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  1. I wonder if HHH pays taxes on that rent-free home he has in Cody's head. Shida/Deeb was one of the better women's matches I've seen in AEW so far. The main event was the wrestling equivalent of an episode of Scooby Doo.
  2. Even if Castle can't go in the ring anymore I wouldn't mind him as a manager. He's a really entertaining guy and could come up with a stable of his Boys.
  3. I'm looking through the roster on ROH's main page to try and suss out who I'd like to see. Rush, Dragon Lee, and Bandido would be obvious though they will be some of the hottest commodities out there and can work just about anywhere now. The Briscoes are at the top of my list. They turned down a developmental deal on account of the money and travel not being worth their while but they might consider AEW's more relaxed schedule if the price was right. I just want to see them go 30+ minutes with FTR. A lot of the women's division is on the young side and I'd like to see some of the more promising wrestlers get picked up as works in progress they could do something with down the line. Tony Neese being a Socal guy makes me wonder if he's there as a favor from Excalibur.
  4. Wasn't ROH supposedly trying to rebrand itself with more of an emphasis on the "pure rules" business? I've been a fan of ROH since day one and getting the weekly show helped get me back into wrestling after being a lapsed fan for about a year and half back in 2011. I want them to keep being a thing but the promotion has been a shell of it's former self for a while now. While I've tried to give them a watch since covid, the empty arena just totally drained the enthusiasm in all the events. Edit: GCW just announced Bandido for three shows in December.
  5. Charlotte is like Rock and Cena in that she pretty much went straight to the WWE, had a ton of success, and has done just about everything everyone can accomplish in the business. I don't get the sense she (and Rock and Cena) is like Danielson and Punk who stick around the business because they genuinely love wrestling and have a list of people/places they'd like to work, so her going elsewhere to try and work some dream opponents isn't as likely. She's 35 so if she wanted to just cash out and possibly start a family with Andrade or do whatever she likes without constantly being in the limelight then more power to her. Coming back in 5 years or so for one last run wouldn't even be out of the question providing she left on relatively good terms.
  6. This past weekend's Bloodsport event was one of the best of the series. While there wasn't anything I'd put in MOTYC contention, most of the card ranged from solid to really good.
  7. I just got back from seeing Dune (first time I've been to a theater since covid) and it totally lives up to the hype. The set and costume designs, cinematography, and sense of massive scale were all excellent. The cast was one of the most fitting I can think of (I was a bit iffy on Jessica's casting as Rebecca Ferguson isn't old enough to be Paul's mother and she looks it) and the score is some of Hans Zimmer's best work. The story did the novel justice and wasn't so convoluted that those non-familiar with the source material can follow it. I hope it does enough business with the general public to get the sequel.
  8. Someone finds a childhood pic of Michael and see he has a certain birthmark that signifies his true power
  9. Charlotte/Bianca was good until the end. I figured they were going to do a time limit draw then have a three way but nope...
  10. Amdrag/Misu was one of my favorite AEW matches. They beat the piss out of eachother and told a great story in the process. Danielson's flash knee strike for the win was a nice way to end a strike/mat wrestling exhibition. File this under "matches you could show to non-fans to illustrate why you love wrestling". Fish/Moriarty needs some love. Smart arm work by Lee coupled with great selling by Bobby. Fish is like Sydal in that he's one of those vets that can act as a midcard gatekeeper and have a good match with anyone. I think he got Reddragon's old ROH music back? I saw Moriarty is officially All Elite which is well deserved. Punk/Sydal could have taken place in peak ROH. The ATT guys looked like they were having a great time and that match was solid all around.
  11. Is FTR's Midnight Express remix theme new? It's just one more piece that makes them one of the best acts today.
  12. Ivy's squat torture rack was a nice looking finisher. Diamond Mine are fantastic so here's hoping they don't get fucked up. Escobar/Scott was really good and a nice send off for Swerve. I didn't see that end result coming and it made total sense. Gave Adonis a nice bump and set up a new feud. Something WWE does a lot that's really annoying is having a wrestler go to the ring and stand around with their music playing while they show an interview or backstage segment with someone else totally unrelated to the match. Tonight Wagner and ORiley went to the ring then they cut to that lame daytime talk show segment while they were just standing in the ring waiting for their opponents. I get that with a taped show it's not a big thing, but it just looks dumb.
