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  1. I like Bryan ratcheting up the viciousness in place of some of the more brain killing moves he used to do. I'm way more into him ripping people's knees apart than flying headbutts anyway.
  2. Godfrey


    Jericho's ability to hit the Lionsault at that time was very questionable. I still cringe a little every time he goes for it even though he hasn't messed it up in like 15 years. This is also around the time he toasted his shoulder doing a rana on Gedo so he was having issues with rotation for sure.
  3. Godfrey


    KC Spinelli. Toronto gal and quite good imo. Presumably she'll show up on Impact again when they come back to Canada.
  4. Godfrey

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 5/17/18

    Agreed. The women's division is the highlight these days and Tessa is a great addition. It's not a super deep roster at the moment but they're doing a lot with it. If they can pick up one or two up and comers to round things out and not rush Allie/Tessa they'll be all set.
  5. Godfrey

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 5/17/18

    Cycling out Alberto and Johnny for the luchadores in the main event helped a lot, even if it still feels a little like they're coasting off Lucha Underground. Even so, they went from "how is this company still alive?" to "not sure what's coming next but it could be really cool" and that's no mean feat.
  6. Godfrey


    Lars Sullivan, Good Match Interrupter, is not a gimmick I hope continues for long.
  7. Godfrey

    NJPW Best of the Super Junior 2018

    No joke, Scurll might have the worst execution of any submission move ever with how loose his crossface chickenwing is. Hiromu continues to be great though so the match was okay. Him and Kushida are really the only guys I'm excited to watch in this tournament. Tiger Mask, Taguchi, and Kanemaru are all past their due date and the foreign indie guys are fine to good but not that interesting (with the exception of Flip, who I find baffling in his unwatchability). Kind of hoping Sho or Yoh have break out performances to give the division hope for the future. And as a side note, I miss when New Japan plumbed the depths of Japanese indies to fill out the tournament. Where's Big Boss Ma-G-Ma, huh? Where's Gentaro? (I do not remember if those guys were any good.)
  8. Godfrey


    Werewolf Sailor Moon.
  9. Okada/Omega will be wild. Personally, I hope they defy expectations and keep it on the short side, but if anyone can pull off a 90 minute match it's those guys. I hope they make the switch here too. Okada's had some great and varied defenses but Omega would be more interesting as champ. But I said that about Naito too and they didn't pull the trigger then either.
  10. Godfrey


    Yeah, but the Bar were just thrown together and over time they developed the matching gear and the entrance and everything. I’d rather it come organically like that, but also I do not want the Dolph/Drew team to go that long.
  11. Godfrey

    E&C Pod of Awesome

    No hockey talk really but we do get the mandatory chat about our superior Canadian snacks. Good interview too. Renee is always so personable and the discussion about how she's being utilized (now and in the future) is interesting. I'm not totally sure WWE knows what to do with Renee and if she's serious about having a Carson-esque talk show then she'll probably have to bail on wrestling eventually.
  12. Godfrey


    He's got some amateur background but nothing outside of NXT. Maybe because he's been entirely in the WWE system he's a good example of what to expect at the PC?
  13. Godfrey

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    I had this show on the background and it sounds like that was the ideal way to watch it cause I didn’t think it was all that bad. Miz/Rollins was great and I thought Bryan/Cass and Orton/Hardy were fun enough. I was really hoping for a coming out party for Carmella but alas it was not to be. I was down with Nak/AJ too. That ending was funny and sets up another match I want to see. *shrug* The main event was... I don’t know. A foregone conclusion? A depressing reminder that Roman isn’t going anywhere? Underwhelming? All of the above and more? I like Roman as a worker but as an all around wrestler with, like, personality and crowd reactions and stuff, he’s the pits. What are we doing now? Building him for Lesnar again? Who could possibly give a shit for that? The audience of one, I guess, although I have no idea how even Vince isn’t bored with Reigns by now.
  14. Godfrey

    IMPACT Redemption PPV (04/21/18)

    Something was up with the top left turnbuckle cause at least three dudes stumbled on highspots from that corner. Aside from that and a couple of matches I skipped (I have no interest in Dreamer in 2018 or Callihan ever), it was a decent PPV. Drake and Aries were the MVPs of the night for me. Both guys hit spots I never thought they could so props to them (although it did look like Aries destroyed Penta's ribs with his 450). Very interested to see where they go with Pentagon as champ. Is he signed with them? Wait, was Aries even signed with them?