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  1. Another huge Dark this week, I'm still making my way through it but I stopped into say that Brandon Cutler and Danny Limelight (from the Bodega in CWH and UWN) tore it up. Surprised at some of the strength Cutler showed and Limelight made everything count by working the arm in fun ways. Good stuff.
  2. Brian Cage makes a great '101 Best Moves by Brian Cage' video but has a hard time stringing it together or delivering at all between matches. In fact, he does so much sometimes that he takes away from other wrestlers. I wasn't that into him in AEW although I think teaming with Taz has been a big help. The Who Betta? line is good, let him throw it out at the end of someone else's promo as his only contribution and he's fine there. I re-watched the promo leading up to it and the dog collar match would have been 100x better if it had been bad ass trucker Brodie Lee fighting Cody. The Dark Or
  3. Big Swole overcomplicates simple moves, then can't hit them well because they're too complicated and looks sloppy. The ripcord rolling elbow she does always looks like trash, for instance. I think she could benefit from a less is more approach.
  4. I get Gordi's prestige TV comparison. The thing is that Tony Soprano and Walter White are the heels. It's easier to be a nuanced heel, they can be doing bad things for the right reason and all that. It's much harder to be a nuanced face because the extremes that a villain goes to get the job done can be excused by his villainous nature and is still for a greater good but if a hero does it, it's a failure of his character. I don't want to cheer for Vic Mackey, for instance.
  5. Main event was really fun. Butcher and Blade got a win! I can't hate that even if it's against another team I'm a fan of. Death Triangle have a lot chemistry as a group (better as heels but that will come in time, I'm sure), the inclusion of Lance Archer is a welcome bit of continuity and the resulting chaos is the kind of wrestling show "We're out of time! Join us next week!" sign off I like. I hope we get a fittingly brutal match for these guys. Silver/Page was a nice outing. Good promo from Uno too, not as much sPoOky voice. I hope Hangman destroys those dorks soon. Top Flight are
  6. Abadon is an interesting case where they have a very young talent coming in with a ready-to-go gimmick. I think you're right, they need to slow burn her development. Who would be a good manager thought? Sinister Minister?
  7. I didn’t understand putting the titles on EVIL and I still don’t. He’s a fine wrestler but not in the league of Okada, Ibushi, or to my mind even someone like Ishii. He doesn’t have the aura of danger a gimmick like that needs so it comes off as cartoonish. And he and Naito has no chemistry either. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, and it got people talking about New Japan for the relaunch so maybe that’s all it needed to do.
  8. I'm into Will Hobbs in Team Taz, I see the criticisms of turning him though. AEW does not lack for heels while top babyfaces, especially POC, are less common. Mox, Cody, Darby, and Hangman are it for faces so having Hobbs on that level would have been a welcome addition. Perhaps the idea is to Rock/NoD him to stardom but he seemed plenty hot already. Not surprising WWE tries to snap people up after they appear on Dynamite, Vince has always been a talent stealer and now more than ever they seem content to mess with AEW's momentum more than anything.
  9. I could see it, Anna Jay is pretty new overall but she's talented and has quite a bit going on with the Dark Order and Tay Conti. If the NWA title is going to be the worker title for now may as well get the AEW title involved with something fun.
  10. I mostly brought up the point to dismiss it, I agree with you. Darby needs to be established as a star, eking out a win over Cody and then getting pinned clean in his first appearance on TNT as TNT champ isn't the way to do it. Cody didn't lose in tag matches when he was champ and while Darby shouldn't be booked the same way as Cody, he should at least get a chance to look strong after getting beat down for so long. It's all very WWE.
  11. It's only one match and he went down to a super move but yeah, it's not a great way to kick off Darby's reign, and especially not as the Face of TNT.
  12. I only caught the last hour but it was a really good hour. Women's match was fantastic, I'm big into a Baker/Rosa feud. I guess the other women's feud is Brandi and Jade, still not sure if that's actually going to end in the ring or not. The two angles feel like they're from different eras of women's wrestling but I'll take it. Very stoked for Death Triangle returning. Pac and Blade tore it up Main event was good. Darby eating the pin is hilarious. I like Hobbs in Team Taz, they looked like world beaters all together. Get them some matching warm up jackets.
  13. Exactly, he's fine. The roster is jam packed already with guys with who are fine or better. When Miro was signed a lot of people said "Great, but no more!" and this is one more that seems unnecessary.
  14. I would hope Matt Sydal brings more to AEW than just as an in ring performer, the white highflying babyface role has been well filled by now and he’s not even the first person in the company to point at his forehead. Again, AEW has earned enough trust to see what they have in store for him, as of now it seems like an odd decision.
  15. Or say what you will about Goldberg/Lesnar but sub 5 minutes was the right length for those matches, played to both guys strengths and got out before it exposed too many of their weaknesses. Formula-breaking matches are key to keeping fans engaged too. It's also about intention. Take Eddie Kingston/Matt Sydal from Dynamite a few weeks ago compared to Brian Cage/Sydal from last week which were essentially the same match structure and length. Arguably, Cage and Kingston are on the same upper midcard level, however because Kingston was headed into a world title match the next week there was
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