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  1. I think it was Kanemoto and Samurai and I totally agree with you.
  2. Dixie Carter used to promise the world and deliver very minor things, perhaps not the best role model for a promoter.
  3. “The key, bro, is to use your chin as the pivot point for maximum torque on your neck, bro.” His main skill is getting hit in the face really hard, I’d sign up to do that.
  4. Hell yeah, Keith Lee! It's about time. He's the future of the company as far as I'm concerned, especially now that he's parsing out his high flying a little better, so if he won the Rumble and we got Lee/McIntyre at the next Mania I might actually buy it. Main roster booking aside, give me Lee/Bryan, Lee/Cesaro, Lee/everyone. I just wish that sing song chant wasn't a thing. Gargano matches are way too cute for me. I can get into them a little when he's facing the right opponent but that wasn't this night. Swerve has something, I'd like to see him work with a bigger opponent since he's been doing very similar 205 matches for a while now. Legado del Fantasma rules. I'm so in on this group. King Cuerno was always my guy in Lucha Underground and I'm glad he's getting a serious run in NXT since you never know how that will go. Also great to see Mercedes Martinez again.
  5. Adding my props for Archer/Janella, Jericho/OC, and the 8-man. These were all worked well and had different styles which made the night easier to digest as a whole. With all the tag teams around, the AEW tag style is starting to wear on me a little so the tag title matches of the past two weeks haven't done a ton for me even though I like everyone involved.
  6. The tag scene in AEW is so stacked and most of the teams are great so it's time to get the titles of two singles guys. Omega and Page could both be better utilized at this point and whatever angle their reign was going to lead to can't wait for an arena anymore. Time to get on with things and if that's a feud between Kenny and Adam, I say Dynamite could use the new drama. Not enough hate in AEW these days.
  7. Or it makes them seem dim, like Kalisto's lucha thing promo. That's the difference between heels and faces, I suppose.
  8. Butcher/Blade/Lucha Bros vs FABOO ANDRE and some other scrubs was a fun squash and maybe the first 8-man squash match I've ever seen. Good to see Fenix and Pentagon back, hopefully Pac can rejoin soon. Perhaps AEW can set up some remote matches with anyone stuck in Canada or the UK and show them on Dark so we can keep up with them.
  9. So listening to Grillin Jr about Bret Hart's 1996 and it occurred to me that I would've most likely enjoyed Bret/Shawn at WM12 a lot more if it hadn't been an iron man match. Those two guys on that stage at that point in their careers going 25 minutes would have been preferable to me, and if you had to have a stipulation maybe try best of 3 falls or play off their ladder matches. Personal preference, of course, but 60+ minutes for that finish was a let down and was boring along the way. So what big matches do you think would've been better without a stip or with a different one?
  10. If Hulk and Linda Hogan are banned, Tessa should be banned. She’s talented but not enough to be worth the bad PR for AEW. Then again, Hager is still there so who knows what the thinking is. And isn’t she stuck in Mexico still?
  11. Interesting couple of weeks for AEW coming up. NXT won last week's race and they're pulling out all the stops to make GAB special to counter Fyter Fest (they just announced 'limited interruptions'), and AEW may be competing with a limited roster if Mox isn't cleared and travel restrictions affect them. Hoping things stay competitive.
  12. Excited for Sasha/Asuka. They had a match on Raw ages ago that featured a notorious dive/head kick spot but was otherwise fantastic. I think they had one other match on Raw and this is only their third singles match and their first on PPV. I agree that they should main event (but I am very curious what a Swamp Match is).
  13. Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, and Death Triangle (fingers crossed, it will be great for metal shows or the Apocalypse, whichever comes first).
  14. It took them way too long but I'm happy to see Impact finally acting on those 'allegations'. Elgin and Tessa both exemplify the old school rasslin bully mentality and worse. Elgin I hope is gone for good but is there a path for Tessa to come back from being this shitty and unapologetic or is she cooked too? Full disclosure: I was a fan but don't care if she ever comes back.
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