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  1. So, the starting time of Final Battle in US is 4PM. Does that make it like 11PM over here? If so, then it's actually possible to watch this one live. If I don't have any other plans for that evening, and I'm pretty sure I don't.
  2. Something for legs ended up being trapbar. I missed last week but was going for the without Versas record once again. I started with 12x140, then standing on the higher platform, I did 6x240 and 5x350. Then, off the floor, without Versas, 3x449 and 3x460, so the record keeps breaking. Then, with Versas on, 1x515 and 1x526 off the floor. After that, off the 3cm platforms, 1,1,2 and 1x526. Then shrugs with 416, 306 and 196. Due to time constraints, I missed most of the usual foam rolling and ab work, unfortunately. Tomorrow, something else.
  3. Yeah, that's all. And I would like to see way more, even just some weird pairings on Dark or Elevation, if that's what it takes. Give me Cash vs Austin or Colton Gunn before the ROH PPV, at least!
  4. And that is wonderful, but where are my Cash Wheeler singles matches, dammit?!
  5. In pretty much every non-Apter wrestling magazine I bought in the early nineties, they had an of Monster Factory in it. And every one of them reminded the readers that Bam Bam Bigelow was a graduate of Monster Factory.
  6. Then, Don Muraco sees Kerry down in Sunset Beach, trades the WWF title for a bunch of coke and just shows up on WWF tv next week with the title, claiming to have beat Kerry for it at a Hawaii house show.
  7. And once Kerry's motorcycle accident still happens in that timeline as well, do we get Savage as a replacement around the time he was the IC-champ IRL?
  8. Standing EZ bar curls and behind the neck OHPs were on the menu tonight with side deltoid work, face pulls and push-downs in between. 3 sets with 100 lbs and 3 more sets with lighter weight, dropping after each set. Curls were 8-12 range and OHPs were 15. I guess something with legs would be scheduled tomorrow.
  9. More than 50% of the time when there are new profiles in this community, it ends up being someone from this boards past. This isn't the case, as it is a name change, not a "new" profile per se. Going on a personal vendetta against the most popular name on the board is certainly a choice. I'm sure it will go well.
  10. Apparently, he does these protests regularly.
  11. Week started with a bench workout yesterday evening. Still feeling kinda weak from last week's stomach flu, but need to get back into it. Quick rise straight to the top weight with 5x132, 3x220, 1x264, then 5 sets with 281 with the first one or at best two reps were ok and rest was partial shit. After that it was 2x275, 2x270, 2x264, 7x220 and 21x132. Between sets I did lat pulldowns with resistance bands as well as push downs. Next time, I need to do 281 again, as there is no point adding weight yet, as this was not very impressive showing, honestly. More coming up tonight, but I'm not quite sure yet what I should be doing once I get there, but I think I'll settle for lifting weights.
  12. You can, if you find the suitable dynamic equivalence, but from Finnish to English or vice versa, for example, it's a damn nightmare. Jokes and wordplay aren't a picnic, either. This would be one of he lesser reasons I'm doing factory work now, instead of translating texts. There are several, more valid reasons for that, too.
  13. I could go for Danielson/Shibata vs Briscoes, yes. And then, after the Briscoes win, it could lead to Danielson vs Shibata one on one at one pre-show or another.
  14. Bit of a throw away episode here, but the tag match was very exciting, I kept looking for whatever went wrong that caused a scare, but I guess it was edited out or cleaned up a bit? Dax vs Bryan has a more than zero chance of being an ok wrestling match, no? Gunns at Final Battle, then, right? Darby vs Henry was more competitive than one would have thought, but since they had a previous rivalry that was played up by commentary, that was a good thing. I guess this was a bit like that RVD vs Jerry Lynn from 2001 WWF tv, but without all of Henry's offence edited out? Storm is willing to break her face to regain the title? That's nice, but I'd assume being willing to break Hayter's face would probably serve you better in actually accomplishing that, right? But hey, I'm not judging. You do you, Toni! JAS-Claudio segment was a bit of a nothing, but I guess you need an actual segment to set up a PPV main event, so there's nothing wrong with that. Athena vs Mercedes should kick all kinds of ass! If they gel in the ring, that should be among the best possible pairings that the current women's roster can provide! Nice addition to the PPV if Martinez is ready to go. Main event was a decent handicap tag match disguised as an angle, or was it the other way? Ok, Preston, you're a dick! Fuck you! Forgot the Shida squash that had Bunny and Penelope watching. Yes, that could lead to something cool!
