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  1. Kershaw to the 10 day, will see a back specialist in the next day or so. It seems like it is less serious than the deal that cost him six weeks last year, Dave Roberts says: “There wasn’t any shooting pain down the leg or the sensations that he felt last year, so that’s encouraging.”
  2. This Bellinger kid is out of this world. First Dodger to hit for the cycle since Orlando Hudson in the 2009 home opener, and only the third in the LA years, Wes Parker did it in 1970. LAD is unconscious right now, tonight makes it 8 in a row and 28 of their last 32.
  3. Not a chance, I thought it would have been truly hilarious. I'm all for chaos reigning.
  4. As much as it pains me to watch the NL lose, and for Bellinger to make the final out, I have to admit it does my heart good for Maddon to go to his closer and have it blow up on him.
  5. I have about the same idea of it. I kind of connect it to his Street Fighter play. It's a move that he can throw out to set an opponent back on their heels. It's a momentum turner, like Cody's Zonk Knuckle. If it lands, you can chain something else to it and keep it rolling. If it misses or gets blocked, you aren't in a whole lot of trouble.
  6. They are almost all white. Off the top of my head I can think of Hernandez, Laz Diaz, CB Bucknor, Adrian Johnson and Kerwin Danley as non-white umps. And to be honest with you, I might have just named all of them.
  7. Dave Roberts shoving Andy Green led to the benches clearing, not the other way around. Jose Pirela doubled, and then he and Alex Wood had words, leading to both benches being warned. The umps wouldn't explain the reasoning behind the warnings until after the inning was over, and as Green was walking away from that conversation, Green said something that set Roberts off and he went after him. Doc was fucking HEATED over whatever was said, and before he went down the tunnel to the clubhouse, he stood on the top step and did this: Andy Green claims that Wood told Pirela he was going to drill him in his next AB, which I can certainly see why it would get shit popping. Roberts claims that Green made "pointed comments" about Alex Wood, which I can only imagine means that Green probably said that Wood should watch out when he comes to the dish. The warnings didn't mean shit anyway, Clayton Richard hit Justin Turner and didn't get the thumb. Just a bunch of knuckleheads just acting silly about a baseball game, same as always.
  8. The same could have been said of the original Senators, but that didn't stop the move to Minnesota. Granted, there's a big difference between 9 WS titles and 1, and the added pressure of stopping a Continental League team from going into the Twin Cities certainly helped. Good call on the Rays, though. Christ, their original name only lasted what, 10 years?
  9. Jesus, it's almost like we caused it! We are a bunch of jerks.
  10. I loved the Expos with all my heart. Great caps, fucking tremendously talented players, and in most years, below average attendance. My only question is whether or not Montreal would support them after the nostalgia factor wore off. Like most every expansion team, it's pretty likely that they wouldn't be very good for a handful of years at least. There are so many guys on my "list of dudes I love" that played in MTL. For whatever reason, it always seemed like I could count on them to build a roster of guys that were my kind of ballplayers. I'll be in Montreal for their first game back if they ever return.
  11. Correct. Since Maicer Izturis retired last year, only Bartolo is left. Also, until he signed with Texas last year, Ian Desmond was the last Expo draftee still with the club. Never played in Montreal, obviously, but he was still kind of an Expo,
  12. Fucking rough, right?
  13. NXT

    Do you think so? I think it's kind of cool. The jacket is still "exclusive", or at least as exclusive as something that like 8 zillion people have in their closets can be, and I can get a t shirt, so everyone can tell what a dumb mark I am.
  14. My favorite part of that game is that is was game 1 of a twin bill. Can you imagine sitting through that fucking execution and knowing you still had another game to play? O's lost the nightcap as well, 9-7.
  15. Or alternatively, don't groove a fucking meatball to a dude that can mash like #66. I tend to think that a far better retaliation for an HR is to K a guy three or four times, but different strokes for different folks, you know? Not related, but is your avatar a painting of General Kael from Willow? If so, that's fucking badass.