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  1. Godfrey


    Has anyone been more of a thorn in the side of wrestling promoters than Barry Bloom?
  2. Godfrey

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    I mean, why not make it the women's Royal Rumble? It's a better match, fills time on a show that seems to need it, and I suspect having two Rumbles on one event won't be that fun now that the novelty has worn off. I know there's a few problems with that but it would give Survivor Series a notable title match and women like Naomi wouldn't be kvetching online about being in a filler match, which is not the kind of press you want for your first all female PPV.
  3. Godfrey


    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been enjoying Impact a lot but this felt like a real off night. And that ending? I’m in the “if it’s on tv it’s a work” camp but that makes it even lamer to me. Either way, it completely undermined a night (possibly more) of hard work. Not good.
  4. Godfrey


    Success would have to be measured as a cross section of longevity and profits adjusted for inflation, right? I don't know enough about lucha to judge CMLL or AAA but I would think that would make New Japan the winner. WCW's popularity paled in comparison to how much money it was flushing away at times. I'm out of my depth on this one but in my mind that makes sense.
  5. 'Bask in my glory' also works a lot better when Lee's tossing huge dudes around like they're nothing and following it up with some insane flip he shouldn't be able to do. If you're just catching him now in NXT, you don't really know what he's capable of and that makes his arrogance look unfounded. But it's founded. It's founded as hell.
  6. I always thought the plan was to aim for Jericho/Naito at WK. I guess that doesn't need a belt really.
  7. According to a dude on a podcast (so you know it's legit), rumors are that Jericho could show up at Bound For Glory. I'd say that's pretty unlikely, but wrestling and especially Jericho have been wild this year so who knows? It would be an amazing hat trick.
  8. Godfrey


    One for your reaction gifs folder.
  9. Fine. In a total vacuum completely devoid of intelligent analysis, you are techinically correct. Happy? Or do you want to keep dying on the stupidest hill in the internet? Don’t bother with whatever you think is a clever retort, I’ve finally muted somebody.
  10. Compare that La Parka to LA Park on this week's MLW and the difference is so clear, and not just in the waistline. (Nobody tell Austin Aries I noticed a wrestler's gut.)
  11. Godfrey

    Super Show-Down - 10/6/2018

    I love the Riott Squad (I'm the other Liv Morgan fan here) but I can't be bothered with Rousey or the Bellas so I skipped that match and the slower parts of the main event (most of it), but the rest of this show was pretty good. I felt like something was off in AJ/Joe that kept it from getting next level, the finish of Becky/Charlotte was lame, and Bryan/Miz going 5 minutes was a little disappointing, but overall solid action throughout. Really nice moment for Buddy Murphy and a great way for WWE to reward a guy who really stepped it up when he could've easily gone by the wayside. Cool win for the IIconics too.
  12. I feel like EC3 is in the same boat as Bobby Roode and Charlotte, improperly cast as a face. His tan alone makes me want to boo him.
  13. Godfrey


    Seconded, as I was coming here to post the same thing. Great work from both guys and the finish ruled.
  14. And not just any wrestling fans, day drunk, seasick wrestling fans who have just lost their car payment to Kenny King in a hand of hold 'em. I kind of wish I was going, just for the spectacle.
  15. Somebody's girlfriend is getting dragged onto that thing and is going to hate it and their life choices to that point.