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  1. I don't blame Dolph for mailing it in, but that doesn't make him any more watchable these days.
  2. HHH is the rare guy where everything went right in his life. He's a good wrestler and a good businessman, but he needed (and got) everything to break right for him to be literal owner of WWE when Vince finally goes. He got into the right company at the right time, made the right friends, married the right woman, and peaked along side two of the company's best draws for maximum exposure. One misstep (insert quad tear joke here) at any juncture, and he's anything from Bart Gunn to Pat Patterson, but he ain't no McMahon heir. And yes, I'm extremely jealous.
  3. Somehow that Marty/Mariposa segment wasn't the creepiest thing in LU history. Vampiro and Pentagon's dungeon porn is still worse, though I reserve the right to change that opinion if Marty raping Mariposa when they were kids becomes canon (please don't do that LU).
  4. With Bryan, I don't think there was anything about him never kissing a girl before, it was just more of a "these hot girls are way out of his league" thing. Guess he kinda broke kayfabe with that one.
  5. Enzo's gonna get squashed in their upcoming matches, but he'll always have work as a comedy midcarder. Cass has a tougher road ahead since he's gonna have that "Roman Reigns disease" (where the crowd can see that they had one of their favorite acts taken away so the guy who has the look Vince likes can be pushed solo), but is also worse than Roman Reigns in every single way. He also has to deal with being an angry big dude on the same show as Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, and Samoa Joe.
  6. I've never cringed so hard reading a wrestling rumor, and I read the entire sleaze thread.
  7. Yeah no kidding. I'm having a hard time thinking of a lamer, flatter, less emotional turn that was booked like huge moment than Cass.
  8. Missed opportunity to title this thread "The Bear Community?!?!?!" Who even cares about the Cass turn? Jericho and Owens they ain't.
  9. At least that would be honest about shitting on the division, instead of just stealth shitting on it while still talking about "making history" to all the PR outlets.
  10. The reaction to Nakamura gave me hope for the future (something I know I shouldn't have with WWE). That was like Daniel Bryan level, and the showdown with him and AJ made me feel like I was living in a dream world where WWE booked to the level of their talent and ppvs were must-see events. Then Baron Corbin woke me up to the real world where he won the men's MITB, James Ellsworth won the women's MITB, and Donald Trump was president.
  11. Benoit obviously wasn't a role model before hand, but there's still a pretty big gap between stealing someone's wife, being a JBL-level locker room bully, and killing your family. Will brain damage affect everyone with violent and self-destructive tendencies? No, but it's happened enough times now that there isn't any serious debate on whether or not it's a legit possibility. If people want to hate Benoit, that's fine. I don't feel compelled to defend his character, but he's dead, and the attitude that he was uniquely terrible seems dangerously close to "this could never happen again."
  12. This is ridiculous and completely ignorant of all the research and case studies of CTE in the last 10+ years. Do you really think all these lurking psychopaths congregating in activities rife with sub-concussive head trauma is just an amazing coincidence? A 25-year-old NFL player in good standing with the community and with no history of violence killed his girlfriend and himself no more than 5 minutes from my house. Hand-waving degenerative brain disease and putting the onus on the individual instead of admitting that it's a legitimate risk of the sport is the real cognitive dissonance.
  13. They were off camera, but it sounded like Tenay and Tazz were barely holding it together. AJ, Nigel, Storm, and Kaz are true pros, though. I still laugh watching that and I've seen that segment at least 20 times.
  14. Totally agreed, and my view on the situation has changed a lot over the last 10 years with all the new research on CTE. He may have had some sociopathic tendencies as many wrestlers do, but he wasn't plotting the murder of his family for years. That was brought about by physical changes to his brain due to his line of work, and trying to shift the blame entirely to the man himself is simply cognitive dissonance. The hardest Benoit matches to watch are the last couple years of his career where he has a permanent 1000 yard stare. He works his matches well through muscle memory, but he's so far gone in every other aspect. He needed help for a long time before this tragedy, and it sucks that this is what it took to wake everyone up to that fact.
  15. Really looking forward to Cage as the ultimate destroyer in LU. The best part is they don't even have to worry about even booking, because when they want to reset his character, all they have to do is take the glove off. That was an unexpected but quality conclusion to Lorenzo Lamas' character arc. Looking at the brackets, I can't wait for Dragon Azteca vs. Dante Fox. Crane/Killshot could be pretty good too. The obvious final four of Pentagon/Cage/Mil/Puma would be pretty cool, but I wouldn't mind seeing a bracket buster.