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  1. And that then speaks to how BTE is maybe not the best thing as their primary storytelling device thus far because of the divide it puts in viewers who did / did not watch. Because they did a little bit of that on BTE, but if my first exposure to AEW us Dynamite, I don't know that happened, and like you say, am then forced to accept him. Cool for them to blast right out of the gate with this, but you are spot on. Probably an issue that they see and will use their TV time and Dark to maybe interweave some of that. At least that's the hope that I have for them going forward.
  2. I neglected to mention how fucking BOSS Pentagon's PDM slashes mask was as well, so I just wanted to throw that out there.
  3. I really like the idea of not worrying about protecting someone. I've never looked at wrestlers getting beat as an indicator that they shouldn't be in that spot. It's different when you have something like a top guy getting squashed, but in an everyday regular old match, I have no issue with making the finish come in whatever way it needs to and at the "expense" of one particular wrestler. Every last one of those dudes can take that pinfall and not be any less over. Maybe it's a consideration for a guy like Darby Allin, whom you are trying to establish. But none of those four was going to take any harm from dropping the fall. And I will also say, that in three weeks of TV, they have done a better job of presenting multiple "new" faces as up and coming folks. Private Party, Riho, Scorpio Sky, Darby Allin, Marko Stunt, and the Best Friends all look like people that we can look forward to being able to carry the ball when it is their time, and isn't that the most important thing? That regardless of your place on the card, you can deliver?
  4. I'm not entirely sure it's a reactionary move to the way the NLDS unfolded. It certainly could be. Honeycutt's back is all kinds of fucked, he had spinal fusion surgery earlier this year. The constant travel associated with being a part of the dugout coaching staff could be something that he wanted to get away from. Watching him come up the stairs to make visits was a task that did not look fun from an outside standpoint. I'm hoping that with Prior moving into the dugout, LAD will hire AJ Ellis as a bullpen coach. He always impressed me with his approach to handling his staff. And it's not like it's unheard of for a catcher to transition to pitching coach, but it is a bit of an old-timey idea. Dave Duncan is the last one that I can think of, but I always thought that a smart catcher was a real solid piece to have as an addition to your pitching coaching staff.
  5. I would be pretty goddamn shocked if they canned him. They seem to love him, and he has an excellent rapport with Friedman, and I think a lot of in-game decisions come direct from the FO. The cutesy fuckery with matchups, the seemingly unending desire to stay away from guys that should be in the lineup (like Freese in last year's NLCS and again this year.) All of that stuff seems like office mandates, because I keep hearing about between Geren and Roberts, LAD has all this baseball acumen, but they keep coming up short. You see him do something like get a huge out from CK, and instead of going to Maeda, he stays on 22 and gets fucking immolated. At this point, even I have to question the insistence of using him in high leverage spots in the postseason. That's a decision that I as a baseball fan know should be made, but Roberts doesn't? Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. 7 straight West titles, not a goddamn thing to show for it but heartbreak. I hate to be such a salty bitch, but it's fucking hard right now. See you guys in February!
  6. Any particular reason, or is the existence of the tomahawk chop enough?
  7. I did not fact check this, because it makes me very happy to believe it is true. If it is found to be inaccurate, I will issue an apology to Mr. Strickland's people.
  8. That's a super dope picture, she looks sharp as hell.
  9. OAK sold every goddamn seat in the house for tonight's game, including the eyesore that is Mount Davis. 55K and some change taking their cues from those lunatics in the RF bleachers is going to make for some fun stuff.
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but why? Can you not just tell the DVR that you want only first run eps to record? Or is it channel specific as to which showings get taped? I haven't had cable since well before DVR's existence, so I don't really know how it works.
  11. Has he ever explained what the deal is with the panda stuff? He looks like an asshole when he wears it, and it only serves to make me think of the goofy-ass bear jacket that Blake wears on that episode of Workaholics. Except it's supposed to be a goof on the show, and Guevara seems to think it makes him look like a big tough panda, so it's real fucking dumb. I can't stand Sammy the character, so I think he's doing a good job. But I have never understood the panda deal.
  12. There's an article on the MLB site about Maddon being out, and he is quoted as saying that people should remember the three straight NLCS and how they were "a few knocks shy of 3 straight WS". I can't discount what he's done there, but the delusion is real if he thinks that getting swept in 2015 and tomahawked in 5 games in 2017 is within "a couple knocks" of WS appearances in those years. Not all that surprising, though. I've always gotten the vibe from him that he considers himself the smartest guy in any room. It would be out of character for him to not try to draw our attention to how great he is, even on the way out.
  13. One would assume he's a virtual lock to replace Bochy, no? I remember thinking he was probably the next guy up after hearing Sabean and Co. rave about the job he did with the NED team in the 2013 & 2017 WBC. Obviously, Sabean is not going to be in the same spot come this offseason, so he likely won't have an absolute say in the matter, but he's been in SFG for a good long time, and is well-regarded as ready to take over somewhere. I would figure he'll get an interview at least. Didn't he interview for the NYY gig a couple years ago?
  14. EDIT - wrong thread
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