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  1. No! Don't keep starting your shows with 10+ minutes of Blahblahblah! No! Don't have dudes (Roosh) just freeze up when their rival's entrance theme starts playing!! NOOOO!!! DON'T TREAT F'N NICKY BOY AS "IN ACTION"!!!! Dammit AEW! NO! Don't let PAC say "Championship Opportunity!" FFS! Don't have guys pointing at the PPV sign! AAARGGHHH!!! DIFFERENTIATE!! Don't f'n copy their dumb worn out tropes and cliches. Dammit. On the other hand.. Yas! Keep tossing out PPV level matches like Ospreay vs Fenix and MJF vs Roosh, on free TV. Might as well. Roster is so ridiculously stacked you're not going to run out any time soon. And that, at least, is certainly a lot of fun to watch. Also fun: Joe, Hook, and Shibata, and the juxtaposition of Chicken and Orange. Actual Bird > Mythical Bird. Edit: Hook nope-ing! Hook nope-ing was veryvery fun, too! New stuff to look forward to: ZSJ vs Orange! Shingo in the Owen! Edit again: All the in-ring stuff on TV is consistently excellent. The cake is great! I just FAR preferred the old, unique, type of frosting and REALLY wish they hadn't switched over to that generic corporate frosting supplier.
  2. Far as I can tell the Casino Gauntlet match is the only thing announced for Dynamite. I kind of hope it goes the full two hours. I think they could easily go 50 entrants if they really wanted to. Edit: Consarn it! Jon Moxley vs. Rocky Romero – IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Eliminator Match Swerve Strickland vs. Killswitch Casino Gauntlet Match for shot at AEW World Title at Forbidden Door Mercedes Mone TBS Championship celebration Debut of “TV Time” with Chris Jericho Don Callis to present a contract Kris Statlander and Stokely Hathaway to explain attack on Willow Nightingale at Double or Nothing 3 matches and 4 blahblahblah segments! At least Mox vs Rocky will be as fun as a foregone conclusion match can be, most likely.
  3. Fucks sake. Listen. I KNOW I'm being the grandpa here, but... maybe between this and Edge breaking his leg... how about dialing down on the extreme high risk shit by about 20% or so? Really. Most of us would be just fine with more Roddy vs Ospreay and Storm vs Deeb type matches that are just hard hitting, dramatic, and well fought. i really don't enjoy watching wrestlers I like getting hurt. Getting pretty close to my user name being 100% literally true.
  4. So it's official. AEW and Mark Henry mutually decided not to renew his contract. Which kind of bums me out, mainly because I presume that the talking segments before the main event are now gonna go on FOREVER.
  5. I watched the first three and a half hours of the show (and the buy in) while chatting with some friends online and had a great time. Thought every match delivered. Missed the men's world title match and Anarchy because I had to go to work. Was stoked to catch those when I got home. Watched AITA first. The ending was just too much for me. I didn't get the same sick feeling I got while watching Ospreay's last match in Osaka (the one with dudes doing high risk moves on to exposed and uneven two by fours) but there is a point that comes WAY before setting a dude on fire with a flamethrower and hanging another dude upside down and kicking his broken nose with thumbtack shoes where I start to wonder if pro wrestling is too over the top and dangerous now or if I am just too old. Probably both. Definitely both. Anyway, that shit is NOT fr me. I did enjoy FTR Bald kind of cosplaying as Ishii, though.
  6. Drew is dealing with issues He's posted openly about it before. He has a condition where if he doesn't like something he can't stop thinking about it in a negative way. He's also narcissistic in the specific way where he honestly believes that if he (for example) is bothered by the perception that the Young Bucks have skinny arms and are acting cool then he is quite sure that EVERYONE must be bothered by that and is baffled when anyone disagrees with him. Again, it's something that he has posted about openly in the past. I can only imagine that that particular combination must make life more difficult in certain ways. I can only sympathize. At the same time, I also don't enjoy reading the constant and repetitive flood of negativity. But Drew obviously has the right to keep posting here. Also obviously, it doesn't bother everyone the way it did me . But it is real, and it is extremely unlikely to stop, or change. So, if it bugs you (as it does me) then it is 100% easier just to put him on ignore. To Drew: I sincerely apologize if I got the specifics wrong. I'm going off of memory of a years-old conversation. Absolutely feel free to connect me. I won't read it but other people will (edit: turns out I did read it. Good post. It's easy to read posts from people you have on ignore, and it's easy to skip them). To Colleti: From what I can remember, you are not imaging or exaggerating things here. I can certainly recall a LOT of genuinely mean-spirited and frequently personal negativity directed at whichever wrestlers and posters are rubbing Drew wrong on any given week. And whenever I see one of his comments quoted recently it sure seems like more of the same. Just put him (and, like, Vile One) on ignore.
