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  1. I think we already covered this up the thread, but I'm about 99% sure that's Danny Hodge.
  2. I subscribed the day I saw the announcement. I've really missed the Deadspin idiots. This is one of the rare good things that's happened this year.
  3. True, but "Handsome Harley" was a total heel name. Keep in mind that his tag partner was "Pretty Boy" Larry Hennig.
  4. Here's an odd thing: Bam Bam Bigelow is an answer in today's New York Times crossword.
  5. Florida in the early 70s was just incredible when I look back on it. Of course, we took it for granted at the time.
  6. The babyface having a manager is against nature to begin with. The babyface should hire a manager only to even the odds against the heel's manager, like when Eddie Graham paid Saul Weingeroff to manage him and Sam Steamboat against J.C. Dykes and the Infernos. The best thing about that angle was the promos where Eddie continued to call Saul a piece of shit while he was standing right there beside him.
  7. Didn't Arnold Skaaland manage the WWF champion for something like 20 years? Must count for something.
  8. And Murdoch knocking himself silly with a chair! That was a fun time to be a fan in Florida.
  9. I'm sure I've said this here before, but I was in the Jacksonville Coliseum the night Bob Armstrong beat Buddy Colt for the North American title. That was the biggest pop I ever heard from a live crowd. Great memory. RIP, Bullet.
  10. Going way back, Lou Thesz broke into the business at 16 and won his first world title at 21. Ray Stevens started at 15. He turned 30 in 1965, meaning he'd had his first huge run on top in San Francisco before that. I know it's all hearsay at this point, but Ray was apparently amazing when he was young.
  11. My board name on tOA was "Old Bald Bastard." I hereby bequeath it to Shawn.
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