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  1. I would assume it's to prevent people from having a 6/5 indestructible creature with pseudo vigilance. Being able to attack and then blink her out end of turn would be pretty sweet...
  2. Other options: Let Brock go close to breaking the record for eliminations, then Reigns is the 'brick wall' at number 10 before the next entrant dumps Brock out. Keith Lee is the one taking out Brock here, leaving he and Roman to stare down once again. Kofi in at #2, Brock immediately hurls him out but we get a Kofi Rumble Spot and they keep going. This happens 3 or 4 times while Brock is throwing out other people before eventually, Kofi is the one to eliminate Brock. There has always been talk of breaking up the New Day, maybe Kofi is now torn between staying on SD with his friends or moving to RAW to get back the title from Brock? Then if it doesn't work you can always send Woods+Big E to RAW in the next shake up.
  3. So who is the best option for #2 to get that reaction vs Brock? Do they put Cain or Riddle in for a pop and immediately send Brock home? Some random jobber like Eric Young or Curt Hawkins to get dumped in 4 seconds? A midcarder like Ziggler to fight for the mins and get dumped before the next entrant? I feel like we are going to get 3-4 jobbers, then maybe a Ziggler type struggle, before number 8-10 is Cain/Riddle/Lee and they hammer Brock and dump him immediately.
  4. What difference does that make? Unless he broke his hand/arm he should be out there mocking people & building something for when he returns.
  5. Hmmm I guess it makes sense then from an arrogant (yet dominating) heel perspective, but even then, we have precedence for the title being defending in the Rumble itself so we should see that forced on Brock here. You want to defend your title against the roster, do it. I can only assume this is going to be used to have either Black or Keith Lee eliminate Brock and claim they deserve a shot from there. Reigns still wins and faces The Fiend.
  6. So what is the kayfabe logic for Brock being in the Rumble? Why would he want to be in the match? Why #1? Why wouldn't WWE/RAW management want him defending the top title in the company at one of the biggest shows of the year?
  7. Have Charlotte fill the same role as Strowman from a couple of years ago? All the build up is who Charlotte's partner will be, Becky has to focus on Shayna/Rousey so she's not an option. Ember Moon? Io Shirei? Bianca Belair? Then run Becky v Shayna/Rousey and Bayley, Banks, Brooks and Evans in a Fatal 4 Way.
  8. Yeah my thinking was that he goes over Punk, The Shield screw him in a Triple Threat vs Punk n Rock at the Rumble (Rock pins Punk) and then Ryback has to either find help, or go it alone, against The Shield at Mania. Ryback hen gets the big build to a SummerSlam match with Cena for the title he was never beaten for.
  9. Naomi winning because Shayna and Ronda beat the piss out of each other in the Rumble would be great. Both the MMA women have reason enough to want to fight Becky so let that competitive instinct take over and they eliminate each other from the final 4. Becky can then fight both at Mania or fight Shayna at Fastlane then Ronda 1 on 1 at Mania.
  10. So happy for Naito. When it didn't happen 2 years ago I didn't think it would happen at all, or that they would miss the boat while riding a dominant Okada into the Olympics. Jay White could be anything. That guy just gets it. Amazing how he performs at his age. What does Tana do next? I thought for sure he was winning tonight to send the AEW/NJPW partnership talk into hyperdrive. Even with night 2 being emotionally drained it was still awesome. Hoping they improve the setup going forward. If WWE ever go to a 2 night WrestleMania the layout is going to be critical.
  11. Punk would do it. They had one ready to go in Nakamura winning the title at Mania. Or Rusev (Day) getting a run. The fell ass backwards into Kofi Mania & that moment but didn't really do anything with home after that. Rollins got a massive pop for "Slaying the Beast" only to get punked out right away. Owens got a big pop for killing Vince and again when he told Shane to piss off but that's gone nowhere... They have seemingly lost the art of being able to call the audible and really take advantage of something hot.
