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  1. Moxley didn't need to be having death matches in WWE. They just needed to let him off the chain a little in terms of his predictability. Dean Ambrose could be doing all sorts of stuff that breaks from the WWE 'norm' without going full blown deathmatch in the ring. Look at how over Reigns and Strowman were when they would just beat the piss out of each other and crash cars and try to murder each other in ambulances and garbage trucks. Ambrose randomly attacking a heel in the middle of what looks like is going to be another 20 minute promo would get a pop. Have him just walk into someone's backstage interview. He doesn't do anything. He's just there, getting in someone's head. "Breaking news! WWE Network Exclusive: Dean Ambrose has attacked Samoa Joe on the set of WWE Backstage, just moments before the show was set to air" it can be done. They are just too boring/stubborn to change.
  2. Cody is very good, but Jon Moxley should have been a massive superstar face for WWE and they booked him into oblivion. If there was one guy I had to hold up as an example of being handicapped by WWE booking it's him.
  3. SO do we get The Bar back together? If Bryan wants to shave his head he could at least put it on the line. Hair v mask with The Fiend would be perfectly fine.
  4. I wish they got more freedom to do that kind of stuff. I legit think Orton could be amazing but he knows he is gonna get a pop and get paid to do the bare minimum so why push at this point? Also is Orton left handed? I never knew that...
  5. Batista courting Dana Brooke is the best story in wrestling right now. Head over to the pics thread to see Hobo-tista posing in front of a car that probably costs more than my house...
  6. Tagging @piranesi for some fashion watch updates!
  7. Peyton Royce might legitimately be the perfect woman... I know, I know! Settle down LWPernetico! Seth as a heel is 10x better. Teaming him up with AOP is great. Now to get the Usos backing up the "Roman Empire" for some future cross brand warfare. I wonder if The OC aren't destined for NXT and a meeting with the Undisputed Era come Rumble/Mania weekend? The smark heat on that would be insane.
  8. I hope this is part of a slightly longer build towards Charlotte looking for a partner to take the titles from the Warriors. Charlotte/Natalya v Warriors at the Rumble Charlotte/Vega at Elimination Chamber Charlotte/??? at Mania Return of Naomi? Nia Jax? Call up Bianca Belair or Io?
  9. Keith Lee should just skip the NXT title. Have him win the Rumble and take the Universal Title (assuming Cain v Brock is the WWE Title match)
  10. You have this big bad ass signing in Finn Balor, he beats Riddle, and you don't put him on your team?
  11. Hunter loves her because she is the best possible new age Chyna.
  12. Please Hunter, please, for the love of God, build the next 12-24 months of NXT around "Keith Lee - Invincible Champion". There is a solid 12 months of him getting face pops before turning on the fans for a heel run. He is fucking MONEY!
  13. Gargano seems too obvious to be the last WarGames member right? Is there a big signing that is still to debut? My call for the Survivor Series team member is Joe. He was Hunter's attack dog when he debuted to take out Rollins, let's get back to that and build him up for a high profile Mania match.
  14. This. Brock burned Vince so badly he has refused to trust anyone but the most loyal guys ever since. Cena is a huge exception to the rule that "WWE is the star" now.
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