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  1. Putting aside "push the stars" and "scale back" type massive overhauls; I think the biggest thing WWE could do is just change their presentation on TV. I compare it to the difference between something like the fights in the Bourne Trilogy to what we see in stuff like Hero or Fearless with Jet Li. Heck, even the John Wick fight scenes. Pull the camera back and stop cutting the angles on every impact. Next, change up the format. I posted way back when they announced Cena v Nakamura that it was an awesome chance to do something radically different. Start that match at the end of hour one. It looks like the top of the hour "main event" before announced Women's title match and a tag match between say New Day vs Orton/Revival. They come out of the gates red hot and hit the first break as normal. During the next segment Cena misses a shoulder charge on the outside and crashes into the announce table. "We will take a break while docs check on his injury". Back and Cena has been given the all clear to keep going. Due to the length of this match the 6 man rage has been postponed until next week. 40 mins in and we hit our final break of the evening. We come back and the 6 man tag has been pushed back also. We get a camera in the corner with Bayleys reaction to being pushed back to next week. Cena goes for the AA but his shoulder gives. He never hits it and Nakamura gets the win with about 10-15 mins of TV time left. Get an interviewer in the ring asking Nakamura what it means to beat a legend like Cena in their first match. Ask Cena about his shoulder and if he is going to ask for an immediate rematch. This whole thing uses about an hour of TV time, gets both guys over as super tough, and also has people ready for next week because anything can happen. Then take advantage of that. The following week opens backstage a brawl between the 6 man tag match that was meant to open the show. End it with Orton hitting a Punt on Kofi and now we have a story of New Day trying to find a replacement. People who don't like Orton could make their pitch. Ali can talk about how Kofi's run started when Ali got hurt. Now it's Ali's turn to fill that spot and get some justice. Shades of grey and a revamped format. They are way too comfortable with what they do and it's worn out a huge part of their audience.
  2. Not the NA title though. Unless the plan is to run with him as a double champ? I've been screaming for Keith Lee as the super likable hoss champ for ages. He should hold the NXT belt for a year and just as he is getting stale you turn him heel with a 'Im here to win titles and get paid, not entertain you people" attitude.
  3. Kayfabe I think they explain this as USA seeing star power in Alexa only and Alexa telling them to draft her BFF or she walks out. Easily works into a storyline too when Nikki starts doubting Alexa she can say she convinced USA to draft her. Or go the other way and Alexa bashes Nikki with "Nobody wanted you until I said something."
  4. Unless she goes pick #1 overall (which is certainly possible) then I can't see any possible reason that RAW would pass on her with pick #2. Reigns wins. Becky goes #1. Comes out for a promo. Gets right in Roman's face. "This is my yard now..." Drops the mic and leaves.
  5. Yep. I didn't even look over the 'draft pools' thing. Well that makes it even worse haha #1 - SDL - Reigns #2 - RAW - Lynch #3 - SDL - The OC #4 - RAW - The Fiend #5 - RAW - Strowman #6 - SDL - Orton #7 - RAW - Ricochet #8 - SDL - Sasha Banks #9 - RAW - Bliss+Cross #10 - RAW - Kevin Owens
  6. Im certain the Reigns is going to win this match and then get picked #1 for SDL. Anyone want to try and do a top 10? Raw gets 3 picks for every 2 SDL yeah? They should have just announced that because RAW gets the extra pick, SDL goes first. #1 - SDL - Roman Reigns #2 - RAW - Becky Lynch #3 - SDL - Charlotte Flair #4 - RAW - Seth Rollins #5 - RAW - The New Day #6 - SDL - Brock Lesnar #7 - RAW - Braun Strowman #8 - SDL - Matt Riddle #9 - RAW - Daniel Bryan #10 - RAW - The Kabuki Warriors
  7. Waiting for this to happen to everyone except Lesnar (Pick #1 to SDL), Rollins (Pick #2 to Raw) and Charlotte (Pick #3 to SDL) - https://www.wwe.com/videos/eric-bischoff-vince-russo-strip-the-champions-of-wcw-of-their-titles-nitro-april-10-2000 Becky will then have to go after Charlotte for the SDL title while Sasha and Bayley are put into a tournament for the vacant RAW title.
