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  1. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    Sweet fucking Christ, what a bump. Heenan was king shit at everything he did, right? I've only ever seen a pretty small slice of his in-ring work, but I enjoyed everything I have seen immensely.

    Dude, that's fucking brutal and I hella love it.
  3. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    It's hella crazy, but that's what losing 16 of 17 will do for you. Magic number is now 4, so they could conceivably clinch it in Philly tomorrow if the Padres can step on AZ and LAD does their job. LAD up 2-0 after 1 inning in Philly right now with Kershaw on the hill, so we will see how that works out.
  4. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    Fuckin A right. My personal favorite of a destroyed Heenan is this one:
  5. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    I don't think there is any way he wins the ROY. He might get a vote or two, but he's not going to eclipse Bellinger with what will be a 65 game season and somewhere right around 175 ABs if he plays every day from here on out. That being said, the kid is something else, man. He's a local boy for me, so I was aware of him in HS and college, but I don't recall ever hearing about this kind of power. It will be interesting to see how the league adjusts to him next year.

    I learned that during his Madden game against Jack Swagger.
  7. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    That's a big might. Still have to convince Peralta CCD to turn it over, which could be troublesome. It seems like Mayor Schaaf has come around a little bit about being so adamant that it end up at the waterfront. Maybe the idea of a privately funded yard changed her tune. I am all for the return of the ice plant. Short RF porch is not something I want to see anywhere. All the foul ground is a nice touch. I miss all the foul territory in Dodger Stadium.
  8. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    I sat through the whole fucking thing. Ended up being a 10.50 restart, and the final out was recorded at 2.11 Pacific. I should have bailed from my house and just gone to the game, I can get from my house to PacBell Park in an hour and 40 minutes with no traffic. I have no clue, but my partner sent me a tweet from some Vegas dude that showed that from a $100 start, if you simply bet them to win every day and let your winnings ride, after yesterday's win you'd be sitting on $884K.
  9. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    They have been truly atrocious for the last couple weeks. They won Kershaw's first start back from the DL, but could only muster 1 run in that game. 3-13 I think is the number since the Rich Hill game. I really don't give a fuck, because I have been waiting for the collapse to come for a long time. You can't play the way they did all season long, there has to be a cold spell. Even as bad as they have been, the lead in the West is still 10 games and they are still the best record in baseball. Also, with SD beating STL last night, that clinces them a playoff spot. They can now finish no worse than the second WC spot. Seager back tonight from being limited to hitting only over the last few days or a week, so maybe that makes the difference and they get back going again. They have gone 45-8 with Taylor/Turner/Bellinger/Seager in the lineup, so maybe he sparks something tonight. It's been real weird, everything fell apart all at once.
  10. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    Who is Bruce Arena? He must have had a pretty shit day to stack up to Harvey's.
  11. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    Someone made the point on Twitter that Phillips has been around long enough that he was dealt for Bartolo Colon by a team that no longer exists.
  12. The Terminator Thread

    Sorry for the super old bump, but this was 20 years ago today: Don't forget to wear your 2 million sunblock!!
  13. General Lucha Libre Comments

    As soon as the hood came off, I was totally blown away. What a fucking good looking dude. I had basically the same reaction as to when La Sombra dropped his mask. If I looked like either one of those guys, I'd want to get that mug on TV!! So, so great. That's a huge draw somewhere down the road if it all falls into place. Granted, chances are that it never works out that way, but it's a nice thing to look forward to.
  14. MLB - AUGUST 2017

    MIL pitching looked good on Saturday and Sunday, for sure. Couple of slick defensive plays turned also. I like getting to see Eric Sogard, he was always a good time to watch out here in OAK. Both Davies and Nelson threw tremendously effective games. Anderson wasn't bad on Friday, but they made him work. Davies and Nelson made it looking fucking effortless.
  15. I'm not sure I follow. Why do you think that you can't have even rounds? I get that they aren't tremendously common, but is there something in the ruleset that states there can't be around that gets scored a draw?