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  1. The 2001 Royal Rumble is a top 5 Rumble of all time. I put that down to 3 things - Kane, Honky Tonk Man & Drew Carey.
  2. Roman Reigns is the best thing in wrestling right now. I fucking HATE that this is happening in a company as shitty as WWE. I hope that between he, Owens, Sami and Bryan they can fight for a few of the lower card guys to not get fucked over by refusing to work/objecting to things along the way. In terms of story do the Uso's bend the knee? Can Rikishi still move well enough to take a beating on SDL or Survivor Series/TLC? Im sure Rock would love to put Roman over at Mania but can he even get cleared for a match at this point?
  3. Mania 30 absolutely comes from the seed that was sown here. It wasn't planned but this was certainly the start of the crowd really telling WWE "This is the guy we want to see on top". It also lead to a pretty great 2/3 falls match a month later as well.
  4. I'd be very interetsted to see how Bischoff handles The Kliq v Hogan backstage. If Hogan stays in the Red & Yellow I could see him being retired or going back to Vince pretty quickly.
  5. What was Stinger like backstage in the late 80's? He seems like way too nice a guy to ever stand up to politics of Hogan or HBK. If he got the Warrior push straight to the top I could maybe seeing him aligning with Bret and Taker against The Kliq in the mid 90's. This could push Shawn to WCW as well which would be a whole other can of worms. Who stands against the nWo if Sting is gone? Page and Savage? Who gets the Starrcade 97 rub? Goldberg? Hogan probably isn't the 3rd man here (it'd be HBK) so where does that leave him? Does his voice drown out the full power of The Kliq on those
  6. I won't begrudge anyone signing a long term deal on locked in money given the current environment. I'll always remember CM Punk's response when asked what he would do of WWE treated him like Shannon Moore: "I'll probably pay cash for my house like he did" I'm paraphrasing there but if WWE is gonna pay good money for minimum dates and no need to kill yourself physically or creatively then why not cash in? In 5 years time he can go to AEW or Impact & cut the same "Glass Ceiling/Fuck Vince/Look at me now Hunter" promo that everyone's been cutting since 2006...
  7. I know Finn likes cosplay but "Robert Z'Dar in Samurai Cop" might be a little too niche for most people.
  8. They should pick the teams and then work out some sort of fantasy Twitch/Redzone stream with a couple of Madden gamers. Hype it up, try and get a big esports vibe. Maybe hold a mini tourney with a top 8 invited to participate and the 2 winners get to help their 'Pro Coach' with team selection. Bit of fan engagement couldn't hurt.
  9. Hahhahaa they can't even go ONE SHOW without tearing the brand split down. How long until we get the return of the WILDCARD rule? What's the build to Survivor Series going to be like with everyone so passionate about defending the brand they just got drafted to? This is worse than the dying days of WCW...
  10. As someone who isn't well read in medical theory can you explain this to me? What's the issue with rushing into the operation?
  11. I love it. Now give me Xavier Woods as the special guest referee and we are really cooking!!
  12. Use it to take some chances. Want to keep the Mysterio/Rollins thing going on SDL? Draft Dom only, see how he goes without the whole family there.
  13. Is this going to be the draft order again? Why is only 1 Viking Raider able to be drafted? Only 1 Uso? Arturo Ruas? Ziggler and Roode are getting split for sure but what odds on them splitting up the following - Heavy Machinery The Hurt Business The New Day Nakamura & Cesaro I could see Big E being split solo with Hurt Business trying to recruit him.
  14. Ziggler is the clear standout here. Has the work rate and bumping skills that drove comparisons to HBK and Mr Perfect. Comes in hot and gets a massive wave of support. Then NXT levelled up and all the indy super workers began to filter through to our screens and he was left being just another guy. I really like Ziggler TBH but he needs a proper gimmick outside of 'guy trying to have the best match on the card' because just about everyone on the roster can do that.
  15. Haven't caught the show yet but did Ali also give everyone their new names?
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