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  1. L_W_P


    I want to say Brent Albright.
  2. L_W_P


    I want to say Brent Albright.
  3. L_W_P

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    That pic of Vince and Warrior makes warrior look like the love child of Ron Perlman & Tim Roth’s character from Tim Burton’s Planets of the Apes...
  4. L_W_P

    Raw Is Coming Up On Total Bellas - 10/8/2018

    So both the heel turns I was waiting for at Super Show-Down took place on RAW instead? Booooo! Jericho would be funny in the World Cup while also working NJPW. I assume Mysterio is in the World Cup. Anyone else they can bring back?
  5. L_W_P

    Super Show-Down - 10/6/2018

    We wanted to be. Murphy winning the title took alot out of most people. There would have been a heap of hardcores in the first few rows that know him from PCW/MCW and were there to support him. For the rest of the crowd seeing a Melbourne boy win a championship in THE sports mad city of a sports mad country, his hometown, in the biggest show we have ever seen... It was a legitimate historical moment for us. The crowd needed 10 minutes after that to calm down and recharge.
  6. A guy I work with said that Connor McGregor was (minus expletives) "walking around like an Irish Lucky Day. Well now he just got shot by El Guapo's men." Props for the 3 Amigos reference but yeah... its kinda on point.
  7. L_W_P

    Super Show-Down - 10/6/2018

    To be fair, the $700 merch thing was legit. They were selling replica titles for that price. $700 AUD for metal, full weight, leather titles. $40 AUD (i think?) for the plastic cheap ones.
  8. L_W_P

    Super Show-Down - 10/6/2018

    Ugh at the caption calling that a German Suplex... And they are claiming over 75,000 fans when the WWE attendance was just on 70? And they name drop Orton as part of the show? "fans lapped up every fake punch" Who the fuck wrote this? *checks* Fuck you Alecks Devic... whoever you are.
  9. L_W_P