  12. FTFY What if Vince pulls the trigger on Ryback? How far does he go if he rolls through Punk and drops the strap to Rock? Is he still viable to beat Cena immediately post Mania?
  13. I want Heyman to finally get his Elimination Chamber booking from way back when he wanted Punk to tap out Big Show. Brock has to defend in the EC and starts the match with Joe. Brock shoots, Joe blocks and snaps on the Clutch. Brock fights it but passes out before anyone else enters the match. Other 4 would be Rollins, Mysterio, Ricochet & McIntyre.
  14. You guys remember when Kofi lost the WWE title in 7 seconds to Brock because Fox wanted that "legitimate athlete" focus for Smackdown? And then Brock immediately jumped to Raw. Good times...
  15. Babatunde. He kills Brock dead and takes over the AOP stable. Seth moves into mid card whiny heel role who mouths off and cuts the in ring promos for the group. Baba and AOP only speak in pre cut packages.
  16. I think we are seeing UE morph into faces and that the OC are showing up to help Balor win. I've felt this was coming ever since Balor showed up on NXT. We then get OC v UE super insidery/shoot/work/woot/shork promos and matches through until Takeover: Mania
  17. So a clip of Taker's interview with Austin popped up on YouTube... Can we talk about the face they have photoshopped on him please? Jump to 2:15 in this clip (i have no idea how to post an image) -
  18. This is what kind of I wanted when The Fiend crushed Balor. Build to a re-match where Balor comes out as the Demon but Bray Wyatt walks down the ramp, trying to apologize and make good. Demon crushes Wyatt. Then we get a long build up to the Demon v Fiend at Mania.
  19. Would they ever induct The Brood? Edge could get in 3 times that way. Undertaker gets is as The Deadman, The American Badass and part of the Brothers of Destruction. Bray Wyatt could potentially get in as Wyatt, the Fiend and part of The Wyatt Family. I still say that Foley should have been allowed to give 4 speeches and that Cactus, Dude, Mankind and Foley himself needed to go in.
  20. Dominic should use it while he keeps developing. The betrayal when he loses to Rey in a Mask v Mask match would be fantastic.
  21. Corbin was perfect in NXT going toe-to-toe with the new "Indy darling" and telling them to get in line or go back to ROH. He needed another 18-24 months of working down there before coming up as the Nash to Miz/Ziggler's midcard HBK. It doesn't help that the roster is so bloated with talent that guys like Drew Mc are floating around aimlessly or Ciampa refuses to work Raw/SD. I've said for a few years now that if I was an "Indy" guy then I would sign for a couple of years of NXT only, pump up my own brand, & then head back into the world with and extra 50% on my booking fee. That or take up a trainer role at the PC because unless Vince & Hunter sit down with a month by month breakdown of the story they have for me leading up to a big Mania match (with eclverything in sitting and under my own creative control) then I'm just not interested.
  22. Moxley didn't need to be having death matches in WWE. They just needed to let him off the chain a little in terms of his predictability. Dean Ambrose could be doing all sorts of stuff that breaks from the WWE 'norm' without going full blown deathmatch in the ring. Look at how over Reigns and Strowman were when they would just beat the piss out of each other and crash cars and try to murder each other in ambulances and garbage trucks. Ambrose randomly attacking a heel in the middle of what looks like is going to be another 20 minute promo would get a pop. Have him just walk into someone's backstage interview. He doesn't do anything. He's just there, getting in someone's head. "Breaking news! WWE Network Exclusive: Dean Ambrose has attacked Samoa Joe on the set of WWE Backstage, just moments before the show was set to air" it can be done. They are just too boring/stubborn to change.
  23. Cody is very good, but Jon Moxley should have been a massive superstar face for WWE and they booked him into oblivion. If there was one guy I had to hold up as an example of being handicapped by WWE booking it's him.
  24. SO do we get The Bar back together? If Bryan wants to shave his head he could at least put it on the line. Hair v mask with The Fiend would be perfectly fine.
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