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  1. He may have done some training with Modest at some point, but there is no way that he was his initial trainer. Modest at one point won the PCW Heavyweight Title, but that would have been a few years at least after Don Montoya debuted. That's likely as close as they ever would have been together, as Modest didn't work any of the XPW Philadelphia shows. Modest didn't get out of California much, if at all before the PCW work.
  2. That's a bad motherfucker right there. I've been working on my tie-dyeing skillset during our quarantine adventure. I'm not this good yet.
  3. They had a bunch of nifty double-team shit. I was a big fan of the "Towering Inferno", which was like Demolition's Decapitation Elbow, except Booker would hit a top rope legdrop onto an opponent Stevie had just backbroken.
  4. At best, he is a naturalized citizen, making him ineligible for the office. Can you imagine the outrage once people find out he used to be a headhunter?
  5. I really loved The Young Stallions, but I was like 10 and I seem to remember it being a big deal that they beat Muraco and Orton, and I fucking HATED Bob Orton. Pretty Wonderful is obviously the best of the three teams, and with the couple of title runs, the most successful. I have always thought Roma got a bad rap for the failed Horseman run, but he was perfectly acceptable in any of the mid-level roles he played other than that. I wouldn't go looking for Paul Roma's "best of", but I'm not going to skip a match of his just because, either.
  6. He has said in an interview he doesn't mind she/her or he/him, but is anti- they/them, at least as it pertains to himself.
  7. Turnips on my island are on an upswing, 131 right now and likely spiking tomorrow PM, according to https://turnipprophet.io/ . I'll drop a post here and open my gates when they are hella booming tomorrow.
  8. Anyone on the board writing a thesis about pro wres? This person just found your title!!
  9. So was that revealed before the show tonight? And if so, maybe they should have moved that fucking nameplate, eh?
  10. His thigh is rippling like when WALTER chops the fuck out of someone. When did a dropkick become a strike that needed to make noise? Isn't it enough to just be real pretty and land right on the button?
  11. Our 4 year old is handling this way fucking better than I am, to be perfectly frank. Every couple of days he lets me know "When coronavirus is done going around, we should have a party and invite..." and then he lists basically every family member he can remember. Meanwhile, I am losing my shit because there seems to be no end in sight, and the only things I hear are about "reopening society", except people keep fucking dying, so maybe we back off all that horseshit for a while, eh? And fuck, I live in California, where I thought more folks would be of my same mind!! Whatever, I just need to be more like the little one. Read less news, smoke more dope, that has been my coping mechanism. It hella works, everyone should try it. His school is going really well, although he goes to a private preschool, so we aren't getting the same kind of support that we would from a school district, his teacher is the shit, and has been banging out circle time videos every day for him to do, and she hooked us up with a bunch of sensory-type projects and whatnot like a month ago. Between those things, and our internet searches to find workbooks and learning projects and whatnot, we feel like the education is happening just like it should, but we feel bad that the social aspect of going to school and seeing your friends every day is gone. I feel like our oldest (almost 11, finishing 5th grade) is really lacking in support from his teacher. I have had a few conversations with other parents, and their experience is vastly different with their children's educators. Lots of contact via videoconferencing, emails to go over what is being learned. We don't really have any issue with it because he is such fantastic student and a voracious reader and learner in other ways, but it is disheartening to see this person tasked with the bulk of my child's book-y type education have so little concern for the people in her class. I have been bad about the PE thing for the last few days, because every time the boys and I would go outside so we could play catch, or skate or ride bikes, every kid on the block is looking out the window to try to be out and about together. I have made my feelings known to the parents of these children, but no one seems to give a fuck that I want to keep our households as distant as possible. So to combat that fact, I've been slacking on just letting them go out front. We will take walks at night so the dogs can also get out, but I feel like I'm being a tyrant because I keep on stopping them from good times with their buddies in the neighborhood. However, my wife is a straight up gangster that knew how bothered I am by all that, and she ordered a 14 foot trampoline for our backyard. So we got that setup on Saturday, and the kids have gotten to be outside and active in a way that keeps people the fuck away from us. Thank fuck I have a partner that understands my dumb brain and how to help it be less twisted into knots.
  12. I talked to him a handful of times, and I never got any of the prompts to tell him to come to our place, so I think I would have had to talk to Isabelle and talk shit or whatever the deal is to trigger their ejection. The idea of running someone out of town is super cruel to me. I don't mind if they bring it up, I will totally say yes. But going to the fucking city planner and being all snitch-made is hella weak.
  13. I had the fucking cutest squid move in to our town. His name is Zucker, and he is awesome. We had a very weird-looking rabbit named O'Hare at our campsite yesterday, but we are all full up, or I would have asked him to move to town. I think I prefer the original game's moving system. If you went on train trips to visit your friends, your villagers might move to that town, or they could also decide to up and move if the mood struck them.
  14. Collyer would just use his Dr. Mindbender powers on the lady and win the whole show. I now realize I would totally watch that show if he was on it, trying to hypnotize everyone so he comes out on top.
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