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  1. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Every match delivered! I wasn't sure what to expect from a 2017 WWE War Games but it was fun and that's all I ask for. But damn, Wolfe looked a mess.

    I dunno. I didn't stop watching movies after Weinstein or Netflix after Spacey. I might say "fuck Mick Foley", which is something I hoped I would never have to do. But if they're guilty, drag 'em. It's the only way things will get better.
  3. Survivor Series XXX

    The mystery member of the SmackDown women's team is... Natalya? Why the run around? Could Paige not get cleared or something?
  4. She’s talked about how unhealthy she was during the Lucha Underground tapings, I believe due to an eating disorder. When she showed up on Impact the first thing I thought was that she looked so much better and only later found out why.
  5. Survivor Series XXX

    I hope all of those happen. Just make it November to Remember 2017 and have utter chaos.
  6. [NXT] NOV 15, 2017 TV SHOW

    Pretty stoked for both those matches. Dunne/Gargano for obvious reasons, but Riot/Deville should be fun too. One of the great joys of NXT is watching new talent develop and I like the way Sonya's been going so far. She's got a long way to go, of course, so I want to see what happens when she's in there with someone like Ruby. Plus they've been working on live events so they should be able to put together something pretty decent.

    Charlotte and Ric having a moment was great. Sami and Kevin bailing on the brawl makes them and Miz the truest heels in the company and I love it.
  8. I agree that Aries is better left for down the road. As for right now, I know Corgan favors his Chicago roots. Any good free agents from there that could step up? (No, not him, although that would be tremendous.)
  9. James Storm is a good option but what about some of the WWE cast offs like Austin Aries and maybe Neville. Maybe that would be too TNA of them (and they're both junior heavyweights, I know) but damn that's some good talent looking for a home. Heck, Aries has already been a heavyweight champ before and is well traveled enough that he wouldn't be classified as a strictly WWE guy. You could even blame his series of losses to Neville on returning from injury and not being prepared. But if they want to keep the weight classes distinct, why not snap up Keith Lee? He doesn't have to do his PWG schtick all the time, does he?
  10. Ah, so I'm the Asuka of my friend group. Good to know.
  11. Smackdown Live Spoilers - Jinder vs Styles -11/7/17

    You're 100% right, because if it were someone like Mojo Rawley or Enzo I'd say they haven't spent more than ten years scraping and clawing to get into the WWE only to ruin their chances because of one questionable booking decision. That's the part that doesn't make sense. From what I know, these guys have always been pros and they're happy to be where they are. Why would they throw that away because they don't want to sell for the New Day? And that's why I think there's either more to it or it's a work. And if I'm wrong, then yeah, I'll be very disappointed. That kind of shitty ego trip nonsense has no place in the WWE or any company.
  12. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/9/17

    I normally don't read spoilers but I checked these out to see if I would even bother tuning in for the next few months and so far the answer is No. Any chance they splice in some more matches from NOAH and AAA or did that deal go with Double J?
  13. Disappointed they moved away from Shield/Usos at SS. That match would've made the show. And so many heel vs heel matches now. I guess we now know which two guys will brawl to the back thus eliminating themselves from the match. On the other hand, I could get behind Finn/Joe feuding again. I enjoyed the NXT matches.

    Terrible? No. But underwhelming would probably fit. I think a lot of people are disappointed he doesn't move like he's in his 20s anymore, but let's be honest, he was never exactly the smoothest guy in the ring. It's his character work that makes him fun. Plus I can only imagine the angle he'll be able to bend Omega with the Liontamer.