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  1. I hope Bron is a Curtis Axel fan because that's about as high up the card as he is getting with that name. Even Axel needed to be a Heyman guy. Yeesh. Also I'm assuming this name is the real reason that Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman were cut. It would have made more sense for Steiner to take LA's spot in the match and then win the title. You want fresh and new? BAM! There it is. Also we need regular 6 man tags with Steiner and the Creeds just MDKing people.
  2. I always thought Gulak would have been perfect as Bob Backlund 2020. Just a crazy heel, who thinks he's an ultra face, stretching people and choking them out. I was really excited when he was working with AmDrag & I'd be all for him having a spell in AEW to help even the numbers against The Elite. Long term though I think he's better off in NWA or, funny enough, back in WWE if they get their shit together.
  3. Playing through ME2 with my "Cerberus Sellout" Shep. Basically role playing the idea that Shep died and Cerberus have made a few upgrades to his way of thinking, as well as his body. David is staying with the project. If we can control the Geth we could end this war. We destroyed the Genophage data. The Krogan must not be allowed to re-populate. We made sure Tali was exiled. Now she has no choice but to help us. #humanityfirst
  4. And NEEEEEEEW World Wrestling Federation tag team champions; Edge & Nick! Not quite the same ring to it haha
  5. What's crazy is if a young guy, with the right charisma and presentation cane along, they could make a killing doing just this. ZSJ and Simon Gotch/Seth Lesser both have parts of it. An old timey strong man just stretching fools and then breaking them in half with a bear hug or passing them out with a thick sleeper would be sweet. Imagine building up the '3 arm drop finish' as a gimmick for a few years. The first person to keep the arm up and fire up out of it would get an insane pop.
  6. Vince would lose his mind with all the guys named "Cage" or "Page" in AEW
  7. I hope Bryan goes the right way for his health and turns into AEWs strong style guy as opposed to the head drop guy. Also they don't need to rush him to the title. - One on One with Adam Cole "All Out was meant to be MY night!" - Tag with Christian to take on the Bucks on a big Dynamite/Rampage after they beat him down during/after the Cole match. - Tag with Christian to take on the Good Bros on a hyped Impact or Impact PPV - One on One with Adam Cole. No interference. That should allow plenty of time to bring back Adam Page and build up his world title win, probably at Revolution. Then Bryan finally gets to take on Omega in a #1 contenders match at Double or Nothing and you can build to Adam Page vs Bryan Danielson in a massive face/face main event at All Out next year. The question is - When does Punk v Danielson happen?
  8. Apologies if I've offended or misused the word 'snipe' here. I was meaning it in the term of a 'last minute bid or pitch'. There were reports of her signing in May. Black was released in June. If any more time had been given to her decision I'm not sure she would have gone back.
  9. Which kills me that WWE managed to snipe Thea/Zelina when they did. Her coming in to kick Chavo to the curb and do all of Andrade's talking would be perfect.
  10. 28 pages... When was the last time a WWE thread was this long? I'd love to know how many WWE PPV threads we'd need to add up to get the same number of posts. Massive credit to AEW again for nailing this show.
  11. I'd like to see him take a break to get refreshed. Let the hype of Punk and Cole and Bryan settle and then come back to make a statement somewhere. A left field option would be rekindling his friendship with Cody to try and take down a mutual enemy in Malakai Black. Imagine him running down and pushing Cody out of the way of the Black Mass. He doesn't have to be Cody's BFF but turning them into this "on again, off again Bayley/Sasha" type duo could add some great layers.
  12. Make it a thing for him to come back for. He should go after both guys and, if they want to acknowledge his Bullet Club history, have him align with (but not totally trust) The Elite in the upcoming AEW civil war.
  13. Wasn't this something that we all talked about with WWEs brand split? They have 300 wrestlers but only feature the same 40-50 people all year round. I'm perfectly happy for AEW to sign the best talent and ROTATE them in and out through the year. I also think that we have to get out of the WWE conditioning that has us thinking that if you aren't pushed into the main event then you aren't getting pushed. Guys like Miro, Black, Andrade etc didn't leave WWE because they wanted to be world champs. They just want the freedom to be able to express themselves in the ring. They get to do that in AEW.
  14. I think Bryan can be distracted by Cole and the Bucks long enough for Page to come back, get heated up, and kill Kenny dead for the title. Punk has a loooong list of guys he needs to go through - KENTA, Black, MJF, Mox... You know Cody is going to want a piece as well. I could see Punk teaming with Darby to take a run at the Lucha Bros. Plenty there for him. Hell, they could even set Punk and AmDrag on a collision course before either of them gets a shot. Whichever way they go, I trust that Adam Page will get his time in the sun soon enough.
