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  1. Saw this this morning, thought it was pretty wild. Obviously, more of the same with trash can clunks and all that jazz, but immediately after the first one, a mic picks up someone saying "breaking ball down". Fucking nuts, man.
  2. Yo, absolutely. I'm just being callous and shitty because that is the kind of dude I am. I've never heard a bad word about the guy, so it's way more likely he's doing it because he's awesome, not because he wants internet street cred.
  3. It doesn't take away at all from his gesture, and I don't mean to be a big old fuckhead, but there is something that rings very hollow when someone does a good deed in front of a camera. Just do the fucking deed. Now that I'm done being all bitchmade, I will say that it is awesome of him to hook that person up with clothes and food. I work in social services, and even here in California, people are cold and wet and bummed this time of year. Shelters don't exist anymore in a lot of places, and the ones that do are sometimes just as toxic as street living. Not enough people are willing to give, be it time or food or clothes or care.
  4. Norman Smiley once goofed on me for like two days for stiffing him on a handshake. That is one A+, super cool dude. He was more than happy to just shoot the shit for a good long time about grappling, and showed me a handful of really nifty reversal / escapes. The aforementioned Norman Smiley would also make the cut if he ever lands in AEW. He tagged with Whipwreck against Malenko / Benoit, and I'm sure he made other bookings for them, but I know that one for sure.
  5. If anyone remembers who the person on this board was that did a run of those Takayama shirts in a million different colors on American Apparel shirts was, I would be WAY fucking into getting another couple, as the two I bought 10 years or so ago are now dead and gone.
  6. I get that it's for TV, but are those numbers actually bad? What were the houses on that "disastrous" WWE swing through Northern CA and the PNW a handful of months ago? I remember that being like 6 or 8 weeks of absolute dogshit paid attendance numbers, including a bunch of TV and a PPV. And in a situation that those numbers are bad, would a pivot to smaller venues be the right choice at this early stage in the game? Or should they continue to run these mid-sized arenas and keep on hoping that they catch fire and start filling them? I don't know fuck-all about what the right choice should be, but it seems like maybe they are in a pretty good spot. They move a metric ton of merch, or so it seems. The crowds they do pull are hot as shit, especially considering the ongoing problems we see every week with audio mixes being all kinds of wacky. Most everyone seems to agree that their TV is compelling and engaging in a way that WWE's isn't for the most part. Maybe this is just the state of pro wrestling in 2019. A boom period today likely doesn't look like it did in 1985 or 1996, simply for the fact of the entertainment world having evolved so much.
  7. Although I am biased, I have "The Saw Is Family" in lowercase in an Old English font as a collarbone rocker-type deal.
  8. I don't fuck with IMPACT, who is that other than Tessa? Jordynne Grace to her right I think, but the other two are mysteries.
  9. Dana Brooke is a bad motherfucker. I wish she was a better wrestler so I could explain my unabashed fandom of her a little better. It's so goddamn unfortunate she didn't get to fuck Charlotte up a couple years ago after Charlotte was such a big old beez to her. Anything that gets that young woman a little bit of extra attention is A-OK by me, even if it doesn't translate to her winning matches on TV.
  10. It's Cueball Carmichael. Longtime Mid-Atlantic indy guy.
  11. You are painting a beautiful picture with words, man. No further analysis needed. So perfect. As a dude that grew up in a neighborhood with hella eses, that is what is known as a "Mongolian". Pretty goofy looking haircut, but most of the dudes I knew that wore it were not to be told as such. Much like I figure Bruiser probably never heard about how dumb it was. Not really much of a reach there on either side, especially Collyer. Trained by Dean and used the name in BattlARTS and NJPW. I was always partial to his work as the Metal Master in Michinoku Pro. He's a magician and a mentalist now, apparently.
  12. Sam Dyson's girlfriend is accusing him of DV. She posted about it on her own account as well, but the one that is getting noticed is the account for Dyson's cat that she runs as well: I fucking despise human beings. They are the most disgusting animals I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with.
  13. Anyone else getting an error in which you can get audio, but the only video is the inset box full of snow? When I REW/FF, the true video shows up in that box, but then when I play again, full black screen, small box as if I am scrobbling with the digital snow. Fire TV is the device, I haven't loaded the app on anything else to see if it is platform-wide, regardless of device.
  14. Not a Dodger problem anymore, but a bummer nonetheless. I'm a big fan of this dude. I can't imagine anybody is going to cut him a major league deal with this TJ-lite surgery happening. Article says he'll be ready by June, but 39 and surgery to fix a UCL issue sounds like the end of a career. https://www.dodgersnation.com/dodgers-news-rich-hill-undergoes-surgery-will-not-be-ready-for-opening-day/2019/11/25/
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