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  1. SummerSlam XXX

    Yeah Jinder's run is noticeably worse than JBL's, which was a pretty big flop at the time. Looking back, at least JBL had some decent brawls that are ok to watch out of context. I doubt anyone will look back at any of Jinder's run and be like "That wasn't as bad as I remembered."
  2. SummerSlam XXX

    Probably Corbin just because he had farther to fall. They retconned his MITB worse than Sandow. Rusev was off tv for months then brought back explicitly to job to Cena and Orton. There was never any illusion that he was getting pushed.
  3. 2017 Matches of the Year

    Almas/Gargano is the real sleeper from the weekend. If the Summer Slam main event's second half was as good as the first half, it'd be running away with MOTY right now, though.
  4. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    So I think it's safe to say NXT is officially back. That Takeover was second only to R-Evolution in my book. Almas/Gargano was great opener with lots of heat, and finally gave Almas a signature win. Really liked the back and forth struggle sequence for the corner knees, and it made the kick out mean something. The DIY shirt distraction was pretty ok as far as distraction finishes go. Surprised the announcers didn't make a bigger deal out of it, although as others have said, the announcing was trash all show. Sanity's face turn was unexpected but cool. Great use of all 4 members, and it seems like the crowds have been wanting to cheer for Nikki at least. Wolfe showed more here than he has in his entire NXT run to this point. The ReDragon reunion was a nice surprise at the end. Itami/Black was good as expected. Itami not going over was the only real booking head-scratcher of the night. Seems like he's in a big hole now, even though his work the last month has been top-notch. Black's been great too, though, so it's tough to say he doesn't deserve it. So glad they're invested in Asuka's streak now. There is a legit main event match with Sasha down the road if they keep it in tact. Let Asuka leave NXT with her head high, and hit the reset button on the women's division. The main event was ok, but the important thing is Drew is champ now. He's an ace that works for NXT. Then they took the ReDragon reunion one step further and added Adam Cole for a real holy-shit ending. This felt like a direction-changing show for NXT, and a proper culmination for what they've been building the last month or so. They had a bit of a down year between Brooklyn 2 and 3, but they're back (bay-bay).
  5. SummerSlam XXX

    Thought this was a pretty decent show overall. I mean, yeah, there was plenty of usual WWE blah-ness to go around, but we got a lot of good things too and the crowd was great. The whatever pile: The empty arena 6-man Tozawa's one-week title run Corbin and Rusev getting buried Enzo continuing his all-time burial amidst Show/Cass Nattie winning KO/AJ being overbooked and Shane looking like an idiot as ref Jinder/Nak (I know there's something to be said for Nak winning the Rumble and what not, but I'm a firm believer in strike while iron's hot, and god damn... Did you hear the heat disparity between those entrances?) The great pile Sasha getting a ppv title win and getting another solid match out of Alexa. Also had a super smart finish that the announcers didn't put over with Sasha locking in the Bank Statement by grabbing her wristband instead of using her injured arm she couldn't grip with. The stage is set for a Bayley turn especially with Sasha competing and winning with a "shoulder injury." Usos/New Day killing it on the pre-show Raw tag title match being good (plus Cesaro's epic beach ball destruction) The first half of the main event. Motivated Brock is still one of the best in the game, and Braun had a star-making performance. Brock retaining is a bit of a shock. I wonder when his next program (hopefully Braun) will be.

    Both semi-final matches were pretty decent despite the screwiness. I'm really looking forward to Mil/Cage and I'm way more excited about Pentagon/Puma next week than Mundo/Rey.
  7. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    I know I shouldn't get excited, but there's a non-zero chance Shinsuke Nakamura is leaving Summer Slam as WWE champion. They probably could've handled it better, but Corbin with the case was a dark cloud over Smackdown, much like when Sheamus held the case a couple years ago. It was for the best that they got rid of it.

