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    They should probably just put McIntyre on Raw or SD when he comes back. He would be a good surprise return in the Andre battle royal. It'll be interesting to see what direction they take with the title now. Almas is good, but doesn't feel like a long-term champ, plus you've got the Undisputed Era sitting at the top of the card, and they kind of need the "all the belts" gimmick, cliche as it may be. They should probably start rehabbing Gargano now so they can complete his redemption arc at WM weekend. I think Adam Cole is guy you want holding the belt in that spot, someone who can really needle Gargano about not being able to win the big one and has tons of dirty heel tricks to overcome.
  2. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Things can start somewhere, then become a staple somewhere else later.

    She did get people to care about Blake and Murphy for a couple months, that's pretty impressive.

    I saw Neville at 14, but he should be top 5 whether you use kayfabe metrics or not.
  5. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    They've been tower of dooming in WWE for over 10 years. It's been incorporated into their style for better or worse.

    The big snub to me on the NXT list is Neville. He was very important keeping the main event scene stable during the early network days before the wave of peak-day stars arrived and guys like Brodus Clay and Titus O'Niell were major players. I'd go Sami/Sasha as my 1/2, for what it's worth.
  7. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    No headshots, no blading, mandatory tower of doom, weapons consist of chairs, tables, trash cans, and kendo sticks. It's not necessarily a good or bad thing, just obvious quirks you'll see in every WWE match, and unlikely all together in a non-WWE match.
  8. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Well, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree because I thought Roode's run as champ was boring to the point of actually skipping NXT segments. I'm not sure I really "buy" Almas as champ (this is where NXT is hurt by not having a secondary singles title), but he's got the best body of work in the company this year from the Lorcan matches early, to the Gargano matches, and his ascent to the top.
  9. Survivor Series XXX

    I dug Brock/AJ a lot. Both guys were motivated and the crowd was into it the whole time despite a couple awkward spots. I really hope Brock goes back to being a striker/ground-n-pound guy first and using the suplexes more judiciously as he did here for effect. Thank goodness they came to their senses enough to get Jinder out of this match. Unfortunately they didn't come to their senses to book a decent main event. Outside of Braun, everyone came out looking worse than they went in. Cena didn't look like he gave a shit at all, Angle's washed-up-ness was exposed without booking the whole match around his limitations, Shane (who should be booked as in way over his head) looked even too ineffectual for my tastes, and even HHH looked like a dope unbecoming of his cerebral assassin moniker. Balor/Roode/Nak/Joe being afterthoughts goes without saying. I'm not sure it's mathematically possible to book a 10-man match where all 10 guys look bad just because someone has to at least get the win, but booking a 10-man match where 9 look bad is pretty damn impressive.
  10. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    I thought this show was really good with every match meeting or exceeding expectations. I liked what I saw from Lars selling towards the end of the match. In retrospect, this match was kind of a poor man's Brock/AJ. Lars looked like a beast, and Ohno threw enough good offense at him to make him look human, but good by overcoming it. Dream looked good hanging with Black in a break-out showing for him. The women's match was pretty average and it highlighted that this class of women is well behind Asuka and the 4HW, but that's been obvious for a while. Not sure what they were thinking having Asuka visibly hammer that point home by being there for the celebration though. Almas/McIntyre was great as expected. Would anyone object to Almas as WWE/NXT MVP right now? Wargames' only problem was being called Wargames. It was a fine WWE-style garbage match where everyone got a moment or two to shine.
  11. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Velveteen Dream could benefit from studying early Goldust. If what you do in the ring doesn't match your character, the whole gimmick is wasted. Right now, he's probably even lagging behind Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea, which was basically the same gimmick. I'm not digging the War Games rules at all, but I can't wait to see how the undercard matches utilize the 2-ring setup.
  12. 2007

    Good match, yes, but not one that's particularly distinguishable from your average good tv match nowadays. It definitely benefited from tv matches being much shorter on average back then.
  13. [NXT] Oct 25 Show

    I was disappointed they had Black escape at the end. Dream tying him up in the ropes and delivering a violent beating while Black stays quiet would've been a money segment for both characters. I'm glad they're committing to Almas' heel run too. He's been one of the steadiest workers on the roster since his turn, and I expect him and McIntyre will deliver even though Almas' chances of winning are between 0 and .01%
  14. I think you're selling Show way short. At the very worst, he was great when he came back in 2008. The Mayweather match was his probably career best and certainly his best individual performance. I'd say he was at least good for the majority of his career, though. He was very carry-able early in his WCW run and was amazingly athletic at his size. He did have a rough 98/99 due to what can really be boiled down to youth and inexperience. He had no motivation after a couple years in WCW, and then struggled to adjust to the higher expectations in WWE (and also didn't get much help from the writers). By 2000, he was back on track, and it was just a matter of his health and interest by the writers coinciding that determined his overall output. You won't find too many technical flaws from him after 99.

    Thought the finale was decent overall, although that's a super shitty cliff hanger if they never get around to S4. The triple threat was a fun garbage match and Puma/Mundo was one of the better matches of the season I thought. I really liked how they used their parkour early as a simple way to make them look like the two top guys in the company after all the craziness in the other matches. It felt like a big deal while playing it mostly straight, except for the Rick Knox dive which was so pro-wrestling silly, it was impossible not to love. The bad parts were Dario as the cliche heel authority figure being all over the show, and the repetitive post-match shenanigans. They should've re-ordered the airing of some the matches. The Pentagon cash-in was particularly uninspired and felt like it dragged more than added to the show after the Puma/Mundo match. The ending montage was great as usual. It was good to see Daga and Cuerno back this season after all. Didn't expect Pindar and certainly Dario added to LU body count. They seriously at least better have one the writers go on record with the ideas they had for future seasons if they never come to pass.