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  1. I'd really like for you boys to have a nice time, but I need COL to start to be the Rockies I know and love and get the fuck out of 1st place. Even if that means I have to hope for STL to come out on top, as skeevy as that makes me feel.
  2. Yeah, I would say so. He needs 123 to get there, meaning that if he goes until he's 42 he needs to average 15 W's a year. To this point in his career his 162 game average is 17, so I wouldn't put it past him being able to do it, but it's a motherfucker of a longshot. I don't see the Tigers being able to deal him all that easily, he's owed a whole bunch of money through 2019 with an option for 2020 that is guaranteed with a top 5 Cy Young finish in the 19 season. As an additional note, I'm watching MIN - TB and good lord do these green unis look fucking terrible. The need to modify a uniform on like 6 different occasions throughout the year just screams "money grab" to me, I get that the league wants to sell more jerseys, but come on man. I thought the original Stars & Stripes caps were a nice touch, because they were a very minimal change, just a navy cap with a logo filled with the stars and stripes. All this extra shit feels hella cheap to me.
  3. Did you watch the video in the article of the HBP? You might be right about the hole in his head, it was fucking brutal.
  4. Is this really all that dumb? He made a PH appearance to keep an almost 1800 consecutive game streak going. Didn't Lebron only miss like one game when he had the cheekbone broken a few years ago? There's a whole lot greater chance of taking another shot to the face in a basketball game, that's for sure. I kind of feel like this belongs in a thread about how fucking studly baseball players are.
  5. I can't say I'm not disappointed, but GTA V got pushed back a couple of times, and look at how fucking great that game was. After all the time I have put into RDR and how much I have enjoyed it, I will happily take a date change instead of a getting disappointed by the original release and having to wait for patches to get it to where it should have been on release.
  6. Word, hopefully we end up getting them down here, or I might have to jump on eBay to cop them.
  7. Where do you live? I saw a couple weeks or so ago that Canadian 7-11's had them, but I hadn't seen them in either of the 7-11's in town here.
  8. I loved the fuck out of the match, really fun and super silly, and I agree that the wrong team won, but I am blown away by someone having enjoyed the Uso's fake gangster call and response promos from the last few weeks. My wife and I have been bitching about how insufferable they are to listen to every time they pick up a mic. In all fairness, I have never enjoyed them, so it's not as if I'm watching their shit with any kind of open mind. I will admit to enjoying their stuff since the turn a whole lot more than the Haka and face paint days, though. I said the exact same thing when I realized they were going on first. I think that would have been a most excellent way to kick off the show.
  9. That was some weak ass shit on both sides, what with Eibner getting drilled after he and Bellinger went yard, then Stripling throws behind Stanton. Stanton and MIA are laughing about it today, B6 and MIA is up 10-2 and Stanton has 3 2B. Straily had a no-no through 4.1 until Kiké Hernandez went deep.
  10. I realize that this is a place that folks came together to discuss pro wrestling, but I have always thought very highly of the people that reside on these boards. I've seen a lot of posts like this over the years and seeing people be willing to help each other is truly fucking awesome.
  11. That's a pretty excellent backdrop for a wedding ceremony. And you look sharp as hell. Congratulations!
  12. Pretty much. They won 59 in 1972, so yeah, that's pretty crazy. In a similar vein, but on a good team, Hoss Radbourn won either 59 or 60 in 1884 for a Providence Grays team that won 84, and also got the win in all three games of the "World's Series" against the New York Metropolitans. So 62 or 63 total wins of 87 that the club recorded that year. Pretty nuts.
  13. I am super happy that she is doing the work she's doing and probably making a ton of dough, but I miss Death Rey.
  14. I think this is a super idea. I don't really see why lots of people are shitting on Corgan buying, I would love to take a crack at bringing back a little bit of the shine to the NWA title. I wonder if there are going to be any restrictions on the NWA champ making appearances in any of these indies that look like they are headed for some sort of official WWE affiliation. If you just try to book the champ against everyone that will sell tickets and put on good matches, I am all for something like that, and maybe run a streaming show as your main TV outlet? I don't know if that puts the kind of eyes on your product that you want, but it's probably the cheapest way to do it.
  15. I feel like I'm talking to myself in here! Alderson just announced that Matt Harvey has been suspended for 3 games for "violating club rules" but wouldn't say what that violation was and didn't take any questions. Adam Wilk will start today in his spot.