  15. Yeah, that was the image I kept seeing in my head when I wrote that.
  16. This is pretty much exactly how it seems from over here. I feel bad for you guys. Our strong union tradition has a lot to do with trying to live next to F'n Soviet Union and them constantly spreading propaganda over to the workers. So our society had to create something that works reasonably well for the largest number of people possible. It worked out very well until at least the 70's and despite its problems, our social democracy is a pretty humane way of handling things, all things considered. Now back to wrestling...
  17. This week was pretty much a wash. One light, but lengthy upper body workout and that's it. A suspected food poisoning that probably ended up being a mild stomach flu ruined things, among other stuff. Well, I guess the time off was due, anyway. This morning my weight was down to a shade below 177lbs, and given the time of year that is really bad. Looking F'n ripped, however. I guess that's what having one evening of drinking in the past 2,5 months does to a guy? Scary.
  18. Especially AAA. They've had those belts forever now. Does the promotion care about those titles at all, or are they just happy to have some cross-promotion, erm... promotion, as it were?
  19. Insurance companies that are willing to give pro wrestlers health insurance? Or squashing union-aspirations by the boys? Edit. Reading back the thread, this could have also been about mishandling of black characters in pro wrestling, as well. Point stands, on each of these, nevermind which one it was actually referring to... Side note, as someone from Nordic countries, it is really peculiar to see how even the concept of a union is viewed by many in the US. Basically, like they are part of organized crime, or something? Or is that the case, over there? There's probably more being done to help squash unions than there is to bring down drug cartels. At least it seems that way.
  20. One would think it has to be something like that, yes.
  21. The opening segment was...yeah, I don't know about that. Well, it was different. Now they can't bring Regal back on tv, at least until Mox takes a break, or Mox is required to end him. Hager and the bucket hat makes me smirk. It will be many months before I can wear mine, though. What is that, purple? Mine is navy blue. House of Black is back! Great! Now have them actually wrestle. Often. Against interesting, non-preliminary opponents. That security guy is DEAD. Ok, at least I'm not sick of the best of seven series by the match two. The way Penta used the hammer, and the way he looked while doing it was hilarious. So Wardlow is angry. Go have another decent breakfast, maybe you'll feel better. By the way things are going with Starks, he'll be in a full body-cast or wrapped up like a mummy after the MJF match at Winter is Coming. 3-way women's match was a good way to feature a bunch of people at once and since it was a good match that got time, it wasn't a filler. Is Britt already trying to upstage Hayter, despite doing it in a positive and supportive manner? Let the lady talk, she's the champ! Lest you want to be eating a ripcord-lariat a few months down the road... The Acclaimed's next challengers are Jarrett & Lethal?!?! Not Sting and Darby, for example? Swerve and Lee broke up and Daddy Ass can scissor again, so there is some justice in the world, though. FTR vs Top Flight should be interesting, too. Loved the main event. Bleeding from the chest was top notch. And Final Battle is leading to a rematch with Claudio. Bit obvious, that. Anyway, Minoru Suzuki has probably faced Ishii in NJPW. I assume they chopped each other. Does anyone know?
  22. Yeah, I mean I've only watched it once from start to finish and missed the whole middle portion on the first go-around, but I felt it was a bit of a mess. With Punk failing to properly perform the Punk-shot lariat TWICE, being the low point, other than the finish. Was hoping for Page retaining, but seeing that it was very unlikely.
  23. They finally like him now? Man, what a bunch of bandwaggon jumpers!
  24. It's kinda like you saying "can I get a couple of drinks over here" and they bring out a couple of trays full of shots. You look at what's coming and think "there's just NO way this can end well..."
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