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  1. The Walking Dead.

    No comments on the latest episode? I assume we are all grieving the loss of Shiva... More of the same really. Carol not even trying to lock the gate after saving Ezekiel shows how little they care about the walkers at this point. I really just wish we could have a show with Strand from FTWD just... walking the Earth. Let him drift from place to place and con his way into (and out of) all sorts of wacky adventures revolving around people trying not to be eaten alive by zombies.
  2. After tapping to Becky he could make a huge deal out of reviving Andy Kaufman's "Intergender Champion" shtick and touring the country to prove he can beat a woman.
  3. It WAS kinda weird after that match. I assumed the music guy missed the mark because the match ended on a crossbody ratherthan a roll up or finisher.
  4. Smackdown Live Spoilers - Jinder vs Styles -11/7/17

    Went in unspoiled thinking we would see a Brock run in to F5 the Maharaja. As the match went on I thought AJs knee would be a factor. I was waiting for it to buckle on that last forearm for Jinder to take advantage. Great suprise to see the change up. The last 2 weeks have felt like the "anything can happen" vibe of the attitude era again.
  5. Great episode of RAW. Enzo really is something special on the mic. He just talks and talks and talks and talks... No chance for the "What?" people to get going. Even when he makes a mistake he is so quick to jump and cover it. Loved Joe v Finn. Id be happy for that to go with the usual 50-50 booking and stretch through until Mania. Bar v Usos and New Day v Shield is definitely something I can get behind. 5 v 5 men, 5v5 women, Lesnar v Mahal, Bliss v Natalya, Miz v Corbin, Bar v Usos and Shield v New Day 7 interbrand matches so we have to have a 'winning' show. What do they win? Uhhhhh Bragging Rights tm.
  6. The Walking Dead.

    Great points. Combine that with the extreme use of ammo and this season has started way off the rails. When Eric died we laughed at him walking off to be with his own kind. Like something out of "Harry and the Hendersons" where the monster cant live with the family any more. Also this show has lost its balls. In past seasons we would have had one of Morgan, Jesus, Carol or Ezekial die. Instead we get a bunch of fake outs. Watching out of habit (or a sense of completion) now.
  7. Survivor Series XXX

    What an amazing world we live in where giving SIN CARA the US title is the answer to a "Big 4" PPVs booking problems.
  8. Asuka should have dropped the match to Eva Marie way back when. Would have made a rematch on live NXT that much more. Now I think she should stay unbeaten until Mania and fight Shayna Bayzler or Rhonda Rousey.
  9. Raw is Glenn Jacobs for Mayor - 10/16/2017

    Seconded. He is absolutely perfect in this role.
  10. Raw is Glenn Jacobs for Mayor - 10/16/2017

    Big Show and a reluctant "is he with us or not" Joe on the face side. Turn it into a War Games match. Next night Angle can have the winners fight for a title shot at the Rumble. Brock defends against Wyatt in agarbage brawl while Balor disappears to reset for a Rumble return and finally forms the Club to go after the Miz-tourage and the IC title.
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  12. Naito vs Neville please and thank you.
  13. Yeah I thought for sure we were getting Itami in the main roster here. Feel like he is done in WWE now. Kalisto... Very good talent but he has been on the roster for how long? Why act like he was this huge signing?