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  1. The Rampage thread is already closed, but what's this about Adam Cole shaving his head into a faux-hawk and joining Tully Blanchard Enterprises? What now? Brian Cage?!? Well, that's even better! Oh, man that faction gets me SO excited, I may go all Daddy Magic up in here!
  2. I hope everyone who ordered the show will find it at least worth the money spent, preferrably much more. I may begin to watch it Wednesday, since I still have Rampage to get through before that. Have fun, I'll go to work in a few hours and try to avoid spoilers for a few days.
  3. Busting through plateaus is always cool! The 11th rep will come in due time.
  4. Oh shit! I turn 45 in a few months, in THAT case, I'm NOT looking forward to it!
  5. If so, then that would definitely be enough for this to happen! I'm all for it!
  6. Is there a logical link between Luke Perry and David Arquette that would make this an important part of the said program? Honest question, with no irony/ snark intended, for the record.
  7. Are we talking late '94 or early '99 Savage here? Because in '94 the body wasn't there, but the matches could be, if given a chance. In '99, the body WAS there, but the matches weren't anymore. Or split the difference and say '97?
  8. "C'mon, like we were really gonna kill a koala bear?" I think they did, but Fairlane got a new one and just repressed the painful memories and was all like "Hey, the koala survived! Unbelievable, un-fucking-believable!"
  9. So he bonds with Christian Cage, instead. Theory checks out, at least.
  10. Your son is obviously already has the capability of thinking ahead. "Look, dad, it will be for the best if Black takes that beating, instead!" Wonderful.
  11. Ok, so I will be seeing this one at least a day after the fact, if not more, since like a greedy, push over dumbass, I agreed to put in another 16h shift through Sunday night and Monday afternoon. Watching Dynamite, I was like "Oh wait, the PPV... well, shit!" I guess, unlike Christian Cage, I recoup the PPV money by doing more work, not less work! What did your first AEW T-shirt say, again Christian?
  12. Ok...FUCK YOU Christian Cage! Eat shit! If he corrupts Luchasaurus on top of that, then... oh, man! You're like a son to me, my ass! Well, makes sense you'd father a lizard, you slimy bastard! Silas Young was amazing. His entrance video and music was too! Aussie Open is eating falls here. I hope they get something from this, as they seem really impressive. OC was trying, you could tell. The kinesio tape was applied only so-so, at least. So, yes. The card filled up nicely and Andrade and Fenix get to main event Rampage as a consolation prize. Interesting names thrown around here, regarding Bryan's replacement. I was thinking CSRO, obviously, but we'll see. Black and Penta had a hell of a match, but once Penta's back was gone, he was a sitting duck. CMLL goes phew. More Baddies? Any suggestions? Main Event I need to watch again at some point.
  13. Cool threads, bro! Yeah, you look like a different person altogether! Great job, man!
  14. If you're really lucky, it will happen fairly soon! It will probably be pretty gnarly if it happens, say, 3-4 years from now, tho! "Tanahashi touched my hand back in '22, haven't washed it since, man!"
  15. Oh yeah! Like '88-'89 Prime Time Wrestling had loads of stuff I had seen, but even more stuff that I missed back in the day, and it was awesome when I watched it a couple of years back.
  16. How about that Starrcade match with Vader? I mean sure, he was making himself look pretty impressive at Vader's expense there, but it was a good, intense match and Vader did convincingly put him away for the US-title in the end.
  17. Yeah. Getting my bike fixed yet again cost me way less than I figured it would, so the PPV money came from that. No skin off my ass, so to speak (also, I already promised to TK I would get it). I'm sure that IF this one turns out to be some life-changing experience, there's a way for you to catch it after the fact. Reading the post-PPV thread will probably give you a good idea if it will be worth a look. Or if you wish to remain spoiler-free, just looking at how many pages of discussion the thread has generated, gives an idea whether you missed something significant, or not.
  18. Wait, now that Vince is "gone", does this mean I can pick up my Network subscription again? Oh well, I think I'll hold out for a bit longer. But it is nice to know there would be something to actually look forward to in doing so. They should be getting around to '94 and the best parts of '94 at that on this one!
  19. The "which era" question is difficult. I know it's not pre-Rock n Wrestling era, as I never saw it as a kid and later on, I haven't watched much of it, even when it was available for me. Mid 80's to turn of the decade is very important to me, as that was what I grew up with (my fandom begun in the later 80's, but there were some reruns going back to '86ish). If this includes NWA/WCW of the same timeframe, then it's even more important to me, as I got into that somewhat in the mid 90's and was very into what I was able to see. 1993 onwards is probably even more important, as the fandom had become more all consuming than earlier. The era itself is definitely a mixed bag, but I enjoy seeing the TV stuff now that I missed back then. PPV's and Colliseum Videos I pretty much have seen, and owned at one point. Attitude era was important because I was on the internet when I should have been pursuing my academic career (phew, dodged a bullet, THERE)! I enjoyed the PPV's even at the time, but I practically never get the urge to revisit any of that, especially the TV. 2000 onwards, stuff get really good again and I watch some things every so often. That one guy puts a damper on it, though. Feel free to pick one. Ruthless Aggression (well, Invasion era, actually) onwards, wrestling was on Finnish TV again, for awhile so that was different. There are still PPV's from that period that I actually haven't seen (I think?), but I did get around to see much of it, eventually. I even enjoyed much of the PG era, but once NXT (and NXT UK) became an option, the main roster lost much of it's appeal (and point, really) to me. Now that AEW has become the real NXT, I've diverted all of my current viewing there. This is not to say I won't return to watching older WWE some day, but most likely it will be the 80's, 90-97 or early 00's that I can't stay away from. Or may the workrate Cena-era, idk? On a different note, there has been talk of grandparents and one of the most unifying things between my grandfather and I was wrestling, back in the day. There would be many anecdotes to tell, but I'll just note that he got heat segments all wrong most of the time, and got pissed of if someone made a comeback and ended up winning in the end, except for Hogan.
  20. For whatever reason, I only ever thought this was a reference to the late 80's/ very early 90's computer game about a violent spectator sport and nothing else.
  21. Son of a bitch!!! I did think that a big part of Jungle Express' continued success as champions was the fact that they had 3 way matches as their big defenses. Now that Jeff screwed up THIS 3-way, the titles were really up for grabs. Also, the other Son of a bitch!!! goes to Christian Cage. The second that the titles come off of JE's waists, he pounces on poor Jungle Boy! You will pay for this! Don't let Luchasaurus find you any time soon!
  22. You are not wrong, but this is also the only song I actually know by Mr. Ranks. Good times, tho!
  23. Just like Ortiz, I'm a man of my word! Purchased the PPV on FITE just now, as promised, as a thank you for giving me PAC vs Matthews the other day there!
  24. Running, squat day on Wednesday as promised, more running today, a one hour home workout before this BRAND NEW PROFILE PIC! I think it is going pretty good right now!
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