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  1. I thought this exact thing last night, although I thought Sting in general since he has a healthy dose of Crow-era Sting too.
  2. You know who should win? Undertaker. He enters at 30, eliminates the last guy (Lesnar) in seconds, they do a 10 minute special at Mania so Taker gets revenge for the streak and wins the belt, then he can retire the next night on Raw for a huge rating. It gives the good guy a proper send off and finality on a year’s long storyline and a fitting tribute for the one guy who’s always been a force for the company. Brock won’t be delivering any classics or putting over any up and comers anyway, may as well get a feel good moment out of it. But WWE is petty, your supposed to go out on your back, etc. A man can dream, can’t he?
  3. Both tournament matches were so good. I don’t have an issue with the Time Splitters losing, the GYV promo after got that over as an angle and themselves at the same time. Broserweights are a good team but I hope this is just so they can lose and feud because that’s the match I want. Three way and battle royal were also really good. Bianca is a good first challenger and it should be a great match but I kind of wish she wasn’t (presumably) losing to Rhea so quickly. Keith Lee is the star on the men’s side right now and it’s kind of silly he’s gunning for the secondary title, although it would be tremendous if he took all the titles from UE. Burning a faction to get one guy over might be short sighted but honestly I don’t care, strike while the iron’s hot. Great night of wrestling all around!
  4. Great show, I had a blast! Opener was pure stunt show car wreck but on that level it was a ton of fun. Omega/Page winning and then Page getting in SCU’s face is perfect. The long term storyline of Page’s inferiority complex turning him into more of a dick, but a winning dick, is My Kind of Wrestling. I liked Moxley/Guevara and didn’t think it was too long although I can see that argument. Sammy has really grown on me since he joined the IC, probably some of that is Jericho’s influence. Mox winning with a sleeper and Sammy tapping immediately showed why Jon is on top without squashing him outright. I dug all the post-match too even though getting a nail to the eye is up there for one of my worst nightmares. 6-man worked for me. MJF is a better heel in the ring than on the mic. DDP and QT held up their end (QT’s wobbly legged highspots have a certain charm to them) and BnBnB looked good too (well, maybe not Allie’s whiffed slap to Dustin). I like that the heels aren’t a faction or anything, they’re just working together for now. Dustin still might be my favourite guy in the promotion. Main event was rough in spots but both guys looked awesome and Darby lost nothing in defeat. The bomb on the steps might’ve been thought through a little more. I’m stoked for PAC/Mox even if the result is a little foregone. The women’s match wasn’t good but I kind of get the Collective on this level. If they were going to be seriously pushed as a spooky cult I wasn’t into it but Brandi last week and in this match has been a cowardly, scheming heel who loses. It doesn’t match her vignette persona at all which means her gimmick is that she’s a poser. If it’s intentional, that is. If it isn’t, it just wasn’t thought out well. Kris and Shida won as they should have. The NC need someone like Kong to make them viable, if she’s out they can shift away from that now because nobody is going to buy Brandi and Mel as threats right now, may as well put someone else in that spot. I didn’t notice much in the way of production flubs or miscues either. Improvements!
  5. I was going to say Bate/Devlin is an early front runner. Not sure if it'll still be on the list come December but I'd put it on top so far.
  6. That's the most human I've ever seen Brock act and he looks like he's getting tired of keeping up the facade near the end.
  7. Godfrey


    I dug what little we got of Swerve/Rush, could be a good feud to carry 205 for a bit.
  8. Scurll staying in ROH could be a boneheaded move but if he does sign and they aren't nervous about pushing him he could also pull them out of the doldrums. I'm not the hugest fan of his work but if dude has a chance to be the top guy on national TV it's not a bad move for him. Of course, he could also be the face of a dying company and that wouldn't help his standing all that much. Interesting!
  9. I really enjoyed Omega and Page/Private Party as well as Rhodes/Luchas. The slow burn with Adam Page is awesome. If they play it right they could have a world class heel turn OR a fake out leading to an even better face run. That and the Mox/Jericho angle are the only ones that are working perfectly right now, although I agree turning Christopher Daniels’ botch into a mini-redemption story was neat too (even the Dark Order stuff worked with it). All that felt good even if the crowd wasn’t always there. And I was more into Marko Stunt this time around because he was way over and wrestled to his size a little better. I hate to pile on but this Nightmare Collective stuff is awful. Its insulting to the fans to hype a match for weeks in a company promising sports-like presentation and then deliver a TNA at their worst level angle. I was really stoked for Riho/Statlander and now they’ve disappointed me, the wrong emotion to evoke. Brandi did not deliver the right message on commentary unless they’re transitioning the NC stuff into more of a generic heel stable instead of a cult. She’s supposed to be the mastermind, she can’t then say she doesn’t control her minions, it goes against the whole gimmick. Also: What’s the point of adding a huge dude to a group in the women’s division? Are they going to do intergender matches? And he immediately lost any heat he might have had when Riho, the smallest woman on the roster, took him down. And that’s not just Luther either. I guess Butcher and the Blade are at the Heath Slater level of getting wiped out by barely mobile legends when they could’ve been a major addition to the tag ranks. AEW has a bad habit of robbing people of any mystique shortly after their debuts and I find it a little infuriating. Mixed bag show for me. The good was good but the bad was baaaad. Edit: it just occurred to me that Brandi is getting Baron Corbin-style heat. Not what you should be aiming for.
  10. It's Royal Rumble time of year! I look forward to the Rumble every year, sometimes cynically to see if they mess it up but mostly to see something great happens and it usually does. It also has lot of confusing spots like this one.
