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  1. Honma’s biggest highspot is missing a headbutt and his supermove is hitting a headbutt. That kind of gimmick would be great for Cutler or Avalon or Cutler and Avalon. It’s so simple and effective when it’s done right it.
  2. Whoa, that's a lot! Glad it worked for that guy. It takes time and effort to design clean bulking recipes that actually taste good but it's possible. It won't touch ice cream and beer though and at the levels wrestlers and body builders have to eat I bet it gets boring pretty quickly. I'd like to try one of those pre-packed meals they all cart around in their rolly bags, they look terrible.
  3. I believe Montez and Ford were said to be 6’6” and 6’4” respectively when they debuted but that was quickly dialled back. And wasn’t it Koko that told Jericho if he wanted to get bigger for wrestling he should drink more beer? Putting on 20 lbs of beer weight is a solid life choice.
  4. It is interesting. Montez Ford is billed 232. Of course, Koko is also supposedly 6" shorter.
  5. Disappointing stuff from Ivelisse in that clip. Between that, the supposed live rounds, and the miscommunication early in the match that they sort of covered with camera angles, it's clear there were issues with that match. Whatever went down, I hope everyone can get over themselves for this week's episode.
  6. I don't know about a full year, unless you meant until the end of this year. They could do Bucks/FTR at Full Gear in November and regardless of who wins there's nothing to say the titles couldn't move on any given Dynamite or PPV after that.
  7. They definitely do at least an inch or two and twenty or so pounds. Daniel Bryan is billed 5'10" and 210 lbs and he's 5'9" and about 180.
  8. Bret's personal life also took a turn around the time he went to WCW plus family drama and Owen's passing, his heart (sorry) probably wasn't in it. At least we got this:
  9. Hell yeah. Great addition and yet another young talent they can build around in the future.
  10. That's what's so insidious about Antifa, they could be anybody. Even... YOU.
  11. Totally agree on the matches. My top moment of the year is Hangman's hold my beer Buckshot Lariat, that might be the moment he surpassed the rest of the Elite.
  12. Jacob Fatu is your best bet but how do you feel about Beer City Bruiser?
  13. Oh shit, I'd never considered the FTW title being the Hoss Belt some of us have been clamoring for. Make the second show 305Live, let's go!
  14. This makes sense to me. Like how everyone has a cutter now but none of them mastered it like DDP so they only get 2 counts.
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