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  1. NXT TV SPOILERS - Taping Date 9/14/17

    Part of me thinks WWE had nothing for them as a team on the main roster (see Ascension, The and Revival, The) and so they got singles runs to see what happened. Another part of me thinks they would be perfectly fine as Alexa's backup on the main roster. Her on SDL as champ with Blake and Murphy running interference on Elsworth when Carmella tries to cash in? A cynical part of me thinks that someone backstage wants to get with Alexa and that tanking her fiance's career to the point that he quits/is let go is their way of freeing her up.

    I dont mean deserves it from a "worked her butt ofoff for a decade to get here" deserves it. I mean it more as a "You spent all this time building her, pull the damn trigger and let her run with it" kinda deserves it.

    I hope they dont have Kairi just walk in and win the title. Ember deserves her run on top.


    How far off are TM61 from coming back? Moss and Sabatelli need a gimmick beyond "Big guys who are big" before they get any kind of serious push. Do we even know why they are hanging out and tagging together?

    Remember when Brock was supposed to murder Triple H and what we got was 15 minutes of spots built around a Kimura? I do now want to see Steph rolling in and out of holds for any length of time. 8 woman tag at Survivor Series. Rhonda's team goes over after Sasha and Bailey have a miscommunication. Next night Rhonda is thankong the fans and we get Asuka down to call her out for Mania. Pure. Sports. Build. Chickenwing Vs Armbar. Works perfectly underneath whatever combo of Cena/Brock/Reigns/Strowman we get for the title.
  7. Wrestling What Ifs

    Why wasn't Hall ever given a run on top in the WWE? Shawn had multiple reigns and Nash had a full year but Hall never even had a cup of coffee with the title. He's not going to win it at the '93 Rumble because you want to keep Bret strong for Mania but there had to have been a time he was at least considered for a run. Was he off the wagon that badly back then? What if Razor won the 95 KotR and took the title from Nash at SummerSlam?
  8. Yes please. Right now PPV shows start at about 11am on a Monday so I usually miss everything, catch some of the last hour during my lunch break and then come on here to see what's worth going back to see. Put that show on a Saturday in the US - Sunday my time - and I'll sit down a watch it all live.
  9. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    This. All it would take is a 5 minute scene before hand - Cersei, Jaime, Qyburn and Euron sitting in the small council. Jaime is going over where they would pull their forces back to in order to regroup for the march North. Cersei is cautious of a full retreat. Qyburn says something about possibly keeping the specimen they bring to help with his work. Euron makes a joke about marrying the Queen. Typical character stuff. They get up to leave but Cersei asks Euron to stay. Jaime asks what more they have to discuss? Cersei says it's between her and her future husband. She says this is a dismissive tone, she looks to be keeping up the appearance of an alliance, a fake smile on her face. The perfect shot would have her put her hand over her belly as she does. Jamie looks annoyed/worried as he leaves and we cut to the arrival of the Stark/Dany group meeting with Bron. Now we have planted the seeds for the later explanation of the plan about Euron leaving but we have also put some doubt into Jaime's mind about Cersei and Euron's relationship. Is this still purely political or is Cersei's child (if she IS pregnant?) really a Greyjoy prince?
  10. Raw is John Cena Is Good At His Job - 8/28/2017

    From a Cena POV it was amazing. Killed him dead. Insert alreadydead.gif here. But from a Roman Reigns, WWEs Next Top Guy POV this was a fucking disaster. He is done now. There is no coming back from this. For the rest of time he will be "The Guy that couldn't get it done." Onto the next project now. No idea if they will give Braun the rocket but it would make sense on the current roster. Otherwise have Adam Cole and the ROH invasion take the NXT title from McIntyre quickly and bring him back into the main event scene.
  11. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    I thought it was more Tyrion stating to have doubts about Dany after his talk with Cersei. Cersei has planted the seed that Dany is an impulsive kid who, despite the best efforts of her advisers, still wants to burn the world down. Now here she is sleeping with the King in the North. The same King who very nearly destroyed all of their efforts in securing a truce because he has fallen in love. Tyrion is worrying that his calming influence on Dany might be on the wane as she gives into impulse and emotion. A true Targaryen.
  12. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Huh. I thought they were trying to build some tension for the 'It's a trap' feeling.
  13. Wasnt Shelton heading to SDL anyway? The promos werent acting like he was a free agent up for grabs, he was signed to SDL. Bryan traded Jason Jordan for nothing.
  14. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Easy solution for NXT women's title - Ember vs MYC winner at Survivor Series Takeover. Ember wins. Asuka named #1 contender for Rumble Takeover. Real Sports Build ala Brock v Rock. Ember expoilts the 'surgically repaired shoulder' and Asuka passes out to her own hold, refusing to tap/submit. Ref stoppage. Asuka debuts on the main roster after Mania. Never beaten in NXT. Ember carries on with the title against the best of the MYC, Iconic Duo and Riot with Nikki Cross and Sanity up after Mania also.
  15. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    House - Reid Sigil - Broken Clock Words - "Throw. Always Throw."