    Super Show-Down - 10/6/2018

    LWPs Super Show-Down Super Recap - 4:50pm - We arrive and make the climb to find our seats. I'm with my wife; a casual watcher who prefers Divas/Bellas, my mum; Attitude era fan who watched every week until about 2005. Eddie's death then the Beniot incident just about ended her love of this. Also my uncle; an 80's fan & Undertaker mark who stopped watching around the time of 'The American Badass' and just followed Taker's Mania streak once the Deadman returned. We are sitting in the top tier, about a 3rd of the way back just right of the hard camera. Perfect view. The ring is surprisingly big, even from this distance. 'Woo' chants echo around like monkeys in the jungle... 5pm - A 1 hour coundown clock appears on the screens around the arena. The few people already in their seats cheer. 5:02pm - The kids in the arena come up with a fun game. Every time the countown clock gets to the last 10 seconds they do a countdown and let out a huge 'Woooo'. 5:08pm - I fucking hate this game... 5:30pm - The clock is gone & some hype videos play. They run a promotion for a fan to get upgraded to front row seats & the crowd pretty quickly locks in on a guy with a foam finger in his mouth. The production people get a boo/yeah chant going as they show finger guy (yay) then someone else (boo). The crowd boo 2 kids trying to get the upgrade. Finger guy wins. 6pm - Showtime! The Bar v The New Day - As a punk rock guy from the 80's my uncle loves Sheamus' mohawk and is instantly cheering for them. The crowd goes wild for the New Day intro and stay pretty hot right through. A solid opener but nailed it big time on that finish which looked awesome. Becky v Charlotte - Yeah, no way they can save Charlotte as a face here. She is well and truly turning into the lady Roman. Pretty good match but the finish had the crowd booing for all the wrong reasons. The 'hits' with the title looked weak as anything and several people around us complained that the ref shouldn't be DQ'ing someone for that. Not sure what the post match beatdown was meant to achieve as Charlotte started it then get suplexed on the floor... Elias/KO v Lashley/Cena - House show match but the crowd didnt care. Elias was perfect before the match dropping a reference to last weeks Grand Final finish, which most of the crowd cheered. Hot tag to Cena who hit the "Five... er Six Moves of Doom". His post match speech felt very much like it was the last time we would see him in Australia. I was waiting for Lashley to spear him but no such luck. Asuka/Naomi v IIconics - We love Peyton and Billy for being Aussie but holy shit the twang they put on their accents is horrific. Wife loved the Glow entrance and mum even got into it by the time they hit the ring. Not much of a match but crowd popped for the Aussie girls. Feel bad for Murphy. Surely they wont have the Aussies sweep. AJ Styles v Samoa Joe - Comment from my uncle: "For a No DQ match it's a bit of a snooze." Crowd took a while to get into it. This was a really good technical match with some insane bumps by AJ but there was no reason to make this No DQ/Must be a winner etc. Why not make it a submission only match with Joe claiming that AJ tapped before so he will tap again? Finish looked a little botched too as AJ took a while to lock in the Calf Crusher. I expected better. 6 woman tag - It was all about Ronda & why not? She is insanely over. Probably the most over non Aussie on the card not named Undertaker. Some tension with Nikki and Ronda to start but nothing more (planting the seeds?) but the finish was great and everyone perked right back up. Alexander v Murphy - This match. Oh man this match. It was fast, hard hitting, high flying and holy fucking shitballs they made the right call on the result. Blew away all 4 of us with the pace they went with. Having not seen either guy before my mum & uncle wanted to know why more guys werent doing that kind of stuff. Place exploded when Buddy kicked out of the Lumbar Check and then again when he won. For me, the rest of the night no longer mattered. Im the same age as Buddy Murphy. We grew up in the same area, started our training at the same wrestling company (PCW in south east Melbourne) & I have basically lived through this guy since his debut. I dont regret the path I took. I have a gorgeous wife, 4 great kids & a job I love. But when that 3 count fell I admit to tearing up. I was so jealous/proud/happy... everything!!! If you had told me 15 years ago that an Australian wrestler would win a WWE championship, in front of 70,000 people at the MCG I would have laughed at you. If you had of told me again 5 years ago that wrestler would be Buddy Murphy I still would have laughed. Buddy Murphy made history last night. It might not mean a heap in the grand scheme of things but for this night and in this moment it's the best I've ever felt watching a WWE show. 6 Man Tag - Ok we need a breather. Braun is massive but Drew is right there with him. How long until we get Drew vs Roman for the title? Otherwise can we get Drew over to SDL in the post Mania shakeup to fight AJ, Joe, Almas, Bryan etc? Shield entrance was great. The face masks looked really cool. You can see why these guys have the company built around them because the whole match was laid out really well and made everyone look great. A few fans are taking the bait Dean turning tonight. The barricade spear had everyone going nuts and the timing was just perfect. Biggest takeaway from this match was how over Ambrose is. This might be another failed heel turn ala Becky if they try to have him go against Reigns. Bryan v Miz - The match my wife was looking forward to the most & I swear she has a psychic connection with Miz at times. After the first sequence & pinfall she started on a rant about how useless the early pins in a match are, we know they have to it their finishers a couple of times, how nobody believes the match is going to end on a random cover or roll up... Then that small package happened. I really don't know what to make of it. I assume the show was running long and so these guys had their time cut but I could also see it being a massive botch with Miz not hearing the count to kick out? Not sure. Was a little deflating but the Main Event was coming up. Triple H v The Undertaker - We knew it would be slow. We knew it wasnt going to be pretty but for the most part we didnt care. There were enough smoke and mirrors here to distract from how bad Taker is looking these days. HBK on the outside was pretty funny stooging for Kane as he walked around the ring. There was a scary moment when they went into the crowd. Once they got a few rows deep everyone ringside was up out of their chairs and just swarming on them. I'm pretty sure security told them to head back to the ring because there was a stretch with the two of them just holding each other and making a bee line for the time keepers area. Was crazy seeing how fast a couple thousand people moved to try and touch them or get a picture. The finish was the right one but a few people around me were pissed. I was stunned at the number of people who made a break for the aisles as soon as the 3 count happened. Why not take some time to appreciate that we will probably never see these guys again? I was waiting for the Taker retaliation but when they set off all the pyro and did the curtain call I assumed that it was done. Then the Tombstone landed, big pops as the Brothers made their way backstage and we locked in the tag match for Crown Jewel I guess. ??? - I have no idea what time it is but I'm in the bathroom taking a leak next to a guy dressed like Randy Savage. 12:20am - Dropped off my mum & uncle. Wife can drive the rest of this trip. I'm stuffed. Nothing was actively bad. The WWE title match was a bit meh given the stip and I thought the Cena tag could easily have been replaced with something involving the US title or Finn Balor (no preshow match?), but regardless of what else happened on this show Buddy Murphy won the Cruiserweight title in his home city so that instantly makes this an A+ in my book.
  10. L_W_P

    SDL Is Mr. Bootysworth - 10/2/2018

    Cesero botched 1 dive and vowed not to take that risk anymore, working a smarter/safer style. "No more topes..." Bryan suffered career threatening brain damage and neck injuries and goes right back to the same moveset that crippled him. THIS is why Cesaro was right to beat him in March Madness all those years ago...
  11. L_W_P


    If they are giving us a title change then Buddy Murphy is right the fuck there.
  12. Good on you for getting checked & walking away. Ive told my story on here a couple of times about serious depression being linked back to a heap of untreated concussions from my time training to be a wrestler. Those scans are scary & really put into perspective how dangerous this business really is.
  13. L_W_P

    Super Show-Down - 10/6/2018

    Only thing missing is a Nakamura title match. I'd even take a 5 minute SDL style squash against R-Truth. Also is that 'Must be a Winner' stip the same one they used when Nakamura & Styles both got counted out?
  14. L_W_P

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    Yep. I think we get Bryan beating Miz at SSD to go on and face AJ. Miz then costs Bryan that match to extend the feud. Either we go into a triple threat or we end up with Bryan v Miz at Mania somehow. Miz then heads back to Raw to get the B Team back and fight the Shield. Braun can go to SDL to kill Bryan dead.
  15. L_W_P

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    I think it's meant to be more of a wrist/elbow hold vs the shoulder? Either way it still looks fine. Cena turned an elevated fireman's carry into just about the most dominating finisher of the last 15 years so I'm fine with people tapping to this.