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  1. In my instance, it’s less boring if you repeatedly forget to take stuff out of your pockets at the courthouse metal detector every day that you have to report. The cops love it.
  2. Matt Gourley (of the James Bonding podcast and a lot of other wonderful stuff) and his band Townland did a terrific Bond theme medley.
  3. I’m glad Nemeth was brought up actually because I haven’t seen much of his work at all. What’s the deal with him doing Dolph’s offense? Did they always perform similarly? Is it a bit, like when Brad Armstrong worked as Buzzkill?
  4. The gym thing reminds me of when FSW was in his glory because someone posted a pic of Punk benching with what looked like light plates until someone explained to him how heavy the barbell was. I can’t remember some family members’ birthdays but I still retain memories of posts by weird dudes on message boards years later.
  5. It’s the same reason multiverse stuff became popular in comics in the first place; they ran out of in-universe ideas and they wanted to clean up continuity problems. I think it’s also an easy way to validate multiple generations of fan bases by making every iteration of characters part of contemporary canon.
  6. If we don’t get Bradley Cooper as Jon Peters watching nature footage of spiders and going apeshit for it I’ll be disappointed.
  7. AEW discourse is just like everything else in culture now. The only thing we’re truly made to feel we have individual power over anymore is our consumer choices and how we apply them to showing contempt for other people.
  8. Exactly, it’s pro wrestling. Everyone in every major promotion is a badass because the average untrained person would be bedridden for days from a single bump and they know it. Wrestlers can do incredible things with and to their bodies and that’s enough for fans to buy in. The world saw Punk get his ear punched off his head in a shoot fight, but there’s no one on the roster that fans would blink twice at him beating, even if they’re legit like a Swagger or Sky. It’s antiquated thinking even by Corny’s standards.
  9. Some of the actual performers may not have been, but it was definitely an in-joke by out songwriters and producers.
  10. The Village People always remind me of one of my favorite stories about my grandfather: He was mostly a 40s/50s standards fan, but he had mix cassette tapes from the 70s he’d groove out to in his car that had a ton of Village People and stuff like CW McCall’s Convoy and the disco version of the Star Wars theme. One day he tells me he was just reading on the TV guide channel about the movie Can’t Stop the Music, which was described in the guide as, “A campy musical starring the suggestively gay disco group The Village People.” My grandfather, one of the savviest people I’ve ever met, book smart and street smart, looked at me slack jawed and asked, “The Village People were supposed to be gay?”
  11. I’m finally caught up on Ted Lasso. It’s got such a weird wrestling build right now. They’ve telegraphed enough to see that they’re setting up a couple of heel turns and authority figure shakeups that’ll probably be revealed during the season finale.
  12. “The Young Bucks, that’s another story entirely. The Lucha Brothers had to beat them to death with their own shoes…”
  13. This has been brought up about a number of AEW talent regarding house shows, but Hobbs would really benefit from a loop with Punk.
  14. “Oh, it’s definitely clobberin’ time, but the other end.” - Taz, with mastery of the classic insult strategy, “No, you!”
  15. After Hours is certainly a top five Scorsese for me. His 80s movies are so distinct from most of his other output. It feels like he’s working on figuring out how everything went to hell for him after he achieved his wildest dreams, but he’s mostly doing it in breezier forms than his previous work. By the end of the 80s he’s finally in a place to tackle his most personal work and its decidedly not light subject matter.
  16. A few people I know have fun stories from the mid aughts of seeing Danielson wrestle in dives and hanging out with him in diners afterwards. The only time I’ve seen him work live was the 2015 Royal Rumble, so…yeah. The aftermath of him getting eliminated and the subsequent Rumble finish was almost worth it though. I’ve never had so much fun being in a near riot.
  17. My understanding is that Flair was a figurehead booker who would take credit for anything that was over and pass the buck on anything that wasn’t. He only really cared about the world title picture, and once Hogan and Savage were brought in they kneecapped him on that too. The only thing I’m aware of that he demonstrably was responsible for was Alex Wright’s initial push.
  18. When it comes to the best critical scale, I defer to Roger Ebert, who hated the star rating system that the Sun Times saddled him with. I think this works even better for wrestling than it does for movies.
  19. A lot of people in WWE at the time would have closed ranks like Cena if they were in his position in 2006. It’s shitty behavior, but it’s also a reflection of the moral rot in their company culture. Besides Flair’s other flaws as a person, he has a weird cognitive dissonance about criticizing others’ work. He’s from a generation where saying someone was the shits in-ring wasn’t supposed to be taken as a judgement about their value as a person, which is a lot healthier than the way it’s been looked at for the last twenty or so years. The problem is he has no qualms about arbitrarily shitting on people who value his opinion because he doesn’t consider it a personal insult. And I think now more than ever the Flair is an Idiot Savant theory has traction, so his opinions have proved pretty worthless.
  20. His muffler looks different than I expected it to.
  21. Actually I heard Hunter originally had Cannavale’s role in The Station Agent when Jenny McCarthy and Verne Troyer were attached to costar.
  22. It’s solid to me. The boss that acts like they’re the underdog that has to beat the odds is basically how the world’s real life heels behave.
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