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  1. I hope WALTER is getting paid a massive contract to work say Rumble to Mania as Gunther, and then GTFO and go home. I understand the name change if WALTER refused to sign over trademark rights (as he should being an INDEPENDANT CONTRACTOR)and so WWE have handed this to him. A quick Google search kills Gunther Stark dead on arrival so I wonder if they are going to present this as GUNTHER ?
  2. At this point Ted might turn them down. Manu could jump in and then join the Bloodline though? Not sure enough people would remember that Sim Snuka was there. Are we at the point of a Deuce & Domino nostalgia run?
  3. They should add a second hour to Rampage, if only to have more room for women's matches. I'd also like them to run more 6-8 man tags, just to get people on the show.
  4. Not that it'll ever happen, but Vince signing Cody to run NXT and carry on Dusty's legacy would be an insane level of trolling.
  5. That's way too fun/entertaining for Vince and co.
  6. It becomes hard to kayfabe beyond a certain point though. Should Steiner get in before say, Moss or Boogz? Probably. Should Roddy Strong? Mmmmyeah I guess. What about Von Wagner? Young, up and coming. Neither has a realistic shot, kayfave or otherwise, so who does the spot go to? It goes to the person who will get a 'pop' when the timer hits zero - Booker T, Jerry Lawler or Hacksaw Duggan. It's why I am 100% certain that Corey Graves will be in the Rumble this year. So will Pat McAfee. Neither have any right or reason to be in there before 30 other guys in the roster, but they'll get a 'pop' and that's all that matters.
  7. I never really followed boxing but Mayweather was a big deal wasn't he?
  8. Men's side - I think Roman beats Rollins early in the night. Then maybe the Usos cost Brock the title? It would be insane to have Heyman turn on him at this point. Big E wins the rumble and goes after Lashley. Brock returns to SDL and the chase of Roman Reigns. Women's Side - Who could possibly know... Mickie James wins and goes on to get squashed by Becky in 14 seconds so that Vince/WWE can get one over on Impact. In the build up Becky points out that "I've had a baby and my body looks amazing. You... well... I'm sure you'll bounce back eventually." Michelle McCool points and laughs.
  9. Solid show but, as has been mentioned before, they need to talk to whoever is laying out these stories/matches and space it properly. Feels like we get the same kind of match or spot or finish multiple times on a single show and that shouldn't happen. I also like the idea someone had on here of MJF ordering Spears to hit Wardlow and cost Punk the match. It would have perfectly built up the MJF v Punk rivalry, puts Spears in an awkward tweener spot with MJF/Wardlow, and give Wardlow one more reason to snap and deliver both of them a Powerbomb Symphony. I actually think they should pivot and get to MJF v Wardlow first. Wardlow kills him dead and moves on to the TNT title while MJF finally agrees to face Punk and prove that he's still one of the Four Pillars*tm* of AEW.
  10. The Ringmaster Rocky Maivia, blue chipper babyface John Cena's "Ruthless Agression" Deacon Batista Randy Orton, blue chipper babyface Roman Reigns, ultimate underdog I think there's a fair case to make that Brock Lesnar is the only real 'star' that WWE have actually made in the last 25 years using their initial plans. Even then, Brock is a once in a generation physical specimen AND he had Heyman working for him so he probably dodged a whole heap of shit that we've never hear of. Imagine if they booked Keith Lee the same way they booked Brock all those years ago... The other legitimate male crossover star they have is Miz and damn it, that dude fucking HUSTLED to get his spot. WWE didn't hand him anything more than the opportunity. For all the hate he's had over the years over his in ring style, I can't help but respect that guy for building the life he has.
  11. As a kid I saw way more WWF because that's what the video store had more of. It was on free TV as well so we all talked about it at school. So even though I fell in love with Vader from watching old WWF tapes, he was always a 'wcw' guy in my head When I watched a WCW show though it just felt... raw. It felt way more real. WWF to me was clean, well executed. It felt like it leaned into the 'Sports Entertainment' side, even though I didn't really get that at the time. Late 80's/early 90's WCW had moments where I honestly thought people were trying to hurt each other. Guys like Vader, Sid, Road Warriors... It just felt like they DGAF and were happy to cripple someone if it meant getting a title match sooner. Even the ring looked like it hurt more to get slammed in. When guys like Benoit, Malenko and Saturn started popping up it blew my mind. These guys were SHOOT fighting to my teenage brain. Suplexs and stretches and all sorts of variations on trying to wear people down. That was amazing to me. WWF didn't have this. This was WRESTLING! Good topic for conversation actually - How did you all perceive WWF vs WCW growing up? Did having access to one or the other make you appreciate a certain style more? I wonder how kids these days are with the differences between WWE and AEW.
  12. Vader was always Sting's best opponent and vice versa
  13. I have felt for the longest time that the best use of Shane was as a manager to whatever group of shithead/showoff heels you have in the midcard. His music will get a pop and then he can do most of the talking. Give him a stable with say - Austin Theory Von Wagner Ziggler/Roode And the intention is to just keep the IC/US title on Theory as long as possible.
  14. Shotgun Saturday Night and Jakked were the only wrestling I got on free TV back in the Attitude Era. All the prime shows were on cable which we didn't get until years later. I'd record the recap shows and borrow older tapes from the video store. Basically everything was a 'stand alone' show for me. Trying to piece together the timeline of who went where was half the fun!
  15. He's always kinda looked like Savage though? And he was using a flying elbow in NXT I think. I always thought he looked like Damien Sandow & that they could have teamed up as an odd couple duo - Damien the well to do genius who was given everything, Elias the drifting musician who felt he was shunned/misunderstood. But again, that would require thought and nuance and smart writing. WWE are just looking to book "moments" these days.
  16. The whole "destruction of NXT" thing started right around the time they stopped pushing Rhea Ripley. Who, appearance and personality wise, appears to be EXACTLY Hunter's type... Methinks that mayhaps two plus two does indeed equate to five!
  17. Didn't Jericho say in his book (or maybe it was Death of WCW?) that a certain % of action figures were set to scan as Hogan at Walmart? You pick up the Raven figure, take it to the checkout but then on the receipt it said "Hollywood Hogan Action Figure" and Hogan got paid the bonus.
  18. Might Molly is right there! And she could help save Nikki ASH from being eliminated. AND they could double team someone like Piper Niven for a great pop.
  19. Pretty easy lay up for a heel promo claiming HOOK is adopted.
  20. I could see Cody at ringside "accidentally" costing Sammy and then telling Dustin to just lie down in their match because he's "not really a champion" or something. It'd be perfectly in line with his "Hero Heel" persona.
  21. MJF/FTR vs Punk/Wardlow/"Mystery Partner"
  22. YES! Give me the Netflix Wrestling World Cup or something. 9 x 1 hour episodes that culminate in a 2 hour finale show with 3 title/trophy matches - Men's and Women's world champion and Tag Team Champions - plus a couple of 'grudge' matches built up through the season Might get away with 2 seasons a year to keep it fresh.
  23. Which is perfectly fine. AEW is built so heavily around stables that Joe could easily come in and do the talking for a small crew. He would wrestle 3-4 times at most - Punk Danielson HOOK Then hide him in a few multi-man stable tags and you are set.
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