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  1. Cesaro's in his third WM pre-show multi-way tag title match this year. Now there's a WM record to be proud of.
  2. The Raw after WM 14 was one of the most paradigm-shifting shows WWE has ever done, but that was a "right place right time" kind of thing. The self-aware trend kicked off after 28, with the Daniel Bryan love fest. Also, on tonight's show, Seth cut a good face promo and Roman cut a good heel promo. That was surprising. Also, the women had their most effortlessly good match on the main roster which was nice to see. Took me back to 2015 NXT.
  3. Ok, what did I miss with the anthem owl and someone's surprise return?
  4. It's on wikipedia's list of WWE ppv events page, so it's probably legit. Also, I learned MITB is a SD show (in St Louis, so I could go if I really wanted), but I'm more interested in the general booking of MITB this year. It was smart to have Ambrose do the same-day cash-in last year, since the gimmick needed a break. It could be a big deal again if the right person won it.
  5. The standard WWE mixed tag style is once the opposite gender tags in, the other wrestler has to leave without a tag. I get it, but why even bother with the gimmick at that point?
  6. I'm 110% sure Vince was the one pushing "sparkle crotch."
  7. Kevin Owens demonstrates:
  8. Still can't get GoBashi/Kensuke Office 11/5 a look? KENTA/Low Ki is a really good ROH style match, but doesn't have the uniqueness of Ikeda/Ishikawa. Just depends what style you prefer.
  9. Good call on that Dean/Eddie match. It's one of those ideal "great NWO-era WCW undercard matches." Eddie/Jericho from Fall Brawl is of the same mold.
  10. I'd be interested if the 8-person intergender match was a hardcore-tornado style brawl. Regular mixed tag rules? *shrug* Is Drifter/Ohno on this show or is that next week's weekly show?
  11. There was also the Nigel/Bryan match in August, even if that ring post head butt spot has aged poorly.
  12. NXT

    Yeah, then they went back to kind of cheering, but it was an uncomfortable cheer. Super cool reaction.
  13. NXT

    That was the best NXT show in some time, like including several Takeovers. I could watch Almas/Lorcan and Asuka squashes all day. I honestly don't know how anyone couldn't watch that Asuka match and still try to peddle the idea that anyone in NXT is near her level. The technique, the speed, the facial expressions, the confidence, the way she kept the crowd oscillating between "that was so cool" and "ok this is too much..." It was cool to see that kind of organic reaction that transcends the conventional face/heel dynamic. The 6-man is the match that's really getting slept on, though. The babyfaces showed a lot of real fire, and the heels finally got their comeuppance. Heidi Lovelace being the Nikki-equalizer was the icing on the cake for this awesome show.
  14. Didn't Seth have a reputation of being tough to work with in FCW/NXT because he always wanted to do things his way? I think he's probably in the second-tier of creative license in WWE (with guys like KO, New Day, etc) that don't have veto power but obviously pitch a lot of their own material. I'd say his current problem is likely deferring to HHH too much (either out of respect or just simply not being there due to his injury) and/or he has really bad taste when it comes to babyface angles.
  15. If he was so certain he was going to get speared, why turn around instead of just stepping out of the ring?