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  1. McAfee should be the 3rd man in the Triple Threat.
  2. They will be lead/inspired by Ron Simmons on the anniversary of his World Title win.
  3. On the other hand Rock was in and out in less than 8 and Austin's WWE run was under 8 years in total as well. These days with so much air time to fill, having the same people work each other over and over and over gets stale really quickly. It also doesn't help that, outside of a very rare gimmick change, most of the workers remain much the same people. A lot of the late 90's/early 2000's was helped by the constant change ups in presentation. It didn't always work but it gave us something different. Austin had a few different versions of his theme, some with lyrics, some without. Rock's theme evolved. Taker, Hunter, Angle... Even guys like the Outlaws, the APA, Edge and Christian, The Hardys, the Dudleys... They all changed things up form time to time to at least appear fresh and different. Different gear, different moves, different music. How long has Orton been hearing voices? How long was Cena's time? Lord help him if Roman comes back with the SHIELD motif again... WWE could do such much more in terms of build for matches/stars but they have their formula, the believe it works, and they will stick to it until the end.
  4. Maybe Brock can finally to the return favor for Jaws...
  5. Not a fan of Lee giving up a title like that. I know NXT has a history of the champ vacating but that was when people were 'moving up' to the main roster. I think a much more interesting story would have been "Limitless" Keith Lee finding his limits. How many weeks in a row can you defend your titles from challengers up and down the card? How many times can you fight twice in a night?
  6. Do we know what the announcement is? Sounds like Regal stepping down? Who takes over? I'd love Paige to get the role after her awesome work on SDL.
  7. SO now we get the fun part of trying to guess who that will be. I'll take a stab at Keith Lee, right after Vince decides he wants to keep the title on Brock after Mania in order to build towards The Undertaker coming out of retirement for one more match in the middle east.
  8. Roman turning up to help the fam in the Bullet Club would be insane.
  9. While I'm feeling nostalgic for all things DVDVR I want to give a shout out to @piranesi Batista fashion watch is/was/always will be nothing short of incredible. Any chance of firing up the analyzer? For old time's sake?
  10. Seriously? Holy shit... My brain is actually having trouble grasping this. That said, I'm off to re-read this thread hehe #conflictcocoa
  11. Cesaro beat Danial Bryan that one year so the whole board had to be blown up and rebuilt.
  12. Quoted the wrong post so I will use this space to highlight some of my favorite times on DVDVR: - Cesaro winning March Madness - WWE as a Dragon Ball parody - Ben books Bunkhouse Buck - The eternal debate over best punches - Do missile dropkicks make a better worker? - Mark Henry - Brown Snowman/Brave Stonemason/Bring Stuffhome i found this place after posting on the Online Onslaught forums. I was looking for a picture of Sean O'Haire (when he was way out of shape) and the Google machine lead me here. It's all the little things but I really love this place sometimes
  13. Now I want Lee to team up with Swerve and win the tag belts. Between now and Takeover: Royal Rumble the story is about Lee having to wrestle 3 times a night and how it might wear him down. First he drops the the fall in a tag title defence, having already retained the NA title that night. Then Swerve gets pissed and goes after that same NA title. Finally, Lee drops the NXT title to Kross at Takeover: Rumble, then wins the Rumble and beats Drew at Mania for the WWE Championship.
  14. Hogan could have busted out a Figure 4. Oh... He had been to Japan before then right? Hogan going all Inoki on Sarge, chopping him down, locking in a guillotine maybe... Then he could claim to have invented MMA as well!
  15. I actually think that, given they were going to sudden death anyway, taking the stip off and having the same match would have been much better. Once it gets to about 15 minutes left it becomes pretty clear they are going the distance. Take that away and just let them go for 70 mins to the fall. Lynch v Rousey v Flair - If you insist on making it a triple threat then make it submissions only. CM Punk v Undertaker - This should have been 2/3 falls with Punk scoring the first fall. I think it would have been brilliant to have Punk claiming that Taker was done and that by forcing him to essentially wrestle 2 or 3 matches he would break the Deadman down. Taker still gets the win, but Punk being able to claim that he 'Pinned The Undertaker at WrestleMania' would be great. it would have also planted the seeds for another Heyman Guy ending the streak a year later...
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