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  1. I don't have the faintest idea who that is, but I love him. The checkered shirt and the mouth agape look is giving me a very Beauregard from The Muppet Show vibe:
  2. I feel like it makes sense. It's a show with a charity aspect in regard to gun violence. Getting shot is for sure a personal injury. Whether or not you think it is bush league is a totally valid point, but I appreciate the synergy between subject matter and sponsor type.
  3. I caught a piece of an episode last night on Pluto. I only watched a short bit of Ospreay - Kirby. I was enjoying what I saw of it, but for fuck's sake how many cuts does a wrestling show need? I couldn't even watch the whole match, all the camera changes were truly maddening. I get that it's over with, but I was looking forward to watching all the eps. I don't think I'll be going back to finish them off.
  4. He had me hella laughing when he did this. Such a smart thing to do if you think the guy is relaying signals. Especially now that the slidepiece and the curve are more routine weapons for him. It's not just cutter cutter cutter. Plus the fact that he doesn't really bounce anything, so the WP / PB worry isn't really there. And while anything is possible, Caratini likely isn't going to yank one into the seats to tie it, so best case for CHC there is that he drives him in and keeps the line moving.
  5. Max Muncy had a new shirt for BP today
  6. The show at SLHS was in 2004, Misawa / Ogawa won the belts in January 2004 and lost them in January of 2005. The second PWI show would have been like summer of 2002. Modest and Morgan really made the most out of their NOAH connection, plus there was a hellafied surplus of talented guys around here at the time that worked all over the fucking place. Any show from like King City to the south all the way up to Redding and probably into OR and WA had all kinds of fun matches. Modest and Morgan, Massaro, Bison Smith when he was in the States, Sara Del Rey, Tony Jones, the Ballards, the Thomasellis, all the Sacramento and Reno guys that came through. It was cool to watch it all happening, especially since the Midwest and the Northeast was so good at the time, made me proud to see our guys getting some shine too.
  7. I was at that show too! I also got to see Ogawa and Misawa come back a couple years later and defend the GHC Tag belts against Bart Blaxson and Nigel McGuinness at a PWI show at San Leandro HS. I remember the late 90's and early 2000's very fondly because of how fun a lot of the Northern CA indies were.
  8. If I ever end up as a guy that makes the decision about what a country's flag looks like, you just made the decision very easy.
  9. Do you think that people would have still busted her balls if she didn't include the photo of herself cosplaying as him? I think they probably would have just thrown the rap about "But look who you were married to!!" at her, but I would have had zero issue with her making a statement of support and just shutting the fuck up and letting it be whatever it was. But to dress up as a dude that so vocally espoused such hateful shit about the group you are attempting to show support for is so fucking tone deaf and stupid on her part.
  10. Yo, I looked around for people that had beef with their product, and I didn't find any complaints, so I have high hopes.
  11. That shirt went up like 10 minutes after the game ended. T shirt designers are fast as fuck. I hope it's decent quality, I ordered it as soon as I saw it.
  12. People make me so sad. This is weird and gross and inappropriate in every way. The only good thing I can say about it is at least Tammy is making a few bucks from it. Everybody has got to make that cheese, regardless of how. What kind of flawed person wants a pic in bed with a total stranger, even if you've been harboring some fantasy about her for 25 years. And then on the flip side, I would be skeeved clean the fuck out if I was her. Ooof. All around uncomfortable, and I'm only looking at a photo of it!
  13. How was the line? Lots of folks willing to pony up the dough? I would imagine you are likely correct. Do cons a couple times a month for 3 days of crazy fat money doing signings and photo ops. $225 is not too far south of my net pay for 8 hours work. Fuuuuuuuuck, that's a lot of bread for a photo/auto.
  14. I'm watching now, and I want to talk about how fucking dope Metalik's gear is. He looks like an evil watermelon. I love love love it.
  15. I don't know if that is true, or just you coming up with something truly hilarious for him to do after retirement. In-N-Out doesn't franchise. The entire chain is family owned and they have no plans on turning it into a franchise business. Their expansion has been contained within geographic locations that their existing suppliers could still service without sacrificing quality.
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