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  1. Is this supposed to be a remake of The Ghost and the Darkness?
  2. That looks every bit as good as the LOTR Amazon series looks lame.
  3. I was wondering this myself. If Hangman's beef is that he thinks Punk believes he's entitled to a top of the card spot just because Punk is some big name veteran making a return after several years rather than home-grown talent who's been grinding in the trenches like Hangman has, he should have been more clear on that. If that's the story they wanted to tell then honestly it's not that bad of an angle. I think the match will be fine, but Page's title reign hasn't done much for me. Sure his chase and the blowoff match with Omega told a great story, but since then he just hasn't felt like a big deal. The Wardlow cage match was exactly what it needed to be. Wardlow has that rare combo of size and physicality but actually able to work and project a real presence. The FTR/RV was fine up until the end. They really should have saved this for the Dynamite after the PPV considering the finish served to set up a Forbidden Door match. I wasn't familiar with Cobb's partner and the run in itself felt a little flat. That three way match was probably the best I've seen Starks look. I'd love to see a Jungle Boy/Swerve match as the two of them had fantastic chemistry and could have a great program. Joe/KOR kicked ass and would have been better as the finals for the tournament. Joe needs to ragdoll Cole a la Brock/Cena in under five minutes at the PPV.
  4. This was a shower thought I had today. Have they ever established when the Gene stuff actually takes place? Everyone is assuming it's post-BB but I'm wondering if it actually takes place before BB, or concurrently with Walt's relocation. BCS loves to turn tropes on their head but it's also gone to show that all the little details end up meaning something. I still think chekov's gun that Gus stashed in the lab comes into play. Gus knows Lalo is going to catch up with him and wants to lure him into a place where he thinks he has any possible advantage (he knows how to find the gun in the dark). Lalo being dead and encased in concrete under the lab would almost be fitting, although I am on board with Mike actually pulling the trigger.
  5. On the subject of non-existent tournaments, was there actually a WCW cruiserweight tournament that took place in NJPW or was the Benoit/Otani title match just a fictitious final?
  6. It's not like they haven't set a precedent with Brock for the last few years.
  7. They were even all set to recreate WGTT with Shelton and Gable (something that came about after breaking up another perfectly good tag team and giving Jason Jordan some clownshoes angle) and just when they were gaining traction, they split that team up too. Then he found himself in yet another over stable in The Hurt Business which was prematurely dissolved. He and Cedric could still be tearing it up with the best of them instead of being jobbers.
  8. For those who enjoy audio books, I also highly recommend that version as he got a lot of the cast and crew to narrate their own relevant chapters.
  9. I was about to say, two or so years ago this could have been a WWE house show.
  10. When Johnny's graphic showed up I cringed a bit because at first I thought it was going to be Gargano after all. I like Morrison fine and he's got decent name value and is a great worker while not being someone that would be in super high demand for AEW, so he's a good choice to bring in for a one-off against Joe. Maki was much the same in the last match in that she apparently has name value and the fans liked her, but she's not a regular and likely not coming over full time so she's someone good to have Britt go over. Can we pencil in Hardys/Bucks for the PPV as well? It has happen at some point and this looks to be as good a spot as any.
  11. Given this was how their match at TLC ended I'd assume they still have mutual respect for eachother.
  12. I'm not huge on Starks but he's got the looks and mic skills that would make him attractive for WWE, albeit not the size. He comes off as more of a Sports Entertainer so I think he'd do well there.
  13. Despite the clownshoes presentation and incredibly cringy ring names and gimmicks, NXT 2.0 is quite solid as far as in-ring action goes. Carmello and Trick continue to get better and while I'm not a fan of Grimes' more clean cut look he's still just as good as he's ever been in the ring. I've been a fan of Trevor Lee since before he signed and am wondering what kind of ceiling he's going to have, though. The Creeds are going to be excellent if they keep improving at the pace they are. Both of them are clearly great athletes and have been able to adapt their skills to wrestling very well so far. Not having Bivins as a mouthpiece is a step back, but they're doing fine in the ring. Spending these past months building Diamond Mine only to start a dissension angle is pretty par for the course as far as how WWE treats stables and tag teams though. The women's matches were fine considering how green the participants are. The trainers and agents are good at having them keep it short and stick to showcasing their attributes so far. I'm glad Desmond is sticking around and seemingly getting a push. That match with Frasier was cooking with gas until the fuck finish. I hope we see a rematch, though something tells me this was the start of them teaming. Going back to the 90s WWF style gimmicks being utter crap in NXT, Tony D'Angelo and the Goombahs are a prime example. D'Angelo is actually pretty solid in the ring though. He also seems committed to working whatever schtick he's given. As lame as I think his gimmick is, the way he's putting in the effort to get it over shows he's got some talent in that respect as well as being a good wrestler.
