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  1. Yeah, I think WWE could be pefectly sustainable, reasonably profitable, and infinitely more watchable if they scaled back on expectations and hours of content. But, you know, capitalism.
  2. Looking forward to seeing AEW live. I don't think I've seen an IM match in person, so that's neat checklist item. The matches all sound good, and even though the weigh-in sounds dumb on paper, AEW has been doing a pretty decent job with these kind of segments. A "holy shit" exalted one reveal would be icing on the cake, but I honestly only expect a bait and switch and the true reveal at the ppv. For people that have been to a Dynamite: Do they tape anything before or after the main show? Do they do post-show shenanigans just for the live crowd like WWE?
  3. Nigel's concussion history in ROH circa 2008 (they even tied into a 6-month old Bryan eye injury for the payoff). Shawn Michaels' eye injury from being thrown into a tv by Jericho (which I'm sure he'll draw some material from for the Moxley match). HHH of all people sold "nerve damage" really well and put over Sheamus convincingly at Extreme Rules 2010. Dolph Ziggler's concussion going into a match with Del Rio at Payback 2013. Sami Zayn being KO'ed out of existence in NXT in 2015 (but then he got shoot injured and they didn't get a timely payoff).
  4. I'm pretty sure they're teasing a Lee/Dijak Ironman with the fight forever promo. Hopefully not at Mania, just devote one week of NXT to it and let each guy move on. NXT should be Lee's show and Dijak would probably be better off on Raw or SD (as better off as one can be on those shows anyway). There's just too many people ahead of him in NXT right now.
  5. The best thing about that cage match finish was how it actually protected Wardlow. Going in, everyone was wondering how do you keep the muscle looking strong when he's gonna lose his first televised match. Well, is the next guy who faces him going to be able to jump off a 15-foot cage?
  6. I really hope we're in the universe where we get Bryan vs. Goldberg at Mania. It also occurred to me that if they wanted to undo the last 2 years of wasting Braun Strowman, they could rehab him in one night by having him no-sell and squash the Fiend at Mania. Well down the list of possibilities is "Roman's big moment 3: The least hostile reaction yet" but I think my wishlist is inverted with real-life probability.
  7. Finn vs. Walter would be pretty awesome, and I'd be down for them trading places as champs. Walter wins Mania weekend, Balor wins in Dublin. Walter wins a re-match at the first US takeover after Mania, then rattle off some dream matches before setting up Keith Lee to win the belt Survivor Series weekend.
  8. The last Takeover that didn't have the same formula was Respect in October of 2015. Semis and Finals of Dusty Classic on the same show, Asuka squashing Dana Brooke, and Sasha/Bayley Ironwoman match as the main. They just rotate wrestlers often enough that shows still feel somewhat fresh year to year.
  9. I agree with the spirit of this post, but Walter is one of the few guys they have that knows how to work a compelling 30 minute match.
  10. I can't read this feud as anything but a double turn. If they're seriously trying to present Dream as a face after last week's promo, it's as out-of-touch as blue chipper Rocky Maivia.
  11. Broserweights is a great name because it's stupid and half-assed, and exactly something Matt "How many fish..." Riddle's character would think is an awesome name. "Joint Manipulation" would be a hell of a lot better, but their whole gimmick is Dunne being endlessly subjected to Riddle's embarrassing stoner antics and only putting up with it because they work well together in the ring. To that end, the double miscommunication was the most believable near fall on the show, since the logical fallout of Dunne turning and a singles match at Tampa would've made perfect sense. I think the team has a lot more mileage left, though.
  12. Nox and Kai have really good chemistry. I really like heel Dakota and Nox brought the fire here. Glad Nox doesn't seem too hurt from one of the scarier "I am the table" bumps in recent memory. Balor/Gargano worked out really well being in the middle of the card. It kept the match more subdued with gradual escalation, utilized counters more than kick outs for drama, and had a good clean finish at the right time. This is what should be the main event style. The show was diminishing returns after those matches. The tag title match was good, but it should've been on a different show to stand out more. The main event was the bad kind of overkill, and the big angle setup didn't redeem it at all. Heel Gargano is 2 years overdue, and the ship has sailed, docked, unloaded, rotted, and been decommissioned on the Gargano/Ciampa feud.
  13. I remember watching an old Nitro years ago (pre network) and Glacier fought Pat Tanaka. The strangest thing was hearing Pat Tanaka come out to Goldberg's theme, and realizing that one of WCW's most iconic themes was literally stock music. To confirm this just now, I'm quite sure I just became the first person to enter "Glacier vs. Pat Tanaka" into the WWE network search engine. You can be the second if you don't believe me.
  14. I don't know if it's anyone's best interest if Hangman goes full Stone Cold. I think there's more potential with heel Bucks, and Hangman/Omega being clear faces. I bet the pop for Hangman dropping his beer and saving Omega from a Bucks beatdown would be off the charts.
  15. Hangman/Omega vs. Young Bucks seems pretty likely. Some combo of Dark Order vs. SCU too. That could end up as Daniels vs. Uno or all of SCU vs. Stu and the 2 Jobbers with Uno lurking outside, though.
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