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  1. I was really surprised that no one informed Excalibur of it after last week, and then to hear them go back and forth about "him" and "he" during the Kong-Mizunami match. Someone brought it to his attention, because he tweeted this:
  2. I just got an email from the Dark Order telling me my application was processed, and I have been allowed to join. For all the shit they give Five, he sure is getting through the application backlog. I think I filled the form out in 2019!
  3. I thought the same thing with QT not getting called out and then QT had some really fun "fuck you" faces on while he was half-assing his applause for Johnson.
  4. I like the boss shitting on Private Party becoming the #1 contenders to the IMPACT tag titles by saying their win on the home promotion's web show is more important. He's really living in a good spot, with how super-dicky he and Schiavone are in those paid IMPACT spots, and now being the same kind of shithead on Twitter. He had a super funny, ultra-smackable face on last night when he and Jerry Lynn came out to sit ringside during the #1 contender's match.
  5. That shirt is a fucking abomination, even only having seen the top half. The coconut is an absolute top-flight piece of Roddy Piper merchandise, as is the little fig holding a broken one.
  6. Is this something that has actually happened? I don't recall any of that ever taking place on BTE, so maybe it's the elsewhere. I feel like if I had seen them actually getting tested, that would definitely be something I could recall. Would you mind linking to whatever video it is you are referring to?
  7. Lacey Evans comes off to me like a grade A fuckhead. I don't give a fuck that she was in the service, I think her dopey Southern Belle "bless your heart" shit is hella tired and not effective at garnering actual pro wrestling heat. I know very little about Cardi B other than she makes records that I don't listen to, but it seems like she was digging on her former wrestling fandom, and this piece of trash thought it would be a good idea to try to jump in. Also, on what fucking planet is telling her that she'll get more than her eye busted a "friendly heads up"? Lacey Evans cultivates
  8. So, I came across a Shudder coupon code and finally came around to signing up. My 11 year old and I watched the first episode of Creepshow, and both of us were into for different reasons. I enjoyed the first segment, and he thought it was rather pedestrian and unscary. But he really liked the second part, which I thought was super cheese and a poor attempt at finding the same kind of humorous groove set forth by the original films. After he went to bed I watched "Are We Not Cats". I dug it, but I would have liked to get into the grossness factor a little more. I feel like the filmm
  9. I am right there with you. I didn't understand all the hubbub with folks being put off by Shida being spooked of Abadon. I enjoyed that she showed a little bit of fear and apprehension even though she has otherwise been the stereotypical babyface conqueror. If Abadon isn't just a nutjob that likes to play on her own spookiness, then I think she needs a handler. Like a King Curtis / Kevin Sullivan / Sinister Minister kind of vibe. Somebody to keep the madness at bay and do her talking. Although, maybe she is the one in a million kind of person in which the horror movie shtick never gets c
  10. Am I out of my mind, or did Taz compare Vary Morales to a "suburban Husky"? Also, Reynolds with the sexy Dark Order claw towards Shawn Dean is about the greatest thing I saw this evening.
  11. I thought this movie was absolute dogshit, on a number of facets. It probably should have been trimmed down by at least 20 or 30 minutes. The CGI was real, real bad, even in the opening sequence which I thought was the best portion of the film. Just very floaty and not fun to look at, even though cool things are happening. I thought that the action scenes were kind of dumb in parts, specifically with the bungee jumping-type deal in which she takes out the mall goons. The kids playing in the street being completely oblivious to a GODDAMN MILITARY CONVOY bearing down on them was pretty stal
  12. Not dubbed, but I watched a huge chunk of it on some bootleg Fire TV channel not all that long ago, like within the last 18 months, and I know that there used to be a fansubbed torrent floating around. I have next to zero idea where you might find it now, though. That's pretty niche to be popping up on your typical trackers. I wish I would have grabbed it, because I love that goddamn show.
  13. I popped pretty huge for that Reynolds answer, and also got a massive kick out of Wardlow being the first name out of Silver's mouth when asked to list his crushes. Big fan of these spooky perverts, I'll tell you.
  14. I would like to think that they would preface their match with some sort of competition where they try to out smug each other's oh so smug, punchable faces. Like the Rude / Warrior posedown, but with condescending looks. Then they can throw down in a weird matwork battle.
  15. I think Big Swole need shorter hair. Or a scrunchie. On Dark this week, she seemed more interested in getting her hair into place than she was in working the match. I wish that they would have kept Nicole Savoy around, as she is leaps and bounds better in-ring than Swole, but Swole seems to have the better grasp of character of the two of them. Big Swole is also a weapons grade dumb name. She is hella short, and isn't really "swole" at all. She's ripped as shit, but I have always thought "swole" to be really bulky muscular types, like Brian Cage. I really dug the Aerial Monroe name she u
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