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  1. When I first heard people's opinion on Brown, I assumed it was board hyperbole. Then I went out of my way to watch. WOW! It was often worse that people said.
  2. I think you will always lean towards what you heard when you fell in love with wrestling. So for me Gorilla/Heenan and Gorilla/Ventura will always be high on my list. I also enjoyed Schiavone/Ventura. Lance Russell and Dave Brown fill me with joy everytime I watch old Memphis. I didn't grow up with it, but their commentary meshes so well with the product.
  3. Do WWE have to explain their reasons for firing people, absolutely not. Should they? That is another discussion. I think when they can terminate employment, seemingly at a whim and explanation,privately should occur at the very least in my opinion.
  4. There is always a perverse intrigue in the purges, and who is included. I am definitely guilty of the intrigue, but unfortunately people have lost their jobs in a really tricky time. Hopefully with some options available nowadays and possibly others opening again up soon, they will all be alright. I am shocked by some of the releases so far.
  5. The Last

    30 For 30

    I'm working my way through some of the 30 for 30s that are on Disney+ Star. I thought The day the World Series stopped was fantastic. Lance was very compelling, but he still comes across like a petty egomaniac.
  6. My hot take is AEW and WWE both seem uneasy in their own skin and seem unconvinced with what they are offering. WWE seem like they want their product and stars to be what it used to be and therefore underplay their own product constantly. AEW seem to second guess what they want on an almost weekly basis, that leads to a directionless show.
  7. I don't know, the only thing I can put it down to, is that it is shown on Challenge TV which is a channel more people have than Sky Sports, which WWE is on.
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