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  1. So did Sasha get in Naomi's ear about this or is the Women's Tag Team Championship just beyond worthless at this point? How long until "Sasha Mercedes is ALL ELITE" pops up?
  2. Watching this last night and I think my two biggest takeaways were - There was a massive missed opportunity to give Dax the Ax a real push in this tournament. He should have been on the other side of the bracket and made the finals vs whoever is winning. A TNT title run would not be out of place for him. Storm v Hayter should NOT turn into Deeb vs Shida. People wanting a rematch ASAP but I say no. Keep them apart for 6-12 months at least. In a perfect world they would interact backstage or ringside but wouldnt face off again until the finals of next year's Owen. This should be something where they only very occasionally cross paths and then one day it just explodes into the two of them kicking the piss out of each other in a "Lights Out" or 2/3 falls match.
  3. When is Roddy Strong's contract up? Someone from NJPW? Is Kenny healthy? I know people have spoken about Cesaro but give me Miro. ANYONE but Cole winning this.
  4. As someone who doesn't follow the weekly programming I have to ask; Is the 6-man tag not "Winner Takes All"? Why do they have all these championships if they aren't going to be defended at the 'Premium Live Events'?
  5. I know it's not a thing. You know it's not a thing. Jericho still might wanna stop dressing in white and calling himself "The Wizard" https://loudwire.com/chris-jericho-jay-silent-bob-kkk-grand-wizard/
  6. I think next week you keep Wardlow backstage. MJF can talk about how "these things always end in violence" and that he "wants to make sure Wardlow doesn't get hurt before Double or Nothing, so he's not gonna be competing until then." MJF can lay out his stipulations, Wardlow agrees via big screen and Spears is given the contract to run backstage. Wardlow then annihilates Spears, signs the contract and stares down the camera into MJFs soul. Fantasy booking -
  7. So... Danhausen vs House of Black then? OC and HOOK backing him up would be a sweet midcard trios feud. House of Black doing all their 'scary shit' only for these guys to totally blow them off... Yeah book it! Black vs HOOK could be huge if built the right way.
  8. Agreed. They need to follow up quickly with Page cutting another promo explaining his frustrations. He should be a "fighting champ" with more of the random Dante Martin matches or 6/8 man tags to keep him on the show every other week.
  9. I think Hangman ranting on the fans is fair enough. He's been with AEW from day one. The crowd cheered Danielson when he flew in from "up north". The crowd sing along with Adam Cole 'BayBay' even though he's from the cancelled show, was 2nd fiddle to KOR and is the asshole that's turned Page's friends, Matt & Nick, away from him. Now the crowd cheer the guy who walked out on them and who only came back after everyone else did the leg work to get AEW off the ground and get him paid. All the while everyone's talking behind Page's back about whether or not he's on *their* level. Fuck that. These guys need to prove they are on *HIS* level because he is THE AEW world champion!!
  10. Can women join the Blackpool Combat Club? Because Deeb would be a fucking GREAT addition and getting Regal on commentary for a women's match here and there would do wonders for some of the lesser known talent.
  11. Ew.Please no. Give me a Miro comeback please. Miro v KOR & Allin v Harwood in the semi finals. Miro vs Allin in the finals. I know they'll push Cole but it could be a great catalyst for the Bucks to start questioning AC and building up Kenny's return.
  12. Nick Comoroto was in Spider Man too!?!? PUSH THIS MAN COACH TONY!!! Give us our "Mr Brodie Lee Memorial Hoss Trophy" Comoroto Lee Hobbs Wardlow Archer Brodie King Miro 10 Butcher Hager Redbeard Bear Country #1 Bear Country #2 Special Appearance: Brian Cage Token 'flippy guy': Luchasaurus Shock Debut: Parker Boudreaux That's 16. Maybe drop the Bear Country guys for a couple of one shot matches from Paul Wight and Mark Henry? Either way, I'm wishing it into existence Coach Tony!
  13. Devitt Styles Omega KENTA Karl Anderson I also think of GoD before the Bucks. Where do Bullet Club rank in terms of all time stables though? They have to be right up there given the longevity and borderline mainstream crossover. If you wear a Bullet Club shirt there's a chance non wrestling fans will at least recognize it.
  14. https://itrwrestling.com/word-rumble/ Awesome
  15. This is where the Nick Comoroto mega push begins...
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