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  1. 1: Who will be sitting the Iron Throne at the end of the final episode? Sansa & Tyrion. They are still technically married, they have gone through more shit than most and their evolution into becoming everything their families aren't (Sansa the political player and Tyrion the people's champ) provides a great arc. 2: Five (or fewer) name characters who will still be alive* at the end of the final episode. Sansa, Tyrion, Dany, Jon & Bran. Everyone else is biting it. 3: Who will be the first major character to die this season? Sam. I think he eats it next week, before he can tell anyone else about Jon's true heritage. 4: Who will be the final major on screen death in the last episode? Jamie. Right after he murders Cersei.
  2. I'd like to see Roman have a slug fest series with Cesaro while Sheamus is out hurt. If anyone can help him shake of the ring rust it's Cesaro. Also can we PLEASE get the Balor Club back together for a bit, if only for the 6 man matches with New Day.
  3. Said it before and I'll say it again: If im on the indy scene I would only sign for NXT. Nothing in my contract about going to Raw/SDL until they want to renegotiate. WALTER made the absolute right play here. If I'm Kushida I use NXT to raise my profile in the US the head right back to Japan or AEW with an extra zero on the end of my contract.
  4. What is the point of NXT if they aren't going to a) follow up on the characters that are being built/developed there or B) even keep the same names? It's literally just Vince saying "Yeah, whatever pal." because NXT keeps the network subs up isn't it? Wouldn't more people subscribe to the Network if they brought out the 'graduates' and built them up properly as a continuation of their NXT story/gimmick? War Raiders come out as the NXT Champs talking about how they beat Black/Ricochet so they should be on the main roster too? Or is that too simple? I hate that I still follow this...
  5. The simple solution, if all parties can agree to it - Matt Riddle: Paul Heyman Guy *tm* Why not have Heyman bring in Riddle the same way he did with Lesnar? Build him up just the same and Heyman would have a field day. The obvious Riddle v Lesnar match writes itself and tell me THAT wouldn't get Fox/ESPN talking. If Ronda comes back for the Horsewomen feud then let Heyman manage them too. Give them Chad Gable as a midcarder and you have one hell of a stable ready to go. Paul Heyman: REAL Athlete Advocate would be fucking incredible.
  6. I'll have a crack. No idea how they will include NXT/205 so not game to make any predictions. I also don't think they will do anything official with Lesnar/Rousey going to SDL for the Fox deal. They will just come and go as they please. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if we don't see Brock again until the debut episode on Fox. New to RAW: Kevin Owens - Was supposedly going to win the title at Mania, much easier to do this on Raw now as Kofi needs a run. Samoa Joe - Putting the US title on Raw, mostly so I can get Balor on SDL. Sheamus - No real reason other than they called out splitting up teams and both he and Cesaro can work singles. Rey Mysterio - Can work up and down the card, wrestled everyone on SDL. Luke Harper - Give him some room to grow. Nakamura - Going nowhere on SDL. On Raw he can work slightly longer matches so might be more motivated? Last chance at this point. The Usos - Obviously. Buddy Murphy - Gets him to Alexa and, as with Nak, with a 3 hour show more chance for screen time. Truth - No real reason, but I would love to see them grow the "John Cena is my hero" deal into a tag team with Cena. Who wouldn't love K-Kwik & the Dr of Thuganomics as tag team champs over through SummerSlam? Carmella - Goes with Truth Naomi - Goes with Uso Mandy Rose - Give her a big push away from Charlotte/Lacey. Alexander Black (officially) Lars Sullivan (officially) New to SDL: Finn Balor - Put the IC title on SDL and let he and AJ finally fight with all the 'shooty' club promos. Drew MacIntyre - Push him to the moon to take the belt from Kofi. Sami Zayn - Add him to Bryan's troupe and let them cut promos together PLEASE! Chad Gable - Time for the singles run. Mojo Rawley - They clearly like him but never seem to push him. Gronk on Fox? Breezango - Get them back where they made their name The Revival (if they stick around, otherwise B Team) - Change of scene. Lio Rush - Not sure what they think of him but if he is going to be a worker then SDL is the place. Might be stuck like the Singhs and Elias doing the out of ring stuff though? Lacey Evans (officially) Bayley Liv Morgan Ricochet (offcially) EC3 (offically) - Do SOMETHING with the guy.
  7. Oh man you could play the new Vivien on Turn 2 over the Prowler, hold up removal then flash in World Shaper (and Bontu) so that you can go swinging away... This set is fantastic!
  8. Turn 1 - Forest, Llanowar Elves. Turn 2 - Swamp, Leyline Prowler Turn 3 - Swamp, World Shaper, Llanowar Elves Turn 4 - Swamp, Kaya's Ghostform on World Shaper, Kaya's Ghostform on Leyline Prowler, Play God-Eternal Bontu. Sac 4 lands, World Shaper + Leyline Prowler. Draw 6 cards, get everything back. Im sure there are way better uses for this card (My Zombie EDH and Mazirek sacrifice EDH decks are drooling) but God-Eternal Bontu seems pretty good...
  9. People are already hyping the Boar God for Legacy/Vintage with names like "Sow and Tell" or "Sneak and Sow" and talking about dropping massive Eldrazi for free... I just want it to get to a decent budget price so I can grab a few copies for EDH decks! I actually think Kaya's Ghostform will be the most busted card in the set. Dropping this on a Teferi or Karn is backbreaking not to mention just sticking it on one of the better uncommon PWs in this set (Dovin, Samut SAHEELI!!) just gives an amazing level of protection. Also if you remove the loyalty counters from your PW to activate them it still counts as dying (going to the gyard from the battlefield) so you can potentially activate some PWs twice in a turn! That said, I'm more hyped on all the sweet zombie token 'lords' for my Varina EDH list -
  10. Paige should bring in some fierce 'anti diva' types. Give me Killer Kelly teaming with Rhea Ripley please and thank you.
  11. Meta booking call - Becky is going to fight/feud with every tall/busty/fit "undeserving" blonde on the roster (Evans, Brooke, Rose, Morgan, Lana) before finally getting some 'real' competition in 2x MITB winner Alexa Bliss. I'd love them to build Ember Moon though and treat the Eclipse as a OHKO for anyone on the roster...
  12. Best thing for Sasha right now would be to walk and go be a big fish in the indy/AEW pond for a while. Vince and co would pay her MASSIVE $$$ to comeback for the Horsewomen v Horsewomen story in 12-18 months and she would have a huge upper hand in negotiating because they can't run it properly without her.
  13. Oh fuck... Buddy Murphy's return to NXT, followed by a Murphy/Dream NXT NA Title feud... *drools*
  14. Which would have been fine if it led to Cesaro stepping up to shut Heyman's mouth and beat Brock at some point. THAT was the mis-step. No reason Cesaro couldn't have gone over Brock at say MITB, with Brock then winning a rematch or multiman to become #1 contender at SummerSlam. Even better; Cesaro wins MITB (instead of Rollins) then Brock wins the title at SummerSlam as planned. Cue 6 months of Heyman laughing about how no-one can beat Brock and even if a miracle occurs, Cesaro will just take it right back. Then you give HIM the Mania 31 moment and the drama begins - Was he doing it to protect the title for Brock? Did Heyman ask him to get involved or did he do this on his own? What will he do when Brock asks him to lay down and hand it back?
  15. He and Roode should split next week when he wants to stand up to Lars and avenge Kurt while Bobby is having none of it.
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