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  1. I don't know how Indi Hartwell fits in, but Johnny and Candace as Austin Theory's parents is pretty damn funny. The main event angle is lame, but the NXT midcard is on fire right now.
  2. This match is so fucking good. True MOTDC in an absolutely loaded decade where so much more wrestling had become widely available. Perfect chemistry between all 4 guys as the match smoothly drifts between "plucky upstarts trying to make a name on the big stage," "surly veterans battling for pride following their epic singles match," and the best parts: "surly vets getting irritated when the upstarts try to cut in on their time." Super hot crowd for a NOAH show too.
  3. Xia Li's new act is so awesome, very Lucha Underground like. She didn't interest me at all as a blue-chipper babyface, but she's got some fire as a super-powered heel. I hope there's more for the Kacy/Kayden team after Xia kills them, though. Maybe it's just the lime green attire, but they really remind me of a women's version of MSK. Feel like Escobar/Kross match went too long. Full on babyface Kross doesn't work, but this match does bode well for Escobar's prospects beyond CW champ. He didn't look out of place hanging with Kross, even with all the interference. I am disappointed wi
  4. Dolph's brother is a good jobber. I dug Moxley using the guillotine choke to set up the paradigm shift. Great transition to a move that doesn't usually look good when he tries to hit it quickly.
  5. Fun thought experiment: What if when Hogan went to WCW, he booked himself like Cody Rhodes in AEW?
  6. Depends if you count his post-invasion win against the Rock/Undisputed tournament win. Technically it's the same belt, but I think the company doing the booking is more important than the name of the belt for the spirit of this argument.
  7. More or less bizarre than reading Bix posts in an actual published book (the Benoit one)?
  8. Not in terms of size, but a lot of the ex-wrestler announcers (Ventura, Piper, Savage, Booker T, Wade Barrett to name a few) had enough size and/or presence that they wouldn't be pushed around by most of the active roster at their respective times. The most egregious example might be Coach, who played a dopey character, but was a legit big dude/athlete. He looked like an small dweeb next to Dwayne Johnson, but he towered over guys he feuded with like Lawler and Tajiri. Whoever said Wight should be used like late-career Andre was dead on. It'd be a hilarious full-circle for his career too.
  9. This is one of the better main roster ppvs lately since at least the in-ring action was good, even if the writing was shit. I really liked the SD chamber, probably the best one I've seen in 7 (?) years. The key was Baron Corbin being used appropriately and not overstaying his welcome. Jey Uso also played his part nicely, and his elimination of KO was vicious. Cesaro winning would've been slightly better, but nothing wrong with Bryan. There was something wrong with him getting squashed immediately after, though. Given how the show ended, I don't see how a competitive Bryan/Roman match with
  10. Same way your face doesn't get destroyed taking multiple bare-knuckle punches.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about Cole being in the title picture. The ending felt more like Cole vs. KoR with Roddy in the middle, and they've been planting seeds for Balor to face Kross. UE breaking up is also long overdue. I really like the way Finn has been working since he won the belt. He wrestles like a true ace and makes getting any offense on him look like a struggle. Night and day from his first run. Feels like the whole "demon" thing is completely unnecessary now.
  12. NXT is as good now as it's been for most of its existence, it's just that its niche as the "big budget Indy" doesn't look as good against AEW's big-time modern wrestling as it did when lame-ass Raw/SD were the only other games in town. I was pleasantly surprised they went all-in with GYV out-teamworking Thatcher/Ciampa in decisive fashion. Probably the only time a true midcard team has done that against two top singles stars in the last 25 years of WWE (at least without the singles guys turning on each other). Low-key one of the biggest swerves WWE has pulled off in a while. Also Gri
  13. Catching up on multiple weeks of NXT, I have to say how funny it was that Edge had to say that he would have shrugged off advice "10" years ago, so as not to sound too old, when 21 years would be far more accurate for his character. Like, dude, 10 years ago you were 3 months from retiring.
  14. Roman/KO would've been really great if the Pillmanizer actually took Jey out. Or use the apron powerbomb which has lost some effectiveness since its NXT use, but I think is still good enough to keep someone out for the remainder of a show. KO is exactly the guy Roman should be beating on his own at this point in his heel run. The work between them was great, though. That fisherman suplex into the chair looked like an SvR WWE2k glitch where your regular move hits a stray weapon and the opponent just kind of freezes before doing the max sell on a random body part. Despite my general lack of
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