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  1. I hated that one. Most of them are pretty clever but that was some grade A bullshit.
  2. Men's Rumble: Most Eliminations: Lesnar. I see him throwing out 7 or 8 of the first 10 people to come in before he hits a brick wall in Cain/Roman. Iron Man: Mustafa Ali. Comes in around #5 and makes the final four. We get some interaction between he and Kofi after what happened 12 months ago. Final 4: Roman Reigns, Keith Lee, Mustafa Ali & Kofi Kingston. Winner: Kingston. He is then torn between avenging his loss to Brock,leaving SDL and the New Day in the process, or having to face up to THE FIEND Women's Rumble: Most Eliminations: Charlotte Flair. This will be her noted stat for 2020. I can even see her breaking the men's record and throwing half the other women out. Iron Man: Sasha Banks. This is her thing with these matches so let it keep rolling. Charlotte can enter half way while the ring is full and dump out 10 people quickly but Sasha is in the first 4 and makes it to the end. Final 4: Flair, Banks, Baszler & Alexa Bliss Winner: Shayna Baszler. She is, arguably, the best wrestler on the roster right now. Her attention to detail is brilliant and her development and growth have been beyond all possible imagination. She faces Becky at Mania to "do what Ronda couldn't" planting the seeds for Rousey to return post Mania for some involvement.
  3. I'd do a final 4 of Reigns, Kingston, Ali and Keith Lee. Lee and Reigns can hoss each other out. Ali then has the story of Kofi taking HIS spot 12 months ago and this being his time. Kofi still gets the win but Ali is the ironman and has a legit claim for getting a title match at some point. Kofi then has to decide if he is going to leave SDL (and his friends in the New Day) to face Brock again OR submit himself to a match with The Fiend!
  4. I would think so. I wonder if they will pull a swerve though because everyone has been calling a Roman victory for weeks. Kofi winning and having to pick between getting back the title from Brock or trying to do what nobody has done and take down The Fiend would be pretty cool. The New using the Power of Positivity (tm) to counter The Fiend's mind games would be fantastic wrestling schlock.
  5. *puts on tin foil hat* WWE knew this would be an issue which is why the women were given the main event. *takes off tin foil hat*
  6. Yeah but what colour lights will they have? That's gonna be a nightmare for the love crowd to keep track of...
  7. They should combine the CWC & the KotR and call it: King of the Cruiserweights
  8. I would assume it's to prevent people from having a 6/5 indestructible creature with pseudo vigilance. Being able to attack and then blink her out end of turn would be pretty sweet...
  9. Other options: Let Brock go close to breaking the record for eliminations, then Reigns is the 'brick wall' at number 10 before the next entrant dumps Brock out. Keith Lee is the one taking out Brock here, leaving he and Roman to stare down once again. Kofi in at #2, Brock immediately hurls him out but we get a Kofi Rumble Spot and they keep going. This happens 3 or 4 times while Brock is throwing out other people before eventually, Kofi is the one to eliminate Brock. There has always been talk of breaking up the New Day, maybe Kofi is now torn between staying on SD with his friends or moving to RAW to get back the title from Brock? Then if it doesn't work you can always send Woods+Big E to RAW in the next shake up.
  10. So who is the best option for #2 to get that reaction vs Brock? Do they put Cain or Riddle in for a pop and immediately send Brock home? Some random jobber like Eric Young or Curt Hawkins to get dumped in 4 seconds? A midcarder like Ziggler to fight for the mins and get dumped before the next entrant? I feel like we are going to get 3-4 jobbers, then maybe a Ziggler type struggle, before number 8-10 is Cain/Riddle/Lee and they hammer Brock and dump him immediately.
  11. What difference does that make? Unless he broke his hand/arm he should be out there mocking people & building something for when he returns.
  12. Hmmm I guess it makes sense then from an arrogant (yet dominating) heel perspective, but even then, we have precedence for the title being defending in the Rumble itself so we should see that forced on Brock here. You want to defend your title against the roster, do it. I can only assume this is going to be used to have either Black or Keith Lee eliminate Brock and claim they deserve a shot from there. Reigns still wins and faces The Fiend.
  13. So what is the kayfabe logic for Brock being in the Rumble? Why would he want to be in the match? Why #1? Why wouldn't WWE/RAW management want him defending the top title in the company at one of the biggest shows of the year?
  14. Have Charlotte fill the same role as Strowman from a couple of years ago? All the build up is who Charlotte's partner will be, Becky has to focus on Shayna/Rousey so she's not an option. Ember Moon? Io Shirei? Bianca Belair? Then run Becky v Shayna/Rousey and Bayley, Banks, Brooks and Evans in a Fatal 4 Way.
  15. Yeah my thinking was that he goes over Punk, The Shield screw him in a Triple Threat vs Punk n Rock at the Rumble (Rock pins Punk) and then Ryback has to either find help, or go it alone, against The Shield at Mania. Ryback hen gets the big build to a SummerSlam match with Cena for the title he was never beaten for.
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