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  1. Jericho won't retire without a big angle for it. He's such a Shawn Michaels fan I wouldn't be surprised if he has similar ideas for his last match, although I'm not sure who his opponent would be. All the guys who have lengthy histories with him are dead or retired or are on the outs with the 'E so maybe it would have to be Owens.
  2. That's rad. Kicking addictions is a motherfucker and relapsing is so common that it's nice to hear when someone stays clean (well, relatively clean in this case, but still).
  3. I know there were a couple of talented ladies around at the time, but a divas only show in 1999 would've been a nightmare.
  4. Oh right. Some guy's dream just came true. Maybe I should just enjoy that rather than worry if he's "ready" or not.
  5. Could the Singhs even be considered heaters though? I mean, they're stooges at best and crash test dummies the rest of the time. Jinder needs a Great Khali (who isn't Great Khali cause nobody wants him back) and none of the guys in NXT seem big enough (Jinder is an inch taller than Satender and way meaner looking). Anyone with a better knowledge of Ring Ka King have a suggestion?
  6. Has Del Ray ever done commentary? I was out of the indie loop when she was making her mark so I'm woefully under-informed on her.
  7. Jinder's issue is that his push was so out of nowhere that he's kind of boned either way. If he wins the title, it'll look like a fluke and that he doesn't deserve it. If he doesn't, then it just proves he wasn't ready for the push in the first place. It'll take some masterful booking to make him seem legit in a hurry.
  8. Agreed. Not a huge fan of her current gimmick, but she has all the right traits of someone who can go quite far. Edit: Daria ain't no slouch either, but Sonya Deville is a Disney level shitty villain name.
  9. Old enough to get Nanaimo and Sooke mixed up? This is the second time this week my memory has failed me when posting. I'll take it as A Sign.
  10. I grew up near Nanaimo and it was always the nice, quiet town with one traffic light near the old logging road that led to a campground we called the Boneyard (at first for spooky reasons, later for sexy reasons). Sad to hear it sucks now.
  11. Finn/Roman was definitely the high point of this RAW. I found myself wondering if those two couldn't have a legendary feud if given the chance and nobody messes it up. So, you know...
  12. I realize now you are correct, but I swear there's a clip out there somewhere of Jimmy James getting yelled at by his ancient old mother and the connection still works.
  13. Newsradio references always get a like.
  14. In this scene, the role of Fyre Festival attendees will be played by David Batista.
  15. Didn't he bust out a sweet powerbomb in the #1 Contenders match a few weeks ago? And on Harper too so that means he could use it on almost anyone.