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  1. Please let this be Matt Hardy's swan song.
  2. Great Road To. Wardlow immediately made himself a more interesting challenger that anyone else in the tournament, playing off MJF would be great and they already have some dissention teased. He can talk on his own but if MJF could act as his manager too it would be a fantastic combo until the inevitable split. Since Page and Omega have unfinished business and Penta isn't even supposed to be in the tournament still, I could see giving it to the big man. Plus I've maintained the next champion should be someone without a WWE history and he's a great option, better even than Eddie Kingston as much
  3. It could be they sensed the wedding angle wasn't catching on so they pivoted to Best Friends as a way to heat things up. I was assuming all the video game stuff was hitting for people who get the references to King of Kong etc (which is not me) but if not I can see them shifting the focus.
  4. The update on Kylie Rae says she is "physically fine" when she was eventually found. All the best to her as she tackles her challenges.
  5. The thing that makes me nervous is that it feels like we’re headed to the Elite holding all the belts as heels and that sounds awful. Maybe that’s reading too much into things because Cody’s return has been pretty self-indulgent and the Bucks seem intent on making a dream match heatless, it’s bizarre. Omega is the only one who seems to have a handle on what he’s doing right now with Page somewhat treading water until they face off. I’ll disagree with @kafkoniaI think Miro has a lot of charisma and can turn it up when needed. Rusev Day was silly as was the TV Title and throwing a fish but
  6. Miro’s reintroduction in AEW has been a mess. The two matches were fine but had glaring mistakes in them, nobody gives a shit about Kip and Penelope’s wedding, and they seem more focussed on promoting Twitch than anything else. If they can’t turn it up agains the Best Friends then who can they have good matches with?
  7. I'm 5'9" and when I saw Dunne and Austin Aries wrestle I was surprised they were both so much shorter than me. I'm used to being the short guy around too.
  8. Injuries are going around these days, between Balor and O’reilly, Alex Reynolds, Fenix, and now Heath for sure and possibly more in Impact. I hope everyone stays safe, this is not the time to have to deal with hospitals, I’m sure they have enough going on these days. And I hope Kylie is alright too, I haven’t read any word of what happened but it reminds of the time she left AEW suddenly and for personal reasons. It’s scary when someone disappears like that on you.
  9. As everyone has said, great episode with great wrestling and better promos. Mox and Kingston are killing it every week, it’s really a shame they don’t have full crowds because the reactions would be off the charts. I don’t think they’ll pull the trigger but an Eddie Kingston reign, even a short one, would be so much fun and show how not-WWE they are. Wardlow/Jungleboy was one of those matches that seem like a preview for a PPV main event in a few years (but I thought that about Jason Jordan/Big Cass too so...). Both men have huge futures ahead of them. Breaking away from MJF is good for W
  10. Yeah, I don't have a huge problem with Allie going back to the Blade so long as they have a little follow up and don't just drop the QT thing cold. It did seem like it was all leading to a turn but to be honest sometimes it's refreshing that a wrestler's personal life doesn't always develop in the ring in front of cameras and fans. But a man's wife did go with another man for a solid half a year, that has to be addressed somehow, even if it's just Eddie hand waving it away by saying it's a 'modern relationship, be cool'.
  11. That's an interesting idea. Who could have Austin had his break out match with at that show if not Bret? If it's Bret/Shawn for the world title that leaves Undertaker and Sid to either face each other or Steve. There's also Ken Shamrock, it was a little early in his WWF career but he'd been wrestling on and off since '88. But more importantly there was that odd heel/heel tag match with Owen Hart and Bulldog against Vader and Mankind so if you bust up that match you have four of the best workers in the company at the time. Undertaker seems the likely choice, he has the right combination of
  12. With the benefit of hindsight we could say Bret Hart’s 4th reign, which lasted from the Final Four PPV to the next night on Raw when he lost to Sid, ended up being the right booking since Bret’s bitter rant after losing including tussling with Vince was the catalyst for the WM13 heel turn and the beginning of the VKM character. I’m only half convinced any of it happened on purpose but it worked out pretty well until Survivor Series.
  13. Somewhere between Mama Benjamin and the Miz’s Dad puttin up his dukes.
  14. Carter hangs with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, he might have a leg up on A-Kid, plus first hand accounts of how good it can be. I think it’s a bad move to sign with the E but I don’t blame him at all.
  15. Omega or Hangman as tournament winner seems like a lock. I have to say, I appreciate the way the Omega/Page team disintegrated gradually instead of a sudden Omega heel turn and while we still may get 'unlikely tag partners team then feud' at least it hasn't been done in a hackneyed manner. Kenny's denial and fear of Adam eclipsing him seems to be his driving force now so I think we'll see him take more and more shortcuts to win until a full turn, maybe in the finals themselves. Or maybe Kenny's fear will lead him to making sure Page loses so he doesn't have to face him and find out if Page act
  16. Haha, so it is! I thought Dreamer had a tan.
  17. Tumblr still exists, Tape Machines Are Rolling is still putting out gifs of mid-90s ECW and WCW. This is Eddie and Dean taking on 2 Cold and Tommy Dreamer.
  18. It's been a whole year! I couldn't be more thankful for it. I complain at times (and will below) but the truth is without AEW I may have been out on wrestling entirely. It's been a lot of fun to watch and discuss with you all. Some good wrestling this week but none of the matches really transcended like I'd hoped. It's hard to be bummed for Archer when the alternative is Eddie Kingston. The tournament should be dope too, the result seems guessable but you never know with these folks, they might do something wacky like give it to Penta. Not a fan of the draw, I thought the match was d
  19. Also, if Archer wins then both he and Brodie Lee failed in their first title shots but switched belts and succeeded on their second attempt. Not that that means anything, it's just a parallel.
  20. Mox has to lose sometime and Archer is as good an option as any right now. The way he destroys randos on the way to the ring is awesome, his matches have been great, his promos are better every week, and they're limiting Jake to pre-shot stuff so they can wrangle him. It's all good stuff. I'm a Moxley fan so I hope he retains which begs the question, what does Lance do if he loses? Get shuffled back onto Dark for a few months?
  21. Cross posting from the Indie Thread: UWN announced Thunder Rosa/Serena Deeb for the NWA title on the Oct 27 ep.
  22. UWN announced Thunder Rosa/Serena Deeb for the NWA title on Oct 27 ep. They also announced an 8-man tournament for their new World Title.
  23. Every face should say this, especially if they're about to turn.
  24. Ooph, between the Thunderdome and the Cell that'll be a tough watch, let alone Kevin Dunn's insane lighting racks and camera zooms. Even if the substance wasn't infuriating, I'm not sure I could watch with that busy a presentation.
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