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  1. In hindsight I'm not surprised. Impact was the biggest competition Vince has seen since WCW. Look how he treated "their" guys when they signed with WWE. Somehow AJ bucked the trend but for the most part it's been the same old story of "If Vince didn't make you then you aren't worth shit in WWE." The main roster is legit poison now. If I'm Kushida, Punishment, Keith Lee etc I'm staying in NXT to up my rate for when I go back to Japan/Indy bookings. Fuck, KENTA was booked like shit for years in NXT/205 & look at the hype for him jumping to NJPW. For all the talk of an Adam Cole main roster run being backed by HHH if Vince thinks the guy is a tiny little punk then Lars is killing the dude dead.
  2. Not sure if this has been asked but: What if Bischoff takes a liking to Jean Paul Levesque's clean cut behavior & thirst for backstage knowledge and takes him under his TV/production wing? JPL gets to the end of his contract in 95 and, without extra money to offer, Eric instead puts forward a kind of internship/mentoring role to show how they write the show, how the camera crew setup, what they are looking for in terms of visual story telling etc. He would stay a mid card guy in the ring, but out of the ring Eric would look to transition him into more of a producer's role. Is that something that could have kept Hunter around in WCW? How does JPL look in the 1996 WCW midcard with the luchadores, ECW talent etc coming through? What happens to the Kliq without their designated driver? Assuming Hunter stayed until 99/00 what does his WWE career look like with his backstage education? A lot to think about but I really wonder if WCW couldn't have done more to keep him beyond a token offer of a couple extra $$.
  3. So much great stuff that still blows my mind. My favorite 'mind blow' from that era though is Bryan. If you had told me that the skinny, bald dude with the velvet cape that won Survival of the Fittest would go on to main event Wrestlemania 30, sweep Evolution in a single night becoming the unified WWE Champion, all without winning the Royal Rumble, while simultaneously getting over a chant/taunt that crossed into the main stream of sport and entertainment then I probably would have laughed in your face.
  4. Got that game when I bought my PS4. Gave up after having no idea where to go. I hate the people that can speed run the entire game in under an hour. That said; I LOVE Nioh. One of my all time favourites despite kicking my ass left and right.
  5. Which is such crap. Remember when they had Taker + Kane fighting Rikishi + Haku in a TV feud while also building all of the Hardys, Dudleys and Edge + Christian for TLC at Mania AND putting time into the RTC v APA all while the Radicalz, Too Cool, Kaientai & X-Factor were running around the lower card? How do they have MORE TV time & MORE talent but produce significantly LESS entertainment and character work? I watched Randy Savage's "Cream of the Crop" promo with a friend recently and he sighed about how he "forgot how animated they used to be". He hasn't watched wrestling for close to 10 years but this stuff just instantly had him hooked again. Sure there is some nostalgia factor when looking back on anything but today's product is so stale and homogenized that it's just not worth caring about any more.
  6. As an independent contractor Rollins doesn't have insurance. The hospital evicted him as soon as he was able to stand up.
  7. Really? I had no idea. Bummer Give her Ricochet then?
  8. I'd love for Alexa to keep cheating only for Bayley to snap on Alexa and wail on her with a Kendo stick for the DQ. Come full circle. Alexa can retire & go into managing a stable, starting with the debut of Buddy Murphy. In fact, she should have some sort of business rivalry with Zelina Vega where they both build up stables of midcarders to try and prove who is the better manager. Vega - Andrade, Alistair Black, Viking Raiders & Cedric Alexander Bliss - Murphy, Heavy Machinery, Apollo Crews & Chad Gable
  9. That, and infect with the new spell that turns your 1/1 into a 6/4 for a single green mana.
  10. 20 man battle royal. Final 8 then split into 2 teams of 4. Winning team split into 2 teams of 2. Winning team has a ladder match for a title shot. The other 15 minutes would be the heel owner cutting a promo about how the fans all smell funny and make him sick.
  11. That (MAW kid winning the 24/7 title) would be great. Right up until the point that you have to take it back from them. Although getting pinned by John Cena/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns would have to be pretty amazing for someone... Then they can turn around and drop it to Lars or something.
  12. How do they not get the 24/7 title onto Matthew McConaughy for even 5 minutes?
  13. I wonder how much scope there is for WWE to use celebrities to win the 24/7 title? I could totally see them doing a backstage bit with someone from Saturday Night Live or something where a cast member wins the title and then different wrestlers turn up in random skits to try and win it back. How about when Hugh Jackman KO'd Ziggler? Then he could get the flash pin to become WWE 24/7 champion. Take the title on the red carpet and get jumped at the after party to lose it again. Tell me that wouldn't get a heap of main stream press.
  14. So SBS Viceland are airing "Dark Side of the Ring" in Australia. First ep last night was the death of Brusier Brody. I knew the basic outline of the story but didn't realise it happened in the locker room with witnesses. Crazy stuff. From a film perspective it wasnt too bad but there were a few too many rambling scenes with Tony Atlas for my liking. I feel like they needed to break up some of his stuff with a VO from Foley. I did love how Atlas had to mention that the paramedics couldn't lift Brody on the stretcher so he just squat lifted the guy single-handed. My wife thought it was great though. She was right onto Colon as being a scumbag and when Atlas was talking about how Colon was trying to calm everyone down she said "He probably planned it!" Overall it was interesting & we are looking forward to the next episode. Edit - It also was funny how styles/looks roll around again. Both my wife and I agreed that Brody looked like he could be Elias' dad. The footage of him with his hair tied back was something that could easily transition into 2019 and not look out of place.
  15. Proof again that the school boy roll-up is the greatest finishing move of all time.
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