  7. Thanks Niko! I was actually half-watching "live" today while getting ready for work, etc. Malakai vs O'Reilly had my full attention and I definitely enjoyed that! Good call drawing it to my attention, it would have been a drag to miss that. I think it might be reasonable to say that, even though neither match was actually BAD, that we saw pretty easily Bryan's worst singles match and arguably Toni's worst overall match in AEW today. Though that's as much a compliment to Bryan and Toni (because they have set such a high bar that a "fine" match is at the bottom of their lists) as it is shade on Saraya/Whatsherface and Satnam (who was 100% "fine" as a Main Event Singles Superstar). But overall today was more confirmation that a huge amount of the stuff I loved about AEW (good guys having -and being - loyal friends, no fuck finishes, guys just being themselves on commentary, etc etc) is no longer part of the show, and has been replaced by cheesy member-berry-tickling Sports Entertainment and so AEW in 2024 is not really for me. Neither is current HOT-dominated NJPW. I had been counting on Forbidden Door to re-ignite that fire... But with Ospreay and Okada and Shibata already in the fold... Maybe we'll get more Cobb? Maybe Shooter? Tsuji? I think Tsuji in AEW would be pretty fresh! Of course I will ALWAYS mark out for more Suzuki and/or Ishii in AEW! It's kind of on topic: I really got back into No Man's Sky after the last expedition, a couple of months back. (Which was designed to bring back lapsed players). The game was massively hyped but was a massive disappointment when it first came out. EXACTLY like Fight Forever. But, 100% unlike FF, the NMS developers added literally dozens of massive updates to the game FOR FREE and it's now an awesomely enjoyable space exploration sandbox. And they have therefore sold millions of copies of the game, generated a ton of positive word of mouth and built up an enormous loyal fanbase. In stark contrast, Fight Forever continues to hilariously overcharge for tiny disappointing updates in a desperate bid to recoup some of their development overrun. It's absolutely contributed to me souring on AEW as an organisation. Oh how I wish they had learned from No Man's Sky! - Gordi, the former AEW fan. EDIT: Here is how curmudgeonly I have become toward AEW (if anyone was wondering): In my opinion, flamethrowers are NOT "professional wrestling" I didn't pop for that, I didn't think it was cool, and it in no way made me more excited for Anarchy in the Arena. I didn't HATE it. It's just firmly in the "not for me" zone. EDIT 2: I straight up HATED the bloodbath. But I was IMPRESSED with how quickly they cleaned that up. I assume Mox ran out, put his forehead in the blood and soaked it all up to use later.
  8. A match and a meal? How about a punchfest and a pancake? A fight and a flapjack? A wargames and a waffle? A cagematch and a crepe? A battle royale and a blintz? No? Then there is no pleasing you.
  9. The Jabroni Beating, Pie Eating, Trailblazing, Eyebrow Raising, Stronger Than A Bear, Coming Full Throttle, Cuz I Piss In A Bottle...
  10. One Step At A Time. One Punch At A Time. One Round At A Time.”
  11. Thanks, brother. This is a bad one, but I don't think it's possible to permanently kill my love for pro wrestling.
  12. Oh OK. I thought I was being invoked to weigh in on some aspect of current AEW. (Sadly, in most cases my take is "I just don't care any more"). - Nope. - Nope - Nope - Nope. Definitely appreciate that you asked about "fun" matches. That's 100% my thing! I am honestly sick to death of darned near every wrestler constantly and self-consciously striving to work "great" matches. Could not possibly agree more with John E's excellent take on that subject above. The non-stop overkill and unnecessary risk taking has burned me right out. The last, camel's back breaking, straw was that ridiculous debacle of a "cage" match in Osaka. When Ospreay and company kept doing high risk moves on a bunch of exposed, uneven two by fours, something broke inside me. Haven't 100% been able to enjoy any pro wrestling since then. Don't want to leave it on that note, so: How about that run of singles matches Bryan has been on since December?!?! That whole Continental Classic run, putting Kingston over in the semi-final, Okada at WK, Nagata, HECHICERO, ZSJ in Osaka (the most beautiful professional wrestling, unfortunately followed up by the most stupid and ugly pro wrestling), Akiyama, Kingston again at Revolution, Shane Taylor, Shibata, Archer, Blue Panther in Arena Mexico (which I ain't seen yet), and Ospreay (which, I get why other people loved that, at least). Absurd. Insane. As great a run as any wrestler has ever had. And Eddie Kingston is still real, to me. And presumably Hayter is returning eventually. And I'm curious what Forbidden Door will bring, this year. Hopefully Jeff Cobb! And drinking with Cooger is still the best.
  13. Oh. Neato. Have not been invoked in ages. How come you invoked me, my tentacled friend? Anything in particular you (or anyone) would like me to weigh in on? I still generally watch SESE (Some Elite Sports Entertainment) but have mostly lost my passion for it (for what it has become). The positive things I have to say (about the actual matches, in particular about the insane runs Bryan, Kingston, Timeless, etc etc are on and how it's great to see Shibata back but I hope he's careful etc etc) all seem obvious enough that I don't feel like they'd add anything to the conversation. My complaints feel kind of obvious and repetitive to me and I have zero desire to piss on the parade of everyone who is enjoyng the sports entertainmentification of my once-beloved big goofy indie professional wrestling promotion. But since I have been invoked, (anyone/everyone) feel free to ask me anything while I am here.
  14. When Edge eventually retires you can kind of repeat this joke, and the subtitle can be, "Oh! Not you, too!"o
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