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  1. Really fun show, especially the main event. Yeah, there wasn't much of a story beyond a New Japan-esque faction battle for supremacy but I'm fine with that. Imperium looked like beasts, especially 3 on 4. Aichner muscling up that one guy for a brainbuster was rad and WALTER is amazing as always. Some awkwardness near the end but that's to be expected with one guy taken out of the equation. I'm honestly a little surprised they didn't call an audible and have UE go over since it didn't make them look especially strong but after DIY won I suspected the UK brand would win to tie things up. Balor/Dragunov was good, but I get the criticisms of Ilja, he's wrestling like the fans are only in the nosebleeds. The cruiserweight title match was a banger too and good on Devlin for the win. That headbutt to Garza was dope. I'll have to rewatch Ripley/Storm and DIY/MM since I wasn't paying too much attention at that point in the night. From what I saw they were good but my interest in Gargano and Ciampa was massively waned since about mid-way through their feud. They need to separate those two for a while. I mean, real talk, NXT is the best roster going right now in terms of in-ring talent. They don't always use that talent to the best of their ability but they also have to go way out of their way to put on a stinker, it's just sometimes hard to get invested. I never thought when this boom started that a WWE product would be the one I'd call on for more angles and characters but here we are. I need more of Nox and Kai brawling and less multi-person exhibitions, no matter how impressive their feats of acrobatics are.
  2. I also dug WALTER’s promo on Undisputed Era. Super psyched for that match.
  3. May not be the best but my personal fave was 2002: Stone Cold, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Mr Perfect. Seeing Hennig, one of my faves ever, return and get so far was a great moment, I wish he'd stuck around.
  4. On a TiJ this week Jericho talks about becoming Super Liger for a night and even does a watch along of the match which pretty quickly becomes a Koji Kanemoto diss track. Some fun stuff and no guest means no terrible transitions to commercial.
  5. Exactly. They're building the perfect heel turn since he's actually in the right.
  6. The crowd surfing after the tag title match was a beautiful metaphor, the fans separating Adam Page from the rest of the Elite. Loved the progression in the angle and switching the belts since now at least they're part of a hot storyline. Once again, didn't think much of MJF on the mic although he wrestles like a modern 80s heel and I can't complain about that. To be honest, his feud with Cody isn't doing that much for me and is proving that Max is a talented guy but isn't there yet. I'm not excited to see Cody whip MJF's ass, I just want him to move on to something more substantial. Dug the main event. I didn't think PAC looked weak losing to an one eyed man but I can see that argument. Yeah, I can't recall anyone cutting to commercial mid-promo before. Time constraints or a judgement call on Britt's ability to talk?
  7. The font immediately made me think of this:
  8. It's funny you bring this up because I've been thinking about the ref dynamics. The shorter bald ref (Bryce? Mike Posey?), for instance, hasn't backed down from Pentagon threatening him in a few matches and has even gotten in his face back and that does Penta a huge disservice since he's supposed to be a wild, arm-breaking psycho prize fighter. Aubrey can be the forceful one, I don't mind that, but if the refs are going to have personalities then she should be the only one. Rick Knox is the one who's loose with the rules hence the lack of tags and unlimited double teams in his matches. Earl Hebner is the one selling shirts in the parking lot. Everyone has their role. But I agree, ultimately they're not supposed to take attention away from the wrestlers so maybe they should reign that stuff in.
  9. Would Keith Lee already be champ if he had gone with AEW? He's doing great work in NXT but sometimes I wonder about the path not taken.
  10. Andrade trying to parse that accent and then giving up was fun too.
  11. I thought this exact thing last night, although I thought Sting in general since he has a healthy dose of Crow-era Sting too.
  12. You know who should win? Undertaker. He enters at 30, eliminates the last guy (Lesnar) in seconds, they do a 10 minute special at Mania so Taker gets revenge for the streak and wins the belt, then he can retire the next night on Raw for a huge rating. It gives the good guy a proper send off and finality on a year’s long storyline and a fitting tribute for the one guy who’s always been a force for the company. Brock won’t be delivering any classics or putting over any up and comers anyway, may as well get a feel good moment out of it. But WWE is petty, your supposed to go out on your back, etc. A man can dream, can’t he?
  13. Both tournament matches were so good. I don’t have an issue with the Time Splitters losing, the GYV promo after got that over as an angle and themselves at the same time. Broserweights are a good team but I hope this is just so they can lose and feud because that’s the match I want. Three way and battle royal were also really good. Bianca is a good first challenger and it should be a great match but I kind of wish she wasn’t (presumably) losing to Rhea so quickly. Keith Lee is the star on the men’s side right now and it’s kind of silly he’s gunning for the secondary title, although it would be tremendous if he took all the titles from UE. Burning a faction to get one guy over might be short sighted but honestly I don’t care, strike while the iron’s hot. Great night of wrestling all around!
  14. Great show, I had a blast! Opener was pure stunt show car wreck but on that level it was a ton of fun. Omega/Page winning and then Page getting in SCU’s face is perfect. The long term storyline of Page’s inferiority complex turning him into more of a dick, but a winning dick, is My Kind of Wrestling. I liked Moxley/Guevara and didn’t think it was too long although I can see that argument. Sammy has really grown on me since he joined the IC, probably some of that is Jericho’s influence. Mox winning with a sleeper and Sammy tapping immediately showed why Jon is on top without squashing him outright. I dug all the post-match too even though getting a nail to the eye is up there for one of my worst nightmares. 6-man worked for me. MJF is a better heel in the ring than on the mic. DDP and QT held up their end (QT’s wobbly legged highspots have a certain charm to them) and BnBnB looked good too (well, maybe not Allie’s whiffed slap to Dustin). I like that the heels aren’t a faction or anything, they’re just working together for now. Dustin still might be my favourite guy in the promotion. Main event was rough in spots but both guys looked awesome and Darby lost nothing in defeat. The bomb on the steps might’ve been thought through a little more. I’m stoked for PAC/Mox even if the result is a little foregone. The women’s match wasn’t good but I kind of get the Collective on this level. If they were going to be seriously pushed as a spooky cult I wasn’t into it but Brandi last week and in this match has been a cowardly, scheming heel who loses. It doesn’t match her vignette persona at all which means her gimmick is that she’s a poser. If it’s intentional, that is. If it isn’t, it just wasn’t thought out well. Kris and Shida won as they should have. The NC need someone like Kong to make them viable, if she’s out they can shift away from that now because nobody is going to buy Brandi and Mel as threats right now, may as well put someone else in that spot. I didn’t notice much in the way of production flubs or miscues either. Improvements!
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