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  1. @Andrew POE!would be proud of my 6 year old. He clocked his first Platinum today, finishing up the trophies on Donut County. Hooray for my 100%er!!
  2. Super Parka lost his hood and still mostly wore the bodysuit and it looked okay. I definitely think that the long tights with the bones was a better look for him, but he was also in really good shape still. If LA ParK wanted to drop the bodysuit, it's a radically different body type we'd be seeing.
  3. Anyone ever seen Bockwinkel vs. Steamboat? I know they did title vs. title with DQ finishes at least a handful of times in 79 when Steamboat had the TV title. I don't know how it would be, but I feel like it would be really fun.
  4. That's a fucking badass jacket. I'd be happier with a little more blood and slightly more realistic interpretations of all three subjects, but GODDAMN, that is straight gangster.
  5. If anyone can show me definitive proof that Randy Savage did "Be A Man" or "My Perfect Friend" on a show somewhere, then that is my vote. I am pretty sure he did some sort of touring behind it, so it could have happened.
  6. Aesop Rock, Busdriver, MF DOOM, Andre Nickatina (Dre Dog). This can change from minute to minute, or more accurately, from song to song on my iPod. Can I also do a duos list? Cannibal Ox, Run The Jewels, 8Ball & MJG, Dead Prez. Fuuuuck. What a thing to have to wrap my brain around.
  7. I'm not trying to beat a dead (War)horse. But here's your quote. It doesn't come off as a joke. As for why my thoughts on the aforementioned Warhorse came up, someone else here made reference to him, and I stated my opinion on his work and overall presentation. I apologize if my phrasing made you think I had some kind of grudge to harbor against him, that was not my intent. I simply was making a joke about inane shit painted on someone's wall while simultaneously shitting on a worker I don't enjoy.
  8. You don't seem to be understanding what I mean by that statement then. I only mean that my opinion of something doesn't have any impact on your ability to enjoy that same thing that I think sucks. We can talk about why it works for you but not for me, but I'll never motherfuck you for liking something, even if I think it's wack. That's what that statement means for me. You snipped the part of my post where I break down exactly why his performance doesn't do anything for me. I'm not sure if that's just you willfully ignoring that part, or you just saw something you wanted to use to try to fire back a response, so you did so. In my post, I repeatedly state, "I think" or "in my opinion". That's me speaking for myself, as a consumer. I'm not going to buy his merch, and I'm not buying any tickets specifically to see him. I'm not going to stand up and face away from the ring while he's working, but I might boo him, regardless of whether or not he's supposed to be the babyface. He doesn't connect with me as a character, and here we are, on a discussion board about pro wrestling, and I'm discussing my likes and dislikes!! I don't have to dig his shit, and I can make statements as to why it doesn't work for me while not shitting on your ability to like something. I break down pretty well what I think is unlikable for me about that gimmick, and also flat-out state that I don't wish him any ill will, and you somehow see that as me being disapproving or resentful of his success. (Which you don't seem to think is successful enough? I don't know. You lost me a little bit on that part.) You seem to think that my statement means I want to change someone's mind. I don't. I'm expressing my dislike of an artist's art, and that doesn't make anyone beholden to changing their thoughts. You have some thoughts about what constitutes "respectable" ring attire that I don't agree with, but I'm not out here looking to change your mind about them. Your opinion is yours, and it's correct for you. It doesn't have to be for anyone else.
  9. I blame no one for nothing when it comes to enjoyment of entertainment. I am a firm believer in the idea of no "guilty pleasures". Fuck anyone who shits on you for something you like. I don't have to like that thing, and you can still think it rules ass. My wife said one time to one of our boys, "Don't ever yuck someone else's yum", and I try very hard to make sure I abide by that rule.
  10. When all your bookings are in VFW's and HS gyms and you land a shot on TV as part of an ongoing open challenge gimmick, yeah, I'd say that is a relatively big deal, at least as it pertains to his upward trends as a performer / commodity. I'm sure he's a really nice guy, and I don't wish him any ill-will, nor do I begrudge him making money. But he doesn't appeal to me, his in-ring work doesn't do anything for me, and his "I'm metal" gimmick is kind of dumb, in my opinion. I don't think that any of the stuff he does on Twitter or in video promos is funny, it just feels like I'm supposed to laugh at the idea of what it is that he's doing, as opposed to him making actually funny comments and / or actions. Then in the ring, he's just very regular. Boring even. Get beat on for a while, then do the slow-motion quasi-Ultimate Warrior headbang walk to show me that he's powering up, then hit a bunch of pedestrian offense and set up for the doublestomp or the admittedly pretty good-looking flying elbowdrop. Dude is out here acting like he is Iron Maiden, while I contend that he is more along the lines of wrestling's Stryper. People are totally allowed to like Stryper, but the Yellow and Black attack just ain't for me.
  11. If I had a wrestling school, I'd paint this on the wall like suburban assholes do with "Live Laugh Love". That guy sucks out loud. I have zero idea how that low-rent horseshit got to be such a big deal.
  12. Vin Scully opened every Dodgers broadcast with “Hi everybody and a very pleasant good evening to you wherever you may be.” Vin died Tuesday, and Excalibur is an LA guy, so he opened the show with those words to pay homage to Vin. It was a one-off tribute, I'm sure. I would imagine the Brodie phrasing will be back on Rampage.
