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  1. You sure you're not thinking of their WM 27 match (which would be 2011)? I don't think there was much divisiveness about the HIAC match, I think it pretty much just got a collective shrug. No argument against Cena/Lesnar, though. That match is still coasting as WWE's MOTD.
  2. What the hell is a "title can change hands on a DQ" match doing on a show called Extreme Rules?
  3. Asuka being Asuka without any defined face/heel role is the best thing NXT is doing right now. She's like the Golden State Warriors. Sometimes she's dirty out of borderline necessity or just for the hell of it, but even when she plays it straight the majority of the time, she's still clearly better than everyone. Either way, she doesn't lose much and that draws supporters and detractors alike. I'd say her 3 best NXT matches are with Nia, Dana, and that jobber last month. The big takeaway is that the less someone tries to add their own shit to Asuka's winning formula, the better things turn out.
  4. Only because of Randy and one of the Singhs nearly dying. All Jinder brought was never-ending rest holds and disgusting body close-ups. Granted JBL's statement match only worked because of Eddie's excessive blade job, but he was still a proven brawler before then at least.
  5. Except Bradshaw was a decent worker.
  6. This was a pretty solid show considering the talent that wasn't being used. Strong/EY was definitely Young's best NXT match so far. Roddy actually got put over pretty strong so hopefully he's on the way up. Dunne/Bate was definitely WWE's best match in this slow year. I was really surprised by the amount of heat it got and JR as the guest announcer gave it an extra rub. That was easily the most impressed I've been with anything related to the WWE UK product. The women's match was fairly disappointing. Nikki was off and Ruby isn't connecting with the crowd right now. Asuka pretty much mailed it in and she still cast a huge shadow over two of the top prospects in NXT. The NXT title match was horrendously booked unless the goal was to book Itami out of the company. Most of the match was your standard Bobby Roode snoozefest, but it started to get interesting with the dueling arm and leg injuries. Having the heel be the one who guts through the pain for a clean win, though... Jeeezus. Even if you want to book Itami down or set up a heel turn, Roode getting a win by holding the ropes would've been just fine. Ladder match was ok, considering how bad of a fit it was for AoP. The belts seemed much lower than usual to set up the finish which led to some really egregious slow-climbing and alligator-arming. Gargano seemed to have a death wish which filled the memorable spot quota. I'm not as excited about the heel turn as everyone else. It was basically a cross between Owens turning on Sami at R-Evolution and Owens turning on Jericho on Raw. It definitely didn't have the emotional impact of the latter because they weren't planting any seeds in advance, and the timing aspect was a ripoff of the former. The graphic fake out was brilliant the first time, but the more it's done the more it creeps towards "ref x signal." Gargano's facial expressions were nice and going forward it's the right move. Ciampa will be great as a heel and Gargano has a decent ceiling in singles. Not buying the best turn ever stuff, though. It wasn't anywhere near as good as Owens/Jericho which everyone saw coming and doesn't even begin to sniff Owens/Sami which was more surprising and more violent in a shorter amount of time.
  7. Yes, this is the .gif I was looking for. So much reusability... Too bad one of the Bollywood Boyz had to die for it. I thought the show was fine overall. Dolph making Nakamura work a Dolph match was a waste, but Nak was very over so hopefully he'll be onto bigger and better things. Fashion Police/Usos was great. Perfect balance of letting Breeze and Fandango get some shine without making the Usos look too weak. That might have been my favorite match of the night. Sami brought the great selling as always and it was a nice surprise to see him win. KO/AJ started slow, but it picked up to the level you'd expect by the end. Solid cliffhanger finish too. The women's match and Harper/Rowan were both kinda bad. The main event was what it was. Jinder is way too limited to ever have a high end match, but Orton seemed fired up (much to the detriment of the aforementioned Bollywood Boy) and the finish still had the desired shock factor.
  8. Don't forget HHH buying the mortgage on Show's house and Show crying every other week. Meanwhile Bryan got screwed out of 3 straight title matches with a reversed decision on Armstrong's fast count, a no contest with Big Show interference, and getting turned on by Shawn Michaels for... reasons. Then he went on to lose to the Wyatt Family a bunch, but at least there were some good matches in there.
  9. Yeah, people seem to have some really bad memories here. The good thing is this iteration of the board goes back to July 2013, and I would suggest to anyone who thinks this match was the start of a great angle to revisit the threads for those horrible ppvs from September to December, and that hilarious second-run Batista re-cap thread someone compiled. No one liked WWE between Summer Slam 2013 and Mania 30, and for good reason.
  10. Why does the British guy have to have explicitly British music? The most over American babyface of the last 5 years came out to a remixed German opera.
  11. I watched this show a couple months back, and I'll break the streak and vote Punk/Lesnar. Punk/Lesnar was the only thing that stood out years later. It wasn't the best second run Brock match, but he definitely worked like he gave a damn and it was probably only match that Punk looked like he cared about between his title run and retirement. Punk was the scrappy underdog blinded by revenge, and Brock was the dominant monster with a little chip on his shoulder from too much Punk/Heyman narrative. This was a good pro wrestling match and forgive me if I roll my eyes and make an "air wank" gesture at realism complaints from people who would never dare say the same thing about any Rey Jr match. Cena/Bryan was your standard late-career Cena epic with the added disadvantages of Cena being injured and the looming specter of HHH and Randy Orton hanging over the whole thing. It had absolutely nothing on WM 30 as far as emotion goes, and wasn't a particularly memorable match by either guy's standards.
  12. That was Jack Swagger
  13. Jeff was obviously concussed as fuck for the rest of the match. That spot where Matt had to audibly yell "wrong corner" as Jeff set up for the tag on the wrong side was tough to watch. I would hope not, she's only 25.
  14. When Bray first showed up in the House of Horrors, all I could think of was "It's Goofy Time."
  15. The whole point of that was to show his knee is healthier now than it was at Mania. Don't discourage subtlety in WWE. I think Rollins' new finisher will get over just fine. It's way better than the pedigree. It would've gotten over faster if he started using it right after he smashed Cena's face, though. I'll take more of Alexa and Sasha being catty to each other on the mic. It'll never happen, but I'd dig Sasha and Bayley turning into an oblivious heel duo with Alexa going mega-face. It feels like crowds have been wanting to cheer Alexa for a while, and she's cool enough on the mic to make it work. "5 feet of fury" merch would sell. Meanwhile, Bayley's face run is going flat and I think she'd actually be an awesome heel. She could definitely channel that annoyingly positive heel that thinks she's a face or just go full "you don't appreciate me" and she has some nice submission based offense that's going to waste as a face. Similarly, I cringe at Braun cutting cheap heat promos. There's another guy crowds are dying to cheer, but they won't even keep the door open by just letting him stay consistent with his character and not acknowledge anyone. There's no reason he should care about fans one way or the other. The third "finger far from the pulse" strike would be if Apollo didn't embrace the Titus brand. There were audible chants for Curt Hawkins in his match for god's sake. He has no future as a face right now.