  13. I thought the first three VHS movies were mediocre at best. They had a decent enough concept but rarely more than one of the stories really piqued my interest. The gimmick and setting of VHS 94 came off as trying to capitalize on the growing wave of 90s nostalgia, but I enjoyed all four stories and would really love to see full length movies of the first and third offerings. Netflix new offering There's Someone Inside Your House reminded me of a 90s/early 00s teen slasher and was watchable but not mandatory viewing. A Classic Horror Story was kind of derivative of several other movies (I can't really get into what without spoilers) but all in all pretty good.
  14. A few surprising results tonight, namely Mei Ying losing (though with Xia Li being called up I wonder if they're scraping that angle) and Monet doing the job. What we got of Dunne/Grimes was really good. I'd love to see them have a longer match. Bron came off great in his promo. I'm looking forward to see what he can do in a competitive match with Ciampa, though it looks like Gacy is getting added to it. The finish of the tag titles match looked a bit rough. The Smoking Gunns guy looked to clearly have his shoulder up and it looked like the ref counted to four? A travel ad for Iowa played during one of the commercial breaks. That's the most random thing I can remember seeing in a long time.
  15. I hope Josh Barnett sees this and books it for the next Bloodsport.
  16. So Lio Rush is wrestling again and is some kind of bitcoin ponzi scheme guy? I missed the first half of Jungle Boy/Cole but liked what I saw. As someone who has neverbeen that high on Cole this was a great match.
  17. I just watched the episode where his boss got his (also featuring a semi truck) which also featured what was probably the most brutal fight scene yet between Burton and Lola.
  18. Further proof the Hurt Business breakup was absolutely pointless, especially with them getting back together with no explanation. That aside, this was one of the better Raws I can remember. Both Lashley/Big E hossfights were great. Sheamus/Priest went a little long but was good match, and Riddle/Styles was as well. Questionable nickname aside it was good to see a more businesslike Keith Lee back The other matches were inoffensive enough. I like the pairing of Garza and Carillo, even though Carillo has more face charisma.
  19. So basically The Demon channels New Jack and becomes unbeatable when his music plays throughout the whole match?
  20. What is the Hammerstein Ballroom capacity? That place always had such a cool vibe for wrestling shows, though AEW is probably too big for it at this point.
  21. I'm not sure about having Danielson/Omega open the show. Was it like with Punk's debut where they figured the crowd would be restless until they saw it, or didn't want to risk them being burnt out? Either way I liked the match but it felt like they didn't really kick into high gear until the end. I don't care much for Omega but it was good to see Danielson is still at the top of his game. Punk's delivery was fine but he didn't really say anything he hasn't already. MJF/Pillman was there. Not a bad match but it didn't have that much oomph to it. I liked Evel Codevl/Tomuta End well enough but it seems like Arn legit slipped at the end and made the finishing sequence a bit awkward. While I'm sure FTR were overjoyed to get to work with Sting, he's in the same boat as Goldberg and The Undertaker in that he's so slow and decrepit that he needs to not be working competitive matches. FTR doing the job here was a bad call. The main event was great, though I think it was too early to put Ruby in a title match.
  22. This reminds me when various cartoons would start a new season and have a ton of new characters while phasing out old ones so they could release a new toy line. As someone who still collects Transformers it kind of works on occasion. So far we've gotten Steiner Jr, Odyssey Jones, Mandy's new stable, and the Diamond Mine as hits. I'm not sure what to think of Chen yet but that finisher was certainly...a move. With all the guys who got cut it's good to see Blake Christian is still around. I guess he and Black/Jade are a package deal? Andre Chase's segment was rough. I haven't seen him since he and his brother were jobbers in ROH but I hope he's better in the ring than on the mic. Gacy's PC Principal gimmick was dumb and I doubt is going to go anywhere good. I'm glad he made the cut though as he's one of those people I'd never expect to get signed. For a noob who got put right into the world title match, they didn't have much on Von Wagner other than that he does does strongman exercises.
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