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  1. Little did they know at the time. All logic would have pointed to his reality TV stardom being on the downturn, or close to it.
  2. Chuck Norris? And even that was just because Norris' star ONLY goes upwards.
  3. I watched the Rampage episode with Pac vs Andrade 2 on it last night. This got me thinking two things: One, I've missed the intensity of PAC so much! And two, does anyone know if his parents are still alive? What are the odds of them tying the knot this late in the game and legitimize PAC's status, so he wouldn't have to be a bastard anymore?
  4. I'm guessing it's the SELF- part, not the mutilation part they object to. Saudi Arabia isn't all that big on SELF-mutilation. Standard mutilation, however... Also: Hey Vince! You were going to call Mick Foley WHAT exactly, back in '96?
  5. Shit, me and my friend saw it one time in the early to mid 90's and we still refer to that one song every now and again.
  6. Well, I do like cooking and Selena Gomez, should I give it a go? TBH, I mostly know Selena from voice acting on Hotel Transylvania movies, but she was fun on those. Maybe I could get some pointers, although cooking shows haven't been something I gravitate towards. I have, however, watched shows that are more about eating, and those do usually involve showing and explaining the process of prepairing the dishes the host(s) end up consuming. Anyway, thank you all for the suggestions. Some of them I'm already somewhat familiar with, others I know by name and more than a few I hear mentioned for the first time. Curb Your what? ...just kidding.
  7. Wow, no wonder The Supreme Being no-showed on the night of the match, in that case!
  8. My wife wanted to get HBO Max for a little bit in order to watch And Just Like That... so, I've used it to watch some of Lovecraft Country as well as the first season of WestWorld (finally). Any other suggestions on what might be worthwhile, genres be damned?!?
  9. Razor Ramon's theme and Stone Cold's theme have a similar beat to them, although they do sound different overall. If you want to go way back, then Powers of Pain (as faces in the WWF) and 1-2-3 Kid's most famous theme sound awfully similar. One of those must be a bit of a miscast, then!
  10. Yeah, like 20 years ago, the SmackDown 6 were having all these insane matches with each other every week on TV, and it got to the point where it became almost impossible to top those on PPV. I guess they managed to pull it off at SurSer'02, but after that, not so much.
  11. Yeah, I noticed that too. Of course, we don't actually KNOW what Cody is going to say next week. It could always be "Sorry guys, I'm still a good month away from returning to the ring, but decided to show up, so you won't forget who the real star of the show is!" And yeah @Ramo2653 , I assumed that the powerbomb through the table was a DQ, too! Like the story was "I had him pinned and you forced me to throw the match by getting DQ'd basically on purpose and for no reason". I think that would have protected Wardlow better. The small package finish would have been fine, if Punk could have sinched it in tighter and more desperate. As is, it looked a bit sloppy and thusly made Wardlow look a bit weak.
  12. Four workouts this week, with Thursday off so I could watch Dynamite and most of NXT 2.0. Monday and Tuesday I already covered, Wednesday was the usual Monday-type workout with dips and reverse shrugs and 66 lbs of extra weights. Once I got down to 22 lbs I also did 2 sets of pull-ups. Friday was moderate weight, but high-ish rep workout on the Squat machine and calves getting their shit it as well. Also some more curls with a pair of 33's, 22's and 11's when unloading the machine. The biking weather changed from good to slushy to icy and bumpy within 5 days. Nothing was bad enough to make me skip any planned workouts, so that's well enough. Thursday was a planned day off from the gym. The weight is howering around 190 at the moment and since it's the weekend, it's not about to go down from that. My abs have taken a hit, for sure, but right now, I'll go for all the mass (and strength) I can get, until late spring at least. Good week, with the redemption story of actually lifting the 504 on the trapbar being the highlight.
  13. Wow, now we are cooking. Barretta is in great shape, which of course helps if you keep on getting your ass kicked like that. Spears made some decent points on his promo and did solidify the fact that Punk is hanging by a thread to his prime. Penelope is crazy limber, and yeah Bunny is just crazy. Nyla did most of the ass-kicking though. Hirsch is having legit attitude problems. Some of the tag team sequences in the main event were just insane. Good stuff. Oh, and I should be offended by Goth Phase by The Acclaimed, but I like both Goth and Hip Hop so I guess I'm fine with it.
  14. The gimmick is stupid but actually hilarious at the same time. The idea that she is very efficient, but is only willing to expend the very least amount of energy possible, and rests at every opportunity otherwise is funny. If you replace "rests" with "doesn't bother" she actually reminds me of a certain popular citrus. ...seems like everyone has already seen the similarity with OC's charachter and apparently others, too.
  15. I doubt it has been tried, but if it has, it's probably something pretty crazy. If it's still up for grabs, maybe you should just go for it!
  16. The idea that @EVA pointed out that CM Punk is being booked as close to over the hill, but with an equalizer up his sleeve is wonderful if true! Also, @Matt D stressed that no one on the roster is just having one story at the time, which I think is very cool, as long as you have a spreadsheet to keep it all coherent. For example, on soap operas, when a new character is introduced, they usually have at least three tie-ins with existing cast, so there is immediately plenty of potential stories to tell. I find this fascinating and am all for it, so as long most of it makes sense in the end (if also during, even better)!
  17. MJF, that walking bag of dicks caused Wardlow that match! Punk was dead in the water after bomb number three! In fact, Punk seemed like no match for Wardlow. Getting caught by a small package like that was actually pretty weak. Hobbs looked good. Jericho and Kingston had words. MJF with some quality trolling right there! Punk vs Spears, a main event anywhere in the country. Jesus, Archer! You killed him!
  18. Would Pat McAfee suffice? I mean they could have a confrontation at the Rumble announce desk when one or both of them step out of line with their commentary? It would be at least feasible since they are both announcers and douches!
  19. Yeah, the artist later known as Deacon Sharpe would be a cery welcome addition. I wonder what the odds of getting Hilary Swank to come in for one episode are? She could have some of Miyagi's wisdom that Daniel wasn't around to hear, or depending on what profession she chose as an adult, she could come to Daniel's aid in many different ways, story permitting.
  20. Apparently, it's Wednesday. Could someone please tell me what that means?!
  21. Since I unwittingly mislead my fellow posters by claiming to have cleared 500 lbs on the trapbar before Xmas, I needed to rectify this, and I did so, yesterday. The trapbar itself is starting to look like a Xmas tree with all these things dangling off it. But the workout was as follows: 3x251, 3x383, 3x471, 3x493, 3x504, 3x493, 3x471, 3x405 plus a bunch of shrugs. I did the first bench workout of the year on Monday, but two sets of 3 with 275 was as high as I got. @Log Congrats on the squat, I hope your back gets better soon!
  22. They seem legit to me! Unless Matt can provide the originals with him on them instead of Joey, I'm inclined to believe Janela!
  23. I liked Sammy's sell of the first CrossRhodes and pretty much everything Dustin did. Also was very impressed with with Matt Sydal has left at this point. Main event was a match.
  24. Apparently he is taking the US part really seriously! All this picture is missing is a F'n Xmas tree!
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