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  1. I hate to sound like the old man yelling at clouds, but it really was less obvious that Johnny Valentine and Wahoo McDaniel were cooperating.
  2. Goddam, Nelson Royal is STILL defending that Junior Heavyweight title?
  3. He's popped up a few times in his Liverpool kit. Big fans of the Reds. Allez, allez, allez!
  4. Or a money meter gimmick. The 24/7 champ makes $1 per minute for as long as he/she holds the title. If someone held it for a year, that would be just north of a half million dollars. In context, that's a realistic enough number to sell on air.
  5. Sorry for giving it away, Curt. I'm old enough to have seen the movie on first release, so I didn't realize it would be a puzzler to the young 'uns here.
  6. I was kidding around. I thought it was just some dude who looked like Bischoff. Joke's on me.
  7. I recognize Bischoff on the right, but who are the other two?
  8. Well, this is a bunch of fun. Houston. Tully and Wahoo. Indian Strap Match.
  9. 76 Champions Carnival final? It jibes with descriptions I've read. Didn't know it was out there. Thanks!
  10. What offensive move is Sheldon Benjamin supposed to be attempting in that gif? The only purpose seems to be to eat a superkick. It's just Flair's eternally dopey top rope move updated a bit. Hate it.
  11. Baba bought his first reign from Jack Brisco, via Terry Funk as intermediary. In his book, Jack says he informed the NWA board of what he was going to do, but didn't wait around for "permission."
  12. In the days of the real touring champs, such as the Funks, there were no official NWA tag champs. Several territories had "world tag champs."
  13. You know, I've been seeing that belt for 25+ years and this was the first time I noticed it had a guy holding up a belt on it. Now that you mention it, I guess I do remember that was their logo at the time.
  14. If you blow up the side plate really huge, is there a guy holding up a belt in the side plate of the belt the guy is holding up in the side plate? And did anyone ever actually wear that fucking belt?
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