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  1. grilledcheese

    Raw is NXT - 2/18/2019

    While I totally agree with that line of thinking, the little piece at the end about how "that is one way to look at it" seems to indicate that they wanted them to be on totally separate pages instead of the greyer area they have been playing up on NXT. That being said, I hella laughed at the instant change in body language and facial expression from Johnny, it really did come off like we are watching a guy realize that he shot himself in the foot.
  2. grilledcheese


    I'm a huge fan of the way the Kenta Maeda deal is structured, it seems super fair to give a guy a low base rate and load the ever-loving shit out of it with milestone type incentives to allow them the opportunity to maximize the dollars they end up with. And if you have a deal of that type and the ability to get up to a $30+MM year, and the player hits those benchmarks, it's a total win-win. Unfortunately, the way that the league and MLBPA allows incentives to be written makes it very hard to come up with ways to get to a solution that works. Because it was bargained that statistical achievement / career milestones cannot be used as incentive clauses, there is too much power in the hands of the team to limit guys playing time to make sure they don't hit those numbers. You see it in what happened to Coco Crisp at the end of his time in OAK in 2016 where it was pretty evident that he was being held out of the lineups to ensure his option didn't vest. Then when he was dealt to CLE, it was clear in his role there that he wasn't going to be an everyday guy, so he wasn't going to get to the PA number required. Or what has happened to Maeda in the last 2 seasons where he has become a bullpen piece late in the year which hinders his ability to hit the innings pitched and games started milestones. Granted, if we are talking about legitimate superstar type guys putting up numbers comparable to what is expected of them, there is no way that a team could possibly hold them out and not rightfully be called upon for their fuckery.
  3. I always enjoyed going to APW Gym Wars shows in the garage in Hayward. It wasn't anything special, just a small space in an industrial area, but goddamn did I get to see a whole ridiculous shitload of talented people come through there.
  4. grilledcheese

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    I would absolutely love to see that happen, but I just don't think its realistic. The highest NPB salaries top out just shy of $5MM, and ain't no way that amount makes the difference except to a dude trying his goddamnedest to motherfuck every owner in the league. I don't see any teams ponying up the kind of bread that would make it feasible for a top tier guy to go over there, especially considering it's basically just to make a statement. The only guy to go over in their prime thus far has been Warren Cromartie, and that was 35 years ago. And Cromartie went because there wasn't a whole lot of interest in him once he hit FA. Nifty thing to kick around and talk about "what if?", but likely never ever happening.
  5. grilledcheese

    AEW - 2019

    double post
  6. grilledcheese

    AEW - 2019

    Top flight stuff.
  7. grilledcheese

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    Absolutely true, but I bet any of the following guys plucked from whatever floated to the top of my brain just now wouldn't mind the League putting some of their promotional muscle behind them. Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuna, Kris Bryant, Jose Altuve, Francisco Lindor, Walker Buehler, Shohei Ohtani and Alex Bregman are all guys that you could use as the new "young man on his way up" kind of face for a marketing campaign.
  8. grilledcheese

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    The thing with Trout made me fucking crazy. Best goddamn player in the game, and you blame him for not doing more to be a star? Fuck you, Manfred. The idea that disability does not in any way hinder your chances to play a sport is a great reason for a name change. If people find a way to get worked up about this, then they should be fired into the sun. God forbid anyone tries to make something more inclusive.
  9. grilledcheese

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    Fucking BINGO. I find it pretty ridiculous that in this crusade to shorten the game, they don't want to budge at all on the length brought on by their insistence to sell commercials. I totally understand why, I just think it's dumb. I don't want the DH in the NL either, but I have been very aware that the time of the NL as a separate rulebook is coming to an end. Lowering the mound is going to have the opposite effect on game times, I would think, as eliminating some of the advantage that a pitcher has will lead to higher scoring affairs. I am pretty happy with the game today, and while some of the changes proposed will not be my favorite things, I don't have any fears that the sanctity of the game has been ruined or anything. I'm all for the league doing whatever they can to get more eyes on the baller-ass players residing in the Bigs currently, and if that means that there is a change that I am not entirely comfortable with, I am willing to at least give it a go-round to see if it changes my enjoyment of the game.
  10. grilledcheese

    Kiss From Mandy Rose On A Graves - SDL - 2/5/2019

    It's like the scene in "Shakes The Clown" when they beat up the mimes in the park!
  11. grilledcheese

    The Music Festival Thread

    I doubt their dedication to the baseball theme since Puig Destroyer is not on that lineup. What a goddamn travesty. Also, "MLB Legend" Eric Byrnes? Playing fast and loose with the term, are we?
  12. grilledcheese


    She is the one that everything is about meat and butts, right? I have seen very little of her stuff, but I dig her weird vibe.
  13. grilledcheese


    Didn't he just tweet something in the last few months about how they would be working MLW throughout 2019? That was a quick change of plans, eh? I mean, they still could, who knows what kind of exclusivity clause is in whatever deal they have with AEW.
  14. grilledcheese

    AEW - 2019

    There is a handful of eses in the town I live in that wear them. I saw a couple of them at the liquor store at the end of December and asked if they were looking forward to WK and I had to then explain to them what the shirt was they were wearing. I think that they just thought it was a t-shirt that spoke to their status as straight gangster-ass shooters, because they were certainly not indy/puro nerds.
  15. grilledcheese

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    Not that I disagree, but what are these "myriad justifications" that are referred to? There certainly hasn't been anything made public about their intent on Harper. If Pollock is a replacement for what appears to be the imminent trade of Baby Joc, and Harper still lands in LA, then all this talk means nothing. On the other hand, if Pollock is the player they get and his salary then allows them to be in on one or both of Realmuto/Kluber, then that is also a real solid game plan . As I said earlier, it's way less of a headache for me to just let them make whatever moves and see how it all works out. I don't think the rest of the West is doing anything to keep up with LAD, even though the Dodgers appear to be standing still at this point. They didn't make a huge deal at the deadline in 2017 when people said they should have, lost the WS. They made the blockbuster in 2018, still lost the WS. At this point, I'm not sure that any plan that doesn't involve signing every marquee FA would make fans happy.