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  1. Godfrey

    Raw is NXT - 2/18/2019

    Not debuting these guys in Florida or the Northeast was a big misstep. I think all of them can recover but they stumbled on that first hurdle and that can really hurt. The rosters feeling mighty bloated too. I thought maybe they’d like to make a go of things with EC3 before bringing up more guys, at least through to Mania. What else can be said? This show was a mistake.
  2. Godfrey

    WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Only good part of the 2006 version was Michaels superkicking random people backstage.
  3. Godfrey

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I thought both Chamber matches were great and everything in between was a snooze. I get both sides of the Ruby/Ronda discussion but I have to agree that a cheap shot and 3 minutes of control would've improved the match, given Ruby a little shine, and still have Ronda look like a world killer when she makes a fast comeback. I don't think it hurts Ruby really but it's a shame is all. I try not to focus on the negatives of WWE these days but man, when Drew McIntyre's music hit and my first reaction wasn't excitement but "Fuck this", you know they can still waste a talent when they want to.
  4. Godfrey


    I thought for a long while his gimmick was kind of a salary man wrestler, a guy who's just there to do his job and even if it's not his passion he's still pretty good at it. Then I realized that's just how he is.
  5. Godfrey


    It's written Fox News but the News is silent.
  6. Godfrey


    If they do, I wonder if they'll try to do anything with Jimmy on his own. Might be a good time to try it without having to commit to a whole team break up and feud. Or maybe he'll get a substitute partner like the Big Show (who will then turn on him).
  7. I can dig Aliyah and Borne as a duo. They should at least try something with them. A shame they were immediately undercut but hey, not everyone is a dominant heel. That whole division is rebuilding a little so now is the time to try a few things but if this isn’t a go maybe it’s time for Aliyah to go on an excursion or something cause I feel like we’ve been getting false starts for years now.
  8. Godfrey

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I’m with you. The only time I thought either was delivering was when Peyton went solo in a 4-way for the NXT Women’s title. I keep waiting to be proven wrong.
  9. Godfrey

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I think Carmella has her moments and works well in non-singles matches but Mandy is still a little early to tell. I was hoping her and Naomi would have a blow off match at EC so we could see what Mandy has in the tank but there's always Fastlane.
  10. Godfrey

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    Whether it’s Becky/Ronda or a triple threat, they’re currently promoting the main event of Wrestlemania by saying it’s NOT happening, which is, yknow, pretty backwards. Tag title match ruled. I’d like to see an unedited version or a PPV rematch, maybe a 2/3 falls. Revival are great at positioning everyone in their matches so things make sense and it’s that kind of internal logic that is truly lacking sometimes. I listened to yesterday’s 83 Weeks while watching and Bischoff talked about how tags needed to be more than singles wrestlers occasionally slapping hands, they needed real teamwork. Both of these teams have that teamwork. Great stuff.
  11. Godfrey

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    Throw a New Day in there. Daniel's an expert at being believably beatable by anyone, even Santino, so I can only imagine the heat if it comes down to him and Kofi or Big E and he small packages his way out of it.
  12. Godfrey


    Twitter used to be fun.
  13. Godfrey

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Mojo has some good heel stuff but yeah, a year or two working indies would probably help him out. Seems like they’re trying to do something with those mirror promos now though. And count me in as a non-fan of the Rascalz. Nothing against them but I find them annoying and an instant skip when I watch Impact (which should tell you something). I’d say Aussie Open could be a good addition, they have a similar dynamic to the Lucha Bros.
  14. Godfrey


    What’s the matter, Chono? New Japan got you pushing too many pencils?