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  1. Another good Collision this week. I love the pivot to experimenting with HOB as faces. It'll be an easy transition in-ring as all 3 can do a killer hot tag. They'll need to tweak the gimmick a little, but it shouldn't be too hard to go less Ministry, more Brothers of Destruction. Feuding with BCG and the Patriarchy is pretty inspired booking. With the Bucks putting the tag titles in deep freeze, it's nice to see renewed focus on the trios division. Deonna and Thunder had a nice garbage match. The table-run dropkick might have been Rosa's best executed high spot ever. Perfect video package/opening song material. Hoping Lio Rush doesn't flake out this go around. He's such a great fit on the AEW roster. If Ogogo isn't gonna do anything but manage, following through on the tease last week of Andretti turning to join STP and keeping Lio in Top Flight would be a good idea.
  2. Oof, speaking of things that would've been way better in 2005. I mean I'm glad WWE is open to working with other promotions finally, but this seems like a rare instance of them desperately playing catch-up to AEW. Good for NOAH, though, getting someone of AJ's status working for them in 2024.
  3. Austin too, even if it wasn't mostly his choice. Still got to go out with a great match putting over his arch rival on a big stage. Even his "one more match" 20-ish years later was a well done generational cross-over.
  4. Who wants to see 60 year old Billy Gunn control 90% of the match against Okada before losing cheaply?
  5. Swerve is a lock. Kenny is pretty close to a lock I would think. I assume the timing of the match was dependent on him being good to go. You could add Hangman, but I think he's a better fit on the Elite. You can even have him join reluctantly with his hatred of Swerve winning out, only to be left high and dry in the match and starting a face turn that way. I think the Acclaimed (just Max and Anthony) getting a shot in a match like this would be a good idea in the absence of FTR. They're AEW originals who could use a big match win without taking any titles. Then you always have Bryan and/or Mox who are always acceptable for these kind of things.
  6. Did Vince McMahon write Pac's promo? You could've hit WWE lingo bingo in under a minute. Swerve/Ospreay is getting some nice build, though. Simple and effective. Will hesitating on the TD91 on his "friend" only for Swerve to dust off the JML Driver on him soon after would be a great story and back up Swerve's great character work with a big win. Plus you probably want Swerve holding the belt as he leads the AEW A-team to end the Elite's reign of terror. The Jericho promo was hilarious. Has any heel ever gotten heat by going after Iowa's corn industry? Just when it looked like Hook was starting to flounder, AEW strikes gold teaming him with Joe and Shibata. I'd love to see the group go after BCC or HOB after they settle the business with The Learning Tree.
  7. I only want AEW to sign Ricochet if they're actually gonna push him. I'd like to see a real program with him and Swerve for the title, but I'm not sure AEW needs another guy to just lose 12 minute matches on Dynamite or Collision every 2-3 weeks.
  8. I kinda feel like the TD91 thing should bite him against Swerve at Forbidden Door if they're gonna follow up on that as an angle. You can't have him beat Swerve giving less than 100%, then all of a sudden he needs higher quality stuff to beat other guys.
  9. If they were looking for a way to bring Ricky back, having Bill trying to convert him to LearningTree-ism, would be a good angle. Give Ricky one more go as a fiery babyface under Joe's school of hard knocks. Unfortunately, it's more likely to involve Sammy Guevara.
  10. Yeah, but that's a totally separate issue than "What does KOR bring to the table?" Everyone knows there's too many belts and too many foregone conclusion matches that are presented as "not foregone conclusion matches" every (non-ppv) show in AEW. It's a totally valid criticism of TK's overall booking philosophy, but within that paradigm, KOR is a pretty good cog.
  11. I mean, if you watched the match with Ospreay and can't see what KOR brings to the table I don't know what to tell you. He's really good between the ropes. Unique striking offense and quick submissions, great timing, great mind for creative sequences utilizing his and his opponents' moves, etc. Yeah, he doesn't have the charisma of a top guy, but that's why he's putting over Ospreay not the other way around. He's an ideal midcarder for AEW who's always gonna give you a good match, can probably find tag chemistry with any number of people, and would be a solid secondary belt holder if they wanted. They aren't "wasting time" trying to get him to the next level, they're using him as they should making their tippy top guys look like tough bastards for beating him and giving the fans good back and forth matches.
  12. How could you forget the Spirit Squad??? Great episode of collision, though. COA quick squash was fun. Killswitch randomly destroying the Iron Savages. Thunder, STP, and Garcia/Shibata semi-competitive matches all seemed above the AEW average. I think it helps when the opponents aren't regulars on TV so they go a little harder. Claudio/Johnny was a more high-effort than I expected as well. Lio/Roddy and Ospreay/KOR were both really good. Lio is great at balancing quick offense that keeps a higher-ranked opponent off balance while still bumping like a madman and making the opponents moves look like death. KOR/Ospreay seemed to go past standard AEW TV level and into AEW ppv opener level. Generally speaking, it would probably help AEW's ppvs a lot if they did more matches like this on TV and kept the ppvs at 3 hours or a little over. Swerve and Ospreay are gonna come up with some absolutely insane shit for their match and I can't wait. No way Will loses his "steals the show at FD" streak this year.
  13. I don't like AEW shying away from Mercedes going full heel, but I dig that she's getting a Cena reaction because of it. Just let her do her thing and don't worry how the crowd reacts as long as they're hot. I'll agree the Money Maker needs to go, though. I think Julia has been the only one to take it well. Her meteora always looks great and she can hit it from a variety of angles, so why not use that? Stat turning heel was immediately justified by her cutting her first good promo. She's always been a beast in the ring, but her mic work never matched up. Having Stokeley there to fill in the gaps helps, but she delivered all her lines well and came across like top woman. Good call back with Beretta too where they overlap a couple stories going in different directions. I'm not crazy about the introduction of another on-screen authority figure, but Daniels as the 97 JJ Dillon is way better than TK himself. Main event was good stuff, just pure AEW. Great variety of wrestlers delivering 25 minutes of fast-paced action. Hechicero's mini-run was awesome and the finish was exciting but not overdone. Swerve/Ospreay is one of the big bullets AEW has right now, but I assume they want MJF front and center at All In. MJF/Ospreay seems like the no-brainer, but I'm intrigued by Swerve/MJF and Okada/Ospreay to merge the secondary belts. Really couldn't go wrong with any combo of those 4, and it's possible Kenny and Hangman are back in the mix by then too.
  14. Jericho doing what I assume is a talk show segment literally named "TV Time" could be fun if they keep it under 5 minutes. Hopefully the first guest is Bryan Keith, because Jericho vortex or not, I'm glad he finally has something to do. The Gauntlet and Mercedes promo seem ripe for surprises, so hopefully there's some good sports entertainment on this show.
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