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  1. Yo, fucking no one does. But I want to prove it.
  2. My partner at work is convinced that the gold strip is a buzzer. I think it's confetti, but if he is right, this photo is from the 2019 ALCS, proving that they kept on with it for 2 more years.
  3. Jessica Mendoza seems like a dumb person: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/jessica-mendoza-mets-adviser-calls-out-whistleblower-mike-fiers-as-carlos-beltrans-future-remains-unclear/ She should probably stick to collecting her paycheck from NYM and being the most tolerable part of a bad three person booth on Sunday night national games. Being disappointed in a guy for outing some straight up fuckery that tarnishes the integrity of the game seems like a bad take.
  4. I've only seen her a handful of times on SHIMMER tapes, but I am aware she is nowhere near as bad as Tamina. Tamina Snuka is always interesting to me, as I am totally blown away by the idea that you can have a job for more than ten years and never improve at it.
  5. If I was a wrestler and read this about myself, I'd quit taking bookings and start travelling to every dojo that would take me and start putting in WORK. That is one of the most savage insults I have read in a good long time. Kudos to you!!
  6. I kind of love this, and I think it would work really well in a place like HOODSLAM. There wouldn't be any heel / face nuance there, though. That gimmick is straight heel all the way in Oakland. They'd have to work out a deal to loan him out to some indy in North Dakota so he could have the Bret 1997 deal happening. Then the added layer of Benoit Junior. Fuck, I LOVE it! I would pay a million dollars to watch a crowd get uncomfortable when his name was announced.
  7. I can get the idea that this little tidbit is supposed to paint Hinch in a better light, but what the fuck did he think that was going to do? You work for an organization with countless millions of dollars at their disposal, and you thought breaking a TV was going to end this? Get the fuck out of here. Let's not forget that Brandon Taubman was placed on the ineligible list. So the only punishment close to what I thought was appropriate goes to the dude who was guilty of yelling at people. Cheat in the WS, not that big of a deal. I'm obviously minimizing what he was doing, but jesus fucking christ. I had hoped that they would pull out the Kenesaw Mountain Landis book of discipline, but alas, they did not. Coppolella caught a lifetime ban for the international signing stuff. Chris Correa went to federal prison for knowing that some dope in the HOU office would reuse a password. This batch of punishment seems ultra-fucking soft, and maybe that's because I know it came at the expense of my boys, but I'd be preaching from the same pulpit if it was LAD that got caught running video.
  8. I have a work acquaintance with an "Only I Can Judge God" tattoo. I think it's fucking hilarious.
  9. Maybe this shirt is Page's "F-Skull-C-K Fear, Drink Beer". That shirt fucking sucked too, and Austin was the king of the world.
  10. Jimmy Nelson to LAD. From the guy who covers MIL for MLB.com: $750k salary in 2020 with a 2021 club option for $2M with a $500k buyout. 2021 option converts to a $5M mutual option with 60 IP or 40 games pitched in 2020, and can increase up to $9M based on 2020 innings. Nelson can earn another $1.5M in 2020 performance bonuses based on innings pitched, and the deal also includes roster bonues: $1M if he’s on the 2020 Opening Day roster; $500k for 45 days on the active roster; $500k for 90 days on the active roster.
  11. You take all that time to find the perfect spot, then the trouble of setting it up, and it's always getting dark so it makes it that much tougher to do. Then some shitbird throws another guy right on top of you with an avalanche cutter. Camping is supposed to be relaxing, goddamnit!
  12. I met him and shook his hand. My mother worked for Unisource in the middle 80's, and he had some sort of business need with them, and she handled his order, or went on a sales call or something. I can't remember which. He asked if I wanted an autograph, and while the real answer is yes, I said no because I didn't want to be a bother, and I was fucking FUMING because while I understood the outlandishness of what he had done and even though at this point it had been 30ish years since he did it, he did against the goddamn Dodgers. And I wasn't having some fucking Yankee autograph sitting on my shelf. 10 year old me was hella dumb, yo. My Mom must have had something signed by him though. If she did, it wasn't in the box of her things I got after she died, so it is out in the ether somewhere. Pretty rad to be someone who has done something the only time it was ever done.
