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  1. Balor wins the Rumble. Declares that Angle never gave him a rematch so he is leaving RAW for dead and going to SDL. Triple H points to Kurt's failing as a GM to set up their match. Brock pins Kane to retain after Braun dominates the match. Braun wins the Chamber for a title shot at Mania. He eliminates Miz, Kane, Jordan & Rollins. During the match Rollins saves Jordan from elimination but then Jordan fails to save Rollins. Think HHH & Batista back in 05. Miz eliminates Reigns setting up that match for Mania.

    Ugh... Thats the exact kind of trademarked shit WWE would use. Hopefully Ricochet just signs that name to them and gets to keep it. He can always come up with something else if he has to go back to the indies.
  3. Seriously, the Rumble is a couple of weeks away. Normally we have a pretty clear idea of the 3-4 guys who are in the running. Has anyone been built like that this year? Roman is dealing more with Miz and the IC title to get a win. If we didnt have 6 months of "Vince wants Roman v Brock again" would he even be in the discussion? There is some talk of Nakamura but he really looks to be going through the motions. I have never been more excited for a match than I was for Nak v Zayn. I rewatched it 4 times that weekend but Nak has been below average on the SDL roster. Would a Rumble win and title match at Mania spark him up? Balor seems a good choice. He is being built up again and a Rumble win would give him that big push to the top. Probably my favorite right now but if Vince pulled him from the title match why would he turn around and win the Rumble? If I had to make a call id say Balor wins and heads to SDL to take on AJ. Gives us the "workrate" match while Vince gets Roman v Brock on the Raw side but there is a chance here to elevate someone with a win. Its the most open Rumble (mostly due to iffy booking) in a long while I think.

    Debatable if they would be better off with Scott Norton instead.
  5. Thank you, Paige

    If Bryan is gone at the end of his deal then they could do worse than having Paige replace him as the GM of SmackDown. Keeps her in the loop, would help put more focus on the SDL women and maybe push for more of a female main event role. I could see Paige's character booking women's title main events on PPV for sure.
  6. The 'Main Event' in the Manhattan centre will be Braun Strowman vs Kane in a falls count anywhere match. They brawl around the area and out into the street, disappearing from sight... Halfway through the Barclay's show the camera cuts to the back (maybe during a Curt Hawkins v Apollo Crews match or something) and BAH GAWD IT'S KANE AND STROWMAN!!! still brawling and now coming INTO the Barclays. They make their way to the top of the stage, teasing throwing each other off when HERE COMES THE PAIN! Lesnar out with a chair. Takes out Strowman. Kane thrown off the stage. Pose with the title and go to commercial.
  7. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Clearly Regal should induct Goldberg. Would be a perfect rib but Regal can also spin that match into talking about what a legend Bill has become and how he perfected a formula into main event status etc.
  8. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Are there any stakes for this? Something like, "Locked in at #25 in the Rumble" for the winning team would be cool. Tipping we get Miz/Asuka v Bliss/Strowman and then Roode/Flair vs Fan Vote. If Miz is pinned is Asuka still undefeated?
  9. 1/8/18 RAW Aka, Daddy's Back!

    So we have the Balor Club, Miz & The Miztourage, The Champions Club*, The Bar feat. Samoa Joe, The Zo Train... Can we get some Gang Warz 2k18 going? Team up Slater, Rhyno & Goldust? Curt Hawkins into Titus Worldwide? Elias & The Revival? *Jason Jordan trademark pending.
  10. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Reminds me of the Big Show ep on Austin's podcast where he told the "Be a damn GIANT" story. Nia has such a sweet personality that I think she goes along with too much. When she learns to put her foot down on booking and match layout she will be much better off.
  11. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    I want to see them expand. Get Slater & Rhyno in there. Dana Brooke looks amazing...
  12. WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2018 (Jan 28, 2018)

    Called it! Give me my cudos! http://deathvalleydriver.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6652-sdl-is-the-gift-of-redemption-12262017/&tab=comments#comment-711486
  13. It only makes sense to grade matches using a scale of economy that is relevant to where the match took place. US matches are all about the finish & very rarely have big matches end on submissions. All about the 1-2-3 so they get a 3 star scale. In Japan they have a 20 count for a ring out so they get a 20 star scale. Lucha was founded in 1933 so they get a 1933 star scale. Eg. a 2.5 star US match is the same as a 1610.83 match in Lucha.
  14. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Naito takes the title. Defends against Okada. Kenny wins it later and then we get the story of Okada chasing an underdog champion in Kenny who will be desperate to prove he can do this alone now that he has split of the BC.
  15. SDL is Bulgarian Pavarotti - 1/2/2018

    Yeah, Usos v Rusev Day v New Day at Mania is where it's at. I would love to see "Walking With Elias" vs a "Rock Concert" after his little diss on RAW too. Mania could be really great this year from both an in ring and entertainment POV. Just don't fuck it up with a Bray Wyatt v Randy Orton stinker...