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  1. I'm always down for heel Asuka. Too bad about the rest of the show, but luckily for WWE, AEW thinks a Jack Swagger debut is a "first live weekly show closing" worthy moment, so they didn't fall too far behind in the booking race this week.
  2. Yeah that sums up that whole sequence. "Ho hum" to "hell yeah" to "come on" in 10 seconds. It also doesn't help that Adam Cole's brainbuster on the knee move should be a MDK finisher.
  3. My big issue is that show seemed way too heel-heavy. I think every segment ended with the heels on top, and the babyfaces looked dumb most of the time. The in-ring action was solid, though, and it was good to hear Tony Schiavone call wrestling again. Swagger is still painfully mediocre and if you missed his LU run, he's exactly the same with or without the WWE format.
  4. Bate and Walter absolutely should have. There was no wasted time in that 40 minutes. Complain about the Gargano/Cole series all you want, but Bate and Walter did the epic right.
  5. The announcers missed some points to the story to Bate/Walter too. Bate wasn't giving up a lot of pure strength necessarily, but definitely leverage and striking power with Walter's longer limbs and ability to strike downward instead of having to strike upward. The exploder was Bate's most effective move because when he could use a crotch hold and get his center of gravity lower to muscle over the bigger man. Also, his general suplex/lifting technique of getting his hips low and driving through to neutralize his weight disadvantage. The embarrassment of Walter over getting slammed early, immediately trying for one of his own and getting countered, then hitting a super-disgruntled one after the apron/ring post power bombs. Bate snapped the fingers on Walter's non-chopping hand. This is match where you can probably re-watch it a dozen times and find something new to love each time.
  6. There's Bate vs. Walter from TO: Cardiff and then there's everything else.
  7. I knew Bate vs. Walter was a great stylistic match on paper, but god damn. That was the most 90s AJ style match since like 1997. I mean just the best parts of Kobashi vs. Hansen/Williams and Misawa vs. Vader all rolled into one. The rare "once every couple of years" match that just reminds me why I'll always love pro wrestling. It effectively did. There's a difference between "weak kickout then eat more finishers until you lose" and "kickout then go back on offense where you can realistically win."
  8. I just need to procure some DVDs of WCW shows so I can revisit my childhood memories from time to time.
  9. No disrespect to Mickie, Victoria, Molly, etc, but Charlotte is a good bit better than anyone Trish ever worked with in her prime (except like Christian and Jericho if you count one-offs). I'm glad Trish got a match like this to settle the argument whether or not she could hang if she came up today, though. Seth/Brock would've been a lot better without Seth catching a case of DDP disease. You don't need an injury angle to build up Brock as a threat. Any non-fan could discern Brock's opponent is an underdog just by looking at them, and people who have followed his career just need to hear his name and the story is set. Seth no-selling the buildup just makes everyone look bad.
  10. So, without NXT, what exactly does the network offer?
  11. Can't believe no one else thinks Drew wouldn't have been perfect on top of NXT. Main roster, not as much, but his size and style would've made him a big force as a heel. He'd be more of a slugger to complement the speedy technicians, and still had the conditioning and smoothness to fit the modern style. His match with Oney Lorcan was perfect, and that template would've translated well working with Gargano, Ciampa, Ricochet, etc.
  12. I think Drew McIntyre is the guy NXT has really missed over the last couple of years. He would've been the perfect ace. Now they have Matt Riddle, who would also be a perfect ace, in a needlessly dragging feud with Dain instead of dethroning Adam Cole. NXT used to be so good about putting new faces on top when the time was right, but this year they've decided to book Shayna like Brock Lesnar and run Cole/Gargano so far into the ground it's now floating in the Indian ocean. A Riddle title win here would've fit perfectly with his arc so far, and Yim (for all her faults) would've been a perfectly fine short-term champ to transition the belt to Io.
  13. I'm actually gonna have to watch a pre-show for the first time years to see Gulak/Lorcan. I always thought Brock and Seth had a good singles match in them after their triple threat with Cena at the Rumble a few years ago, but that was before Brock discovered he could make more money by selling suplex city shirts than by having good matches.
  14. Dream indeed shot himself way up the list. I think Ciampa probably deserves a spot the way his character arc ended up playing out. Oddly, his neck injury ended up blunting Gargano's momentum more than his.
  15. I hope they can find room for Gulak beyond being the new Kassius Ohno. He'd be a great heel NA champ. I can't really say I'm excited to see a Forgotten Sons program/match, but I would be interested to see UE work as faces for a little bit (especially O'Reilly and Cole).
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