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  1. Already fantasy booked my women's side, now for the men's - Rumble winner: John Cena - The quest to break Flair's record begins. Goldberg beats Drew to set up the "Dream" match.
  2. Put me down for a Bianca BelAir win on the way to Banks v BelAir @ Mania. Bayley teams with Bille Kay to take the tag belts from the Riott Squad. Asuka defends against Charlotte after Charlotte turns on her. I kind of want to see Naomi turn heel/tweener for a short while and have Roman/Heyman talk her into joining The Bloodline. She can win the Woman's Battle Royal. Then Jimmy has to comeback to try and save both his brother AND his wife.
  3. No joke. We are talking about Raw superstar, and former Wyatt Family member, Big Salad
  4. Which categories do punches, missile dropkicks, outstanding air bills owed to Mark Henry, Cesaro and Davey Richards fall under? Speaking of Block Stedman, where is he these days? Shock Rumble return incoming?
  5. I watched the 2008 Rumble and I was shocked at how sparse the "fresh man hits all his spots" shine was. It was really refreshing to not have every new entrant run down and hit their finisher 3-4 times. Of course, there is a massive pop for Triple H at 29. Everyone thought he was winning it from there. Then #30 happened and it's probably the biggest smile I've had on my face watching wrestling since Mania last year.
  6. I want Maverick and Dain to win the Dusty Classic and use the momentum to go after the Cruiser and NA titles.
  7. Who knows how WWE rules work? Some people can declare for the Rumble. Others have to qualify. But why bother when you can just attack someone backstage or on the ramp and just take their spot? MITB is turning into a glorified 24/7 title at this point. No idea why they took it off Otis. It would have been perfectly reasonable to keep him in SDL, hesitant to cash in on Roman, all while Roman/Heyman/Uso call him cowardly, a man who knows his place etc. He finally has enough of being bullied and declares ahead of time that he is cashing in at the Rumble (where all the C grade title match
  8. Asuka - Entrant 25 Becky Lynch - Entrant 28 Charlotte Flair - Entrant 17 I could see someone like Bayley or Charlotte coming in at 3 or 4, going the hour, and winning. I don't think we will see the #1 entrant win it for a while. I'd love to see someone new though. Give Bianca Bel Air the star making, 1+ hour run on the way to a win. Go all in on the Carmella or Lana pushes. Give Naomi the reward she deserves and have her in a featured 1 on 1 match. Let Rhea Ripley throw out 10+ women on her way to a win. Sonya DeVille? Peyton Royce? I just hope they use both Rumbles to
  9. I thought the Poochie thing was referring to Taker, not Cena. "All the other characters should be asking; "Where's Taker?"
  10. Have Scarlett turn on Kross and join Priest. Give Priest the entrance/gimmick tying it to Scarlett and not Kross as she is the one signing. Retain a complete package/push now in Priest and repackage/jettison Kross...
  11. I think it would have worked if the match was a little longer, a little more 'epic', and if Charlotte won with a pin off her moonsault or big boot instead of having Asuka tap. Asuka can beat her at Mania, then rematch a month later and Charlotte wins. That or you have Sasha Banks dress up as a security guard and hit Asuka with a cattle prod...
  12. You know what's better than list making? * stares at Cesaro v Bryan March Madness Finals thread *
  13. Is it too soon for Royal Rumble/Chamber winner J.Uso ??
  14. I keep trying to tell you guys: Goldberg beats Drew Cena wins the Rumble Cena beats Goldberg in the "Dream Match" at Mania to make history & break the record. Miz can then cheat it away from him with MITB in a few months. Drew faces Sheamus at Mania. Bryan faces Roman.
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