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  1. This may be sacriligeous, but I never thought all that much of Gene.
  2. I was a 12 year old little mark in Jacksonville when Funk won the title. I was not very impressed because it was a one fall match, which was unheard of for an NWA title match at the time. I'd seen lots of guys (including Wahoo, Jose Lothario, Eddie Graham, Johnny Valentine, and Joe Scarpa) take a fall off Kiniski but nobody could get that second one. All of which primed me for the Brisco chase. And the spinning toe hold was pretty unconvincing even back then.
  3. Though he later became a pure babyface, the Gladiator sort of pioneered the "tweener" when he first showed up in Florida in the late 60s. Took the Florida title off the very popular Nick Kozak but later feuded with the Great Malenko. Very, very good in the ring.
  4. My memory (which could be wrong) is that the Funk-Rhodes feud started right after Dusty turned babyface. He went to war with his former boss, Gary Hart, who threw everything he had against Dusty. This included bringing in Terry Funk as a mercenary to do away with Rhodes. They had a series of matches that culminated with one very similar to the later and more famous Funk-Lawler empty arena match: Terry went after Dusty's eye with a broken chair leg and ended up getting his own eye damaged. From there, it was off to the races.
  5. Nearly? Bock had to look away from the camera when Heenan made the crack about Gagne breaking a hip.
  6. Haven't seen this in years, but your post reminds me: the original VHS box of this movie has a photo of the Sheik doing the pencil thing to a bloody Harley Race. Looks to be '78-ish Harley, with the big graying sideburns. But there's no Harley versus Sheik match in the movie, to the best of my recollection. Is that match out there on tape somewhere? P.S. If I'm totally misremembering all this, please ignore and move on. No need to stop and make fun of the old guy.
  7. At first I thought Mosca was saying something about VD. Best part of the whole clip, though, is Crockett promising that Starrcade '84 will top Starrcade '83. That didn't work out so well.
  8. I could totally get behind a masked heel called "The Nose."
  9. When I was a kid, my friends and I would wrestle each other as our favorite pros, using their moves and finishers. I was always Eddie Graham and my buddy was the Great Malenko. I could NEVER get the Figure Four on him unless he let me. He could slap on the Russian Sickle (i.e., Camel Clutch) any time he got me on my stomach. Based on my experience, trying to put the Sharpshooter on someone who is actively, legitimately resisting would be a real good way to prove that wrestling is fake.
  10. This one popped up on Youtube a few months ago. Only footage I've seen of Graham and Malenko during their feud. Unfortunately there's not much of either of these guys in their real primes to be found.
  11. I was at this match in Jacksonville. The finish was Harley doing an amazing over the top rope bump off an Irish whip and taking the 20 count on the floor. Bladed himself down there just for the fuck of it. This was the last 10,000-pluis card that I ever attended in Jacksonville, since I went off to college the next year. On this same card, Bob Armstrong beat Buddy Colt for the North American title in something like ten seconds. The crowd blew the roof off the Coliseum for that. Good times!
  12. Couldn't help noticing that about a month and a half after jamming the Coliseum to the rafters and stopping traffic in Greensboro, Steamboat/Youngblood v. Slaughter/Kernodle drew under 5,000 to the same building. Sic transit gloria.
  13. Satanic Lair Apartments... convenient to UCF and downtown Orlando. One and two dungeon units available for immediate occupancy.
  14. All through the show, it was bugging me that I couldn't place who the guy reminded me of. But when he busted out that line, I yelled, "Norm!"
  15. Can't wait for the Pillman biopic with Norm McDonald playing strength coach Kim Wood.
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