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  1. Hello, October 2019. I come in peace from the future. I bring a message: WWE still sucks.
  2. Kidman always seemed like a really good back yard guy who could never quite get the hang of an actual wrestling ring.
  3. I would, too! But then, in 1967 I watched an NWA Title Broadway between Gene Kiniski and Wahoo McDaniel that included roughly ten minutes of Gene trying to escape a body scissors and another ten going through the corny "test of strength" gimmick that Gene padded his title matches with. Still thought it was great. So YMMV.
  4. Watching Ernie Ladd get his ass out of that ring during the riot just makes me love him more, and I didn't think that was possible.
  5. Since that gif of Bastien doing the ref bump has drawn some comment, let's see some prime Red. This is a really good studio match. (Apologies if it's already here somewhere, but this is a long thread.)
  6. Out of the blue this morning, John Allen on WFMU played a track by Zoogz Rift. Talk about a blast from the RSPW past.
  7. Terry was so great during this run. One of the last really fun times I ever had going to a live card was his match against Flair in Tallahassee in 1989. Just tore it up.
  8. I hate to sound like the old man yelling at clouds, but it really was less obvious that Johnny Valentine and Wahoo McDaniel were cooperating.
  9. Goddam, Nelson Royal is STILL defending that Junior Heavyweight title?
  10. He's popped up a few times in his Liverpool kit. Big fans of the Reds. Allez, allez, allez!
  11. Or a money meter gimmick. The 24/7 champ makes $1 per minute for as long as he/she holds the title. If someone held it for a year, that would be just north of a half million dollars. In context, that's a realistic enough number to sell on air.
  12. Sorry for giving it away, Curt. I'm old enough to have seen the movie on first release, so I didn't realize it would be a puzzler to the young 'uns here.
  13. I was kidding around. I thought it was just some dude who looked like Bischoff. Joke's on me.
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