  15. Yep. That's it. Whatever this 'war' has been, or was going to be, AEW ended it tonight. They play to all the strengths of their roster. The booking is tight and makes sense. The ending was PERFECT with Cole coming out as a swerve for everyone expecting Bryan. Then he turns heel. Then the AMERICAN FUCKING DRAGON walks that aisle to send the heels running... God damn... Moving forward I hope Paul Wight wrestling is saved for a couple matches a year tops. Keep him a special attraction to punk a low card heel now and then. Speaking of Punk. I want two things from him before he goes after the belt - A GTS fight with KENTA and for him to sit down in the ring to cut a promo, have the lights go out, and then Black is sitting in the ring across from him. It's insane how stacked AEW is and yet, it's doesn't feel as insanely bloated as WWE did. So many guys can move up and down the card without feeling demoted. The emphasis on tag teams and stables helps with that, big time. They absolutely NAILED this and we still have the return of PAC, the in ring debut of Danielson and Adam Page's World Title crowning to come... Holy fuck what a time to be a wrestling fan!!!
  16. No chance. Remember when Balor had that great match with Brock? I thought they were going to be smart & have Balor cut a promo about how "A man like me came thisclose to slaying the beast... Imagine what a Demon will do..." And then Balor beats Brock in the rematch. They might go Demon Balor here but Reigns is going to walk out champion. And he's going to beat Brock. And he's probably going to retain against a Big E cash in because, now that we have crowds back, Dwayne is going to sign that contract and have that 10 minute finisher bomb with Roman at Mania. The only way I can see Roman dropping the title is if they run Roman v Brock at the end of the year or the Rumble. Brock beats him down but Roman still manages to get away with the win. Roman is holding up the title, exhausted, but screaming at the camera to "Acknowledge the Chief". "If ya smell!!!!" Rock Bottom and a statement is made then BIGE CASHES IN! Rock v Roman happens without the title. No idea who Big E defends against. Brock I assume but getting Kofi and Woods over to SDL for a Triple Threat to main event night 1 would be awesome.
  17. Going back to the Riddle comments on Reigns: If Vince was smart and this company wanted to actual run with things then Riddle would get a title match on SDL in a couple of weeks. Roman would cut a promo, they would show Riddle's comments talking shit about Roman and Roman would invite him on to take a shot. You get a couple weeks of TV promos in between whatever else both parties are up to. You build to a nice TV main event & you put your champion over. In a squash if you need to punish Riddle. Or you have Roman cost him the tag belts in the build up. But this will be ignored. They will keep rolling on with their shit and nobody will do anything note worthy because you can't have people getting over on their own.
  18. If WWE is so set on being a 'content' company, then it makes sense to try and diversify that content as much as possible. Make RAW for older viewing. A little more sex appeal and hardcore wrestling. Make Smackdown your all star athletic show. Technical wrestlers gather here for 'real sports build'. Turn 205 live into a lucha show. Hire a bunch of guys in masks on short term deals and exhibit them. Give her a platform to show off. NXT is the training ground. It's not a super Indy for Adam Cole & Johnny Gargano to cash in. It's for the guys you've never heard of like The Vaudevillians, Bull Dempsey & Bayley. They have 10+ hours of TV to fill each week. Do something different. It's not like they can't afford the risk.
  19. Ilja might stick around in the US long enough to merge the UK and NA titles. Maybe get a run with the NXT title. Would not be shocked if NXT as a whole is gone in 12-18 months. Insane to think that it's burned out so quickly.
  20. I fully admit to recency bias but Walter v Ilja might be my favorite match since Zayn v Nakamura in Dallas. Fucking hell that was insanely good to watch.
  21. Ok so putting 2+2 together with all these rumors/suspicions - Vince is looking to sell. Triple H failed with NXT. Cody might be 'going back' to WWE. WWE are 'helping' AEW by letting them sign certain stars. Ric Flair's release. The Khans (Nick and Tony) are not related BUT they might be. The Saudis have money. John Cena is back for his record setting world title run. Conclusion - Vince McMahon, under the supervision of the Saudis, in conjunction with the extended Khan dynasty, is working with AEW to eliminate Ric Flair from the history books by setting up John Cena to dethrone Kenny Omega as AEW champion as part of a WWE sale to a Khan financed Cody Rhodes. Vince realised that Dusty was the real star behind NXT and is going to leave his empire in the hands of Dusty's son. In exchange, Vince gets paid, but he also gets to leave the legacy of his greatest WWE created star (Cena) eclipsing the WCW/NWA guy (Flair) by dominating Cody's new #1 rival (Omega/AEW). We're through the looking glass here people...
  22. They very well nearly missed on all of them - Lesnar burned out and quit. His prime years were in the UFC. If he failed there and came back a loser there's no way Vince gives him the sweet deal he's on. Batista was D-Von's lackey until Flair, and then Hunter, got him. Could have ended up in the same space as guys like Tomko or Luther Reigns. Even his breakout from Evolution was a happy accident after the failed Orton face turn. Orton was a boring "blue chipper" until Evolution. If that spot went to Jindrak would Randy have made it through the booking as Cody Rhodes tag partner? Cena would have been released if didn't get another chance with his freestyling. A chance he only got because of an extremely fortunate backstage conversation. For a "Can't miss" as they were, WWE sure did try...
  23. If this happens do we get another guy losing his name? "Otis and Chad" Fucking LOL
  24. For as much as I want to see Walter v Ilja; I DO NOT want to sit through, what will probably be over an hour, of Cole v KOR. I actually hope they make the 2/3 falls the main event so that I can turn it off.
  25. Corbin slowly transforming into Steven Ogg/Trevor Philips is fantastic.
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