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  1. General Lucha Libre Comments

    At the very least I am curious to know what is available. If you have a list, shoot me a PM.

    Yo, this is quality message board wit. What a fucking winner.

    I am sticking with the systems I owned as a young man, so 2600 to current gen. I never owned a TurboGrafx 16, but if one fell into my lap for the right price, I would definitely pop for it. I have never even seen a Neo Geo AES in person, so that is the one console that I allow emulation or rereleases (Hamster Arcade Archives are gangster as fuck) to be the way I play. My main focus is SNES and Genesis, as that was really the bright light for me as far as my love of games goes. I am still insane about gaming, and still play everything that strikes my fancy, but because of the genres I am most deeply invested in (platformers\RPGs), those two consoles really hit home for me. Much like you, I only get finicky about packaging when we get into disc based systems. That's cool that you have a goal in mind for the 32X, I don't really have an endgame, I just have an ever evolving list of stuff that I want to have in my collection so that I can play it again and so my sons can play it as well. No young man should ever miss the chance to play Aladdin for SNES just because he was born 25 years after it was released.

    It was on 4/1 for Fight Club Pro. I have no idea what the outcome was or if it was any good, but how could it have been bad, right?

    That's hella dope. I just went through all my old carts with the intent of cataloging them and setting up the game room in a way more conducive to playing all of the fresh old shit that I have. I have to ask you, as a collector, do you find yourself frustrated by the continual upswing of prices for games? I don't give a fuck about mint in box, I just want working cartridges to add to my library of games to play, but apparently everyone in the used market seems to think that because something is from an older generation, it's worth a million dollars. I go to swap meets and dirt malls in the hopes to grab something on the inexpensive side, and I end up coming home empty handed because the person selling it thinks that Double Dragon II (cart only) is a $45 dollar game. I don't expect everything to be dirt cheap like it was in the Funcoland days, but I do expect people to not try to gouge me at every turn for something that isn't rare in any way, shape, or from. I like going out and buying games, and I don't want to buy everything online, but it seems to be the best way to save some dough these days.
  6. Wrestling belts, designs and reigns.

    Isn't one of the Charlotte sideplates her eye with that goofy rhinestone weirdness she wears from time to time? EDIT- Also, they went mad generic with the Jinder plates as well, it was just his name in a big blocky font.
  7. Bruno Sammartino has died

    That's hella dope that the card had Bruno, Superstar and Hogan. Nice little intersection of WWWF/WWF history there.
  8. Bruno Sammartino has died

    And that would have been what? The house show loops he did in 87? Or was he active again after that?
  9. General Lucha Libre Comments

    Sounds like you need to start a side hustle importing CMLL gear!
  10. Best American and Canadian technical wrestler of all time

    If you are being legit, I would love to hear your reasons as to why. I have seen his stuff in Global, but I think only one match from Florida. I sometimes have a tough time picking up on just how good a lot of job guys are, because you didn't get to see a lot of ring time in one sitting from them.
  11. Best American and Canadian technical wrestler of all time

    I know lots of folks give him the short shrift because he was "boring", but that dude might be my favorite wrestler of all time. At least right this second anyway, as "my favorite" seems to be in a constant state of flux depending on what the bulk of my pro wrestling watching consists of at the time.

    I have zero use for a Roman Reigns shirt in my life, but that is a motherfucker of a shirt. Really great stuff.

    Why the fuck would I talk you out of that? I feel like I should be convincing you to buy more than one!
  14. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    My wife and I were thinking that all of that horseshit was a extended trial run for all the superimposition they did at Mania with entrances.
  15. Both of those are such great fucking calls.