  11. SoCal Uncensored is saying a company finally snapped up Mercedes Martinez and it’s WWE. Not sure if it’ll be a full time performing role or more of a Kassius Ohno thing but I’m happy for her, she’s earned every penny of that contract already. https://socaluncensored.com/2020/01/07/aws-champion-mercedes-martinez-signs-with-wwe/
  12. I was writing a note to myself during the main event and when Ibushi kicked out of the first Rainmaker, I straight up dropped the pen I was holding in surprise. I didn't even know that was a real thing.
  13. Give it to Keith Lee. It would A) be rad and B) solidify NXT even further, especially if he chooses to challenge Adam Cole instead of opting for the Fiend or Lesnar. And if people question why he wouldn't use the win to go for the Raw or SD titles he could claim he needed to finish things in NXT first and he can always win the Rumble again next year. Then have him win again next year.
  14. I’d say it’s Okada, hands down. Sure, 2011 he was in TNA, but early 2012 he beats Tanahashi for the belt and has had multiple epic reigns with incredible title matches ever since, including the trilogy with Omega that broke Meltzer. Daniel Bryan is still my top guy and had the best moments of the decade but in terms of delivering consistently for those years Kazuchika Okada is king. edit: And he won two G1s and two New Japan Cups.
  15. Felt like a much more solid show, I had a blast and it flew by. Cody/Darby was dope. I love the way these guys work together and the Arn influence played into the finish to get over how he's stepping up Cody's game. I have the feeling these two will work together on and off for a while and when Darby finally gets that win it's going to be huge. Women's 4-way wound up being better than I thought. Shida is a beast with some of those power spots and the crowd was noticeably bummed when Nyla kicked out of that driver. These matches are good for Britt since she can come in and hit her moves without needing to keep a match together. Riho looked alright in this but didn't stand out that much. I think the money is in a Statlander/Shida feud eventually, they both seem to connect with the audience really well. And I personally would enjoy the women's division more if it was about competition and not collecting hair samples. I want to feel the hate but that requires a multiple week 1 on 1 confrontations and so far they can't seem to put that together. Dustin/Sammy was good too but I'm also in the camp that the apron Destroyers should be saved for another wrestler/time/place. That's not the AEW brand and I should get past it but it still irks me. Sammy's crowd work with Mox was good stuff too, if he's in a position to learn from Jericho every week he could be a top heel at some point. The main was a great sprint and I dug the Kenny/PAC showdown section the most. Elite had to win, of course, and nobody suffered in that loss. The celebration at the end and Adam Page not joining in worked for me. I've been there, buddy, I've been there.
  16. Yes, UE are heels and part of their gimmick is that they’re supposed to be tough guys but aren’t. And you’re right, that ladder tag match was a low light of NXT last year. Total car wreck. The women’s War Games was fantastic and I highly recommend watching it in full when you can.
  17. I was definitely guilty of not giving the IIconics a fair shake because I was in to Sasha and Bayley as champs but I've made an effort to watch their stuff since. They have some good tag team moves and neither of them are particularly awkward so they fill their role well, whether they're capable of more I can't really tell but they're funny and, um, charismatic so it's a shame they aren't being used. If it is because Peyton is married to an AEW job guy, that's very petty and totally believable.
  18. The Kris schedule thing isn't necessarily a big deal. Neither is one Creeper missing punches. Neither are the ref snafus when taken individually or the audio problems or the stop-start booking. It's all those things together that become worrisome and symptoms of a poor management structure. I've brought up 'growing pains' a few times in the past and to be honest I think the first calendar year of Dynamite will have more issues like this come up. When Nitro debuted, WCW had a lot of experience running TV already even if it wasn't in that format, but AEW is starting somewhat from scratch and while they've brought in experienced people it takes time to gel. My hope is this break will allow everyone to re-focus and iron out these minor distractions that take away from an overall good product.
  19. Those Global Wars shows that came through Toronto every spring were great. I got to see Tanahashi wrestle live and in his prime in a minor league hockey arena, only Ring of Honor did that. It truly is a shame they've long since eaten up the good will from those times because they had a solid shot at being a #2 for a second there.
  20. Hook 'Jacob Fatu in AEW' to my veins, yo.
  21. The rankings shouldn't count for 1/1 anyway since that's the day they reset. Statlander won her title shot in a match so that would carry over year to year but technically none of those women should qualify for a title shot. The fact they have to scramble to put something together when they should have had a lot of advance notice is some amateur hour stuff but here we are. I'd have preferred if they'd just given the match to the #2 contender or have an open challenge. Props to Kris for keeping her word when both promotions were fine with her not especially given the prominent nature of this match, shows class. Edit: Sorry, I didn't realize Britt Baker was the #2 again somehow. Kayfabe wise that still makes sense to me but I'd prefer a different challenger.
  22. The other thing that may have sunk NJPW conquering the US is that while there are undoubtedly a contingent of real fans, a lot the "New Japan fans" in the States are actually "the last half of WrestleKingdom" fans. What I mean is, having a big show in the states or putting big matches on someone else's show is a what most people want. They want Okada/Omega or Tanahashi/Ibushi or Ospreay/Takahashi. Some fans want the G1, but most fans just want the finals. An actual touring promotion with all the meaningless 6 and 8-man tags is way harder to sell without more developed TV (or online) presence. Even with the Elite on the roster, that's still only maximum two matches a card they could carry as names and I'm not convinced NJPW would have got them as over as AEW did to support that anyway. That being said, a full on NJPW:USA with a dedicated roster and team may have been another story and if that's the thing that AEW kiboshed I'd be pissed too. I wouldn't blame anyone though. Everyone saw the hole in the market, it was just a matter of who got there and New Japan tried but didn't quite get there in time. That's business, baby.
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