  13. I am so done with his Cero Miedo horseshit. Get out there and throw bombs, do the cool shit I am so aware of you being able to do and let's limit the taunt to a pre or post-match deal. He is on it like I am whenever I play Dan Hibiki. Fucking taunt taunt taunt. I could do without him peeling his glove like a banana to throw the taunt as well. Not only did I not hate it, I was actively on board for it. All the folks really up in arms about it being wrong in tone and with the wrong guys going over the big babys in the company seems like hyperbole. Not that they can't hate it, but a lot of shit in today's world seems like you have to be all the way in for something, or all the way against it. A lot of what I have read about people's thoughts on it seem like because it wasn't their cup of tea, they have to spew as much venom as they can at it instead of just being like, "Eh, wasn't for me, and I think they went the wrong way." My bolded part of your quote is the only real beef I had with it.
  14. While that may be true, although I'm not sure I agree completely, whatever merch they sell to the new fans in Korea will help to take some of the sting away if it doesn't work out. Also, whatever deal they struck to get all Jays games televised in South Korea probably offsets some of the cost of his deal. Obviously, the league gets their piece first, but some money for fuck's sure lands in the pockets of TOR.
  15. I didn't think this was quite dumb enough for the dumb stuff thread, but it's pretty goddamn dumb!! That being said, this is the kind of MLB arrest I can get behind. Trying to stop the cops from tossing your wife in the pokey seems like a pretty decent reason to get thrown in the clink. https://www.dodgersnation.com/dodgers-rich-hill-arrested-for-attempted-patriots-game-tailgating/2019/12/23/
  16. I am fully on board with this, and now when it doesn't play out exactly as you have written, I will forever be angry that it didn't. Super excellent idea, I like the correlation to the Project Mayhem vibe. They could be anywhere at anytime, and that's how someone gets castrated.
  17. I guess that was likely a poor choice of words. I meant it in the sense that his shit with Okada & Tanahashi or his work in the AJPW Junior League or his PWG stuff or his G1 runs was of a more serious nature. Even the beginning of the Cleaner stuff was pretty well straightforward and then the goofball shit started to creep in. I mean, the idea of a wrestler wanting to be Albert Wesker or Marion Cobretti is inherently silly, but I didn't really start to see the jokey stuff in that run until a little later on.
  18. That's an excellent point. I hadn't even thought about the chainsaw stubble or the cold spray obsession or the sweeping to the beat of his theme. He really reminds me of Angle with the mix of comedy and then at the flip of a switch he's a stone cold killer. The difference being is that Kenny kind of does them at the same time, whereas Kurt typically was all business or all comedy.
  19. Do you think it's gotten worse? His facials have always been so goddamn goofy. Like Davey Richards / Tessa Blanchard / Seth Rollins silly. I'll have to go back and see if I see an evolution towards cartoon. I feel like it might be hard to draw a line as to when he went all the way over the top.
  20. I'm not sure. Screenprinting is like a mystical art I don't understand. The way my wife makes them is via photo editing software to create whatever design she is coming up with, she feeds that info to her vinyl cutter, it cuts that pattern out of heat transfer vinyl, then she presses them in place. Like you used to get at T Shirts Plus or Shirtique in the mall, only not just cheesedicky single letters like Greg Valentine's "Wahoo's Leg" shirt. She can do all kinds of wild shit.
  21. It does have a very Buzz Sawyer-y vibe. I have done it as a grappling drill. Pro Wres grappling, not actual feasible fighting technique. It's the beginning of a go-behind so you can grab a waistlock. If you play Tekken, King's sidestep to multithrow starts with a similar movement, except without the descent all the way to one knee. If you don't, then disregard all the nerdy shit I just said about Tekken.
  22. That is like the absolute number 2 team I would want to see them against after the Bucks. The shit those two boys would talk about all the flipping and flopping that PP do would be super top-flight.
  23. My wife has a vinyl cutter and a heat press, I think you just came up with the next t-shirt she's going to make me.
  24. I think that pro wrestling needs more unpredictability. I would love to see job guys get a chance to shine. Not that they can't still get squashed by big stars, but it would be fun to see a company roll with the idea that anybody might get cradled for a three count, or that some local schlub has a super dope short arm scissors that no one escapes.
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