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  1. I do truly love Wrestlefest, but it isn't even my favorite arcade wrestler. That honor belongs to Konami's "The Main Event". Although I suspect its placement on my all-time list stems from the fact that it came out first, plus the Main Event machine in my neighborhood was in a laundromat next to the best taqueria in the neighborhood, so chances were high I was eating hella fat plus fucking fools up with El Condor & The Maui Mauler.
  2. So much of my enjoyment of the current WWE product stems from whatever goofy shit they have going on.
  3. Obviously, it's not anywhere near the same deal, but I was told at the very beginning of my training that every match should be reffed like a shoot, so that is what I did. As a ref you are there to help facilitate communication, add a little bit of drama in your selling of the action, maybe hold a gig and count to three. I took that job serious as shit, and never wanted my pulling up on a three count to fuck up someone's enjoyment of the performance unfolding in front of them.
  4. Oh, that sounds fucking excruciating. I don't know what would be worse, the plodding garbage match between two hella shitty workers, or the dueling promos they would likely trade about how "real" they are.
  5. I was confused why they wouldn't use their new logo, which is actually red, white and blue. I'm a huge fan of the doubleknit pulliver era, and especially that jersey, and doubly so when matched with the red trousers instead of white. PHI in maroon or sky blue, every MTL uni, all the outlandish PIT sets that looked like beer league softball teams. Great fucking stuff.
  6. Unis for all the holidays/special events are out. Once again, the Canada Day hats are the best of the bunch, but I also dig the ASG hats with the stars and the alt color piping. http://news.sportslogos.net/2019/04/12/mlb-unveils-2019-holiday-all-star-caps-and-uniforms/
  7. Although STL clipped LAD this evening, Marcel Ozuna made himself look like a pretty righteous fuckhead with this. Take note of Kenley Jansen's enjoyment of Ozuna flopping:
  8. He'll steal a page out of Vince's book and we'll get a whole bunch of "Whattamaneuver", or long stretches of dumbfounded silence
  9. It was a time limited exclusive from 3 or 4 years ago by powerbomb.net, but it's not listed there anymore. You could hit him up and see if he has any leftovers, I suppose? https://www.justinishmael.com/
  10. Those are dope as fuck. I have always wanted an AJPW shirt, and the idea of one in a color other than black or white is pretty bitchin.
  11. How is this even a thought to have talent do prom style pictures? It's super gross. Meet and greets for a handshake and a photo op are one thing, and I will admit to asking Jushin Liger for a hug when I met him last year, but if he had said no, I would have been totally okay with that. Maybe this is something that Alexa is totally okay with, but this seems like a weird thing to ask your employees to have a very physical interaction with a fan. Are there photos of male talents taking the same pictures? I will admit, I think a photo of Big E and this guy in the same pose would be pretty fucking funny, but I still would be weirded out by the idea of this being an option for a pose.
  12. My thoughts were just mains, and for the exact reasons you listed. Less chance of fucking up, and it makes things feel more legit because of his aura/big name vibe.
  13. While I agree that hiring JR to do full commentary work is a mistake at this point in time, who's to say that he won't be taking on a role that plays up his strengths while minimizing his weaknesses? Lots of fresh faces for the casual fan to wrap their brains around on their roster, why can't JR do interviews along the lines of the Foley sit down pieces in 96? I feel like that would a tremendous way for them to use him, and get a new audience familiar on some level with the people being paraded in front of them on whatever version of a weekly show ends up being. "Commentator and senior advisor" was how it was phrased, right? Maybe the advisor part of things is the lion's share of what his work will be, and he only calls an occasional match.
  14. Throw this old dickweed out on his ass, hire a robot ump to replace him, and assign the robot his uniform number. What in the fuck is going on here?
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