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  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to finish this. A couple years back I watched the first few seasons and forgot about it, but really liked what I saw. It was really good adaptation of the original comics (albeit toned down a bit) with some changes to it that actually worked well. The original series has either aged incredibly poorly or I just had shitty taste as a kid. Maybe both. Speaking of Ninja Turtles, the TMNT/Batman crossover is one of those things that sounds like it would be hokey, but was actually great. Batman vs Shredder is one of those fantasy booking matches that I
  2. A bloated roster of talented guys that aren't being used, and Edge/Goldberg for the title is a potential Wrestlemania main event. Woof. I was digging Charlotte/Shayna before all the other people got added in. With no live audience they can throw whatever they want out there and don't have to worry about people shitting on it. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself to explain why someone thought that final segment was anything close to a good idea.
  3. I rewatched King of the Monsters last night and one of the articles during the credits scene indicate Monarch was working on a robotic Godzilla while he was thought to be dead. My guess is there's a Batman Vs Superman type story where they spend the first half of the movie fighting then have to team up against whatever the big bad ends up being. The post-credits scene shows the ecoterrorists buying one of Ghidorah's heads so maybe Mecha-Ghidorah comes into play?
  4. Is that Jody Fleisch in there with Curry Man? That jogged some memory I had of one of those WWA shows I saw where he hit a similar move on Low Ki (around the 20:50 mark)
  5. This was a really solid show all together. LHP and Imperium had a great outing telling a nice story of the technically proficient traditional team being unsure with how to mount a game plan against a fast and unpredictable team of flyers. I'm definitely looking forward to next week's match between LHP and and Legado. It's too bad Kalisto isn't still in the team to have a six man, but Curt Stallion is a good hand. Kayden Carter looked especially good in the women's match and she and Kacey gelled well together. Kacye's skytwister press variant was something else. The Fight Pit match wa
  6. The main event was the right combination of comedy and decent wrestling, save Jericho almost Hayabusaing himself. It might just be me never caring much for Being The Elite, but the Bucks/Omega/Callis bit seemed like something out of WWE. I just don't find that whole angle funny at all. Moxley/Comorotto was good. Comorotto has been impressive on Dark so far and he's got a future in the company. I don't dislike Private Party but they've kind of plateaued. The angle with Matt might help them. Top Flight on the other hand looked very good even if there were some rough patches in the
  7. I didn't realize the Coming to America sequel had a trailer yet (coming to Amazon March 3)- As tired as the trend of trying to bring back 80s movies/shows is, the original is a classic and Eddie Murphy was hilarious in the Dolemite biopic, so who knows this could get a couple of laughs.
  8. This week's lineup for AEW Dark- - Big Swole vs. Alex Gracia — Sammy Guevara vs. El Australiano — Private Party with Matt Hardy vs. Lee Johnson and Aaron Solow — KC Navarro and AJ Kirsh vs. Top Flight — Lucha Brothers with PAC vs. Chaos Project — Ivelisse and Diamante vs. Tesha Price and Katalina Perez — Shawn Dean and Fuego Del Sol vs. The Acclaimed — Marti Daniels vs. Shanna — Brandon Cutler vs. Luchasaurus with Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt — Jon Cruz and Danny Limelight vs. Santana and Ortiz — Nick Comoroto vs. Scorpio Sky — Zack Cla
  9. If Alan Rickman was still alive, I'd be down for seeing a movie about him getting a classical education and building models. Simon takes him to get his first tailored suit for his birthday.
  10. What we got of Ricochet/AJ was good. In a just world we'd see the two feuding over a title and getting to put on a lengthy match. For the umpteenth time WWE insists on breaking up a perfectly good team in The Hurt Business. It's the best thing that could have happened for all the guys involved and splitting it up is just going to put them back where they started from. Speaking of The Hurt Business, what is the end goal with their program with Riddle? He's lost clean several times now and while THB are heels, Riddle has kind of been asking for it with his obnoxious behavior. El Rando,
  11. That was a decent night of wrestling all in all. I'm here for corny 90s sitcom mom Bayley. Also Big E lounging on a couch eating fruit in a Ghostbusters sweater. I thought they would stretch out the Pearce/Roman angle another week or two before the eventual swerve. The match with Owens will be good, but I'm still kinda bummed we got screwed out of a Nakamura/Roman match. The Diminic stuff was cringy as usual. I don't have any idea of who Rey was referring to, but I just hope they're a substitute for Dominic. Bryan/Cesaro was a banger.
  12. Advertised for Smackdown tonight: Adam Pearce signs a contract to fight Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio vs. King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jey Uso
  13. I think we've all been in his shoes, Fenriz.
  14. I'd like to see a longer match between Kingston and Pac. They're both masters of their game and work really well together so a longer feud and payoff match would be excellent. Does this mean the Death Triangle are no more? Pac is most certainly a heel and the Lucha Bros look to be faces now. It makes the whole Kingston/Blade/Butcher, Pac, Archer three way feud kind of imbalanced.
  15. They've always played fast and loose with the rules for the rumble itself, might as well do that with the entrance rules as well. I don't see why the women need to declare seeing as how pretty much every one of them on the roster will need to be in it to make 30.
  16. "Loser pays Ric Flair's alimony for a year"
  17. What we got of Gulak/Styles was really good. People talk a lot about how under-utilized Cesaro is but I think Gulak is definitely high on the list of people on the WWE roster not getting enough of a push. This Lacy Evans/Ric Flair angle reminds me of that cringy as fuck storyline between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson's father. Last week after Goldberg came back I thought about how they're starting to drag out the part timers for Wrestlemania season and began to wonder when HHH would interject himself. We're getting HHH/Fiend at Mania aren't we? Sheamus/Lee was a decent hoss fight
  18. I guess Crews is a heel now? The restart looked to serve as a chance to turn him and also show Big E has a more aggressive side he can tap into. Even though I'm not wild about Roode and Ziggler at the too of the tag card, the match was good and the profits showed some impressive selling and playing the underdogs. The gauntlet match was fantastic despite featuring baron corbin and that bullshit ending. Hopefully they find some way to have nakamura get the rumble title shot.
  19. When WWE does something good it's really good (see Bryan/Kofi-mania, a lot of Becky's run) and seems all the better due to the mediocre quality of everything else. AEW has so far kept things at a consistently high level so that the individual "moments" don't stick out as much as the cards as a whole are really good. I don't know if that's what you were getting at, but at least that's how I feel about the two companies and their "highlights".
  20. I'd rather see Elite vs Dark Order in the cage, but like others have mentioned, no way they run that without Cody inserting himself. The Rhodes Bros, Darby, and Pillman/Garrison maybe? vs Hobbs/Cage/Starks and FTR? featuring Taz eating a bat shot from Sting at some point. Elite/Dark Order can have a better quality match without needing the Wargames gimmick, plus I think with a lineup featuring the latter parties we're more likely to get blood. Of course they may just go full TNA and have a whole card of cage matches. If DO are in the Cage, I think Silver works better as the underdog who has to
  21. Jericho could stand to take it down 20-30% most of the time, but I still prefer him to JR.
  22. The comments to the most popular "Jane" video were a bit more subtle. Which is quite fitting for OC
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