    Because it was a predictable cliche that felt out of place in LU. Like I can buy bringing your family to the Sportatorium where everything is presented as athletic competition on the up and up, and heel attacking them would violate the norms. The Temple is presented as a questionably-legal underground fight club where bystanders are constantly in danger. Not to mention Rey is supposed to be the wise old master who knows what everyone is capable of on this show. He won't let Dragon Azteca Jr mix it up with Matanza or slightly-unhinged Puma, but he's gonna let his wife and kid sit ringside with Worldwide Underground around? It's certainly less sleazy to use Dominic now that he's 20 (unlike forcing him into that stupid angle with Eddie when he was 8), but the whole thing was obvious from the moment they showed him and made Rey look like an idiot.

    So, that Mil/Crane match was a nice surprise. Mil in terminator mode against someone fighting for their life is a formula that always seems to work. Also good to see them picking up that "wars to come" story. Segments like Catrina/Vasquez and Dario meets his new handler are what drive the company. More of that, and less of Rey using his kids for old school wrasslin heat please.

    Even though I'm still not crazy about Bobby Roode on top, NXT has quietly gotten really good again after a slow first half of the year. The main title picture is almost completely rebuilt with McIntyre, Black, Ohno, Strong, and heel Itami. Fish and KOR are going to add even more depth, and god willing, Almas might actually be getting a real push. There's some silver lining with the women's division again with Kairi and Baszler coming in, plus Sonya Deville has been a pleasant surprise. The tag division is the only one still kind of lacking, but they could probably spare ReDragon under a new name right now if they really want to, plus a potential Lorcan/Burch pairing. I like Montez Ford, so hopefully the Street Profits work out.
  11. NXT AUGUST 9, 2017 TV SHOW

    Good opening segment that made Sanity look dangerous for the first time in a while. I don't know if Ellering can bump at all, but I feel like there was missed opportunity to not do something to him that would've put the beatdown over the top. The zip tie was a good idea and makes a lot more sense than just having handcuffs laying around. I'm not really sure about the Street Profits gimmick, especially with Nigel's really cringey line to Percy that was something like "they're your team." Doesn't give me much confidence that the writers have much more for them than Cryme Tyme version 2. That said, Montez Ford looked really good here, and they got a decent reaction, so hopefully they work some stuff out. Burch/Lorcan continues to be a good series. Loved the finishing sequence where they showed some real struggle over the boston crab and ended with a nice tight pinning combo. Redoing the Cesaro/Sheamus angle with them is the obvious right play, but no BS draw in their last match please. McIntyre/Roode feels like a big deal even though I'm not the biggest Bobby Roode fan. Strong felt really out of place here, especially as a supposed babyface. Just came across as a whiny loser. Regal looked like a dope with no control giving into their nonsensical booking plans. He should've just made Roddy fight Ohno for the #1 contender spot at Takeover to get Ohno on the card. I was surprised but pleased how decisively Almas beat Jose. Vega turning him around and working him into a Takeover title match would be a nice story arc, and Almas has the talent for it. Hopefully they'll let him beat Johnny clean at Brooklyn and we'll know they're serious.
  12. Enzo is quietly moving his way up the "all time burial" list. He gets squashed in every match with Cass, and even when Show helps him, Enzo still gets booted unconscious every week. It's different than the usual WWE MO of making guys looks bad with horrible one-time gimmick matches or stale, out-of-touch writing. They're really going out of their way to make Enzo look like shit.
  13. Akiyama was so much better off when he figured out he was a surly vet with a chip on his shoulder instead of a blue-chipper babyface or stoic Misawa-wannabe ace. I mean he was always really good, but the character tweak made him feel like a real top guy, not just a second-tier guy getting a push. There was one match with him and Tenryu against GoBashi from 2005 that I loved so much.
  14. Raw Is Bayley Booed in Bizarroland - 8/7/2017

    The good thing for Sasha is she seems to have that type of "can't hold me down" talent. She hasn't gotten a consistent push in 2 years, but her reactions are still solid (and very strong relative to the rest of the division) and she still delivers the best matches when given opportunities. You can't kill the Sasha The Sasha will live on Charlotte tried to kill the Sasha But she failed, and she was sent to Smackdown Bayley tried to kill the Sasha But she failed, and her reactions were stricken down

    I'd say Fox has pretty clearly been booked like the heel. He started the feud with the old "fake hug/sneak attack" then distracted Killshot in his first round Cueto Cup match. People are just cheering him because he's been tearing it up in the ring. It's a smaller scale version of the Pentagon reactions in S1.