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    Thought the finale was decent overall, although that's a super shitty cliff hanger if they never get around to S4. The triple threat was a fun garbage match and Puma/Mundo was one of the better matches of the season I thought. I really liked how they used their parkour early as a simple way to make them look like the two top guys in the company after all the craziness in the other matches. It felt like a big deal while playing it mostly straight, except for the Rick Knox dive which was so pro-wrestling silly, it was impossible not to love. The bad parts were Dario as the cliche heel authority figure being all over the show, and the repetitive post-match shenanigans. They should've re-ordered the airing of some the matches. The Pentagon cash-in was particularly uninspired and felt like it dragged more than added to the show after the Puma/Mundo match. The ending montage was great as usual. It was good to see Daga and Cuerno back this season after all. Didn't expect Pindar and certainly Dario added to LU body count. They seriously at least better have one the writers go on record with the ideas they had for future seasons if they never come to pass.
  2. Raw is Glenn Jacobs for Mayor - 10/16/2017

    The Kane return was surprising, but I still have no desire to watch Kane wrestle in 2017. It does add an element of interest to the match of whether or not anyone will help the Shield. Maybe a returning Samoa Joe or the Authors of Pain who are already dressed for the occasion.

    Wait... 3 teams enter? Haven't read spoilers, but memories of the dreadful 98 War Games gives me pause. One great thing that I'm still looking forward to, though, is the other matches doing spots using both rings.
  4. Jeff Jarrett isn't good as a top guy, but he didn't feel out of place as a top guy in the context of 2000 WCW. Jinder would feel out of place as US champ right now. I guess the easy to way to compare the two is asking which was a bigger travesty? AJ Styles being put on the back burner for Jarrett in 05 or AJ Styles being put on the back burner for Jinder Mahal in 17?
  5. [NXT] October 11, 2017 TV SHOW

    Almas/Gargano was really good again. Lots of nice little counters to stuff that happened in the last match, Gargano adding more arm work to set up the Gargano Escape, and the vicious finish with Gargano selling it well.
  6. It also helped to have elite talent like Rey, Eddie, and Jericho anchoring the division during its peak years. There are some pretty good wrestlers in WWE's division now, but no one approaching the talent and charisma combo of those guys. The biggest thing, though, is that the CW title never main events big shows and the cumulative effect of the "lower on the card = less important" thought process ingrained in wrestling fans. UFC weight classes work because each title main events big shows on a rotating basis, so someone like Demetrious Johnson is a big deal in a way Neville could never be in WWE.
  7. Looks like Odessasteps got it, but Austin's walk out has to be the most obvious one. Of course it goes without saying that Neville is no Stone Cold, so he's probably done if that's the case. It's not that big of a deal, since he hit his ceiling as far as what WWE was likely to do with him. He was a big part of establishing NXT on the network, got a couple years of decent pay being a low carder/designated spot-fest guy, then even got to be the central figure of a new show (that failed for reasons unrelated to his performance). I can see why he thinks it's time to move on if he cares about the art more than the money.
  8. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    I think it's more of a "Vince doesn't know the world outside WWE exists" thing.
  9. The 96 one has the really good angle with Sting that led to his Crow gimmick.

    AOP is a great muscle tag team and there's quite a few main roster acts that could use them. I like the idea of them displacing the Miz-tourage after Bo and Curtis fail the Miz one too many times. Pairing them with Enzo would be hilarious, but they'd be wasted on 205. I wouldn't mind Heyman picking them up just for the chance of getting Brock/AOP vs. The Shield at Fast Lane to set up two potential Mania matches. The darkhorse pairing that I'm not sure about but would be an interesting gamble is putting them with Bray.

    The Shield reunion would be a lot better if WWE had a War Games style match or even if Raw had HIAC this year. There are a few separate feuds converging organically that feel like they warrant a big gimmick. Meanwhile, SD's HIAC show is the standard post 2009 "well we have to put something in the cell" kind of card. I guess they can get away with making it a TLC. Miz/Bar/Braun vs. Shield/Someone (Finn maybe?) would be a lot of fun and would be fitting since the Shield's first match was a TLC. Definitely agree that the Angle hype made Kalisto feel like a bigger letdown. That was a "Curtis Axel as the newest Paul Heyman guy" moment for sure.
  12. Happy Rusev Day!!! - SDL - 9/26/2017

    Unless they cash it in within the first month or so, yes.
  13. Raw is Worth Zero Dimes - 9/25/2017

    I really liked Enzo's heel turn. It was a nice contrast to the "shocking, emotional" over played turns that have all come in the wake of Jericho/Owens. Instead, he just took his annoying babyface persona, and slowly dialed it up over the course of the show until he was shitting on every babyface including the double-turned Neville. That was some really good character work, and honestly, was the most interesting thing the cruisers have done since the CWC. Everything else seemed like it was going into a major holding pattern.

    Someone on the internet made this...
  15. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Re-watched Brock/Braun and it was actually pretty good in a vacuum, about on par with Brock/Joe. The early stages were good with Brock not being able to use his power. They early running powerslam (even though it got kicked out of) was useful in establishing Brock not being able to hit the F5 early. This was the only match where the shoulder to the turnbuckle made sense, because Brock immediately followed with the kimura to gain the upper hand. Then it was just about Brock wearing down his uncharacteristically bigger opponent. Braun's selling was good here too. Should've done a little more for the finish to protect Braun, but overall it was a nice, tight story. In the context of Brock's title run putting a year-long freeze on anything meaningful happening on Raw, I can see why people would be underwhelmed, since Braun should be breaking out right now. Can't wait for Roman to kick out of the F5 to no pop at WM 34.