  8. Easy way out tonight - Put the match on first. Rollins dominates early ala the Balor/Lesnar match at the Rumble. Plunder involved, including the Universal title belt, but The Fiend won't stay down. Rollins goes for the kill shot but the lights go out ala The Undertaker. Fiend now up standing and he locks in the claw. Rollins almost passes out but the Fiend starts twitching and lets go of the hold. He listens to his hands... hurt... heal... hurt... HEAL! The Fiend looks at his hand in disbelief. REALLY? Heal? Are we sure? He leaves the barely conscious Rollins in the ring throwing down the Universal title on his way up the ramp. Rollins shows the Fiend can be vulnerable (if it bleeds we can kill it), The Fiend shows he is unstoppable when he gets rolling but also that, even when dominating a match, it's not all about winning and championships. It's about sending a message to the 'bad' people he sees in the world.
  9. Honestly? The Fiend shouldnt have had another match until after Survivor Series. Fantasy booking - Bray apologizes for what happened to Balor. Says he will get it under control. Fiend appears and attacks Kane etc. Balor returns on draft night and calls out The Fiend to face The Demon. Bray apologizes again. Avoids confrontation. Video packages only for the Fiend while Mr Rodgers Wyatt shows up for a match in the arena every now and then, again claiming he has everything 'under control'. Balor beats someone (Murphy?) in a match on the Saudi card to show that he is back to 100% The Demon v The Fiend is set for Survivor Series. Winner gets a title shot at the Rumble Demon turns up but Fiend doesn't. Its Mr Rodgers Wyatt and Balor beats him bloody, screaming for the Fiend to "show himself". Balor beats Rollins for the title at the Rumble. Next night Rollins opens the show for a promo and the lights go out.The Fiend is back. He lays waste to Rollins before he utters a single word. He is coming for The Demon... Long burn to Mania. Balor defends against Murphy in a rematch from the Saudi show along the way, Fiend gets to maul Rollins and give him some time off to freshen up. We get Demon vs Fiend for the Universal title and the Demon suffers his first ever loss. Now you've had 6 months of story, built up 2 strong characters and evolved both. Who is in control: The Fiend or Bray Wyatt? Can Finn Balor come back after The Demon has been defeated? It also opens up some work with Rollins. He will want revenge but can he do it alone? He slayed The Beast but in the end, Lesnar is just a man while The Fiend is... more... That would require some character development and long term story telling. Or, you know, ship Balor to NXT with no explanation to create a "moment" and then feed Wyatt/Fiend to Rollins because he is THE GUY who is leading the roster to record low ratings against the hottest competition the company has faced in 20 years...
  10. I think we will get a 6 man with the OC vs Mid Card Flippy Guys Nakamura defending against Miz again. Maybe something to hype up the Flair v Hogan thing? Rusev/Orton v ???/?? Corbin doing a segment about being King while Rock/Gable interrupt? Outside of putting the belts on The Fiend and Sasha for RAW and Charlotta for SD, I think it's gonna be a pretty meh show while they hold for the draft.
  11. I've only read a recap and watched YouTube highlights but if I could delete one guys career from pro wrestling it would be Lesnar. I wish he went straight to MMA or became a football star. Dude is almost single handedly responsible for Vince deciding that "The BRAND is the Star" and watering down anyone who wasn't a locked in, yes sir, WWE lifer. Now he walks in and out as he likes, winning titles and doing NOTHING to elevate anyone. What was the point of Rollins beating him if he was just going to turn around and squash Kofi? Why not save the MITB case and do it that way? Whydoes Rey want to call up Cain? Is he not man enough to step up to Brock himself? Hasn't his whole WWE career been built on fighting big bully types? Its the same as Balor going to NXT. Great moment but what's the character motivation for doing that? Is he afraid of The Fiend? Can he not summon The Demon for at least 1 rematch to try and restore some pride? Or do we just sweep that away because "Hey hey, don't watch AEW, we have Finn Balor on NXT!"? I mean honestly... They aren't even trying any more. Its just booking for a series of "moments" that get people talking before any serious thought reveals how badly it's been done. By the time people are on board with the issues another "moment" rolls along and its onto the next...
  12. Keith Lee is the long term hoss champ we all need in NXT. Let him take the belt at Takeover Mania and hold it for 2 years. Initially as a face while people are happy and popping and chanting "you deserve it", then turn him heel as he becomes Apollo Creed and only fights "no-names who deserve a chance".
  13. I always wanted Punk to come out to Miseria Cantare at least once in his run. the MITB match with Cena would have been perfect.
  14. Killing kayfabe killed real heels. Why am I going to boo Alexa Bliss after hearing about her eating disorder? Why would I boo Corbin for not coming from the indy scene? Daniel Bryan nailed being a heel because he ramped his personality up to 11 but even then, a massive chunk of the fan base agreed with his points about the environment and wealth distribution and sustainability. Why am I booing the guy that wants to leave a better world for his kids?
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