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  1. It's interesting to view it as a promotional tactic, a billion dollars for a 5 year full court press. Will they also save a fortune by laying off everyone who took care of the accounts and other parts of the Network that Peacock will now take care of for them? I don't know much about business but that sounds like a WWE thing to do. Then the Network can wander from service to service for increasingly bigger figures somehow.
  2. These are always great. Kingston and Archer are having a great feud in my opinion, Eddie is rad on the promo as always and Lance is no slouch either. Kills me to say it but I think Eddie has to win on Wednesday. Archer can be beat and recover, he's done it a few times now, and Kingston needs to always be featured and to do that he needs a win once in a while. Doesn't have to be clean or anything.
  3. Great approach by Roman. Vince finally has a great leading man so he can make movies, pal.
  4. The Private Party turn is a good move, they've been treading water lately and this will give them a new direction. I've been pleasantly surprised in the past when people I thought would be lifelong babyfaces having incredible heel runs. There's a lot more for PP to do now, I hope they grow into the roles well and Hardy as the carny manager is perfect. I appreciate that they make the tongue in cheek efforts to explain Marvez being around all the time. It reminds me of the Star Trek TNG movies that would have to invent excuses for Worf to be back on the Enterprise and in the last one they j
  5. Maybe don’t take life advice from trash speculative fiction books.
  6. Because it isn't a sport and it gives you a lot more narrative room to work with. Nobody is suggesting there should be wrestlers who lose to everyone in 2 minutes, I'm saying that lower card guys should lose to upper card guys faster and more definitively than they do to mid-card guys so that I, the viewer, am presented with a understanding of the relative skill levels of the wrestlers involved. If there isn't a ladder to climb, I'm less invested in a wrestler's progress. I'm enjoying watching people like Red Velvet work their way onto Dynamite from being nobodies and it will be even more sati
  7. That could be the best possible option, all things considered. Jay White and Walter, my guy? That's low key my new dream match now.
  8. Haha, okay, that's on me, thanks for the correction @EVA. And I don't want AEW to be more like WWE, that's not what I meant by that comparison at all. AEW's style is much more exhibition-y than is my preference and I'm still adjusting to it. Sometimes it seems to me like they're more concerned with having a flashy match than one that makes the most amount of sense given their statuses on the roster and as a person who is in favor of things making sense, I find it distracting.
  9. Don't let the fact that I'm wrong take away from the fact that I'm right.
  10. Kenny likes to put on a show, Brian Cage lets his opponents hit him with moves to prove he's tough, Marko Stunt defies physics. That's a lot of lifting to excuse a central flaw in the product. What worked better for Omega, going 10 minutes with Joey Janella complete with hope spots from a guy who never, ever wins or smashing Sonny Kiss in 30 seconds? It was the latter, and not just because Janella is a dick and did that shitty dead bug sell. I understand why they don't want their roster quite as stratified as the WWE, but I can remember matches like HHH/Taka Michinoku because how amazing it wa
  11. Damn, Cody was only on one segment and he didn't talk or wrestle, how am I supposed to blame him for all the ills of the world now?
  12. For that matter, I've always wondered what NXT stood for too. Besides NeXT, of course. New Xenomorph Tendencies?
  13. Really fun, high energy show. Good matches top to bottom, lots of variety. It was cool to see Danny Limelight get some air time. Deeb and Conti was good, Serena is doing some heavy lifting for the division and it's paying off, any women who's had a match with Deeb has looked great and she's establishing the division's bonafides on her own. Cargill/Velvet will be something else when it happens, seems like a bad idea to pair up two untested people but if Velvet rag dolls for Cargill to get her over it should be okay. I shouldn't rush to judge Jade either, maybe she's a natural in the ring.
  14. Jericho was vehement in his Covid denials, had conspiracy theorists on his podacst, and did indoor Fozzy shows in his off time so he was especially bad and since he's the top guy in the company I'd hoped for a better example. It's true the industry requires close contact but the testing levels sound like they're up to snuff, it's on the wrestlers to be sensible in their off time. Edit to say: Obviously, no wrestling should really be happening. I'm so used to having AEW that I sometimes forget that in reality they should be shut down entirely. I shouldn't lose sight of that either.
  15. Yeah, my math doesn't add up. I'm just frustrated with guys like him and it spilled out.
  16. Yeah, looks like a really solid line up. Most excited for PAC/Kingston. Darby Allin is going to do something very inadvisable, that should be fun. Kind of hoping this is the end of Team Taz running away from Sting but I assume there's some form of tag match in the future. How far away is Revolution? 6 weeks? Dare they keep it going that long?
  17. So Jericho almost certainly caught it at Sturgis, right? Or one of the stupid indoor shows he did in August. Really wish Jericho’s dumb ass would have released that info instead of doubling down on how ‘safe’ it was, who knows how many got sick because he didn’t want to look stupid at the time. What a dipshit.
  18. Apparently Impact has a big taping after the PPV so if too many of their wrestlers need to isolate it could affect weeks of TV.
  19. I think that's right, so long as the motivations and attitudes make sense, AEW doesn't have to rely as heavily on standard face/heel delineation. However, I'd argue that the truly great matches in North America tend to come from solid good vs evil setups, or at least good dude vs jerk, that allow for some catharsis and AEW has robbed itself of some of these journeys by having things a little too nebulous. Take Cody's back and forth style over the course of 2020 that was so frustrating to me. He's wrestling for these big, emotional reactions but he doesn't want to do the proper leg work for the
  20. These days I watch AEW, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, and New Japan when it's on. WWE and NXT have so much talent there's usually at least one match a week to track down from their shows. Impact is a work out watch so I usually don't listen but I watch most weeks. I'd like to get into some old school stuff, like 1996 Nitros or Mid-South, but I don't want to sign up for the Network again.
  21. WWE lucks into good stories sometimes (Becky getting her nose broken, Kofimania) and at least they have the good sense to run with those sometimes. I think Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho teaming leading up to the Festival of Friendship was also a well done long term story. As for AEW, you're leaving out the Omega/Page run which includes a nice rivalry with the Bucks, who had their own redemption story in the meantime. I'd put the Best Friends/Santana and Ortiz feud to have been really good, and all the brawls between the Inner Circle and the Elite weren't just Cody. And it's not entirely
  22. New TNT belt looks great. Now let's get that angle moving, it feels like Sting and Team Taz are in different pods and have to do this angle from 6 feet apart.
  23. Since Wardlow outshone Hager in every way in that match, maybe he was just covering for his buddy?
  24. Wardlow looked awesome tonight. He's the total package, good look, strong, agile, can talk enough. That F10 was impressive and if he can hit it on Hagar he can hit it on anybody else in the company. Put a belt on him. Oh good, Cody has shitty Sharpshooter now too. Every good main eventer needs one. The match itself was pretty good, best showing from Sydal in AEW and Cody worked tight. Sydal got to do his move! Main event was boss. Both guys had great entrance jackets, always a good sign. Fenix was incredible, even with that gnarly backflip German suplex that really could've gone the
  25. Sky didn't have to remain at the top of the card after losing to Jericho, he could have been continued to be featured on Dynamite to keep him viable as a character though. There are advantages to cycling wrestlers in and out of the title scene and keeping them relatively fresh but it also results in a lack of follow through with a number of people. Hangman Page is doing just fine after his big losses because they kept the story going instead of throwing him on YouTube to squash some dudes for a while and then reintroduce him when they have something again. A good push and building stars is abo
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