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  1. He's pretty lacking in the charisma department too. Kalisto was cool until I watched LU and realized he was a poor man's Fenix. I know Vince thinks he can take any masked Mexican guy and turn him into the next Rey, but Kalisto always had a midcard/tag champ ceiling at best.
  2. I think Vince has been going through the early stages of dementia for the last few years, in addition to all the problems he had before.
  3. Billie and Peyton's "oh you" pointing/giggling pose was one of the worst examples of whatever producer tells NXT talent "And make you sure you do *this*... A LOT." It might be the most forced and egregious instance since Becky's Irish jig.
  4. NXT

    What's the status of No Way Jose?
  5. I'm kind of curious about Lana's new gimmick. I'm not crazy about Jinder, but his win was pretty surprising and I'm glad they're trying something different.
  6. I don't think combining Seven and Legacy is the recipe for a successful gimmick.
  7. HHH just had a cut on his forehead after being dropped 20 feet inside a car, more proof that wrestlers were tougher back in the day and the kids now are soft.
  8. I hope they can rehab Primo and Epico myself. They have that "last generation/nepotism" stink on them, but they can work the modern WWE tag style pretty well. If a series with American Alpha can't raise their stock, it's time to cut them loose. Is there going to be a new team that steps up to the Usos, or are the SD tag titles just going back on the shelf for a couple months?
  9. NXT

    I hope the new theme doesn't mean Alex Riley is coming back.
  10. This, with Jinder and Heath trading places.
  11. Wins and catchphrase, but mostly the wins. He's a great underdog that's always going full steam ahead no matter how much he's getting his ass kicked. He's been killing it whenever he gets the slightest opportunity, so hopefully he gets more to work with soon. That match with Drew is one of WWE's best this year. Speaking of Drew, he's Exhibit A for why we still need the indies. His confidence and execution is a night and day from his last WWE run. I have a feeling he'll live up to WWE's expectations this time around. Sweet send-off for Nakamura too, especially with Finn dropping by. It's good to see guys who deserve it get moments like that.
  12. If the House of Horrors turned out to be the Ready to Rumble/WCW 2000 triple cage, I'd actually want to see the match.
  13. They could've pulled the trigger on Sasha/Bayley for a main event, but I'm sure the people of San Jose (and the rest of the world) will be happy with a Wyatt/Orton PG death match. Also I think Mickie is a more likely opponent for Alexa, and Rollins vs. Joe is a lock.
  14. You will review this match: And this one if I can get 2: