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  1. Roman/Uso was fine and I'm a big fan of Roman's current character trajectory but I couldn't care less about this feud. The other Uso not turning was kind of surprising, but maybe Roman takes him out next? Speaking of turns, Tucker's was completely unsurprising. The women's match was probably the best of the show, but not the best outing Sasha and Bayley have had. I kind of zoned out during the main event as it was just so plodding. Randy Orton holding the world title is something nobody cares about. The possibility of an Orton/Miz title match or program is all the more reason to
  2. MJF shouldn't have changed his order. Asking for his steak well done would have instantly made him the biggest heel in the company.
  3. When Retribution first came out I thought, oh great we're getting the wish.com rehash of the Shield/Wyatts feud. Nope, not even that. Shame they had to have Ali give one of the best promos of his career after the angle is dead and buried. Dug the Styles/Riddle match. Lee/Strowman should have been given more than that.
  4. ACH came back to GCW recently and has since been working as a heel there. I haven't seen all of this weekend's shows yet, but he and Blake Christian had a banger in GCW last month.
  5. Today in "things no one asked for", a remake of The Craft
  6. I guess we're getting that Orton/Drew blowoff at HIAC after all. Apparently Bobby Roode is still employed. Zelina looked impressive against Asuka for the second night in a row. I like that she's been able to find a style that works with her size.
  7. Rock shouldn't go over anyone, especially someone they're giving a massive world title push to, but he went over Punk in 2013. Then you had Bautista winning the Rumble and Goldberg getting a world title win so who knows what other questionable decisions they're going to make. I realize he isn't related, but if they're going to have someone challenge Roman for "tribal chief" status, I'd rather it be Samoa Joe. Speaking of which, is there any word on what his in-ring status actually is these days? I'm glad Drew won, though him needing help from three other people doesn't exactly put h
  8. They should have just taken a page from Chikara and gone full Space Mutiny with the names like Blaster McMassive and Flex Rumblecrunch.
  9. Advertised for tonight's Smackdown includes an interview with Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss vs. Lacey Evans, Jeff Hardy vs. Sami Zayn, and Otis making a decision about his Money in the Bank contract
  10. I'd imagine Johnny and his friends caught a bit of shit from their classmates afterwards, but considering they'd been the cool kids for years it probably didn't damage their clout too much. Plus this happened right before holiday break and there was no social media at the time so it probably blew over in a few weeks. The Cobra Kai crew remained popular for the rest of the school year and just let Daniel do his own thing. They might have given eachother the odd nod of respect in the hallway but were too busy with their own business to care. Daniel got popular within his own group of friends (th
  11. I like wine but given the demographics of wrestling fans and the popularity of craft beer I'm really surprised they haven't tried that avenue of cross-branding.
  12. I had a completely random thought about the similarities in gimmick between The Million Dollar Man and Ric Flair and decided to see if they ever wrestled eachother. Cagematch just has this match from 1985 in Mid South which features DiBiase getting a gusher courtesy of Dick Murdoch (you can actually see him going for the blade at the beginning).
  13. Retribution's new ring names sound like D List members of Cobra. When it comes to factions in WWE, they either get split way too soon for no reason (Sanity, The Riot Squad) or eventually booked like crap. I'd like to hope this gets run through soon, but we all know how the E likes to beat shitty ideas into the ground, and this group is worse than Aces and Eights were in TNA.
  14. The Dominic on a Ladder to decide his parentage was fucking stupid when it was done by Rey and Eddy and it's even worse this go round. This time around they've also involved Rey's daughter and her 5th grade drama student level line delivery and some incredibly creepy suggestion of a pairing with her and Murphy. The hoss of Raw Underground promptly gets pounded by Strowman before he even makes it to the ring. Retribution kinda sorta unmask and end up looking like jabronis. NXT's existence gets acknowledged enough that it should be clear who most of them are, yet that's conveniently ig
  15. It's almost like they're trying to turn Otis into some Bastion Booger/David Sullivan hybrid and do the "poor stupid fat guy has no friends and snaps" thing once Tucker turns. I keep hearing the whole "Vince doesn't like tag teams" talking point, but holy shit there are so many cases of teams where the sum is greater than the parts. Tucker might have a shot as a singles guy, and while I like Otis, his solo ceiling is low card comedy act that people are going to laugh at and not with.
  16. Wasn't there some big to-do several years back about how they instituted a backstage business casual dress code and wrestlers could get fined for not dressing appropriately?
  17. So are we going to get a "will he or won't he" from Darby where Moxley and Hobbs are handicapped for half the match till he shows up?
  18. So after Keith and Drew flattened all of Retribution, they and The Hurt Business had ample time to Scooby Gang at least a couple of them. I guess we're supposed to believe they all just scurried away after?
  19. Peninsula was a worthy follow up to Train To Busan. It was almost like Escape From NY with zombies.
  20. If the pandemic finally lifts and we get a Darkwing Duck/Particle Man match, Meltzer is going to give that shit five stars whether it takes place in California or not.
  21. I didn't have any GI Joes and instead used Ninja Turtle figures for my childhood e-feds. The four turtles were a Von Erich-esque stable of faces, until Raphael turned heel on the rest of them after he got tired of always having to play by the rules.
  22. I'm not sure if they haven't aged well or were just never that good. Maybe both?
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