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  1. I think we still get Yoko winning here. His size meant Vince was always going to give him a push to see what happened. Yoko and the Islanders vs the Hart Family could have been fun. I've always wondered what the WWF (and early WCW) look like if Luger keeps his mouth shut and Vince follows through on the title run following the Lex Express. Where does it leave Hart, Nash and Michaels? Shawn and the Kliq trying to get in Vince's ear over the top of super American hero Luger would be a tough marketing sell. No way Nash gets the run he got. Does that impact his contract with WCW? Maybe he trades the title with Luger a couple of times? Hart/Luger v Shawn/Nash could be a main event scene for a while.
  2. Everyone getting hyped for Riddle v Bryan or Cesaro or Nakaramura when we all know he is going to be given a green and purple jumpsuit, a tag team with Shorty G and a never ending series of 4 minute matches with the Lucha House Party and Forgotten Sons.
  3. So we are at the point where the Drake Maverick release is a work yeah? Him winning the CW title to 'keep his job' is just like Slater having to win the Tag Titles with Rhyno.
  4. It's taken way too long but they are finally working out what to do with Lashley. Hoping Apollo can have a nice long run as well. I'd love him to start up the US Open challenge and just work for 15-20 mins every RAW. Focus on what this guy can do in the ring while cycling through some of the PC talent in the building.
  5. I think he had a couple? I just always remember it because people talk about Benoit vs Eddy in Japan under masks but never mention Jericho. EDIT: Google only shows one match so yeah, scratch that.
  6. Jericho as Super Liger? Benoit as Pegasus Kid? Eddy as Black Tiger?
  7. Ohhh the callbacks could be awesome. Edge can hit a Downward Spiral into an Impaler DDT into the Inverted Sharpshooter Orton can hit....
  8. 1 chinlock. They will work it for over 3 minutes though, Orton just wont let it go. 7 RKOs. Edge will hit at least two of these. 4 Spears. Orton hits at least one of these.
  9. I want Edge v Orton to just be: *bell rings* RKO 1 2 3 *bell rings* Either that or they go 90 mins with Destinos, Rainmakers, One Winged Angels, Edge hitting a Judas Effect followed by a Coffin Drop, a 9 minute Skull End sequence by Orton and at least 20 super kicks. Edge also gets his foot on the ropes following a Punt by Orton. The finish comes when Christian's music hits and Orton gets a school boy roll up on a distracted Edge.
  10. Agreed. It'll be interesting to see when fans are allowed back live. The Revival coming out to back up Hangman after The Elite turns on him is going to be massive.
  11. Yep. Doesn't have to go over Brock, but a proper build and a good showing on a couple of B level PPVs would make Cesaro a legit main event/upper card option who could challenge for the title.
  12. "Oh you see, I'm not a Jaxson Ryker guy... I'm a Dexter Lumis guy!" Man, they really messed up that arc with Cesaro didn't they?
  13. In my head, Bryan pleaded with the 'powers that be' to get Gulak into the tourney to 'show what he can do' and true to heel authority figure cliche, they put him in against Bryan. Gulak lost then quit the company in frustration.
  14. Your NEW Intercontinental Champion: The Real Man's Man, BIG DICK TONY!
  15. The slow burn to Jinder vs Drew is what should carry RAW through until Mania. Jinder should be the Luger to Drew's Sting. He is a heel to most but Drew just keeps forgiving him, tagging with him etc until BAM Jinder turns on the champ & takes the title. Also Asuka should just hold the belt until Becky gets back. Doesn't matter if it takes 2 years, just make that happen. Move Shayna, Ember & anyone else who needs a title run over to SDL or NXT. Ember v Charlotte could be great IMO. I want Asuka on a streak vs the returning "Champ who never lost the belt" Becky at SummerSlam 2022...
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