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  1. Thomas Bugg

    NJPW G1 2019

    Why does Rocky Romero chastise the hell out of BUSHI on commentary? Did BUSHI shit in his bags or some shit?
  2. I don't get it- why are NJPW wrestlers taking a caca on Ring Of Honor lately? I know business is down right now, but I know the NJPW guys aren't gonna sit here and pretend that New Japan wasn't in the crapper in the 2000's. It's not like they're having to work for some outlaw fed in a small town in New Hampshire, where some mark who never cut it elsewhere makes himself the champion.
  3. I'm watching the Kizuna Road final. Dissension in LIJ?? And why does SANADA look like SUWAMA?
  4. When Terri Runnels turned heel, it was completely justified. Look at what all happened in a span of two years- some musclebound stud strangles and terrorized her, a drugged-up maniac with a bad leg and a raspy voice holds her captive, her effeminate dressing husband, who she tolerated kissing dudes while they were unconscious and who stalked a boxer-turned-wrestler's wife, basically dumped her on television and joins up with some Goth broad who sounds like Demolition in the voice, a porn star kicks her to the curb after her EPT read pink, and now some fat motherfucker from Texas who once tried to mack on the aforementioned bull woman is trying to put the moves on her. And to top it all off, the promotion she works for is not safe for little Dakota to watch because the fucking pea-brained dipshit booker is obsessed with his B-movies and goddamn Jerry Springer, so she can't even watch mommy perform, although that's probably for the best as her mom has been tortured the past year or two. So yes, Terri was completely justified.
  5. I've been working long hours and I don't have the time to keep up with every show of the Kizuna Road tour. What are the best matches of the tour so far?
  6. That's not bad at all. Any 90's shit on there? If I spot anything from Jumbo, Hansen or Misawa, WWE Network can kick rocks.
  7. What you described sounds like a decent show. Does AJPW have a streaming service? Or does someone upload the shit on Dailymotion?
  8. I never got to attend ANY NJPW shows and I've wanted to do so since I was a teenager. I never even got to see the East Coast Invasion Attack in 2011 (by the way, are those full events available ANYWHERE???). This is probably the last chance I'll have to see Jushin Liger live, so I'm not going to miss it for the world.
  9. I'm sitting here watching an awesome match between Kento Miyahara and KAI for the TCC. What's up with all the Mark's on KAI's body? Was he in a bad accident or something? AJPW's rings are kinda cool-looking! EDIT: Totally not trying to make fun of the guy, especially with what happened with Aoki, just something I was curious about.
  10. I'll be honest, I've never got around to watching anything from Mutoh's promotion. But I'm binge watching puro this weekend and I'm looking to check out other stuff besides Shin Nihon Puroresu, so what are W-1's best matches in their history? And what's their style?
  11. HBK is all like, "Aww man, what in the illiterate fuck is this shit??"
  12. Have you ever watched a football game on TV and either a fight breaks out or a defender makes a slam tackle and some announcer makes a WWF or wrestling reference? Seems like it happens all the time, and it comes off as either completely lame or it exposes them as not knowing what the fuck they're talking about and just trying to sound hip. If you go on YouTube there's a video of NFL Body Slam Tackles and there's a plethora of examples, including one where a player gets German suplexed and the announcer starts talking about Superfly Snuka. The fuck are you even talking about? Since when has Snuka ever suplexed anyone?? Just shut the stupid shit up and stick to football.
  13. Had to revive this dead thread to include Ronda Rousey making her WM debut, teaming with a broken down Kurt Angle against Stephanie McMahon and an equally broken down Triple H. Hell, I would even go so far as to say that Stephanie was the MVP of the match.
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