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  1. Angle had a fairly long undefeated streak starting with his debut, and he won the Euro, IC, KOTR, and WWE title in his first year lol. I guess you could say he paid his dues with his grueling Olympic training which netted him the gold medal that was the crux of his hype/push.
  2. I think that they were just sitting on the plane as if it were delayed for mechanical reasons, while all the political stuff happened out of sight. It wasn't like a bunch of masked guys with AKs jumped on the plane or anything.
  3. Ricky Starks' super cheesy vignette followed by him walking out and bragging about making it himself while Taz kissed his ass was some great heeling.
  4. Definitely agree with that. The Indi segments were something you'd expect from WWE in like 2002. Of course, there are also APA and Chris Nowinski tribute acts on the show, so maybe that's what they're going for. The women's tag was pretty surprisingly great, though. Reminded me of good 2014 NXT when they'd have the new people work a tv epic structure with a lot of pre-planned spots, but it came across really well and hid the weaknesses of the greener wrestlers. Zoey has actual star potential. I think Toxic Attraction should've probably won here because I don't think they've actually done an "all the gold" gimmick with a women's stable. I think they could pull it off if they stay away from the pervy camera work and random guys drooling over them and do more beatdowns like they did on Raquel. Less ass shots, more ass kicking.
  5. Jorge Masvidal definitely fits the part of pro wrestling heel. Plus he threw a nice running knee. Arlovski and JDS don't have much beyond "looking intimidating while standing still" going for them in the pro wrestling context. Homicide debut was interesting. I loved him back in the day, but I haven't seen him wrestle in over 10 years. Is he washed or still decent?
  6. So, like the ring ropes just broke? There wasn't a spot earlier in the match where somebody was loosening the turnbuckle for something else and got cut off?
  7. The Flair/Cena comments are shitty because there's no way there weren't 10+ guys on the roster who were easily worse than Kanyon at any point he was in WWE. Like we all saw Kanyon's career in WCW and Invasion era WWE. He wasn't prime Flair or Cena, but the dude was a solid midcarder who always found ways to get over and stand out to the point even lapsed fans can still point out fond memories of him. Those two acting like he was Joe Gomez or somebody who couldn't hack it in a time when Sylvain Grenier and Kenzo Suzuki held gold is so fucking disingenuous and disrespectful. It'd be nice if maybe someone from WWE took some ownership for why maybe someone wouldn't want to come out in that environment, not that it would be the guy whose rise to fame started with an endless string of rhyming homophobic jokes.
  8. So other than the camera cuts every 3 seconds during matches, the worst production aspect of this show was constantly running unrelated wrestler vignettes during someone else's entrance. We get it, there's a lot of new characters you want to establish, maybe space it out over a few weeks? I thought Toxic Attraction looked cool last week, but man did their segment this week put a damper on that. The obvious Vince influenced prolonged stare from Melo, Barrett doing Lawler commentary, Mandy doing the most generic heel promo ever and using "I won't let you fuck me" for heat in 2021, Gigi trying to be Paige but with random twitching, all 3 having disjointed promos that don't lend any real insight to their characters. Just awful. Honestly, I can't see myself keeping up with this show for much longer.
  9. I really think they just shouldn't have run Bryan/Kenny on this show. It was a great match even with the obvious time limit draw finish (REGAL-PLEX), but there's no way they wouldn't have had just as much of a rating and just as hot of a crowd by just adding these two to the Cole/Bucks vs. JE/Christian match. On top of that, you could have Bryan pin one of the Bucks and everyone's happy.
  10. Don't forget Austin, known woman beater. Most of these guys are still collecting checks from WWE.
  11. Johnny Gargano in the indies was literally the guy Vince and his ilk imagined when they sneer about "the indies." Other than perhaps Eddie Edwards, there isn't anyone that better encapsulated the 2000s indy stereotype. That's not to say he was bad, he was just the epitome of a certain look and style, and your opinion of him will be entirely dependent on if you like that style. I remember seeing him and McIntyre have a killer match on WM 31 weekend in San Jose. I don't think his NXT work was substantially different than his indy work, up until The Way obviously. It really feels like he's gotten to do all the epics he wanted, and is embracing his new role in and out of the ring. Oh, and Rampage was good again. They really need to move it to its own taping with Dark/Elevation etc as the extra filler for the live crowd. The content is good, but you can feel the crowd is drained in parts. I liked Ricky Starks on commentary. Using the 4th announcer spot to give guys like him that don't have a big angle at the moment some exposure is a good use of it.
  12. Dolph Ziggler is still the all-time bad WWE name, he's just been around long enough and fairly successful so people ignore it now. Bron Breakker, Oney Lorcan, and Husky Harris lead the NXT-style names. Dean Ambrose is one that gets forgiven more because of the guy's talent. Going back to the mid 2000s you had some awful "brother" tag teams like Doug and Danny Basham and James and Chad Dick.
  13. WWE seems to like cutesy nods to second-gen heritage without directly saying it, so I'd expect something like Randal Cast.
  14. Other than the vintage Kevin Dunn camera work and main roster booking trends (LA Knight randomly taking and losing another match the night of a title fight treated like no big deal, the tag turning into a 6 person after a commercial), the show was decent enough reset. InDex was the most wholesome wrestling wedding since Savage/Liz and a great conclusion to that angle. I would've preferred Dunne as champ, but Ciampa will certainly pull off the "old guard vet fighting off the youngsters" more capably than Joe could at this point in his career. Mandy's new faction is cool, whatever the hell the gimmick is supposed to be. Some of the new people looked promising. Bron, Trick Williams, Creed Brothers. B-Fab's match was rough, and the promo afterwards wasn't much better.
  15. Adam Cole vs. Frankie Kazarian is one of the least interesting sounding matches for Cole's AEW debut, but it sounds 1000x more interesting than Orton vs. Lashley. At least the former only has one guy that was getting a national tv push in 2006.
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