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  1. I'd like Swerve to say "Hey, let's have a match, get it out of your system Keith, and then we move back into climbing the tag ranks again." Then they cut a promo and change the name of the team to the INFINITELY better: Strick-Lee Business* They can start back at the bottom and build back up for a title match towards the end of the year, hopefully against "All the Titles" FTR. *Bizniss? Biznitch? I'm not down on the cool kid lingo right now...
  2. Really loved the show overall. Everyone was over AF. Eddie vs Suzuki... my goodness. Weird finish in the IWGP Title match. I rewatched the last couple of minutes a few times and couldn't see exactly where Cole got hurt. He seemed fine on the finishing sequence but bailed on taking the Rainmaker? I think White and Cole can play it off as having an agreement to keep the title in the Undisputed Bullet Elite Club and you can have Cole keep nagging for a shot because Jay "owes me one". Builds into the eventual BC v UE split. Happy for Mox too. I think his comeback, as great as it's been, has actually been undersold. Dude was on the path to self destruction and has now established himself as AEW's go to guy.
  3. I mean, he took a Con-chair-to from Christian. Also; Now that MJF is out we need Shawn Spears looking for a new boss to order him around, leading to a team up with Christian. The two of them smashing people with chairs until JB is healthy, leading to a Lights Out tag match between JE and Christian/Spears... yeah, that's the shit...
  4. Is Jay White in the G1? Do we have the groups? I'd have White & Tanahashi in the same group. They run the table before meeting in the last round where White wins. I have Okada pinning Cole in the 4 way for a title change so this would keep the "Jay White #1" story going, as well as feed into the "Jay's pissed/doesn't need Cole in the Club" angle. Then we get a do over of the Bucks kicking Cole out of the Club, but maybe this time reDRagon make the save? It's what I love about AEW: So mich story potential and rich history to acknowledge and build off, despite only being 3 years old.
  5. Get a defence in on Dynamite next week then he goes off and does the G1. Im sure an agreement can be made with NJPW that he's booked strongly for the majority and maybe slips on a banana peel and misses the final. Then straight back to the US for another Dynamite defence and a build to All In. Note: I think Mox is going to win BUT this could be the only chance you get to have an absolute legend like Tanahashi hold your title. I can absolutely see them bending over backwards to try and make it happen and build to the original dream match with Punk.
  6. Predictions - Ass-claimed win the Buy In. Bullet Club over DwA Claudio def ZSJ Thunder Rosa retains (although I would go crazy for a Storm upset!) FTR win it all, turning their sights to the Young Bucks for ALL THE TITLES!!! Jericho/Guevara/Suzuki cheat to win before BLOOD & GUTS Ospreay retains Miro wins the AA Title, pinning Pac. Okada wins the IWGP Title, pinning Cole, pissing off Jay White and starting the Club/Era implosion. Tanahashi becomes the Interim AEW Champion. On the surface Moxley feels like an obvious winner but I think that TK would love to have Tanahashi's name in the lineage of the AEW Title. If Punk can get even half healthy by September for All Out (in CHICAGO) then that's where you unify the belts. Worst case that's where Tanahashi drops it to Hangman to set up the rematch with Punk where the question will be asked "Will Hangman cheat this time?" If you can't get Tanahashi to defend the belt in the US twice between now and September then you send someone to Japan to beat him and bring it back.
  7. It's crazy that this card is looking like it will be smaller than a typical AEW show. You have twice the roster but only book 2/3 the number of matches? There's got to be a way to get some sort of Andrade/Naito interaction, even if it's not in the ring. Throw on a big NJPW style tag match - Young Bucks + Good Bros + KOR vs Sting/Darby + GoD + Matt Hardy Give Danielson the match with ZSJ if he's even half fit. They could have a very fun 10-12 minutes of straight up grappling/submission wrestling without the need for head drops or anything crazy dangerous. I assume we get a 3 way for the IWGP Title with Cole and Hangman. There's room to fill it out surely?
  8. He was a guilty pleasure because all of my casual wrestling fan friends loved watching him just destroy people with the Clothesline from Hell. JBL v Eddie (with THAT blade job) might be the most talked about match of that whole era in my circle.
  9. Against the grain the the initial brand split was really cool when I was a teenager. The "Smackdown 6" was fucking amazing. Seeing guys like RVD and JBL (my guilty pleasure guy) get a shot on top, watching the evolution of... Evolution. The beginning of the start of the genesis of WWE's homegrown GOAT - John Cena I know a lot of people hated it at the time but I loved how different RAW and SD felt back then and the variety of matches and stories we got. RAW was this Vince and Co were throwing a lot of shit at the wall and, as bad as some of it was, it was entertaining. Modern WWE wishes it was that much fun.
  10. I saw Adam from Parts Funknown with a fantasy booking of Xavier Woods dethroning Roman and, you know what, I'm here for it. It would cap off a great story for the New Day all becoming world champions and it elevates Woods into the upper midcard/main event for a while. Even if it's a transitional run for a couple of months before dropping the belt to Rollins (who faces Rumble Winner Cody at Mania) it would still be meaningful.
  11. Who could actually be properly built up into a contender with the MITB case? Riddle? WALTER? Balor? I feel like Reigns will lose the title before Mania. Reigns v Rock can main event night 1 without the belt. Rollins being champion and Cody winning the Rumble would be big. How do we get the title on Rollins? Does he use the MITB case again? I feel like Reigns' run needs a better ending than a cash in. It should be someone that elevates themselves from midcard to main event by beating him. The hard part is who?
  12. Nah I'm with you @piranesi The second you go public is the second you are reduced to nothing more than a number. It's taken a while because the public perception among the financial 'elite' was "Ew, rasslin!" but that's dissipated over time as the numbers kept going up. Now that we live in a world where volume of content from a recognisable brand is more important than the quality of that content, a borderline monopoly like WWE becomes very enticing. See Disney Star Wars and Marvel Phase 4 for more evidence of this standard.
  13. Said it before, I'll say it again - If Sasha is coming to AEW then she should be the ACE of their Women's tag division. Not fussed about who her partner is (Ford, Athena, Statlander?) but she should be half of the inaugural champs and also have the longest/most reigns.
  14. Not a fan of ANOTHER midcard title coming in when they haven't been able to book the TNT title properly. Women's Tag and Men's Trios titles were needed well before this. I assume KOR got the W to face Mox because it was always a dead end. KOR has enough in ring and backstage rep to get people worried he might win but it was always gonna be Mox I guess. I kind of hope Tanahashi wins the title but I think they will just plug Mox into Punk's spot and keep moving forward. In ring AEW is still phenomenal but I can't help feeling that the scale of booking is getting out of hand for Tony. He needs a team and this is where Cody would have been so critical IMO. TK could have kept his eye on the World and Tag pictures and just let Cody go with the undercard every week. Maybe someone like Regal steps into that role now? Either way, there are a couple of cracks appearing. Nothing alarming but Khan needs to accept help to make sure everything is on point.
  15. takemymoney.gif As for the Battle Royal - Give me Miro all day long. Then he beats Mox. Then he beats Tanahashi. Give him the monster heel run where he just MDKs people on a regular basis. Even go so far as to make him a 'fighting' champion who defends the title on TV regularly against the guys with alot of wins - Martin, Scorpio, Joe. Even people like Brodie King and KOR who have randomly good records. Then you have Punks return built around "Is he fit?" and the unification match is a classic monster heel vs plucky veteran face.
  16. Jade Cargill - Much like pro sports (football, basketball etc) there's something special about being there when a star is born. Watching her develop in front of our eyes has been an absolute joy. She's not perfect by any stretch but damn, I love seeing the evolution of her work week after week. Buddy Matthews/PAC - Hard to split these guys. I think PAC might be slightly better but I have a very soft spot for Buddy having trained with him at PCW in Melbourne way back when. These guys are just insane with their timing and execution in the ring. Everything looks like it hurts, there's a 'snap' to their work. Awesome. Ricky Starks - What a revelation this guy has been! You want a high flying, spot hitting, arrogant heel who knows he can back it up? This is your guy. Outta the way Sammy Guevara!! He talks the talk and then (rope)walks the (rope)walk. Push this man. Rex Steiner - I loathe his name & I'm not a fan of WWE story telling right now, but in a vacuum, watching a young dude like this just go full hoss on people is so much fun. Seems the heir apparent in WWE but we will see what the main roster 'creative' has in store.
  17. "Last champ" rules ala Street Fighter back in the arcade. If the reigning champ isn't there, the most recent champ takes over. Hangman should come out and declare himself champion again. "I told you he'd do something like this! He wins a world title then runs away before he has to defend it!"
  18. So the winner of the Battle Royal faces Moxley at Forbidden Door? Tanahashi would be fun. And it'd help build him up for the match with people who might not have seen him before. Danielson v Mox, with Regal on commentary. Interesting. Would it cause BCC issues to have one of them as World Champ? It's too soon for Wardlow. Why not go turbo charged with Miro and give him the strap? Just make him your invincible ace until Wardlow is ready or Punk is healthy.
  19. Having blasted through the Warrior arc on OSW I would be honored to take the role of "Mr 1998" Horace Hogan. What a wild time for wrestling haha
  20. Ricky Starks & Jade Cargill are my two favorite people in AEW.
  21. On Topic: I stand by my call that the TBS title, TNT 6 person, DT v HoB & Darby v KOR matches did not need to be on this show. These could have main-evented the next 2 weeks of TV and everyone would have been much better off.
  22. No way Vince gives up Truth. That guy has a job for life as long as he can make Vince laugh.
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