  13. Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be. I know there are only a couple of us LAD fans here, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that lots of you have good Scully memories. I am a lifelong Dodgers fan, as my parents both had ties to the team. My mother was from LA and my dad grew up less than a mile from Ebbets Field. I grew up in San Jose, my dad was in the tech business and that brought him up that way after moving to LA in '73 and my mother stayed in Northern CA after being stationed at Fort Ord when she was in the service. Ain't no fucking way I was going to be an SFG fan, regardless of who the local boys were. The A's were more fun in the 80's anyway. How can you go wrong with Rickey and Tony Phillips and Carney Lansford? My shitty clock radio in my bedroom could pick up an AM station out of Fresno that was part of the LAD radio network, so Vin told me bedtime stories every night from April to October. My grandparents were still Southern CA folks, and I spent a month every summer down there, so I'd get my Scully fix on TV games while I was there. He was the voice that reinforced all the stories my dad told me about how great guys like Koufax and Hodges and Campanella and Maury Wills were. He called every amazing memory I have of Dodger baseball, from Gibson's walk-off in 88 to Steve Finley's GS against SFG to win the West in 2004 to the 4+1 game in 2006 to Charlie Culberson walking off Colorado to win the West in 2016. In an era in which I couldn't watch LA unless they were in SF, I always got to hear him do TV baseball with Garagiola for the NBC game of the week, and although I don't have any interest in any sport outside of baseball, he did The Masters and lots of football, so his voice was always pretty present if I needed a quick fix. I'm so happy to have gotten to share him with my boys, although my youngest was born the year he retired, Vin is so present in everything Dodgers, he is well aware of what he means to the team. The absolute best to have ever done it, and I'm so thrilled to have gotten to share 30 plus years of baseball memories with him as the soundtrack.
  14. Who is the decision-maker for this "not okay" status? It's totally okay for him to have that character, and he and Claudio are very similar in that respect. My favorite wrestler of all-time is Dean Malenko, I'd never shit on a guy for being small and stoic and a wrestling machine. But goddamn, dude, make it look like actual combat in some way!! Gresham's entire existence as a pro wrestler is "dig all this slick shit I can do". I feel like it sort of seems like Gresham is being salty because Claudio is a bigger star than he is, and as such is looked upon as a more important piece of talent. If Jonathan Gresham thinks he should be ROH champ because he is a "better wrestler", that's real fucking dumb. I think Claudio is a thousand times better, because I feel more emotion and connection to what is happening. Gresham is technically gifted, but he treats holds like performance art. EDIT- I should load the replies while I am typing, @Craig Hmade the exact same points, in a much more succinct manner.
  15. If this accurate, it makes his request for release over jobbing(if that's what this is) even funnier. Can someone fill me in on how he landed as the World Champ? Did it not have something to do with Bandido and some COVID shit? Or was all that a work to lead to dual titles and the eventual reconsolidation? I am aware of him winning the Pure Title tournament, and I totally believe that he is/was the best "wrestler" on the ROH roster, but that alone doesn't make you a compelling world champ.
  16. So, this is a thing that I never noticed, so I went looking for pictures. Hella funny. They totally re-used them, and just removed the "I". It's like a huge applique, so it was a super-smart move to just remove the offending portion so you could run it back the next year. Thank you for pointing it out, I am super tickled by this fun fact EDIT - Here's a great shot of it during the show, I'll leave it as a link so I don't huge-ify anything on the thread: https://imgur.com/i7Qtxiu
  17. That's rad as fuck, and holy shit does Darby get his ass kicked better than damn near anybody.
  18. I don't think anything tops MS-1 / Sangre Chicana, and Villano III / Atlantis is another really good shout, but I am pretty partial to this Santito / LA Park match as well. Santo hits a goddamn GUSHER, but both of them end up just absolutely covered in blood. All white outfit on Park is a dead giveaway of what we are getting, and man oh man do they deliver.
  19. This stems from the working relationship with NJPW / CMLL, I assume? I was unaware that AAA had actual, enforceable contracts with anyone. Is this the same kind of issue that plagued the Lucha Underground affiliated guys a couple years back? I wonder if FTR not carting around the AAA belts right now is because of their upcoming involvement with the IWGP Heavyweight tag belts.
  20. I mean, there is another combatant making contact with someone attempting a pin. I feel like that's a pretty good reason not to count, even though your point is totally valid.
  21. Man, I started it last night, and I turned it off like 40 minutes in. It wasn't getting into the meat of whatever the fuck was happening quickly enough for me. Goddamn was that subway train scene fun, though. I don't think it sucks so far, it just didn't grab hold of me like I thought it would. The gore is pretty fun, and I am definitely into the social commentary aspect of it. As I'm sure many other people have already mentioned, it feels a lot like Crossed, but less fuck-y so far. I'm going to try to get back into it tonight, but I just wasn't in the right headspace last night.
  22. I cannot get in to Warhorse. Like, okay, you love metal. What else do you have? Oh yeah, you walk slowly around the ring headbanging to harness your fighting spirit. Nothing he does in-ring makes me believe in him, and his double-foot dropkick he does off the ropes is the goddamn thigh-slappingest strike I've ever seen a pro wrestler throw. He's all character, which he admittedly has nailed down, but I don't find any of his humor engaging enough to make up for the very pedestrian in-ring work. Alexander hemmed him up real good there, though. So that's a bonus.
  23. http://fukumenya.shop-pro.jp/ I genuinely have no idea if they will ship to the states, but that's my favorite maskmaker. But there are others out there and I'm sure that they will all do you right. I have a pretty impressive dude that I have favorited on Etsy, if you want that link as well. The stuff in his shop is okay, but his custom work is really nice, but I don't know what his prices for pro-grade stuff is.
  24. Man, the Dungeon Of Doom gets hella shit on for being cheesy, but as a 16 year old dude that hadn't yet seen the much more fun Florida stuff, I was fully invested on them bringing Hogan down. I knew it would never happen, but I ate that dumb shit up.
  25. It wasn't his first time in. He used it briefly when he came back in 2000.
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