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  1. L_W_P


    Everyone talking about Dijak while Im trying to work out Star Trek jokes for Jaxson Ryker over here...
  2. L_W_P


    It's funny because Regal's style would seem to lend itself to being WCW/NWA champion, while Dustin has that great babyface comeback fire that Vince loves in his main eventers, both both guys had their best shots in the other promotion. Im almost certain that if Regal didnt blow that shot as the King of the Ring he was getting a run. Even if only a token "Thanks for the career" type run ala Kane or Mark Henry. Dustin, on the other hand, could still get a run now. Maybe not a Rumble win but there would be nothing wrong with doing to him what they did with say Jinder. He wins a battle royal or one night tourney or something. Gets a shot vs Brock on a C grade PPV in a no holds barred match. Standard Brock/Heyman build with shooty promos about being 'natural' and living in the shadow of an American Nightmare... Then have Reigns, Rollins and a returning Ambrose interfere and cost Lesnar the match. Brock gets a program against the Shield and Dustin gets a few months with the title against the likes of Elias, Corbin and heel Roode, before dropping it to Strowman or Lashley.
  3. L_W_P

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    Roman Reigns - The Diet Pepsi to John Cena’s Coke-Cola since 2014 Vanilla Pepsi is #1 & the best though. Also I love the idea that the Rollins v Ziggler match is 30 mins not to see who lasts, but to make sure they finish in a reasonable time.
  4. L_W_P


    Speaking of Rock; He tops my “dream match” list. Why did we never get The Rock vs Shawn Michaels? Could have happened in 97-98 but never did. I think the promos alone would have beengreat, especially if both guys heel up a little.
  5. L_W_P


    The wrestling world will always need curtain jerkers and mid card acts. That they picked Slater to work with so many older/retired guys says a lot about how they rate him internally. I'd be down for Drew turning on Ziggler for the IC title, running that program, then getting a 3MB triple threat for the title at the Royal Rumble or something.
  6. L_W_P

    RAW Is Dr. Diminishing Returns - 7/2/2018

    Isn’t AJ crazy over at live events? He would be up there for sure. He just needs a hook like Rollins’ “Burn it Down” chant. Have they explained what Seth means by that yet? Burning down what? WWE? The source of all his income and fame?
  7. L_W_P


    "Give it up for YOOOOUR Sacremento Kiiiiiings! At power forward, standing 5 feet 7 inches, weighing in at 157 pounds. VLADIMIIIIIIIRRRRR PUUUUUTIIIIIN!!!"
  8. L_W_P

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    Going early but I think they took the IC title off Rollins to position him as the next contender to Brock. No idea what the plan is after that but I could see Rollins doing what Roman couldnt by winning the title and causing some tension between the two again. Bring back Ambrose as the circuit breaker ("Hey weren't we all getting the Shield back together?") and you can build the road to Mania around Shield main events.
  9. L_W_P

    The WESTWORLD Thread

    So this show is going to end up like "Lost" isnt it? Enough people will watch to keep it alive for a few more season and they'll talk about how deep it is and blah blah blah and the writing team is just gonna fling all the shit at the wall and let them decide what it means.
  10. L_W_P


    I used to love Sasha as a worker. Then I noticed her pouty “I’m doing the job” face and it’s all been down hill. She, to me at least, is the definition of someone that could have been a huge crossover star who has been crippled by the 50/50 booking and ‘cog in the machine’ theory.
  11. L_W_P


    2 spots that would immediately blow my mind - Rollins vs Axel. Match is semi competitive. Axel dumped out of the ring. Rollins hits a dive but crashes and burns and gets counted out! Rollins vs Dallas. Same deal. Goes for the dive and drills Dallas into the rail. Dallas hurts his back and HE is counted out.
  12. L_W_P


    Rollins doing 2-3 dives a match is the worst. Also I would love people to win matches with something that isnt a roll up or finishing move eg. Reigns should be beating guys with Superman Punches and Splash Mountains every now and then.
  13. L_W_P


    Ricochet, Davey Richards etc All the guys that are about doing super athletic gymnastic routines, 100 finisher near falls, 5* classics every night... I appreciate the physical gifts to pull of the moves or keep working but it's just not for me. I haven't seen the Ricochet/Ospreay match and don't care to.
  14. L_W_P


    Great call if they want to keep him heel. Otherwise he is going to get a monster pop at the Royal Rumble.
  15. L_W_P

    SDL is Counting to Jū - 6/19/2018

    Eric Young? Vince can finally redo his "Bryan Wyatt" storyline with Bryan joining Sanity!!! I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be Miz and they will drag out the Miz v Bryan match until Mania. They might even win the titles.