  14. At first I thought that was a line of cocaine in the middle of the text.
  15. He reminds me of Jimmy Jacobs early gimmick, if Jacobs was imitating The Ultimate Warrior instead of The Berzerker and wasn't nearly as good.
  16. Cole/Dax was one of those matches where the winner is a foregone conclusion but the other guy comes off so good and capable and gets in so many near falls you think that just maybe they'll pull off the win. Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels had a match like that for the world title on Raw one time and it's a favorite of mine. Punk/Silver was good and Silver got to have a nice showing. Even though Punk looks to be taking the heel position in this program he's still more over. I'm not sure how to feel about Neese/Danhausen. While the segment did what it needed to do and made Neese look credible and got the Hookhausen thing started in the whole "weird creepy kid and the asshole jock who would normally bully him find themselves in detention together and realize they actually have a lot in common" way, it seemed counterproductive to build Danhausen up only to have him squashed in his debut. I do wonder if his leg isn't 100% yet. He had an indy match a few weeks ago but didn't do a ton in it. Normally I'm of the opinion that contract signings and such can fuck right off, but MJF's Dark Side of the Ring parody was gold. I don't really care about all these stips Wardlow has to go through, but this segment came off great. Jungle Boy/Starks was fine. The FTW Title is like AEW's version of the Million Dollar Belt. The JAS segment was blah and would rather they cut a few minutes off to give to the womens' match. BCC are supposed to be this serious business unit, yet they almost never all come out together, have a collective them song, etc. Do they save the 10 man tag for the next PPV? Hayter/Storm was quality. I'd rather this have been the main event. Darby/Hardy was clearly a dream match for Darby. I can't help but feel happy with the various wrestlers having matches they clearly campaigned for or had been aching to work one another and seeing how much they're enjoying their bouts. I'm really surprised that Hardy won. Cole going to the finals seems like a lock now, though I wonder if they give us a "can Jeff win the big one in the twilight of his career?" angle and have him go over.
  17. I could have sworn season 3 was going to be the last. Maybe because I mentally checked out at the beginning of the season and remember basically none of it. I'm going to try and get back into this show, but it had such a steep nose dive after the first season I don't know if that's doable.
  18. Roman has accomplished just about all you can in WWE and doesn't strike me as someone who would want to work in Japan or has a bucket list of guys he wants to wrestle elsewhere. Being a top guy he no doubt has an insane schedule, plus he's had a number of chronic health issues and scares from covid. He has five young kids and if he wanted to retire to spend time with his family once his contract is up I wouldn't blame him at all. If he wanted to be in more movies or do a Rock/Cena/Goldberg and collect the occasional one-off paycheck I'm sure that option would be available.
  19. I think the Seth/Cody matches were better than most of Cody's AEW body of work.
  20. The only other people I can think of are big guy actors who end up under a ton of makeup and costuming to play oversize creatures or killers, but that's pretty much a whole other niche in itself.
  21. The whole angle with the Blondes/HOB has gone on forever and the payoff was...another face team running off HOB? Pillman's promo wasn't good and that resolution (or lack thereof) didn't do it any favors either. Starting the main event women's title match at 10:51 wasn't exactly a good look either. Rest of the show, especially Fenix/Martin was good. BCC really need a group theme to come out together when they're in tags/trios matches.
  22. With Gotham flooded, wouldn't doing some form of No Man's Land make sense for the next installment?
  23. Speaking of rosters, I decided to see how the numbers compared between AEW and WWE. I'm basing this on wikipedia so it may not be accurate, and includes people who are injured or barely work. WWE main roster - 62 men, 24 women AEW - 98 men, 25 women
  24. You're right in that Luchasaurus' gimmick very naturally lends itself to being a face/kid friendly. Maybe give him a new mask based on a carnivorous dinosaur?
  25. Deonna for all the reasons already mentioned, though having her there wouldn't really change things unless the women's division is competently booked and given proper treatment. Is Sara Del Rey still with NXT? After the big kerfluffle with Allison Danger, she's also someone I'd consider bringing in to help run the AEW women's division. I like the MCMGs but would rather see Alex Shelley get a singles push in ROH. In the height of Generation Next's run I was hoping he would get a world title run.
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