moment too. Liked that Finn threw in some new mannerisms and moves as the Demon to set it apart but I'd be lying if I wasn't hoping they'd cut that match for time and had it main event Raw tonight. HHH/Batista didn't really have a place on this show but if Big Dave is retiring then why not.
  13. I'm hoping JR's role is to be the man in their ear, producing and feeding them lines and observations. He still has the knack for making matches and wrestlers seem legit, it'd be cool if he could pass some of that on.
  14. Maybe Vince is just banking on universal healthcare going through.
  15. I think Ember Moon is one or two tweaks from being really good and cacapble of a high level run but they’re big tweaks and I haven’t seen any progress in her since she first showed up in NXT. Here’s hoping she returns with everything in place and gets a chance to prove she can go.
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