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  1. I cannot get in to Warhorse. Like, okay, you love metal. What else do you have? Oh yeah, you walk slowly around the ring headbanging to harness your fighting spirit. Nothing he does in-ring makes me believe in him, and his double-foot dropkick he does off the ropes is the goddamn thigh-slappingest strike I've ever seen a pro wrestler throw. He's all character, which he admittedly has nailed down, but I don't find any of his humor engaging enough to make up for the very pedestrian in-ring work. Alexander hemmed him up real good there, though. So that's a bonus.
  2. http://fukumenya.shop-pro.jp/ I genuinely have no idea if they will ship to the states, but that's my favorite maskmaker. But there are others out there and I'm sure that they will all do you right. I have a pretty impressive dude that I have favorited on Etsy, if you want that link as well. The stuff in his shop is okay, but his custom work is really nice, but I don't know what his prices for pro-grade stuff is.
  3. Man, the Dungeon Of Doom gets hella shit on for being cheesy, but as a 16 year old dude that hadn't yet seen the much more fun Florida stuff, I was fully invested on them bringing Hogan down. I knew it would never happen, but I ate that dumb shit up.
  4. It wasn't his first time in. He used it briefly when he came back in 2000.
  5. I am presuming that the middle name in this case is "Fucking", but in my head, his middle initial is S for "Steven".
  6. I think they could run the Memorial Auditorium here, NXT has run there a time or two. It's really fucking small, so probably not ideal for TV, unless they wanted to pick up on the "Universal Taping" kind of vibe. Likely not the look they want for TV. But a great goddamn place to watch wrestling. It's way smaller than The Pavillion at UCD. I can't remember when, but the WWF has absolutely run at UCD. I know that Erin O' Grady and Vic Grimes had a tryout there on a Shotgun taping or something. I just looked, Memorial has a capacity of just short of 3900, The Pavillion at UCD holds 7600. Daily's Place only holds 5500, so that joint at UCD would be perfect for TV.
  7. The Orville Peck cover of Small Town Boy is on the "Anxious Millennial Cowboy" playlist that Page curated on Spotify, so excellent call on your part.
  8. Word. I love GG 2000, but never got a chance to play TR 4. Looking forward to your streams!
  9. Followed. If you are on when I have Twitch open, I'll check it out.
  10. I think Chuck Taylor used it on Twitter. Like when they would tweet about the shows they weren't on, I think? Jay embraced it to the point that he put it on a t-shirt.
  11. Is it really some big DVDVR secret? There is a "Knife Pervert" shirt on Switchblade's PW Tees site.
  12. So, against my better judgement, I watched the Chainsaw picture. Good, fun gore in spots, but absolutely devoid of any other charm. All of the main kids are pretty bad actors, and in no way hook me for any interest in why they exist. And unlike the original, where I feel bad for these folks in a fucked situation, these dumb dicks bring all the bad shit down on their own heads. I hate them, and I enjoy watching them get clipped.
  13. I like all the "thumbtacks can't be a finish" talk. It made me think of IWA KOTDM and how much I love the Nakamaki vs. Ono match. That has a thumbtack finish. I'm not sure about everyone else's pro wrestling brain, but mine sure as fuck bought a powerbomb and full-nelson facebuster into tacks as worthy of a three count. If I saw that same sequence today for a finish, I wouldn't bat an eye.
  14. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, just isn't the unnecessary capitalization in ReDRragon because they were beefing with the American Wolves and the use of his initials was to fuck with Davey Richards? The pronunciation has always been "Red Dragon" though.
  15. I have no idea if this is his mother, but at risk of sounding like a total asshole, this kid is WAY better looking than his parents. Two totally regular looking folks made a pretty hot young dude.
  16. You made this reference in the other thread, and I didn't get it at all. Now having seen him in his ring gear, I understand. He hella looks like Joe.
  17. That's a fucking great line. It would be great to hear that as the last thing said before a big match between he and one of the four.
  18. The dude from Fatal Fury? I'm not sure I understand the comparison.
  19. I get the GG Allin connection, but what does the name Dolin have to do with Darby Crash?
  20. I thought very highly at one time of SBS (Super Dragon / Excalibur) vs Steen and Generico from CZW Cage of Death VI, but I haven't watched it in a million years. EDIT - Oh, online. Here is SD and Blitzkrieg against American Wild Child and Hell Blazer from Promo Azteca in 12/1997. It's on Bihari's YT channel, so I bet you could dig through there and find at least a couple other matches of his. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMU2jd2QLXs And one more with the same 4 guys from 11/1997 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aLsM75iC9I Just from the personnel involved, it's likely fun, but I don't know for sure that I've seen either one of these.
  21. I have nothing to add, but I wanted to kick in that I did post-production color commentary for like 3 years worth of ultra-tiny shitbox NorCal indies for shows that never got video releases. I would have loved to have done it live to tape, but I was in-ring refereeing most of the time as well. Fucking everybody here has commentary experience! What a group we are!
  22. Why not both of them get folded in, and Lio can be the BLACKHEART again somewhere down the road?
  23. Shitty regular season Cody has really gotten his shit together in the postseason. 2-1 still sucks, but fun W tonight. Get even tomorrow sounds pretty excellent.
  24. I am okay with this, as my office is like a minute and a half from my house, so I walk in the door right at 5 every day. However, I am leeching my access to TNT via my father-in-law's cable log in, so I watch on their shitty app. The app has an East/West feed, so sometimes I watch live, sometimes I watch the tape delay. I wonder if this will fuck up my ability to pick and choose when to watch.
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