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  1. For what it's worth, Rocky had put Brody over big time in Florida in 1975, when he was a much bigger star than the green Frank Goodish. Maybe Frank felt he owed him something.
  2. He's not the only one who's old. When I saw that picture, my first thought was, "Who are all those people flanking Dr. Craig from St. Elsewhere?"
  3. Issues of sibling affection aside, the photo is evidence that there was a time when Steph could smile like a normal person.
  4. As anyone who does DDP Yoga can tell you, he first developed the program to rehab his own back. He's probably in better shape now than he was then. He still preaches icing after a workout, though.
  5. Yes, guys like Sputnik Monroe and Boris Malenko could make a sleeping crowd come to life, spitting with hatred. Harder to think of a vintage babyface with the ability to raise the dead. In my neck of the woods, young fiery Jack Brisco and 1975-vintage Dusty come to mind.
  6. Oh, yeah, don't get me wrong. I LOVE Terry Funk. Just struck me funny that the clip included Bock, who's at least in my top five all time.
  7. Some of us might say that the GOAT is in that Twitter clip, but it ain't Terry.
  8. Same thing happened in Tallahassee in 1982 when U2 opened for J. Geils. The latter were a great live band, but U2 was on fire.
  9. I think they just cut up old Gateway Computer boxes.
  10. http://www.midatlanticgateway.com/2017/11/cotton-is-king-in-1976.html Had to look up what the heck a cotton field match was.
  11. I'm 62, so I'm old enough to fall on the far side of the "50+" demo. I grew up watching Florida and Georgia wrestling, stuck with NWA through the Crockett era, and thought WWF was a dogshit clown show during their initial national push. I didn't come around at all to Vince's product until he put Bret Hart on top. The time came when WWF was the only game in town and so I watched it, fitfully. I haven't followed the current product on any kind of a regular basis for several years, aside from what I read about it on this site. For the last two weeks, I've just happened to be alone in hotel rooms on Wednesday night and, with nothing better to do, have toggled back and forth between AEW and NXT. To me, the AEW show has been consistently better, both in presentation of angles and in-ring work. I'm not sure why my fellow old farts disagree, other than that they've never watched anything other than McMahon's product and so have no tools with which to evaluate professional wrestling.
  12. Jack Brisco invented the 70s, so it stands to reason.
  13. Hello, October 2019. I come in peace from the future. I bring a message: WWE still sucks.
  14. Kidman always seemed like a really good back yard guy who could never quite get the hang of an actual wrestling ring.
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